Fuck You, Kill You, Or Be You

kill you fuck you be you

Can’t be the only one. (self.asktransgender)
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I’m happy. My top and bottom are done. I’ve had FFS. I’ve had laser treatments. I got hair implants. I work out enough that I’m finally getting the slender, feminine body I’ve always wanted. I’m married. We have money and live comfortably. Life is finally great.
My husband is a dermatologist. His partner at his practice is older, in his late 50s. Last night, we went to his house for a Super Bowl party. He and his wife have a 23-year-old daughter who recently graduated from college. She’s working full time, but living at home.
I irrationally hate this girl. I mean, not in the way most women hate other women, like admiring her proportions, wishing they were mine, that kind of thing. It’s almost like, “I fucking hate you because you got the life I always wanted.” It’s not a pass/don’t pass thing. She got the life I always wanted. The princess bedroom. The prom dress.
Seeing her is such a trigger for me. Like I said, my physical transformation is done. I’m usually pretty happy. My life is great. But when I see this girl I get so angry, and it’s a mix of what I said above and these overwhelming desires just to have angry, passionate sex with her.
I love football, but I couldn’t even enjoy the game. When I got home, I cried in the shower for about half an hour.
Please tell me I’m not the only one.
            [–]tentativelylea32, MtF
Ah, yes. The “Do I want to fuck you, kill you or be you?” envyragecrush. Yeah, that’s a thing. Not even just a trans thing, though I think we’ve probably got some special self-loathing twists of our own that we can put on it.
The only cure I know of is getting drunk, listening to Bikini Kill at high volume and dancing around in your underwear.

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  1. OK, I will tell you. You are NOT the only male to trans who hates women. You want to be her–you cannot. You want to FUCK her, out of anger and loathing for yourself, because she is all that you will never, ever be, and you know that deep in your bones. And finally, you want to kill her, because you somehow think you have the right to kill women who are there only to remind you of who you are not, what you are not. For you, women are disposable, worthless.
    Thanks, for reminding us all of who you are: You are a mentally disturbed and dangerous man who hates women. Welcome to a large brotherhood. You fear us. You not only envy us, but you don’t even know what it is you envy, because it is impossible for you to experience the life of a woman, it is something you can never, ever know.
    And somehow, actual women are the cause of your pain? Do you really believe that? If so, you need some serious help. You are deranged. And you are dangerous. You have the mentality of an underdeveloped rapist. You would like very much to be a murderer. How many steps away are you from committing these acts? Or have you already?
    My advice to you: Stay away from women. All of us. Thanks.

    1. Is male rage pain? Me think not. It’s just hate and anger. A far cry from pain. Jealousy is hatred and fuels the pomo bigot. He wants to rape, punish destroy. How horrifying he was sitting with this young woman. Here is the psychopath misogynic al la queer theory. They cover up the dangerous male with a phony premise: one group or person believes they are better than someone else and deserve X while another group is less worthy and has X but is so underserving. Woman? It does not take much to read between the lines—women do not deserve to live because his rage is so much more important. These guys honestly make me want to vomit. Is he fricken kidding? There is no surgery no hormones, no magic on the planet to make this monster anything other than some twisted male. He’s playing porn in some other guys twisted fantasy. My husband is a doctor—hahahahha. These two are probably tanked up on all kinds of poppers and god knows what else—
      How painful he realizes there are humans in the world that he can’t be a girly, even with hair plugs—what a cruel world, the pain. He resents that this girl (he wants to rape) lives at home—okay dude, her mom and dad might love her because she is not a sick monster. His mom and dad I suspect caught on fast and moved far leaving no forwarding address right after they found the family dog skinned, or impaled or whatever the fuck he did. And Kitty is correct. Anytime I hear them threaten suicide or take to their twitter when they have a suicide to feign anguish over it. I just pray they don’t find another body and they didn’t take anyone else with them. I say one less dangerous man.
      One less. Big fucking deal. He cried in the shower— someone should tell him that he should not allude to images of the Bates Motel and expect sympathy.
      Pro tip rapey narcissists don’t get a princess canopy bed from mommy and daddy.

