Gender Trends of 2013 – the Year in Review

Taking a quick glance at last year’s Top Trends list it becomes clear that the overall trend towards reducing the social role of women via the enforcement of cultural subordination rituals (femininity) shows little sign of abating. While there has been notable increased feminist activism and consciousness-raising against gender, the trend continues towards increased sexualization, objectification and dehumanization of women and girls with no improvement in female participation in social, economic and civic life.
Rather, conservative male supremacist power has increasingly targeted for reversal the scant gains won by the “second wave” of the women’s liberation movement, including reproductive autonomy, freedom from beauty mandates, economic parity, protection from male sex-based violence. The sole exception is in the area of women’s rights to legal parity regarding state support for monogamous romantic attachments- an unintended artifact of the successful male homosexual rights movement.
Currently the increasingly subordinate social role of women is being codified into law by the state at the behest of the powerful genderist “transgender rights” movement, a men’s sexual rights movement based on relaxing acceptable male dominance roles for men via the elimination of legal recognition of women entirely.
The transgender movement claims that any male who derives sexual satisfaction from inserting used tampons  into his anus is female, or for any other reason, and should be legally recognized as female in order to access female-only spaces and services, to be activated at any time at their discretion, regardless of whether they have previously sought any such legal redefinition or not. The transgender movement supports the right of male pedophiles to circumvent sex offender contact admonitions by claiming female status in order to occupy hot tubs in female locker rooms where female children are present. The transgender movement lobbies for the rights of serial rapists to be supplied with unfettered access to unlimited confined incarcerated victims by claiming that they “feel female”.  The transgender movement is based on the “human right” that all males have the right to occupy and use females for any purpose they desire at all times and under any conditions. It is no mistake that the transgender movement prioritizes the legalization of sex-trafficking and pornography. Male transgenders consider female objectification a “female privilege”.
Unfortunately for men, women still do exist whether men deem to recognize us or not and the dissonance between our intended erasure and our undeniable existence is resulting in some interesting failures of the genderist politic. Some of the Top Trends in Gender 2013 contain an undertow of a poorly conceived male politic doomed to collapse under its own overreaching illogic and absurdity.
In no particular order:
Euthanasia introduced as a medical treatment for sex-role incongruence:
Nathan Verhelst’s life was terminated by lethal injection on film, with support of her transgender community, as part of an upcoming 2014 documentary film release promotion. Number of WPATH representatives or transgender activists protesting this “treatment” as inhumane, un-therapeutic, or exploitative, worldwide: Zero. Canada’s Bill 52 currently under debate in the national assembly will allow Canadian transgenders to join the Belgium and Dutch nations in the medical treatment of transgenderism via termination of life.
Decline of Transgender Day of Remembrance:
Attendance at “Transgender Day of Remembrance” ceremonies (an event created in a cynical political attempt by white heterosexual men to emulate the public sympathy generated for the gay rights movement by the hundreds of thousands of gay men who died horribly due to the ignored public health crisis of AIDS) drastically declines as white heterosexual transgenders discover that:
1.) most transgender victims of murder are homosexual MOC killed by other MOC, and that these murder rates of transgender MOC are the same as murder rates of male-on-male MOC in general
2.) Transgender males murder others at the same rates that they are murdered (male violence).
High profile “comings out” of sexist violent alpha-males:
-Bradley then Brianna then Chelsea Manning who assaulted a female superior officer by punching her in the face until he was physically restrained.
-Bob Tur, news helicopter pilot who quits flying when he starts synthetic estrogen because he believes estrogen renders women hormonally incompetent to fly.
-“Princess” Kristin Beck, special forces Navy Seal and freelance defense industry warfare consultant.
-James/Jennifer Pritzker, right-wing billionaire funder of the NRA, Heritage Foundation, transgender children clinics, and one of the top Republican donors in his state.
-Nikki Sinclaire anti-feminist conservative Parlimentarian
-Masha Best, autogynephillic Russian human rights attorney who posts photoshopped nude selfies in honor of the male on male violence of the “Transgender Day of Remembrance”.
-Lara Jane Grace, “Against Me” singer after facing multiple rape accusations by female fans.
-Larry/Lana Wachowski, lifestyle BDSM kinkster, longtime forced feminization submissive, partnered with the dominatrix and former “owner” of female pornster and sexual abuse survivor Buck Angel; now the “most successful female director in Hollywood history”.
-Fallon Fox, middle-aged male professional batterer of women, finally outed by journalists after several years of disguising himself as female in order to assault young female athletes in the MMA.

Transgender Day of Remembrance
Transgender Day of Remembrance

Plastic Surgery and Cosmetic Medicine:
-Child Rapists and sadistic wife-killers continue to be used by the transgender legal orgs to spearhead attempts to make cosmetic medicine “medically necessary” under the state via litigation.
-The Department of Health and Human Services opens a public forum for feedback on whether cosmetic medicine should be paid under Medicaid and Medicare in cases of genderism. The public forum is closed mere hours later and the transgender lobby negotiates with the department in a backroom deal which results in a document issued months later stating that HHS has determined that the ban on cosmetic treatment for genderism has been overturned. The Board is now entering a “discovery” process to create new standards which allow genderists to access taxpayer-funded cosmetic medicine and procedures to help them appear visually more like the opposite sex.
-UK gender services create long waiting lists as the number of individuals seeking state-funded plastic surgery and medicine double annually.
-Dutch state-funded gender medical clinics are placed on a “freeze” and stop accepting new transgenders as 200% increases in applicants bankrupt the system.
-Swedish transgenders who have undergone surgical “sex change” sue the government in a class-action suit for damages to their fertility and physical integrity caused by the requirement that transgenders undergo a “sex change” in order to change their legal sex.
-Trans activists begin lobbying for more surgical options including “designer genitals” of their own choosing, such as the insertion of a neovagina behind their penis. External labiaplasty without creation of a fuck-hole cavity becomes more popular and is performed more commonly as men not seeking to be penetrated in a surgical-hole opt to forgo the long recovery time and complications of the internal testicular-skinned penetrative sheath.
-Dr. Garramone obtains a registered trademark for the phrase “FTM Top Surgery”.
-Transgender movement continues to do nothing whatsoever to counter deadly silicone pumping.
Dr. Garramone has registered %22top surgery%22 as a trademark
Registered Trademark

Transgender Male Teens/Young Adults create problematic media narratives for the Trans Movement:
-Cassidy Kennedy, 16, received international media coverage as the first male high school homecoming queen – even though several transgender males preceded him. Describes his lifetime goal as becoming a “she-male” pornography actor and male prostitute. Lies about his age on internet gay male hook-up sites where he drops the female impersonation and identifies himself as an adult gay male. Drops out of school in his senior year to pursue his goals in the pornography and prostitution industries. These revelations are not reported in mainstream media.
-Jewelyes Guitierrez, assaulted a female student at school in a planned “beat down” video filmed by his friend and posted to youtube. In the video he clearly approaches and cold-cocks a female then runs back to his cameraperson/friend. The teen girl’s friends chase him and a fight ensues where they knock him on his ass. Jewelyes deleted his staged youtube attack video, which showed his calculated assault against a woman, and the footage was subsequently censored on mainstream media sites removing his initial attack. Police recommend filing battery charges against him on the basis of the original video. “Police concluded that Guitierrez hit first and recommended she be charged with two counts of battery on a school ground”. Jewelyes claims his planned filmed assault was justified due to female students “disrespecting” him previously by denying he was actually female. He claimed his planned, violent filmed assault was justified and retroactively accused a female student of previously spitting on him. His beat-down assault video on a female student was later nonsensically framed as “an attack on a transgender person” by transgender activists desperate to obfuscate and spin the premeditated male on female violence that took place. Case pending.
-Jessica Valentine- male Florence Colorado high school student becomes center of controversy when female students object to his presence in female restrooms. According to Colorado Gender Identity law, all males have the right to access all female sex-segregated areas and it is illegal discrimination to question any male who enters female sex-segregated areas of public nudity for any reason, regardless of female concerns. No female may object for any reason and verbalizing discomfort is illegal. Valentine sought media attention to complain that female students discriminated against him by verbalizing their discomfort with his presence and behavior in the female restrooms. He also complained that using unisex restrooms was not an option because they infringed on his right to witness and inject himself into the female toileting experience in the way he would like.  Subsequently the right-wing Pacific Justice Institute offers to legally represent the female students against charges by transgender rights organizations that the girls infringed on the young man’s rights by expressing their discomfort with his harassing female restroom fixation. The girls assert that school officials threatened to charge them with hate crimes and kick them off sports teams as punishment if they continued to publicly complain. Transgender activists Cristan Williams and Autumn Sandeen organize a protest at PJI institute offices but only 8 people show up and no media coverage results.
Jessica Valentine
Jessica Valentine

-Steven Sanchez, 21 – another male homecoming queen, this one at UNI, not claiming to “feel” female yet seeks media attention to complain that he should have the legal right not to “feel uncomfortable” using female restrooms as a male who sometimes likes wearing non-traditional clothing. From the DesMoines Register:

“Sanchez, 21, was born a male and still generally identifies as a male — although he often dresses like a woman. He’s the school’s first transgender homecoming king or queen.

His uncertainty over access to restroom facilities stems from an incident on campus last year in which he says a transgender friend was told he couldn’t use the women’s restroom in Shull Hall dormitory, even though he was dressed in women’s attire.

Since that incident, Sanchez has sought to use single-stall restrooms on campus that are open to both sexes.

“There are not too many across campus, and when there isn’t one, I usually just try to find a men’s restroom that doesn’t have anyone in it,” Sanchez said. “I’ve seen incidents where people get in trouble for using the restroom even though I know it’s the law that you can use the restroom you feel most comfortable in.”

Sanchez continued: “I’m scared. Even when I’m dressed as a girl, I’m scared that I would get in trouble just for trying to do something that makes me comfortable.”

