73 thoughts on “Lierre Keith LIVE : Keynote Address at the 2014 Public Interest Environmental Law Conference

  1. Lierre’s speech starts at approx 2:05:30, glitched out for me at 2:16:00 ish and couldn’t get it to work till 2:21:12.
    So I missed about 5 minutes.
    She talked about the environment the entire time. Nothing to do with trans people.
    They seek to silence an environmentalist because they disagree with a separate ideology?
    I despise Julia Serrano. However, I’m not going to protest him or shut him down at a lecture on biochemistry because I think his views on women are harmful. (Unless he was going to speak on how female biochemistry somehow makes us inferior or males=superior)
    He may be extremely well versed in biochemistry/biophysics. I might learn something about that from him, even if I think he is a disgusting human being.
    Furthermore, how the fuck does Serrano (a highly educated individual) actually believe in brain science and made up hormone wash?
    He should know better, it’s his fucking field of study. (Evolutionary biology)
    He’s either deluded or extremely narcissistic or both.

    1. ‘Furthermore, how the fuck does Serrano (a highly educated individual) actually believe in brain science and made up hormone wash?’
      Scientific objectivity is mere roadkill in his pursuit of his fetish. We see this over and over again with hetero/bi male transgenders – their children and especially their poor wives mean less than nothing if they are in the way of the man getting to actualise his autogynophilic fantasy of himself.
      It was realising the sexual motive at the heart of most MtT transitions that really made the whole trans politics thing ‘click’ for me, and I think that’s a big part of the reason why so many women are easily baffled by this bullshit. It’s genuinely hard for women to imagine that someone might turn their whole life and indeed self upside down merely to satisfy a sexual urge. Instead, women imagine (fatally) that men are like themselves – they imagine them vulnerable, ‘dysphoric’ about social gender roles and wanting acceptance for who they are.
      But the truth is, men are obsessive fuckers when it comes to their sexual fetishes, and while women are sometimes into weird shit in bed, this is NOTHING compared to what dudes will fetishise and the lengths they will go to satisfy them. Look at all the pedophile dudes who plan their careers around opportunities to be near children, or the same pedophiles who won’t stop abusing children or downloading child pornography even when they’ve been caught and their lives have been ruined. Look at the ‘female skin’ wearers who insist on parading down the street and in front of their families in all their freakishness. Look at the dudes who rape cows and horses and set up actual animal brothels to facilitate other men to do the same. LOOK AT THE FUCKING GERMAN CANNIBALS. Men are so fucking freaky and perverse they have set up websites where men who get off on eating people can meet up with men who get off on being eaten. And women think men won’t shoot up some estrogen and risk weird looks at work just for a fetish?

      1. @Donkey Skin.
        Donkey Skin? Weird name.
        Moving on…
        You make excellent points.
        They don’t care as long as their dick gets hard.
        I see people (mostly males) over on Reddit occasionally championing paedophilia as a legitimate sexual orientation.
        They all vehemently insist that no one should engage in sex with a child, but that having “those” thoughts or urges shouldn’t be stigmatised.
        It makes their dick hard and suddenly it’s the most natural thing in the world. Never mind that kids are not sexual beings (or objects) and that those thoughts are seriously maladaptive.
        Paedophilia is pure predatory behaviour. It is sexually objectifying people who do no understand or comprehend what that means. It is nothing more than dominance and control over a weaker being.
        Their whole premise is that because THEY feel something; that the feeling is now a natural behaviour.
        Just because you think or feel something, does not make it normal or natural.
        Ted Bundy thought raping and murdering women was a great past time. For him, those were natural and normal thoughts.
        So where does the line end? Can Bundy be okay to express his murderous and rapey thoughts?
        “And women think men won’t shoot up some estrogen and risk weird looks at work just for a fetish?”
        Yeah. I love when trans pull that shit out.
        “No one would go through all that just to harass women!”
        Robert Hansen used to abduct women, FLY THEM IN A FUCKING PLANE, rape and torture them for days AND THEN HUNT THEM FOR SPORT.
        Men will do some serious FUCKED up shit for their kicks. Don’t sit there and tell me no-one will “go through hoops”.
        There’s countless stories of women getting AVO’s (apprehended violence orders, or restraining orders) against males to then have the males stalk them for years in order to exact “their revenge”.
        As for “the hoops”, MtT don’t even have to have their dicks chopped off to claim “womanhood”. They maybe have to take an estrogen pill…because that’s a huge fucking barrier *eyeroll*

      2. ” Instead, women imagine (fatally) that men are like themselves – they imagine them vulnerable, ‘dysphoric’ about social gender roles and wanting acceptance for who they are.”
        My teenage self in a sentence.
        Really though, it’s really hard for a woman that has not come in contact with radical feminist theory to grasp the extent to which men’s empathy is switched off (or never turned on?) by patriarchy.
        Still gotta hope there are a few, rare, empathic men out there..