      1. @Motherhood – your pro tip had me rolling lololol!
        What was this creep doing going through her bedroom and closets? I pictured Bob from Twin Peaks sliming around Laura’s bedroom – major heebie jeebies. I’m sure his rapey-murderey vibes were not lost on this woman who had to play host to him- staring at her beautiful, flowing mane of hair while he picks scabs off his hair plugs. He couldn’t even enjoy the game!!!
        And the advice to just to pump up the Bikini Kill and dance in his panties? Pass the eye bleach and Bikini Kill is not about celebrating rape and violence against women, you dumb shit.

      2. “I pictured Bob from Twin Peaks sliming around Laura’s bedroom … ”
        I was just thinking about Bob from Twin Peaks yesterday, Random! While reading commentary on the Dylan Farrow open letter, the image of his face sprang to my mind. The pedophiles and rapists, the deniers and apologists, have come out of the woodwork and are leaving trails of stinking slim all over the internet. It’s truly terrifying. So, I thought of Bob, and the way he crawled around Laura’s bedroom. Just like Woody and his ilk. And this trans guy, too.

    2. You hit the nail on the head there Kitty.
      We are disposable to them.
      This individual seems completely incapable of empathising with another human being. It’s “ME ME ME ME ME!” and what he wants and desires.
      “She got the life I always wanted. The princess bedroom. The prom dress.”
      Maybe she didn’t WANT any of that shit? Maybe it was forced down her throat? How would this rapist-to-be know any of that?
      There is no compassion or understanding in this dude. He is seriously sick.
      “The “Do I want to fuck you, kill you or be you?”
      “Not even just a trans thing” ”
      Maybe not, but definitely a psycho thing. That is some Buffalo Bill shit right there.
      And they wonder why we want them to stay the fuck away from us.

      1. “Maybe she didn’t WANT any of that shit? Maybe it was forced down her throat?”
        when I see all that femmy stuff in a girl’s room, I always assume it was forced on her. i obviously bring my own baggage to such a situation. Amazing that possibility never seems to occur to the tranny.
        and he has the life he wants – gets to live off a dermatologist, and it still isn’t good enough. makes me wonder if anything is good enough for them.
        They seem deeply unhappy no wonder what they do and no matter how they live.

      2. Yeah, and even the less rapist, more “reasonable” voices in that discussion, are speaking from an alternate, empathy-impoverished reality. Like this guy:
        “But you gotta realize that she is a person, and that she might not even be happy. She is 23 so she probably isn’t happy. Being a young (even cis) woman isn’t that easy.”
        See that? The standard for young woman is a male (in a prom dress, crying his eyes out in his princess bedroom). Biological females–i.e., “even cis”–are merely a variation of woman, just a sub-category. He’s generously offering that perhaps EVEN born-and-raised females might suffer a distinctly feminine unhappiness!

  2. Scary and creepy. The post from this horrible man proves beyond all doubt that trannies are extremely dangerous men; they pose a direct threat to the physical safety and well-being of us women. And the responses from the others on that forum were extremely chilling to read – as if it’s perfectly natural for them to express such visceral hatred towards women.

  3. Hate to break this to you, but it’s not just “trannies” who pose a direct threat to us women and have such visceral hatred towards us; it’s very common among men in general. “Trannies” are just typical men in that regard.

    1. I think they’re worse than typical men because they’re almost guaranteed to be flat out psychotic, ready to display extreme narcissistic rage and violence at the slightest “misgendering” (i.e. for no reason); and because it is now practically a “hate crime” if they aren’t given total access to women’s restrooms and every kind of women’s space. These are men whose lives revolve around the fetish of obtaining man-made simulacra of “female” body parts.

      1. transitioning, yeah and all the other feminists cheering them on and encouraging them.
        ‘cis men’ don’t get indulged by feminists the way the tranny males do.

      2. Sure, but they’re the advance troops, doing just what many many of other men want them to do. If they weren’t, they wouldn’t be getting so much support from other men, medical, legislative and social.

  4. I wish I could “like” comments because I loved what KittyBarber said.
    I also wanted to comment on this: “I irrationally hate this girl. I mean, not in the way most women hate other women, like admiring her proportions, wishing they were mine, that kind of thing.”
    What arrogance this narcissistic man has. To sit there at his computer and presume to know (a) that women hate each other and (b) the exact reasons why. In reality, -if- women ever hate each other, it has to do with men. The media and everything around us tells us that we should be at odds with our sisters. Why? Because it is easier to keep the oppressed in line if they are fighting each other instead of you.
    Finally, please notice how he has everything any transgender/transsexual could ever ask for and he is -still- unhappy. Nothing will ever please these men. Nothing.

