Transsexual Fishing: Volume 1

From the “TammyWorld” blog by Tammy Ann Matthews:
Friday, February 28, 2014
Transsexual Fishing: Volume 1
Welcome to the first (preliminary) edition of Transsexual Fishing with Tammy.  🙂  Last year I wrote about my July 4th fishing trip with Buddy and talked about how fishing was one of the few things I wanted to carry forward, from my old life to my new one.   In recent years I have gotten away from doing much fishing but I have been wanting to get back into it, now that I can do it as myself.  Last fall I missed the opportunity to fish at the coast with my friend Lisa, as we had planned, due to other travels for electrolysis and bad weather when I finally did make it to the Outer banks.  We are planning another trip there soon but first I will to get started closer to home.  With spring now on our doorsteps, it is time to go fishing.
Last week I ordered 4 new fishing rods and reels (Ladies Spinning Combos) and opening the boxes has inspired me to get out and hit the water.  They are so pretty!  Next week I plan to get my licence and since it will be my first fishing licence with my real name I am sure that will be inspiring as well.  I think I will even get a new, more appropriate tackle box too.  Even though I will probably still use some of my old equipment and mix and match some of the rods and reels, I just felt I needed a new start as far as fishing tackle, to make me feel better about getting back into fishing.

Lots of women fish these days, so it is not unusual at all, but yet this is still one of the very few realms left during transition where I feel some anxiety.  Last year I mentioned that anxiety, which I think is more an concern over fishing alone than just being seen as a female fishing.  I also have to admit to some anxiety over getting read while doing a more typically male activity.  Overcoming these kinds of fears is part of my continuing evolution through transition, and I have to keep up with my credo to not ever let fear hold me back from what I want to do.

Most of the fishing I do here locally involves standing on the bank and casting lures, usually for American Shad that migrate up the river in spring to spawn.  Sometimes the best areas can get crowed and even in the less popular spots, sometimes people will come down and start fishing right beside you.  In the past I hated that because I was such an isolated soul I did not want to have share a spot with someone I did not know, much less communicate with them, but now that prospect seems even more daunting.

Seeing a woman fishing is not uncommon around here, but seeing one of us fishing alone seems quite uncommon.  In fact I cannot remember one instance of a female fishing alone on the river bank.  Of course, I won’t be completely alone, my best friend Buddy will be with me and  some of the times my old friends will go with me.  They have told me so, but still I am nervous to go fishing alone with just Buddy.
This bring up another possibility, of going with Buddy to one of the more remote fishing spots out of town to fish the bank for Shad.  The issue of safety comes into play now though, and I may have different considerations for fishing alone in a secluded spot now than I used to.  I don’t carry any weapons (and I will not) and Buddy is a great friend but I don’t think I can rely on him to defend me if I was seriously attacked, although his bark is definitely louder than his bite so maybe he could scare a potential attacker away.  I have probably never been able to defend myself if I am attacked but as a guy it was something that rarely, if ever, crossed my mind and the fact is that a woman alone (even with a dog) in a secluded spot can be a much more likely target than anything I faced before.
Actually I have never even thought about this stuff before, but I guess not only might I be a little more vulnerable now, women can easily be the targets of Any type of attack.  These are things I did not Have to think about before and this brings a new dynamic into the fishing equation.   I do not want to think about these things now, but common sense tells me they need to be taken into consideration, so it will be safety first, wherever I go.  Oh well, let’s get back to the fun stuff, the fishing itself.
So, I am getting some reports that Shad have started biting in the Tar River and some of the local creeks.  The next step, besides getting my fishing licence, will be to put line on all the reels and get the rigs etc. ready.  I only like to use artificial bait to fish, so I am thinking little jigs and spoons will be the best way to catch these fish.   I would take Nightingale fishing with me too, but she cannot be trusted to hang around me off the leash and I don’t want to spend all day keeping track of her.  Buddy is the loyal companion that might wander down the bank a little ways, but never leaves my sight and comes when he is called.  Plus he has years of experience fishing and he is probably wondering why I have not been going much for the past several years.
I have long thought it will be cool to have a television show of my own called Transsexual Fishing.  What would Really be cool is if I had such a show and had sponsors that would fly me all over the world fishing exotic locations, taking my friends with me sometimes.  What an exciting, unique fishing show!  But for now I am just going to blog about it a little bit, take some pictures and maybe some little videos.  With any luck there might even be a fish or two in them although I release everything I catch, at least as far as the Shad.  After all, they came all this way to spawn in my hometown so I want to be a hospitable guest, just play with them awhile then let them go back about their business of producing more Shad.  So, I hope everyone will stay tuned as I open the door to a new adventure, a new challenge and the renewal of an old hobby….


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87 thoughts on “Transsexual Fishing: Volume 1

  1. Blah blah blah what a boring, self absorbed tranny.
    “I think I will even get a new, more appropriate tackle box too.”
    Is this a euphemism????
    Anyway, I found this section interesting:
    “Actually I have never even thought about this stuff before, but I guess not only might I be a little more vulnerable now, women can easily be the targets of Any type of attack. These are things I did not Have to think about before and this brings a new dynamic into the fishing equation. I do not want to think about these things now, but common sense tells me they need to be taken into consideration, so it will be safety first, wherever I go. Oh well, let’s get back to the fun stuff, the fishing itself.”
    Only a tranny would be cavalier enough to dismiss safety– something ALL women think about constantly– as “stuff”. Not that this hulking, strong jawed he-man has anything to worry about. I doubt anyone will be mistaking him as an actual woman even with his more appropriate tackle box.

    1. More likely the other fishermen will be thinking “what’s up with the dude in the dress packing the Barbie fishing gear around? Did he grab the wrong suitcase at the airport and just go with it?”

      1. LOL!
        It really amazes me that these men think they can pass as women. It’s so delusional that I honestly find it fascinating.

      2. Lol! If anything, the other folks fishing will have a chuckle ( politely, behind his back, like almost everyone else on the planet). Young girls are bought pink crap by their parents by companies who mass produce pink crap to sell to the parents of young girls. They might grow to love pink and deem it their favoritist color because most of their favorite crap is pink! This guy’s fixation on the color is as a fetishist. The color is totally arbitrary and it was actually a “boy’s color” during the Victorian era. I wish beige would become a gendered color I find bubblegum pink very off-putting.

    2. KMart and Big 5 now offering a sporty new line of fishing and tool boxes (and tools, too!) in pink, so that finally, we females can learn these manly skills, too.
      At last, I don’t need a penis to learn to fish or operate a power saw! Who knew?!

