Letter to Janet Mock from a Woman: Stop Referring to Females as “Fish”

Janet: Likes "Fish" as a descriptor for biological Girls and Women
Transgender Janet Mock calls girls and women “Fish”: Because vaginas.

Dear Janet,
It is time for you to stop referring to women and girls as “fish”. We have asked you time and again to stop doing so. You have been told repeatedly how offensive this is to us. Yet you continue to “fight” to express your opinion that “fish” is a synonymous descriptor of girls and women.
We get that you grew up as a gay boy who was ushered into teenage prostitution by what you describe as an “underground railroad” of adult gay and transgender men. You characterize (even glamorize) your own childhood sexual exploitation by adult males as a positive and empowering experience for you and a desirable right of passage for gay male “transgender” children in general.
We get that your life experience has little in common with that of women. You grew up as a male whose primary frame of reference for “womanhood” is the gay male drag queen and transgender culture. Us women get that. “Transwomen” and women are fundamentally different. We get it!
What we don’t get is your toxic level of female-hatred (and pedophilia!).
Your stance on child prostitution has been ignored and un-addressed thus far in both the mainstream (male) and LGBT (male) media.  No interviewer has yet asked you to explain why you believe teen boys having sex with adult males is a good thing. The adult male transgender community has an HIV infection rate 40 times that of the general public. The “Transgender Day of Remembrance” annually commemorates the violent murders of males (largely “sex workers” and largely men of color) at the hands of their violent male “customers”.
No interviewer has yet asked you to reconcile your framing of child-prostitution for males as an affirming experience of “sisterhood”. Let me ask you. Have you personally facilitated teenage males into this “sisterhood”? Are you a member of what you call the “underground railroad” that guides transgender-identifying youth into what you call the “freedom” and “agency” of child prostitution? These are the interview questions that women would like to see posed to you by the mainstream media.
We get that female life is many steps removed from what you, as an individual cultured almost entirely by fellow males, understand as “womanhood”. We would like you to know that, overwhelmingly, women do NOT view the grooming of youth into teenage prostitution as an expression of “sisterhood”, nor as an affirming or positive activity on any level. We believe those who sexually exploit minors are predators and criminals who should be incarcerated without exception. We believe the FBI should contact you about this child prostitution “underground railroad” that you speak of, and we find the media silence on the subject deeply troubling.
As for your insistence, Janet, on the use of the word “fish” as a synonym for girls and women: We demand that you cease this abusive practice. Girls and women are not synonyms for what men like yourself imagine as our “dirty smelly” reproductive systems. We are every bit as fully human as you. It is damn ironic that you express being a “female identified” male yet continue to abuse women by referring to us by a word that is a pejorative for the very thing that makes us female. It is beyond ironic, crossing over into the surreal, that you would object to media interviewers discussing reproductive organs in relation to sexual reassignment while you name women and girls “fish” based on your experience of females as stinky, dirty, and genitally foul smelling. You complain that Katie Couric asked about the nuts and bolts of “sex change” while at the same time you define her as a foul smelling vagina thing.
These are the issues women would like to see media questioning you about.
Males like you who call us “fish” are responsible for making girls and women feel ashamed of our bodies, marketing to us as unnatural and dirty and rank for the thing that makes us different from you, our reproductive systems, even as you claim to “identify as” female bodied, and try to approximate our bodies through medicine and surgery. We don’t need men claiming to embody us while defining us in the most degrading, ugly, grotesque terms imaginable.
We say NO. Women say NO to you Janet, and to the other men in your male “sisterhood”. Women are different than male transgenders, vastly different, but we will never be “those dirty stank vagina things” that transgender males define us as.  Women and girls will never be “fish” no matter how much men like you would like us to be.
A Woman
Janet Mock approved.

195 thoughts on “Letter to Janet Mock from a Woman: Stop Referring to Females as “Fish”

    1. It’s insulting that people refer to this man as a woman complete with female pronouns!:-(
      I don’t know about you but I am highly offended and pissed off! Time to put him in his place and stop playing nicely.

    2. Mock, not authentic or real.
      Synonyms: imitation, artificial, man-made, simulated, synthetic, ersatz, fake, reproduction, dummy, sham, false, faux, spurious, bogus, counterfeit, inauthentic, pseudo

  1. He acts as if there is nothing wrong with referring to women as “fish”.
    “Oh, you’re a fish.” Fish is this kind of slang within the community, “Oh you look like a girl, you’re fish.”
    Scroll down…
    ” [The name] is more of a wink to the community, to the trans women I grew up with. One of the things that was told to me that was encouraging to me growing up was, “Oh, you’re a fish.” Fish is this kind of slang within the community, “Oh you look like a girl, you’re fish.” So it’s just about all the things that fed me in my womanhood – it’s about my journey, all the good and the bad things that fed me. I fought hard to keep that title too.”

    1. So basically another instance of “someone put me down with a term that usually applies to women, and so I was VALIDATED and loved it”?
      I’ve seen posts being happy about being catcalled on the street (as an assumed woman, not for being trans) and similarly the posters are just over the moon with the thrill of being “validated,” they don’t seem to understand how actual women are really disturbed by a lot of the catcalling.

      1. Yeah, they all seem very detached from the true reality of women’s lives, which is shocking sense they want to be female so bad. A lot of transgender males seem to have an obsession with being “validated” by getting catcalled on the street by other dudes (even if they themselves aren’t sexually attracted to other males) or being called derogatory terms associated with women.

  2. Wow! Sometimes white-hot rage leads to extraordinary truth-telling writing. This is extraordinary. Thank you.

  3. This was very enlightening as I don’t know much about Janet Mock outside of his appearances on Piers Morgan and Steve Colbert where he came across as a typical delusional MtT who refused to acknowledge the fact that he was born a boy (“I was born a baby!”). Which is hilarious because it’s the very thing that makes him trans. It appears that like so many MtTs, Janet wants things both ways, to always have been female, and yet at the same time to be transgender, or formerly (and currently) male.
    And here’s a quote from the article you linked to which made my stomach turn:
    “One of the things that was told to me that was encouraging to me growing up was, “Oh, you’re a fish.” Fish is this kind of slang within the community, “Oh you look like a girl, you’re fish.” So it’s just about all the things that fed me in my womanhood – it’s about my journey, all the good and the bad things that fed me. I fought hard to keep that title too.”
    She’s talking about how she wanted to call her book “Fish Food”… I really don’t understand how being called a slur made her feel like a woman or how she can sit there and call this disgusting insult to women “slang within the community” like it’s something cute. He’s a repulsive, self absorbed male who hates women. Why do you call us fish, Janet? I’d love to know.

  4. I first became aware of Janet Mock when self-aggrandizing transgender kook “Autumn” Sandeen tried to co-opt Mock’s coming out. At the time, Mock seemed to be on the more reasonable side of things. Since then, Mock has chosen to go in the direction of the worst of the transgender insanity, and I agree, calling women “fish” is extremely offensive. I realize it is a term that originated with gay men (which says something about what some of them think of women) and I have been subjected to it on occasion, as in “Girl, you are so fish!” I found it offensive then, and still find it offensive, as I understand it as an insult to women. Alas, after the Piers Morgan mess, I was much less impressed with Mock. Now, I am even less so….

  5. “Transgender women were 49 times more likely to have HIV compared to a reference population, according to a new study on transgender women and HIV”.
    This is from a study in the British medical journal The Lancet.
    Mr. Mock is supposed to speak at the Transgender Day of Remembrance. HIV is a dreadful disease, and he should take this opportunity to speak out against underage prostitution.
    Mock on his “”sisterhood”, and “underground railroad” of resources that helped him “navigate” his escapades as a teenage sex worker.
    “A sense of community, sisterhood, resiliency, resources, strength. It was like our underground railroad and resources to navigate a system not built for us. And for me that’s what sex work gave me.”

  6. Seems that Janet Mock is offended by language and is rewarded with sympathy from her supporters, new appearances on a different show, and greater publicity to sell books… women offended by Janet Mock’s slur will be ignored and accused of ‘transphobia’ for protesting.

  7. Eurgh, this guy is disgusting.
    Can I start calling males “cheese” because of their dick cheese? Which can (according to a fuck ton of google hits) smell “fishy”?
    That “fishy” smell (in both males in females) is a sign of fucking infection (or possibly Trimethylaminuria).
    Not that a misogynist cock-hole like Charles here would know that. He has probably (based on his sexual history as a gay male) never even seen or smelled a vagina except when he was born. The mouth, belly button, armpit, skin etc can ALL smell bad during infection.
    Let’s categorise people on smell. So, brain sex and smell are now how we classify? What the fuck?
    I find it laughable that someone who advocates for cock inversion, a surgical wound THAT NEVER HEALS, is actually going to lecture and demean women about the smell of their privates. Unhealed wounds smell like fucking death. People who opt for cock inversion have septic crotches. How would he feel if I called him (and all males like him) cock-rot?
    Also, as opposed to vaginas, people who opt for dick inversion have to douche themselves to prevent infection. Women should never douche, it is worse for us if we do.
    “The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists suggests women avoid douching completely. In most cases the vagina’s acidic environment “cleans” the vagina. If there is a strong odor or irritation it usually means something is wrong. Douching can increase your chances of infection. The only time you should douche is when your doctor tells you to.”
    Males like Charles here have to douche to prevent infection and that “fishy” smell. I can total see them claiming that as a cis privilege.
    I have never smelled a fishy smell from my vagina, never smelled it whilst having sex with another female and NEVER heard another lesbian talk about her partner smelling “fishy”.
    A healthy vagina smells awesome, musky and awesome.
    This “fish” nonsense is just old misogynist horseshit designed to make women feel insecure in order to sell ‘scented tampons’ and stupid rose-scented soap for their privates.
    Fuck you Charles, enjoy your bacteria infested mutilated penis.

