Dear Katie Couric: They're just Regular Guys With Dicks

“Later when Couric introduced Carerra, she said that “she was born a man and that’s why she’s on our show,” making it very clear that she’s only interesting because of her transition. Couric continued to focus on that part of Carerra’s life when she said that after being onRupaul’s Drag Race, Carrera “realized she was done acting like a woman and wanted to become one.” However, the real trouble started when Couric started to ask Ms. Carrera if transitioning was painful because of all the surgery that she had to go through. Carmen looked a little confused and responded by talking a little about her nose job and breast augmentation and that’s when Katie pounced. She immediately asked if Carmen’s “private parts” are “different now” and if she’s had that surgery yet. Carmen Carrera responded perfectly. First she literally shushed Katie Couric, trying to get her to stop asking such a private thing. Then she told her “I don’t want to talk about it, it’s really personal” and she told Katie that there’s a lot more to get than her genitals. She said, “after the transition there’s still life to live, I still have my career goals, I still have my family goals.” [ Family Goals- Impregnating women with his dick-GM]
“Couric explained that she just wants to be educated and that a lot of people are curious because they’re “not familiar with transgenders.” She told Cox that Carrera had “recoiled” when asked about surgery and said that cis people are preoccupied with “the genitalia question.” Couric wondered if Cox felt the same way about that question and about cis people’s attitudes towards trans women. As soon as Cox started telling her that, yes, she keeps her private parts private and that cis people do have an obsession with trans women’s genitalia, she really started picking up steam. Cox said that the preoccupation with genitalia and transition objectifies trans women and distracts us from the real issues.”

Flawless Trans Women Carmen Carrera and Laverne Cox Respond Flawlessly To Katie Couric’s Invasive Questions/Autostraddle

Watch Two Trans Advocates Take Katie Couric To School

Laverne Cox & Carmen Carrera on Katie Couric

Posted by helenboyd – January 7, 2014

I’m sure everyone has seen these already, but if you haven’t, they’re worth watching – even if only for their responses to the genitals questions.”
Katie Couric Offends Trans People Everywhere With Her Invasive Genitalia Questions
Full story here:

Katie and the guys
Katie and the guys

95 thoughts on “Dear Katie Couric: They're just Regular Guys With Dicks

  1. Asking what is entirely relevant about how these men can be women is called “invasive?” Well, of course. Even famous and rich, Couric is still just a woman questioning men. How dare any woman question any man, particularly when the “real issues” of “violence and discrimination” are not about male violence and discrimination against women, but are all about men not getting even more privilege at women’s expense?
    I’m still amazed at the level of the propaganda campaign throughout the media to train women in the trans cult, to not only not question what makes sense to question, but to not even dare think about it.

    1. Not to mention, other than the fact that these people are M2T and thus the “freaky! Interesting!” entire “born a man” genitalia factor, what exactly IS “the more important thing” or “the real issues”?
      I mean, what exactly have these two individuals DONE of note other than these cosmetic changes to themselves? They’re famous for being trans and yet (supposedly) managing to look conventionally “hot.” “It’s a man, baby!” Of course someone is going to ask them the “objectifying” questions about that because that’s what the public wants to know, it’s what makes them different.
      But no, no, they play naive and all upset as if they didn’t know that’s what this show is 100% obviously about.

      1. Well of course they want praise for “becoming” women. It’s so hard, you guys, “cis” women just like don’t UNDERSTAND. And trannies are better at being women anyway! Congratulate us! praise us! ME ME ME MEMEMEMEMEME