Transgender activists agree that all males who are non-traditionally masculine also have the “right” to use sex-segregated female areas of public nudity, and trans rights orgs use female pronouns for Steven even though he does not “identify as female” and prefers male pronouns.
-Katherine Svenson, Colorado school board member suggests that male bodied students should be fully integrated into locker rooms, restrooms, and sports programs designated for male bodied students, regardless of what sort of clothing they wear or what sorts of thoughts and feelings they have. “Not until the plumbing’s changed,” Svenson was quoted.  Transgender activists post her home address and phone number online and deluge her with thousands of rape, mutilation and death threats. Transgender activist Bianca Nurton posts a comment on gay website The Advocate stating: “Quick someone hold her down I got a knife lets see how quick I can change her plumbing.” The comment is not removed, rather it is upvoted and followed by multiple comments by other men critiquing the school board member’s sexual desirability.
-California AB1266 statute- allows all students to access the sex-segregated areas of public nudity designated for the opposite sex, for any purpose and duration that the student sees fit, without qualification. Also allows all students to participate on sports teams of the opposite sex, eliminating federal title IX sporting programs for females. Schools prepare by purchasing curtains to hang in locker rooms for females to hide behind in order to allow male students free run of the formerly female facilities. Right-wing coalition launches a referendum attempt. The California secretary of state is due to report on the outcome of the referendum’s signature drive on January 8.
Peak trans is finally hitting the mainstream via teens. The trans movement is using the same tactics that have worked for them as an adult male sexual rights movement against ill-informed leftists and progressives: harassment, violent threats, lies, censorship, disability framing, suicide threats, gaslighting, exploiting their tenuous connection with the gay rights movement, etc. We’ll see if it flies. There is also a massive disconnect between the trans political narratives for teens and the reality that most high school students who “identify as” transgender- especially females-  “identify as” genderqueer, non-binary transgenders and reject the “opposite sex” narratives that “gender identity” laws seek to codify. Since queer is now cool in the hinterlands, expect this trend to endure for roughly the same length of time as MySpace and livejournal. Tick tock.
Transgender children:
The mainstream media loves the transgender children narrative and the transgender movement loves peddling it. Any kid with a cash-strapped munchausen-fueled parent is guaranteed their 5 minutes of fame and all the doting attention that adult girlhood-fantasizing autogynephiles can heap upon them. Parents diagnose their children as transsexual before the age of two, and network together in their quest to find physicians willing to perform surgery and administer cross-sex hormones on their children before the age of consent.
-Cody, Jazz, Nicole Maines, etal become minor yet marketable media concerns on a “transgender chicken circuit” created to promote the “Born This Way” meme, and to create a de-sexualized media face for the largely sexually autogynephilic male transgender rights movement.
-In a strange hiccup, the Trans Media Watch, one of the worst offenders in exploiting specific children to promote the “transgender children” meme, who issued statements against Ria Cooper, the youngest person to be medically transgendered in the UK, when he announced his decision to detransition, displayed a bizarre moment of hypocrisy when they issued a demand that the media no longer publicize transgender children. Out of nowhere they seemingly reversed their longstanding practice and issued the following admonishment:
trans media watch transgender children
This is interesting because it not only goes against the Trans Media Watch’s own long term practice but the practice of all trans advocacy groups internationally which are publicizing individual “transgender” children as often as they can as a matter of highest priority. Paris Lees has done multiple creepy media appearances with children as a TMW representative.  Will Trans Media Watch attack GLAAD and every other trans org for exploiting children 24/7? Highly doubtful. I expect them to resume exploiting children themselves if they haven’t already which they probably have. Hypocrites!
-Boys camps are set up for male youths to perform femininity and wear inappropriately sexualized female clothing absent the distracting presence of actual girls.
-Oregon becomes the first state to assign Federal medicaid funds for the medical sterilization of sex-role underperforming children. This is the first US government sponsored eugenics program against “unfit” children since sterilization of “feebleminded” children was halted 25 years ago. Interestingly, Oregon was the last US state to perform sterilization of undesirables- their eugenics board was finally eliminated in 1983. Unlike most jurisdictions swept up in the widespread and awful historic eugenics trend, Oregon’s was specifically implemented with the goal of eliminating the reproduction of homosexuals.  Oregon’s previous eugenics program was also notably distinguished (along with Texas) by its punishing severity: total surgical removal of a subject’s gonads, surgically removing whole testes and ovaries of the “unfit”, rather than mere “tying of tubes”.
-United Nations declares “gender normalizing” medical procedures performed on intersex children to be an international Human Rights violation.
-Dr. Richard Keller of the Boston Children’s Hospital Pediatric Endocrinology Department, home of the GEMS center for the medicalization of gender in children, arrested on child pornography charges.
Multiple high-profile cases of teens seeking reversal of effects of pediatric medical gender “treatments”.
Violence Against Women Act:
Transgender activists successfully lobby to siphon funding away from women’s services to male organizations -if those agencies serve men who are gay, bisexual or transgender. Also provides legal foundation to eliminate federally funded US women’s domestic violence services, rape relief services and battered women’s shelters on the grounds that services for women discriminate against gay, bisexual, and transgender men. Expect massive sex-based litigation to follow.
Gender Identity:
Continued elimination of legal sex designation- multiple countries and states eliminated all objective criteria for changing legal sex designation on birth certificates, state documents and identification (social security, passports, drivers license, etc.) Legal protections against sex-based exploitation of women and girls are eliminated in those jurisdictions, as the legal definition of sex becomes a matter of personal declaration of belief with no identifying characteristic whatsoever. Duration of cross-sex identification, medico-surgical body mods, are no longer required to change legal sex, only an undefined internal subjective “feeling” of reproductive sex.  Anyone can claim to legally be the opposite sex at any time, even retroactively. Curiously, this right only benefits male persons who wish to expand the cultural parameters of a male supremacist social role. Elimination of female representation in political, civic, and cultural life is the primary goal of the transgender movement.
Censorship and McCarthyism of Women, Lesbians, and Feminists by transgender activists:
-Deep Green Resistance ecologist Lierre Keith no-platformed from Lawrence University Earth Day at the last minute due to protest by university representative and “husband blogger” Helen Boyd. Boyd lectures and writes books about her husband and his foibles, which she considers endlessly fascinating and important. Because: gender. Crossdressing and proudly autogynephilic blogger “Bluestocking Blue” hilariously speculates on what Boyd’s husband-blogging career would look like if her husband was not a genderist: “I wonder what would she have had to sink her academic teeth into, if not gender issues? And what would that look like to us? Would she be as well known? “And tonight, my guest is Helen Boyd, author of My Husband the Trainspotter.”
Boyd and company bizarrely manage to censor Lierre Keith’s Earth Day program appearance on the grounds of her previously stated belief that sex-roles are harmful to women. In a truly Orwellian turn, the university sides with the husband-blogger and agrees that Lawrence University is not a place to allow speech from women who challenge female cultural norms. Keith is no-platformed but the male event organizer takes it upon himself to attempt to perform her presentation himself. Whew!
-Feminist Julie Bindel cancels appearance at anti-pornography talk due to mass rape and death threats from transgender activists.
-Radical Lesbian Feminist and Butch activist Bev Jo is no-platformed at the last minute from a panel on Butch Women at the Butch Voices conference after male pornographer Tobi Hill-Meyer complained that her presence would make him feel “unsafe”.
-Feminists assaulted and their books destroyed by a group of transgender activists at Portland Conference for Social Change.
-Transgender activists join forces with MRAs to deluge the London Irish Centre venue for the scheduled RadFem2013 with violent threats, forcing them to cancel the booking out of fears for the safety of their workers. This tactic backfires on the activists as the local government provides use of the wonderful Camden City Centre for RadFem2013. The event is well attended, features excellent security, and transgender activists fail to make good on their threats when faced with the London police.
-Transgender activists try and fail to prevent the radical feminist RadFemRiseUp (CA) conference from taking place. Interestingly, the more the transgender movement tries to censor and prevent feminist speech and organizing, the more women discover and join the movement.
-Transgender “transwoman” activists successfully hack the WomanSpace and Pretendbians websites and attempt cyber-terrorism and DOS attacks on other lesbian and feminist sites. They attempt and fail at eliminating GenderTrender thanks to the response by many of you in getting the blog re-instated. THANK YOU.
– Too many other incidents of attempted blacklisting, censorship, no-platforming, and rape and death threats against feminists by transgender activists to list here. Look back through the 2013 archives of this blog to see coverage of many of them. Number of transgender events protested by feminists: Zero.
One funny by-product of the trans politic’s bullying censorship: mainstream literary and academic critics no longer willing to critically review transgender offerings. After Publishers Weekly offered one slightly critical line in a promotional blurb for Julia Serano’s new book he responded so badly (leaving argumentative comments and writing an essay against Publisher’s Weekly), and a critical review in OutWeek was censored after transgender complaints, no further venues were willing to publish a review. By all reports the book is just awful. Nonetheless the lack of coverage has to be hurting sales. Careful what you wish for boys!
Huge Resurgence in Radical Feminism:
Six major radical feminist conferences in four countries in the last few years represent a huge resurgence in radical feminism. Young women are abandoning pointless apolitical post-modern “funfeminism” in droves. Too many new radfem blogs to even keep track of. Gay men and pro-feminist men begin lending support. Readership of radical feminist websites continues to grow. Massive increase in public awareness of radical feminist positions on pornography, piv, sex trafficking, male violence, and gender. Major gender-critcal articles by Julian Vigo and Elizabeth Hungerford. Sheila Jeffrey’s “Gender Hurts” to be published in 2014. Group of renowned second-wave feminists issue statement in support of gender-critical feminism and freedom of speech for women on the harmfulness of gender. Too many positive developments to list here. Hugely successful ongoing consciousness-raising. Keep up the good work!
RadFemHub closes, becomes an archive.
FCM closes Femonade.
Increased Visibility and support for De-transitioners:
Several high-profile detransitioners go public including Don Ennis, Phillip Porter, Heath Atom Russell- who is forced to take out a restraining order against a deranged “transwoman” who threatens and stalks her. A network of female detrans bloggers forms, mainly on tumblr. Male detrans start blogs. Click on the “Gender Critical” icon on the right sidebar of this blog to read some of them. Male detransitioner Joel Nowak  of puts together a detransition presentation and tries to present it at transgender conferences. You can read the outline HERE.
Gender Critical Transgender Activists:
Several transgender activists begin the necessary and inevitable work of reconciling transgender theory with gender-critical feminism. They seek to eliminate the fantasy elements of the transgender politic (for example: the delusional premise that reproductive dimorphism doesn’t exist in humans) and eliminate some aspects of the transgender politic which curtail the rights of women.
Increased number of transgender activists willing to address their autogynephilic sexual orientation. After decades of denial, the transgender movement is finally on the cusp of dealing with the fact that transgenderism means very different things for the individuals who benefit from gender (males) and the individuals who are oppressed by gender (females). For males, transgender is largely a sexual orientation based on desiring to be objectified as a sexualized, femininity-performing female. Femininity is a male-created male sexual orientation usually projected under threat of violence onto females. Transgender activists are increasingly being “out” about the sexual basis of their transgenderism. Even long-time activists who railed against the obvious sexual basis of transgenderism for males are beginning to stop trying to deny it. Julia Serano, Riki Wilchens, Tobi Hill-Meyers, Zinnia Jones, etc are playing catch-up with younger transitioners who are unashamedly and openly embracing their autogynephilia. For males, transgender is a sexual orientation based on the desire to be seen as a sexualized female “object”. For females, transgender is an escape from that same role.

hrt trans sign

143 thoughts on “Gender Trends of 2013 – the Year in Review

  1. This is a very impressive summary of 2013 in terms if “gender trends”, GM. Will refer to it often.
    I’m especially glad to see that autogynephilia is becoming recognized as actually existing. Imho, denying its existence was testament to how much some transgender activists could profit from milking their (imagined or real) victimhood. Blanchard, the guy who developed the term, might not be my favourite person as a radical feminist but he actually had survey data as an empirical basis for autogynephilia theory. It’s absolutely no problem to find his scientific article with google scholar and uni access. Transgender males have no problem openly admitting to becoming aroused by their feminine persona under conditions of anonymity. Not doing so when being identifiable must have been due to concerns for their reputation.

  2. Thank you for your substantive presentation of the transgender phenomenon and its threat to women’s liberation, in this item and in your overall work. This item from a recent issue of Toronto Star shows how ESSENTIAL your work is:
    Note that the author, Ken Gallinger, is the paper’s ethics columnist, and that his columns do not allow for public comments.

    1. Thank you for finding value in my work. I’m really glad. Sometimes it seems like just a shit-ton of work. The pay-off is if it helps make a difference. I appreciate the kind words. <3

  3. Actually, on that ruling at HHS, the NCD (excluding the surgery) was _not_ overturned. As the ruling itself states, “This ruling does not address the ultimate question of whether the NCD as written is valid under the reasonableness standard, but only whether the existing NCD record on which the NCD was based is complete and adequate to support its validity.” The ruling is here:
    If you read the ruling, you can see CMS did not do its job to defend the NCD
    Nevertheless, the NCD does look like it’s pretty old and I saw Elizabeth Hungerford tweet that that was likely the reason it is under review right now:

    Right now is the discovery process, where the DAB will take evidence to determine if the NCD is “valid” or not. Tomorrow (1/6) is the intervention deadline for people to petition to file amicus briefs. Below are the criteria for filing such briefs:
    If you want to intervene, I think you should fax the petition to 202-565-0238 as the deadline is tomorrow!

