64 thoughts on “Trans Feminist Bingo

  1. Wow, Gallus, this is really, really good! A perfect distillation of tactics and rhetoric, including a free space for the ones not yet in common usage.

  2. This is a very concise list of standard talking points and tactics. I wouldn’t stop at “trans-feminism” though. There is no such thing as “trans-feminism”, but I think it could go deeper than this.
    People need to understand that trans activists have perfected the co-option of other cultures and marginalized groups of people to almost an art form. It’s a great marketing ploy. Transgender activists have shamelessly co-opted the word feminism just like they shamelessly co-opt the word intersex and intersex people, “two spirit” native persons and tribes, lesbians (men can be lesbians too, you bigot!), any and all gender non-conformity both past and present.
    Apparently, transgender “historians” even went so far as to proclaim that Joan of Arc was “transgender” because she wore men’s clothing, didn’t mind fighting along side men, and often rode horses. I played Army with my brothers when I was a kid, and I’ve always liked horses. I guess I’m “trans” too even though I’ve never identified as transgender.
    This is the “Transgender Umbrella”.
    Perhaps Native Americans or First Nation peoples don’t want to the under this umbrella. Did anyone ask all the individual indigenous tribes?
    Perhaps all intersex people don’t want to be under the is umbrella.
    Did eunuchs really see themselves as transgender? How many eunuchs volunteered for castration?
    I noticed that “Masculine Women” was under the graphic of the Transgender Umbrella. Please explain to me what “masculine women” means?
    On the bottom of this graphic of an umbrella, are the following words:
    “Encompasses any individual who crosses over or challenges their society’s traditional gender roles and/or expressions.”
    Please notice that the word “any” is underlined.
    This certainly seems to me to be a grossly inaccurate assumption.
    People who go out of their way to appropriate other cultures and groups of people are often called colonizers. Perhaps the most twisted form of colonization and co-option is taking second wave feminism symbols for their own use. This is disgusting and shameless. Notice the clinched fist inside the women’s symbol. This is a second wave feminism. These are the women who gave us abortion rights, rape crisis centers, equal pay, and Title IX among other accomplishments. Transgender had nothing to do with their work. They were playing dress up while this was going on. Transgender activists who are raping the privacy rights of women through “gender identity” laws are shamelessly stealing second wave feminist symbols.
    Colonizers always rewrite history, and this is just another form of it.

    1. “Notice the clinched fist inside the women’s symbol. This is a second wave feminism. These are the women who gave us abortion rights, rape crisis centers, equal pay, and Title IX among other accomplishments. Transgender had nothing to do with their work. They were playing dress up while this was going on. Transgender activists who are raping the privacy rights of women through “gender identity” laws are shamelessly stealing second wave feminist symbols.”
      Skylark, you really said that well. 🙂 These guys are playing dress up and relating it to feminism. As a guy trying to sort all this stuff out, you speak to my intuition here. My mother (long dead) was of the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom generation and that was my earliest connection with women’s rights. I didn’t really understand it much when I was a kid. But now it is very clear that these women, and many before them, were not fighting for the right to wear certain clothes. Rosie the Riveter was not “trans”. This was serious stuff – and remains so. Confounding that fight with a kinky desire to enter the women’s bathroom is downright shameful.
      “Colonizers always rewrite history, and this is just another form of it.”
      Bang on!

      1. You say: “Rosie the Riveter was not ‘trans’.”
        Hear HEAR. That distills so much, right there. Definitely using that example in future…

    2. Dworkin argues in Intercourse that Joan of Arc wore men’s clothes to try and avoid being raped.
      “She was not the great transvestite, unable to bear being out of male clothing for even a few days. She was a woman who was raped and beaten and did not care if she died – that indifference a consequence of rape, not transvestism. She put on male clothes again to protect her body . . .”

  3. With all due respect to those who don’t, notably women, I would suggest that with the trans perspective the entry for “people create their own oppression” could sometimes be true. After all they are perpetuating oppressive sexism. No?
    Relative to this, I find it interesting that where I live I’m seeing very civilized acceptance of the couple of visible trans people that are around. This is in a very redneck and conservative rural area. You won’t find the same level of acceptance of feminism here.

    1. I know what you mean, vande. What they do is wear the costume of women’s oppression, and then steal feminists’ language for themselves. They are the proverbial wolves in sheep’s clothing. But they’ve taken this PR campaign further by throwing wolf costumes on radical feminists. The larger public is ready and willing to believe in this reversal, not in spite of the fact that everything underneath the costumes remains exactly the same, but because of it. The status quo is preserved.
      As preservers of female oppression, they are generally socially accepted–indeed, affection for transgender people shows up in what we would normally considered the most unlikely of places!