    2. I saw this video first on Facebook, and wasn’t surprised to see it here at all. (For those who might not be regular enough commenters to be aware, I’m M2T. Should have a stamp on my profile or something.) This video made me quite upset, and here’s why:
      The interviewer asked a very valid question — the same question that anyone who isn’t transgender would be curious to know. It doesn’t “objectify” them, nor does it “reduce them to their genitals”. The fact that “Laverne” deflects with some nonsense about lived reality and violence and that it is being lauded as somehow shaming the interview or putting her into her place is ludicrous. What about the lived reality of most people, you know, the ones who are female or male, replete with all the necessary form, function and parts that denote it? Why is it that they aren’t even allowed to ask a *question* about the only truly interesting part of the whole equation? I mean, it’s the same level as interesting as “Good morning honey, did you look outside this morning and see all that snow?”, but interesting nonetheless.
      Without answering that question, they stunt dialogue. They stunt the ability for anyone to discourse with them. So they get to sit up there on a stage as “transgenders” (haha, nice one interviewer), bringing “trans issues” to light. Like what exactly? Being murdered just for who you are? Pretty sure women have you beat on that one since the beginning of recorded history, and time before that. You know, back when transgender didn’t exist and wasn’t a thing. I am supposed to be sad for you because you choose a path in life for which there is very little understanding or medical fact to back you up, and it’s hard? Life is hard. Talk to some actual women sometime, and find out just how hard. I certainly don’t have any “trans issues”. I have car issues, and living paycheque to paycheque isues, and I’m having trouble deciding what to eat for dinner right now. I can’t think of any “issue” in my life that relates to being trans at all in fact. So why not just shut up and be an actor, or a model, or whatever you want your career to be, and stop trying to paint “trans issues” as a thing. Stop trying to paint being trans as anything that makes you more or less important than anyone else. Stop steamrolling everyone else and shutting down discussion that doesn’t suit your agenda. Most of all, stop acting like you speak for a “community”, because if by virtue of being trans myself, I am a part of your community — I sure as hell wouldn’t vote for either of you to speak for me.

  2. right, because trans people don’t have issues with genitalia and what it is at all, what with their obsessive mutilation of it so as to conform to their so-called gender, or else their utter denial that the penis is a male sex organ…

    1. And asking each OTHER these same questions constantly, trying to say who is a “real” trans person or not, and you better believe the genitalia is a big factor.

  3. That poor female trapped, having to be kind to men in ‘women suits’.
    Has any transwoman ever asked females: ‘do you mind if I impersonate you?’
    Because REASONS!!!!
    1. its easier for me to pretend to be a woman than to be a gay male
    or (the worst) 2.I’m heterosexual but it just turns me on
    Females who can see the second point are reviled as bigots!!!! As if not acquiescing to a sexual fetish from males you don’t know and are not willing to be sexual partners with is Bigotry!!!!!!
    Tell it to the judge.

  4. I HATE IT when trans males are asked the very legit question if they had the surgery and they roleplay what they think a woman would act like if someone asked her about her genitals. This is a huge insult and appropriation of womanhood. The fact is the penis has female specific harms we have the right to know if he can inflict them. Its not the same of even similar to someone asking a woman about her vagina. They really need to just stop.

    1. The guy opens with: ” Transgender women, regardless of their status regarding surgical intervention, have the absolute right to use the women’s change room.”
      It’s probably safe to disregard everything else he builds on top of such shaky ground.

    2. 1. Transgender women, regardless of their status regarding surgical intervention, have the absolute right to use the women’s change room.
      Absolute rights corrupt absolutely? Isn’t that more of a legal snafu than a right? Maybe: “Transgenders are allowed by law to use whatever sex-specific facilities they wish.”
      I don’t know, obviously, whether the person you encountered was truly trans, or merely a poseur getting his kicks.
      By current definition it is not possible to be a poser: if you say you are other sexed, then you are. I once knew a man who said he was Jesus Christ. He couldn’t perform any miracles or even grow beard, but how could I challenge his existence with questions about his psychological state? You are what you think you are/say you are. It is popular fact, you must acquiesce.
      We don’t, it turns out, fit nicely into two clear categories, male and female
      Are there other configurations I don’t know of? I thought male and female were pretty much still standard for 99 per cent of humans?

      1. Nah, you can definitely be a poser – the minute you get arrested for being a Peeping Tom or taking upskirt pics under the stalls or wanking to the sound of women peeing in the stall next to you while wearing silky, silky (did I say silky? ummmf) panties, you’re a poser.
        But you’re right on in the important part – the “if you say you are other sexed, you are” argument (even while ostracizing the Peeping Toms after the fact) puts the onus on women to somehow with Super Mind Reading Powers (!!) detect which of the “obviously a dude in a dress!” men in the bathroom are Truly Trans (i.e. not a threat! you can’t throw them out of the bathroom!) and just opportunistic cross dressing creepers.
        If the only difference in the degree of “sincerity” in someone else’s mind, HOW CAN WE JUDGE?
        And yes, humans are still sexually dimorphic species, just like cats and dogs and raccoons and all the rest of the mammals. Absolutely NOTHING at all mysterious about it.