      1. Years ago I lived with a lovely woman on the Outer Banks. We often went surf fishing, and guess what? Our rods and reels were black, not pink!!11!!
        Our tackle boxes were quite appropriate, though, in that they were big enough to hold all our gear. (I think they were gray.)
        I can tell you this–if we had come upon this laydee dude fishing alone or otherwise, we would have hightailed it out of there.

  2. “I have long thought it will be cool to have a television show of my own called Transsexual Fishing. What would Really be cool is if I had such a show and had sponsors that would fly me all over the world fishing exotic locations, taking my friends with me sometimes. What an exciting, unique fishing show!”
    In other words, “being transsexual is so fascinating and important that it will inspire other people to spend huge amounts of money on me”. The narcissism is strong with this one!

  3. First they use sexist, offensive terms like “fish” to describe women, and then complain that it’s unsafe to fish while dressed as women.
    While glancing at the photographs, I noticed that this individual is a big dude with broad shoulders. Scroll on down to the photograph of him standing next to the woman. His facial features are still male, and he his size makes him look male. Heck, he is male. Despite being a “lady”, fishing with friends or fishing alone is something he isn’t going to give up. Some women fish, and it’s good sport, but the way he writes sounds like the average, male outdoor enthusiasts. It’s kind of like one of those fishing shows for guys. I’m fishing for shad, and this river is great. Judging by his size, I find it difficult to believe that he would have any problems defending himself if he was ever caught fishing alone. Bring the dog along just in case.
    Notice the size of this guy.
    Do they give a degree or an official certificate after they have perfected the “lady voice”.
    “Last year I graduated from the Transgender Voice and Communication Group at UNCG and it really helped me a lot, but I feel like I need more voice work to achieve the ideal female voice that I want.”
    “I also have to admit to some anxiety over getting read while doing a more typically male activity.”
    Why the anxiety? They will just notice a guy in drag with a fishing pole. Unusual, yes, but still a dude.

    1. That pic of him and some guy who calls himself “Jenny” is hilarious. It what universe do these guys think they pass? That dude “jenny” looks like Herman Munster with lipstick.

      1. That gave me a chuckle, too. I could just hear Herman Munster’s laugh in my head, looking at the “wild and crazy guys” pic (oh, sorry… girls – ’cause it’s not like you’re middle-aged or anything *eyeroll*).

  4. I had to read this twice to check it wasn’t some sort of coded language for transition itself: you know, tackle, rods, mixing the different equipment. But no, checked the original blog and there really is such a thing as a ‘feminine’ fishing rod. Who knew!

    1. There are lady rods :p, but it just means that they are lighter weight and the grips/mechanics are scaled down for smaller people with smaller hands. I doubt that commercial gear comes in lady sizes or is offered in the color pink.

    2. It never even occurred to me that my old open face might not be feminine enough. I have tiny hands, and never had a problem. Of course I need a pink rod to match my fishing heels, what was I thinking? “lots of women fish these days” *puke*

  5. I was an avid fisher for 30 years before giving it up a couple of seasons ago. I have never in all my life heard of a “Ladies” rod or reel, or seen a tackle box that was “appropriate,” and this guy is a reel piece of work. Well, several. Perhaps, sir, you never noticed any women fishing alone because you were looking for a human dressed in PINK WADERS? WOMEN DONT WEAR PINK FISHING. I assure you, we are there. We just don’t look like the Barbie Dolls you love so much.
    I am always astonished and always will be so at the level of IGNORANCE about what women are, and what they do, that these trans women have in their thick pink skulls. And disgusted.
    In what possible way could you better reinforce a stereotype? Thanks, GM. Just when I’m thinking things are moving our way even a little, you bring me back to the grim truth. (Seriously, thank you. I don’t know how you stand up to it.)

    1. I have seen “girly” fishing gear, but most of it is for small children and has a Disney princess or hearts painted on it. I’ve been fishing all my life, but have never used any gender-specific gear, nor have I ever seen any other women do so. I’m sure by “more appropriate tackle box”, he means pink, and maybe glittery.

      1. This – they sell the kid comics branded stuff and Farm’n’Fleet. Barbie, Batman, a few others.
        In the regular adult department they have different lengths of poles, but it’s not as if they’re gendered, I presume people just choose based on their own height or whatever.
        Can’t deny I was wondering if all the references to “tackle” were code, myself.
        “Going to try out my new tackle this weekend, errr hmmm..”

  6. My uncle was a commercial fisherman, and I have relatives in Alaska.
    Women fish, but they usually leave their dresses and high heels at home. Perhaps this is Tammy’s problem. He thinks he can wear his makeup, nylons, pumps, and pretty pink dresses while fishing. The gear that most people wear is for comfort, durability, and safety. The gear for women is just smaller than what the men wear.
    See how these women are dressed. It’s often difficult to tell the males from the females. Despite the fact that the clothes can partially disguise the fact that they are female, I don’t think it’s a good idea for women to fish alone. Besides, every now and then accidents do happen on a river bank or in a boat. It’s best to bring a friend along.

    1. Seriously. All those distance pics, no one would tell if it’s a woman or man standing there.
      Some camping clothes (dunno about fishing stuff) comes in brighter colors for women but if you want dark or earthtone stuff you can find it, the main difference I notice is the smaller sizes and also shirts are cut to flare at the bottom slightly to accommodate hips, but flannel is flannel and NO ONE should be hiking in heels! 🙂
      Absolutely yes whatever outdoors activities should be done in pairs/groups, completely aside from any crimes happening it’s just way too easy to have an accident and no one there to help you.
      I’m reminded though of some religious people who insist that women should only ever wear skirts for all activities ever, and skirts to the ankle at that. There are people canoeing in ankle-length denim skirts, it just seems a bad idea to me.

  7. LOL!!! This guy actually thinks he is going to be read as female because he using a pink fishing rod? Ha! Sorry dude, but your other rod is the dead giveaway. I know the pink rod is added by GM, but pink gear is obviously what he means by “more appropriate”. He is going to have to get full set of pink rubber waders to make sure he is “presenting as female” out there- female fishing sure gets expensive, amirite ladies? What a fucking joke for a man to go out of his way to try to be recognized as a woman alone in the woods so he can wring his hands over his fear of being attacked for being a woman alone in the woods. My favorite part is the anthropomorphising of his dog, who has been surely been wondering why he hasn’t been fishing lately. Any sympathy I have for this odd, lonely man is negated by my righteous anger as an actual woman who cannot safely go wherever I want alone because of the multitudes of creepy, violent men whose existence in the world prevents my independence. I’m pretty sure this guy can deck himself out in an assless minidress and remain unharassed. Woman do not have the option of identifying out of male harrassment like this deluded fool.