  4. I’m actually genuinely surprised. I am quite active in trans* communities and I have never heard most of these mentioned at all. It seems like it would be silly for a trans woman (I’m assuming you’re primarily talking about mtf folk here) to bring up anything as ludicrous as “sex roles are innate” considering that about 1/3 to 1/2 of trans women don’t identify as straight. If anyone has actual personal experience with any of these, I’d like to hear it, because they haven’t come up in my circles.

      1. I also recommend people read that post but now for the reasons you do. It reads like one long humble-brag about passing well enough to be oppressed. (The “They couldn’t be honking at me, could they?” part of the post was particularly enlightening) Note also how quick this person starts grabbing for a knife! I expect to see stories about this person again, probably in the crime section of the news.
        Lastly, as gets pointed out everywhere, there is no such thing as “false male privilege.” The male privilege in this person is obvious and ongoing despite the claim to the contrary.

      2. You seemed to have missed the most important part of this article (the title) where Zinnia suggests all the privilege he was granted prior to transition was somehow “false.” (And yes, I am using male pronouns as they refer to sex, something innate and quantifiable, not gender, something that is anything but and which changes in definition as frequently as the wind changes direction.) Privilege is an observable phenomenon. It cannot therefore be true or false, more or less real. It is what it is, a quantifiable phenomenon. For Zinnia to claim that the way he was treated when he lived as a man is somehow not real because he thought he was a woman inside is simply ridiculous.
        That brings me to the point of this article. Are Zinnia’s claims that he is now treated like shit for looking like a woman somehow more real because a male has come to this inescapable conclusion? Every single woman on earth could tell you this, from a very, very young age. But somehow because a male is saying it, it is now something worth investigating and taking seriously. Oh, Zinnia, the (real) women of the world bow in obeisance to your superior femininity. Puke.

      3. The sense of wonder. The amazzzzeeement of it all… is very disturbing in that piece (a guest post, btw, not written by Zinnia). How in the HELL does a guy get to be an adult without having a drop of insight into what women and girls go through since childhood? Where the hell is this guys mother? His sister? His aunts and uncles and teachers and girls he knew back when? The woman he chats with in line at the grocery. The many books and articles written by women and widely available- many for free at the library, or online. The women on the news. His girlfriends. His coworkers. How the HELL is the basic life experience of female human beings such an unknown MYSTERY to this man? A fucking REVELATION to him? It boggles the mind. It is also incredibly offensive. (And yes, what other commenters said about the sheer tourism of it). Fucking DISGUSTING.
        1. Now tell us, won’t you Briar, about your lifetime of male privilege that you as a woman have enjoyed. Absorbed, as it were, by merely “observing” the violence, oppression, and domination of “other” males “like you”, and how you have lived a male privileged life by “internalizing” it. Do tell.
        2. Are you actually interacting with “transwomen” all that much? Most F2Ts don’t. Are you a hetero attendee of a women’s college by any chance?

      4. foilble–“It reads like one long humble-brag about passing well enough to be oppressed.”
        I know! I had to laugh a little at the Who, me? Me of the long red hair? There was a dash of “The Girl Can’t Help It” to the essay.

      5. Oops, “Trinity Pixie!” How did I miss that super girly, super fae (maybe he’s transspecies, too!) name?

      6. AKA Trinity Aoife Aodh, the dude who runs “secular feminists”. He’s the one who started a petition to get one of Brennan’s blogs (GIDWatch) made a “hate group” by the Southern Poverty Law Center. Hahaha! He is a sad idiot and it is fucking hiLARious that this prick has no idea of the basic facts of female existence yet devotes himself to trying (lamely) to destroy feminism. LOLOLOLOL. OH YOU GUYZZZ!

      7. I can count on my hands as “none” the number of previous times a “female” transgender wrote in to trouble about male transinsanity.

      8. That would be SO typical for a male trans to 1. impersonate a female transgender, to 2. harass a female public detransitioner, and then 3. post links to his own “work”.
        I was wondering why “Briar’s” post was so long and lumbering. Ha!

      9. This, rather lengthy (sorry), response is quoted from below the article. I find it worrying in the extreme. the fact that the poster identifies that ‘even cis men’ are damaged by male privilege but then fails to acknowledge their abuse as male-on-male rape and can only see it as related to them secretly being ‘a girl’.
        Quote: “It’s generally acknowledged that even cis men are damaged by male privilege, but that is nothing compared to the experience many trans women face when forced to pretend they’re boys for survival. While men take a slight hit from the expectations of maleness but still come out with a net positive, the forecast isn’t so bright for many trans women. (Probably on account of, you know, not being men.)
        My own history is one of objectification and sexual abuse, prior to transition, where my femaleness came out in ways that my abusers used to justify what they did. I didn’t even know the terminology for “trans” yet, but it was obvious I wasn’t a “normal boy”, and that was used against me to justify being sexualized and taken advantage of. I knew on some intuitive level that they were abusing me because of my gender, and I knew I wasn’t actually a boy, so I didn’t experience any of it through the lens of maleness or masculinity. I was being abused because I was a girl. While also being told I was “crazy” and a fraud for being a girl.” end of quote.
        So, little boys don’t get raped by other males, not ‘normal’ boys at any rate.?? This whole thing is just so sad and misguided.