    3. It would seem the columnist is now facing backlash over this for publishing an ‘unverified claim’. Apparently, “Conservative groups and antitransgender activists have a long history of using tactics like this as a method to both raise funds and attempt to sway public opinion on transgender people and nondiscrimination laws.”

      1. He all but bent over pretzel-wise to be as politically correct as possible (‘absolute right’), but apparently he was a hitman all along. Another case of ‘no criticisms or reporting of negative stuffs ever’.
        What is that webstie that details that stuff, ‘they say it never happens’ or something? It is well documented that is *does* happen; it is *not* fear-mongering.

  5. Couric looks like an ordinary woman, the two guys look like hyper-feminine imposters, and before seeing all three of them in the photo, I’d though of Couric as overly made up. Interesting. And just what are these men famous for? Really? And Couric could have been tougher on rape and pregnancy which the be-penised tend to inflict on born women.

    1. Yes, SheilaG. It’s remarkable that Couric–conventionally attractive, polished and made-up for TV cameras–should look like an ordinary an woman next to these men. Men who are more talented in female impersonation than most females are! That’s the achievement they’re famous for, I think. For being “flawless,” bleached, well-constructed, air-brushed and shellacked.
      And, this isn’t just about superficiality or impossible beauty standards. It’s about erasing any signs of imperfection, nature, variation, and genuine individuality and passion in women. Trans women who are famous for their hyper-femininity are illustrations (i.e., prescriptions) of what’s expected of womanhood: a coat of varnish, real and/or metaphoric, that seals her inside herself. Ugh, it ain’t pretty!

  6. Autostraddle aka trannycentral doesn’t like opposing comments. What weird site.
    Disgusting how many/all of those “lgbtwtfmouse” sites are so supportive of mentally ill grown ass men calling themselves “women” and “lesbians”.
    I bet they hate being asked about their genitalia. The two of them are gross and the their make-up jobs probably took several hours and they still look like men.
    Couric didn’t go nearly far enough and if she’s not going to go for the jugular than don’t give these assholes a platform.

    1. The 21 year old trans ‘woman’ and lgbt support group mentor who was, until recent tumblr scandal, dating one of his 15 year old female mentees, used to hang out on Autostraddle years ago, when I still read it occasionally. He was making noticeably creepy comments even then, which is why I still remember it from my libfem days. This is a guy who calls himself a trans ‘dyke’ and ‘butch’ even though he now says he is ‘panromantic’, leaning ‘heterosexual’ (read: he is mostly attracted to other males). He is an Autostraddle poster boy, basically. This shit (male predation) is what young lesbians face when they try to reach out to what should be their/ our community! The issue I faced when coming out 6-ish years ago was just openly lesbophobic bihet women and gay dudes…seems quaint now.
      (Feel free to remove the link, Gallus! 🙂 )

  7. bothers me that one is a victorias secret model. girls have enough problems trying to impersonate tall, skinny super models. now they’ll b trying to have bodies like these men and get upset they aren’t 6 and a half feet tall, no hips,fake boobs.

    1. It’s probably important to note that Carmen isn’t a Victoria’s Secret model. There was a petition to have her/him included in the VS 2013 show as their first “transgender angel”, but nothing came of it. Frankly no matter what he/she looks like, I don’t think they look like a VS model anyway. Congratulations to them for their mimicry of hyper-feminine, (I’ll admit, I had no idea who they were or that they were trans until I saw the video above, am still having trouble seeing a man based on the video alone) but it seems a shame to aspire to modelling rather than something that might actually allow them to make a contribution to the world that extends beyond pretty pictures.

      1. thanks reader.trans sites are still claiming she is the first trans victorias secret model, so either they didnt get the memo or they’re lying to make themselves sound sexier. i pick the latter.

  8. LOL, this is like going to the store and buying a can of green beans and finding corn inside. The manager says the label says “green beans,” therefore it is and you may not question the contents.
    This is truly the age of ignorance. Ignorance bordering on idiocy is apparently our national goal.