  5. “I irrationally hate this girl. I mean, not in the way most women hate other women, like admiring her proportions, wishing they were mine, that kind of thing. ”
    That’s not hate. That’s envy. There’s a not-so-subtle difference that’s lost on this dude.
    How telling that he thinks women all hate each other. Maybe we all wrestle in jello while wearing wet t-shirts, too. Or, maybe, because we’re both wearing the same evening gown and six inch stiletto heels (that bitch! how dare she!) we’re scratching each other’s eyes out as we pull each other’s hair, while conveniently baring breast, thigh and anything else this dude jerks off to. Whatever fuels your porn soaked fantasies, sir.
    Motherhood, you’re right. Femininity is a male fantasy.

  6. Self-awareness without empathy, plus a heaping dollop of objectification.
    Yeah, totally like the average woman. And absolutely someone I would want to share a safe female space with.
    Why oh why do the mean bigoted radfems keep insisting that male socialisation is a real and significant thing? Got me beat.

  7. breast implants, hair transplants, laser treatment, f***hole, “finally getting the slender, feminine body I’ve always wanted”.
    As soon as these psychos are able to skin and wear women they will.

  8. Ugh. He must be stalking the poor girl on social media, too. Unless he’s just assuming, how would he know she had a princess bedroom or “THE” prom dress? Who knows that about their husband’s partner’s adult child?

    1. I didn’t notice that but you’re so right. Could just be his own fantasy, but her internet presence is likely full of photos to fuel his inside-out hate-boner. That poor girl.

  9. Got to love the one commenter making a vague pass at empathy with “Being a young (even cis) woman isn’t that easy”. Ahh yes, even those of us born with the incredible social benefits of being an actual female and not a medically constructed parody of one sometimes have it hard. I mean who knows how because obviously it’s one big vagina party over here but I suppose sometimes we break a nail or spill juice on our pretty prom dresses.
    But somehow despite the fact that jealous, violent outbursts are a pound a penny amongst MtFs, large numbers of actual women have yet to wake up and smell the narcissism. Incredible.

  10. “Do I want to fuck you, kill you or be you?”
    Well, we know this already, right? When that certain male gaze takes aim at our bodies, we quickly ask ourselves: does he plan to rape me, murder me, or attempt to hijack my labour, will, thoughts and emotions, and put them in service to his ego, fantasies and compulsions? Most of the time, of course, we ask these questions automatically, unconsciously, and in a split-second, and not as fully-formed words, but as a vague anxiety or pronounced fear.
    When there’s a predator in the room, we instinctively become aware that we are potential prey. I wouldn’t be surprised if this much-hated 23-year-old woman began to perform femininity, with extra effort, in this man’s presence. A reflex, an attempt to mollify the threat, whether or not she knew his real sex. In other words, he probably “triggered” HER defences, which in turn triggered his awareness that he IS inescapably a man, and a violent one at that. Which, because arousal and aggression are the same thing, gave him a phantom hard-on. And now his thwarted compulsions are her fault, he’s the victim, and it all ends in tears and comforting pats on his back.

  11. “I irrationally hate this girl. I mean, not in the way most women hate other women”
    So pretty much, this man and other men: assume that women ‘hate’ each other and are incapable of admiring each other or having role models.
    This was his friends’ ‘child.’ -he doesnt have that filter that tells you it is wrong to think about your friends children as sex objects and how that might affect you friendship. Notice how self centered ‘sexuality’ comes first before any friendship.
    I think his performance of ‘woman’ is way off and sounds like a storyline in a porno/sexist movie written by a raunchy man that reduces any woman in the room as ‘f*ckable, can serve him, or he has irrational hate for.
    When women get angry at each other, contrary to what men think, we don’t automatically pivot to hate in narcissistic- testosterone filled rage like a male. When there is a reason or disagreement. I dont hate women I disagree with, I can say I feel disappointed or sorry for them when we don’t understand each other. When they do something stupid, I think that is punishment enough when it comes back at them or they realize their mistake.
    After giving birth to another human and bringing life into the world, I can not hate other humans on sight in the way this man that fetishisizeses women described. Hating another human for existing in their natural state? Sounds like a mental illness.
    He clearly has a fetish for how younger women look and assumes young women are purposely causing him to think that way because young women exist.. This is like saying, ‘cats are jealous of you for walking on two legs.’
    He is describing this woman existing in her young state as triggering him in the same way women are brutalized/ killed by men in domestic violence, rape, war. Like his feelings = the horror or violent death of a woman at the hands of a violent man.
    This is about a stones throw from a serial killer -killing women that are too pretty, which some mentally ill, violent men do to make themselves feel better because they become confused when they are attracted to another human..
    Looks like Buffalo Bill syndrome and I dont want to be trapped in the womans’ washroom with someone like that.
    Also, I would panic if my young daughter, or any mom’s young daughter was in any room alone with a man that irrationally hates young women for no reason, other then ‘they exist’. When I see young pretty women, like my daughter, I worry about their safety around men with odd fixations on women.