      10. That would be SO typical for a male trans to 1. impersonate a female transgender, to 2. harass a female public detransitioner, and then 3. post links to his own “work”.
        Brilliant hypothesis Gallus! Yes, that would so totally ‘fit’ with the entire transgender appropriation. Can’t have those pesky F2Ts talking for themselves now, can we?
        Is there nothing they haven’t appropriated from others?

    1. …and a lovely trans/mans-plainin comment that we are all just mistaken and deluded! Not calling us outright liars you note, because that would be RUDE and impolite and unladylike. Just poor deluded females, obviously, whose weak little lady-brains can’t tell the difference between TERF propaganda and what we’ve actually read/heard……………….
      ” about 1/3 to 1/2 of trans women don’t identify as straight” Oooh, MORE lovely made up stats. But I think we were already quite familiar with the males insisting they are females and trying to get into lesbian panties line………….
      ” If anyone has actual personal experience with any of these, I’d like to hear it” Yep, you put it in the bingo card, so you obviously thought it was a common-enough trope that we’d get the damn thing, but I’ll STILL disbelieve you, and ask for evidence (it will be asking for published scientific papers next, because it always ends up as but SCIENCE says it so it must be TRUE! ).
      “sex roles are innate” A little logic here. An awfully large number of the trans crowd seems to believe that lady-brains are different to men-brains (and the the trans problem is that they have a lady-brain in a male body.). Now EITHER these brains are exactly the same (which kind of messes up the whole lady/man thing before you start!), OR there is some difference. THAT is the innate sex-role difference that is at the ROOT of the trans ideology, so rather than being SILLY, it is instead the founding principle of the whole damn dangerous edifice.

    2. Perhaps it should say “gender roles.”
      They talk all the time about how supposedly “gender identity” is innate, and then they can’t provide any sort of answer about how this “gender identity” is distinct from societally imposed gender roles or stereotypes about “how women think” vs. “how men think.”
      They do this at the SAME time as they’re constantly talking about the existence of intersex conditions as some sort of “proof” that sexual dimorphism in humans isn’t real, and so therefore the only thing that matters is gender, which they insist IS physically inborn and settled. It’s like a strange talisman – hey, someone somewhere in the world was born with an intersex condition, so surely that means that my brain is in the wrong body and so I am also intersex. None of them are ever asking for brain scans on themselves, as far as I know – what would happen if they didn’t officially “measure up”?
      The latest iteration of this I saw last night, the usual people who keep trotting out those same not-so-conclusive brain imaging studies were now saying there is a location, in the brain, for this mysterious “gender identity” feeling to be located, and “cis” people just can’t detect this area of their brain because they don’t feel any gender conflict, but trans people feel the conflict and so they know that this part of the brain is actually there (and mismatched).
      How convenient, because it works as a response to all of the people who have been telling them for years that actually, women don’t go around “feeling like women” all the time. Plenty of people really don’t feel any sort of “gender identity” and it’s not just because oh hey, our feels happen to “match” our bits. Lots of quite gender-non-conforming women will still say, hey, we don’t feel “this gender” or “that gender.” We’re just human, and we get TOLD we’re women due to the shape of our bits, that’s the entire story.
      The thing with all the brain talk is, you need to read those same studies when they are used for more mainstream purposes, trying to figure out language development, or the age-old question conservatives like to bring up, do boys and girls require different schooling. Articles talking about the various brain studies there mostly conclude that there’s just not much of anything there, because it’s correlation at best, and the same sizes are miniscule and the methodologies often VERY sketchy. Same goes for the supposed effects of fetal testosterone on the brain (independently of the testosterone that made the penis) or the vaunted “digit ratio” stuff.
      And even if they were all proven completely solid, it’s still only talking about massively overlapping bell curves, which any responsible person will say you can’t use to predict the behavior of any one individual. Most “ways of being” or brain size measurements would show up quite contained on both the “female” AND “male” bell curve – exactly as height does. But we don’t insist that short men must “really be” women.
      The problem with this “inborn gender” business is that it boils down to the same old “oh, you’re a woman, you must think like a woman. Hormones” which is the SAME line that has been fed to women for decades as justification for why they are too emotional, can’t think clearly, don’t have good leadership, are weak, are flighty… it goes on for pages. It boggles my mind that people are actually SURPRISED to find out that feminists (even feminists who are okay with the idea of individual people deciding to have “sex changes” for whatever reason) actually have a serious problem with this current trans “brain intersex” ideology. It’s an obvious conflict that just can’t be overridden.
      People are starting to say “oh, you’re gender non-conforming? It’s okay! You must be trans! It’s okay to be trans!”
      …but we’re NOT TRANS. We’re women. However we think, whatever our brain parts sizes are, those are examples of valid women’s thinking and women’s brain size range.