  9. Also…”flawless”?! Wow, I didn’t think Autostraddle could get any shittier, but there you go.

  10. Drag queens might pretend to act like women, but taking pills and getting surgery doesn’t make you a woman. He didn’t ” become” one.

  11. What did these two expect to be talking about in a joint interview, their thoughts on foreign policy? On today’s show we will have Sen. Jack Hoff (R) and Sen. Ben Dover (D) discussing perfumery. Really, what else do they have in common other than being biological dudes? I know who Laverne Cox (ha) is because I watched Orange is the New Black. I searched Carmen and the top results included a thumbnail showing a mummified face and body wrapped in post-surgical bandages. It was video about a very recent boob job and ass to face cheek injections. This is a person that values their privacy? Of course they knew exactly why they were invited and what questions they were going to be asked. Here is a hint guys- you can have your privacy OR you can invite the world to comment on how super seksi your butchered bod looks by posting intimate videos online. If you can’t/won’t answer valid questions then stay home and shut your gobs. Trans is based on magical thinking so they have no valid response to reality-based questions. Their only response can be deflection and faux outrage, so great job on that front, I guess.

  12. Dang. Jezebel should just take down their shingle and forward everyone over here. This shit is much more interesting that whatever it is they still talk about on Jezebel.

    1. Ugh Jezebel is the worst. Everyone who writes there, and most of the most vocal commenters too, are 30 year old white women who still talk like they’re 13 (but they do it for *themselves* not for any man!) and have no basic historical or feminist analysis at all. Any radical feminist analysis is quickly drowned in accusations of transphobia and misandry. WOC feminists are routinely silenced, because we all know that the only problem facing black women is how to wear their hair, Asian women all look the same, Latinas are sexy, and Middle Eastern women are never fully human. If you happen to be any other race, well tough luck.
      The worst is the “I choose my choice” pro-sex industry commenters. All of the young pretty white women tripping over themselves to say how they love to strip b/c it pisses off daddy, pays for their Mercedes, and how it’s such a self esteem boost for someone to pay for your “company.” No analysis whatsoever about how women are taught that our only worth is our bodies, nor anything about how female sexuality is not dancing on a pole in high heels. And there are plenty of male commenters supporting those comments too for obvious reasons. You can’t say anything about johns either because how dare you be whorephobic and shame those nice lonely men. Oh, except when the john is a Chassidic man, or black or Latino or Saudi. Then it’s just because they come from backward cultures that hate women.

  13. Carmen has chatted easily on facebook about the decision not to surgically alter his genitals. Among other things, as he alluded in the clip, he wants to retain the ability to father children. No need to get all pissy at Katie Couric. I’m sure he anticipated the question, and wouldn’t it have been easier to say “while many people who transition surgically alter their genitals, there are many who do not, and I don’t consider it a necessary part of what I call “living as a woman”?” The feigned confusion was pretty disingenuous. He just wants to promote the myth that transwomen by definition don’t have male bits because he knows that people will look at him differently if they realize that he does.

  14. Cox says his character, Sophia/Marcus, has a wonderful back story: “…she is a wife and a mother.” That neatly erases the actual wife and mother of his son.
    The back story is that Marcus, a fire fighter, is busted for stealing credit cards from burning buildings to finance his transition. He has destroyed his family, leaving his wife and son to shift for themselves. It was probably his son, Marcus, Jr., who ratted on him to the cops. Wonderful indeed.

  15. Interviews are supposed to be personal no? Nothing Couric said could be construed as offensive. As I’ve said before, trans identities are so fragile that they flip out at any criticism which suggests that they are living in cloud cuckoo land in regards to their sex.
    Autostraddle a former lesbian site seems to have been taken over by trans politics now from what I’ve read ( ).

    1. I think it’s now bank rolled by trannies. These guys have no ideas or originality. Why don’t make their own site instead taking over everything. The original owners are complete sellouts.

  16. Good point. Pure narcissism. Look at me, look at me, except when I don’t want you looking at me. And only praise me, no questions allowed. There’s no point in arguing with the delusional.

