Dr. V's Magical Putter

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Great illustration from the article. Artist: John Tomac
Great illustration from the article. Artist: John Tomac

Image from Dr. V's website
Image from Dr. V’s website

Sample of text and formatting from Dr. V’s Website:

So how does Parallel Axis Linearization “P.A.L”combined with Perceived Aperture Symmetry “P.A.S”,

and nexus with Ergogenic Science Help my Putting?


Simply stated the GX1 or GX1-WB Putters are non-pendulous Putting Platform,

that is neither a Blade nor Mallet designation. It is a Putting Platform, based in Physics.

 To understand Yar Golf’s Putter philosophy,

you first need a soupcons enlightenment of our Flight Program.

 Prop airplanes were left in the dust when it came to the Jets in our Military,

with the obvious alacritous advantage in strike ability with Jets. With the Jet Fighter,

also an unsought of the unexpected.

Just to highlight a few, Costs, Payload, Armaments, and Airstrips Length.

 Langley Field and NACA began parallel growth as air power proved its utility during World War I.

The center was originally established to explore the field of aerodynamic research

involving airframe and propulsion engine design and performance.

Early in 1943 the center expanded to include rocket research,

leading to the establishment of a flight station at Wallops Island, Virginia.

A further expansion of the research program permitted Langley Research Center to orbit payloads.

As rocket research grew, aeronautics research continued to expand and played an important part

when subsonic flight was advanced and supersonic and hypersonic flights were introduced.

With the aforementioned, no longer was seat of the pants airplane designs pragmatic.

Experiments also dictated the fiscal need for Platform Air Frames.

Airplanes are truly engineered on an air frame; the reasons are blandly palpable,

so even though every branch of the Military has different needs and requirements

their share the same airframe on a particular Air Plane and are quintessentially the same.


 Not to transgress into classified nomenclature or systems.

Ex: The landing gear has to be sturdier on airplanes that employ carrier landings,

therefore the additional weight and stress has to be in the calculation for the airframe,

but the MOI and aeronautical Physics

would be the same for its sibling Model in the Air Force, utilizing stationary landing fields..


 So if you are NOT utilizing Yar Golf’s Jet Age Aeronautical Physics Engineering,

I surmise you could correlate earlier Putter designs to a Propeller Plane.

Sure it will eventually get you there,

but somewhere along the line your competitors will be zipping by you with their

Jet Fighter P.A.L GX1 Putter.

When you do your research and the Math, you will agree with our statement.


 “You are better off Playing with it… Than against it”


 Therefore to avoid all that Myopic and unnecessary nonscientific fuddling, the scientist at Yar developed the only Putter on the market that has Near Zero MOI, and integrated human physiology by incorporating P.A.L.

Hence all the pseudo science and setup shenanigans are Gone, and it Ain’t coming back. Yar Mathematics will be copied many times over and it will be the platform of all successful putters and putting methodology in the future.

Enough Said!!!

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    1. I clicked on the twitter link, and just can’t grasp how these folks think. The hashtags are so overdramatic and reactionary. “Cisnormativityismurder”? I’ve never seen a “marginalized” group blame others to this extent for their own inability to cope with difficulties and lack of social acceptance.

    2. “I have the benefits under the freedom of information act the same privileges as federal judges, my anonymity is my security as well as my livelihood.”
      Best pickup line ever (deliver in dactylic hexameter for maximum effect).
      “He tried to get her to change Yar’s confusing website”
      That website is really something else! It does not project the image of a competent venture. It’s like a bad 90s web flashback. I wonder if he created that website himself?
      Check out their headquarters: http://www.yargolf.com/images/2012_Yar_Lab.jpg
      I love that pixelated effect they had their designer achieve with their logos and type on the building. It almost looks fake! Some people are design-blind, which might explain the website, but the headquarters photo definitely goes with the rest of the lies. If you have valid science and a solid product, then why all the lies?
      From shakesville:
      “Hannan distances himself from this tragedy by including in the story the report of a previous attempt at taking her own life made by Dr. V, as if to suggest that her suicide was inevitable.”
      That’s an odd way to look to twist it. As is the entire article, I suppose: oddly twisted. Cisgender, misgender, transphobia, oh heck! Sort of reminds me of Scientology’s bizarre terminology.
      I was really feeling rather sorry and sad for Dr. V. until it got to the part about their suicide being staged in a loved-one’s bedroom. That is a monstrous thing to inflict on anyone, particularly your lover! Whoa, just whoa. 🙁
      I read one book on narcissistic personality disorders (and numerous articles on its association with transgender personality
      disorders) and I start to see it all over. Perhaps the disordered speech hints at schizophrenia? Sort of like Jared Loughner’s writing at Abovetopsecret.com. I researched schizophrenia that long ago and I recall there was a regular occurence of gender identity disorders with schizophrenics (autocastration supposedly has strong links to schizophrenia).

      1. Arg, that twitter link is saddening: I had no idea ‘cishet’ was a word. So sad…
        From twitter (https://twitter.com/rmostman/status/424445730795700224):
        “If same story but with a cishet man, you would have written a very different article”
        Take out the transgender parts and that article still looks mostly the same: lying golf club behaves erratically, swings about the crazy, then creeps into lovers home and kills himself in her bedroom. It was the lies that Dr. V. told that led the author of the that article digging. He provided fake credentials and got called on them. If only he would have been honest about his education and professional history (and all the rest of that phony golf physics stuff).

      2. That WEBSITE! It’s a soupçon of crazy, is what that is. I’m wondering if that site was up before or after that guy decided to invest 60 grand with “Dr. V.” ‘Cause if it was up before? Well, dude, I’m sorry you’re out 60K, but for the love of dog and all things holy, learn to read the LITTLE. RED. FLAGS. Life will go a lot better for ya, I guarantee it.

      3. I laughed at that “headquarters” pic so hard that I had to know what their address really looks like. As you might expect, it looks like what it is: a mail drop in a strip mall. (http://mypostalconnections.com/…can’t really see it from google earth) But hey…things are whatever you say they are, and reality is offensive.

