“Katie Couric’s Gaffe”: otherwise known as When Female and Male Trans Collide

This is too damn funny. CNN ran an article today titled “Katie Couric’s Gaffe: What not to say to trans people” on the recent topic of how no one is ever supposed to mention that guys like Laverne Cox and Carmen Cerrera, while they may claim to be female, actually have dicks and balls. Hahaha! What is so funny about that? “Gaffe”, (alternately spelled “Gaff”) is the term for the method transgender males use to disguise their dick. Hahaha! Confusing!
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A Gaffe/Gaff is whatever device a transgender dude uses to strap down his dick, from the poor man’s duct tape to a specialized “genital hiding undergarment” as marketed on a trillion male transgender websites.
From Transgendered.Net:

“Method 1. Lying down, pull the gaff up to your upper thighs. The wide part should be facing the front and the thinner part is in the back. Put your testicles up into your abdominal cavoty. You can do this by simply holding each testicle and gently pushing until you find the opening for the cavity. Once you have both testicles up, hold them there in front (you will be able to feel them protruding around your public hair) and tuck your penis between your legs and pull your gaff up. You should now have a flat appearance in front. If you are wearing tight fitting clothes- this method is best. If you obtain an erection using the method, it will cause pain so be careful.


Method 2. When you are not wearing tight fitting clothing and want a somewhat smoother appearance in your genital area, simply put on the gaff and push your penis down flat-but you do not have to put your testicles into the abdominal cavity.

How could a transgender author make such a humorous, unintentionally subversive choice of title on an opinion piece AGAINST discussing men hiding their dicks? Easy. The author is a female trans named T. Cooper who probably has encyclopedic knowledge in the practice of breast binding but lacks basic knowledge of male trans culture and practice, and gay male drag culture which originated the term. The transgender community is notoriously segregated by sex and sexual orientation.
I guess this “gaffe” was a “teaching moment” that news outlet CNN decided was too hot to handle. CNN scrubbed the headline a few hours later.
gaff gaffe cnn
Coming soon: “Kouric in a bind over questioning whether FTMs have breasts”. lolol

17 thoughts on ““Katie Couric’s Gaffe”: otherwise known as When Female and Male Trans Collide

  1. As if those questions weren’t in the pre-interview. Why bother having them on TV if they’re not going to talk about surgery, hormones, etc.. And Cooper isn’t passing to my eyes.

  2. Very interesting to read the comments section on the CNN article. As CNN.com has a broader demographic base than most of the websites that typically host trans articles, the comments are a bit more questioning and skeptical of the trans narrative and command that thou shalt not ask any questions at all ever. And they are not putting up with the rudeness of the trans person who is insulting everyone who disagrees, either!

  3. When I went to the CNN website it was still full of crazy pro trans bullshit.
    “If a person is born with male bits, but identifies as a girl, then psychologically they are a girl.”
    Despite there being 4 BILLION of us, we are all psychologically the same because trans says so.
    Never mind that psychologically we are extremely varied and our PHYSIOLOGY is what separates the sexes. Because a tiny, tiny fraction says different it is no longer so? What the fuck? I just…NOPE.
    I have more in common psychologically with the average male than I do with a female with anti-social personality disorder (i.e. sociopathy/psychopathy)
    Seriously, how the fuck can they make these stupid fucking claims? What the fuck? GRAAAGGHHHHHH!
    I feel like I’m talking to dogs trying to correct this shit, dogs would probably understand better the differences and meaning of a dimorphic sex in their species.
    The logical mindfail is fucking outrageous in these people.
    Psychologically female? *RAGE FIT*

    1. LOL Too funny! I had never heard of a gaff as a device to give dudes a nice tight wang tuck! I was familiar with it use in sideshow usage a la PT Barnum. It’s only recently that I noticed the mainstream news outlets using it- constantly- as their catch-all term for any political blunder. The pic of the FeeJee mermaid is so creepy and uncanny, very much like trans! Trans bodies are also sewn together masses of parts. They are very much modern sideshow gaffs and their half-baked ideology is pure 21st century hucksterism. Hormones, their snake oil- CURE ALL MENTAL WOES AND TRIBULATIONS ** TURN A BURLY MERMAN INTO A BEEEA-UTIFUL MERMAID ! ** STEP RIGHT UP GENTS AND BECOME THE LADIES OF YOUR DREAMS! Just take my nickel and sign me up!