    1. Although, as little as most trans seem to know about actual female anatomy, they probably are just pleased to buy a “feminine hygeine” product and pretend to be in a Summer’s Eve commercial.

      1. Oh you know it. They’re probably pleased as punch to be seen buying tampons (which they don’t need) or douche kits (which they apparently do) in the checkout line.
        That’s a big part of the game – validation checks, they do something that “women do” and make sure that no one looks askance. If no one challenges them, “woot, passing! Win!”

    2. “Sexual Reassignment Surgery” pretty much means anything to these guys now. I’ve seen guys successfully get their “facial feminization surgery” classed as sexual reassignment surgery to get their birth certificates changed. Definitely orchies are huge for men like Autumn Sandeen that have already fathered children. So, when Janet/Charles says he flew to Thailand to get some surgery that could mean anything. Breast implants. FFS. Orchie. Hip implants. Chin shave. Eyebrow lift? It was so funny when the guys on Katie Couric (Laverne Cox and Carmen Carerra) started freaking out when she naively assumed they had undergone any surgery based on sex= reproductive organs. Of course they haven’t.

    3. I can confirm that yes, the crotch after surgery can most certainly be quite odorous. It is a constant source of potential embarrassment, be it from a gross odour, or leaky pee or a hundred other things. However, I think it’s only fair to point out that in fact, we are cautioned *NOT* to douche. Ever. Unless the doctor recommends it be done. For the same reasons as women are cautioned not to douche, albeit from entirely different root causes.
      Also, I can’t imagine a trans person that would *ever* want to buy a tampon, let alone use one. It might as well be barbed wire for all the good it would do up there.

      1. I’ve seen trans women in interviews saying they’d buy tampons to carry in their purses, so they’d have one if a woman asked for one. Astonishing how elaborate their fantasies of getting people to participate in their disorder are.

      2. It’s interesting that you say you were told not to douche, as all the post op instructions I have seen advise for a Betadeine (iodine solution) douche as well as anti-microbial creams to be administered as well as the use of dilation.

      3. @born free & female
        Wow. Just wow. No words.
        Yes, the Betadine solution (1 part Betadine to 3 parts water) is recommended if after two months post-surgery there is still odour and discharge. The nurses were all adamant not to douche at all after the initial healing period, as it says in the care package: “Douching will alter the vaginal natural flora and cause imbalance.” Yes, I’m serious, that’s what the guide says — you can’t make this stuff up. All of the documentation refers to it as a “vagina”, except the hilarious page with the diagram of your new anatomy, which calls it a “neovagina”, whatever the heck that is. I was not popular at the care facility for referring to it as my sinep, for backwards penis.
        No harm calling it what it is I say, but unfortunately the illusions are strongly reinforced I’m sad to report. Suggesting at dinnertime that we were not female, inspired some of the more insipid folks to throw their dinner plates at me, and a stern talking to about using “positive language”. I told them that fact based language was “positive”, and that I’d rather deal with facts rather than trying to keep straight what words were “positively” reinforcing someone else’s delusion. Someone posted a clip here in the comments of Judge Judy, and she always said it best: “Don’t pee on my leg and tell me it’s raining!”
        No, oh my goodness no. If you could somehow get one in there without causing anything from mild discomfort to searing pain, getting it out would probably require a visit to the hospital afterwards. There’s delusion, and then there’s just plain stupidity.

      4. ” Suggesting at dinnertime that we were not female, inspired some of the more insipid folks to throw their dinner plates at me”
        Holy shit. A good example of narcisstic rage. I hope they didn’t hurt you.

    4. @bethanyalexandertate: You’re awesome. I agree that the bs idea about women smelling fishy is designed to make us feel bad and then buy useless products. As for scented tampons, they don’t make any difference (I’ve bought them before on accident) and I know some women who are allergic to them.
      I bet men would flip out if we started calling them “cheese” or just took their insult “fish” and used it on them.
      Also, didn’t know Janet’s original name was Charles.

  8. It’s about someone told him off! I can’t fanthom why no one has called him on this bs. Well, I do…it’s the privileged voice afforded to males no matter their sexual orientation or gender role affiliation within liberal culture. To confront him is to be a bigot because they have it worse than everyone else!
    I’d like to know how this female-hater is going to respond. He will probably resort to the usual drag queen faggotry of a drama scene, accompanied by tantrums…I’m a girl; they hate me; fugly lesbians, blah, blah, blah!!! They do think they’re better than women. That’s why they intend to, and, get away with it. The Frankeisntein trans culture is one of hatred and getting their way, no matter what. Such males!
    BTW, men have smelly balls and cocks!!!!

    1. You can barely get through any article on or by a trans writer these days without some reference to “…and we make better women than they do, anyway!” where “they” refers to actual women, particularly the subset of us that don’t “keep ourselves up” because we don’t do the makeup and heels femme thing. Or heaven forbid, we have hairy legs.

  9. Does anyone else find Mock’s use of “underground railroad” offensive? The organisation of people who, secretly and at considerable risk to themselves, helped runaway slaves escape from deadly peril to freedom is kind of hard to equate with an association of predatory pimps that delivers young folk to street prostitution…

      1. You say “It’s not all Tumblr camgirls and occasional escorts from Las Vegas.”
        Interesting you mention the Tumblr camgirls. Lately(?) on Tumblr there’s a thing, where people (very often M2T) are pretty much fetishizing the identity of “sex worker” (always “sex worker” or very occasionally “whore,” but not “prostitute”) as this ultimate oppressed identity, and yet at the same time hey “girl power!” empowered identity. They get to be all “street cred!” and “gritty.” Very much similar to the message Mock is putting out about her “great” experience.
        So they will say “sex worker,” but always it boils down to as you say, camgirls and the occasional escort. While I’d not recommend that to anyone, I think there’s definitely an element of appropriation of other peoples’ struggles going on here. They act as if they can speak for all “sex workers” – very strongly implying prostitutes – and call it “empowering” and hate on the supposedly evil, evil feminists who are so cruelly denying these wonderful “sex workers” a living by speaking out against prostitution and pornography, while basically only on the extreme fringes of it and not having any experience of being the more “usual” case trapped into things by serious debt and accompanying violence.
        The “sex workers” are not all hung-up and frigid like you feminists, is the message. Freedom to have porn and sex everywhere for all! Tweaking mainstream sensibilities!

      2. @Adrian
        I know all about their “camgirl” bullshit that suddenly makes them a sex worker.
        I read the arguments on Tumblr about how liberating it being a sex worker and it is almost always from a “camgirl” or some white woman working out of a brothel in Las Vegas (i.e. an well paid escort)
        It boils down to them being able to have an opinion on it, because they are “technically” sex workers (although far removed from the absolute horrors it entails), and you are not because you’ve never done it.
        I’ve never committed child rape, but you bet your arse I am not going to listen to someone who has talk about how it is not harmful for a child.
        I have actually met sex workers (prostitution is legal in the Australian Capital Territory) and have NEVER met a happy one.
        I won’t claim that I can speak or know about all sex workers but, in my personal experience, the women (and the two dudes I knew) were all miserable. Every single one of them had a substance abuse problem. One woman was terrified her ex-partner was going to take their kid away because of her job. (He fled to Queensland with the child, non-custodial abduction).
        As a Forensic student, I often read cold case files and about serial killers. A crazy amount of missing women (or women found deceased) were often involved in sex work. It is an incredibly harmful “occupation”.
        It should never be championed as a legitimate job but I don’t believe (and neither do most feminists from what I gather) in shaming people involved in it.
        Tumblr kids can’t understand being critical of something and “shaming” people.
        I will shame the johns though. What the fuck is it with men? Sex is not a birthright that is owed to you. Gross.

      3. @bethanyalexandertate
        “Tumblr kids can’t understand being critical of something and “shaming” people.
        I will shame the johns though. What the fuck is it with men? Sex is not a birthright that is owed to you. Gross.”
        Tumblr kids are incredibly stupid. Hey, maybe that’s why a lot of those idiots have decided that “stupid” is an ableist slur, because it applies to them! Oh no, I’ve just triggered someone. (They are also appropriating assholes who think that having an internet argument with someone is equal to PTSD.)
        I am critical of prostitution and sex work, but I don’t shame the people involved because unlike tumblr kids I’m aware that prostitution is not empowering and that most people who are in it are there because that’s the only thing they can do or because they were victims of trafficking. I will shame delusional kids who think that being a cam-whore and glorifying sex work makes them the ultimate authority on sex work though.
        I support the Nordic Model.

    1. Bluecat, I’ve been wondering the same thing. The underground railroad was the road to freedom, not to sexual slavery and gender impersonation. It was an important, proud piece of American history, which Mock appropriates, as the trannies do everything they touch.