    3. I just thought of something else. The hashtag for this is “JusticeforDrV.” But is “Dr. V” even a doctor?? If there’s no evidence Vanderbilt had any degrees at all, then there’s no evidence Vanderbilt was a “doctor,” right?

      1. If a man can “identify” as a woman, why not let an uneducated person identify as a doctor?

      2. “If a man can “identify” as a woman, why not let an uneducated person identify as a doctor?”
        Exactly. If you look at my brain scans you will see that my brain type is similar to the brain patterns observed in the brain scans of medical doctors. Therefore I am a doctor.
        If I can have everyone’s attention, you must all address me as Dr. Tate. If you don’t I will kill myself.

      3. Doctors have higher suicide rates than any other profession. No one should ever “out” a person’s history of being a medical provider.

  1. I thought you had lost your wordpress account to a squatter or were fucking with everyone at first…
    There’s an XKCD comic that states that sports commentary is basically creating a narrative off of the coin flips of a weighted random number generator. This is why all sports writing that is consider “good” (for better or worse, this is the way it is), really doubles down on the narrative, not the facts (aka random numbers). So of course that’s what the author did. The story of the story is the story and even more so here, where
    “And to do that [survive in the marketplace], Adams says, you need a story to sell. A story that can usually be reduced to five simple words: “Mad scientist invents great product”
    Of course, no one at Shakesville gives a fuck about sports unless someone with a poogina is participating, so of course they think that people read through Sports Illustrated for advanced lessons in physics that have nothing but complex strings of numbers in the text.
    As if that’s what good sports writing (or plain ‘ol writing) is.
    And as if the alphabet soupers aren’t just doing the same thing when they’re suddenly interested in, as a bloc, something they couldn’t give a fuck about when “cis” people are doing it, just because one of their own suddenly has a magical story that MUST BE TOLD for future and justice!11

    1. “I thought you had lost your wordpress account to a squatter or were fucking with everyone at first…”
      I was holding off any commentary/framing in the initial post to allow folks to read it with no preconceptions if they wanted. Possibly a bad plan! lolol

      1. I was wondering just what the angle was, until I got to the part (very early!) where Dr. V is insistent that no one meet “her” or talk about the scientist, only the science. RED FLAG.
        Then the bit about the mixed up accent and voice being lower than expected? MASSIVE RED FLAG.
        Completely aside from the trans angle though, anyone who is going on and on about having all these amazing great credentials but just magically has “reasons” for being unable to provide proof? Yeah. Fakers.
        The website reminds me of the contents of some paper packets (as in, papers stuffed into a manila envelope) I’ve been given by various similar nutters at parties, always with some grand plan for taking over the world or something. I guess I just look welcoming to these people for some reason. So it’s all about the secret research, won’t you read it… yeah, okay, I’ll take a copy of the envelope to get you off my back, and marvel at the crazy later. 🙂 As @AshlandAvenue said above, yeah, that investor really could stand to be a bit more discerning!!

    1. Why am I not surprised? “You hurted my widdle feewings, so I’m going to gather up a mob and beat your ass!”
      Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words require physical retaliation. That’s how that old saw goes, right?

    2. Kinda amazing, when you consider that the article seemed pretty sympathetic to the guy really. Yeah, I get that the “activists” are going to be up in arms about his “exposing” Dr. V, but… he seemed to feel sorry for the sad story of a guy who for whatever reason was just unable to accept himself, more than anything else.
      Of course those activists must hate the idea that in his sympathy the author is clear he finds Dr. V to be more than a bit delusional…

      1. He makes some pointed observations about the stereotypically aggressive, “masculine” behaviours of male transsexuals and trans-activists. But, even as he criticizes the use to which this male forcefulness/violence is being put (that is, in defence of trans politics), he continues to admire the male violence itself.
        The article is a horror show. The comments, even more horrifying.

  2. “Around 11 a.m. on October 18, Jordan walked into the home office she shared with Dr. V and found pieces from her business partner’s jewelry collection laid out on a desk next to some handwritten letters. Each letter explained which friend or family member was to get which piece of jewelry in case of Dr. V’s death. Jordan then noticed that Dr. V’s car was missing. At first, Jordan explained to the police, she didn’t think much of the missing vehicle. Jordan prepared some breakfast and then drove to her nearby apartment. When Jordan arrived and reached her bedroom, she found Dr. V lying on the floor curled in a fetal position with a white plastic bag over her head; an empty bottle of pills sat on the kitchen counter.”
    So Dr. V left an elaborate suicide dramafest at his home IN THE SHARED OFFICE where Jordan would see it, and apparently she was nonplussed. He probably pulled this suicide shit every time she tried to break up with him. Then Dr. V crept on over to his GIRLFRIEND’s apartment to kill himself so she would walk in and find him. UGH. And why was he lying on the floor? Weird. I wonder if he was staging another dramatical attempt and accidentally offed himself. Maybe he didn’t plan on his girlfriend stopping to make herself a delicious breakfast after finding his tiresome drama messages.

    1. I guess this is kinda unsympathetic of me but guys who threaten murder (of themselves or others) to control and manipulate their wives and girlfriends make me sick. Maybe he wasn’t doing that but it seems quite probable by this account.

      1. That was what he was doing–drama–the show must go on. Really interesting. Long but very well researched. Over in Transtown, that quaint little pink village soaked in ejaculate, they are already trashing it. Public Enemy to Trans—truth and women. Well if they defend killers of women and children which they do why not a charlatan in drag.
        The suicide was his Act III scene 2 leave manipulative note (and your crappy jewelry from Wal-Mart—Garage mechanics have exceptional taste) to these men suicide like murder it is the ultimate in destruction and violence. Do they imagine that are punishing people? Maybe that’s how inflated their egos are and distorted their world view.
        I know not a thing about golf or clubs but it would not surprise me if in the future it comes out that this garage mechanic from PA stole the design from someone else. Which is once reason I suspect the journalist went into such detail. If he had no history of invention or creativity past jerking off in heals I would suspect he stole the design—it isn’t likely it just came to him in a dream. So I am betting there is more—I have the same reaction as GM—off yourself. I am going to fry an egg or walk the dogs—they are so boring these guys. On the up side as far as we know he did not murder any women or children.