    1. It’s a bizarre sort of “logic” but not uncommon – they will claim that they’re more oppressed because they HAVE TO wear the potentially victim-y girlie clothing in order to “pass,” while we actual women don’t and can just wear jeans and flannel like normal people. If you ever suggest that “hey, maybe you can just wear the jeans and flannel and no one would ever bother you” then they will scream about how they couldn’t possibly ever deal with that, because oh, the dysphoria of not having everyone around them proclaiming “oh! A Woman! A Real Woman!” all the time, the fear that they might be recognized as dudes, and so they might kill themselves.

      1. areader did not experience misogyny. The men who attacked him did so out of their misogyny, but because this guy is MALE he experienced being attacked. Only a woman can experience misogyny.
        You’re just not a woman. Not female. Misogyny doesn’t apply to you.

    2. M2T people do not have the option of identifying out of male harassment either.
      For those M2T who fit in with what’s considered socially acceptable to be “feminine”, they are party to all of the same fear of creepy, violent men as females are. It can be a rather violent shock to men that have had no idea what females live with on a daily basis, and the more self-aware narcissistic types usually do a bad job of explaining how they feel now vs. how they never even thought about feeling before. While many M2T have larger frames, they can be just as incapable of self-defense. Testosterone inhibitors (for those that still have testicles) do a number on muscle mass and body strength. Post surgery, most produce no testosterone at all, putting them at a disadvantage even to females. They are overall quite weak and tire quite easily. I can’t speak about those who do not embark on hormones/surgery, but those that do end up just as terrified in the end as females.
      For those M2T who do not fit in, they are party to a different kind of male harassment. The getting beaten and/or killed and left to rot like garbage in a drainage ditch kind of harassment. (Side note: God help the M2T that does fit in, and is attracted to a man who discovers that all is not as they expected to be.) The M2Ts that don’t fit in enjoy all kinds of discrimination, harassment, and overall poor treatment from all segments of society.
      It’s not as easy for either type of M2T to just strip off the paint and say “Yo, dudes, it’s all good, I’m a dude too, see, brofist! Unnh, let’s go drink some beer and watch hot naked chicks dance at the strip club!” You don’t get to just flip back and forth between choosing to be a part of what’s socially constructed to be masculine, or what’s socially constructed to be feminine. As an M2T, you’ve chosen “feminine”, and there are a multitude of risks that come along with that choice, whether people can “tell” that you’re male or not.
      This is not to take away from *anything* that females fear or suffer, just to add that if there’s a perception that M2T can just shed the act and identify their way out of violence, abuse or harassment, then that perception is false.

      1. It’s called “boy mode”. M2Ts flip flop back and forth alllll the time. I’m surprised to see you make this comment.

      2. Obviously some gay (or other) men who get read as “feminine” get targeted for some male violence, but not suddenly overnight when they adopt a persona or undergo a hormone treatment.
        From a M2T who “lived as a woman” post-SRS for twenty years:
        ““The full transition to female took nearly 7 years, but the transition to male took one day and consisted of cutting my hair and changing my clothes (and strapping down my breasts).”

      3. ” Post surgery, most produce no testosterone at all, putting them at a disadvantage even to females. They are overall quite weak and tire quite easily. I can’t speak about those who do not embark on hormones/surgery, but those that do end up just as terrified in the end as females.”
        Oh please, this sounds like total bullshit. They still have their big hulking frames, and can take replacement testosterone. And how do you know they are as terrified as us? Don’t tell me that MtTs have feel the same way we do. JUST DON’T.

      4. I certainly agree with your last line. Of course this type is shit does not take away from the fear and violence that women deal with because this has nothing at all to do with women. The rest was a bunch of boring, meaningless transpeak that I have heard blathered on about hundreds of other times. A few mgs of estrogen puts these guys at more of a physical disadvantage than women? I think not, and even if that was possibly true, you have missed the entire point of my post, cause that ain’t it.
        Tammy’s blog is a rabbit hole you may/may not want to venture into. I could only stand 15 minutes there and I learned that: yes, the “more appropriate” rods are all pink, he now lives like a slob but is hoping his ex-wife will come back to clean it up and stay in the guesthouse while some other guy and his kids move in, and he has dedicated most of his life to his autogynophilic fantasies, a supreme in-your-face-wearing-women like a skin suit creepo. This guy demands that those around him cater to, and respect, his offensive woman-face minstrel act. You can go on and applaud. I’ll be puking off the balconey with every other woman who refuses to give into male degradation.

      5. Whoops, I hit post comment too soon…
        “if there’s a perception that M2T can just shed the act and identify their way out of violence, abuse or harassment, then that perception is false.”
        I don’t get what you are talking about at all. Why can’t MtTs drop the act? It’s not like they actually have “female brains”. There is nothing to compel them to dress up and act like their idea of women other than their own crazy, insulting fantasies. They can stop all the violence, abuse, and harassment when they stop doing drag. As Gallus pointed out, it’s easy enough.

      6. This is something I’m totally unfamiliar with, an M2T that would flip-flop back and forth. Isn’t that completely against the whole point of being M2T? Some of the more disgusting examples that get posted on your blog would make sense to me — the ones that wear M2T as an identity much like a crossdresser/drag performer wears their aping of female — when it suits them. But then, many of them don’t actually want to *be* women, do they? They’re just sickos appropriating M2T for their own perverse female hating pleasure.
        I’m only thinking about the M2T people that, whether they are successful or unsuccessful, will at some point experience male violence in one or many of the forms it takes on. After a couple of doses of hormones and some plastic surgery? Perhaps not. (There was something on the blog recently about an M2T who blathered on endlessly about being catcalled on the street. Mmmhmmm. Sure you were.) It just seems…unfair (and I really hate to use that word) to suggest that M2Ts can simply adopt male privilege whenever it’s needed, as if you can dip equally into both worlds on a whim. It really isn’t like that at all.
        I read that bit about the M2T who claimed going back to male took one day — sounds like one of the unsuccessful ones — the system failed them miserably. Seven years of attempted identity co-option must have done a number on them, what a damn shame.