  12. Okay,…This scares the shit out of me. I’m really concerned for the safety of this young woman

  13. This prick is a kind of classic compilation of all of them, from the trannie who said he hated little girls because he never got the “pink bedroom” and “ballet lessons” all of us girls got, (In what universe and how many of us hated the male-identfied femininity forced on us?) to the assumption women all hate each other, to his revealing how even though happily married to a man, he wants to rape the woman he envy/hates. The assumption of ownership of all females oozes from him. His female-hating on the level of wanting us all dead and to skin us and inhabit our femalensess that all of these men pretending to be women reveal. Even the average het rapist man doesn’t take his female-hating to this level.
    We can’t stop them, but if only all the “feminists” who support them would just stop, what a difference that would make. We might actually have a chance of a women’s community without their leering presence. But men always matter more than women.
    Thank you, Gallus Mag, for proving to those who will say, “oh he’s just one mentally ill man/woman,” that he is just one of the most female-hating of all men who call themselves “transwomen,” all revealed in your archives.

  14. Please don’t ever take this site down. For quite a while I’ve felt like the only sane person on the net. I’m about as liberal as it gets, but whenever I’ve commented that I own a gun and don’t want them banned, because rape is illegal and it still happens- The insane amount of hate I get was confusing the hell out of me. I’ve been accused of misandry, been told women rape and molest too. (oh yeah I’m really super worried about that) Anyway thank you so much for this page. Don’t stop posting the truth.

    1. I totally agree with you on the gun issue. Libfems don’t want women to actually take action and protect themselves – the Slutwalk stuff shows they think they can sweet talk or nag men into taking care of them. It’s infantile.
      Males leftists’ love of pornstitution and wanting trans women with the same crime rates as men in our spaces says it all about how much they care about women’s safety.

      1. Jane the county sheriff here went on local news after another woman got raped, and said he locks these animals up, and they get right back out. He then said all women should take a firearm class. I was cheering for a republican for once. He got trashed for saying it, but I respect him. Meanwhile Michael Shure from the youtube channel TYT said that no American needs to own a handgun. When I pointed out that I am not strong enough to fight off an attacker, I get told I’m a paranoid gun nut, and the chance of me being raped is very low. In 1981 my mother was driving from SC to WV, and a friend made her take his gun. She had me in a carseat in the front. On a back road, a man came up to the car after forcing her off the road, pulled out his dick and tried to get in to the car. She put the gun in his face, and he took off. I can only imagine what he would have done to me, after he got through with her. These things absolutely do happen, and I’m sick of people saying they don’t.

      2. Lib fem maybe lib in general have blurred the meaning of rape. Young women do not know what it means anymore and the colleges and Universities have used this to cover up a lot. The line that rape is not sex it is power is an example. No its the sex some guys get off on. And some people have sick sex with others not willing. There are signs on campuses that say–it is not cool to have sex with an unconscious partner. They think it dealing with the problem when it just keeps obscuring it. I have had more than one freshman who is versed in every sex possible by 16 say–I went to a party and drank too much and I think something happened–they have been so violated they can’t even know it anymore.