  3. GUYS if you’re going to kill yourself DON’T do it at your girlfriend’s house or Gallus will talk shit about you after you’re dead!!!

    1. I dunno, can a white dude say “throwing shade” without everyone laughing? I guess so after seeing #justiceforV
      I have to admit that I’m laughing at the idea of that one writer, who said that you had to literally hug Phallon Fox before forming an opinion on Fox’s right to beat up women, being told to “shut up and stick to the science!”
      Where was your science then?

  4. So basically, there was a man named Stephen Krol. He was a loser. He was not college-educated. He had filed for bankruptcy. He had two failed marriages. He would make suicidal gestures to manipulate women. Then, he decided to change his name to Essay Anne Vanderbilt. He falsely claimed to be a doctor and a graduate of MIT and Wharton. He made a website about a special golfing tool, or something. A journalist with an interest in golf came upon this tool and contacted “Dr. V” …. the journalist finds out that Dr. V is not a doctor, not at all educated, etc, and not a woman. …..Stephen Krol (aka fake Dr. V) happens to kills himself in October. The journalist publishes this golf article in January… after the death of the con artist Stephen Krol.
    I came across this story because [removed-GM] is writing about the journalist and how the journalist is a terrible, terrible person. You can see [removed-GM]’s tweets at [removed-GM] But beware, he’s a sociopath.
    [Yes, you- I mean HE is. Links removed due to desperate attention-seeking loser Trans MRA posting outraged links to his OWN loser twitter account. Really pathetic. If you were posting anything people wanted to read you wouldn’t need to desperately seek an audience. Try that, loser. Oh wait you did and failed. Not surprising, if the clunky transparency of this cry for attention is a sample of your “wares”. Keep trollin’ brother. You got nothin’ else. -GM]

  5. Caleb Hannan wrote: “A few days later, Dr. V sent one final email. It had her signature mix of scattered punctuation and randomly capitalized words. Once upon a time I had brushed off these grammatical quirks, but now they seemed like outward expressions of the inner chaos she struggled to contain. ”
    Yes, “inner chaos,” indeed! The sample text you provided from Dr. V’s website is quite revealing, I think. The centred text, the senseless line breaks, spacing and capitalization, and the inflated and obscure language (“the obvious alacritous advantage in strike ability with Jets”). It’s not just eccentric; it’s bizarre and unsettling.

  6. Obviously, Dr. V had some mental health issues. Obviously, Caleb Hannon understood this fact early in his “research,” which makes it all the more disgusting and irresponsible that he pursued the “story.” “ZOMG get a load of this crazy person!” WTF?
    Being unbalanced or delusional is not a crime. Being mtf is not a crime. Designing and producing a golf club and convincing people that it’s great is not a crime. Being ridiculously dramatic and grandiose? Not a crime!
    Attempted suicide…well, that’s probably against the law in Arizona, but that’s not what prompted Caleb Hannon’s “investigation.”
    Dr. V’s personal life and demons or issues or whatever you want to call them have zero news value. She was not a public figure and desperately did not want Caleb Hannon to turn her into one.
    Hannon’s article is long-winded salacious gossip that serves no purpose other than to ridicule a dead person. I’m disappointed to see feminists applauding this crap and crowing about Dr. V’s suicide.

    1. I’m not crowing about his suicide. I think it’s horrible- and that he probably intended to be found before he died, as he had managed previously. I’m especially glad he didn’t kill any women or children.
      How do you think the journalist should have reported the story? Should he have said “this person has no science background and I can prove it, but for reasons of his privacy I’m not going to?”
      How would this story have been reported ethically, in your view?

      1. Fundamentally, Caleb Hannon’s story is: “Marketing hype does not always factually represent a product. Lots of times, people just make this stuff up to sell golf clubs or whatever. Like those stupid wrist magnets that supposedly improve your endurance.”
        As a story, that’s a yawner. Who cares? What next? An investigation into whether athletes who drink Gatorade *actually* sweat Gatorade, as the advertisements lead us to believe?
        Hannon could’ve told the story without mentioning that Dr. V was trans* or mentally unstable. He could’ve focused on the golf club — for example, who’s using it and why? What do critics and competitors say about it? What do independent tests show? Is it really an effective club worth the money? …oh, and by the way, the sciency marketing hype is all hogwash (in case you were unable to deduce that yourself) and, by the way, I have found no proof to support Dr. V’s claim of a successful career in science.
        Instead, Hannon made it inappropriately personal about Dr. V…and about himself, as if he were personally aggrieved that Dr. V had once been a man, as if Hannon had been duped (when he hadn’t even met her yet.) He was on a mission to “expose” a wrong. What wrong? An imaginary wrong.

      2. I can’t tell from the article whether it was all set to go to print, complete with doxxing and talk of “Dr. V’s” past mental health issues, before Krol’s death (and that’s why he was upset), or if the doxxing and mental health stuff was added after he died. Because if it was before, yeah, I’m not comfortable with that. He just wasn’t an important enough person to warrant that kind of exposure. I mean no slur against him as a human being by that, but rather, that the guy wasn’t exactly running for president or prime minister or anything, in which having fragile mental health could have serious consequences.
        However, had I been the author of this article, I definitely would’ve written about not being able to find any proof of “Dr. Vanderbilt”, or his esteemed education and work history. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with exposing hucksterism, either. Golf clubs can be extremely expensive, and as a consumer, if I found out that the inventor and marketing of a product was built entirely of lies (more than the usual B.S.), yeah, I’d look a little deeper before spending my money. Same definitely goes if I were an investor looking to give this guy some capital to manufacture the product. When did “buyer beware” become wrong?