      3. @Hermione Green- I personally have not one more ounce of energy to put into anyone or anything male for the rest of my life. The act of hoping that there are a few rare, empathetic men out there falls under this category for me. Even if these unicorns exist, it changes nothing about the state of women’s opression in the world- why does any women need to hope they exist?

        1. Absolutely. Filter all interest about males through other women. After several filters we’ve got it on all of them. It’s not that difficult. All you have to do is get in the habit of talking to other women about men.
          It works! Better than T.V. commercials!

    2. ‘Donkey Skin? Weird name.’
      It’s from the fairy tale about a girl who wears one to disguise herself from her incestuously abusive father. It’s an early, dark version of Cinderella.
      ‘Paedophilia is pure predatory behaviour. It is sexually objectifying people who do not understand or comprehend what that means. It is nothing more than dominance and control over a weaker being.’
      Yes, exactly this. So many of men’s paraphilias seem to have some ultimately necrophiliac root – either they need a totally powerless being (a child, or an animal) to dominate, which allows them to turn a living creature into an object, or they fixate on a body part (e.g., feet) with overtones of dismemberment, or they are just straight-up about death, like serial killers or cannibals. None of this is part of the female psyche, so women have a really hard time comprehending this, in spite of the fact that the evidence is all around.

      1. There is an episodic video game on Xbox called Wolf Among Us and that character is part of the story. I just agree completely with everything you have written here. Also, Zoo was one of the freakiest documentaries I have ever seen, and I have seen a lot! Many transgender males are hardcore fetishistic creepos and most women, and probably a majority of men as well, cannot comprehend what a central and commanding role their fetish plays in their interior lives. I am so f-ing tired of hearing: Who would put on a dress and take some estrogen to indulge a fetish? Give me a fucking break, men with fetishes have built lives around indulging their fetishes since forever, this is not a new phenomenon. There is, however, a unique sort of alt-cred in their ideology at the moment, in some young online spaces at least, and many are using it as a means to disrupt and derail genuine feminist thought and activism. They are committed to colonizing women via women’s spaces and inserting themselves into a narrative to which they have no legitimate claim. So instead, they seek to erase the biological reality of women as a class and redefine it however it suits them best-ie, gets their dicks the hardest. These are the Julia Seranos of the trans brigade, the MRAs in dresses, with their pomo horseshit, gas lighting and slurs disguised as signifiers. Obsessed, deluded, and violent men pissing all over feminism and definitely getting off on it.

      2. Yes, Random Radfem.
        I’ve also heard “who would become a doctor just to be able to abuse ” “who would become a teacher just to be around children he could abuse” like the hard work & studying would stop the perverts. Not if a dude is really crazy and obsessive like too many are. It’s ideal for them isn’t it, earn money, look respectful and indulge in gross abusive shit at the same time.
        And now we have these “transwomen” who get to be abusive, violent, appropriative and fetishizing while being the most oppressed people ever that all the young women and feminists must feel sorry for and not question.
        It’s very disturbing to see them boss around young women online (and real life) but it makes sense: Girls in a patriarchy are already vulnerable to manipulative bullshit behaviour from men.
        I’m glad I trusted my instincts when I first encountered “feminist” autogynephiles. I could tell there was something off about them and got wary. I just wish all other women dared to be wary and questioning, too, when it comes men – even men who say they’re women.

  2. You are so funny, Gallus Mag! I hate mimes too, but you’re right. Glad you got the bookshelf done. Yes, men are inherently boring and tedious at best, and extremely dangerous at worst. Since trannies are men multiplied as the most male of men, they are the most tedious, boring, and dangerous by far.
    And yes, it’s great to hear Lierre…..

  3. What the was with the random dog sound that guy did?
    Was that meant to make fun of someone or was he serious?

  4. I saw a talk of hers that was super similar (on the radfem 2013 conference). And it just makes me depressed. If agriculture and civilasation are unsustainable what is the point of anything? Why bother. I don’t want a primitive society like she’s proposing, which would mean just for starters death in childbirth for most of us. She argues that cruelty is not possible to eradicate from civilisation and that sustainable agriculture is an oxymoron and just :(. I prefer to live in this cruel patriarchical society rather than live in the jungle.