  17. The picture of petite Katie standing between these two large, line backer size, cosmetically enhanced men in drag is a rather warm and fuzzy photograph. No, Katie is not allowed to ask pesky personal questions like whether or not they still have their penis and testicles. That is in poor taste, it offends sensitive trans folks, and this is all about fashion. See my shoes, hair, and makeup. It’s all smiles, and the “girls” can really show some sisterly love. I’m impressed with this public relations photograph.
    I would love to see Katie Couric standing between Paula Witherspoon and this man in the lovely, seasonal appropriate blue floral top.
    I just love this mug shot. The first time I saw it I was rolling on the floor laughing. All those sizzling hot twenty something transwomen are going to be as old as this old geezer one day. By the way, it’s the second time he was charged for exposing himself.
    Or, there are plenty of other guys Katie Couric could pose with. Katie, slip between any two of these guys and get your picture taken. This website is a treasure trove of information.
    THIS is Transgender
    They Are Out There
    I have a great idea! The women on this blog could choose which two guys Katie should pose with. We could vote on it. I say Paula Witherspoon and the old geezer in the link shown above. There are too many to choose from. It’s hard to decide.

    1. I think we should assemble a gaggle of guys (“transwomen”) who are over 6 foot 4 and 350 pounds, who should lift a side-reclining Couric up over their heads “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes” style.
      1. Valerie Keefe
      2. Roz Kaveney
      3. Joelle Ruby Ryan
      Hmm, who else…

  18. I wonder if it’s becoming a given in advertising-based media not to report on trans issues. Not to interview transwomen, not to report on trans issues, not to even mention trans people (remember Suzanne Moore?), not to review books by about transgenderism even by transwomen (Julia Serano). It usually provokes a firestorm of criticism, even if well intended.

    1. I think no. Autogynephilia requires validation. This particular fetish requires receiving attention from other people, else it just won’t work! Hence the selfies/photos.
      Hetero Males who indulge themselves in this particular sex fetish consciously tease out ‘persecution’ so they can be more ‘female and feminine and tragic’.
      “I must be Rapunzel because I am asking for rescue”
      This is the ONLY reason they persecute females for ‘transphobia’. What other reason could their be?
      C’mon TW activists: Have a go at men for a fucking change!!!!!
      They only harass women because they think we are weak. They can torment “cis women, rad fems, dykes, transphobes” and keep their “Rapunzel fantasy” because they know we won’t be real nasty shites.
      If they really wanted to pursue transphobia, they would go after Masculine Males. The ones who run the world. But that would be like too hard dude.
      (And not as sexy as we females know to our cost).

  19. Second vid: 1:04. Click.
    Maybe Laverne could have played himself in the flash back, you know the part that went to his brother, did no-one suggest that? Oh right, how offensive could you get, asking him to pretend to be something he is not.

    1. The media needs to stop being so politically correct. Using female pronouns while talking about this thing? Oy Vey.

    2. I checked multiple websites this morning and noticed very few stories had pictures of this monster, and very few stories mentioned he is trans. Plenty of pictures of the dad and actual mom, though. Also, that luxury apartment he lives in has a rent of $3600 a month. He is a performer, apparently, and very well paid. I’m guessing he’s a performer of the video kind. Although there is absolutely nothing about him for the stage name given. Web scrub?

      1. “Wade has a lengthy rap sheet with 13 arrests. The most recent was in September 2012 — a month before ACS gave him custody of Myls.
        King, a transgendered woman originally born Christopher King, has a sealed rape arrest on her record. A woman suffered a fractured jaw in the attack, sources told The News. It appears King was arrested as a teenage boy and not convicted.
        Read more:

      2. If this “transwoman” had been prosecuted for “her” first (?) rape maybe this kid would still be alive. “She” should have been jailed for life the first time “she” attacked a woman.

  20. The most important thing is the “she” was not “misgendered” by the Daily News. Its such an important social move forward that journalists respect all the pain and suffering that “Transphobia” causes. Cigarret burns and hot oven racks and beatings just can’t compare–the kid spilled “her” perfume. The kid must have been a hateful bigot too. That massive monster might have felt threatened I am glad he has an arrest record as a teen because it will further show out in CA not to let them into the safe spaces for girls.

