Valencia Jones Sues Employer after Co-Workers Fail to Use Gender Neutral Pronouns


A woman in Oregon is suing an employer for financial compensation to repair  her emotional distress after co-workers used female pronouns when referring to her instead of the unique pronoun she requested.

Plaintiff Valencia Jones is a female genderist. Genderists are social conservatives, religious fundamentalists, or transgender individuals who believe that reproductive sex should be defined not by biology but “Gender Identity” based on one’s belief in antiquated social sex roles. Pink princess for girls, monster trucks for boys.

Most women who reject sex-roles for women would be considered feminists, or gender abolitionists. Instead Jones, as a transgenderist, believes that cultural stereotypes linking certain behaviors, emotions, and abilities to reproductive function (Math for boys, English for girls) should form the basis for sex designation, not objective biology. By the genderist view, if a woman rejects a subordinate social role she is no longer reproductively female. She can either adopt a persona which pantomimes male dominance over other females and try to have her sex designated as male, or she can reject her subordinate role without adopting an oppressive male persona and try to have her sex designated as “anything but female”. That is what Valencia has tried (and failed) to do.

The problem with Valencia’s genderism is that one cannot “will away” sex-based oppression of females because our oppression is based on our biological reproductive function which is static and cannot be “identified away”. Valencia could try to disguise her biology and “pass” as male to avoid reproduction-based oppression. She could even have her reproductive system surgically removed, but this will not eradicate the social sex-based class status “female”. She will retain the pre-intellectual social conditioning she has been indoctrinated with since birth and she will also be placed back into the subordinate female caste whenever her actual sex is known.

Transgenderism is a political movement based on relaxing the social norms  required by men to maintain social dominance over women. It is an adjustment of social norms designed to allow men greater freedom: the freedom to perform male-designed “femininity” (subordinate status inflicted on females by male violence) for each other, for sport, for shits and giggles, for sexual excitement, for unrestricted access to female spaces, while maintaining strict superiority over women.

Women and girls cannot identify our way out of sexual oppression by males. We can try to hide our reproductive capacity by disguising ourselves as male but once that disguise fails we are back to being members of the sex oppressed class. In the same way, men disguised as women can access their dominant male birthright at any time of their choosing merely by revealing their actual sex.

Fealty to gender (“Gender Identity”) will never benefit women, only men. Subordinate female social roles will never benefit women, only men. Women seeking to “other” themselves from the female sex caste by embrasure of male social roles of dominance over females will never benefit. There is no escape. There is no “identifying out of” or rejection of sex for women, only for men, at their leisure.


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  1. “Jones began working in March 2013.”
    So, this woman works for a catering company for less than a year. The attorney is suing for $18,000 in lost wages and $500,000 for emotional suffering and “humiliation” at being called “Miss”. The half a million is for calling a female “Lady”, or using female pronouns. Someone really drank the “gender identity” Kool Aid on this one. Indeed, this is over dosing on gender queer theory. People should read the comments because most sane people can see through this nonsense.
    I don’t understand what is so offensive about calling a woman “Miss” or “her”. Isn’t it true that the plaintiff never identified as a man? Valencia sounds like a name a woman would use. I’m assuming that the plaintiff is actually a female and doesn’t have a rare disorder of sexual development. If she had an actual DSD, it probably would have been discovered by now. Rare disorders of sexual development are not the same as transgender or identifying as gender queer. The humans species is male, female, and rare disorders of sexual development. All primates reproduce sexually.
    The lawsuit, filed this week in Multnomah County Circuit Court, says Jones preferred to be addressed by a gender neutral pronoun. The suit doesn’t identify the term.
    Does anyone know what special pronouns or pet gender queer theory descriptive terms the plaintiff expected co-workers and the employer to use? Employers can’t afford to get it wrong.
    Is it “ze”, “zir”, “hir”, “ne”, “ve”, “agender”, “non-binary”, “they – as in singular”, “agender”, or whatever? “Ne” is n+(he or she), “nem” is n+her+him, “nir” is n+him+her. Isn’t “singular they” used as a cool gender queer pronoun sometimes? I would have a really difficult time getting used to “they” used in the singular. I thought they meant they. “They” is over there doesn’t sound right to me. “Hir” is over there sounds even crazier. “Hir” sounds too much like here. It would be difficult for many employers to figure it all out because they often change the words in mid-stream. For example, I had no idea what “non-binary” or “agender” meant. Very few people even heard of it until about five years ago. In two years time, for all we know, they might come up with something new.
    I could identify as anything or anyone tomorrow, and sue for half a million if my employer doesn’t use the proper pronouns and refuses to address me in the manner in which I get to decide. Then, what would prevent me from changing my identity again, and suing again because I’m not being addressed according to the new identity. Or, leave this company and change my identity. People can’t change their race, biological sex, or handicap caused by a genetic condition. People can and do change their gender identity.
    We don’t have to completely rewrite and torture the English language to pander to these people. All we would have to do is just ignore it. There isn’t anything they could do about it.