    1. Is that the option she’s suggesting? Live in the jungle? Ahhh at last no patriarchy.
      Can we have a rolling-eyes emoticon please.

    2. 200 species are going extinct every day on the planet.
      Personally, I “went back to the land” in 1974 to avoid Dr. Helen Caldicott’s imminent nuclear holocaust. The males in the country were far worse than the city and I came back to die with people with whom I could have a conversation.
      A PhD friend of mine just completed a white paper for a national progressive church council. The subject was “Community Resiliency”. The interviews and data collection and writing took 3 years. At the highest levels, she came to understand, the leadership and other business/academic and environmental experts are just as worried about climate change, earthquake, flooding, AND, are concerned that a financial collapse due to another economic bubble and as-yet-unregulated banking industry will see rolling economic collapses in addition to environmental catastrophes. The white paper is being distributed to leadership to help local communities respond and survive any number of issues that threaten community resiliency, including potential war on our soil.
      It is scary what Lierre Keith is talking about. I don’t suggest it is rational to feel any other way.
      It’s not just what LIerre is talking about. Its the Sixth Extinction underway. Katrina, no one came to help those people. We are not only facing the peak oil issue – having to frack unsafely to keep the petro society moving. We are also facing peak shortages of other key minerals and substances.
      I don’t “not like” Lierre Keith for talking about some very unpleasant realities. I think it’s up to all of us to create our local community resiliencies. And, IMHO, woman-based.
      Keith has her own game plan, and what is more important is that the message of how to survive a vastly changing world is sometyhing to answer in each and every one of our own lives, yes?

      1. I don’t dislike her! Disagree on some stuff sure, but I don’t dislike her. I just get depressed, because for me if there is no possible reform, then there is actually no solution. But I mean that is just a feeling, I don’t think it’s her fault that I feel like that Generally speaking I am not environmentalist or care that deeply about environmental causes, so obviously I don’t hear arguments like that regularly.
        Oh and yes, she and that Derrick person are suggesting to end civilisation and have a lot of small communities that can live as part of the environment (the horror)

      2. Hi flahe,
        It is very very disturbing to live in these times. The Anthropocene – human caused extinction. Wah!
        I’m glad Lierre Keith got to speak, and I enjoyed her talk. I think she’s a soul who is trying to “wake us up”….
        As my PhD friends white paper suggests – individuals need to make resilient communities.
        I started by renting a bedroom from an 85 year old friend and downsizing all my crap out. We garden this summer.
        But, the most important thing about this thread is that even though trans tried, Keith’s free speech was honored.
        Whew, big whew.
        Underneath I have this awful feeling from all the dying.
        One of my meditation teachers had spoken of the feelings of an open heart – raw, pulsing, exposed. Not walled off, safe and out of touch. So, you sound like you have an open heart to this life – including the terrible scourge of Anthropocene!

      3. And are you just as put off by the males who are deified by talking the same kind of armegeddon talk, or is it only when a woman does it that you find it upsetting and irrational. Pete Seeger put it to song and became the poet laureat for a generation. Or two. Michael Moore, the Greenpeace dude. Too many to name. And one Lierre Keith and you’re going to run into the jungle? By the way, expect higher rates of infant survival compared to the U.S.

  5. uups this website is confusing to me, nvm the other comment please? (obviously I do not want to spread my email adress everywhere)

  6. What a pathetic vid. Could they have cut some of the male dreck and used the funds for a videographer?
    Men hacked in? That’s what men do: destroy.
    Lierre at 2:07.

  7. http://dailyemerald.com/2014/02/27/walkout-and-protest-at-lierre-keiths-environmental-speech-at-pielc/