  21. This won’t get the media circus that would happen if a female killed her child in the same way. If it did, that might bring the whole house of cards falling down. Instead, I expect them to just brush the facts under the rug and record it as a statistic of a “murder by a woman.” Then that murder statistic will be quoted to show how “equal” women and men are. (NOT)

  22. Somebody just sent me this. It is either going around or was culled off some dude’s post he states : “I realise that these issues are difficult to discuss, and I realise that many people mean well when they come here to discuss them, but if you are cis, it is not your place to tell trans women what is and is not supportive of them. This is not the Girl Guides, and there are no ally cookies. Cis people do not have the right to argue these points an an equal basis. I’m sorry, but that’s just not they way it works. If you are not the person who is at risk of harm, then you are not qualified to decide what is and what is not helpful.
    When trans women defend ourselves against the violation of our rights by cis people, it is not proper to call this “aggression” on the part of trans women. If you come here under the impression that you are a friend to trans women, and a trans woman tells you you are not being helpful, it is incumbent upon you to examine yourself, to question yourself, to scrutinise your assumptions. It is not the responsibility of people who are already at risk to make you more comfortable, or be “nice” to you.” Uber Mench Gemma Seymour
    Got that women have no rights because men say so. It isn’t agression, or violence because men dressed as women do it and they made up phoney “siss” “pee pee” words to go with the rest of the fabricated “oppression” all of it an excuse to be violent to women and children. That monster must have been forced to defend himself.

    1. And notice his repetition of the word “cis people,” as if men and women are equally responsible for the violence inflicted on transpeople. A woman saying something is exactly the same as a man throwing a punch. Of course transpeople never ever have to show basic human decency again, b/c that means collusion with their evil oppressors!
      This reminds me of that video of the transwoman on the subway from a few years ago. He pepper sprayed a woman and her two children and ran off the bus b/c they were “misgendering” him. So called “womanist” and mother of two children, Renee Martin, said the kids got what they deserved b/c they were being oppressive.
      Has critical thinking really been so erased from our society that hardly anyone questions why this is ok?

      1. “He pepper sprayed a woman and her two children and ran off the bus b/c they were “misgendering” him. ”
        Is this for real? Do you have a link for this?
        It sounds so surreal…

      2. She must have removed this from her site, because I searched Womanist Musings and couldn’t find it.

      3. Let’s not forget the “misgendering beatdown” video filmed and uploaded to YouTube by “Empress Milan”, also known as Milan Zanotti, aka Lady Cartel, self-styled rapper and a guy best known for his previous claim to fame: publishing a video of him blowing a guy that he claimed was A-Rod: Alex Rodriguez of the New York Yankees.
        Three giant trans overheard a guy say “that’s a man” so the fellows ran after him and beat the crap out of him in a filmed assault. The trans community LOVED it!
        Transactivist Monica “Fishy” Roberts posted the video on his blog and commented in a post titled “How many times have I warned you cispeople” :
        “How many times have I warned you cispeople not to frack with transpeople? It’s not a good idea to get someone pissed off at you who not only has a little more strength than the average cis female [ie. a male-GM], but is an estrogen based lifeform to boot”

      4. Sadly, the answer to your last question seems to be “yes.” At least among the tumblr generation, critical thinking seems to be a lost skill. It’s all knee-jerk acceptance of a self contradictory set of beliefs. Few stop to consider the beliefs themselves, although they do take the time to attack outsiders who do so. They’ll even go so far as to use the words they usually decry against those they attack. Cognitive dissonance abounds.

      5. @Todd- did you take five seconds to google it yourself before asking a woman to do the work for you??? Answer: NO you did not. If you do this again you will be banned.

      6. @Gallus
        I’m very sorry I was not doubting, just really shocked. I sincerely wish that the important women in my life never have to suffer this.

      7. @Todd- doubt all you want- it’s good to doubt. Just don’t ask women to provide links for you because you are too lazy to google it yourself. The end.

      8. @Gallus
        Fair enough. I’ll try to act accordingly. I very much enjoy your blog and I don’t wish to cause any disturbance.