      7. “M2T people do not have the option of identifying out of male harassment either”
        I think by definition nobody gets an ‘option’ on harassment.
        Anyone can be targeted but some groups get targeted more than others.
        I actually couldn’t find that many instances of MtT being attacked (not to suggest it isn’t terrible when it happens).
        And no instances of autogynephiles like Tammy here being attacked. (Couldn’t find any, but I may be wrong)
        Every single one of the attacks on MtT was rooted in homophobia. Being ‘feminine’ was seen as homosexual and that is why they were attacked.
        So, similar to anti-homosexual attacks. And yes, still far below the attacks meted out to women.
        “M2T can just shed the act and identify their way out of violence, abuse or harassment, then that perception is false.”
        Can anyone identify out of violence?
        Even non-trans males can’t identify their way out of violence, abuse or harassment. What happens to you depends on the perpetrator, you don’t really get to control that.
        You may be able to talk your way out of it or try and reason with your attacker, but that depends on them.
        The whole thing is about risk. The risk of large male (wearing a dress) being attacked is less than the risk of a smaller male (wearing a dress) being attacked.
        This is because the larger male may be seen as a bigger risk to the attacker.
        Women are constantly at risk, because we are rarely ever seen as a risk to our attackers.
        At any rate, we all know that clothing choices don’t protect you.
        “If you didn’t dress slutty, you wouldn’t get raped” is often said and we know that women get attacked regardless of attire.
        As for the male risk regarding attire, I’m conflicted.
        Often straight males (non-trans) wear dresses and heels for a bit of a laugh with the boys. Nobody gives them shit for it.
        It could be because they’re often in groups when they do that or their facial hair and demeanour (machismo) demonstrates to others that they pose a risk if there was an attempt to attack them.
        So I don’t know. It’s difficult to ascertain because males (by their male-ness) are at less risk of being attacked overall.
        “As an M2T, you’ve chosen “feminine”, and there are a multitude of risks that come along with that choice, whether people can “tell” that you’re male or not”
        As a female, I don’t get to choose my risk ever. Women dress down, bind their breasts (or “Iron” their breasts), get athletic and (collectively) our risk never drops to that of a males.
        I think that men do have the ability to choose their risk. Which isn’t to say that males have nothing to fear and that nothing can hurt them, but you have less chance of being attacked than we do purely based on the fact that you are male.

      8. “But then, many of them don’t actually want to *be* women, do they? They’re just sickos appropriating M2T for their own perverse female hating pleasure.”
        “Appropriating M2T”? You mean how MtT appropriate women as a game of giggly dress up?
        “I’m only thinking about the M2T people that, whether they are successful or unsuccessful, will at some point experience male violence in one or many of the forms it takes on.”
        Trans, males, females, children, animals and inanimate objects all experience male violence at some stage in their lives.
        “…… to suggest that M2Ts can simply adopt male privilege whenever it’s needed, as if you can dip equally into both worlds on a whim. It really isn’t like that at all.”
        They don’t ADOPT male privilege. They always have it. They had it since birth. At worst, their privilege gets ignored by other males.
        “I read that bit about the M2T who claimed going back to male took one day — sounds like one of the unsuccessful ones — the system failed them miserably. Seven years of attempted identity co-option must have done a number on them, what a damn shame.”
        We have the “no true Scotsman”.

      9. Wow, lots of responses here. Thanks to all for taking the time to respond.
        @Lint: I am M2T who has been on what they call “hormone therapy” for eight years now. My experience is likely not the same as all other M2T people, but post-surgery there is no testosterone production at all. I have very little body strength, fatigue easily and no libido. Taking testosterone supplements is simply not an option, for all of the obvious and not so obvious reasons you can imagine. Anyhow, the point of all the blather is that Walking home one night in the city, a group of four men attacked me and pulled me over to a nearby park. They attempted to sexually assault me, and delivered a vicious beating while doing so. There is nothing in the world that even comes close to that feeling of helplessness, the violation, the degradation. Struggling to get free while they laugh in your face with their pants around their ankles. Realizing how incapacitated you are, and how powerless you are to do anything about it.
        To this day, I can’t walk past a group of men alone. The terror, it’s indescribable — as if everything just freezes. Can’t move, can’t make a sound. Like a deer caught in the headlights. For the first few years, I’d wet myself involuntarily. I can’t suppose to know how a female feels given similar circumstances, and I wouldn’t conflate the terror of my experience with what a female experiences her whole life. However, I do have an inkling as how it *can* feel, even if I arrived there under very different circumstances. Any person that has been through trauma and survived can empathize with another person that has been through trauma, regardless of sex. Men are terrifying. Just because I too am terrified does not mean I’m trying to conflate M2T and female experience, just that as an M2T, I can be just as terrorized as a female. Does that make more sense?
        @Random Radfem: Perhaps an M2T built like a linebacker/in a stereotypically masculine frame still carries that intimidating look with them, which likely gives them a privileged standing when it comes to the threat of violence on them vs. the threat of violence on a female. I can see that, no question. I wasn’t really thinking along the visual lines, more the physical ones, and even then only for those M2T like myself who are not built like intimidating manly-men, and further still for whom hormones have dealt a physical disadvantage. However, you’re right, we’re not here to listen to an M2T whine about how hormones may or may not have changed their body and given them advantages/disadvantages from their previous existence.
        I did go down the rabbit hole and read Tammy World. It’s horrifying, and there is no applause from me. He is clearly disturbed. He is the poster child of what I’ve heard called “trans tropes”. The unhealthy focus on make-up, the revealing clothes, voice “lessons”, that somehow he isn’t womanly enough if every tool he owns isn’t pink. The fantasy of having a fishing show where the hook is that he’s a tranny. Pining for the woman that had enough good sense to see the writing on the wall and get the heck out of Dodge. The fact that this drivel is posted on the internet for anyone to read…it’s embarrassing. The fact that anyone would think the sum total of a female is a spike heeled red-lipped performance tied together with a pretty satin bow is vomit inducing.
        All I was trying to get across (and ever-so badly it seems) was that if this M2T was to go out fishing on his lonesome in the bush, and that men happened upon him with his precious pink gear and did mistake him somehow as female, that mistake alone puts him at a risk. He very well may be terrified for his safety, because it’s not as if he gets the option to put all the dainty tools down and “be a man”. He doesn’t get the option of asserting any sort of privilege because in that moment, he has none. No matter what happens (possible violence because assumed female, possible violence because discovered trans), it’s a no-win, and it is scary, even if he is a narcissistic tackle box that equates female with no more than a colour and fashion statement.
        @Lint: All I have to go on here is my own experience. I wear normal clothes (button down shirts and pants), no make-up (who has the time or the money), no pink (ugh), etc. Even without all of the performance trappings that these M2T seem to rely on so much, nobody sees me as a man. As I explained a few paragraphs up, I have been attacked and assaulted. None of those men saw me as a man, just a hole to fuck, an object to have their way with. I couldn’t have “dropped the act” because those men did not see an act. I think it’s easy to be angry, and it’s easy to judge these public M2Ts because of all the horseshit that spews from their mouths and all of the pretty polly nonsense they engage in, but I also think there’s a lot of misconceptions surrounding what these M2Ts can and can’t do. Using the M2T that have “detransitioned” as examples of the ease of “dropping the act” is disingenuous — if all that effort to be seen as a female can be undone as fast as Clark Kent taking off his glasses…I just can’t believe these people had the first idea of what they wanted, of what female is. It’s just sexual fantasy run amok, and while that clearly covers a large percentage of M2T, it does not cover them all.
        @bethanyalexandertate: No, there isn’t much in the way of statistics, outside of that “day of remembrance” that seems to focus largely on one segment of the population — sex workers. I can’t imagine that many M2T want to deal with the further discrimination and harassment they receive at police stations. There’s not much in the way of statistics and information at all long-term. I wish there were. It makes talking/arguing about it so pointless, because there’s the crushing amount of data regarding violence against females to what amounts to a flicker of a blip on the radar for violence against M2T. Clothing choices definitely are no protection. There’s some validity to the argument that more sexualized clothing increases risk, which seems ridiculous when you’re talking about a dude in a dress — but some dudes do manage to look pretty good in a dress!
        Absolutely, you never got to choose. That’s why blogs like this exist, right? To make people realize that the culture of gendered social norms that benefits males to enforce hurts *everyone*. M2T that choose to participate in those norms and that fit in to those norms have adopted the risks that you never got to choose. It’s a fascinating choice, isn’t it? To give up the benefits of the dominant sex class. Obviously a dude in a dress that looks like a dude in a dress has not adopted those risks — a different set of risks perhaps, but not ones so closely aligned to those of females.
        @GallusMag: That’s a great example of a failed trans person though, isn’t it? Maybe failed trans is the wrong term? There you have someone who thought what they needed to do was become “female”, lived a lie for 20 years, and then had the temerity to realize they had made the wrong choice. It’s not the right choice for everyone, and there are nowhere near enough checks and balances in place to prevent those with the financial means to go through such extensive body modification. I look at someone like that and feel genuine sadness for their confusion, but happiness that in the end they managed to find the way that was right for them. If only more M2T people would really, truly self-evaluate and explore that they might simply be gay, what a different blog this might be.
        @bethanyalexandertate: Yes, that’s exactly what I mean! There are gross sexual perverts that appropriate M2T much in the same way that other gross sexual perverts appropriate “female” under the guise of M2T. The men appropriating M2T are perhaps the scariest of all to everyone. Being able to self-identify as T in order to commit violence against females and be protected because you’ve played the T card is where it has all gone so horribly wrong. Everyone should be fighting special protection rights for T for *exactly* that reason.
        I never thought that way about privilege before. I’m going to think about that some more, about it not going away but being ignored. Very interesting food for thought on a Sunday morning, thank you!
        No no, I am not trying to pull a scotsman on anyone. I really do feel genuine sadness for those who think “transition” is their answer when it isn’t. Those people aren’t “transgendered”. They’re something, they don’t know what yet, but it’s not trans. There are lots of people who identify as trans who don’t fit the “narrative” we see so much of, but they don’t “detransition”. There are plenty of people who claim to be trans who are quite undesirable in the group, but they don’t “detransition”. Those who “detransition” weren’t what they thought they were. I say the system failed them simply because it did. Those that can afford it can sidestep all of the checks and balances. It would be interesting to see a study about “detransition” from those who paid their own way vs. those that received assistance. I bet you’d see 100% of “detransition” coming from those that paid their way around the system.