    1. Yes, the ban is overturned. That is what I said. As for the view that the “discovery” process is designed to rubber stamp and cover the department’s ass in order to provide these “treatments”: that is commentary. My interpretation. Hope that clears things up.

  4. Thank you for an excellent post!
    I’m amazed by the news about trans murder statistics. Can you provide a link about the fact that their murderer/murdered stats are the same? That’s incredible.
    That’s quite funny about Serano. They’re their own worst enemies. I remain flummoxed by third wave Twitter feminists who think it’s a good idea to align with affluent white males against white females. Yesterday Voz “All females should be raped” Latina flipped out on Suey Park for unknowingly following a radfem, and Park was quick to grovel for forgiveness before her. The hilarious thing is it’s clear they expect trans women to act like hair-trigger tempered maniacs. How do they think this is going to end?

    View post on

    View post on

  5. p.s. I’m aware that Voz is not white. However, this is exactly the dynamic between third wave WOC and trans women, white or not, on Twitter and elsewhere.

  6. Dear Gallus Mag,
    Thank you for this detailed, thoughtful and *hopeful* post. It’s maddening and exhausting to see and know the damage that patriarchy in women’s clothing wreaks, and it would be easy to succumb to despair. But you never do, and you are persistent and courageous in showcasing the ferocious radicals, the rebellious de-transitioners, the ethical regular folk who can see the emperor and his foolish nakedness. Thank you thank you thank you.
    never give up.
    and happy new year, may 2014 bring us closer to shared freedom.

      1. When violence is involved, MTT’s are quickly reassigned as “women in dresses.” Because clearly a “transgender” person would never perpetrate harm on another, or have any malice in their thoughts, actions or sexual thoughts, as they tell us again and again.

      2. There’s a big news story here in NY about a woman abusing her incarcerated boyfriend’s 4-year-old son, resulting in his death. Only this morning did I hear mentioned briefly on the radio that this ‘girlfriend’ is ‘transgender.’

      3. Yes, and from what I can tell they are not showing any photos of the “woman” now revealed as transgender who tortured and killed the child. Probably don’t want to get attacks from the transactivists who will defend the attacker or get bad press.
        Now on the other hand, any time a female is even suspected of killing a child you get the world’s biggest media circus. I think this bears watching for that reason. (The photos of the child just make you want to cry).

      4. These men embody and enact such extreme violence. I wonder why the “real women” are not holding a candle lit vigil for the killer? The kid could have misgendered him and that could be so painful that the little boy deserved to die–just not too fast, that would have taken all the fun out of it. Yes they should rally around their sister–it was not easy too torture the child for days–. I bet they can argue the kid was transphobic and a bigot. I hope they like him at Rikers . Watch they are going to howl about this mad dog’s human right to be in a women’s prison. The State of New York needs to get a pretty pink old sparky and throw the switch. If this had been a woman that killed the kid there would be massive coverage. Journalist are scared of these men–I hope this begins to lead to a tipping point.

      5. The transgender community has repeatedly defended the right to commit violent attacks on those who “misgender” (correctly identify sex) them. Will this “woman” cite that “defense”? As horrific as it sounds, that would not surprise me at this point.

      6. When I first read about it, that was one of my questions. Did the little boy “bully” the poor widdle twansie by refusing to call him “ma’am” and tell him he’s pretty?

      7. “Wade has a lengthy rap sheet with 13 arrests. The most recent was in September 2012 — a month before ACS gave him custody of Myls.
        King, a transgendered woman originally born Christopher King, has a sealed rape arrest on her record. A woman suffered a fractured jaw in the attack, sources told The News. It appears King was arrested as a teenage boy and not convicted.”
        Read more:

      8. What’s so weird to me about this child-killer story is that everyone seems to agree that this person is batshit crazy in every other way, but when it comes to his claiming to be a woman they somehow think that is perfectly reasonable. (The ‘trans’ angle is still hardly mentioned; he’s just called a ‘babysitter’ or ‘girlfriend.’)

  7. Reblogged this on winterdominatrix and commented:
    The roll back of female equality in 2013.
    Some men seem to want to enforce ‘women’ as sex toys for men and take away protections that have allowed women to be an intragal part of socieity. From the first suffergettes that fought for the right of public restrooms for females and children to the occupation by anyone male, claiming to have feelings of not being male to have the right to access these places regardless of sex reassignment surgery. Of course, these men expect the women to identify who is really a trans-person and who is a man with a pee fetish, or a pedophile in a dress hoping to catch a child alone and using it as a ruse. When these topics are brought up, death-threats and rape threats are hurrled at the women for even trying to discuss it comes about. Why? Is there something to hide? Women have the right to ask. There are an awefullot of women-urination porn sites up and children use the restroom. Men do not have the right to film us peeing. I will have to check the restroom before I go in and check for hidden cameras set up at the local JC pennies, or Koals. If you find a camera in the woman’s room hoping to catch you pee for on line porn sites, call the police. right away.

    1. James- yes. Thank you for the correction. I did not go into James’ activities as much as I could here because I am working on an upcoming more indepth post on him. Actually almost everything on this year-end review is pretty much just touched upon. I wanted to use the space for commentary. Still a super long post. lol.

  8. Feel free to add your own “year in review” commentary- around general trends in gender, or specific 2013 events that you found notable. I’m sure I managed to omit a bunch of stuff! 🙂

  9. Dear Gallus,
    Fantastic job! My political life has improved greatly keeping up with this stuff, and even a conservative straight republican friend is right on this stuff. Logic and our constant rise in radical feminism can win this. Keep the information flowing and happy new year 2014!

  10. AB1266 should scare the living bejebees out of women. Actually, it should frighten the entire female sex. They have eviscerated the privacy rights of all female students K through 12 (kindergarten through high school) by amending Section 221.5 of the education code that was historically designed to address discrimination based on sex. So, they basically crap all over the female sex twice. California law already prohibits discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity. There are legal remedies and mechanisms in place to address bullying and teasing. AB1266 doesn’t even address bullying or harassment. It deals specifically with access to sex segregated facilities based on “gender identity” which the State of California doesn’t even have a precise definition for other than how a student identifies at any particular point in time. AB1266 requires NO DOCUMENTATION OF ANY SORT stating that “gender identity” is a persistent and genuinely felt belief. Nothing. Zero. Zilch. They don’t need a letter from a therapist. Apparently, they don’t even have to tell their parents. Read it and weep. As a female, I feel as if I’ve been kicked in the gut.
    About three years ago, there was a brutal gang rape at a Richmond, California school that went on for hours. The girl suffered severe injuries. If this girl, or any other girl who has experienced this degree of physical and emotional trauma, is emotionally triggered by the presence of a six foot tall seventeen year old male student in the girl’s locker room or restroom, she has no rights. Girls with documented cases of PTSD have to share intimate personal space with male students. Under AB1266, no documentation is required. The State of California cannot prove that “gender identity” which cannot be quantified, or even documented is more important than PTSD in a female student.
    The State of California needs to be sued because this is the only way it’s going to stop.

    1. I went to the rally in Richmond to support the girl and of course a man lectured us that the men and boys who raped her and texted their friends to come and join in “are victims too.”
      Very good point that she and really almost all girls and women who have been sexually assaulted by men (and ALL have been sexually harassed) would be further traumatized by seeing a male in the women’s restroom… But who cares when men demand something.

  11. I would like to follow up on AB1266. If the referendum fails, there is always the state initiative process. They shouldn’t have any problems getting enough signatures. Referendums are rarely successful.
    This will be fought tooth and nail.

    1. Skylark, can you please write to me at I’d like to talk to you about this and maybe work together. (GM, this is an email address designated for public use–ok to post! Appreciate your having been protective of my info in the past, though.)

      1. I wasn’t being “protective of your info”. I was confirming your identity. You would not believe the creepy-ass shit these men try to pull. Or maybe you would. 😉

  12. There is so much on this post that I cannot comment on it all. However, I would like to comment on some things, especially this paragraph:
    “Currently the increasingly subordinate social role of women is being codified into law by the state at the behest of the powerful genderist “transgender rights” movement, a men’s sexual rights movement based on relaxing acceptable male dominance roles for men via the elimination of legal recognition of women entirely.”
    You put this point extremely strongly, and I can see why. However, I would like to offer my own standpoint. Is it OK for a man to dress as a woman? I think the answer is yes. Is it OK for a man to go out in public dressed in women’s clothing? I think the answer is yes, provided that person acts with consideration to other people (which means dressing in reasonably modest attire and not deliberately provoking outrage or causing offence). Is it OK for a man dressed as a woman to use the women’s public washrooms? Again, I think yes, but here is the important thing: provided nobody objects.
    IMO, to simply assert, or insist, that one is a woman is not sufficient to gain one an all-access pass to the realm of womanhood. One does not (I believe) have an automatic right to make other people feel uncomfortable by one’s presence. I think that some trans people insert themselves into situations which are traditionally women-only as a means of attempting to validate their own identity as women. I think their motivation is basically selfish. I think they are trying to say: “look what a real woman I am”; rather than saying “women do not deserve legal recognition”.
    You are very critical of some trans people in the post above. Some of that criticism may indeed be warranted. However, we are not all zealots and activists and rabble-rousers. Some of us are reasonable, decent, balanced people who cannot change who we are, but nonetheless don’t wish to offend anyone.

    1. If I choose to wear scrubs and a white coat, should I be allowed in “staff-only” areas of a hospital?

    2. “Provided nobody objects”
      But see that’s the thing-we are objecting, because we as women and as human beings have a right to safe women only spaces. Why is nobody listening? I hate this trend especially on liberal feminists sites-instead of trusting other women and standing in solidarity, they attack women who don’t want to share a restroom with a man. If a woman doesn’t want to have a man in locker room with her, it must be because she’s sexually repressed or a bigot or not progressive or any of the other buzzwords the social justice crowd likes to throw out.
      That’s very nice that not all transwomen are zealots, etc. That doesn’t change anything though. Acknowledging that not all men are rapists doesn’t change the fact that rape is a tool of oppression that men use against women. Frankly I think you would do better to go talk with the transwomen who are “zealot activists and rabble rousers” than trying to convince radical feminists that we got everything wrong.

    3. V,
      Wear whatever you want, but the bathroom is a same-sex space regardless. What do you define as “women’s clothing?” Stuff that’s marketed to women? So you’re saying that we’re defined by or somehow inherently associated with the stuff that’s marketed to us, to designate us as the subjugated sex-class? Lots of girls and women painstakingly avoid “women’s clothing” if we can help it, but you wouldn’t say that males who dress the way we prefer to are “dressed as a woman,” now would you? I’m sorry–despite your making an effort to sound reasonable–this attempt falls quite apart. There’s really nothing reasonable about the logical conclusions.
      Having been on another side of this–when I was a younger teenager I frequently made women feel uncomfortable in the bathroom because they saw my clothes and assumed I was male–and I felt bad for this, and used my (then-unaltered) voice, etc. to signify my female sex to set them at ease. It’s not about the clothes. It’s about maintaining it as a same-sex space for greater relative safety.
      I’ll support your right as a gender-nonconforming man to go into male spaces, dressed however you like, including wearing stuff that is marketed to women as a way to designate and enforce our submission. That may be a scary and difficult thing for you to do, but that doesn’t mean you get to intrude on unwilling women instead–because, yes, we object.