  15. This trope of “you don’t deserve this body because you don’t appreciate it” we see so often is maybe one of the reasons why the trans cult gets relatively far when interacting with the mainstream culture. It ties so nicely into the obsession with bodies as “achievements”.
    At this place and age bodies aren’t just bodies. They are the outcome of choices and action. It seems largely unquestioned that a) a person is not really her/his body but a person filled inside a bodily vessel and b) every person has the moral (!) obligation to make the best of the vessel. People are morally (!) obliged to be as “healthy” as possible to deserve anything up to life, dignity, health care and normal human relationships.
    Women (men to a lesser degree) are supposed to “work hard” for “their” bodies: may it be by losing weight, training to be “fit” (remember the mother of three boys and her “What’s your excuse?” picture?), feeding herself and everyone in her reach only morally good food, battling illness with mental powers (a school of thought that gave us the “cancer personality”), thus heaping blame on the chronically sick/dying who just “did not work hard enough”, using a baffling amount of products to just maintain a basic status quo of acceptable looks, hiding “shameful” diseases like diabetes which are treated like a moral failure (“If she hadn’t eaten too much bad food…”) etc.
    This may originate in certain christian ideas. I definitely see a line of tradition from the ascetic who seperates her/his body from herself in order to torture the pesky flesh that is such an obstacle for true spirituality, over the ubiquitous stories around the theme of “ugly outside, lovely person with a big heart inside” towards a “you have the looks that you are deserve” of today’s mainstream culture which treats the body like a business card. A medieval saint showed off the scars of self-harm and the emaciated looks of self-starvation as proof they are good people worthy of a place in heaven. We today are supposed to show off our “healthy”, gender-role pre-formatted, optimized perfect bodies as proof we are good people worthy of basic human dignity.
    And in such a world a trans cultists fit in nicely. They have made choices, they set actions, they have “worked on their bodies” and constantly have to keep working on it to maintain the status quo. It is mainstream body hate taken to the extreme, combined with the pseudo-religious belief that if you just work hard enough you can achieve literally everything, and may it be changing your sex.
    (I will not say taken to the extreme end, who knows what we will see in twenty years or so.)

    1. Absolutely, also older women who have grey hair or wrinkles are accussed of “not trying hard enough” because they didn’t spend $100s on wrinkle cream and hair dye. Hence their invisibility, despite the wealth of wisdom they can share. One of the other comments on that thread assured poor Buffalo Bill that it’s perfectly natural to want to rape and kill a woman for perfect body, and “Cis” women are often jealous of transwomen for their “smoking bodies.” What further proof do liberal feminists need that transgenderism is a manifestation of visceral woman hatred?

      1. Yep – or even women in their younger days who just don’t go in for all the femmy clothing, heels, makeup stuff.
        I now have some grey hair (liking it!) and wrinkles, but even when I didn’t, I was always being told that I didn’t “take care of myself” because of wearing comfortable clothing like boys, not shaving, that sort of thing. Supposedly, this would lead to me being unwanted and alone. (It didn’t.)
        If you argue with this “you need to take care of yourself or no one will want you” nonsense, usually you get some sort of response like “but for men it’s different, don’t you know women just all want to depend on a wealthy man with status so they can look ugly if they want but women, they have to look good” – it’s just infuriating.
        Sorry people, but I have my own career. 🙂
        But so it’s just extra annoying when every one of the various popular trans manifesto posts brings up some variant of the “and we make better women than you do” trope. They’re better women, supposedly, because they take the time to paint up their faces and whatever else, and wear skimpy dresses and heels that show off their shaved legs. Just read that post about Spack and the trans beauty queen in the UK – she’s so great because hey, she’s prettier than all the “natural born” contestants. Barf. “Smoking bodies” indeed.
        And then on the other side, we get posts like this one, where someone who will never achieve the standard “beauty queen” look is upset about that, and it’s a travesty, and oh oh oh, and people must cater to my whims and call me beautiful anyway, and all the rest. We must have surgery! To fix it! Because suicide!
        …without much thought to the very real actual women out there who also bought into this beauty thing (perhaps unfortunately, but they did and that’s where they are) who also despair because they too will never be conventionally “beautiful” because they just didn’t pull the “good” cards in the genetic lottery, it happens. But no one is saying that they should have similar plastic surgeries and whatever on the public dime, no one is saying we must call them beautiful lest they commit suicide.
        And yes, I think we need to refocus on the inside. But so much of trans is about superficial looks, passing and all the rest. It’s telling.

      2. I think one of the most ridiculous comments I ever heard from a transgender supporter on the ‘surgery or suicide’ issue was when I said that the surgery was cosmetic- there was nothing medically necessary about any of it, so why do transgender individuals NEED it covered? His response was that it wasn’t cosmetic at all, because it wasn’t the same as getting a boob job(that narcissistic thing that only cis women do, I suppose?). When I pointed out that ‘boob job’ was also part of this non-cosmetic surgery for most trans women, he slunk away from the argument, apparently unable to justify his position without explaining that it’s really about glorifying male fetishes.
        That’s ok. Women know better.