      10. “I have very little body strength, fatigue easily”
        Compared to who? I see you not so subtly trying to imply that you’re even weaker than women.
        “as an M2T, I can be just as terrorized as a female.”
        You don’t know what we feel. You don’t understand that these incidents occur in an ENTIRE LIFETIME (past, present, and future) of fear.
        You could say you were terrorized but that’s not good enough is it? No, like the entitled MtT that you are have to assert it was just as bad, just as traumatic as what women experience– even though you have the benefit of years and years of male privilege and the fact that you made a choice to become a MtT. Context matters. Your experience is not our experience.
        You don’t even realize that what you are doing is offensive, but it is.

      11. What I mean is – I’m a woman. And yet, I wear “men’s clothes” all the time, I don’t go around sashaying in a dress and heels, certainly not when I’m camping. I get “misgendered” frequently, and I’m not trans or particularly playing any roles.
        From a distance, in drab clothes, it’s not instantly obvious if someone is a man or a woman. Just look at the fishing pics above.
        So if the M2T is worried about harrassment while fishing, it’s probably a better idea to just wear normal outdoors wear, pants, drab colors. No matter HOW much hormones someone takes, they’re not going to be instantly “oh, a chick!” in such drab wear, any more than actual women are, y’know? If nothing else, they’re tall with the broad shoulders, so their silhouette is more “guy” if you had to judge.
        The OP comes off as someone worrying that he’s going to be pegged as a man if he’s fishing, because he already doesn’t quite pass, and fishing is a Manly Activity (in his mind) so he doesn’t get the help of “Doing Women Stuff, Must Be a Woman” that so many M2T rely on. So, he wants to wear coded clothing and use a pink fishing rod to make it clear he’s a woman. He wants to be “validated,” as a woman. To know that people around him see him as a woman.
        …and yet, he worries that if they really do think he’s a woman, they might try to attack him. So there’s the weird contrasting motivations, there.
        The OP writes: “I also have to admit to some anxiety over getting read while doing a more typically male activity. “
        Every place I’ve ever seen that term, it’s referred to being caught out as trans – recognized for being a MAN (if M2T), being “misgendered,” people “seeing through the disguise.” He worries about being recognized to be a man. Not being seen as a woman. Hence his need for the femmy gear.
        What I was suggesting is, maybe he should put the “uh-oh what if someone thinks I’m a dude?” question on hold, and just wear boring clothing and use a black fishing pole like everyone else (men AND women alike).

      12. @ Lint
        –“as an M2T, I can be just as terrorized as a female.”
        You don’t know what we feel. You don’t understand that these incidents occur in an ENTIRE LIFETIME (past, present, and future) of fear. —
        I think “a reader” means that their assaulters saw them as female. Of course the feelings are different – but if they pass as female they experience misogyny. If their assaulters would see them as a gender nonconforming male – they would experience homophobia.
        –“You could say you were terrorized but that’s not good enough is it? No, like the entitled MtT that you are have to assert it was just as bad, just as traumatic as what women experience “–
        Ouch. This is really harsh. I don’t see how “a reader” implies that their experience is the same as womens when it comes to horrible things like assault. Again: If they pass as female they will get treated like one. The experience is different but not how the oppressor sees you.

        1. @Lilly,
          Maybe I’m off base but I didn’t take it that way at all. I’m not trying to be harsh– just honest. Hopefully AReader will take it in that spirit. As always I appreciate your insight– and Gallus’ too.