      1. “@Moira. There are many societies worldwide where both men and women wear, basically, robes or skirts.”
        Golly gosh, mister. What a big world it is out there! Thank goodness I have you to tell me all about it! But seriously–yes. I know. And? Relevance to the discussion here?
        “In our society, women are free to purchase and wear whatever they choose.”
        Ah, we are “free” to wear whatever we “choose,” yes. Listen, V., you really have no idea what women are “free” to do or not in “our” society. There may not be laws enforced on the books in *this* decade in the US about how many articles of “women’s” clothing we must don, but you clearly have no idea what it’s like to be a woman refusing to mark yourself submissive, and all the myriad ways we are punished for this. And how could you? But for the love of anything, don’t try to hold forth on the subject.
        “I do not really accept blame (even vicariously as a representative of the male sex) for the fact that women often choose to wear dresses, skirts, heels, lace, and so on.”
        Typical. Of course you don’t. Your prerogative as a man, after all.
        “I accept that such garments are marketed at women, but I understand there are plenty of women involved in the design, manufacture, display, advertising, sale, and, ultimately, use of them too. Perhaps you could talk to them.”
        Oh, yeah, I’ll get right on that; what a novel suggestion. Man tries to get the women to tear at each other, leaving the men to go on with their exploitative bullshit. I’m not talking about the mechanics or staffing of the fashion industry, dude. I’m talking about *why* this stuff is considered “women’s” and *WHO BENEFITS* from that. Hint: not women.

    4. “Some of us are reasonable, decent, balanced people”
      You’re a grown MAN who wants to force others to see HIM as a woman. There is nothing balanced, reasonable or decent about that.
      “Is it OK for a man dressed as a woman to use the women’s public washrooms?” “Again, I think yes”
      I’m glad you’re admitting that you’re a man. No it is not alright for men to use women’s bathrooms. Go use the mens that’s what it’s there for.

      1. Thanks for all of your replies. I actually agree with much of what you are all saying.
        First, yes I am a man, and that will never change. I am quite willing to be considered, treated, addressed, (or ridiculed), as a man in a dress. I do not insist that people treat me like a woman, or wring my hands if they don’t. I do not consider myself a “transwoman”.
        Second, I think that men who wear women’s clothing in public are, in general, politely tolerated. I think this tolerance is a privilege; I do not see it as a right.
        Third, I absolutely agree that women are entitled to safe, women-only spaces, for any reason they think fit, or even for no reason at all. Where they are denied this by law, I think the law is wrong and should be changed.
        Fourth, bathrooms. If someone objected to my presence in any public space (e.g. a mall, an airport, a library) I would quietly leave without making a scene or causing a disturbance. If someone objected to my presence in a female-only bathroom, I would immediately leave without question. Actually, nobody has ever asked me to leave a women’s bathroom. That’s because I don’t think it’s appropriate for me (personally) to use them, so I don’t use them. I do actually worry (@Moira) that it might offend someone or make them uncomfortable.
        Just to take your other points, in no particular order:
        @Teal Deer. My answer would be no. However, if people want to wear scrubs and a white coat and walk around a shopping mall, I have no objection.
        @Monika. Actually I do argue with over-zealous transgender activists. I get flamed by them too!
        @Moira. There are many societies worldwide where both men and women wear, basically, robes or skirts. In our society, women are free to purchase and wear whatever they choose. I do not really accept blame (even vicariously as a representative of the male sex) for the fact that women often choose to wear dresses, skirts, heels, lace, and so on. I accept that such garments are marketed at women, but I understand there are plenty of women involved in the design, manufacture, display, advertising, sale, and, ultimately, use of them too. Perhaps you could talk to them.
        @Motherhood. I will answer your points more fully separately.

    5. My goodness, sir, yes, Gallus Mag is very critical of trans people. I myself am critical of people who insist they are werewolves or space aliens. Hard not to when they don’t exist.
      Mr. Vivienne, you are trying SO hard to sound reasonable and balanced, but insisting you are something you are not and can never be, whether it’s being a woman when you are clearly a man, or some other mythological being is not reasonable or balanced. It’s just ridiculous and offensive.
      But its also very dangerous and oppressive to women and girls because you and your supporters are harming us every moment you play this obscene game.

      1. actually Bev Jo I think this is an old style cross dresser and not a “trans woman” per se – it is the transgenders who decided that every single “genderqueer” and “cross dresser” must be “trans”–to make their group bigger and more important politically. more people = more political influence.
        there are huge differences in those groups but the trans borg has co opted them and decided they can speak for them all. and they don’t.
        vivienne says he’s a man so already he has broken the rules of the trans borg. this is one reason the trannies hate the old school transvestites: most of the trannies are actually transvestites who cannot except what they are – men who dress like and wannabe women. vivienee is the type they try to run out of tumblr on a rail since he admits readily what they can/will not admit – even to themsevles

    6. “I think they are trying to say: “look what a real woman I am”; rather than saying “women do not deserve legal recognition”.”
      So you acknowledge that trans movement is seeking to eliminate the legal recognition of women, but offer the excuse that it it not being done maliciously, but only in seeking validation for themselves. Do you really think that women should care about the intention as our hard-won gains and protections slip away? Women’s oppression is rooted in our biology, in our reproductive capacity. When you seek to redefine “woman” to include any man who claims to “feel” like one, you are erasing the source of our oppression. Women and girls are not raped, sold into prostitution and as child-brides because of our hairstyles, clothing or makeup. I don’t have one more minute in this life to spare on validating men, especially at the expense forfeiting the few protections from men that girls and women currently have.
      “Some of us are reasonable, decent, balanced people who cannot change who we are, but nonetheless don’t wish to offend anyone.”
      If this is true, than live your life as who you are- a man who prefers the accoutrements of classically feminine attire. There is nothing innately feminine or masculine about any clothing- only the stereotypes attached to them. I fully support any man’s right to dress in whatever matter he sees fit, but your attire has no bearing on what restroom or locker room you use. It is also not the responsibility of any woman to object to your presence. Most woman are not going to confront a man- probably a much physically larger man- in an enclosed private room. No matter how uncomfortable they are made to feel, it is safer to get out than to risk the chance of being physical attacked if the man in question is mentally unhinged. Though the trans line is always that it never happens, men dressed as women or claiming to be women attack and murder women all of the time. There are dozens upon dozens of these stories on this site alone. Any woman who reads a newspaper, watches the news or uses the internet knows it happens.
      There is no offense in any man dressing in “women’s clothing”, whatever the motivation- artistic, emotional or sexual- go for it. The offense is in any man claiming to “feel” like a woman or to be a “woman on the inside” or in his “female brain”, and that he has any rights to female spaces because of his “feelings”. I briefly checked out out your blog via the link in this post, and you seem to be a logical and honest person who is not claiming womanhood. I appreciate that, even though I am questioning some of your responses here that seem to put a lot of responsibility on women to validate men’s behavior.

      1. “When you seek to redefine “woman” to include any man who claims to “feel” like one, you are erasing the source of our oppression” fuckin a! that’s when i reached peak trans.
        when they started saying discussion or any men of menstruation and childbirth was “cissexist” i heard the agenda loud & clear: erase us. erase the biological basis of our social status.
        fuck that noize.

  13. This is a great review, and thank you for all you’ve done in the last year to highlight these issues. Your blog is one of several which I’ve found in the last couple of years which have revitalised my activism. I’m 53 and was quite active in the late 70s and 80s and although I knew not all was peachy in the patriarchal world since then, I did kind of presume that some struggles at least would not need to be repeated – the rights of women and girls to safe spaces and freedom of association, for instance! So thank you for educating me and waking me up! Have a great year in 2014: I look forward to reading more from you.

  14. V,
    To point all the criticism in GM’s post is warranted, not some or sometimes. You state: “I think that some trans people insert themselves into situations which are traditionally women-only as a means of attempting to validate their own identity as women. I think their motivation is basically selfish.”
    First, let’s be accurate because words and reality have meaning. By people you mean men. All right, so men insert themselves (and their penis) into women’s space forcibly. That is called rape. Men in dresses, men in army uniform, men full papal, aman, rabbinical garb rape right along with men in dresses, wigs, make up and high heals. The do this physically they do this socially. And as a male you will not understand this next concept but ask your mother she will explain it. There is physical rape, there is social rape, and there is legal rape. So while not all cases maybe physical rape all are social rape. Trans is male empowerment and the most male movement since the Huns. Trans runs on misogyny. That is the issue on the clearest level. The fact that you imagine demanding entrance into women and their spaces as merely “validation” is a whole other issue. So the ah poor baby they just are so fragile they need to validate is a gaslight.
    Although it begs the question, why do you sir assume that women should “validate” a male sexual fetish and fantasy? Do you think we are all whores set out in a row for your pleasure? Can you even wrap your male demanding mind around the concept that women are human and have not been contrived as slaves serve men against our will. We are not playing all tanked up on prescription to pretend with got titties. We don’t ‘feminate” or play this horseshit damsel in distress. Our vagina doesn’t get wet when we put on a blouse. Call me rebellious, call me radical but I did not sign up to prostitute my daughters or myself to a man feelings or wishes or perceptions. That sir is not in the social contract. Women owe men nothing.
    Trans is the ultimate in post modern male entitlement it has nothing to women or being a women. As male it demands that women affirm and provide even more male privilege to men. Trans, stands as simply the logical outcome of male privilege/power that is fed on male sexual compulsion and fetish. It is destructive and anti women. It is dangerous to women. More and more women are saying to men–you don’t get to force women to role-play in your sexual fantasy. Women realize that male arousal being served by unwilling women is bondage sir. Fabrications that serve as turn on about the danger posed to (“trans”) men who do not get ejaculate by forcing women to share space are wearing thin.
    There is no path to “womanhood.” I suspect you know that. There are simply “women” a real category of human based in biological reality not in sexual compulsion. “Womanhood” is not achievable via synesthetic hormones, or legislation, or cosmetic surgery. Nor is achievable to imagine that women play whore to yet another entire class of men. I don’t care what a man wears. If he shows up in my personal safe space I know he is a threat and a danger and I will act in self-defense.
    The canard that so many Trans were fighting their real “woman deep inside” by all the conventional power roles—navy seal, tech, and other profession fall short as more people recognize that these men were (have always been and continue to) fulfilling their male urges and male identity and Trans is just another male urge. Trans and the whole notion of transition is in fact the logical extension of male trying to over power women and force them to submit to their sexual proclivities and to do so publically. Now why should women get down on their knees and suck some guy’s dick and swallow. Because you will kill us if we don’t? You’re all fools. Women have been killed by men everyday for a lot less. Which is yet another thing you do not understand. I’ll take my chances, because that is what women do 24/7
    And you are correct you can’t change who you are. I suggest no matter how nice or mannered you are you stop thinking because you asked nicely women will drop to their knees and suck you off. It presumes we have no self-respect, which is a projection because men are unable by and large to respect women.
    You may not all be zealots but you are all men. And claiming otherwise is offensive so cut the shit bro you have every intention to be offensive–now I have paid attention to you and I sure you ejaculated umpteen times. Was it good for you? For me I threw up in my mouth. And you wish to make that the law of the land. Yes a matter of life and death–the drama of male hard on the soap opera of a fetshistic ersatz existence.

    1. Hi Motherhood.
      Your response is the longest and most hostile. I can see how angry and how frustrated you are, and how deeply this subject matters to you. I actually do agree with many of your points.
      For a male-to-female transwoman to deliberately intrude into a gathering (say, an organised discussion on menopause) as a means of validating themselves as a woman is selfish and harmful. I can understand why some people want to do that, but that doesn’t mean I agree with it, or think those people have a right to do it.
      I actually agree (and you should read my blog; it’s a theme) that most transvestites and transsexuals are not trying to be like women, but like men think women are. I do think trans behaviour is driven by masculinity, not innate femininity. I do think that the best some transwomen achieve is a caricature or a parody of femininity. I do think that the way some trans people behave is outrageous and wrong.
      You objected to my use of the word “people”, but actually I chose it deliberately. I am a person, a human being. You have never met me, but you think it is OK to berate me, to insult me, to ridicule me, and to accuse me of horrific things (such as being agreeably complicit in institutionalised rape, or how many times I “ejaculated” writing my comments). This type of language is not acceptable.
      I do think there is a discussion to be had about these subjects, but it will be impossible unless we can have that discussion civilly.