      3. Except that’s exactly what the story is! The putter is obviously quite an improvement over others, but that’s not a story — that’s only something that well-spent marketing dollars and promotion can buy as to whether or not people believe it.
        The eccentric creator became the story by virtue of their bizarre behaviour. I found that the fact that Dr. V was trans to be entirely incidental to the story, even though the author is very obviously trying to paint some lines between being trans and being mentally unstable. Perhaps you’re responding to the fact that the article doesn’t feel 100% unbiased. Clearly the author’s personal opinion soaked into it, but I don’t necessarily think they intended it to. It just became a more interesting angle once they got into the story. For heaven’s sake, they even refer to Dr. V as “she” for the piece.

      4. @a reader – I agree with you. Reading the article it seemed to me that Dr. V brought on all this attention by being so over the top secretive and demanding.
        He faked his degrees, which got people looking into his past. At that point, the fact that he won’t let anyone meet him just really is asking for someone to dig into that backstory. Add to that the whiff of “crazy” that comes off in his writing, and yeah, I’m not surprised this guy dug in.
        Meanwhile, I wonder how things would have gone if Dr. V had been more HONEST, give all the science behind the putter (which apparently does work, or at least has a different style that some golfers will prefer, as the author of the piece noted it did have a very different feel to it) and maybe even just allude to “degrees” but not try to go for broke and claim such a famous background that ANYONE is going to want to check up on. And hell, what if he had been open (or at least not paranoid about hiding) his trans status? If he shows up at 6’3″ and looks mannish (who knows, there were no pics and I’m not interested to find any) and someone starts up with “that’s a man, baby” just acknowledge it or just blow it off/refuse to engage?
        Heck, he probably could even sell the mechanic angle, as look here I’m an ordinary American person without any fancy degrees but rather solid hands-on mechanical knowledge and yet I made a better putter than all those fancy names (that sort of narrative sells well in some circles) if the putter holds up and the pros like it.
        It’s all the elaborate “I worked for the B2 and the reason I can’t prove it to you is ALSO a super-spy type story of intrigue!” business that draws the doxxers.
        And for what it’s worth, it seems the attitude of the author is not one of anger or hate but just sort of a bewildered feeling sorry for what is obviously one disturbed individual With Issues. Whom he calls “she” the entire time.

    2. Also, the practice of re-creating oneself as a fictional self in additional to a fictional sex is not unusual in the least. I can think of a number of widely reported cases of “transwomen” who were fake police officers, fake physicians, fake gynecologists, etc.

    3. Wait, did we even read the same article?? You can market a product and “convince people that it’s great” and that’s not a crime, but it IS a crime, or at the very least some kind of fraud, to claim you have a bunch of physics degrees that you don’t have, and a bunch of scientific expertise that you don’t have, and use THOSE LIES to con people into investing in your fake product. THAT is the real story of this article.

      1. Yes, and the writer probably found that the ‘woman’ was a man and pretending to be a scientist at the same time, probably something like this:
        1) look up the female name
        2) find no record of it, except possibly a record of a name change.
        3) look up original, male, name.
        4) find that man did not have any degrees either.
        It’s a matter of being thorough; after all, theoretically, a person could get degrees, and then a name change, and not have it well documented that the newly named person has all of those degrees too.

      2. She was very off point and completely ignorant of what is and is not illegal. Also, “buyer beware” does not mean what she thinks it does. Turnabout is fair play, don’t lie to people and worse threaten and attempt to intimidate people because you are too damaged to function.

  7. It’s funny (ha ha!) how in transland, only the so-called “victim” is considered. The women and girls in a locker room being flashed? The woman garotted when she confronted her husband about wearing her clothing? Or in this case, the investors who will never see a dime of their money, or heaven forbid, the family members affected by the delusional “Dr.” V? In every case, the real victims don’t matter, only the trans, no matter how screwed up, perverted, delusional, murderous, etc. They simply can do no wrong.
    When I read between the lines, I see a chain of people too terrorized by “Dr.” V to speak up. And from her writing– which is eerily familiar in tone and format to me– I see an extremely clever paranoid schizophrenic. The reason I say this is that my sister is one. Like most paranoid schizophrenics she refused medication and like some, she is brilliant. But she’s never been able to hold a job, she stalks and intimidates people she sees as threats, and she thinks she is being hunted by the mafia. And her writing is chaotic, unstructured and full of unusual vocabulary, usually used incorrectly. And then there are the family members who seemed scared to talk to the author. I can imagine the threats she leveled against the ex-wives and their overriding need to keep their children insulated from the crazy. My sister has done plenty to harm my parents, at work, at home, everywhere. As a result I insulate my kid from her. That’s how I read the family members in this story who wouldn’t cooperate with the author. It wasn’t that they were protecting “Dr.” V. It was their families they worried about.
    The author wonders why Dr. V. didn’t behave like the usual scammer– there was no taking the money and running, but a person who really believed in the product but who was unable (due to paranoia, etc.) to take it further. And who sabotaged himself by telling lies.
    The thing is for a paranoid schizophrenic delusions are the truth. And that makes it even more interesting that transland is taking up for this “victim.” They show exactly the same delusional behavior, but focused on their genitals.

    1. Just wanted to add:
      And in both cases– “Dr.” V’s and trans in general– we are just expected to go along with the delusion. Sorry, but when an investor or journalist is told they are not allowed to ask any questions about the inventor of a glorious new tool, alarm bells should be going off. They did, for the author, and he had every right to investigate. And the same is true for the rest of us, who are told time and time again that we must not ask any questions about the trans, that we must suspend our disbelief. Or clearly, we’re transphobic.

      1. Cerulean, thanks for sharing your experiences. You made this article even clearer. And like Morag, I’m sorry you’ve had to go through that.

    2. cerulean blue,
      Excellent insights from your personal experiences and from reading between the lines of Hannon’s article. I agree with you that sounds as though Dr. V’s family was emotionally exhausted and terrorized.
      (I’m sorry that your sister is so ill, and that her illness has been so hard on you and your family.)