      13. @Lilly- Agree.
        I read AReader as carefully qualifying his statement over and over again as NOT supposing to be the same: “I can’t suppose to know how a female feels given similar circumstances, and I wouldn’t conflate the terror of my experience with what a female experiences her whole life.” Etc.
        I am sorry for his awful experiences at the hands of violent men- it is horrid- and I’m interested, as always, in his respectful and thoughtful perspectives as a contributor to this blog.

      14. Also I think we are sooooo used to the mind-numbing and common attempts by male transgenders to use victim narratives to manipulate, coerce, emotionally abuse, and gaslight women that it makes sense to stay on guard and aware of that trope. Unfortunately for AReader, the tendency of his male transgender community to employ false victim narratives – as well as their widespread fetishization and enjoyment of female degradation- makes it more difficult for him to share his experiences without all that toxic baggage attached.

  8. I’ve been fishing for almost all of my years and it wasn’t until now that I realized that I needed gender-specific fishing gear.

  9. He never thought about safety before? I thought trannies were constantly in danger?

    1. You must not have ever met a fly fisherman, because they are a surly bunch! (<<sarcasm- it is a very passive, zen-like activity/sport 🙂 Maybe they would threaten to spend ten hours tying his nose hairs into close approximations of water insects!! The horror!! So twansphobic!!

  10. “I have probably never been able to defend myself if I am attacked but as a guy it was something that rarely, if ever, crossed my mind and the fact is that a woman alone (even with a dog) in a secluded spot can be a much more likely target than anything I faced before.”
    As a male, being attacked by a man for fishing alone on an isolated riverbank has rarely, if ever, crossed his mind. My god. I cannot imagine that life experience. I cannot imagine a life absent the constant threat of male attack. What an incredibly different experience of daily life that would be. I mean- can you imagine? Walking freely around the woods, the river bank, the country road, the swimming hole, alone, absent all thought of potential male attack? I can barely imagine it.
    A loner dude suddenly looms into view on the path? Just a fellow traveler, enjoying the spring day, enjoying life. Nod hello. “Beautiful day!” I might say. Glancing behind to make sure he keeps moving along never crosses your mind. Not like he’s going to hesitate, and start creepily circling back to “chat you up”. Not like he’s going to rape you and snap your neck and leave your body to decompose – never crosses your mind. Why would it? Finding yourself alone in the isolated wilderness with some random guy? No worries. Not even a fleeting cloud passing across the beautiful spring blue sky of your mind.
    Jesus. I cannot even imagine that life. Even walking in the woods with a female companion I can cite multiple incidences of creep-ass men whipping out their dicks. Two separate incidents involved law enforcement/rangers saying “Oh yeah, THAT guy…”. Oh well, whatareyougonnado? That wacky terrorist. Shrug. You know how it is ladies. Boys will be boys. You ARE vagina owners after all, so it’s all to be expected. You’re LUCKY. Could have been worse. You were taking your life into your own hands trying to walk/fish/camp freely. Whatareyougonnado.
    No wonder young women are shooting themselves full of testosterone. They are the most sensible women on earth.
    It wrenches at my heart to envision that sort of freedom from male violence for women. It brings tears to my eyes to imagine girls and women living with that ability to move freely and fearlessly throughout the world. Imagine a girl- your future grandchild perhaps- who goes alone into the woods without any fear of male attack. Can you even imagine it? Can you even imagine an era where women have “Tammy Ann’s” life experience? Fear of attack rarely, if ever, crosses your mind. Rarely if ever crosses your mind. Holy shit.
    You could get an attack dog to accompany you so you can walk freely in the woods without fear of male attack. A friend did that so she could enjoy the trails without fear. One day the dog trotted up with a wig in his mouth and she discovered a half-buried decomposing woman dressed in prostitute clothes. So. Whatareyougonnado. She was LUCKY. Could have been her. You know how it is ladies.
    I was reading Bev Jo’s new writing about how women –how RADICAL FEMINIST WOMEN- need to make this happen. How we must –and actually CAN!- make it safe for girls and women to rarely, if ever, have imminent male violent attack “cross our mind”.
    There will never ever be laws passed and policies adopted to eliminate male violence against women. Women will never “re-socialize” men, or negotiate with men to stop attacking us. Jesus- we are fighting for the right to even be ALLOWED TO SPEAK IN PUBLIC and our rights to even MEET and ORGANIZE among ourselves are being ELIMINATED. No way the male powers that be will EVER take ANY measures to “give” us the experience that Tammy Ann and all other men have of living with the right to move freely with violent male attack “rarely, if ever crossing our mind”. NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN.
    ONLY WOMEN are ever going to make this happen: women without access to political and economic power (which is most of us). But it actually COULD be done.
    It could be done by a mass global movement of women withdrawing all social, economic, political, sexual, personal and public support of all males and all women who support them. It actually could be done in a generation or two, maybe quicker. Mass female global strike against all males.
    There isn’t a single political platform or candidate that proposes zero tolerance for male violence against women. There isn’t a single political platform that proposes a “Tammy Ann” experience of life: of having male attack “rarely, if ever cross our mind” for women. There never will be such a platform coming from or supported by males. Women need to go our own way and create a platform and support for women to enact a zero tolerance for male violence. A RADICAL program for female RADICALS.
    I was deeply disturbed when FCM quit femonade. She seemed to be saying that once Radical Feminist consciousness was raised, there was nowhere left to go. The situation is hopeless. (Whatareyougonnado?) But it isn’t hopeless. Women can and must form a global movement eliminating all support for all males in every sphere. The personal is political. Zero tolerance. No quarter. Nothing. Not until we, and our daughters and granddaughters can “rarely, if ever” have the reality of impending violent male attacks “even cross our mind” as we move freely about the world enjoying a beautiful spring day fishing on the river.