    3. Is there some reason why I would need to listen to a male whine about the sort of things that happen and have happened to me, as an actual female, from the time I was old enough to form memories of it? If I needed another perspective, I could ask any given “cis-woman” friend, and I wouldn’t be subjected to hearing about how much haaarder is it for heeer than for meee. Even if it genuinely -had- been harder for her, there would be a certain level of EMPATHY that I’ve found completely lacking in trans individuals. They don’t empathize. They don’t help. They just suck up compassion out of their male sense of entitlement.
      And yes, I’ve had personal experience with all of these, often while having them shouted at me amid accusations of being a bad Christian(among other things) for my disbelief in the trans ideology. Expand your circles, or be more honest. I’ve never gone looking for these fights, but somehow found them consistently, and exactly as Gallus presents them. “Sex roles” doesn’t refer to sexual orientation, fyi.

      1. LC, lack of empathy is, perhaps, THE hallmark of the trans woman experience. We see how consistent it is. Lots and lots of feelings, probably genuine emotional suffering, too, but an inability to apply those feelings to the lives of others.

    4. Gendertrender is full of examples of this sort of behavior, complete with links to the original sources and screenshots. I would take your request for examples more seriously if it didn’t sound as though you were strolling in and asking people to do a lot of work, without showing any sign that you’ve done any yourself.

    5. Regarding the link you provided, Briar: what the heck is “false” male privilege? If a male is privileged due to his male biology, it is true. Male privilege exists, or it doesn’t.
      FTMs quite often do assert that sex-roles are innate. They do this when they claim, with shoddy science as a back-up, that their brains and bodies do not match. They claim that their brains are female brains, i.e., that, due to certain conditions in the womb, they get boy genitals, but a girl brain, and that this mis-alinged condition is keenly felt at an early age, and expressed by a strong preference, or a need, to engage in the female sex-role. Innate.
      “A trans woman complaining about misogyny and rape culture- a story that feels very familiar to many cisgender women as well.”
      Oh, god. “Cisgender” women are familiar with misogyny and rape culture “as well”? I’ll be darned! So, biological females are included afterward, and are tacked on as another, special group that experiences misogyny? This trans reversal is also becoming very familiar.
      Gallus–this is another one, I think, that could be added to your bingo card. I don’t quite know what it would be called, this business of “trans woman” becoming the standard for “woman,” not just with prefixes, but with the articulation of oppression itself. But it’s exactly the same as men being standard human beings, making us wo-men. Now, cis-wo-men. If the taxonomy keeps getting deeper, we’ll have to drill down to locate ourselves!

      1. morag99- what you said reminds me of the posts after the horrific murder of a trans attorney by throwing him in front of a subway train. The killer was identified as “a woman was arrested at the scene”. Trans blogs ran headlines “Woman killed by Cis-woman!” “Woman thrown in front of train by Cis” (Of course turns out it was another tranny that murdered him -after he told the killers doctor that the hormones seemed to be making him a bit loopy).

      2. Gallus–snort! Not at the horrific murder, of course. But, at the confusion and difficulty, due to prefixes, lies and obfuscations, of arriving at the simple facts, which could’ve been a succinct headline: “Man kills man at subway station.”

    6. Sheesh. I bought Briar’s narrative, in that other thread, about breaking her mother’s heart by not identifying as her daughter. I believed she was born female.
      But your well-honed ability to pick up on the impersonator within the impersonator, is, I think, dead-on. 
      The name, Briar, could be another clue. As in, the sleeping beauty, the Briar Rose. Flower. Romance. Fantasy. A name that, from what I’ve seen, a male trans would simply adore, and that a female trans would reject in favour of a hard-hitting, one-syllable boy name.

      1. Ack, I seemed to have replied in the wrong place. I was replying to Gallus’ suspicion that Briar is a man, and perhaps “Trinity,” the author of the blog post about false male privilege.

      2. Yes. Golly. “Briar” seemed quite interested in dialogue. Yet they have not returned to continue the conversation. Golly gosh and all that!

  5. This can be in the free space: “Women’s words are exactly like violence, and if it’s from a radical feminist, it’s worse than all the violence men ever committed.” It can cross over into Liberal Feminism Bingo too, since they’re convinced that when radical feminists critique feminity, we magically just outlawed high heels. Same with heterosexuality, porn, BDSM, etc.
    I wish I were exaggerating, but this is exactly what Renee Martin and Natalia Antonova write at their blogs.

