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  1. Gallus, Happy New Year and thank you for the–wait, was I laughing or was I open-mouthed and gaping at what I read? It’s a horrorshow, any way you look at it.
    Great surgeon, by the way, only referred to as “they.”
    But you know, who wouldn’t be turned on by a puss and urine filled bag of old intestine?
    I do feel sorry for this man. What else can one feel? But what, exactly, did he expect?

    1. Happy New Year Kitty XO!
      It is truly awful that surgeons do this to healthy bodies. Horrifically sad.
      “But what, exactly, did he expect?” I imagine he expected to have a “hot sexay” vagina to use for enacting the autogynephilic sexual fantasies that he nurtured for years, same as the deluded gentlemen in the previous post.
      If you imagine something over and over again it eventually becomes more “real”, at least to the fantasist. This is why men’s crossdressing “persona” eventually becomes “real” to them after years of investing in fantasy.
      The fantasy continually needs more fuel to provide satisfaction. Men who consume imagery of women being raped (pornography) eventually become addicted to the most violent fare. Men who fantasize about murdering women eventually kill one- but that doesn’t resolve the obsession so they become serial killers. Obsessive fantasies about “being a sexay female” result in men getting other men to carve festering fuckholes into them. Which doesn’t solve the problem so they get nine more operations. Etc.
      Men who obsess over the idea of opening a soup kitchen for homeless people will eventually probably try to open one too.
      Be mindful of what you obsess about. Something to consider.

    2. how dare you refer to this person as a man??? I just stumbled upon this site looking for something else. And I can’t believe the so-called lesbians posted here dissing women’s bodies.
      SRS is life-saving surgery!!!!The surgeons doing these surgeries are amazing people. Sometimes there are complications. This woman posted this video as a learning tool not to be humiliated and dehumanized!!!!!!!!
      Any of you who say gross things about another human beings body do not deserve to have anyone be in an intimate relationship with you. You probably disrespect everyone you date or even have in your life.
      Shocking. horrible. Instead of seeing how this woman was determined to get the medical attention she deserved you diss her and dehumanize her. You people are heartless and disgusting.

      1. You are a disgusting horrible blah blah blah typical male crybaby blah blah blah surgical mutilation Blah blah. Stop dehumanizing women. Okay thanks.

      2. The surgeons doing these surgeries are fucking whores. Fawning over you and holding your hand and making you think they see you as a woman, while ridiculing and laughing at you poolside. Clink.

      3. “…deserve to have anyone be in an intimate relationship with you.”
        LOL…projecting their worst nightmare. Not being fucked and fuckable.

      4. Several years later and the male fetish pig rhetoric is still the same, and we are still waiting on that AG soup kitchen to materialize ๐Ÿ˜›

  2. LOL @ men obsessing over opening a soup kitchen! And Happy 2014, GM, thanks for all of your hard work on this blog throughout the year. Your eloquent verbal smackdowns of male pigs and/or piggish behavior amuse and inspire me ๐Ÿ™‚
    Awesome find here. This video has it all- Rage comics + dangling internal organs + the Forever Alone dude in a wig! Clearly this person has a giant sense of humor (and is most likely a legitimately insane masochist like all of these men). It is just unreal that these men do this willingly. Of course, not just willingly, but are so utterly and constantly obsessed by themselves as purty seksi laydees that their #1 main goal in life is to get their own personal fuck hole installed. Fuck the consequences. It is pretty telling that this video has 300 some views, 0 comments and it has been up for almost a year. The trans cultists do not want to hear grody realtalk. Reality is cissexist. I was surprised when I found out that a lot of fuck-hole operations use parts of the colon. That doesn’t sound good any day of the week. And these men think that lesbians want a piece of that? Blergh. We don’t shit where we eat, my friends.

      1. Get on your thong leotards and legwarmers, boys! It is time to stretch that mucocele out! Feel the burn!!!

    1. Not to be gruesome, but the colon is a very useful organ. Animals’ colons are used for sausages and were used to create storage devices and even old-time condoms. It’s also long enough that you can cut a part of it and still be healthy.

  3. I just can’t get over the still image. ‘Mucocele is Latin for stretched out colon vagina’, yes I’m sure that’s a problem the Romans had enough to need to name it.

  4. My first reaction to this video– apart from nausea– was extreme sadness for someone so deluded that he would do this to his body.
    Second reaction– anger at the doctors/therapists/etc. who are allowing this to happen. Not just for the obvious doing anything to make a buck, but because the treatment being used here wouldn’t occur in any other setting. In real life, draining a cyst doesn’t fix it, because the tissue involved will continue to make whatever material has been filling the cyst. So no matter how many times this mucocele pseudovagina is drained, the colon tissue will continue to secrete mucus and the problem will persist. For other cysts, the treatment after drainage is excision– to remove the source of the problem. But of course that can’t happen here, because that would remove the focus of the delusion for this poor fool.
    Third reaction– having just had a colonoscopy, I am just grossed out by the idea these men have that any tube– even one specialized to carry excreta– is somehow the same thing as a vagina, part of a highly specialized organ system. Especially considering that each tissue type has its own distinctive smell and bacteria flora.

  5. Wow, this is sad. That a doctor would do this is just gruesome. The doctors doing this are deluded, I believe more than the patient since they do it repeatedly. How could they not figure this out and stop and make people aware. Not helping the patient. The Hippocratic oath says to “do no harm.” Perhaps these doctors think they took “hypocritical” oath.

  6. While transgender politics usually make me angry and frustrated (mostly frustrated nowadays), testimonials like this remind me of how sad and disturbed these individuals are. I honestly do not wish this kind of suffering upon anyone.