    1. When I talk to someone I use “you.” Perhaps a journalist can be forced to use specific pronouns when “they” write about someone but the average person can’t be policed when using the 3rd person because the person is not part of the conversation and thus has no expectation since A and B are allowed to speak of C any way “they” want.

      1. “They” is, and will always be, a plural pronoun. It’s not a way to skirt mentioning sex. Historically, lesbians and gays tried this before coming out and it never worked.
        That’s just my passive aggressive way of saying I love your ideals, Motherhood.

      2. “They” as a gender neutral singular has existed in English since at least the 17th century – John Donne uses it, for example. It takes the plural verb, so there’s no need to say “they is”.

      3. I agree, Barmaid. “They,” when used in the singular (except in cases when it’s used because there is genuine uncertainty), stands out like a sore thumb. Its affect on the listener is the opposite of the speaker’s intention. It announces that the sex of the person is a secret, which makes us wonder if the person’s sex is the most important information BECAUSE it has been conspicuously neutralized.

  2. So let me get this straight – this woman didn’t even have a “sex change” operation? And she wants a third pronoun?
    Has that EVER happened in any sort of mainstream workplace? I’m honestly curious. Where I work, we have had some people transition while still remaining employed – both M2T and F2T. We got the letter from HR about the new name and pronouns, the people take a vacation for 2 weeks or whatever, they come back in the new identity, you call them with the new name and pronouns, the new name is on their office door, etc.
    This is a professional workplace, and so people use the new name and pronouns, end of story. It doesn’t much matter what anyone’s existential thoughts are on the matter, it’s just rules. Yeah, people were weirded out, but again, professional workplace so people follow the instructions of HR.
    However. All of those people had to have official legal name and sex marker changes on their ID before any of this even remotely started to happen, AND their only option is to use whatever their new official sex marker is on their official state documents, which means “he” or “she,” that is your only choice. End. Of. It’s impossible to be “they,” never mind Xe or anything like that.
    Most places you work, you will need to be in loads of computer systems and whatever else, the workplace also has to handle your taxes and stuff like that with Social Security, all those official forms only have room for “M” or “F” as far as your “gender” goes (at least in the US). Pick one.

    1. “… all those official forms only have room for “M” or “F” as far as your “gender” goes (at least in the US). Pick one.”
      I love the fact that in my entire life (coming up to 25 years), I have rarely seen ‘GENDER’ on a form.
      90% of the forms I’ve seen specify sex and the only option other than ‘M’ or ‘F’ is ‘PREFER NOT TO SAY’.
      On all medical forms I have seen they do not give you the third option. Why? Because biological sex matters in medicine and you cannot magically identify out of that. Intersex people are so rare, it doesn’t make sense to specify on the form. Not to mention that so many of them are phenotypically one way or the other.
      The only time I can recall seeing ‘GENDER’ on a form is during polls (for maths statistics in High School) and that’s because we (teenagers) were too embarrassed and giggly about the ‘S word’. And the options were ‘M’ and ‘F’. ‘PREFER NOT TO SAY’ was never there.