    2. Offensive? Yes, highly. Comparing something as heinous as that to one of history’s great acts of courage is extremely offensive. But it is also not surprising. These people have delusions of grandeur that is astounding at times. Just look no farther than “Autumn” Sandeen, who on occasion has tried to style himself as the transgender Martin Luther King, Jr.

    3. Yes! That’s been bugging me. The actual Underground Railroad was getting people out of bondage, not into it.

    4. I do him referring to his sexploits and selling ass as an “underground railroad” pisses me OFF! I as a Black womyn find that shit very offensive. The Underground Railroad, which extended from the Deep South clear into Canada, was started by Harriet Tubman and Sojourner Truth along with White Abolishionish sympathetic allies. That tricked-out dudette needs to shut the fuck up and get somewhere and SIT DOWN!!!

  10. A very timely piece particularly in light of the offensiveness directed at Julie Bindel by Cllr Sarah “smegma”Brown.
    Lesbian-identified TA fury at women is directed at the fact that some have voiced objections to their invading our spaces (and vaginas)on biological sex grounds. Charles Mock, however, as a gay man with no use for natal women has simply remained a misogynist.

  11. The only time my vagina smelled fishy was when sperm had been deposited up in there. Typical. Man-scum makes women smell then men call women fish blaming women for what they have caused.

  12. Don’t read the following if you’re eating!
    Perhaps this was mentioned elsewhere but I think it’s worth a reference here. The delusional, abusive MtT “Aunty Sarah” proposed naming the effluent produced by a surgically-constructed fuckhole after an unjustly maligned radical feminist. I’m not saying her name because I don’t want it to go viral like the Savage-Santorum thing.
    His description of said effluent:
    Now, there is a point to all of this, and that’s that there is no word in the English language, that I am aware of, for the smegma-like mixture of dead skin cells, gynaecological lube, stale urine (gives it its distinctive smell) and sweat that is sometimes present as a white residue on the end of a dilation stent when a post-operative trans woman withdraws the stent after dilating her neovagina.
    Anyone else think it bizarre of homosexual males and MTFs (often the same thing) to revile the healthy vaginal smell given the gross discharges that come out of their orifices? Girls like us!
    Maybe we should refer to Charles “Smegma” Mock.

      1. It’s a deep dimple way up in there that is blind and never flushed out with any natural secretions (as a regular vagina would be), so yeah, not to surprising it gets nasty up in there. Inverted peen maybe is still doing something, plus the whole assembly is near the ass…
        I mean, if you don’t wash your bellybutton you can get some quite amazing “lint” in there, and that’s right near the surface!

    1. Jane you make an excellent point. How childish and perverse for these MtTs to flip out over natural, healthy female secretions when their own fraken-fuckholes are a hotbed of stinking, nasty discharge which must be flushed out regularly. Their hatred towards women is so transparent.

    2. “the smegma-like mixture of dead skin cells, gynaecological lube, stale urine (gives it its distinctive smell) and sweat that is sometimes present as a white residue on the end of a dilation stent when a post-operative trans woman withdraws the stent after dilating her neovagina”
      But it’s indistinguishable from a real vagina! Haven’t you heard? Gynecologists can’t tell the difference, and us evil TERFs could be dating a trans woman without even knowing it!

      1. I can tell the difference between a sinep and an yoni (vagina). I like making love with the damn lights on, which allows me to see my lady😊. Our genitalias are quite complex consisting of; mons, vulva (outer & inner labias), clitoris, joy-spot*, and of course our multi-layed muscular yoni (vaginas). No surgeon in the world can fashion such a wonderous work of living art😊.
        *I refuse to refer to parts of our anatomy by a male’s last name (g-spot).

    3. I found a study on bacteria present in the fake vaginas. I looked up the bacteria listed, and it was pretty much poop bacteria, and Bacterial Vaginosis. I tried to link it under the vaginoplasty trope page, but it never went through. I’m not a doctor, but I’m pretty sure all that bv bacteria is gonna cause a real fishy smell, worse when mixed with fecal bacteria. Here is the study if anyone is interested. http://7thspace.com/headlines/309701/microflora_of_the_penile_skin_lined_neovagina_of_transsexual_women.html

      1. Rhonda,
        Thank you for the awesome article! Full article can be found here for free and it’s worth a read: http://link.springer.com/article/10.1186%2F1471-2180-9-102
        Some choice tidbits:
        The study had fifty patients. 34 reported (68%) reported foul smelling “vaginal” discharge. (Now exactly who is that smells like fish?)
        Nineteen out of these 34 women (55.9%) reported regular use of vaginal hygiene products. (like douching with 10% isobetadine, which is pretty nasty stuff. In comparison, I’d love to know how many born women douche regularly, let alone with the heavy artillery medicated stuff– I never have)
        “Although this was not a study criterion and therefore not scored, a foul smell of the “vagina” (quotes added) was observed in most patients.”
        “We identified on average 8.6 species per woman (range 4–14). The species most often found were Bacteroides ureolyticus (n = 10 women), Corynebacterium sp. (n = 12), Enterococcus faecalis (n = 13), Mobiluncus curtisii (n = 10), Staphylococcus epidermidis (n = 19) and Streptococcus anginosus group spp. (n = 16). The neovaginal microflora of only one woman contained lactobacilli. Neisseria gonorrhoeae could not be not cultured.”
        “There was however a highly significant correlation between the presence of E. faecalis and sexual orientation: in heterosexual transsexual women (having a male partner) E. faecalis was present in 78.6% while it was only present in 14.2% of homosexual transsexual women and in 12.5% of bisexual transsexual women (p = 0.003). Equally there was a significant correlation between E. faecalis and the occurrence of regular coitus with a male partner: in those having regular coitus E. faecalis was present in 75% while in only 25% of those not having coitus (p = 0.027).”
        E. faecalis (if you haven’t guessed) is the major bacteria in the large intestine.
        M.curtisii and B. ureolyticus are also residents of the large intestine.
        Interestingly in actual women, E. faecalis causes urinary tract infections and M. curtisii and B. ureolyticus cause vaginosis (and that fishy smell)
        Lactobacillus, the friendly bacteria that is found in real, healthy vaginas was not present in the fabulously fun “neo-vaginas”:
        “As expected, and although these women show serum oestradiol levels comparable to those in substituted postmenopausal women, the environment of this penile skin-lined neovagina, does not support the growth of lactobacilli. This might be due to the absence of glycogen rich epithelial cells and to the absence of lactobacillus epithelial binding sites that are upregulated by oestrogen in the normal vaginal mucosa.”
        The smell of a vagina is directly related to the bacteria living there. A real vagina smells like lactobacillus. A fake vagina smells like either feces or dead fish.
        “Frequent episodes of malodorous discharge were reported by one in four women and malodour was even more frequently observed upon gynaecological examination, which in turn might relate to the presence of faecal bacterial vaginosis-like microflora.”

      2. The study you cite is one of only two studies EVER done to follow up sixty years of surgical neo-vag creation. The other had to do with frequency of prolapse (common, since supporting structure is scar tissue!) and long term depth (less than three inches) and urinary tract infection caused by decreased (excised) ureter length (chronic and recurrent).

      3. HA! Great break down, Cerulean Blue. Interesting to note that 68% of the MtTs (I find it absurd they refer to these people as “women”) had foul smelling discharge– I wonder how many just had smelly “neovaginas” without the discharge. I’d be willing to bet ALL OF THEM. Amazing that in light of this, Charles “Janet” Mock has the gall to call women fish. Charles, please take note: we aren’t the ones with the problem. You are. Enjoy your reeking franken-fuckhole.

      4. Rhonda, Cerulean Blue, and Gallus – thanks for that info! Once again, science and truth win out. Well done!

      5. Cerulean blue (not sure if I’m replying in right place) I think I’ve douched twice in my entire life. Once was to fend off yeast, and once was because I thought I was getting out of whack due to birth control pills. I found an article online about how peroxide/water was proven to be effective in helping out the good bacteria while keeping the bad in check, unlike antibiotics that killed it all, including the lactobacillus. The thing is, I don’t see how the douching is going to help their situation, when there isn’t a healthy environment, so no balance. Usually for real women, it’s feminine hygiene crap that causes the problems. Or stuff people might not think of. (for example if I use oil of olay body wash 1 time, I will get a uti, might be because I’m sensitive to chemicals though) I wonder if M2T are buying lactobacillus suppositories, and thinking that’s going to work. I hope Mr Mock bleaches his panties.

  13. “Janet wants things both ways, to always have been female, and yet at the same time to be transgender, or formerly (and currently) male.”
    I, too, find this inconsistent choosey-choice blatancy a lie.
    How dare transgender call me “fish” or “cis”.
    There are 50+ “genders” listed on now Facebook, but not a single “female”….
    I refuse to accept a dick-demanded and derived gender classification tag.
    The only reason most vagina’s smell like fish is the male spooge they let in.
    I’ve found that as I share the transgender disinformation with my sister females such as childhood friends and my 3 born sisters – women who have few ties to LGBT are quick to see the person-with-penis male entitlement that is making born women and children less safe in our women-only protected spaces.
    The use of the put-down “fish” might be a proud part of Mock’s historical experience, but, its use is offensive to me as a female. A female with vagina, ovaries and vulva from birth.