  6. Well, well. Who would have a thought a committed transactivist like Roz Kaveney would jump into bed with the Feminist Times. This is the site that has Charlotte Raven as editor, sister-in-law of notorious transphobe Julie Burchill, and that has had to go begging for Burchill’s money to keep them afloat. Surely a conflict of principles? A warning has been sent to stavvers who is meant to be accepting a platform by Raven later in feb to debate gay marriage with Kaveney in an event organised by FT. She’s said she’ll pull out if Burchill is involved in FT. Let’s wait and see.

  7. Briar, we are trying to have a serious conversation here. I noticed the special asterisk before *trans. *** Ding! I get it. The special asterisk is a dead give away.
    I checked out your link, and it’s just another trans blog. The internet needs more trans blogs because there aren’t enough of them. A zillion plus spewing basically the same, tired old talking points is old. Who is Zinnia Jones?
    “Zinnia Jones is a writer and videoblogger, co-blogging with Heather McNamara and Lux Pickel. She’s written extensively on the subjects of secularism, feminism, and being transgender.”
    These are quotes from the article “On the Loss of False Male Privilege” on the link you posted. The words “false male privilege” should have been a dead give away that this was either a MRA (men’s rights advocate) blog, or a trans blog.
    “It was far from my first time getting somewhere by greyhound bus, but it was my first time taking one while presenting distinctly feminine.”
    What does “presenting distinctly feminine” mean when these words are coming from a male? Femininity is socially constructed, and is forced on girls and women. This male dressed in stereotypical clothing associated with “femininity”.
    “Not a single thing listed is something I had experienced while male-presenting, and none of it was pleasant.”
    In other words, this person was born male, and no doubt socialized as male. Supposedly losing something is not the same as never having it. Females are so devalued that there are 163 million missing girls from India and China.
    ” I quickened my pace without turning around, and my hand instinctively rested on my knife.”
    This dainty, “feminine presenting” male carries a knife.
    If anything epitomizes the word hypocrite, it would be the following statement. It’s kind of like hypocrite with a strange, Orwellian twist. This is exactly what trans activists are doing, but girls and women are being shamed into believing that they aren’t cool enough to understand it all. What asinine trans advocate has the audacity to talk about the “comfort or safety of women” when their polices are raping the privacy rights of women? Transgender activists don’t give a rat’s ass about the safety of women. It’s all about their particular political agenda and their comfort and safety.
    “The world is teaching me that it does not value my comfort or safety as a woman, and I have little choice but to listen.”
    “Gender identity” laws and policies aggressively pushed through by transgender activists are teaching girls and women that their needs and safety do not matter. Women who complain are branded insensitive, ignorant, “transphobes”. Isn’t it funny the way society in general tells women that their interests aren’t as important as just about any and every thing else. Transgender activists just go about doing it a different, progressively cool way. The person making this statement is MALE. He was born male. If trans activists cared about the safety of women, they would beg the female sex for forgiveness for unleashing the likes of Christopher “Jessica” Hambrook upon vulnerable homeless women in a place where these women expected privacy and safety. Trans activists are responsible for the policies that led to “Jessica” Hambrook being housed in a women’s shelter where he preyed on these vulnerable women. Why was “Jessica” in a women’s shelter to begin with? Trans activists sue the hell out of any school district, business, or governmental agency that doesn’t fling open the doors to the women’s restroom, locker room, or women’s shelter to any male named Jessica, Susan, or Betty who claims special “gender identity” status. Hambrook sexually assaulted homeless women in a place where they should have been safe. Imagine the terror that the homeless deaf women felt as “Jessica” constantly sexually harassed and stalked her. Imagine the fear that women felt with Christopher, “Jessica”, Hambrook sleeping right next to them. “Jessica”, Hambrook isn’t the only example of “gender identity” laws raping the privacy rights of girls and women. There was another incident in Canada where a man saying he was transgender exposed his erect penis to an elderly woman as she was changing her clothes. This happened in the changing area of a gym. Where would Mr. Colleen Francis get the idea that his trotting around nude in the women’s locker room was similar to the Civil Rights Movement if he didn’t first hear it from trans activists. This occurred in Olympia, Washington.
    It’s a fact that transgender identified males have raped and assaulted women. Males who identify as transgender or call themselves transwomen offend at the same rate as other males. Stop denying it. We are told that they have special “lady brains”. This is a crock of politically correct b.s. They offend at the same rate as other males, and many transwomen still have their male genitalia. Trans activists even defended the right of registered sex offender Paula Witherspoon to use the women’s restroom. This was after it was revealed that he is a registered sex offender who molested a teenage girl.
    Women aren’t even safe in women’s prisons and jails because males claim “gender identity”, and are housed with females. Sadistic rapists like Richard (Sherri) Masbruch should spend the rest of his life in a men’s prison. This monster was placed in a women’s prison.
    Briar, if I have to hear another sad story about another poor, oppressed, misunderstood transwoman, I’ll lose my lunch. There is no such thing as “trans-feminism”, and we have nothing in common.
    One last thing Briar. If we scroll on down on this special blog that you link to, there is a photograph of Rosie the Riveter. I wish to holy hell transgender activists would stop co-opting women’s history. While *trans was playing dress up, Rosie the Riveter actually made a difference in the world.