  4. You are too funny – and I LMAO at that situation with Buffalo Sandeen and “Natacha” Kennedy in your Twitter sidebar.

  5. The CNN article now has ZERO comments, wiped clean right now. Hmm. Anybody save screen shots of the comments before they were disappeared?
    Couric was shamed for asking the Invisible Obvious: do these sexay trannies have penis intact?
    Legitimate journalistic query there.

    1. I took a screenshot of the page since I still had it opened, not sure if it’s all the comments, but there’s some great ones in there. The file is almost 5MB, so it might take a little while to load depending on your internet connection.
      [I don’t allow these sorts of links. Sorry for the inconvenience.-GM]

      1. FWIW I see comments on the article now – just can’t add any new ones.
        And yeah, plenty of people not buying this “you can’t ask anything, Katie was horrid!” narrative.
        Once again I have to (rhetorically) ask, what on earth did these two dudes THINK they would be asked, on the show? How can they not have any idea what the show is going to be about? They’re famous for supposedly looking “hot” while being trans, they were only asked the #1 obvious question in that situation.
        No one is going to ask them what it is to be “women” or anything like that, if they want to know that they can ask any actual women. No. It’s going to be all about how they “pass,” if they “pass,” and part of that is about the frank’n’beans. That’s how gawky talk shows WORK, people.

      2. Gotta love the comment where someone says “well, don’t talk about being ‘transgender’ if you don’t want to talk about your parts” (i.e., yes, the obvious criticism) only to be met with “well don’t talk about your gender then if you don’t want to talk about YOUR parts.”
        …as if anyone other than the trans community walks around hyper-obsessed with their “gender” and talking about their “gender” all day long. Really.

  6. If you are going to stand up and scream to the world “I am transgender!”, and then have the poor sense to get offended when people ask you questions, more fool you. You act as if you’re the poster child for all things transgender, and then deny the opportunity for the education/understanding that people who aren’t transgender are looking for. Right. Makes sense.
    The commenting on the CNN article has been shut down, sadly. If only there were some transgender people who weren’t batshit crazy who could engage with the public and not come off as batshit crazy.
    (I had no idea that a Gaff was some bizarre dick compressor. Where I come from, a Gaff is a spear used to catch fish!)

  7. Why does the average TG garbage common syntax sound so similar to woman-hating? Why, in males that want to be female, do they want to destroy in language words and meanings that describe sex?
    There must be something really wrong with men that want to destroy the female sex. They are ‘like’ serial killers.

  8. Reading the comments is painful. I can’t believe people believe in brain sex and “female feelings”. jesus christ it’s like how an alien would perceive humanbeings if they based their knowledge off American movies and tv. It’s so dumb.
    Also the most telling part when talking about a group of people with an ” identity problem” is how they can’t seem to define their oppression without co-opting the problems specific to other marginalized groups namely women, intersexed individuals,race and homosexuality.

      1. Oh, they definitely do, every day, all over the internet.
        The amount of words written in a desperate attempt to get people to reinforce this magical line that says “trans species” and “otherkin” and “transethnic” are all completely fake preposterous ideas to be mocked, but somehow transgender is real (“because brain sex!”) is just amazing.
        They realize that the arguments for transethnic are pretty much identical to the arguments for transgender, and so they take the first offensive shot, and criticize the supposedly transethnic for – you guessed it – “appropriating the struggles of real trangender people.”
        The argument they make is that brain sex is real, that transgender is a form of intersex, that the “laydee brain” is real, because supposedly some study says that the brains of M2T were closer to women’s brains than men’s. So there’s no such thing as a “black brain” or “Asian brain,” to imply that there might be is racist, but “think like a woman” or “woman’s brain” is Totes A Thing.
        Of course if you read Cordelia Fine and similar books arguing against this “lady brain” idea, those same studies are picked apart.

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