  14. Janet Mock’s pro-pedophilia and promotion of prostitution of juveniles is disgusting.
    Trans are always talking about the murder and death rate of M2T, so why not STOP marketing your manholes and boyholes to XY males who commit violence against trans prostitutes?
    Mock is illogical as most males.

  15. Back in 1990-something, when I was gingerly poking a toe out of the closet and attending a gay pride march for the first time (out of town, of course), the more in-your-face types used to go around slapping stickers with punchy activist slogans on everything in sight — parking meters, restroom stalls, stop signs, their own leather jackets. They didn’t all just have Silence = Death on them. Two very memorable ones — produced by Queer Nation of all things — read as follows:
    “Female Hating Fags Fuck Off”
    “Call Me Fish and Die”

    1. Hey Loup Loup, “Call Me Fish and Die”….
      My dyke friends remind me that the connection between gay men and lesbian women has always been….fraught with tension.
      So, one dyke friend has a gay male younger brother. The gay younger brother told me (known him since he was 5 and now he’s 55)….”gay men don’t generally like females. ”
      Maybe it’s time for a lesbian feminist resurgence that demands females support us, and this time, against all XY’s.
      Most XX’s have seen advantages and disadvantages to the…..PIll Generation.
      The guinea pig generation that brings reduced libido to BCP (birth control pill) taers….hmmm, and with 2 out of 3 het housewives on anti-depressants, and probably already on BCP’s…..ugh.
      More potential political lesbians all the time.
      Regarding Janet.
      Don’t call me Cis. That is hate language.
      Call him, Smegma Mock.
      Remember what “santorum” definiation did to Mr. Santorum?’
      Maybe women can name the smell from dick smegma and not name it Santorum, but the idea is the same.
      Dick cheese.
      Hmm, goddess, what say thouess?
      Stink peen. (SP)
      (PVOD) Prosthetic vagina odor discharge
      Combo SP and PVOD – massive stench emanating above the high heels.

  16. @Bluecat, Trans activism steals black feminist rhetoric all the time:
    – “silencing black voices” means keeping out of public/mainstream sphere and requiring what’s left to be white-appropriate, not disagreeing with a black person, having independent thoughts or writing on one’s blog.
    – “intersectionality” should be used with ‘matrix of domination’, which isn’t an individualist idea. Instead, it’s a magic word to win any argument, esp. if you’re “more oppressed”.
    – “Go learn by yourself” can be used forever to silence someone until they get brainwashed or give up. It’s used everywhere, not just for “insider” discussions (where it is valid). No one can disagree yet be knowledgeable enough.
    – “I don’t have to change my way to communicate, you have to adapt” is another gold mine, esp. since vocabulary can differ for every person. Obv. it’s their fault if the people you try to talk to don’t understand. (I also expect everyone to learn & know my language).
    And my personal favorite : when someone uses “women” to mean “people socialized as women because of their female anatomy” and they dissect the arguments by assuming it means “anyone who identifies as woman”. Because fuck context. (No, black feminists don’t do that)

    1. Yeah, that’s what really pisses me off about the liberal feminist/trans hijacking of Crenshaw’s theory. They pretend that rejecting any postmodern liberal belief means rejecting intersectionality completely, as if it’s all one indissoluble whole, solely defined by them. It isn’t, and they don’t own that term.

  17. My vagina has never, ever smelled like fish, nor has the vagina of any of my lovers. Mock’s, on the other hand, smells like dick or colon, depending on which procedure he had done. Blech. (Now I’m thinking of the “Schweddy Balls” skit from SNL!)
    I didn’t know Mock did this, Gallus. I didn’t think he could get any more offensive, but wow, he sure delivered with this. Now we can all sit back and watch the resounding silence from the funfem blogs.

  18. I recently saw something on tumblr (it was on notcisjustwoman’s tumblr if you’re curious) with a trans woman defending the use of “fish” because it’s supposed to be from AAVE, and they had the gall to bring in Audre Lorde, bell hooks, and womanism IN DEFENSE of using “fish” (I believe because the person arguing ‘identified’ as a womanist, so disagreeing with ‘her’ is an attack on womanism?) Now, I have not read all of Audre Lorde or bell hooks nor am I a womanist, but I feel pretty confident in saying that neither of those women has ever written in defense of gay men of any race or trans women using the slur “fish.” Someone find me that essay. Someone find me the womanist thinker who wouldn’t argue that a word which reduces female bodies (specifically black female bodies if we’re going with “this is AAVE” and not just “this is gay slang”) to their genitalia, calls those parts disgusting, and then applies them to men as an insult (or as Mock is claiming, as an affirmation of their trans-womanhood) is something worth protecting. I’m skeptical.
    Something in this post that I’m shocked I never thought of is that Mock might still actively be participating in the prostitution of minors. I just assumed that having left himself, that was the end of it…but now I would like to know if he himself patronizes prostitutes, and particularly if he goes for underage prostitutes. Apparently it was fine and even healthy for underage trans women to have paying customers twice their age or more, so does Mock sleep with (pay to rape) underage prostitutes? I would really like a clear answer to this, and you’re right that it’s creepy no one has asked about that yet. I was actually surprised by the Colbert appearance. I had it on in the background with no idea Mock would be appearing, and as soon as the segment on transgender stuff started I was listening to the jokes and thinking, “Trans tumblr is going to be blowing up calling Colbert a bigot!” until Mock walked out and I realized that the “problematic” jokes I’d identified would be ignored because the show suddenly had the Mock stamp of approval.
    I also noticed on his website he describes his time as a sex worker as “survival sex work” which is pretty rich considering he goes on to say how life-affirming it was. I assumed the term “survival sex work” only referred to people who literally must do “sex work” TO SURVIVE, not people who do it on the side to finance elective surgery and then decide it’s actually pretty fun.

    1. Oh yes, I remember seeing that! It works out perfectly though doesn’t it, now if you disagree with being called a fish you’re both transphobic and racist! And as soon as those words are brought out, it’s game over.
      Btw notcisjustwoman has great posts about transgenderism, but I couldn’t continue reading her because of her virulent antisemitism. She’s written that Zionists are ignorant and all Jews have blood on their hands because of Palestine. And Palestinians are justified in blowing up Israeli schoolbuses because Jews are oppressors and it’s a case of the oppressed “rising up” or some such pseudo radical jargon. Since she loves conflating all Jews with Israel (and assuming that not only are Jews white, they’re just as bad if not worse than all the white imperialists in history), I’m surprised she hasn’t just said “the Jews are just like Hitler” yet. And my personal favorite, she says Jewish women should just shut up Judaism since it’s a part of the patriarchy, and we’re slowing down feminism because of it. This can all be found by Google.

      1. Choco link? Please.
        Shut up Judaism–uhm let me consider that a sec–uhm no. My best advice–Run it by Ms Fun neo-lib Avital Nathan I am sure she is on board, but it takes a special kind of stupid.

      2. Is making up insane libelous lies about feminists a hobby of yours or something?

      3. https://notcisjustwoman.tumblr.com/post/77938942725/sometimesanihilist-notcisjustwoman



        Jewish women are feminists and women too. It bears repeating: Jewish women ARE WOMEN TOO. And fuck your comment with its assumption that I can’t be a feminist and you’re some kind of victim in this. You don’t hold a copyright on feminism, and I can complain about antisemitic feminists and say goy as much as I want. And for fuck’s sake I was complimenting your work in the beginning of my comment…but goy are gonna goy I guess.

      4. Yes there are a lot of Jew haters–it is not radical. They can kiss my Jewish Israeli ass after I shit. Choco, mamela no need to compliment them. We will stay alive in our country and if some idiot from Portland or the trailer parker is pissed off at that too bad. They are what they are. They will not change. The manipulation is the same as T no different. It is POMO a historicism. The pseudo radical bigot passing as some kind of humanitarian. Note that the mama of BDS is also the Mama of gender theory. The first postmodern institution was the concentration camp.

      5. I hope everyone has had their say in this matter which is completely unrelated to my post. Regardless, further derails will not be published.

  19. “Fish is this kind of slang within the community, “Oh you look like a girl, you’re fish.” quote from Janet Mock
    Interviewers allow sexist, offensive slang words for the female sex, but bend over backwards to never “mis-gender” people like Mock.
    I want to follow up on the transwomen (biological males who “transition”) using the misogynistic and offensive slang term “fish” to describe women. Mock isn’t the only MTF who uses this offensive term. Apparently, it’s an old slang term for females that MTFs have been using for a long time. Transwoman Monique Roberts repeatedly used the word “fish” to describe females.
    Why didn’t the person interviewing Mock stop the conversation, and ask Mock please define “fish”? Isn’t this an offensive misogynistic term? Some males have always made crude sexists jokes about “tuna fish” in reference to women. These are usually immature males who casually joke among themselves in locker rooms. How is Mr. Janet Mock different than these males? The men who respect and appreciate the female sex are not offended by natural odors.
    What is colovaginoplasty? Something that comes out of the colon can have an odor.
    As to odors, I imagine a poopy smell would be far worse than fish. It’s a poopy smell that people actually pay for. In certain male to female sex reassignment surgery procedures, part of the colon is used to create a “neovagina”. It’s self-lubricating, but from what I’ve read, it lubricates too much, and there is an odor issue. A actual vagina lubricates where as an artificially created cavity in the human body has to be (1.) dilated for the life of the patient (2.) Needs lubrication. That is, unless they are using part of the colon. In this procedure, it often lubricates too much. Kind of gross isn’t it. I don’t hear women calling MTFs post surgery “poopy smelly people” even if they are. There is no such term or slang word to describe this that I’m aware of.