    1. Wonderful comment, Skylark. Comprehensive, and nicely wraps up the latest trans-goings-on that have directly traumatized women.
      “If trans activists cared about the safety of women, they would beg the female sex for forgiveness for unleashing the likes of Christopher “Jessica” Hambrook upon vulnerable homeless women …”
      Yes. Never a word of concern, for the safety of women, let alone an apology. Conspicuously absent. They don’t care. They don’t know what misogyny is, because they are its personification. No awareness of self, or others. Any man who sincerely cared for women and justice, and wanted to end male violence, would accept that he is male, and renounce his dominant position in the gender hierarchy. He would not try to steal female identity and feminist language from women for his own gain.
      Nope, no such thing as trans-feminism. One cancels out the other.

    2. “One last thing Briar. If we scroll on down on this special blog . . .”
      I missed that. Wow. That poster is for a conference called Women in Secularism III presented by the Center for Inquiry. Pretty serious stuff. To put that on a trans blog is just plain rude if you ask me. I’m all for freedom for all people, including trans, but this juxtaposition is just twisted.

    3. “If we scroll on down on this special blog that you link to, there is a photograph of Rosie the Riveter.”
      Well, you know, Rosie wore pants and worked at a traditionally male job. So she was gender-nonconforming. They’re probably claiming her as a trans man!

    4. Brilliant comment SkyLark. Thanks.
      There is never any apology from transjacktivists for unleashing these predators claiming laydee-brain (pre or post incarceration), as Gallus has well documented over many years. I would go further and say that it is one of the prime purposes of transjacktivism – that, and derailing feminism enough to make it useless (as well as co-opting the energies of newbie feminists to take up the trans cause, rather than fighting for the rights of females).
      Trans-‘feminism’ is anti-female and anti-feminist to its core. That is why, trans-‘feminist’ bingo is so similar to MRA bingo and anti-feminist bingo. They are strands of the very same thing.

  8. Do people want to see the rape of women’s history and the shameless appropriation of second wave feminism? The clenched fist inside the women’s symbol is clearly second wave feminism. Indeed, it’s straight out of second wave and their struggle. Transgender activists had nothing to do with Title IX, abortion rights, access to contraception, domestic violence and rape crisis centers, or any of the other things we take for granted that second wave feminists fought so hard for. What did Roe v. Wade have to do with transgender interests?
    Trans activists continue to co-opt intersex people even though they know full well that intersex is not the same thing as transgender. From intersex to “two spirit” in native tribes, there isn’t anything these parasites won’t co-opt. I hate to use the word parasites to describe this utterly shameless appropriation of other groups of persons, but I can’t think of any other word or phrase that could possibly express my outrage.
    “Trans-feminism” does NOT exist. Stop colonizing other cultures and historically marginalized groups of persons.

    1. That “third sex” symbol they use have made me wonder about why they want access to female only spaces ? They use a symbol that clearly states they are not really male or female and yet they argue in full front to gain access to female spaces..
      Makes no sense.

      1. Good point Henke. I love the way MtT community can’t make its mind as to weather they want to be plain females (insisting that they’ve had a girlhood and shared the same experiences as we have– obviously untrue) or special snowflakes (victims of “transmisogyny”, extra violence and suffering that real women don’t experience– again, total bullshit)

  9. Please contact “experts” at Wikipedia and demand that they remove this offensive “trans-feminism” symbol.
    Wikipedia, tell us something we don’t already know.
    “Thank you for your interest in contacting Wikipedia. Before proceeding, some important disclaimers:
    1.Wikipedia has no central editorial board; contributions are made by a large number of volunteers at their own discretion. Edits are not the responsibility of the Wikimedia Foundation (the organisation that hosts the site) nor of its staff.
    2.Although Wikipedia was founded by Jimmy Wales, he is not personally responsible for our content.
    3.If you have questions about the concept of Wikipedia rather than a specific problem, the About Wikipedia page may help

  10. It seems that when people from “secular women against_____” were arguing with you the other day, your website was attacked by “a malicious add-on” plus other things.
    Just a Coincidence?

    1. @FBIetc.,: Is there any reason why you are being so vague? For that matter, are you talking to the blog owner or the person posting above you? Although this is not an IT site, posting something like that without the relevant technical information is not helpful – at least not to me. I’ve had the GenderTrender site open continuously on this UNIX machine for a couple of months now, so I’m surprised that I missed what you’re talking about. I’d be interested in knowing what particular WP add-on you’re talking about, and the mechanism by which the security breach was accomplished.