      1. V,
        Yes human—male is human. The species is not in question. I am long winded. Hostile is the only response to males that continue to take women by force, then demand they partake in male arousal and then annihilate them. It is my position. I have chosen it. This is not on the table for discussion. Women have two choices, subjugate or fight back. The queer girl handmaidens want to subjugate themselves that’s their call. Oh me oh my I have nothing to wear that screams please put your boot on my neck so I’m going with the latter. That is the only end game you guys have. There is no such thing as a little violent, a touch or tad misogynistic.
        The entire thing evolved out a confluence of misogyny and male privilege. Trans the Trojan horse that lbgt helped push through the gates. Between gay men using brown women in India as reproductive slaves and you guys women have not been in this much danger world wide since they sacrificed virgins and burned witches. You see the only way that trans survives and gains power is to annihilate women, legally, culturally, socially and yes physically—no different than many other male groups.
        To point I do not negotiate with terrorists and Trans is a terrorist movement. Trans would not even exist if not for an accepted toxic level of misogyny cultivated by queer ideologies and doctrine and enacted by moneyed men. As a woman I don’t care how men feel. It is not my obligation to. There is no “shared” anything. Trans oppresses and abuses women, threatens to rape and murder has made good on those threats over and over– we are not in this together—no family of man handholding. Understand your position visa a vi women. You are a willing member of a group that as part of the compulsion and organizing principle must damage if not destroy women. Nobody forced you. It fulfills your need. Your need does not matter a wit to me if that need is based on destroying me—which it is. I am not going to be complicit in my demise or any other woman’s demise in to meet the demands and needs of men. This is not mean or hostile or bitchy, it is survival. I personally can’t be manipulated by a tale of woe or pity because I just don’t believe the narrative. As a man you are not my husband, brother or father so as a woman I owe you or any other man on the planet—which is nothing. That is my position with all men. Yes yes I have heard—well those other guys are not real Trans. Canned scripted response—please spare me none of you are real. I care about women’s right to speak, to write, to earn a living. All things Trans have a long history of destroying. I care about our health care not men’s chemical and cosmetic body modifications. I care about never having to share a bathroom, hospital room, changing room, or prison cell. I care about women’s scholarship going to women not some dude feminating and telling women, take it.
        No I have never met you and would not do so unless it was in a very crowded public place and it would not change my mind about what Trans is. We could even get along—I am adorable and charming and tactless. I think once we strip away all the Trans rhetorical horse shit, identity politics functions just like nationalism hence the Orwellian slant. Auschwitz was the first postmodern institution and Trans is the second postmodern movement. Both born out the hyper male urges.
        I do not know how long it will take or how many women will need to die, get rapped, lose jobs, be pushed further into poverty at the hands of men in female garb but there should be a tipping point. Which is why so much goes into silencing of women and threatening women. What men do to women will not cause the tip but how much they begin to cost other men will be what tips it.
        Trans is like all other male sociopathic groups, the Russian mafia, gangs some religious cults. It is not a political movement it is a gang of thugs roaming the landscape. The difference is the fetish component that demands women partake. Men who are anti social organize in the same way as men who are not sociopaths. Asking for civil dialogue is a ruse—and only works with male groups that are not sociopathic. If Trans had any intention to do anything other than annihilate women as group and individually they would stand down. The would not continue with harassment and they would not dare peddle the profound lies of victim or the suicide threat. They would not use children. No these guys are a danger. The howling about transphobia if a woman says “and or but” is the exact same as the Mafioso that kills or orders a hit because he was “dissed” Getting dissed by a women is a offence but no real threat. It all smoke and mirror exaggerations of issues that do not exist–so exaggeration of fabrication. All to obscure the fact that this particular sexual urge is not merely deviant but dangerous—sexual cannibalism. There is no such thing as transphobia because there is no such thing as trans. It is not an identity it is a misogynistic compulsion. Another thing we both know.
        Curious that you were “offended” that I rang the gong (dong, can resist a bad pun) of the men’s sexual arousal and ejaculation. Yes we are going to get crude because it reminds people loud and clear that demanding women pleasure men is not a civil or a human right and when the pleasure is derived from forcing women to submit it is violence. That goes beyond between two people that enters the public realm. Once people realize the level of violence and crunch the numbers there will be a shift in thinking. I also suspect that most of these guys can’t hold their shit together for too long. But money and trendiness obscure a lot more.
        I will read your blog as soon as I get Thor up and running. Don’t even go into the bravery thing. Yes I am a coward—damn right. Women are scared shitless that’s what happens when men threaten to tear our cunts out and feed them to the dogs.

    2. Motherhood, your comment here is genius, and I’ve saved it to a personal file so I’ll always remember it. Everything about the third wave prioritizes the male “right” to female servitude, dressed up as sexy, rebellious self-expression. They will never tire of lecturing us in reasonable and not-so-reasonable tones that we have failed to give them what they want. They’ll just keep pushing these “civil” discussions on us until they get it. Taking no for an answer is not on the menu.

  15. One bright spot I found today: at work, we got to fill out surveys (just for statistics) on whether or not we were minorities/etc. so as to provide the company with stats info. on who was working where.
    Anyway, woman was one, and then there was a part B of that box, which clearly stated that to claim to be a woman, was to claim to be female, by sex, not feelings. It makes me pleased that some people have their stuff in order.

  16. Thanks for this great and useful summary, GM! You are an amazing woman <3 <3 <3
    Motherhood, you said " Trans is just another male urge" That is a classic statement. Perhaps we should make it a meme. Just pull that statement out in response to any who tries to pretend otherwise. When I read it, I thought, wow that nails it. Another male urge and one that confuses the general public. Hmm, now why would a man want to do that? It's been done before. And over and over, ad nauseum.
    "Trans is just another male urge." Sorry fellas, game's over. Ho hum. So yesterday.

    1. Your call dude. You really think women are just going to to say poor baby needs his hard on 24/7 or he will kill himself. Grow up. Women have real lives. Women have children to protect. You’re dick is low down on the scale of womens’ concern. Oh if I can’t force women to live into total fear and role play in my on going sexual fantasy I will kill myself– ever time I hear that I think how many men make that threat and then take the life of women with them. Your male fetish is not our responsiblity. Your life is not our responsiblity. It’s very tedious. Da ya that? Quick ladies we have to all part take in his sexual compulsion or he will kill himself.

    2. I would say that’s exactly what they *are* doing, surgery by procedure by treatment. Willingly.

    3. here comes the fucking melodrama. take it back to tumblr where you can get 200 ‘likes’ with that shit

    4. Not our problem, dude. If you boys would just keep yourselves to yourselves and leave women alone, maybe we wouldn’t say mean things about you and hurt your feewings. :’-(

  17. Thank you so much for this post, for the whole year, and all the years you’ve been giving us GenderTrender Gallus Mag. When women are questioning the trans cult, not trusting it, but not wanting to hurt anyone’s feelings, I link them to you. When women troll our spaces on behalf of the men, I link them to you. When women feel alone in being furious at the trans cult mind fuck, I link them to you. Because all the information is here, on every aspect of the trannie games and horrific female-hating, so clear and undeniable, and, with your support, they just can’t get away with saying the usual “Oh you just had a bad experience with one ‘transwoman'” crap. You show all that it’s ALL the men posturing as the worst nightmare of women.
    Thank you for being our champion! xoxoxo

  18. Hmmm, so, I wonder what’s worse: A world of strict gender binarism that affords women inviolate space along with traditional roles, or the postmodern world in which men pretending to be women are injected into any female area or gathering by force of law.

  19. Reblogged this on musicbugsandgender and commented:
    The good news is that men seem to be kicking back against masculinity: the – less-heartening – news is our collective failure to distinguish the former from maleness, a biologically-inherited reality. (some) Transgenders defend their position with the same entitled-zeal employed by MRA’s. The human race moves no further forward. In one sense, the issue of gender is rendered moot: the dichotomy in behaviour re-creates the classic dichotomy in agency. Since reading Demonic Males – a well-researched tome with no pretence to feminism albeit full of insight – I’m of the mind that behavioural change in and of itself is insufficient and a more social engineering-based strategy is called for: to wit; a reversal of the long-standing mode of selective abortion in favour of males. This cannot practically be accomplished in plain sight; a degree of deception is called for, at least in the short term. Nature grants females the upper hand in matters reproductive: backed-up by history and biology: active defiance of this is the root of ‘man’kind’s untenable position as top of the tree. Gender is the problem. ‘Whitewash’, ‘Gaywash’ and ‘Transwash’ are increasingly desperate responses to a deep-rooted dichotomy that we CAN reverse, God-willing.

  20. Thanks, Gertrude, but Mr. Vivienne’s second past hadn’t yet appeared when I responded to his first one where he doesn’t say he knows he’s a man, but identified as trans in criticizing Gallus Mag:
    “You are very critical of some trans people in the post above. Some of that criticism may indeed be warranted. However, we are not all zealots and activists and rabble-rousers. Some of us are reasonable, decent, balanced people who cannot change who we are, but nonetheless don’t wish to offend anyone.”
    Do we really need yet one more man here telling us how we are wrong, criticizing Gallus Mag, when this is extremely rare space?
    I’m not impressed with transvestites. Where I live, going to one of the only Lesbian-owned bars left in this entire area that’s full of gay male bars. means never knowing when a female-hating transvestite will be parading onstage in a naked “fat women’s” suit making fun of women. It’s a tradition in San Francisco, going back decades, where het couples pay to see men in drag ridicule women.

    1. bev jo, for instance read this:
      my perspective is that it’s politically expedient to bust up the trans borg coalition and exploit their points of division. and this is a -big- one. doesn’t mean i like drag queens any better, but at least they admit what they are doing. when they refer to themsevles trans as vivienn did, it drives the other “i’ve been a woman my whole life” trannies nuts. so i want them to keep doing it. weaknesses in the enemy position should be exploited always & to do that we need to know what they are.

      1. Agreed. They are more honest about what it is THEY are doing (and we can quibble about harm done by the costume, but at least they admit it is a costume) and they generally don’t try to tell ME how I supposedly think and am, they don’t try to insist that they share all of my formative experiences.
        While still on the “trans spectrum” and not “drag queens” per se, certain of the “third gender” people who are males dressed as stereotypical women strike me similarly, I guess the usual through the rabbit hole has gotten far enough beyond the pale that a guy who is willing to say “no, I’m not a woman, I’m a [insert cultural term here] which means a male playing a stereotypical female role, yes, that means I’m gay too” is almost refreshing.
        The “I’ve been a woman my whole life because I realized that I ‘think like a girl’ already by the age of THREE!!1!1!!1!!” people are the ones that drive me up the wall, first because of the obvious stereotypes involved (i.e. what does “think like a girl” mean for you to think you saw that in yourself??) and secondly because they will sit there and with a straight face insist that “but we were really girls! Inside! And suffered like you because we internalized various misogynistic messages we heard, yes we did!!” while benefiting from the MALE PRIVILEGE they were raised under, happily benefiting from their parents and all of society being more than happy that they want to study serious things in school and go on to serious careers, and no one EVER telling them “women can’t do that” or “we won’t hire you because you’d have to retire when you get married right?” as some of us did.
        And yes, I’m sure there’s a certain awfulness in being rejected for not being “masculine enough” by males (though I don’t try to claim that for myself, because hey, not my experience – though I will absolutely support gender non-conforming men when they want to call that out and criticize those other men for it) but the point is it’s not the same thing as growing up a girl.
        …so yeah, I guess really my “peak trans” moment was first hearing (and really understanding) just what this “but my brain is female, really” stupid “laydee brain” argument is about.