    3. Imagine the years of terror: “I have done things and am capable of doing awful things you cannot imagine”, “I have the same security clearance as judges and black ops blah de blah”, etc. The horror.

  8. Hannan did absolutely nothing wrong. When confronted with unusual developments he resorted to investigative journalism because, duh, it’s his job. Dr. Vs strange behavior was designed to attrack attention sooner or later, the only reason it didn’t was because of his successful putter invention. At the same time, the article wasn’t written to mock and ridicule, in contrast, Hannan expresses pity for someone who had serious psychological problems.
    I also cannot understand why it’s not supposed to be important that Dr. V was transgendered. It was probably a prominent factor in the house of lies he built up. In fact he bothered one of his co-workers so much with intrusive comments about breasts and genitals that a harassment claim was filed. How big are the chances that born-women need to resort to such things? Moreover, everything the guy did was to divorce himself from the person he once was and “becoming a woman” might have been just one step in this process.
    He also seems to have been quite an unpleasant person what with the personalized suicide messages (which I have always thought of as passive-aggressive guilt-tripping, tbh) and the constant aggressive attempts to gain recognition he actually knew he didn’t deserve. So, of course, he killed himself when it was obvious that his reputation went down the gutter. Transgender had nothing to do with that (except, as I said, as one component of his desire to get rid of his past).
    Of course, if you believe that transgender is an in-born (sexual) orientation, you cannot allow any discussion of this to surface. It must be censored to ensure the belief in biological pre-determinism (despite its utter misoyny) and a victim ideology. And, yes, the whole political transgender apparatus with its many obviously disturbed individuals needs to the latter to gain political acceptance. They don’t want to realize that in the end much of their gains are based on the pity and understanding society has at hands for unstable males. Even Hannan does not lose one word about the damage Dr. V might have caused in regards to his relatives, colleagues and girlfriend.
    (Btw, Shakesville is a complete clusterfuck. It’s impossible to have a productive, critical conversation since anyone disagreeing with the basic premises of an article has to compose an elaborate excuse for his/her opinion first.)

  9. So Hannan uses all the “right pronouns” but they are still crying murder because someone who had previously attempted suicide is successful at it?
    And why is the fact that he’s outed as trans a thing? He’s trans and the press uncovered it. How come this doesn’t extend to other things? How come no body bitches when the press uncover sexual affairs, when the press publish what the NSA is doing? Didn’t you know that the NSA identified as a citizen protection service and by uncovering and publishing all the nefarious shit they were doing harms that identity? JEEZ!!!11111ONEONE
    Some of the people having affairs with celebrities (or politicians, athletes etc) are normal people. Why does nobody crow about them being outed as adulterers (or people complicit in adultery)?
    People kill themselves when their affairs are made public, spouses of the participants sometimes kill themselves. Maybe we shouldn’t publish anything in case someone kills themselves.
    Investigative journalists investigate. It’s like having the Gotham Gazette uncover Batman is Bruce Wayne but they can’t publish it because Batman no longer ‘identifies’ as Bruce Wayne. Batman is still Bruce Wayne and visa versa. Stephen Krol is Dr WhatThefuckEver Vanderbilt. That doesn’t change.
    If Pol Pot decided he now identified as Mr Fluffykittens does that mean we’re not longer allowed to talk about Pol Pot in reference to him? Does it erase what he did and who he was?
    NO, IT FUCKING DOESN’T…unless he is trans.
    Stephen Krol was obviously very ill. He lied about who he was to himself and to other people. He lied about his credentials and his education.
    He then killed himself.
    Why the outrage? If your sense of self worth is so low that you can not cope with criticism (criticism, not relentless bullying/psychological torture) then you need help. You should seek medical/psychological help. It is not societies job to coddle you and go along with whatever you say. YOU are in charge of your own life, it is not my responsibility what you do.

    1. “If Pol Pot decided he now identified as Mr Fluffykittens does that mean we’re not longer allowed to talk about Pol Pot in reference to him?”
      Brilliant analogy. There’s a quasi-religious flavour to some of these transition narratives, isn’t there? As if the transition itself–laying to rest the “dead” persona and adopting a new, pure one–were a spiritual process of absolution, baptism and confirmation. Non-believers, therefore, are committing a type of blasphemy or sacrilege, e.g., “cis normatively is murder.”

      1. The weirdest(?) part to me are the most extreme people who are now insisting that if someone transitions, people must RETROACTIVELY use the target sex pronouns and the new name to talk about the individual in the past, long before transition, long before any idea of transition even occurred to the individual.
        Case in point: Bradley “Chelsea” Manning. Check out the “talk” on his Wikipedia page, if it’s still all up.
        This is taking far enough that even people who are 100% favorable and fawning over the whole Official Trans Narrative are starting to raise objections, because it just plain makes past facts unclear. In Manning’s case, his Wikipedia page was edited to refer to him as “she” and a girl in the past, leading to weird things where Manning felt freakish for being too short at 5’2″ and the like – while 5’2″ is a perfectly normal height for a girl, so people would get confused. A 5’2″ boy, on the other hand, people can understand he might be on the extreme short end and feeling freakish about it.
        This is completely aside from all the people who are having their own memories and experiences rewritten – he had girlfriends in his past, he wants them to refer to those relationships as lesbian relationships now? Nothing wrong with lesbians (obviously) but that’s not the experience those girlfriends had at the time.