  20. I always felt the term “fish” was such an immature phrase used by gay men, it’s similar to taunts used by young teenagers. Some gay men just love to mock women, it’s pathetic as though they don’t understand that homophobia and misogyny are intrinsically linked.
    On another note Ben Summerskill has stepped down from Stonewall (English LGB charity) and been replaced by Ruth Hunt.
    I hope to god this doesn’t mean “inclusion” of trans. Like what has happened in America with GLAAD etc. all the organisations have included trans and waste gays/lesbians donations on trans issues such as suing for free “sex reassignment surgery”. It is literally sickening to see them take over all that we’ve created and use it for their own means.

    1. It’s bound to mean that; there’s no stopping it. It’s considered that a formerly gay and lesbian institution like GLAAD is “still gay” and merely “expanding its mandate” at the expense of no one. In their solipsism, the queers don’t notice the lesbians and gays who feel alienated by the rise of queer culture and trans mania, because, obviously, we just learn to stay away from those “spaces” that used to be ours.

  21. It wouldn’t matter if women adopted “festering dick cheese” (or whatever) as a synonym for men. It doesn’t have a history of generations of sexual torture and dehumanization attached to it. It is not equivalent.

    1. No, it doesn’t hurt them (males) like it hurts us (females).
      You would think that Charles (as a BLACK man) would know about the harm of denigrating a whole group of people based on bullshit.
      He is black, how would he feel if people called him “darky” or “dirty” or referred to him as the “N-word”? It’s disgusting. Nobody with any sense of decency does that. I would hope that someone who is educated (Charles is) would have the same sense not to dehumanise women in such a way.
      Saying “Oh, fish is gay slang and we’re entitled to that word” is just crap. Just because a group of “oppressed” people use a term doesn’t make it okay. Furthermore, and I don’t want to play oppression Olympics, females are far more oppressed than males.
      Just look at the statistics on rape, sexual slavery and violence.
      How can he not see the parallel between the two? Both terms (“darky”/”Dirty black” and “fish/y”) are just as harmful.
      I suppose it doesn’t matter because Charles doesn’t see women as human. Our objections to his disgusting sexism are seen as being “hypersensitive” or some form of phobia because we have the gall to object to being classed as “dirty” and “disgusting”.
      Makes me so angry.
      I LOVE the fact that I am based in science.
      No matter how you identify boys…if I am called to a crime scene to take evidence from your person (or in regards to your person) I will know you as male.
      No amount of “identity” or plastic surgery will mark you as female/woman. I’ll be getting some Y chromosomes in my tests. You can’t pomo your way out of science. Even if your “brain” is ladyee, I will know you have or had a cock and balls. And your “brain sex” doesn’t mean shit for my tests.
      This makes me happy. Love science, OBJECTIVITY for the win.

      1. Then some future anthropologist who finds the bones of a “transwoman” will classify him as male and there’s not a damn thing they’ll be able to do about it.

      2. @ Gallus.
        HAHAHAHA! Really?
        That shit is hilarious. Do these fuckers know what happens during post mortem? How confusing and ridiculous that is going to be for a medical examiner?
        Sex: F (actually M), nulliparous, female reproductive system=absent, hip structure=male, bone structure= male, penis present, skull=male, DNA=male.
        Cause of death: metastatic prostate cancer. Or is it no longer a prostate because that’s a male organ and THEY ARE NOT MALE WAH WAH!
        And for FtT? “Male” Decedent died of cancer of the cervix?
        It’s the stupidest thing I have ever heard.
        Does this mean that medical staff inputting C.O.D data will now have statistics such as “females” with prostate and testicular cancer? And “males” that die during childbirth?
        This shit is insane. As we all know, most trans do not opt for “bottom” surgery. So, reproductive system malignancy etc still a real possibility.
        From the link:
        “official filling out the death certificate should determine a transgender person’s sex.”
        -TransGENDER persons SEX? Umm…? Someone wanna explain the difference to this lady.
        In addition, in some post mortem identification often all that remains of the deceased is a skeleton.
        Skeleton found in the woods? Female hips, skeletal structure? Then you will be input in the records as female.
        Just look at the doenetwork.org. Search “trans/gender/sexual”. One fucking hit for a missing person, whose family (or friends) supplied that information. It even notes “transsexual MALE”. Not “transwoman”.
        No “trans” hits for unidentified persons. That’s because your brain sex and identity don’t mean shit to scientific identification.
        In the doe database, all decedent persons where the sex is unknown are marked as “male”. LOLOLOLOL. So there really is no chance of the fellas being mistaken for female.
        Lots of persons are found deceased with skeletal remains. No matter how the fuck you “identify”, it doesn’t mean shit to investigators.
        Also, a rape kit on a MtT is going to get two male DNA hits. Your identity can’t change that.
        If you aren’t honest with the police about your actual sex then the potential for the police looking for a “second” perpetrator exists.
        If your DNA gets submitted into CODIS, then you’re now in the database for sexual assault against yourself. And you were actually a victim!
        Do these people actually know any science or how science works? The whole observable phenomena thing?

      3. @bethanyalexandertate – No, I don’t think they do. These are people who seem to seriously believe that while alive they can hide their trans status at the DOCTOR’S OFFICE.
        That’s right. They think they can go for an OB/GYN appointment to have their “vag” checked up (I presume a neo-vag probably does need some sort of checking from time to time) and actually not disclose their trans status, and “pass” at the appointment – the doctor will look up in the neo-vag and seriously not realize this isn’t a natal female person.
        …it’s a fantasy.
        When they get x-rays, or whatever measurements, all their physical traits say male. If they want to prohibit the doctor (or anyone else) from saying that outloud lest it break the fantasy, that’s one thing, but the doctor is GOING to know.
        But these are people who think that they can possibly have “menstrual cramps” due to Really Really Wanting to Believe (“the hormones make my abdominal muscles hurt, you know, on a schedule, it’s totes the same”) even though lacking the requisite body parts entirely.

      4. @Adrian
        Yeah, I read about the dood and his “menstrual” cramps.
        Also read about some guy claiming that his estrogen use made his prostate become a Skene’s gland. Which is exactly what I predicted they’d say.
        They may serve a similar function but are not the same. Sort of like testicles and ovaries. Similar, but very different.

      5. Ha, @bethany what about taking sperm samples from “women”? Seriously, could men get away with rape because they claim to be women and therefore don’t get DNA-tested?
        I read recently about a m2t in hong kong getting all bent out of shape because “she” demanded a prostate exam of some kind yet “she” listed herself as female at the doctors office. They could not give him the test, probably because insurance companies would consider it fraud.
        Someday all this madness will have serious unintended consequences we can’t even predict.

        1. @Lin.
          Yeah, sperm samples from a “woman” seems like a crazy possibility with these nutters.
          When you do a rape kit, you take samples from both parties to exclude a victims DNA from the mix. A great technique is the Y-STR which separates (and amplifies) Y chromosome DNA from female DNA.
          With rape you often get mixed samples (victims and assailants). As most rape in committed by males against females, the Y-STR is really great at separating the DNA mix for identification. It also good for use in gang rape where multiple male DNA profiles exist.
          If you had a MtT insisting he was female. You’d be getting two male DNA profiles.
          If the MtT told the truth (“I am male”), the forensic investigator would then have to look separate the assailants DNA from that of the victim.
          Which is why I said, that no matter their bullshit identity, science doesn’t lie.
          If I am called to a crime that involves a MtT, I will know them as their sex.

        1. @Gallus.
          Good. I hope he gets fried before he can hurt any more women.
          Is Douglas in a female prison?
          “Officials expect her to be extradited back to Spokane”
          There’s no her. Just another male killing vulnerable women. Just like all the other men before and after him.

      6. I was reading about how the manmade fuckholes to nowhere that don’t have all the hair follicles scraped off the penile skin before inversion will grow, like, brillo pads of pubic hair and dead skin cells inside them that are practically impossible to remove. I heard it straight from the tranny post-op forums. They also claim that the penile skin turns into mucosa after a while (no, it’s probably just weeping infection), and certain ones will talk about how “wet” their partner made them (these are ones without urethral tissue lining the fuckholes). It is really disturbing.

  22. I often wonder what Mock will look like when he is forty years old and he is not so adorable, dainty, and perky anymore. His breast implants might start to sag, and he is getting chubby around the hips and rear. A little pot belly is starting to show which he just can’t get rid of no matter how he exercises. We all know that Mock bases his fame and fortune on looking pretty. He can’t write, can’t act, can’t sing, and has no talent other than being a professional trans person hitting the television circuits.
    I suggest that this narcissistic twit take a lesson from Judge Judy.
    Judy’s Tips for women….

    Mr. Mock, beautify fades, but dumb is forever!