    1. Great post Gallus. I think you are right on about this and I am sure it crosses every woman’s mind when they go hiking, fishing, hunting or camping-alone. When women do these activities, they dress down, don’t wear anything[like flashy pink crap] that identifies you as ‘female’ or potential ‘victim’. Bring a big dog and avoid contact in remote places, except with families with kids or other groups of females. In Vancouver Canada, I hardly knew any woman that would hike on a park trail alone without a big dog. It is common sense not to put yourself in this position.
      We are still not safe to accept rides from good samaritans and accept a ride to the next town- when our cars break down in remote places. It is Safer to walk 3 miles to a call box.
      The thing I would now say we[actual women] have to fear, is approaching someone we initially thought was female in the middle of nowhere, and accidentally revealing that we are a female alone to a guy in drag trying to trap lone females in this way.
      Ted Bundy used a fake arm cast. Now we have to worry about ‘woman decoys’ too.
      This would be the perfect ‘lure’ for a guy that wanted to murder women in remote areas.
      Someone like my mother would not see it coming. I hate to say, some young lib-fem women would be so afraid of being politically incorrect and offending him, they would ignore their sense that this could be dangerous/the creep factor and be guilted into keeping him company and having an extended chat[which could be a good trap].
      I can see some odd-dude out there – ‘I got my pink on and I am just out trapping some fish’

    2. This is a beautiful post, GM!! Thank you! I am going to check out Bev Jo’s blog on this now. True emancipation is when every female human being is capable of feeling the type of genuine independence that men take for granted- what a wonderful feeling to imagine! Being able to practice solitude and commune with nature and the world around us is not a luxury, it is our birthright and women must rise up and take what is ours.

  11. YES, Gallus Mag, I’ve been saying that for years. You get called a sexist and a bigot when you say it and related things (I have been banned from a blog for that), but it is absolutely the way to go, withdraw support from all males and, don’t be anything to any of them. It is perfectly possible and in women’s own hands.
    I was also very disturbed when FCM stopped blogging. At times she got happier and more energized during the conversations on her blog, so I was thinking (hoping) she’d want to continue for that. I began to see it (the end of her blogging) coming during the deeply pessimistic discussions about the ancientness of patriarchy, far beyond the 5000 years, and how women and our will *never* prevailed in human society, which I don’t believe. I definitely don’t think the situation is hopeless.

  12. I’m a vegetarian now, so I no longer fish, but I did quite a bit of fishing when I was younger, both deep sea and freshwater. I much preferred a “ladies'” rod because it was lighter, had a smaller grip and was easier to handle. I firmly believe there should be more women’s sporting gear available, designed not just for shorter size but for different proportions and smaller hands, wrists, feet and ankles. I used to have to buy young boys’ sports clothing and gear and it didn’t work nearly as well for me as what’s come on the market in the last ten years. That said….this trans woman has a male frame, so why is there a need for “more appropriate tackle”? He still has the same proportions! Also, if you’re going to be fishing alone in the wilderness, why do you need to wear clothing or carry gear that says you’re feminine anyway? Are you afraid the fish you catch are going to misgender you? I’m sure they don’t care one way or another.

    1. Here’s the thing with tools (which if you think about it, fishing reels are – tools for catching fish) – they are not “lady” or “feminine,” i.e., GENDERED versions of default “masculine” tools (why no “gentlemen’s fishing rods, I wonder, if we’re going to use lady’s)…they are tools geared toward WOMEN’S, i.e., biological females’, anatomy – they same way MEN’S tools are geared toward biological males’ anatomy. (Average range, of course there are variations in anatomy). I thought this was an important “sex not gender” distinction to make. Toolmakers, if they want to make useful tools based on differences in anatomy (children’s, women’s, men’s), need to be…shall I say it? “Anatomical essentialists” – there is no identifying away the FACTS of anatomy and physiology. Same with tools for disabled, older people (I’m getting to be one), left-handed versus right-handed etc.
      I think I’m rambling. But I needed to say that.

    2. ‘Cuz it’s gotta be PINK, so that people don’t see him fishing and think “oh! Fishing! Only men fish, and this is a tall broad shouldered person besides, so – must be a man! Oh but wait! Pink fishing pole! I’m so sorry! Obviously a woman then!”
      *serious eye rolling*

  13. The average victim of a serial killer/rapist is 5 ft 2 inches and under 120 lbs. (source: police statistics). Not hard to figure out why. Small ppl are easier to manhandle.
    Needless to say, the chances are at best remote that a random dude, who is on average, 6 ft tall and 180 lbs, is going to be the target of a serial killer/rapist just cuz he’s wearing a skirt and packing pink Barbie fishing gear.
    Seriously dude, don’t flatter yourself. No one wants you. Not even serial killers/rapists. Who tend to be motivated more by size than looks. It is not a crime of attraction. It is a crime of violence. Predators are selective about their prey. They’re also lazy. They don’t want to work that hard. So their crimes are usually one of opportunity and they look for easy prey. You don’t fit that bill, dude.
    The average female, btw, is 5 ft 4 inches. The average male is 6 inches larger. So what’s next for M2Ts? Are they going to have parts of their legs removed to shrink themselves down so they can pass and have the honor of being the target of a serial killer/rapist? They act like it’s some kind of thrill and merit badge. These dudes are seriously warped.

    1. Am I the only one who read that as wishful thinkIng? Rape: validation of his laydee-ness. Even a female’s risk for male sexual brutality and rape is boner fodder for them.

    2. I’m not sure about full on rape, but there are countless posts all over the internet by M2T who are thrilled to be catcalled (assumed to be women, not called out for being trans) on the street.
      Yes, it’s disturbing. Particularly when those same people will tell women that “hey it’s not so bad.”

      1. If you look at some of the Hollaback sites for small, liberal, mostly white cities, you’ll see a lot of trans grandstanding over supposed abuse.
        OTOH, the .org people who do all their press materials are so pseudo-intersectional that they court that kind of exploitation.

    3. @Teal Deer – BINGO!!!! Right on the nose- this is what makes this guy, and others like him, so incredibly infuriating.

    1. Wha??? Deja vu? Haven’t we seen this Tammy before, the cutesy poses, the stage pose.
      Regarding respectfully listening to “areader”. Why do we have to listen to him? He and his boy pals are all over the bloody internet. We can’t get away from them. Why do we have to listen to them here?

      1. Shutting down our confernces, getting our speakers banned, having their BOOKS destroyed and “lost” in libraries. Having some of us banned from FB, desperately at work trying to do the same here. Why do we have to listen to him here too.

      2. I NEVER told ANY WOMAN to “RESPECTFULLY LISTEN” to ANY MAN. How fucking DARE YOU?!?! If you don’t want to read any male comments ever THEN DON’T READ THEM. OR GO TO ANOTHER BLOG YOU ASSHOLE. I’m doing things the way I WANT here, because it is MY FUCKING BLOG. Seriously, fuck off.

      3. If you don’t like the mix of voices here, if you find G/T to be a less than lively and thought provoking site, then by all means feel free to make your own, better, site. Or stick to RADICAL FEMINIST sites, which obviously do not stink up the place with male voices. There are plenty of them out there awaiting your support!
        I do an INTENSE amount of moderation to keep this a good site. And I do it EVERY DAY or nearly every day regardless of illness and no money and no time and deaths of family and friends and every other challenge that we all go through. Constant fucking stream of male hatred and threats and stalkery ON A DAILY BASIS.
        If you think you can do better PLEASE DO! I WISH TO GODS SAKE YOU WOULD! THEN I CAN FUCKING RETIRE!