      1. The comment was addressed to Gallus.
        Gallus: I am not into manly tech, I have no knowledge as to what WP was added or the mechanism involved, sorry. I only know that it WAS there: “This website is closing due to a malicious add-on”. Right at the time you/your site contributors were involved with comments from ‘Secular Women’.
        That is it. I just thought you it might be helpful to youse to know about it. Nothing harmful intended.
        Thank you for helping females.

    2. “I am not into manly tech, I have no knowledge as to what WP was added or the mechanism involved, sorry. I only know that it WAS there: “This website is closing due to a malicious add-on”. Right at the time you/your site contributors were involved with comments from ‘Secular Women’. ”
      Thanks @FBIetc. I’m with you in being wary of these things. However, it is entirely possible that what you saw was a message from your own computer, perhaps your browser, perhaps a glitch in reading the browser cache. I honestly don’t know. I’m personally always a bit paranoid when it comes to protecting free speech. I also value this site.
      As for “manly tech”. Ha! I didn’t expect to ever see that here! I happen to be a man and into computers (which is a particularly narrow definition of “tech”), as well as being a huge fan of more important technologies such as fibre arts and “womanly tech”. But of course, technology really doesn’t have anything to do with sex – or gender, for that matter.
      To me attaching a “gender” to any particular technology just doesn’t make sense. That subject is one of several reasons why I decided to look more into the women’s liberation philosophies and settled on this site as having better and more insightful explanations than most. It did take me a while to “get” the language. Also, the ranges of expression in these comments can be a bit hard to figure out at first, but there are some very smart people here. It was a bit of a crash course, to say the least. I’m not particularly smart in a lot of ways, but I do pride myself in having good taste in judging insights and finding information sources.
      When it comes to computers, and I read a lot of IT sites every day, there is too often a recurring discussion of “why aren’t there more women in IT?”, and “there aren’t enough role models”. I just see red when I hear those things because there ARE many women in IT, and there are VERY MANY female role models in IT. So why are they asking these bogus questions? This to me was the elephant in the room. I intuitively felt it was because of some twisted effect of patriarchy. Well, as I read more radfem stuff, I see that I was I right. The lack of insight, the high level of denial, and the downright hallucinatory culture of our society just disgusts me sometimes.
      While on the subject of women in IT, I’d like to mention Ada Lovelace (see Wikipedia) who has got to be at the pinnacle of programming since she is said to have invented the first algorithm. That is just beyond the beyond in programming importance. Another one, actually a group, is the women of the ENIAC (google “eniac women”). I think Jean Bartik (who died recently) was the last one. These women were among the first to program computers as a profession. Yes, computer programming was originally a “woman’s job”! Then the men discovered it and took it over. But not entirely, and there are many women in programming these days. For some reason they’re just not talked about as much – not that most people know who really writes the stuff that makes their computer work. In the general field of IT, there are lots of women who are role models, and also younger so that our young people can perhaps better relate to them. Not all younger folk can relate to Rear Admiral Grace Hopper (and I can see why). Hopper was a mathematician, career navy employee with a destroyer named after her, and writer of the original paper which lead to COBOL. The head of IBM is a woman, and on and on. What are these idiots talking about when they say there are no role models? Well, I’m starting to figure out what they’re talking about. And they’re full of shit.
      PS: Ada Lovelace was born in 1815. Her father was the poet Lord Byron. He probably put her into maths so she wouldn’t compete with him in the more manly field of poetry.

      1. Vande, I can’t begin to express how disingenuous this response is, and how angry it makes me. You really want to mansplain to the female readers of this blog how things work for women in the tech industry? Give me a f’ing break! (Note to readers: I’m totally fine if you have an internal chuckle over one male calling another a mansplainer! hahaha)
        Being a woman (or in my case, someone perceived as a woman) in tech sucks. There are very few women peers, your contributions are systematically ignored and devalued, and there are very few role models, especially in management. Tokens like Marissa Meyer exist more for corporate pr reasons than female empowerment – and Marissa herself has been very clear that she’s not a feminist. Fewer than 20% of EE PhD’s go to females. In CS, the amount of bachelors degrees awarded to females has plummeted from 40% in the 80’s to 10% today. News flash: that’s even worse than Physics, long regarded as the most misogynist of the sciences!
        I work in STEM, and as hard as it is on me, it’s harder for my female friends. Half of the women I started going to school with ended up dropping out or switching majors. And of those who graduated, a lot of them took jobs in unrelated fields, since the environment in tech is so hostile.
        And OF COURSE technology is gendered – computers are the way they are because men have been in the driving seat all along. This is in no way to discount the pioneering work of Lovelace and Hopper, but to put things in perspective. This whole modern project started because Jon Von Neuman wanted to simulate fusion nuclear weapons! No other reason!! (See Image and Logic by Peter Gallison.)
        Over the last few years I became active in mentoring girls and women in technology; the least I can do as a transsexual is to use my male privilege to help other women access these high-paying jobs. There is a profound lack of role models, which any woman you talk to will confirm. I have deep conflicts about filling that role for women, but I also want to be pragmatic. Without the support of other women it would have been very hard to get where I am, and I really want to pay it forward.
        Please see previous exchange on GT here: http://gendertrender.wordpress.com/2012/12/31/top-trends-in-gender-2012/#comment-17145
        I also made some comments about this on my blog here, including response to a female reader who worked in tech who was worried I was minimizing the contributions of women in tech. I would never intentionally do that! But it’s very important to point out how few females there actually are in this industry. http://snowflakeespecial.tumblr.com/post/71446494025/1-2-omg-great-democratizing-force-blah-blah-blah-of