  3. My gender identity says the people at my job have to click their heels together three times and do jazz hands every time they speak to me but the assholes aren’t doing it. Not all the time anyway. Bastards!

  4. Not really surprising that this story originates in Portland. Things are a bit gender-crazy in this state (poor Lierre…) Bon Appetit is the food service provider at a one workplace I know of in Portland- Adidas, and three universities: Lewis and Clark, Univ of Portland (Catholic) and Reed College. My money would be on Valeria being a cafeteria employee at Reed, as those students are even more off the deep end than the average Portlander. But then again, I would think there’d be some student outrage at this turn of events, in support of Valeria, of course. So maybe Valeria is at Univ of Portland? I guess we’ll find out. It would be interesting if this plays out within the context of a conservative religious campus.

  5. Since new ones are being discovered every day, someone needs to draw up a periodic table of genders. I realize this is not easy because some of the more rare and unstable ones have a short half life and only exist for brief periods of time, but I’m sure researchers can find a way to detect those as well. My hope is that with the recent developments in technology, we will soon have a “gender meter” with a digital readout – wait, make that a colour scale. Actually, would it be too much to hope for an app? One that would automatically display the appropriate pronoun? What a relief that would be. Problem is, as I think about this, every measuring device needs some kind of input. You have to feed it something, and unfortunately the only input I can think of in this case is BS. Oh well. Back to the drawing board. (sigh)

      1. LOL
        “Facebook will also allow users to select between three pronouns: “him,” “her” or “their.”
        The following are the 58 gender options identified by ABC News:
        Cis Female
        Cis Male
        Cis Man
        Cis Woman
        Cisgender Female
        Cisgender Male
        Cisgender Man
        Cisgender Woman
        Female to Male
        Gender Fluid
        Gender Nonconforming
        Gender Questioning
        Gender Variant
        Male to Female
        Trans Female
        Trans* Female
        Trans Male
        Trans* Male
        Trans Man
        Trans* Man
        Trans Person
        Trans* Person
        Trans Woman
        Trans* Woman
        Transgender Female
        Transgender Male
        Transgender Man
        Transgender Person
        Transgender Woman
        Transsexual Female
        Transsexual Male
        Transsexual Man
        Transsexual Person
        Transsexual Woman

      2. the employer being sued should take this before the court, as in “how can we be expected to keep up with THIS?” 58 ways to sue your employer. Paul Simon should write a song.

      3. Why on earth do they have so much redundancy on that list?! It’s utterly ridiculous (as well as aggravating for the user), which I guess is a good thing, because it graphically demonstrates how ridiculous the whole thing is. So…yay Facebook?

      4. @shediogenes: Perhaps it could go something like this:

        “The answer is all inside the brain
        He said to me
        Transforming’s easy if you
        choose identity
        I’d like to ask you to ignore
        And give me fifty ways
        To choose my gender”

        “Don’t be transphobic, just allow me
        To intrude
        Furthermore, I hope my meaning
        Won’t be lost or misconstrued
        So I’ll repeat myself
        Even if you find it rude
        There must be fifty ways
        To choose my gender
        Fifty ways to choose my gender”

        When I’m okay with this? Cis
        If I made a new plan? Trans
        You like blue? you’re a boy, Boy!
        Just listen to me
        Put on a dress, Nick
        It’ll make you a fine chick!
        Just chop off the ween, Gene
        And join the gender scene”