  21. Thank you Gallus Mag for a detailed and lengthy review of tranz 2013 – it is obvious that a huge amount of work went into creating this post, and it is much appreciated.
    That tranzjactivists have become so emboldened by their past terrorisations upon females/radfems, they seem somewhat surprised when that same terrorism cannot be universally applied – the book review business made me laugh out loud!
    You are doing great work, thank you.

  22. My end-of-the-year comment about radical feminism, after a year of a pretty steep learning curve, is that I was correct in thinking it probably wouldn’t just level off after six months or so. Or twelve months or so.
    I look forward to the next six. Or twelve.
    It’s an interesting journey. I wander around and listen to people.
    I don’t hear them the same ways. It keeps changing. Sometimes I feel like a bard.

  23. Great post, as ever. I came upon your blog when it was cited as an example of “hate speech” by some batshit F2T during the Moore & Burchill v the trans politic spat on the Guardian. Been following you since. As a gay guy I’m ashamed that we’re not doing anything like your work to expose the existential threat posed by this creepy, exploitative “trans kids” nonsense. I’m concerned that we’re not showing solidarity with you in your fight for F2T-free space. You, on the other hand, have been on fire. All the best for 2014!

    1. Transgenders are calling the premeditated, filmed cold-cock beat-down assault, perpetrated by a male on a female student “self-defense”:
      Transgender means the right to violently assault women who correctly identify you as male apparently. Premeditated violent filmed assault of women is “justified self defense” for males who feel insulted, according to trans activists. Unbelievable.
      From a petition started to defend male rights to premeditated filmed violent assault of females:
      Daniel J. Cabral, Senior Deputy District Attorney, Contra Costa County District Attorney’s Office
      The incident that took place with my sister, Jewlyes, possess a bigger problem than pressing charges against her. The overarching issue here is the lack of educational programs and resources to create safe spaces, teach tolerance, and implement bully prevention. I am angered that Jewlyes is being prosecuted as she has already experienced so much hate and indifference by her peers. Prosecuting her teaches her peers and our community nothing except that being homophobic is okay, that discriminating others because they are different is okay, that you can act immorally as long as you don’t initiate being physical. As role models and leaders of the community, it is our job to help our youth progress and understand this ever changing society. Just because you may be able to technically prove a case does not mean you should.
      The first step towards confronting oppression is recognizing it and educating yourself. I believe these charges against her continue to perpetuate the victimization of LGBTQIA (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersex, asexual) identified people. This is actively supporting oppression. Mr. Cabral, I urge you to dismiss the charge and issue a formal apology to Jewlyes. This altercation should be the responsibility of the school district, who should take proper action and implement the necessary resources to prevent incidents like these from ever happening. I hope you can consider the needs of the youth and the concerns of the entire community. You have the power to pave the path and set an example for us all.
      [Your name]”

      1. ” …you can act immorally as long as you don’t initiate being physical. ”
        Initiate being physical= violently assault someone.
        Jesus Christ these people are insane. You actually CAN act as “immorally” as you want. What you CANNOT do is violently assault others. WHY DOES THAT NEED TO BE STATED.

      2. “Initiate being physical= violently assault someone.
        Jesus Christ these people are insane.”
        Of course, as well as trying to downplay (if not totally erase) the violent assault, it also fits the trans trope that WORDS can constitute assault and harm (i.e,. that misgendering someone is REALLY bad), and that a physical violent response is of a similar level, and justified ‘self’defense’…………
        In fact, that makes perfect SENSE it transland, and I now fully expect to see someone claiming that punching someone in the mouth is FULLY JUSTIFIED and SELF-DEFENSE if what they’re about to do is mis-pronoun you…………..
        Also fits with the continued claims that TERFS violently attack trans, when all anyone has ever done is use naughty words like ‘male’…………

      3. “the victimization of LGBTQIA (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersex, asexual) identified people……..”
        O god, I really did read that! You don’t ‘identify’ as intersex, or lesbian or gay of course, but the trans group has to infect the rest of us with their stupid fucking terminology and mind-numbing and sense-numbing modes of thought!
        Shouldn’t it just be ABBS (anything but boring bloody straight), since it seems to include just about everyone apart from that………………

      4. @anon male – Came in here to see if anyone had posted that link.
        Over on tumblr (yes, I know) there are all kinds of calls for people to not forget supporting this Jewelyes person in addition to just making happy blogs about CeCe getting out of prison.
        I’m reminded of how when the CeCe incident came up, there were not only the expected hordes of people defending him, but plenty of people insisting that due to the trans thing the case never should have even gone to TRIAL. That just boggles the mind – if you’re in a fight and someone ends up DEAD, hell yes there is going to be some sort of investigation, or should be.

    2. “Senior Deputy District Attorney Daniel J. Cabral told Gay Star News he could not speak about the details of the case but said that in general, prosecutors can’t turn a blind eye when someone commits an act of violence.
      ‘Where do you draw the line. A bat? A gun?’ Cabral said. ‘The law says we have to hold all people accountable. If we pretend something didn’t happen I don’t think it would be helpful or productive.'”

      1. @Bruce_Lilly2 – it was the same thing in the CeCe case. People didn’t just take CeCe’s side in the trial, there were plenty of supporters who were offended and calling “transphobia” over the idea of there being a trial AT ALL.

        1. I hope you were being sarcastic. Aside from the fact that I can’t stand phony, made-up words like “cissexist” (even typing this stupid “word” makes me cringe), there’s no justification for taking the law into one’s own hands, which is what this young MAN did. HE attacked, and HE should be held accountable.

  24. This summary is scary Gallus, and I don’t know what to say, except it’s good that women are waking up.
    Interesting how there is such pattern with these ”transwomen” over and over again – middle-aged accomplished man who likes violence decide he wants to live as a woman for sexual reasons.
    This year I stumbled upon a group of ”mourners” in my European city. I was worried, had there been a murder? A sign said that it was the Transgender day of remembrance and that 200 trans people had been murdered this year. I was shocked, I didn’t even know that this town had 200 trans people. Had they all been murdered – if so why had the news not reported on this mass slaughter? Was it stats for the whole country – or as I increasingly suspected, foreign stats?
    Turns out it was dubious US stats taken from Tumblr.
    It was mostly young women there.
    Violence against trans people is not really a large problem here. Male violence against women and children is however very sadly a huge thing, with many men scandalously walking free from punishment.
    It makes me sad that these young women care more about probably incorrect stats about transpeople from another country than their own lives. They don’t dare to campaign against male violece against women and children. This is a common thing.
    Fuck the queer movement, it only cares about men and sexual edgyness.

    1. You see in every part of the third wave and the male left the women do the shitwork and emotional labor, just like they do in more traditional settings, and they get nothing but shit for it. I really wish they’d wake up and stop wasting precious time and energy on these assholes.

  25. That last line of yours really resonated with me, Jo.
    With regard to the number of trans people murdered each year, it’s impossible to get any trustworthy figures. Earlier this month I ended up at the website for the International Transgender Day of Remembrance due to another article I was reading. It lists a total of 71 deaths. But then there’s another outfit – Transgender Europe or something – whose numbers were much, much higher. So whom to believe?
    Adding to the confusion, out of the 71 names at the ITDR site, 20 of them were listed as “unidentified woman” or “unknown woman”. There were another 7 listed with only a first name. I’m presuming that ITDR considers them trans simply because they were male-bodied people found wearing “women’s clothing”. But if they don’t even know who these people are, how do they know if the folks themselves considered themselves trans? Or moreover, if they were killed simply for being trans? The circumstances around their deaths could easily have been one of the other usual suspects – drugs, money, family issues, a love triangle, etc.
    One could argue that the mere fact of being trans, and the discrimination that goes with it, caused these people to end up in a risky lifestyle that ultimately led to their deaths. Okay, but that’s not how their deaths are presented at the ITDR site or elsewhere. We’re supposed to simply shut up and accept that every one of those people listed was the victim of a hate crime revolving around their being trans.
    Sorry, but I like to make up my own mind, thanks. I like to get as many sides of a story as possible, and take it from there. I don’t appreciate having news stories “spun” for me, whether it’s from Faux News or CNN or LGBTNation. I know I’m not alone in this. Just give me the facts. Even if the facts show someone to have behaved badly, I may still be on their “side”. But once I realize that a story is being spun, my suspicions are raised and I become much more critical of whoever’s doing the pleading. I really wish more LGBTMNOP sites, in particular, gave more credit to the intelligence of their readers.
    tl;dr: Jo, you were right to be dubious.

    1. Indeed. If you look at the stats that tend to be tossed around tumblr, a lot of those murders happen outside of the US, but more interestingly a lot of those murders are of prostitutes.
      They’re often getting killed by MEN for pulling the “trick” – oops, there’s a penis! you made me gay! (Which is homophobia.)
      There is no excuse for killing people like that. However, any sort of honest look at things would (1) stop blaming feminists for these murders done by MEN, and (2) compare at least somewhat “like” stats with “like” by looking at the murder rate among prostitutes generally. It is not a safe occupation, trans or not, which is just one of the reasons that so many feminists have problems with it… and yes, if you can get people to admit the prostitutes angle, often they will say that “sex work” as they put it is one of the few options available to these people. Okay. But that’s very much not how the stats are usually presented, at least on the internet and in various “TDOR” areas. (Add to this, often the “sex work” is romanticized, as a sort of “gritty” “authentic” lifestyle of some sort.)
      Constantly these murders are presented as a risk that is going to happen to any trans person at any time just for being trans. On the internet you have wealthy first-world college student M2T people insisting that because they’re trans they’re likely to not “survive” to their 30th birthdays and this makes them the most oppressed class to ever walk the earth, surely more oppressed than just you “cis women” and so therefore their voices should be “centered” in all arenas, always. And actual women are squeezed out.

      1. Amen to the romanticization of prostitution. It just makes them so real, y’know? So hardcore! So different from all the other middle class kids they grew up with!
        I’d so love to meet one of those MtT claiming anything like that 30th birthday shit, just so I could laugh in their face.

  26. Speaking of third wave bullshit, sex industry shill Melissa Gira Grant has a book coming out called Playing the Whore: The Work of Sex Work.
    Even if I were interested in hearing her dismiss anti-trafficking work as white saviorism and moral panic, I could never buy a book with such dehumanizing cover art:
    At least they’re being honest, I guess.
    I once saw a Tweet from Grant in which she said that the answer to international trafficking was open borders everywhere. No more international borders, and poof! no more trafficking. That sounds like typical third wave/pomo “Identify your way out of oppression” thinking.

    1. Holy crap that cover, Jane. And Grant seems to be fine with it…she is not a friend to women. Not at all. And that open borders thing? She must have been joking. MUST have…right?

  27. Someone please tell me this won’t work in male bodies:
    Nine women in Sweden have received womb transplants from living relatives in a pioneering trial.
    I can imagine trans women being as indifferent to the cruelties of the organ trade as straight and gay yuppies are to the exploitation of surrogate mothers.
    I can already hear the Twitter feminists defending the agency of women selling their wombs.

    1. Yes, I have the agency to inflict pelvic collapse upon myself so some disturbed male can live out his fantasy of gestating some Frankenbaby to validate his ‘feeling’ that he’s a woman. I hope the libfems enjoy spending the rest of their lives being tied to the medical industrial complex fighting the fact that gravity is slowly pulling their remaining organs into the cavity they’ve created in their pillaged bodies because they volunteered for the pillaging. Just fuckin beautiful. I’m going to have nightmares.