    The EMU Ballroom was buzzing with the chatter of an anticipatory crowd minutes before controversial activist Lierre Keith took to the podium at the Public Information Environmental Law Conference on Thursday, Feb. 28.
    Attendees were required to check their bags before entering, and security and police forces were standing by throughout all parts of the EMU Ballroom. Regardless of strong police preparation in case of a violent of rowdy demonstration, the event remained calm for all but for a quiet walkout during Keith’s performance and a rally in the EMU amphitheater.
    “We haven’t had any problems so far,” Mike Schueller, manager of Starplex Crowd Management said. “Nobody has made any effort to act out in some sort of curious way. We’re just taking the necessary precautions for an event that gets this type of attention.”
    According to Schueller, there were over 1,000 emails sent to the University prior to the event regarding Keith’s presence at the University of Oregon School of Law’s 32nd annual PIELC.
    Before the event, protesters passed out fliers in the Ballroom just outside the auditorium’s doors. When Keith took the podium, there was only one ‘boo’ from the crowd, but as she began her keynote speech, throngs of people got up and walked out. From the ballroom, the procession moved to the EMU Amphitheater.
    People congregated in front of a lone protestor, sitting atop a constructed tripod, high above the gathering. A banner below her read, “Students Love Inclusion.”
    Many in the group of protesters —comprised mostly of LGBTQA groups, the Survival Center and Cascadia Forest Defenders— had previously petitioned the ASUO senate not to allow Keith to speak.
    UO senior and Survival Center member Paige Corich-Kleim helped organized the protest rally. She was pleased with how the protest efforts went.
    “This is the start of a bigger mission of making spaces more trans-inclusive,” Corich-Kleim said. “[Lierre Keith] is still talking and people are still listening to her.”
    The group led chants like “Hey hey, ho ho, Lierre Keith has got to go,” and “We’re here, we’re queer, and we’re not going anywhere,” from the Amphitheater while the author spoke within the EMU.

    1. “This is the start of a bigger mission of making spaces more trans-inclusive,” Corich-Kleim said. “[Lierre Keith] is still talking and people are still listening to her.”
      WTF. Yeah, a woman is talking. About something completely unrelated to trans issues. They’re not happy until she never talks about anything? Why so misogynist.

      1. lol Pathetic isn’t it. And Keith has made a grand total of what? Two public comments about “gender” EVER?! What the HELL. So really what they are objecting to is that THEY THINK THEY KNOW WHAT SHE IS THINKING. hahaha. It really is creepy.

      2. That quote amazed me too, Jo. It just goes to show how irrational and intolerant transpeople are. Why should they fixate on one speaker WHO ISN’T EVEN TALKING ABOUT TRANS ISSUES is beyond me. With all their hysterical whining about how difficult it is to be trans, you’d think they have more important issues to address. The only reason I can think that they would do this is to bully and intimidate: speak out against transpeople and prepare to be followed and harassed for the rest of your life– regardless of weather you talk about trans issues or not!

      1. Lol!!! Thong as a collective noun for TG males: We are going to have to re-sod the ninth hole because a thong came through wearing stilletos. I asked them nicely to wear appropriate footwear but they said golf cleats were triggering and threatened to sue.

    2. Is that ‘Students Love Inclusion’ sign supposed to be ironic? Like, “Yah, sure, we *luuuuvv* inclusion. *exagerated eyeroll and hairflip*”

    3. What a bunch of mislead youth. As already stated she talks nothing about their queer theories or trans theories. This makes them look so dumb.
      It’s like I go to a tennis match and I start protesting against playing golf or something.
      Maybe was not the best example but this just feels so abstract and weird what these protesters are doing.

    4. “Students love inclusion” Well so do I, as long as you all think EXACTLY think the way I think, do exactly as I tell you and never dare disagree. Otherwise, die die die DIE. Disagreement triggers dysphoric episodes, therefore ur free speech is a violation of my human rights.
      What. The. Fuck.

      1. “Disagreement triggers dysphoric episodes, therefore ur free speech is a violation of my human rights.”
        Wow. That’s about the most succinct summary I’ve seen of this annoying tactic so far – definitely going to remember and use that. Thanks.

  8. Anyway, she’s very brave and I support her right to SPEAK. Or is the U.S. not a democracy anymore?

  9. Lierre Keith is very brave. I’m so glad that all the “much ado about nothing” is over.
    I was so slimed on the Eugene Weekly comments where i tried to uphold the rights of free speech.
    I could also not avoid mentioning that “Cis is a hate slur”….
    It pisses me off that FButt has 50 shades of everything but no more “female” or “woman” without trans-tags and slurs.
    I also had to sneak in that trans “feeling like a woman” is BS, they feel like trans, fine.
    Cis is a slur! I REFUSE to use that term.
    And, don’t even get going on “fish” that is so disgusting.
    Lierre Keith got to speak! Hooray! Hooray!
    Thanks for mentioning where she speaks, I can’t face listening to the illogical shit heads, I mean, men.