    2. icemountainfire – that is one of the best comments I’ve ever read.
      Bodies as achievements, treats the body like a business card – perfect descriptions. Thank you.

    3. Yes. All the nonsense about eating a “clean” diet, as if it’s not all going to come out the same at the other end, and talking about how “flawless” someone is. With pomo libs one constantly sees fuckability conflated with worth as a human being – the Jos Truitt stuff. The Tumblr trannies whine about being “desexualized” by lesbians. “Your lack of sexual interest in me equals dehumanization.”

  16. I can’t even begin to address what is the most troubling because all of is so virulent and competes and none of it is based in sanity or good will toward any life form.
    I agree and disagree with some of what has been said. For sure I do not attribute a large amount of what these men (who claim they are women) to “societal pressure” to look one way or another. They have in fact conformed and have a life long history of conformity. They are first and foremost conformists. To a certain extent that whole conversation anyway is rooted in not a small amount of narcissistic thinking. And to an even larger extent, is just a version that of we are killing them because society is “discriminating” against them—funny how Jews or blacks do not have some long history of being driven to suicide. This is a male sexual compulsion—it is violent entitled and they have no shame that women are killed or raped—because they hate women. The only leverage is to have autogynaphila out there and it is a whole lot more plausible than the lady brain washed in the frilly hormone bath. And if it is out there then the wives and girlfriends that were each sexually abused by these men will have a path forward that is honest. And they will come forward if they feel protected. Those women know the truth.
    Trans want their own arousal to be taken as seriously as all other male arousal and the only way to do that is to do away with women. I suppose what maybe the case is that there are different patriarchies and there are different misogynies that work in conjunction to each other. The trans patriarchy is not just oppressive (I can do oppressed, and personally look just darling doing it) it is dangerous. These guys are not fucking around. The entire movement is based on the fact that we have lost all measure of honesty and until some of that is regained every time one kills or rapes a woman or a child he will be played to the public as the “rare exception” while every single other one actually identifies with the monster and feels far more empathy for the killer in the equation than the victim. Case in point attorney G Weiss stated in The Advocate that he identifies with the “pain that Kosilek” felt before he killed his wife. Can anyone imagine stating the identify with a killer? Did a single commenter at the Advocate say anything?
    Transwomen meaning males made a tacit agreement with the rest of the male power structures. They get to claim victimhood and in turn then they can murder and rape with impunity because it is all self-defense. And who bestowed womanhood upon them—other men. Male doctors promised them and women have to go along with male expertise. Along a similar line Gay men’s’ misogyny is part of the foundation that Trans uses. And trans fabrication of victimhood works well for gay men to borrow when needed. And the trivialization of hater’s sexual women’s lives and experience also contributes—breeders, having sex with men. Much of Gay ideology lauds values that are masculine and damaging to women. A rather trivial example is all the fake bravery—“coming out at the prom”—which is just some easy attention seeking and does not deserve some big whoopee. The gay male is not a friend to women—not now not ever. Now that little fucker needs to give birth at the same age—maybe in a public toilet and alone. And then come talk about bravery. Much of LBG culture has taken up the cause of trivializing women and replaced it with male goals, standards. Gay men will only ditch these guys when they become either too expensive to support or a PR liability. But as long as they can work the Trans twisted tales of woe and oppression into a need for activism and disguise it as “social justice” they will. Meanwhile for young lesbians it is just uber cool to be a guy. Society at large alone did not make the female repulsive—queer studies contributed their two cents
    Here’s the take away—gender as a social concept, a cultural one just happens strangely enough to meet the biological male sexual arousal triggers and serves to pleasure men—what a radical coincidence.

    1. “…just a version that of we are killing them because society is “discriminating” against them—funny how Jews or blacks do not have some long history of being driven to suicide.”
      Fucking BINGO, baby!

  17. You know how I feel about women younger than myself? I feel protective of them. I don’t care if their figures are slimmer, or their hair looks better, or if they happen to be wealthier than I. I still feel protective of them. Also? I view every woman I meet as a potential friend, a potential ally. I know I’m not alone in that, among women. There’s none of the retrograde bullshit that this psychopath seems to think is part and parcel of womanhood.
    A prom dress…a princess bed…for fucks sake! Tell me again, trannies, how this isn’t a giant fetish. Tell me, so that I can laugh right in your freaky-ass faces.