      1. make that “volunteered” No words can truly express my disgust with M2T. Their behavior makes daily interactions with other males, just typical straight dudes, seem almost tolerable by comparison

      2. Absolutely, and most poor women this is inflicted on won’t have access to post-op care, just as third world surrogates can’t get help for common post-birth conditions like pelvic organ prolapse.
        I hope the libfems like Flavia Dzodan, Mikki Kendall and Renee Martin are proud of their alliance with entitled Western trans women.

    2. Ugh.
      If it comes to the point that organ donors’ parts are used for this, I am going down to the DMV to switch my status.

    3. Work or not, Trans will be demanding it. This is their next “right” it will be a human rights violation for the reproductive organs not to be torn out of poor women, brown women, 3rd world women, women that earn less then men–they will say not harvesting womens’ wombs causes them to be killed and then they will threaten to kill themselves.

    4. @Jane
      I don’t think it will work in MtT. You have to remember that the female body will naturally produce the hormones for pregnancy.
      “These women were born without a uterus or had it removed because of cervical cancer.”
      So, there’s no lack of endocrine function and females have got the ability to produce oxytocin, prostaglandins, progesterone etc.
      Males lack the structures to produce these hormones. You could always have them supplied externally, but the function of these hormones, dosage amounts, interactions with one another etc are not fully understood. It would be incredibly risky to even attempt such a thing at this stage.
      Furthermore, MtT need to take estrogen to combat their natural hormone secretions (androgens). Estrogen itself (from external sources) can have a deleterious effect on a developing (especially male) fetus.
      “As such, in developed countries where humans are exposed daily to environmental estrogens, there is concern that the development of fetal adrenal cortex, and in turn, placental estrogen production may be disrupted.”
      I am by no means a reproductive specialist or expert, but I find it highly unlikely that a MtT would ever be able to carry a child to term.
      Their entire physiology is working against them. I may be wrong, but I think the potential for MtT to gestate young is highly improbable.
      If anyone has sources that are more definitive of the subject, I’d really like to see them.
      @Cerulean Blue
      I know in Australia that you can pick the organs that you wish to donate.
      Once “reproductive tissues” appears, I’ll be un-checking that box.

      1. I disagree. Medical advances are happening at an increasing rate. It’s only a matter of time until the men are showing us lowly women how pregnancy is “supposed to be done”.
        But that’s not my issue with it. Whether my uterus is taken from me now or when I’m 80 (when it probably wouldn’t be functional for carrying a fetus), I don’t want it implanted into some deluded male so that he can fulfill his sexual fantasy of being a “whole” woman.
        As for specifying, yes, you can do that in my state (US) but female reproductive organs are not on the list. (Yet.) And from my understanding of the way organs are harvested (I have family members in the medical field), those recommendations tend to be ignored, as there is a rush to get the organs out in time for them to be useful. It is more of a “better to seek forgiveness than ask for permission” situation.
        Donating my body to a body farm seems like a better choice, frankly.

      2. “I disagree. Medical advances are happening at an increasing rate. It’s only a matter of time until the men are showing us lowly women how pregnancy is “supposed to be done”.”
        Do you have any proof? Any scientific journals about endocrine function in trans people? It’s not like intersex pregnancy where there may be traces of female sex organs that can develop reproductively. MtT have nothing, no female anything.
        Saying “It’s just a matter of time” doesn’t really make it so.
        And frankly if they were going to attempt pregnancy in MtT, wouldn’t it make more sense to try and “grow” the uterus from stem cells? It means that the risk of transplant rejection (and the need for nasty anti-rejection drugs) is a moot point.
        They are already attempting to make eggs and sperm from stem cells. Great news for lesbians (and all women) by the way; if this becomes viable it means that women who choose to reproduce no longer need males. (Which is not the reason this technology was developed but hey, silver lining!)
        I understand your concern about the tissues though. Especially in America, after this shit:
        That stuff doesn’t happen in Australia (not to anyone’s knowledge anyway), you can’t take tissue without permission and those sorts of things are heavily regulated. My mother donated all her reproductive organs post hysterectomy for further research into uterine cancer. She had to sign about 5 different forms. And the family always gets final say, even if you agreed to be a donor.
        I don’t see it being a problem for the average person. People enslaving poor women to “donate” their organs seems like the more likely option. A terrifying disgusting option.

      3. What’s a body farm? Why not just have your body buried or cremated and nourish the earth from which we came?

      4. I’m less concerned with whether trans accomplish full implantation of female organs without rejection, or for that matter achieve gestation, my concern is that they will try. The conversation has already started. the attempt will harm women, just having the conversation, entertaining this kind of discussion, harms women. Men have idle conversations about expanding womens right, supporting equality. Conversations that pose women as vessels, objects, that suggest some new way in which we can be useful to them, rarely remain idle for long.
        At the same time women can”t have a discussion about reproductive rights, sexual exploitation, trafficking without being “anti” something or “phobic” or bigots, these men and liberal handmaidens are talking about harvesting our reproductive organs ffs

      5. @branjor – A body farm (at least the one I know of) is a place where bodies are put in some situations that might happen as part of crime scenes and observed, as controls, so that when an actual crime happens, they can use knowledge of exactly what timing certain things happen, to judge things about what probably happened and when, to have a better chance at solving it. What happens in winter, in summer, closed space, not, how fast do certain bugs appear, that type of thing.
        Doesn’t take many bodies, it’s a pretty niche thing. Basically a controlled experiment in forensics.
        So yeah, pretty tasteless, but it’s all volunteers, it’s just another sort of science you can donate a body to.

      6. Well which is worse–they harvest uteri from living women or they cage women and have them as breeders? One of the two is the next Trans human rights issue. Parenthood is their right. So . . .

      7. All of 700,000 trans people in America according to that NY Times article Motherhood quoted. That’s less than .25 percent of the population. The Times is running out of “Next Frontiers” unless they want to make kinksters, hookers or God forbid pedos their next cause.
        Trans people deserve rights regardless of their numbers, but according to libfems they need to be centered in everything. Half the population is being held hostage by a small percentage of this tiny fringe.

      8. @bethanyalexandertate. No, no endocrine research to back up my speculation, because it was just that– speculation. But given that women who are well past menopause (age 70) have given birth after IVF and hormonal support during the pregnancy, as well as women without ovaries and women with complete ovarian failure from non-mosaic Turner’s syndrome, as well as women on immunosupressants due to transplantation of other organs, it does not seem unlikely at all. Considering the wealth of some MtT (Pritzker?), I can see a source of funding for this kind of research– maybe not done in a country with ethical standards, but done somewhere. And as for medicine advancing rapidly, how many people in the 1960s would have thought IVF possible? Yet it was a reality only 10 years later. And how many people would have thought a face transplant or hand transplant possible, given the complexity of those organs/systems?
        As for why anyone would attempt such a stupid idea as transplanting a uterus into a man when stem cell technology is likely to eventually make organs grown from ones own cells possible– well, why this research being done on anyone? The idea of transplanting a foreign organ into a person when that organ is not vital to that person’s survival, when rejection could cause the loss of life or severe injury to both the host and fetus also seems foolish, no matter the sex of that person. Yet it’s happening anyway, because there is a push in medicine to be the first at any costs. So I can definitely see some medical team deciding this would be a very good idea.
        Yet, as I said above, the question of whether a transplanted uterus would actually function in a man isn’t my immediate concern. I’m more concerned with its trophy value. As in, “I’m a real woman now, because I have all the parts.”
        @Adrian: how is the idea of a body farm tasteless? I’d love to donate my body to science or have my body be useful after death instead of preserving it with formaldehyde. Until l I heard of the body farm idea (not to mention the uterus donation thing), I was going for donation then cremation. But a body farm provides a valuable source of data for forensic investigation, i.e., figuring out the physical characteristics of dumped bodies. Given how many murdered women are disposed of in this way, the more data the better. More data means a better likelihood of an accurate reconstruction of the person’s facial features, as well as information about time of death, etc. FWIW, there are four body farms in the U.S. The oldest and best known is the one at the Univ of Tennessee. They have a collection of data from 1000 bodies, and as they keep the skeletons after decomposition of the other body materials, they are a valuable resource for anthropologist, forensic or not. I see the process as not something I’d want to discuss over dinner, but not tasteless.

      9. @Cerulean Blue
        “Facts about the conception of pregnancies in this age group (post menopause) can be difficult to determine, but they are nearly always due to the use of IVF with donor eggs. Although many claims, both present and historical, exist about pregnancies at very advanced ages, most of these have not been verified.”
        So the structure is there, the hormones *can* be re-introduced but the eggs are infertile (Same with Turners females, and females without functioning ovaries).
        I can’t find the concrete details, but I was also under the impression that once pregnancy takes hold in post-menopausal/ovary devoid women that the female body will start to naturally produce most of the hormones necessary for pregnancy with a little help from the endocrinologist.
        So they have to have donor eggs. It’s pregnancy and gestation but not fully reproductive. Males do not have the structures for producing ANY of those hormones. Also, immunosuppresants do not necessarily preclude a female from becoming pregnant or having children. You can be on anti-rejection drugs and be pregnant, you’re just monitored VERY carefully.
        Like Adrian said, male pregnancy would be a form of ectopic pregnancy which is NOT good news.
        Here’s an interesting article I found:

        They say that they can recreate the same hormones from females and just administer them in males. Again, I’m no expert but I really do not see that ending well. A guy claimed he could do it with a male baboon, but there is no evidence to back him up. He could have made that shit up, like all those people who claimed to have fully cloned a human (a reproductive clone, not therapeutic).
        Who knows? Maybe I’ll have to buy you a beer in a few years because you were right, and then we can vomit afterwards about the lengths people will go to to satisfy bizarre mental issues.
        Also interesting is this:
        An intersex female (XY karyotype) gave birth to another XY female naturally. I was not aware that such a thing was possible, although the patient in question did have the necessary structure (ovaries, uterus). Still, quite interesting.
        I agree. Uterine transplants purely so you can experience birth? Huh? It’s fascinating scientifically (to me anyway) that we can do these things but I also do not see the point in it.
        I am a fertile female (and I would like to have children) but if I were told “You can’t have kids” then I’d adopt or move on. I might even meet a female partner who can have (and wants) kids. But kids are not the fabric of my friggin’ existence.
        I think there is also a certain arrogance that people have about spawning offspring, like it somehow validates their existence. I frankly do not believe that my genetics are SO vastly superior and precious that I absolutely have to breed. It’s something I’d like to do, but if it doesn’t happen then meh.
        I agree with you, I would not like my womb to end up in anyone. It’s not an organ crucial to life so it doesn’t NEED to be transplanted.
        Especially not to someone who thinks it makes them female.

      10. @ cerulean blue
        “As for why anyone would attempt such a stupid idea as transplanting a uterus into a man when stem cell technology is likely to eventually make organs grown from ones own cells possible.”
        You can’t grow organs from your cells when your body never had these organs in the first place.
        For me – a lung perhaps is possible – but a penis? How? My body isn’t build to have one.

      11. @Bethany, I don’t get the wanting to experience childbirth at any cost thing, either. And I find the idea of surrogacy disquieting for the reason you gave– is your DNA really so superior that you have to rent someone else’s uterus?
        I hope we never get to the situation where you need to buy me that beer. Not that I wouldn’t mind going out for a drink!
        My PhD is in molecular biology and I follow stem cell and differentiation research pretty closely. Given that, my understanding is that to get male cells to produce female organs you’d need to turn off the genes that make those cells male and turn on the genes involved in making cells female. It would be complicated, as all the of the genes involved in genetic maleness/development are not yet known, but I think it would be possible eventually– but most likely after we have figured out how trick stem cells into differentiating into specific organs and tissues. This itself will take a good amount of time.
        Given what we know about fertilization of eggs, it would be much, much easier to combine nuclei from two female eggs to produce a viable offspring and eliminate the need for sperm. Regardless, wonder which one will happen first?