    2. @ Adrian
      Exactly. If Neil Armstrong transitioned is he now the first woman on the moon?
      If Barack Obama became Betty Obama does that make him the first female president too?
      The whole thing is fucking stupid. Their whole premise is incredibly flimsy.
      Doing reading about brain scans just proves how crazy they are.
      I was reading a study on this man (Fallon was his last name) who saw that his brain MRI showed that his brain was (more?) similar to that of psychopaths and criminals. He was an esteemed Neurologist and had never committed a crime. By trans logic, because he has that brain pattern then he is a criminal. He even admitted that he had some hallmarks of psychopathy. Admitting those traits makes you one according to trans.
      However, there is no magical empathy centre devoid in the brain of psychopathic individuals. Briain scans show great variation. They noticed certain areas of difference between “normal” and psychopathic and then deduced that those areas were responsible for lack of empathy? That doesn’t make sense. There could be thousands (if not millions) that share a brain pattern like that. They are not all necessarily killers, rapists and murderers.
      Then they do the same when comparing male/female brains and deduce the same thing. There is no “female” brain. It’s a spectrum! There is no female element to my brain that makes it different from my twin brother’s.
      You know what the primary difference between myself and my brother is?

  10. The whole trans -component does not even become a factor until late in the story when a journalist was attempting to make sure the story had all of the facts. It is not at all unreasonable for an article that looks at science to want facts about the alleged scientist putting forth the psychobabble.
    I did get a kick out of the claim in one of the last emails that the author “was about to commit a hate crime.” Last I checked, reporting the truth is NOT a hate crime, except maybe in the delusional gardens of Magical Unicorn Land.
    And interestingly enough, even the cryptic notice of the suicide made not of there “being one less con man.” And THAT is what trans is ALL about when one distills to its basic essence…trying to be a snake-oil con-artist salesman…

    1. LOL 🙂
      I won’t deny that halfway through the article I was wondering if the whole idea of the putter having a HOLE in it was going to be snarked on…

  11. Fascinating. I read the whole thing before reading the comments here. I still cannot figure out if the putter is any good. The article seemed to focus on golf and the putter more than anything. (I thought it might be an early April fool’s joke from GM for a while reading about all that golf).
    The reaction of the trans community is so over the top. I’m sorry that this person was mentally ill and committed suicide. (I’m sorrier for the family and friends, though). The unusual use of words is a tip off that this is a serious mental illness. I don’t know why the trans community is ignoring the fact of a serious mental illness and focusing on the trans issue. It takes the focus away from the real issue. They are using a person who was suffering to further their agenda. That’s what they are accusing the journalist of doing, but it is what they are doing. Schizophrenia or some Borderline Personality Disorder with delusions and paranoia. A family member (by marriage) was Borderline and delusional. Does a lot of damage, too. Conditions like this need compassion, but also warning people away until treatment works to stop the harmful symptoms. No reason to make use of the person for your own agenda. Primarily this person was not trans, but schizophrenic or something equally severe.
    If the putter is really that good, I can see a reason to report on the story of its inventor. If it’s not, it’s good to warn people of a scam. Or if the person stole the idea from someone else.

  12. GAH. If the trans community had any sense at all, they would NOT use this case as their personal pariah. There are so many reasons why this is NOT a case of transphobia. This is a case of fraud, that happens to involve a trans person. Not exactly someone with clean hands.

  13. >> This is a case of fraud, that happens to involve a trans person
    But isn’t the whole trans narrative a case of fraud? I was thinking of this today – there’s no such thing as transsexual or transgender – there is only trans-stereotype…passing itself off as transsexual or transgender. I saw the dumbest thing the other day – a young man was “detransitioning” back to male from female – he stands in front of a mirror, after having cut off his hair, and he’s like “this is the way it’s supposed to be” – now that he’s a male again, he doesn’t HAVE TO have long hair, that takes a long time to fix in the morning. Newsflash, you CAN be a man and have long hair, that takes a long time to style in the morning – and a woman CAN have SHORT HAIR, that takes no time at all in the morning to style, ’cause she doesn’t give a crap what her hair looks like!!!! It has nothing at all to do with gender OR biological sex! It’s just a bunch of stereotypes in your fucking head!!!!!
    It really angered me a lot – it’s like these academic feminists, insulated by their financial stability and being on campus, can indulge in fantasies of the “ideal trans” – while everyone else who doesn’t live so wonderfully on a college campus, has to deal with “real trans.” Like Dr. V’s ex-wives and children. It just enrages me. I dated a man who had gender dysphoria – he said to me he didn’t want to be a man. But I answered a personal ad that said, “MEN looking for WOMEN….” He had a lot of emotional problems. He was COMPLETELY focused on wanting to wear women’s clothes (who cares??!!!! wear what the fuck you want), how people reacted to him, not wanting their children around him, he just didn’t give a SHIT about anything else…not wanting to be a man was the total obsessive center of his life. I mean seriously. YOU NEED SERIOUS PSYCHOLOGICAL HELP, if your WHOLE LIFE IS BUILT AROUND YOUR GENDER IDENTITY!!!!!!
    Then there was this other man, who liked to wear women’s lingerie when he had sex – I JUST LAUGHED when he showed me the women’s lingerie he wanted to wear when we had sex (we hadn’t had sex yet). He said he wanted to know how I really felt about it, and I just laughed. He said: “If you can’t take this seriously, then maybe you should leave.” And I left! And I didn’t give a FUCK! It angers me that a female friend fixed me up with him, WITHOUT TELLING ME he liked to wear women’s lingerie. Correction: He wouldn’t have sex with you unless he was wearing it. I mean, who fucking cares?
    Anyway, I don’t know why I’m ranting and raving about this. These stupid fucking assholes. I was reading the comments they were making about this journalist’s reporting, like it’s his fault this guy committed suicide! OH C’MON you self-centered fucks!!!!!
    I think I’ve just reached peak trans. I thought I was there already, but apparently not. NEWSFLASH: YOU ARE NOT WOMEN. YOU WILL NEVER BE WOMEN. YES YOU ARE DELUSIONAL.