    1. Wellll, that’s why the lord made cosmetic surgery. It seems like no matter how young the cross-sex hormones are applied: Aging makes it harder for transgenders to pass as the opposite sex. Hell even “trans children” celebrity Nicole Means is starting to look like a total dude. Massive continual plastic surgery is the only answer. These three guys at fashion week have spent more on plastic surgery (and black market silicone pumpers) than they ever will on anything else. Priorities!

      Three guys and a SHITLOAD of silicone.

      1. Frightening. Just frightening. The blonde dude seems to have used Jessica Rabbit as inspiration. A fashion show is a perfect place for these weirdos. You just know that these three males are seething inside watching the skinny teenage girls clomp down the runway. I’m surprised they aren’t being triggered.

      2. I am tripping on the hair blondie #1 on L.
        The primate lips.
        The trans boobies.
        The fur, high heels.
        Could there be any more shitload of faux-femininity than Ms. Wrong on the left?
        There ought to be civil crimes against such female appropriation, as if women should accept “black face” for femininity?
        tsk tsk
        Glad “you” like your frankendokters….most of us don’t. They bring YOU to life…..
        (like GE, oops, sponsors of frankendokters)

      3. Carmen Carrera, or the one in the photo with the strangely elongated neck:
        “Thats not what Im [sic] about! … I may not have been born a woman, but im [sic] NOT a man. I told them I wouldn’t mind if they said ‘born male’ or ‘was a male’. After taking this journey it’s not fair at all to be lied to by the producers”
        So, we can call them males then? How do you stop being a male exactly?

      4. LOL, I’ve seen this picture on tumblr before and one of the transgender male’s handmaidens crapped herself and dissolved into incoherent rage after someone said, “Wow, those dudes sure had a lot of surgery.”

    2. The implants will come out. Hair gets a short cut. Starts shopping in the men’s department. Buys boxers. Breaths a sigh of relief he doesn’t have to carry on the charade anymore and picks up his male privilege like nothing ever happened. Chuckles about how far he and others got with it.
      Joins the anti trans circuit.

      1. Detransitioner Joe “Mangina Man” Kirchner said “The full transition to female took nearly 7 years, but the transition to male took one day and consisted of cutting my hair and changing my clothes (and strapping down my breasts).”

    3. Mock pretends to be pretty with make up, a wig, and a shitload of cosmetic enhancements, plus his fuck hole. Still, he looks like a male from a mile! No matter what he does, he isn’t neither attractive nor pasable as a woman. I guess people that like clowns would like him….meaning mainstream culture.

  23. PS: The dood on the right of Ms. “shadowed loveliness” third to the right from blondie bombshell gone bombastically blam not glam, he’s showing society’s actual reaction to transgender.
    Dood caption, “Ignore them, maybe they’ll go away.”
    What does your caption app title his thought bubble?
    And, the full festishization of faux femininity on display on #1 on the left, blondie with boob lips, is unsavory.

    1. Ha, Ha I know what you mean about the dudebro: he’s probably reminding himself of that time he got caught out in that dark bar in Copacabana and all his bros laughed at him. Just don’t look, bro, those titties ai’nt real, don’t get fooled again.

  24. http://ebar.com/news/article.php?sec=news&article=69482
    When I first saw the headlines, I thought that maybe people in sex ed industry finally were dropping the lesbianphobic belief that somehow vaginas were equally “dirty” (because life should be equal!) and hence all the dental dam mantras were required no matter how absurd the admonitions grew. But no, it’s because a certain number of rich dudes are offended that language hasn’t kept up with technological innovation. MSM this, serro that, it almost makes you want to scream KEEP YOUR INFECTIOUS ASS DICKS TO YOURSELVES.
    And to find out that they’re not even using condomless sex as a pejorative provided you’re sticking those dicks in women?
    I can’t imagine a career I respect less than that of sex-ed professionals.

    1. …fucking hell.
      Really? Males are always bitching about having to wear a condom to prevent sexual disease because it gives a loss of sensation (“It’s like wearing a raincoat in the shower).
      Fucking puke. Reading about their new stupid ways of preventing HIV (low viral load, changing who tops/bottoms) is sickening.
      How about the prevention of syphillis, HPV, chlamydia, hepatitis etc?
      HIV and AIDS aren’t the only things you can spread morons.
      Gay men are the most infectious blokes in the Western world (Look at the CDC data) and now they’re complaining that the term ‘unprotected sex’ doesn’t take in to account all their stupid gay versions of the “pull out” method.
      “In the case of HIV, sexual transmission routes almost always involve the penis, as HIV cannot spread through unbroken skin”
      Yuk yuk yuk. I foresee an up spike in the rate of infection.
      Just wear your condoms fellas. Not fucking difficult.

      1. This really is totally fucking stupid! After all, WHO is being harmed by referring to sex without a condom as UNSAFE? The poor liddle FEELINGS of those HIV positive chaps who claim that there latest therapy and reported viral load means that their nice penis ISN’T unsafe, honest………….
        Who is being hurt here? Those chaps who, in their ignorance, might come to think that sex without a condom is no longer classed as unsafe (cos the CDC no longer calls it that). Who might believe that nice chap who doesn’t tell them he is HIV, or claims that because of nice magic medicine, his penis is a safe penis. Who ought you to be believing in this case? If its someone you are in a long-term relationship with and you know enough about his treatment regime etc to trust that it IS safe, then fair enough. But everyone else?
        Again, as with trans, seems that we have to modify our words to placate a small group, and never mind the rest who are potentially being harmed because we’re too PC to object.
        Changing WORDS won’t change the facts, just as calling a male ‘she’ won’t change the fact that he is male…………

      2. That is so stupid. HIV isn’t the only disease out there and if you’re a man who has sex with other men, you really need a condom. Unfortunately gay male culture has a ton of toxic masculinity attached to it; no wonder why I knew so many gay and bi men who ended up doing drugs, getting an STD, or being victims of rape or attempted rape.
        I don’t hate anyone for having HIV, but I don’t support this kind of garbage to not hurt their feelings. HIV is not a death sentence anymore, but that doesn’t mean that it’s a good thing to have. You have to take anti retro-viral drugs for the rest of your life, which are very expensive and have a lot of side-effects. Having unprotected sex with someone with HIV is stupid. For that matter, I wouldn’t have sex with someone I knew had HIV period.
        Everyone should read “Unpacking Queer Politics” by Sheila Jeffreys. When HIV first came out, one of the reasons why it spread so fast was because the gay male community was having tons of unprotected sex with each other and there were already a lot of other STDs going around, so most everyone was on antibiotics to fight off another bug.
        Unfortunately, pointing out that the behavior of the gay male community contributed to spreading HIV is considered bigotry. They like to have a victim narrative about it and not to mention their lesbians sisters who took care of them when they were turned away at the hospitals and who helped make sure they weren’t buried in unmarked graves (because many families at the time wouldn’t claim their dead gay sons) get ignored by history.
        Yes, the government and everyone ignored HIV until straight people started getting it, but having unprotected buttsex with a ton of dudes didn’t help.

  25. Excellent message! Mr. Mock and his boyfriends always complain about how they’re treated, but these men are never called out on how they treat others and carry on in society. I’m glad to see at least someone recognizes their sick and perverted ways.

  26. It appears that the repulsive Janet Mock has infiltrated the Google doodle “honoring” International Women’s Day. Way to throw a mongoose in with the hens, Google. Yuck!!!

    1. I have to wonder how many otherwise deserving women weren’t featured in that doodle, in order for Mock’s oh-so-carefully-constructed face to show itself.
      Instead, Google gives us Charles freaking Mock, who refers to women as “fish.” Gosh, somehow I’m just not feelin’ the love, Google.

  27. Happy International Women’s Day, everyone! Here’s a man in ladyface, just to remind you that women have made so much progress in the last century, governments around the world are currently falling over themselves to define ‘women’ as nothing more than degrading stereotypes that exist inside men’s heads!

      1. Gallus, I was just thinking about this when I learned that Laverne Cox has a twin bother (whether identical or fraternal, I don’t know–do you?). With all their talk of neurology and the in-utero environment, I wonder if they plan to do studies on identical twins raised separately?

      2. There seem to be extremely highs rates of transgenderism among identical twins, perhaps a mode of individuation, and certainly calling genetic/hormonal wash “theories” (fantasies) into question. Would love to see the research.

      3. Yes- Laverne Cox’s identical twin brother “played” Laverne pre-transgender on Orange is The New Black because Laverne “couldn’t handle” that portion of the role as an actor.

      4. Wait… wut?
        My index finger is not longer than my ring finger and yet I was born with a VAGINA, I’m pretty sure that means I’m female.

      5. @branjor – I’ve been wondering about that case, myself. Supposedly M2T all have a “lady brain” that’s physical based, caused in utero. Obviously they have male chromosomes pattern so the usual argument is “ooh, prenatal hormone bath.”
        …but if it’s identical twins, they have the same genetic code AND the same in-utero environment and hormone bath, don’t they? So what gives? How come only one of them is trans?
        (Hey, perhaps the usual “origin story” of trans isn’t so real as they think it is…)

    1. RE: Laverne Cox. How this idiot thinks he passes I don’t know. He is what he is: a fag who wants to be a creepy caricature of a “woman”. He’s also just dying to be a porn star/paid whore. It’s just so glam..women are so lucky. What he’s doing has nothing to do women. His reel is hilarious. All tears and drama, “honey”. lol.
      At 3:00 Verny shows us his huge ugly manass and tree trunk legs then turns around with his deep voice and linebacker shoulders.
      All they needed in the background was Shania’s Twain: Man, I feel like a woman.