      9. Abuse and violence against women is defense. Men must defend their power base–“not proper to call it aggression” because when some misogynistic prick does it means whatever the hell he wants it to mean because he is last word and no other voice is allowed. And of course women are not qualified to speak for the male arousal based solely in the constant needed to abused and subjugate women. He is correct here–I have no clue as to why this the money shot of their life. As long as women are an accepted reality these guys will be violent and insane.

      10. Fishy Roberts is a viciously misogynistic dude. Just a total misanthrope, really. And yet, the demented social justice warriors on Tumblr and funfem sites take him seriously, due to the severe cognitive dissonance that Cerulean Blue mentions. Time to step away from the internet.

    2. “…but if you are cis, it is not your place to tell trans women what is and is not supportive of them.”
      Okeydoke! Going by that standard, how’s this: if you are male, even a male who thinks he’s female, it is not your place to tell women what is and is not supportive of them. What? You don’t like that? Too bad, so sad. I’m just applying your own rule right back atcha, Seymour.
      I’m also a woman, and a lesbian. Because of that, I’m at risk. So going by your own standard, Seymour, it’s not my responsibility to make you more comfortable or be nice to you.
      That Seymour dude is one atrocious human being.

      1. @Choco- From Womanist Musings:
        “The following video shows a child being maced by an Adult man. Some may consider it violence aimed at a child.”
        Some may consider it???? These trans activists are violent and insane.
        From the Transadvocate FB page referencing Jeweleyes attack on a female student and subsequent battery charge. Keep in mind these men (“transwomen”) are talking about their right to violently beat women who “insult” them:

      2. So, if being rude (i.e. calling someone male) contributes toward that mythical trans suicide rate, then it is WORSE than thumping someone, hence valid self-defence if you DO thump someone……………..
        Oh, and seems we have I’m AGAINST violence apart from when it is a trans dishing it out, when it is perfectly justified…….
        I keep drawing these lines in my head, thinking surely no one would go THIS far — then they do! Because it’s ALL about them, they get to do whatever they want as long as they remain true believers (i.e. don’t detransition or even TALK about it), and anyone who dares to disagree/comment (especially women) is a valid target.

    3. It’s hard to make out what is happening, but it starts out with the large trans yelling at and threatening the little boy, who is enjoying the attention and goading bit, and then the transperson sprays pepper spray and exits at about 1:00. The family, especially the child, are trying to get away from the spray and the child is coughing violently and crying.

  23. Assume I’m a female who wears “masculine” clothes. Does this mean the clothes themselves have little penises? Or is there some other quality about the clothes that makes them masculine. A “manly” sweaty smell perhaps. (ewwww).
    And so, assume that, when wearing these clothes, people “misgender” me, thinking I’m a man. But I don’t consider myself a man, not at all. I don’t base my “gender” on my clothes. I just like those more practical, more comfortable, better-made clothes. Not to mention better colors to coordinate, plus fewer bothersome fashion trends. Does thinking I’m a man not mean they are making assumptions about my private parts? This would be based on my clothes. Or is it just about my clothes? Do the clothes make the man? Should I be insulted about my clothes being misgendered? Can I beat people up over this?
    Do I then have the right go on Katie Couric and complain, to make a big media stink because she has misgendered me? Can I assault people with impunity because they incorrectly assumed I’m male. Hey, it’s my right to wear whatever clothes I want. And it’s my right to sue, also.
    To go a step further, assume I wear only “feminine” clothes. How can someone say I’m “cis” gender? Is this based on my clothes? Or are they making assumptions about my private parts once again?
    You can’t have it both ways. Best to just stop making such a fuss, unless it’s to attract notice. Unless it’s all about you getting moar and moar attention.

  24. GallusMag and commenters: this is one of your (plural) best ever.
    ♀ ┌( ಠ_ಠ)┘ ♀

  25. This is the video of several transgender identified males kicking the heck out of a guy smaller than them. One guy with a long blonde wig repeatedly kicks the smaller man while he is on the ground. He even went back to kick him again while he was on the floor.
    Apparently, the shorter guy’s crime was “mis-gendering” them. At the end of this video, they brag, “You got fuc**ed up by a tranny”. How can anyone watch this video and say that they are just like women?
    Here is the video of the large transgender guy (short pink dress) who pepper sprays a little kid. This transgender guy is huge compared to the little boys.
    Kicking men while they are on the floor and pepper spraying little kids.
    This brawl at the taco stand makes them look so “lady like”.