  6. It had to happen somewhere–I’m just glad it’s Iran––sow.html
    Women in Iran may not be allowed to attend football matches between male sides for religious reasons, but the beautiful game is popular among the Islamic republic’s female population.
    Players in Iran’s burgeoning professional women’s football league will now be subjected to mandatory gender tests, after it has been revealed that four national team players were found guilty of not being women. The Telegraph reports:
    The country’s football governing body is bringing in the random checks after it was revealed that several leading players – including four in the national women’s team – were either men who had not completed sex change operations, or were suffering from sexual development disorders.
    Medical inspectors will now randomly attend professional women’s games — and those in the indoor “footsal” league — to carry out spot checks.
    Furthermore, clubs will now be obliged to perform gender tests before signing new players to contracts. Those unable to prove they are female would be barred from taking part in the league “until they underwent medical treatment,” said Ahmad Hashemian, the head of the Iranian football federation’s medical committee.
    The Telegraph note that sex changes are often carried out in two-year phases in Iran, but they represent a legal grey area: they are permitted under a fatwa issued by the Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini in 1979, but contravene the sexual morality code of Sharia Law.
    So far, a total of seven players have been barred from the league after failing gender tests.

  7. Why do all these “nonbinary” or “agender”women pick stereotypically masculine names. Not that I care but You’d think if you were that obsessed with gender it would reflect in your choice of names. gurl get with the program.

  8. @vande
    I don’t know whether your post was satire or not. I wouldn’t even entertain the notion of a “periodic table of genders”. Perhaps we shouldn’t even mention it because, for all we know, some fool might come up with such nonsense. Then, some other employer could be sued for half a million for not using the right gender neutral pronoun, phrase, or whatever.
    “Since new ones are being discovered every day, someone needs to draw up a periodic table of genders.”
    No, people do not have to pander to this lunacy. We have pandered and coddled these people far too long, and we can see the results. There is no periodic table of genders. Who would design such a thing? There is no way to rule out personal biases. That is, each particular view of gender. What is “masculine”, what is “feminine”, and how do we decide? The majority of women who don’t fit the stereotypical view of what society says is “feminine” have no problem with being called a “lady” or woman because they know they are women. There are hundreds of shades of gray because this isn’t something that will never be precise. It’s not a science. Rather, it’s a grand, elaborate social experiment forced on people. Would a “periodic table of genders” be something like the periodic table of elements? This is ludicrous on its face.
    Biological sex is a reality whereas gender is primarily culturally defined. All primates, both human and non-human, reproduce sexually as do mammals. Primates share at least 90% of the same DNA. The human species is male, female, and rare disorders of sexual development (intersex). Disorders of sexual development are not the same as transgender, gender queer, or whatever. These are rare genetic and medical conditions not culturally dictated terms or definitions. The vast majority of transgender identified people or gender queer people have no actual disorder of sexual development.
    “I realize this is not easy because some of the more rare and unstable ones have a short half life and only exist for brief periods of time, but I’m sure researchers can find a way to detect those as well. My hope is that with the recent developments in technology, we will soon have a “gender meter” with a digital readout – wait, make that a colour ”
    This flies in the face of logic and science. I don’t understand this sentence. ”
    “I realize this is not easy because some of the more rare and unstable ones have a short half life and only exist for brief periods of time.”
    Aren’t the words, “rare and unstable ones” in reference to the concept of gender just an admission that gender unlike sex is largely culturally defined, thus open for interpretation.
    “Problem is, as I think about this, every measuring device needs some kind of input. You have to feed it something, and unfortunately the only input I can think of in this case is BS. Oh well. Back to the drawing board. (sigh)”
    Exactly, I’m glad you thought it through, and came to a rational decision. God, I hope they don’t come up with such a device. I thought GnRH agonists for “gender dysphoric” children was Orwellian.