    1. “But isn’t the whole trans narrative a case of fraud?”
      I would say the trans theory that involves “brain born in the wrong body” is false, yeah. I can understand someone feeling dysphoria maybe, but that doesn’t mean they’re “really” the other sex “in their brain.” So yeah. Fraud.
      But people will argue on that issue, I take my side yeah, but that’s at least a restricted argument people can have.
      Point is, this guy isn’t even a good poster case for that discussion, because the “trans” thing is FAR from his only fraud. And probably it’s his other fraud that attracts people to look into his past, whereupon oh hey look, It’s a Man, Baby.
      All those people who are frantically taking up this guy’s cause seem completely blind to the idea that what attracted all the doxxers isn’t even his transness, but the fact that he fakes his degrees (and not just any vague “I have a degree” but of course it has to be degrees from the most famous places) and when pressed, his cover story itself is fully of the most cliched “I can’t talk about it because it’s THAT COOL AND SECRET” which is like honey to any sort of investigative reporters.
      Granted, in hindsight it seems he was less than mentally healthy in ways separate from anything trans, so maybe he WAS actually that clueless, but any halfway smart fraudsters would never make such an eye-catching fake story as his, because they know that standing out is what causes people to dox you.

      1. Point is, this guy isn’t even a good poster case for that discussion, because the “trans” thing is FAR from his only fraud.
        Come to think of it, both the gender dysphoric and the cross-dresser I knew LIED about other things in their lives as well. (claiming a glamorous source of income, when they were on public assistance, etc). So actually, Dr. V might be the PERFECT poster case for transgender fradulence in a number of different areas of their lives, and not just the trans delusion. Really, I would like to see some studies done, before assuming that “I’m a woman trapped in a man’s body” doesn’t USUALLY or FREQUENTLY co-exist with other delusions.

      2. @NevermindWhoIAm – I just think he’s a bad example to use for someone “outed as trans because some mean editor just has it in for trans people!!” as so many of his supporters are trying to do right now.
        Which is just because he had such the pile of lies going on that his “gender” lie was only one in the big pile and possibly not even the brightest one. The doxxers were pulled in by the crazy B2 story, and looking into that, hey, found the trans thing.
        I.e., even more than in some other cases, I think his behavior brought on the doxxing. Behavior unrelated to the trans thing, even. Once the trans thing was uncovered, well hell yeah the reporter is going to mention it, because as you say it’s just another one of the deceptions going on.
        …though of course as usual the supporters are all about how that one deception is magically different…

  14. “Gender” is a lie. “Gender identity” is a lie. Men becoming women is a lie. If one can base his whole life, and everything about him on a foundation of lies, it it any shock that that there are other lies in the background?
    Mental illness is a fact, and if a person’s own view of himself is so screwed up that he actually thinks he’s a woman, why wouldn’t he believe he’s also a physicist, designed the Stealth bomber, and is a member of one of the wealthiest families in the world?
    We are expected to believe that this man was really a woman ‘born into the wrong body,’ but all the other lies he told about himself are lies.
    It’s almost tiresome.

  15. Do you know about Chloe Sagal? Sagal’s a male-to-female transsexual who started a Kickstarter to pay for surgery due to a car accident. Turned out she wanted it for SRS.
    Once the fraud was uncovered, she tried to commit suicide and posted video online.
    And of course the reporter who uncovered the fraud got fired for outing a transwoman. Don’t know how you’re supposed to explain that someone committed fraud in order to fund their sex change without ever mentioning that the con artist’s trans.

    1. Yep – I remember that going all over tumblr. It was rather satisfying to read the takedowns of the whole situation elsewhere.
      Speaking of which, if you dig around on a lot of tumblr blogs that have some donation button open for “necessary medication” or else some sort of surgery (with a sob story about not having insurance and etc etc) VERY often it’s all about hormones and SRS. If someone points that out or even just asks “this is about hormones right?” they go ballistic. If called on the “life-threatening” thing, you get the usual “but if I don’t have hormones/SRS I will kill myself!!!1!!”
      …i.e. Chloe Sagal’s story made bigger news because of being somewhat well known, but there are hordes of others pulling the same thing.
      Aside from that are the endless donation buttons about the desperate “necessity” to get an entire new wardrobe, because gosh, I don’t have any panties or bras or anything I need to be a real girl!
      I guess people are free to donate to whatever causes they want, but the entitlement is just amazing.
      But basically the moment someone on the internet starts claiming a need for some “life or death important surgeries” that just MAGICALLY for unknown special “reasons” won’t be done by any hospital or emergency room even, you should start suspecting it’s all about a ploy for SRS.
      …or perhaps I’m just cynical. But I’ve just seen too many.

  16. The media are a big part of the problem. Example: Huffington Post, a supposedly liberal news outlet, has articles every day about women who have “wardrobe malfunctions” and all other kinds of misogynist garbage. Or about what women are wearing or something about how women look. They trash women many times daily. But they are ever-ever-ever so PC when it comes to trans stuff. Occasionally they pay lip service to misogyny when it comes to something like the genderfication of children’s toys. Their regular “feminist” voices are all of the fun-fem variety from what I can tell. So sexaay, so genderfied.
    A reader can only conclude that they are into gender in a huge way. They are in love with gender and all things gender. It’s all about gender for them. It undercuts women and they just don’t care. Not a bit. There are a zillion other papers like them. All gender, all the time. Of course they buy the trans story. Sticking up for gender is their business.

  17. If it were anything other than gender identity that was revealed, this wouldn’t be anywhere near the shitstorm it has become.
    Let’s say every other component is the same (lies about academic and military history, drastic name change, family connections, etc.), but instead of being trans, “Dr. V” was descended from a sibling of Hitler’s, and was deeply ashamed of that connection. If, after all the oh-so-tempting “don’t look into my background” statements, the writer had unearthed that terrible secret, the outcome would have been vastly different. Chances are, there would be no suicide (threatened, attempted, or accomplished), and there wouldn’t be a public outcry, complete with days of tweeting threats, outrage, and insults at the author.

  18. It is truly disturbing how willing trans people are to not only ignore but actually facilitate the mental health issues of people who claim a trans identity. Krol seems to have been in evident need of psychiatric care but because one of his delusions was that wearing a skirt and changing his name would make him somehow no longer male, everything about him is sacrosanct. You see this kind of behaviour all over, from autogynephiles manifesting every symptom of narcissistic personality disorder to young women being convinced that their depression, self harm and/or eating disorders are indicative of them being ‘really men’. I really worry about the eventual fallout of all this.