  26. I’m glad these YT videos label the vids as TRANNY and don’t try to pretend that these crazy huge mofos are actual women…unlike the media. I’m surprised the videos haven’t been taken down for “mis-gendering” or some ridiculous shit.

    1. Just give it time… and a mention on GT, the trannies probably spend more time lurking here than looking at youtube. Until its posted here they never heard of it.

      1. in another thread here, i linked some selfies of trannies in their filthy bedrooms. those links were changed by **next day**!
        they must check gendertrender daily to catch it that fast, and then send out google alerts.
        lol, while they all claim they *never ever* read here.

  27. Hmm I wonder why none of the libfems or transactivists are attacking Jennifer Lawrence for her “transphobic” comments yet. If I remember right she commented that dogs are boys and cats are girls, so when her cat started to act like a boy she named it Chaz Bono. She referred to herself as a dyke once too, but who cares because lesbians don’t matter. Oh that’s right, her “lack of a filter” is cute because she’s white, thin, conventionally attractive, and displays that utter lack of critical thinking and intelligence that the patriarchy loves. Children and vulnerable women make much better targets.
    Not to get off topic, but whenever I see some site intellectually masturbating over how wonderful Jennifer Lawrence is, I ask them to imagine the comments she says coming from a WOC or a non-American woman. I guarantee that she wouldn’t be embraced as a media darling. Thank you liberal feminism, for finally making it acceptable to find blonde blue eyed white women attractive-the struggle is over!

  28. When it’s transgender, it’s always comedy.
    There never was a time that reminds me more of the Emperor’s New Clothes more than this.
    Everyone in the streets and the windows said, “Oh, how fine is her figure! Doesn’t she look so womanly and voluptuous?” Nobody would confess that the emperor(ess) was actually rather unsettling to look at, for that would prove him either unfit for his position, or a fool.
    “But he’s FAT!” a little child said. “And he has a DICK!”
    “Did you ever hear such innocent prattle?” said its father, smiling nervously and tugging at his collar. Unfortunately, that was not enough to save him. The enraged Left-wing extremists descended like crows and threw buzzwords without mercy. In minutes, the father and his son were known across the land as transphobic right-wing hater christians. They were shunned by polite society, and died in the streets with AIDS, having had to turn to prostitution to survive.
    But forever afterward, the reasoning citizens quietly admitted- “Yeah, the emperor totally has a dick.” And they laughed quietly, lest the Political Correctness Enforcers would hear.
    …I’m starting to get a little depressed now. I didn’t mean for that bit of satire to be so close to reality ._.

    1. “…descended like crows and threw buzzwords without mercy” is brilliant, Folly! I can hear it now: “TWANZPHOBIC!!” “PROBLEMATIC!!” “CISSEXIST!!” “CISSUPREMIST!!” The (bullshit) list goes on.

    2. This is the single best synopsis I’ve ever seen and if I had the skills I would set it in picturebook form.
      I dated a middle-aged post-op when I was a teenager (pathetic story all around) who told me gleefully that the **gynecologist** said that inside-out penis was indistinguishable from a real vagina. This was so laughably untrue that a sane person would have been insulted – nope, delighted. They are lied to ALL THE TIME. Why? It can’t ever be enough.

  29. FYI, Laverne Cox is on the cover of Time magazine. Like the NYT, the cover pronounced trannyism “The Next Civil Rights Movement”. It also says there are 1.5 million of them, which is about twice the number I generally see. Frankly, I think they’re lying, since 700,000 is an absurdly small number of mentally ill people to tear up the whole language and culture over.
    From a delusional soul on the thread:
    The best part of all of this is watching the Drudge readers freaking that the bigots are losing and the snowball’s getting bigger.
    How much bigger can this snowball get, considering they’re not even .5 percent of the population?

  30. I wonder if these 2 “Girls” would like to get pregnant…. I think SOME of these TG/TS the ones who have had genuine feminine behavior from a young age, may have some form of chemical/hormonal imbalance. BUT Many/Most of the TG/TS that transition (normally partially) later in life have a type of autogynephilia. Like Ben Shapiro mentioned, its a type of Bi-Polar Disorder.

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