    1. @SkyLark Phillips
      Yes, of course I’m kidding. In reality there are as many “genders” as there are people. We could just use our social insurance number instead of pronouns. Ha!
      I remember when I first woke up to the, by then, common use of the word gender instead of sex. (I’m a bit slow) I found it really irritating. Now I just accept that society is confused to the point that one could probably re-package the old mood rings and call them gender rings. They change from pink to blue and back again depending on how you “feel” today. I was almost 30 when the original ones first came out, and I found it quite unpleasant how some of my contemporaries actually thought there was something to them. Anyway, like gender, there is no “science”, or even logic to this stuff. To me the only solution is to treat it as the joke it is.

    1. It doesn’t take Sophia Banks and associate long to tie this to their bete noire, Vancouver Rape Relief:

      1. Yeah, the usual sorry nonsense! As I understand it, the big kerfuffle/legal case was because they would not allow an M2T to volunteer. Now they are getting panned for supposedly ignoring M2T who have been assaulted. Except I expect, as with other men who might contact them, they would do their best to direct them to services more appropriate to their situation.
        Would a gay man dare to castigate them for refusing to help gay men? Nope, seems the trans need for affirmation just rolls right over the needs of the many women that they ARE helping.
        So, laydees, let’s expect to see the trans picketing abortion clinics, not because they ‘kill babies’ (actually, I wouldn’t be surprised if they went for a double whammy and objected on those grounds as well — or because they are angry that those who have the uteri they supposedly desire, won’t use them for their proper baby-making purpose!), but because they insist on perhaps having the words ‘womens health centre’ somewhere near their premises. And trans making nuisance calls to rape crisis lines, stopping women in need from getting through.
        Efforts against violence against women at threat from not just the men who inflict it, but from those men who insist the violence against them (I’m not denying it exists) is violence against women as well. And if we won’t help them, we can’t be ALLOWED to help anyone…………….

      2. So these flaming pricks would be perfectly happy to see women who have been raped not get the help they need, because of some dumbass point they think they have to prove. Good to know.
        Oh, trannies, you just keep on proving your bona-fide assholeness, your utter narcissism, your breathtaking selfishness. Thanks for helping us out!

      3. @BadDyke – They won’t let an M2T volunteer on the front lines, for obvious reasons. If he really wanted to contribute to the cause there are other things he can probably do behind the scenes without any contact with the clients, and surely they won’t turn up their nose at any monetary donations he might give.
        Problem is, none of those behind-the-scenes type actions would give any “validation as a woman” which is, as always, what it’s about for the M2T wanting into women’s space. So, the M2T crowd is not interested.
        It’s all about forcing some other party to interact with you as if you’re a woman, ideally in front of other people.
        As it is, you got it, plenty of trans activists do picket or protest various women’s health centers for not treating the M2T or daring to imply in their literature that womanhood has something to do with female reproductive parts which actually need the services of the clinic. Never mind that resources are short.
        But actually open up a trans health clinic? Nah, that’s not got the coveted “look at me, I go to the women’s clinic now” thing going on, plus it would take work. Easier to complain.

  9. Maybe “they” are a multiple-personality?
    Thank you so much Gallus for sharing all this crock-of-shitness from trans blatherdom. .

    1. Ou, ou, ou … was that article more hilarious than scary?
      And this quote, here, which, in a few sentences, erases ALL feminist thought, work and history; ties male violence to the ways in which MEN suffer from gender oppression; and declares gender “fun”:
      “The exploration of gender is fun. This generation of young adults is definitely questioning narrow definitions of gender role and expression, and I think that can only be a good thing for the future. It’s not something to be feared. I feel that much of male violence in society has ties to uncomfortably narrow definitions for male gender role and expression. It is natural to be more fluid in expressing gender, and it is quite possibly a healthy thing that society is moving in this more blurred direction.”