  18. This should be taken seriously. The 23 year old woman and her family needs to be told and alerted that this M2Ts is entertaining thoughts of raping and killing the 23 year old. A complaint needs to be filed with the police dept so it’s on record and it should be followed up with a restraining order. If it were my loved one, I sure wouldn’t be taking any chances with this psychopath. When a dude says something, trans or not, take him seriously and believe him. Dudes do not have a sense of humor. They’re not kidding. About the only thing that stops a dude from following through is the fear of getting caught – not because he thinks it’s wrong. If he thinks he can get away with it, he’ll go for it.

    1. Yeah, I found those comments pretty worrying. Not to mention disheartening that nobody called him out! WTF, people?
      Then again, given my experience with a Buffalo Bill wannabe on roleplaying game sites, I shouldn’t be surprised. This Fuck You/Kill You/Be You definitely sums up how that played out. Via his ever-expanding collection of sock puppets, he came on to me, threatened to kill me, and tried to dig up as much information as possible so he could pretend to be me. He’s said publicly he wants to cut off an attractive woman’s face and wear it.

  19. Maybe no one noticed it, but there is a comment on that thread which (if you can believe it) is even more disturbing and revealing than the original post: This is from self-described 24 year old transitioned transwoman:
    “Yeah, I’ve experienced a lot of serious issues interacting with trans spaces, everything from hostility (I’ve been told by more than one person my life experience is “triggering” for them and thus that I should leave a trans space we share in common) to sexual assault (which happened in a support group when I was 15). I’m not sure what to do about it . . .”
    I really wonder how it is that this group of disturbed malcontents have not only succeeded in attaching themselves to the LGB community, but also have managed to persuade many smart, politically-aware lesbians to become their staunchest allies.

  20. Is his desire to rape and kill not enough for the trans dogmatics to realize how twisted these trans are?! I am deeply shocked at the level of hatred this thing feels for that woman for the mere reason of her existence! That male will never be happy because he will never, ever be a female in every sense of the word! He’s just a castrated impersonator, and nothing more!
    The more I read about these twisted fucks, the more I wanna scream, and go on a crusade to dismantle the trans agenda!!!!

  21. Oh boy, I was looking through tentativelylea’s posts on their profile:
    “There was also still a lot of separatist feminism lingering from the 70s and 80s — stuff like the Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival, which is kind of a footnote now but was a BIG DEAL then. I’d never encountered any sort of trans-inclusive feminism: as far as I was concerned, the TERF line was the truth and trans women were just ugly funny-looking men in disguises.
    Plus I was pagan, and there was a lot of gender essentialism in paganism back then — all this stuff about how women all have Female Energy and men all have Male Energy, and you have to embrace the God (if you’re a man) or Goddess (if you’re a woman) inside yourself. Now in paganism there’s a lot more nuance to how people talk about gender and sexuality, but back then the stuff I was exposed to was all totally black-and-white.
    Okay, so with all that going on in the background: I hated a lot of stuff about being male. But I didn’t want to admit that I was experiencing anything like dysphoria. So I channeled that hatred into a sort of misandrist philosophy about how all men were total scumbags. Instead of admitting that I personally didn’t like having a testosterone-based sex drive, I told myself “Men are all pigs and rapists, we’re objectively just horny and gross, and those feminists are absolutely right to want nothing to do with us.” Instead of admitting that I personally would rather not have a penis, or body hair, and that I personally would rather have breasts and a uterus, I told myself “Men’s bodies are just objectively ugly and disgusting and violent, and women’s bodies are objectively gorgeous and sacred and nurturing.”
    It took me a long time to admit that I actually liked and respected a lot of cis men, and that there was nothing wrong with being male as a matter of general principle — it’s just that being male wasn’t right for me. ”
    I don’t think we can put reaction gifs in these responses, so just imagine there’s a shot of someone from a popular tv show giving a major eye roll right here.

    1. Oh no, I left out my favorite part, the first paragraph!
      “But okay, I’ll say a bit more. I was in high school in the mid 90s. It was not too long after the whole riot grrl thing happened, and right when Lilith Fair was taking off, and there was a lot of GIRL POWER!-type feminism floating around. I was incredibly envious of all of that, and I desperately wanted to be a part of it.”
      Boo hoo, some women finally had some minor, unofficial artistic space of their own which was starting to be recognized and I felt left out because of my boner.

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