  10. Is it earth first or male supremacy and female subjugation first? It seems to be the latter. How do these dudes expect to save the planet (which they view as female), when they continue to view everything female as something to be conquered and lorded over? How can they save this planet when they want to destroy all that is female and natural and replace it with their perverse artificial male world? And who created this environmental disaster to begin with? Oh yeah, dudes with these same freaking attitudes.
    As for the speakers, I second the emotion of dudes sounding like blah, blah, blah. Monotonous, narcissistic, self-congratulatory, and droning on and on, dudes about bore me to death and put me to sleep. Oh what a difference when Lierre Keith takes the stage and breathes life into the deadness of dude doldrums – or should I say, dull-droms.
    Also interesting, altho the articles on the conference all mention the protests and walk-outs, they’re loathe to mention that Lierre Keith got a standing ovation at the end of her speech even despite dudeville’s best efforts to demonize and no-platform her.

    1. These are dudes who start out their transitions stealing premarin from their menopausal mummies medicine cabinets. Not only are they willing to steal from the women who gave birth to and raised them, they are also more than willing to ingest pills derived from the forced impregnation of annually, 750,000 mares in order to get premarin (PREgnant MARe urINe) I highly doubt they give a fuck about mother earth except for purposes of appropriating yet another movement and its female driven energy.

      1. I think you are right to on the spot there.
        I know EF! lost a great deal of good activists when they began to be flooded by these angry male youth (and their female allies).
        It’s sad though because in the history of EF! there has been happening some really good stuff and also continues to do so. Some of the activists out on the field, that are not involved in the EF! mob, are still doing some good things out there.

  11. First, I appreciate PIELC filming this and providing the live stream. I wish the film had not been damaged, but that, in a way, supports many of the claims opponents of “innate gender” (like myself) make about its inherent narcissism and delusion. Anyone who knows of the transgender threats, and sees the subsequent film, will attributed the damage to those “activists”. More damage is done to their cause than to Lierre’s message.
    I think there are several points which showed good support for Lierre, and by extension her radical analysis. The opening remarks, pre howling wolf memorial, I believe showed a great deal of respect for Lierre, her message, and made a firm statement that PIELC will not allow anyone to be censured. He acknowledged the protest without giving the words “transgender” or “gender identity” any airtime at all. He opened with an acknowledgement that the very first protest was from women about their exclusion. He noted his disgust for strong arm tactics. He made a very broad statement about inclusion, which could have been linked to any number of disadvantaged groups. He closed with a very strong statement that Patriarchy IS the problem, and that it must be eliminated.
    The Newspaper article carefully crafted a couple of things: 1) the 1000 emails were the TOTAL emails PIELC received, and my understanding is that more than half those emails were in support of Lierre and DGR. 2) “throngs” of protesters leaving is a subjective adjective, not quantitative. The live feed showed about 10 people leaving their seats, the majority of those returned to their seats. There were 3-4 who did not return, and it was obvious that before Lierre’s presentation more people moved to the front to find any available, or better seating, than had left. 3) several people stood and applauded as she walked onto the stage, and a great deal more gave a standing applause afterwards. 4) it is quite telling that a published picture of the “protest” showed about a dozen active participants, with another 2 dozen campus student on-lookers obviously in transit through the area. There was not a large turnout of trans protesters, and if more than a dozen walked out of the presentation, then they did not stick around to make a visible statement afterwards 5) an earlier social media report on organizing the protest stated that space and supplies were available Thursday afternoon for all interested to come and make their protest signs – 1 sign was in use, there were no other signs. 6) you may recall Lierre speaking of a resistance group numbering approximately 200 members working in the Niger Delta? She later commented there were several hundred participants currently seated in the auditorium, and that those participants could easily have the same impact as MEND. So, there were 200-300 participants listening to Lierre, and there were at most 10-12 protesters = about 5% of Lierre’s crowd. This was not an effective protest, especially for Eugene, OR. Yet trans very vocally, very angrily made it out to be a huge approaching final shut-down of radical feminism. Again, their narcissistic rage and delusional thinking is showing. It lets others see them for who they really are.