      1. That quote is from Dr. Marci Bowers, a gentleman who (according to him) started his medical career as a gynecologist and obstetrician before undergoing a surgical fuck-hole procedure himself at the hands of “the butcher” Dr. Stanley Beiber (now deceased). Beiber performed his first “sex change” surgery on a medical colleague following a handwritten diagram mailed to him by a surgeon from the pioneering Johns Hopkins “sex-change clinic” (soon defunct after a follow-up study initiated by Dr. Paul McHugh demonstrated that such procedures had no therapeutic effect on recipients whatsoever).
        Dr. Beiber became a minor media celebrity for continuing to offer the procedure after it was discontinued and discredited by Johns Hopkins, appearing on various talk shows as a “sex change guru”. Marci Bowers “apprenticed” under Beiber at his Trinidad, Colorado surgery, at the Catholic hospital where Beiber was admitted. Trinidad became the “sex change capital of the world”. Bowers eventually took over the aging Beiber’s practice but was ejected from the hospital after Beiber’s death due to the high rate of complications and soaring cost of malpractice insurance. The “sex-change” wing was replaced with a gynecological and obstetrics wing, which had been sorely lacking in the region for some time.
        Bowers was featured on the gruesome “Sex Change Hospital” reality show just prior to his ejection from the hospital. Bowers is known as a self-promoter and considered by the transgender community to have a high rate of sometimes profound surgical “complications” including bowel perforation and lifetime colostomy. In one episode of his show he inserts silicone testicular implants into a woman’s vulva much larger than the patient requested “because bigger is better” and “these were cheaper”. In an indescribable segment the victim suffers a subsequent labial “splitting” and an agonized ejection of the prosthesis.
        Bowers now practices in Northern California in a private non-hospital clinic shared with a facial feminization surgeon.
        His quote: “I feel that much of male violence in society has ties to uncomfortably narrow definitions for male gender role and expression.” is an expression of the male transgender politic: that violent control of females takes an unnecessary toll on males, and male supremacy can be maintained in a more relaxed manner under an expansion of the genderism espoused by the trans politic. Violence against women is “caused” by males being “forced” to use violence to exert the same control that can now be enforced utilizing political genderism to enforce male-supremacist cultural sex-roles that subordinate women.

      2. Thank you so much, GallusMag, for that detailed background information! It’s horrifying and illuminating information, and it brings up the big questions about what the hell, exactly, it takes for the most sociopathic of men to be thoroughly discredited, disgraced, and ejected from society as the incompatible-with-life butchers that they are.
        Well, I do know what it will take: an end to male supremacy. But in the meantime, an unwholesome, scalpel-weilding lunatic like Dr. Bowers will always find a soft place to land, won’t he? A place to practice, a place to be quoted as an expert to quell our instinctive suspicion and critical faculties, and a platform from which to provide “education” for the ignorant, prudish public (e.g., “gender is fun! … it’s not something to be feared!”) precisely because he is maintaining domination. Funny, the wikipedia entry for Bowers makes no mention of split labia and perforated bowels. Rather, his wiki page practically glows with a celestial light!
        I really, really like the way you’ve laid bare what the male trans politic really is: an adjustment–and a elaborate one, at that–in the patriarchal order. We could also call it an “evolution,” yes? Or, one of many recent adaptations that help to conserve male energy and augment male leisure. A relaxing, as you say, of the standards and norms. You are right that maintaining domination over females takes its toll on males (aka, “patriarchy hurts men, too!”), and that the trans politic is one of the ways to address this undesired side-effect. And this adjustment is both cosmetic, like a face-lift (just look how liberal, relaxed and open we are) and structural, in that it reiterates and reinforces the naturalness and inevitability of sex-roles (laddy-brains and lady-brains, which occasionally find themselves in the “wrong” body).
        I think part of the problem in keeping the trans agenda transparent, even to feminists, is that it’s so damned multi-purpose. Like you said, it serves as sport and entertainment, provides sexual thrills and legal access to female spaces, and acts as politically-correct conversion therapy for gay, lesbian and other non-conforming children and adults.
        It also makes invisible hierarchy/domination-subordination by renaming it a “binary” and, on top of it, purports to be freeing all of us from the oppression of a binary gender system. Add to the mix the post-modern “plurality” of queer narratives, which are not always a matter of lady-brains, but of merely playing around with the idea of subversion, and of simply opting in or opting out. So the agents of power are constantly being hidden in thick, obfuscating language. Now throw in a big dollop of ignorance, and decreasing literacy, and it amounts to a colosal mind-fuck, and to endless opportunities for irrelevant and diversionary arguments. All the while women remain subordinate and, of course, no real dissent is allowed. “Transphobia” accusations are the new iron-fist-in-a-velvet-glove. A pink velvet glove–with sequins!