  11. http://www.polygon.com/2014/2/24/5435266/danganronpa-trigger-happy-havoc-review-deadly-combination
    it’s a good thing there are experts on gender and sexuality (4th dan black belts!) for female videogame reviewers to consult with before deciding they’re not fancy enough to have an opinion of their own.
    “Danganronpa approaches its violent nature honestly and, for the most part, with good taste, but it fails to use that measure of restraint when presenting a character whose gender identity goes beyond traditional roles.
    During one crime, the reveal of a character’s genitalia is used as a shocking twist — a step that feels tacky and unnecessary. Furthermore, the other students in the game are quick to change their pronoun use in reference to that character with no questions asked. It’s an unfortunate misstep that leaves a sour aftertaste during an otherwise enjoyable portion of the game.
    While working on this review, I consulted an expert on gender and sexuality to discuss the character’s representation at some length. With help, I reached the conclusion that I didn’t have enough information to comprehend or understand the character’s preferred identity. However, Danganronpa’s handling of the situation remains troubling.”

    1. Oh god video games. I mean I love them but since most games the trans community is crazy about come from japan – they misinterpret how sex and gender is seen in japan. There is no cis bullshit or other special snowflake intentities. But of course since trans is all about co-opting – its no wonder why they use japanese games and make them all about their concept of jebdah.

      1. Seriously this right there. If I see one more blog insisting that some gender non-conforming characters in Japanese media (games, comics, whatever) “must be trans and you’re a shitlord for ever daring to deny it!!” I think I’m going to scream.

    2. Oh I know about those games.
      I read the Let’s Play(total nerd here) and someone on thread randomly wrote a long strange post calling the male main character a transwoman.
      If I remember correctly the guy who actually did pretend to be a girl did so because he felt he wasn’t strong and manly enough to be a guy (!!!) He then decided to try to become stronger but was murdered.
      I wonder if the reviewer will point out the sometimes objectifying/uncomfortable portrayal of girls in the sequel or if gender is only worth discussing if it’s about ~identities~?
      This reminds me of Persona 4 where a young female character wants to be taken seriously as a detective but thinks she can’t because of her sex so she pretends to be a boy. She accepts herself as she is later.
      Trans nerds of course insists that she is a he. OMG trans character!!! When the whole point is that she only thought she had to be a he was because of sexism.

      1. Yeah. There’s plenty of characters who “go undercover” in this way for practical reasons, historically too, and if found out and already accepted, they use their true proper… well, admit to being female/male as the case may be (seeing as pronouns aren’t really a thing) because yeah, it’s NOT about them being trans!!

    1. LOL this is staggering. I swear to god, trannies are the most disgustingly entitled group of people on the planet. Telling us we can’t advocate for ourselves? We can’t speak out against our oppressors because we have “far more qualified” trannies to do it for us? Yes, I’m sure MtTs would just love it if women shut up. Once again, their hatred is so transparent. At least they give us plenty of ammo, huh?

      1. The only “true feminists” or permitted feminists are “trans women” feminists now, haven’t you heard?

      2. Stunning male arrogance only out done by stupidity. Only men can speak–boring. Gender Studies= Bailey has one big hard on and nobody is paying attention to him–how oppressive is blue balls? Call the human rights commission maybe somebody gives a shit.

    2. Holy shit, the arrogance. From the infamous and pornsick Bailey – no surprise there. He is evil – just Google him. A psychopathic liar.

    3. So,
      98% of humans (cis) are not allowed to talk about gender.
      homosexuals (cis) are not allowed to talk about homophobia.
      women (cis) are not allowed to talk about sexism.
      What’s next?
      Black people (cis) are not allowed to talk about racism.
      Disabled people (cis) are not allowed to talk about ableism.
      Athiests are not allowed to talk about theologism.
      Scientists (cis) are not allowed to talk about anti-science propaganda..
      Trans are the experts on everything that is contrary to progression.
      But wait, not all trans. TRANSWOMEN!
      As FTM’s aren’t needed in the instance to distract from the underlying sexual deviancy of these doods, they are no longer relevant.

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