  28. White women are so easy to get riled up, considering they have faced zero persecution in their lifetime. Trans women like Janet Mock are role models and idols of our generation.

    1. Hey…hey dude…
      ……..(‘(…´…´…. ¯~/’…’)
      ……….”…\………. _.·´

    2. All women have been persecuted in one way or another. You with your typical male entitlement can’t grasp this basic fact of society. There is nothing admirable about Janet “Fish” Mock. For that matter, there’s nothing womanly about him, either. :p

    3. LOL, you think everyone who is gender-critical or disagrees with you is white.

  29. Never faced any persecution, eh? I’ve been raped, molested, harassed on the street, a boyfriend tried to murder me, I’ve gotten harassing phone calls, a male friend of 6 years drugged me and molested me, I’ve been stalked by two ex-boyfriends, been encouraged to lose weight by a boyfriend while I was anorexic, hit, pushed, slapped, been locked out of my apartment, had my property stolen by an ex-lover, been sexually harrassed by my bosses, been chased down the street, been called slurs countless times, on top of the constant persecution by the media and government…all for being female…and I’m white. On top of that I am almost certain I grew up far poorer than you, as I know few people who have (one woman could relate to me and her family ate roadkill). I’m not threatening you, “Fuck White Feminists,” but if your very flesh melted off your bones in a fire, I would be pleased.

  30. I saw a good one the other day: some tranny told a RadFem that she was just a privileged white cis-whatever and it turned out she wasn’t white at all! Talk about racist! Like trans critical women have to be white because all WoC accept that “trans” is somehow a part of intersectional feminism. Nonsense!

    1. No, all women are white unless they’re with the trans agenda.
      Even if you are a poor, black, Wiccan prostitute you are going to be a white women if you disagree with a trans.
      Dissent is not allowed.
      Please check your privilege and report for mandatory re-education.

    1. Mock’s contempt for women (I mean, for fish) is on full display in that video! His lady face cannot disguise his glowering male face underneath. 
      That poor woman couldn’t say what it feels like to be “cis” because she isn’t cis. She’s female.

    2. I watched about ten seconds of that obnoxiousness. So Mock writes a fucking book about his being trans, and then gets his knickers in a twist when interviewers ask him about…drum roll…being trans. What a dick. He’s just looking for things to throw a tantrum about.

      1. Exactly! It’s like, “Hey Katie, Piers, or whoever, why are you so interested in my being born male! I’m here to talk about my book. Which is all about being born male. So let’s stay on topic, K?”

    3. This video is a good example of Janet Mock’s raging sense of entitlement. He can both demand that journalists give him only softball questions, and then assert the right to grill an actual woman. MTFs get to keep their dicks and swing them around too, all the while demanding we pretend they’re “girls like us”. Right.

    4. I would have told him to get the fuck out of my studio. But not before asking about his uncritical praise for adults who encourage and enable minors to get involved in street prostitution.
      What an asshole. He writes a book about being trans, yet has a meltdown if anyone asks about it? Does he know that if it weren’t for the fact that he’s a male who tries to pass as a women, that he wouldn’t be getting any media attention whatsoever? That’s his entire claim to fame – getting cosmetic surgery and appropriating the role of woman.

  31. Janet Crock presents as glowering drag queen, compared to the soft-faced type of woman he’s browbeating. It’s the ‘fuck-you/kill-you/be-you’ face, livid with ill-concealed resentment.
    Since a vagina is not a potential assault weapon, but a penis is, and men can’t become impregnated by such an assault, it’s appropriate and sensible to ask whether these creatures have a penis, or not.

  32. This Janet Mock dude is a total joke and it’s time people stopped worshiping him. He is literally only famous because he wants to be a female. He has no other talents other than writing a book about it and picking stupid fights when people ask him about being trans, aka that thing he is famous for.
    I like that Judge Judy video about how beauty fades but dumb is forever.
    Anyway, the pedophilia crap is disgusting. Janet Mock is lucky because a lot of people who get into teenage prostitution only get out after being murdered. Those transgender and gay males (not women!) who introduced Janet into prostitution are predators and now that Janet is an adult, he’s become just like them.
    Yeah, I’d really like for the police to question him about that or even a journalist that doesn’t cater to his feelings. I’d like to know if Janet is now recruiting teenagers into prostitution.
    Also, comparing the whole thing to the Underground Railroad is disgusting, especially considering that Janet is black. Doesn’t he know any history? The Underground Railroad was to help liberate people in bondage, not force them into it! This also included sexual slavery as many white slave-owners raped black women slaves.
    Oh well, it’s true that anyone can have a warped view on history. Take for example the fact that gays and lesbians and bisexuals now worship the holy trans* even though in the past and today SRS is used as a weapon to cure homosexuality.

  33. How is “fish” any less offensive than “tranny”? It’s not even an insult about what you’re wearing, but about your physical self.

  34. Wow…. You ladies seem more offended by the physical change these people go through and their day to day experiences of bodily fluids and odours. I am starting to wonder if you even read the book of if you have made an effort to understand what transgender people go through physiologically. It is none of your business what someone have or does not have between their legs.
    I do not think you are anti-trans because you don’t like being called fish or because you want to have a constructive discussion about the dialect used by both trans and non trans. I think it is because you fail to take into consideration that trans a minority. They are very often confused about where they fit in life. They cannot know what it is to be a woman or a man if they were born in the other gender. Non trans know because they have been living that experience from they day they were born.
    This blog post had someone good intentions to launch a valuable discussion but it completely lost its focus, especially in the comment section where it seems like intolerance is not only accepted but encouraged.
    In case you want to know, I am a straight, woman who gives a damn about other people who are not like me.

    1. I don’t care what’s between someone else’s legs, and I agree it isn’t my business. What I do care about it when a male claims he is female. We can’t understand what is like to be trans, because we are not trans ourselves. Why, then, if that is your view, do you not see that “transwomen” can’t understand what it feels like to be female because they are not female. They may not feel like men, but that doesn’t mean they’re women. Just because I feel like I’m not a dog doesn’t mean I’m a cat.

    2. Wow! What a homophobe. Lesbians are a small minority, and deserve the places they have made for themselves. Why do you feel the need to bash them for straight men? You are clearly a cock-worshiper and that is your thing, I get it, but why pile on to bother a bunch of gay people?
      Gay women have a right to talk about their community,
      Did you think the LBGT is based on different ways for men to have sex, and there is no women?
      Gay women don’t want straight men that think dressing in panty hose and heels turns into lesbians. It is like they are doing black-face, except it’s woman-face, talking with a high voice and exaggerating what they think a woman is like in a fetishistic interpretation of what they think a ‘slut’ is-
      The first thing they do, is kick out the butch women. Why? Why do these men want to change the female community?
      They think only male born can be butch, Gender doesn’t matter to a trans person? Liar. It is about putting anyone penis-gendered up on a pedestal in a community of women that want to explore and feel empowered as women without a lone man throwing a tantrum to be noticed and wanting to go to the front of every line. Some of these men are destroying parts of the female gay community over their straight-guy sex fantasy of being in a group of women and having the only penis.
      No one has a problem with different people?, What about the born-male trans that are kicking out the butch women? They are not traditionally female, but are being gay-bashed openly.
      Butch women are bullied out by male-born trans if they do not do fem, or transition and get the hell out of the way of the actual men that want to try to hit on other ‘fem’ lesbians. The butch women are non-binary, but men seem to think they are in the way of controlling the Lesbian community and keeping them out of sex parties. So this is a straight man’s movement that favors male born that enter women’s communities to live their sex fantasy you are supporting. Women have lives too and like to meet together in a place where they don’t have to cater to a man’s sex fantasy that sometimes crosses into pedophilia.
      Since you are straight, why don’t you entertain these men?
      Trans is not trans from the time they are born. It is delusional and pedophilic to say a child has a sex preference before they are sexually mature, It happens around sexual maturity, unless you are a pedo trying to sexualize children, stop putting children into your sex fantasy. The gay part of the gay community does not welcome pedophiles, so stop the ‘at-birth’ pedo-propaganda.
      I know your ‘cock worship only’ involves only supporting straight men that have lesbian fetishes and unrealistic fantasies that gay women meet secretly for orgies men are not invited to.. Leave gay women alone, they are such a small minority.

    3. “In case you want to know, I am a straight, woman who gives a damn about other people who are not like me.”
      For some reason, I doubt that.