      3. Beautiful comment, morag99-
        I feel I’m too lazy to craft something as thoughtful as it’s so difficult to get a grasp of all aspects of this Terrible Thing at once, and some people tell me
        that even allowing myself to get interested in this shite at all is
        being sucked into their sick world; I’m glad people have the patience to reason it out and am eternally grateful to this astounding site and its heroic proprietress!

    1. I was hoping for “it’s complicated.” Unfortunately, there’s no sense of humor or room for creativity here.
      I can only imagine how people who don’t self identify as cis in the future will be treated; “omg, they’re *just* male or female, they must burn tires and beat baby seals! They’re obviously not an ally!”
      At least the age of sex vs. gender lectures is over though given that this is proof they’re interchangeable in trans theory too.

      1. There’s no way to simply identify oneself as female or male anymore, is there? They’ve eliminated sex entirely. There is no longer a female or male category/option.

      2. I thought that at first, too, but at the top of the article it says “in addition to m/f.”
        Not that I know for sure though.

      3. Neither am I so I can’t clarify anything. I just read the one passage differently.
        Menu systems are weird: on one hand, having the drop down for the 50 flavors only come up once someone selects custom “others” gender variants[tm] by not putting them on equal footing with male/female. But if m/f are just two among the 50 choices it’ll be a slog for most people to find and the cool kids won’t get their own menu that basically says “heynow, you can build your own Warcraft character here!”

      4. You can’t even choose “woman” or “female”, you have to pick “cis woman”? I’m not on Facebook and never will be. I do not accept the designation of “cis”. The hell with this.
        Scientists have found that the human brain isn’t completely developed until around age 25. Young people are impulsive and tend to self-involvement. If you encourage this self-obsession, and get them chasing their own tails, they have a lot less time and ability to see how the elites like Zuckerberg are manipulating them.
        The gender-obsessed think they’re freedom fighters, breaking down barriers, but they’re just being played. Idiots.

      5. I checked after seeing this, and the options are male, female, and custom. Apparently, custom gives you the ridiculous list of 50 variations to choose from.
        They do realize 50 won’t be enough, right? There will always be some new, entitled snowflake who will get their nose bent out of shape because their precious self-label isn’t on the list. “The world’s not catering to my every whim! How dare they?!”

      6. Observation from my larger-than-average pool of trans activist contacts: most are not using the “custom” feature. They’re either not listing gender at all, or simply claiming “male” (for females) or “female” (for males). The vast majority of the more visible “political” ones in particular are waaaay too cool for this “custom” stuff.
        Once it’s approved by an authority it’s not edgy enough anymore, I suppose. Also of note–even the most bootlicking of the allies haven’t signed up for “cis” designation–they mostly seem to leave “gender” blank.

      7. There are options we should demand. Some of us could put a thumbprint of menstrual blood in there. Do it, and shoot it and make it your addy. Those who cannot do that should rise up and demand that Crone be one of the options.

  10. It seems more and more that these trans something or whatever are childish humans throwing tantrums because they want to be girls or boys, and play the stereotypical roles. “I wanna be girly girl and if u don’t see me that way i’m gonna stump my feet and be mad.”
    I’ve turned completely away from anarchism and liberals because of their catering to all these biological sex phobes!!!! I even have to rely on conservative laws to keep these men from violating my space. How fucked up is that?!!!! RadFem all the way!!!!

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