  12. This is just flaming misogyny. I never, EVER see these assholes throwing these kinds of tantrums over any male who disagrees with them. So on top of being misogynistic shitstains, they’re also COWARDS of the first degree.
    Also, like bethanya.t. brought up, it’s possible to disagree with someone about something and live to tell the tale, without having to resort to screaming hissy fits and efforts to completely shut the person down. I do it all the freaking time, as I’m sure most folks who read this blog do as well – your mother’s boyfriend, your boss, your neighbor, etc. This is yet another instance that leaves me wondering how the hell these people get through life! I mean, how do they navigate work? Or school, or their book club, or whatever? How the hell do they handle it if they disagree on something political with their best friend?
    I have to admit to being kind of fascinated by this delicacy of theirs. It makes me want to poke them with a stick, just to see the spectacular reaction.

    1. @ Ashland
      “I mean, how do they navigate work? Or school, or their book club, or whatever? How the hell do they handle it if they disagree on something political with their best friend?”
      -It seems most of them don’t have jobs (sitting on fucking Tumblr all day) or they bully their way into power (so no-one says anything)
      They bully others at school (Coy Mathis and Nicole Maines) and they bully at their “book club”. I recall that Feisty Amazon and BevJo have written before about these fucks forcing their way into gatherings and bullying people to accept their speshul-ness.
      When a friend or ally disagrees with trans, they are fucking attacked until they come grovelling back with apologies and “privilege checks”.
      I’ve seen corpses, I’ve watched animals decompose (for science), I have read about and had to research/study some sick depraved shit for my degree.
      And I can say the trans mentality is some of the craziest shit I have ever fucking seen.
      Their hate for women is so insidious, because people ACTUALLY believe them. With one fell swoop, 50% of the worlds population is irrelevant. Women cease to matter, our concerns don’t matter and we lose our history in an instant.
      At least people KNEW Dahmer and Bundy were sick in the head.
      I am so grateful for this site and to Gallus.
      Honestly, I have NO idea how she puts up with this level of crazy just to inform the rest of us.
      Gallus fucking rocks.

      1. @ Gallus
        I’m gobsmacked at the fact that further up I discuss Robert Hansen abducting and hunting women and then you link me to a comment from one of their people threatening us with the same thing.
        I can only imagine what the comments we don’t see look like.

      2. @ Gallus,
        They are often easy to pick because of their weird writing patterns. Their thoughts go all over the place with no cohesion at all. Huge amounts of deception and lying too.
        I remember that you once held an “open” forum where they could express their views or could comment again if they were banned.
        I think prior to that (or in that same thread), some of us (myself included) asked you to not filter anything so that we could see what they say.
        After that thread any desire I had to see the ill-formed ramblings of sex crazed madmen was squashed.
        I thought (hoped?) that perhaps one of them could actually argue reasonably and rationally with us. That we may be able to achieve some sort of understanding between the two groups and they’d respect our space and we would respect theirs.
        How fucking naive of me.
        After the third “im so much hotta than you fat bitches, your too ugly to get raped [SIC]” I realised these people are crazy and I’m not going to waste any energy engaging with these people.
        My energies are far better spent ensuring I’m the best person I can be whilst trying to inform others of the harm trans philosophy causes everyone (especially females).
        Which is why I’m appreciative of you and the work you put into this site. You’re informing people of the harm and giving us a safe space to discuss and debate ideas.
        I am so glad I found this website. Hahaha!

      3. That open thread was amazing and it was only the very tippy-tip of the crazy, threatening, violent TG male iceberg- most assumed it was a Wiley feminist trap! Bwwwwaahahahaha! These guys smear their shit far, wide and thick, all over the rest of the interwebs. I am always so appreciative of the hard work GM does here to provide a lively, yet safe, space. Staying true to her namesake, one asshole at a time! 😡

      4. thank you for dealing with “Tedious dullwitted longwinded droning and repetitive with bad grammar and eschewing spell-check.” so we can benefit from your reporting and analysis.
        “Gallus fucking rocks.” I so agree.

      5. Adding my voice to the “Gallus is awesome” chorus… thank you for this haven of sanity!

  13. This doesn’t have anything to do with Ms.Keith but don’t know where else to put it.
    Judge Tosses Out Rape Conviction Because Woman With Down Syndrome ‘Didn’t Behave Like a Victim’
    There is a petition to get him tossed.

  14. Thanks sor supporting Lierre and the truth finally won out. She is a ppwerful vision of what lesbian feminist activism is, and I am proud that our community online wrote all the protest letters, and kept at the college, and kept on. I think her powerful message made a complete mockery of the male to trans idiots out there! Well done Gallus and everyone else who said no to trans censorship of brilliant lesbians like Lierre!!!!!!!!!!!

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