  19. If there had really been a female scientist ( much less a red-headed, 6’3″ mini-skirt wearing one) from MIT who worked on the B2, we would have all seen her on Oprah. This guy made up credentials to sell his product, and when busted, killed himself. The Trans part seems like an bonus feature. If the Trans part was omitted, the story is the same–faker fakes, is found out.

  20. Reblogged this on Rethinking "Gender Identity" and commented:
    A logical extension of the “gender identity” doctrine is epitomized in the life of “Dr.” Stephen Krol, who was a self-identified Ph.D. from self-identified Massachusetts Institute of Technology, a self-identified defense contractor working on self-identified top-secret classified programs, who called himself “Essay Anne Vanderbilt”, a self-identified member of the aristocratic Vanderbilt clan, and a self-identified “woman.”
    A journalist uncovers his fraudulent credential, he commits suicide, and now the “transgender” activists threaten the journalist for doing what journalists are supposed to do. Interesting how being a “self-identified woman” is apparently beyond criticism, when being a “self-identified Ph.D.” is not. Double standard, betcha.

    1. ‘Transgender People Are Paying The Price For The Media’s Willful Ignorance’ (http://www.buzzfeed.com/saeedjones/transgender-people-are-paying-the-price-for-the-medias-willf)
      The media, who is generally, almost always, transgender trumpeteers, really need to stop criticizing anyone who might now or once or might well be transgendred.
      Somehow the meat the of story, the bizarre, unstable, lying fraud that that dude was, is not worth reporting on because they partook in cross-sex hormones and perhaps extreme cosmetic surgery.
      I was going to ask if Buzzfeed was generally known for low quality cheerleader crap like this, then I checked out their main page: it’s like a braindead pop culture toilet.
      Pro tip #12: reading the comments will instantly transform one into a hardened misanthrope. Ohmygawd, y’all, don’t read the comments if you like to maintain low tones.

      1. Christ. Sorry, but I read a few. From the comments:
        “My 15 year old is trans and let me know at age 4. He is on hormone blockers, testosterone and just had a double mastectomy.”
        A four-year-old girl let her mom “know” she is “trans.” A four-year-old! Many children that young still can’t control their bladders; yet, here are parents handing over the controls to their babies instead of educating and protecting them from harm. This is abandonment–a dereliction of duty. She had her daughter sterilized. She allowed a doctor to cut off her teenage daughter’s healthy breasts. The people commenting are congratulating her on what a great parent she is.
        I hope I live long enough to see the end to this kind of neglect and abuse of children. It’s brutal, unforgivable, irreversible. For now, I’d settle for seeing an end to the mindless celebration of physical and psychological butchery. Madness. That poor little girl–my heart is sick.

  21. I was thinking about the hypocrisy of demanding to be able to modify one’s body however one pleases without any limits from doctors or the law or society, yet taking it to its ultimate conclusion and ending your own life, is always blamed on others, as if the person always was pushed into it. If one is willing to have such extreme surgery and change one’s body to such an extent that they consider themselves another person, isn’t ending their life just a question of degree?

    1. Heartless as it sounds, it seems a logical progression. I imagine there’s a point many reach, where the complete life remake fails or ceases to satisfy, and where do you go from there?

    1. Very surprising that Dana Beyer of all people is going against the trans, inc. message.

      1. He is just keeping himself in attention getting mode. The good doctor would weigh on Elephant Man bones at auction. Also he may realize that editors and writers are getting rather sick of the Trans bullshit and savvy enough to bring the whole thing down. If Trans wants equality than they will have to live with stories getting coverage that exposes the violence, the fraud and the insantiy of their behavior. The stories of the poor baby Trans that are just pink victims does not ring very true after several journalist are showing the death around the internet to their fellows. Also this journalist was a man and they carry a lot more weight. Beyer is doing damage controll–I mean some huge fraud story and another wacko brandishing an erection for 70 year old women in the Y changing room does not add up to the saddest most oppressed group evah–IMHO

      2. @Motherhood
        I wonder how successful the damage control will be in the long term. Because there are also sick people who deny that sexual dimorphism actually exists. It really suprised me what a big step back trans activists and their allies made. There are people who are angry at archaelogists (!!) because they dare to look at human bones and find out their biological sex instead u know giving a fuck about what “identity” these people had in the past. It’s absolutely crazy. I wonder when this will transition from an internet phenomena to a real life problem.

      3. “There are people who are angry at archaelogists (!!) because they dare to look at human bones and find out their biological sex……..”
        Okay, expect to see womens history stolen as well, when a female skeleton found with a sword, say, or some other symbol of powere, will now be interpreted to mean the existence of a transman in celtic britain.

  22. As if we needed more evidence of just how seriously deranged trans activism has gotten, the official tumblr trans line now seems to be that this journalist vindictively KILLED!!! a trans ‘woman’:
    (link broken intentionally; remove the extra dots)
    They are literally claiming that this six foot four late transitioner was in ‘deep stealth’! Maybe he shouldn’t have lied about literally every aspect of his life and made-up his entire sales pitch if he didn’t want anyone to poke around the obvious absurdities.

    1. The cultural left is just sending the message that they don’t expect certain classes to act like sane adults, ever. It’s deeply insulting if you think about it, but by doing so they weaponize these classes to keep the rest of us in line. Male leftists pretend that only the right does that, but as we’ve discussed many times on this blog, the male left has long inflicted this sort of low-level terrorism on us. It’s just getting more intense.
      I’m hoping trans’ “nothing about us without us, and nothing critical about us ever” motto will backfire on them. As craven as the MSM is, I don’t think they’re fully aware of how extreme and crazy even the “moderate” MTF activists are. Eventually MSM outlets may consider them too much of a liability to even mention, but how many women have to suffer before that happens?
      I don’t watch Rachel Maddow anymore, but until at least recently she never mentioned them at all. I’ve seen some Tumblrtrans complain about that.

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