      1. Yes, I doubt it, too. Whether this person, Roots, is female, or yet another female impersonator, I call bullshit on the platitudes: the liberal live-and-let-live, the mind-your-business, and the I-give-a-damn-about-others! (“Unlike you horrible women who refuse to believe that gender is a magical dust sprinkled on babies’ brains by the gender gods and goddesses.”)
        But never is one damn given for the women who can see the writing on the wall. In the mattering hierarchy, females come in dead last, which is what makes transgenderism possible. The entire trans/queer she-bang depends upon, and reinforces, female bodies being scooped out and made ready for occupation.
        Whatever terrible “confusion” male transgenderists suffer, whether they are (actually) gay men or straight men and/or fetishists, they’re not at ALL confused about where to squat.
        Transwomen are squatters.
        But, these squatters don’t CARE, don’t give a damn, that we still live here. Our physical presence, and most of all our consciousness that we are occupied, is their inconvenience. So they try to shush us or tell us to shut up (and threaten violence if we don’t); their supporters also tell us to shut up. So many voices, in so many ways, shout at us — with raised fists — that defending our bodies, and our feminism, is bigotry.

    4. WOW. Another stupid, silly annoying male with ladee feels trolling away. There is no such thing as trans!! You’re a bunch of perverted, mentally ill creeps with an out of control fetish.

    5. No, it is my business what’s in between someone’s legs when that someone may possess an organ that can be used to rape and forcibly impregnate me. Claiming that women have no right to know only serves male supremacist interests. I can assure you that men are highly invested in knowing what’s in between your legs. How about you shame them for that?

    6. It is my business what someone has between their legs at my ob-gyn exam, the rape crisis center, the domestic violence shelter or hospital, in the bed next t o mine where I’m vulnerable, performing a strip search or taking a rape kit, in the bathroom, showers, locker room, and on, and on, and on… it is my business, protecting myself from males, raised to believe they have the right to access my body is my business.

    7. I a black lesbian am saying something about these dudes. Because they want into OUR womyn only spaces. I don’t expect you, a straight woman to really understand because you support patriarchal oppression of womyn especially us feminist lesbian separatist!
      I don’t want some surgically tricked-out dude in my spaces or face!

  35. Dude is just hating on us womyn. He wished he had a yoni (vagina). He refers to us womyn as “fish” because his “vagina” is his multilated dick turn inside out.
    Many of these freaks wished they could have monthly cycles and have babies. Mark my words in a few years we will be reading of “doctors” implanting fetuses inside of these freaks and them having drug induced phony “periods.”

  36. This is soo arrogant. You don’t even know why she uses the word “Fish”. Havé you read her book?? She did what she had to do to become the person she is today, and that I respect. I respect more than someone with a stupid blog with clearly nothing important to talk about. Go read “Redifining Realness”before judging this beautiful strong woman. Your ignorance is disgusting!

    1. Hey asshole, how about YOU read this blog before stating that it has “nothing important to talk about”? This blog is VERY important to many women, not that you would understand anything about that. Your male arrogance is disgusting. Ta!

    2. Lala, you wrote, “Go read ‘Redifining Realness.’” I’m guessing from your note that while you’re at it you’re also going to recommend everyone read “Redefining Spelling’?

    3. Sure dude, because supporting some freak who thinks feminity is a matter of lipstick and wanting to send half of humanity back to feet binding and corset is really holding the moral high ground. Let the real women decide what it is to be one and will send the memo to Janet Mock and the rest of the tranny brigade for their enlightment. Defining womanhood is sure above the paygrade of some ex gigolo with a surgical fuck hole.

    4. Lala wrote, “You don’t even know why she uses the word ‘fish.'”
      Sure we do. Because it’s a slur against actual biological women.
      Why are you throwing a tantrum on, as you wrote, “…a stupid blog with nothing important to talk about.” ?
      “Fish” is a slur against women. Everyone here knows it. Stop playing dumb. Or stop being dumb.

  37. Wow, The image in the OP, Janet Cock looks more like a man when he smiles, no? Such manly bone structure.

    1. None of them ever pass because something is always off physically with these guys in addition to being screwed-up mentally. Even the ones who have better cosmetic surgery like Mock and Brendan McDaniel, aka “Candis Cayne,” simply can’t be mistaken for women. The facial bone structure, among other things, gives these guys away.

      1. Yeah, I noticed this is a common thing with the trans women “celebrities”. They may resemble women but their voices and most of all their behaviour is so fucked up. Also many seem to be big narcissists.
        I know actual women can be assholes too – but since they lack male socialization they will never behave like certain (or all?) trans women.
        That’s why I believe no trans woman ever can fool a lesbian. Even if they get fooled by how they look and sound (what’s nearly impossible) – their behaviour is a dead giveaway.

  38. Wow… Don’t think I’ve ever witnessed a larger fuckfest of bigots, haters, liars, and ignorant people. So mind-numbing how shallow and delusional some of these people are. Disgusting and unbelievable. Makes me wish I could divorce myself from the species. Feel free to step down from your troll-pedestals any time.

    1. You would be the troll in this scenario sir. You know, the one where lesbian feminist speech represents the worst crime of humanity. Toddle on now, sir.

  39. Besides the all of the myths of gender that this Janet Mock and most transsexuals reinforce,she and men as S said also have insulting inaccurate myths about the vagina.
    As Pulitzer prize winning science writer Natalie Angier explained in her best selling 1999 book,Woman:An Intimate Geography she explains that gynecologist Dr.Sharon Hiller said that the vagina normally is one of the cleanest parts of the body,and has the same healthy bacteria that many people eat in yogurt called,Lactobacillus .And that the vagina is actually much cleaner than the mouth,and much much cleaner than the rectum.
    Only when women have a vaginal infection which is not a normal regular condition,is there unhealthy bacteria that can cause an unpleasant ”fishy” type smell. She also said that Dr.Sharon Hiller told her that very promiscuous women can have this type of odor. The vagina isn’t even a hole or opening,despite the way most men see it,and pornography portrays it,it’s actually the birth canal,a passage way that every baby (incomprehensibly including men) is born out of,unless your mother had a C section which most didn’t.
    And there is a very good reason why babies are conceived and born out of the vagina and not sh*tholes,and we don’t sh* t out of our vaginas. The bacteria in the sh*thole is totally contaminated with unhealthy sh*t bacteria.But men thanks mostly to pornography that reduces women to appear as nothing but openings to serve their worshipped penises,wrongly equate the vagina and the sh*thole.

  40. Unfortunately,and incomprehensibly,puzzlingly,the great feminist Gloria Steinem tweeted in support of Janet Mock not too long ago!

    Gloria had written a great February 1977 article in Ms.Magazine that I read decades ago in her great best selling book,Outrageous Acts and Everyday Rebellions, about how transsexuals are victims of the very sexist very gender stereotyped society we all live in,but unfortunately she wrote a 2013 article in the Advocate in support of it!

  41. I want to let you know that very disturbingly and disappointingly I just saw Janet Mock’s book Redining Realness on a list 69 Books Every Feminist Should Read! Most of the books recommended aren’t of course radical feminist books.But ironically two are by radical feminist Germaine Greer who has strongly criticized transsexualism for years.And Gloria Steinem’s great important book Outrageous Acts And everyday Rebellions is in there too.
    There is no brilliant Catharine Mackinnon or Andrea Dworkin though or pro-feminist Hohn Stoltenbergs great critically acclaimed book of transcribed great,important speaches in Refusing To Be A Man:Essays On Sex And Justice.

  42. This is a stupid post. Regardless of Janet mocks experience and how she refers to Genetic born women, you refer to the transgender community with NO respect and its obvious. I barely read 3 paragraphs worth of your post and had no fucking CLUE what community you were referring too. You call her transgender Janet mock. Well then if you will dehumanize her into a adjective then she bloody well is within her rights to call you something idiotic as well. Respond if you like I presume it will be filled with ignorance though.

    1. Yes, we know you believe men’s rights supersedes women’s. But, by all means, keep spreading this around so all women know how woman-hating M2Ts are.

  43. That guy (because HE IS A GUY) Janet is no only a disgrace to men, but he’s a disgrace to humans in general.
    Being exploited by adult men as a child is NOT a good thing! To even suggest that is disgusting!
    And he claims to be a women while simultaneously degrading women by calling them fish?! WTF!!? It’s like he’s trying to make women hate themselves.
    Damn that guy!
    But thank you to the woman who wrote this letter. Keep fighting the good fight!

    1. http://www.slate. com/blogs/xx_factor/2017/01/19/the_women_s_march_has_announced_its_official_route_and_list_of_speakers.html
      Slate featured Mock as the most important woman at the the march; it’s like they had to celebrate the only person less female than Michael Moore and Van Jones.

    2. Cherno Biko spoke at the Women’s March in Washington, naming two transwomen kill by police. So self-confessed rapists need to be protested if they’re men but acceptable if they call themselves women?

  44. If natural born women are foul smelling and stink as transgenders say; then why force yourself into the same restrooms as women. You don’t want to smell natural women then continue to use the men’s restroom.

    1. Go fuck yourself you make believe woman. You’ll never be a woman no matter how much makeup you wear, how high your heels are, how well you tape your dick to your ass, or have it chopped off. Just be who you are, a gay man who likes to dress up. It’s called a drag queen. You may be a twat, but you are not a woman.

  45. This douche bag, is nothing more than just another misogynistic man (straight, gay, or bi) finding another way to marginalize and sexualize what it means to be a real women.
    This “trans woman” bullshit has to stop. “Feeling like” or ” becoming” a woman is pure fuckery. You’re either born on or your not. And yes, my vagina smells and has teeth !

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