      12. @bethany
        Just finished the two articles you linked. The first is disturbing–the idea that this journalist was looking for some one (Bob Guccione? Ick!) to fund “secret” research to get a male pregnant is repugnant and so very against the credo of non-involvement that journalists supposedly hold so very dear. All for a buck.
        As for the second, very, very interesting. People often think that a Y chromosome is what makes a human male. But it’s more than that. To be a male the Y chromosome has to contain a functional copy of a gene called SRY which makes a protein that acts as a switch to turn on/off other genes. If this gene doesn’t work, the human will have female traits, but often will be sterile and missing some female organs (because there is only one X chromosome and its genes, instead of two). Beyond the SRY gene those genes that are being turned on and off have to be functional.If not, the human will again have some female traits and possibly infertility. In this case the mother had a copy of a Y chromosome with a working SRY gene, AND the genes that we know are involved in male vs female differentiation are also all functional. So she should have been male, unless there is another gene involved that we don’t yet know about. This is what the authors suggest. They are lucky– because the issue this family has appears to be both inherited and widespread within this family, and they’ve been able to collect DNA from family members it will be pretty straightforward for these researchers to find out just what gene is broken in this mom. Big publication for them when they find it.

      13. @cerulean blue – I meant “tasteless” just as a synonym for “gory, possibly disturbing for some.” I agree with you that it’s a good cause, and emphasized the voluntary nature of it, as some people think it’s desecration (I don’t).

      14. @ Cerulean Blue
        Oh, I know all about the SRY gene. I’ve often had trans try and justify their positions by saying that their SRY gene was faulty and that’s why they have a ‘female brain’.
        Obvious rubbish seeing as a faulty SRY means disruption to the male reproductive system and there is never any evidence of that except their precious fee fee’s.
        I meant I wasn’t aware that XY females could reproduce without assistance. Most of the articles I’ve read about intersex reproduction usually has some medical intervention (IVF, egg donation, hormone assistance) to ensure/complete a pregnancy.

    5. They’re gonna need some extra big-ass dilators to get their poogina to accommodate a baby, unless they all do scheduled c-sections.

      1. LOL poogina!
        Ages and ages ago I remember reading a speculative article in Omni magazine about if ever it would be possible (or desirable) to have a true male-hosted pregnancy. The conclusion was basically “no, why on earth? Long before then, research an artificial womb if you’re researching” – but it pointed out that yeah, TECHNICALLY maybe possibly (but not likely) you could implant an embryo into a dude, but it would be an ectopic pregnancy, which is usually Very Bad News when it happens naturally, so again… why on earth would you do that?
        However that hasn’t stopped plenty of M2T commenters on the internet in 2013 from talking about how “oh yeah? Well, soon they’ll be transplanting uteri so then we CAN TOO have babies of Our Own it’s my dreeeeeeeam” with apparently no irony. Yeah. Whatever, bud.
        Meanwhile though if it’s about renting wombs, certain parts of the surrogate pregnancy industry can get pretty darn creepy.
        When I first read the headlines “Male Pregnancy! wow!” about Thomas Beattie, my first though was oh, did someone actually try to get an ectopic pregnancy, and what doctor would be crazy enough to have anything to do with that? until of course I read the article and the answer was the extremely boring obvious answer, namely that Thomas Beattie is female with a 100% natural born uterus, that’s how.

      2. More than half the population. It is not only adult women but all children. And as 99% of these guys are heterosexual males it is not some tiny fringe. Male sexual arousal is the most imprtant social justice cause of the last 30 years.

      3. Could a male pelvis accommodate the expansion of the womb as the baby grows, though?
        According to this website:
        ‘The female pelvis has evolved to its maximum width for childbirth and male pelvis has been optimized for bipedal locomotion.
        A female pelvis is broad and has a large, oval pelvic inlet.
        A male pelvis is tall and narrow and has a small pelvic inlet.’
        (First-time poster – I know this is a weird point to delurk at, but this womb transplant thing is the last straw)

      4. “Could a male pelvis accommodate the expansion of the womb as the baby grows, though?”
        O dear, how terribly twansphobic of you to point out that they have male biology, and male skeletons 🙂
        Another issue here — in the reported womb transplant stories, the uterus was not connected to the womans own functioning ovaries, but their own eggs were going to be used for IVF. I assume that the uterus was also connected to the vagina. In some sense, this living donor ORGAN transplant (NOT the ovaries) is kind of more like a kidney transplant. Since in the reported cases the wombs were from living female relatives, I don’t have so many ethical problems with that as I do with surrogacy. Although possibly not so clear if goes the route that surrogacy went, from it being a GENEROUS act of a close female relative, to being a financial transaction, rent-a-womb scenario. From rent-a-womb (from a poor indian girl) to BUY-a-womb isn’t that big a stretch. Buy hey, we’re already used to men taking the bodies of women and turning then into financial transactions.
        But trans wanting a womb? As well as lacking the skeletal structure, the ovaries, the vagina, they also lack the internal structure. But what RIGHT do they have to get one? Although not having a functioning womb is not life-threatening for a woman, at least a woman has the argument that she always THOUGHT she had one, or grew up thinking she did, or she did have one until she suffered from cervical cancer and had a hysterectomy. Let trans have whatever freaky plastic surgery they want if they can afford it, that at least is mucking about with their OWN bodies. But demanding the right to transplants from ACTUAL women? Ovaries as well, I presume, or at least donated eggs? And all based on what — their own internal sense that they ARE a woman, as compared to, say, actually being a woman biologically.
        Plus the usual trans doublethink, where suddenly a womb ISN’T a female organ, and it is a MAN giving birth when a F2T does it, yet M2T WANTS a womb to be a ‘proper’ woman ‘cos ONLY women give birth……………..

      5. @Donkey Skin – if they transplanted the uterus, they’d have to connect it to the outside somehow I’d think. Hence, poogina time. Of course the poogina doesn’t have any of the actual function of a vagina, so… again, maybe even then, it won’t work.
        Otherwise (as in the Omni article, which didn’t consider any uterus transplanting but just “can you implant an embryo into a dude”) you’d need to have a mandatory removal surgery (a Caesarean if it was in a uterus).
        Bottom line is, if someone wants to pursue these Frankenstein things for the “can we pull it off?” factor I guess I can imagine it, but if the goal is getting a baby (for whatever reason) it’s still FAR FAR FAR more easy to find (and possibly exploit, yes, there’s some creepiness about this market) a normal woman to incubate your embryo as a surrogate mother, even if that means you and your partner do IVF or whatever to get the embryo started, and then implant in someone else’s (naturally grown and situated) uterus, connected to an actual functional real vagina.
        Most of the (M2T) people I see fantasizing about this “but soon they’ll be transplanting uteri so neener neener!” thing on the internet are all about a desire to experience pregnancy itself, as some sort of holy grail experience that right now they are told that only “cis women” can have. It’s about that “there’s NOTHING you can do that I also can’t, I insist we are the EXACT SAME” obsession again. If it’s just about “I want a biokid” for the M2T, they can be the father half of the equation of a kid quite easily.

      6. Some other things to consider: how would a male body “know” how to create a placenta, an amnionic sac, or amnionic fluid? It’s not just getting a fertilized egg to implant – and that’s another problem right there – but the fetal environment has to be just so in order for a pregnancy to maintain, and for the infant to be born healthy.
        Also, I think a LOT of people would not be too happy about these men losing so many children in the course of their vain little scientific experiment – because that’s exactly what would happen. There’d certainly be an uproar about that in America, and I’m sure elsewhere as well. So good luck getting funding, or getting it past hospitals’ ethics boards.
        I can’t even take this seriously, really. There’s so much about natural pregnancy that we still haven’t even begun to figure out that pulling off something this artificial? Nope.

      7. @Ashland Avenue– the placenta, amniotic fluid, sac, etc., are all fetal tissues, so the uterus isn’t responsible for creating them. If an egg was able to implant (which requires a precise hormonal environment, a big challenge in itself) the embryo would build the necessary life support structures, just as occurs in ectopic pregnancies. But you are right– there are some major hurdles to overcome.
        And as for the uproar by certain members of the community I completely agree. Although I’ve visited some hard core fundy web sites that seem to be totally okay with IVF and other assisted technologies (which requires some cognitive dissonance given that those technologies should be considered humans “playing God” if anything is) I think the loss of fetal life here would cross the line for those folks.

      8. Thanks, Cerulean! I knew of course that the uterus doesn’t “create” the placenta, etc., but I thought that the mother’s hormones played a role in their formation. Sorry I wasn’t clear about that.

  28. Salon’s article about CeCe McDonald is full of lies.
    McDonald tried to walk away, but the confrontation escalated and she was sliced in the face with a beer bottle by one of the female patrons.
    McDonald crossed the street to confront the people yelling at him. That’s not “trying to walk away”. The press is encouraging trans people to believe they should be able to get away with anything, just because they are trans.

    1. I noticed that too, Jane. Also the passive language used: “….he was stabbed in the chest and died from the injury,” makes it sound as if the dead guy was somehow magically stabbed. Even better than this example, however, is what Fishy Roberts wrote at the time this happened: “A man ended up dead.” Really. He just “ended up” that way? We’re supposed to just take that at face value? Um, NO.
      This Salon article is also the first time I’ve seen it written that MacDonald tried to walk away twice. That didn’t happen either, if you read coverage from non-LGBTMNOP and non-dipshit lib sources.
      Blech. I never thought I’d be so disappointed in my own “people.”

  29. u have to read this. no words. just… no words.
    its currently making the rounds

    hard to pick one quote FTW, but if i had to:
    “When her penis symbolizes maleness-as-violence it symbolizes the violence of making her male.”
    and then there is:
    “Her penis is symbolized as ugly and incongrous, her penis symbolizes her as freak and outcast. She is taught shame and self-loathing over both the genitals she has and the ones she wants.
    Just as it symbolizes her forced receptivity, it symbolizes her inability to receive, to receive love and pleasure and support,
    it symbolizes normative masculinity’s emotional numbness
    it symbolizes her Otherness, the impenetrability and incomprehensibility of her emotions”
    having a penis is to be oppressed now. just so u know.

      1. ““Her penis”?
        What the fuck?”
        Heck, you’re WAY behind on this one aintcha! 🙂 Trans has done the total loop the loop on this one, first we had, my MIND is a female mind (because I say it is), then we had added to that my PENIS is a female penis (because I say it is). Although the latter one slightly more problematic for trans who DEMAND surgery…………….
        The ONE constant here is trans DEMANDING that they are whatever the fuck they SAY they are, and should get WHATEVER they want, and that the rest of us laydees better shut the fuck up else we’ll get thumped. Anything else is just twansphobic and hating………………..
        That about covers it as far as I can see, from wanting to enter the female washroom to womb transplants, to being on rape phone lines to pepper-spraying kids who misgender them. Male entitlement and narcissism carried beyond any extreme point that I’ve been able to come up with!

      2. I’ve heard the “her penis” before and I’ve seen the email where a radfem (not sure who it was) tries to get a trans to talk about the cotton ceiling.
        The argument the trans used was that apparently it’s not a penis unless they think of it as a penis. And then it’s “her penis” because…reasons?
        Fuck these people are crazy. Full blown crazy.
        How you can be so in denial of reality and actually have people rally around your craziness as a civil rights issue is just insane.
        Because the people saying these things are people with penises, it’s totally okay…again for reasons (?)

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