      4. I know you do. I appreciate what you do and have told you so many times.
        And thanks yes, for the invitation. I’m leaving. I’ve had it with trans invasions.

      5. Good. Thanks for derailing the thread and dropping a turd in my lap as you flounce out the door dramatically. Good riddance.

      6. I have been following this thread, and no one was asked to “respectfully listen” to anyone else, not in this thread and not in any other I have seen.

    2. JESUS TAP-DANCING CHRIST, how many pictures of himself does that guy need?!! I don’t think Queen Elizabeth has been photographed that many times! That’s an astonishing level of self-obsession and fetishism. And all that makeup – blech. It’s actually frightening. He looks like one of those corpses you hear about that some sick freak decided to keep forever in the spare bedroom for company.

  14. Gallus Mag, THANK YOU for all your work. You can’t inform women victimized by the trans cult without naming, quoting, linking to them. That is what is so necessary and wonderful about your blog. Every time a woman wants to join our Radical Feminist groups and says how she is being brutalized by these men or the women posing as feminists who support these men, I send a link to here, because you have endless stories of how and why these are the most dangerously male of men. Women need to see this. Women whose instincts tell them that men can never be women, but who are alone and who need the proof have you.
    YOU ARE SAVING LIVES. A Lesbian in Brazil just wrote last night how harassed she is being by “feminists” supporting the tran cult. She feels like she has to give up, but she has us now. No one can patronizing say “Oh, I’m sorry you had a problem with one bad ‘tranwomen.'” It is ALL of them, with varying styles but the same tactics of invading against our will.
    You do what no one else does. You show so many aspects of the horrors, which would almost be funny if it wasn’t so serious (like the adult baby trannie who hates little girls for having what he envies.)
    You give the proof and you also help women became more and more justified in their anger. We also link to these men, so they can reveal what they are more than paraphrasing can do, and the linking is usually to here. Women need the information, need the rage, and need to vent and then to share support.
    So thank you so much, because, as you said, this is at great cost to you. And I am grateful.

    1. Thanks Bev. I know. We all love the site- that’s why we’re here. And until someone makes a better one I will keep it going as best I can with the help of all the fabulous contributors.
      I was upset but let’s just move on from this and not let it further derail. XOXOXOXXOXOOXOXOXOXOXOX (((you)))

      1. Without GT, my belly laugh count would dwindle dramatically :/ You have my thorough appreciation 4eva! xoxoxoxoxoxox

  15. Not an exact match to the topic here, but slightly relevant to the idea of the non-existent market for a trans fishing show[tm]
    I’ve read several articles exactly like this in the past few months:
    http://www.polygon. com/2014/3/5/5462578/gaming-is-my-safe-space-gender-options-are-important-for-the
    It’s sweet how they can list (see comments) all the trans women in the annals of computer software before jendah became a thing (maybe outnumbering famous female designers in the ’70s-80s), but once it did, all the young trannies who don’t bother with SRS anymore haven’t made a game that anyone else has actually played and yet they receive endless press about their efforts and contributions.
    At least all the sensitive duders in the comments were nice enough to align themselves as cis to be good allies.

    1. “Gaming is my safe space”
      Hah ha ha.
      That’s something no woman can say. Ask Anita Sarkeesian. Or any other female gamer really.
      It take some real dude privilege to feel safe in misogynist communities/entertainment industries…
      He says:
      “To someone that is first learning about themselves and their gender identity, being able to use the Oculus Rift to visit a virtual world, look in a mirror and truly see yourself for the first time is an amazing opportunity. ”
      Meanwhile, female gamers have problems finding female characters we can relate to: gamelife/2014/02/left-behind-women-video-games

    2. I notice the whole article is all about the struggles of transgender individuals to find the gender that suits them in a video game- as if this is a totally unique experience to them, and not something that born women gamers go through their entire lives. Or try finding video games that present racial diversity in the main characters(even the option for it, when given options to change hair/skin color).
      Or the risk in revealing a biological female sex as an online gamer… safe space? Sure. I find video games enjoyable, but I rarely play them with other people online, for exactly that reason.

    3. Come for the inanity (gender longings!), stay for the white knight thought police in the comments sections about how privileged cis women are.


      Each passage in // flips between two perspectives: people from opposite gender expressions longing to cross over to the other side. The parallel structure is so good at mapping out gender harm. The way we’re forced to choose two rigid uniforms instead of flowing and adapting to our own expression.
      [SPOILERS] The chronological structure hits so many dysphoric nerves, all these memories I’d suppressed across the spectrum of time. The ending is good because it doesn’t assume some perfect end point where you’ve figured everything out and attained 100% Gender, it just knows that having any of your shit together is a victory.
      There is so much misunderstanding over what dysphoria looks like. I’m Miserable And I Don’t Know Why is something we’re taught to accept in the absence of diverse narratives. The truth is, dysphoria isn’t simple. God doesn’t beam an image of lipstick into your brain, rotating like a display car in a dealership as a salesperson extols the virtues of Gender. Everything in our society is intended to suppress, confuse, and distort dysphoria. You’re just Depressed For No Reason, get medicated, or you must be Bad At Gender…practice more gender!
      There are numerous fail-safes intended to stave off the realization. Like, trans women pressured to be gay or cross-dressing, anything other than the gendercrime of Being a Woman and actually crossing over to HELL. And god forbid if you don’t fall into a neat binary. Then you’re really fucked, in this culture that permits more diversity in phone brands than it permits in gender (for the record, I’m a Cybiko).
      Games like this push back against a culture designed to suppress our gender longings, which is why // is an important public service.

  16. The comments are rather amusing: “I identify as a dolphin as long as I can remember!” etc. – most of the commenters seem to find the idea of a man identifying as a woman – and expecting to be seen as identical to someone born female (I reject the label ‘cis’) completely ludicrous, which is heartening. The problem is, how do we convince those who identify as feminist – but nevertheless accept feminism being co-opted – that this is the case? (incidentally, and I apologise for being rather off the point, I find it particularly grating when the existence of transwomen in my *very* male-dominated field (not fishing!) is touted as being progress for women)

  17. I’ve actually been known to walk my dogs down by the acequia where there are often no other humans around, and one can run into strangers in isolated spots. SO BRAVE.

    1. Thanks Kathryn! Why don’t you make Tammy’s dreams come true and let him do a “Transsexual Fishing” segment on your show? You could give him grooming tips. It would give him a lot of erection. Oops- I mean joy.

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