    1. I think you would have a hard time finding one woman here who wishes this kind of suffering upon anyone. The medical industry is the Dr. Frankenstein in this shit-show. The medical industry pathologized the emotional/mental distress of these men in order to exploit them for financial gain and continues to do so at an alarming rate. Several decades ago, a brand-spanking new medical diagnosis was invented along with the idea that we should sterilize and butcher healthy functioning bodies instead of treating the disordered mind/mentality at the root of this distress. In 2014, things are really in full swing. New and Improved – Now with 33% more Children! 50% off Lupron from TijuanaDirect.com! This sad outcome is the result of one such “treatment” inflicted upon men who fail to live up to masculine stereotypes or choose to mutilate themselves in pursuit of a female stereotype instead. Some fellas (the pathetic autogynephiles to whom this post was dedicated) do it for a host of psycho-sexual-social reasons rooted in misogyny and homophobia, but calling these offenders out on their abusive, threatening behavior is not akin to wishing them harm. We are not the Big Bad Wolves here. Sex-roles enslave women and harm non-conforming me.- What would any woman, or feminism as a whole, gain by promoting this type of institutionalized abuse? Maybe you should save your finger wagging for the doctors and pharmaceutical companies that are cashing in here, not for the women who criticize it for the damaging hucksterism that it is.

      1. Great comment- with one caveat. I did not see any “finger wagging” in the previous commenter’s post, just a genuine expression of their own feelings.

        1. I read it as (unlike, you Bs), I would never wish this kind of suffering on others.
          If that wasn’t implied, than my genuine apologies. The idea that radical feminist ideas and criticism are about harming these men is infuriating. We are not trying to uphold the status quo, we are trying to illuminate and destroy- not individuals, but the institutional oppression at work. The stale old “rapid feminist” trope used to obfuscate and silence is everywhere- sorry if I jumped the gun here ๐Ÿ™‚

      2. Your “read” could be the correct one, dunno. We all have our filters. Anyway, more importantly, I agree with everything you are saying and I’m glad you are saying it. ๐Ÿ™‚

        1. Thanks, GM *gives you all of the hugs- if you are into it, of course :P*
          Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar. But oftentimes, it is a dude holding his own cigar and explaining how it is a valid part of the female anatomy.

  7. Yikes! You know, next time some jackass complains about “transphobic beauty standards” I should show them this. I can’t imagine anyone being into a stretched out colon vagina. But if you aren’t into a colon bag full of puss and piss, you’re transphobic, etc, etc.
    The truth is, SRS goes wrong a lot and at best the only thing a MTT can dick is an inverted dick, and it worse it’s this.
    Other than being grossed out and awkwardly laughing at the silly graphics through this thing, I feel bad for this dude. It’s medical abuse that this is considered a valid treatment.

  8. These hateful comments just show nothing but inane ignorance as an intersex person raised as male genetically both sexes I have like many other women suffered from the butchery of such surgery . I really don’t understand how you claim to be feminists then define yourself by your genitalia and claim to own the female gender. Your comment is misguided

    1. You were an intersex child subjected to the butchery of an involuntary colo-vaginal vaginoplasty and then raised as a male? That makes no sense. Sounds more like a typical case of autogynephillic fake intersex fantasy. Either way, your male socialization is evident.

    2. This is what happens when you inept twerps just cant keep it simple. And yea, women own the intellectual property on being women. Its not a gender thingie, its a sex. Historically its often been the only thing we own because no man wanted to be considered one under the law. None of you jerkoffs have a clue the battle we had to face under our sex to be consider a person. My grand-mother fought for women rights, not female rights. And you asshats wont erase hers or my history. In my country, we could not even pass our citizen status to our kids. Only penis holders could do that. Women did not have equal right under the law until 2009. Many of women fights were not even for ourselves, but for our children right and dignity of not being labelled bastard on their birth certificate. Our charter of rights in Canada forbid discrimination against sex, not gender, SEX. I wont condone the trannies meddling with shit they dont understand and dont care about. http://www.vancouverobserver.com/world/lost-canadians/2011/11/05/lost-canadians-political-timeline

  9. The sociopathic comments and complete lack of humanity only serve to show your selves of as masculine intolerant and dominant. I don’t have to explain myself to you. I grew up in the care system in the 1980s I was assigned as male but evidently physically and mentally was not. There are a myriad of intersex spectrums. A myriad of life circumstances and a myriad of gender identities. I had a colovag because I had indeterminate genitalia… I define myself and don’t understand how one human being like yourself is so narcissistic they feel they can abuse people s disabilities and claim to have a stake on what female is ?. You can own your own identity but you will never understand anyone else s because you are not living their psycho social spiritual experience. Claiming all transgender and intersex persons are simply autogynophiles is plain ridiculous. You sound more like a daily mail reader than a feminist. The megalomania of claiming to define all humans by your standards is bizarre. I hope your obviously self hatred improve s. Men are humans too …

    1. Ah, okay, so you’re a total male fantasist as suspected. No surprise there. Male “psycho social spiritual experience” is not an intersex condition. “Mentally not male” is not a thing. Genderism is not a disability. Intersex is not an “identity” or feeling one has. No one ever claimed that intersex persons are autogynephiles as you claim. You invented that. Yes, “men are humans too”, and men like you that callously exploit women and individuals with medical reproductive anomalies and who demand non-consentual participation in your kink, are, however distasteful, also humans too. If you believe your humanity rests on utter strangers collaborating with your fantasy life you are in for a rough road.
      God I’m so utterly bored with men like you. Your fantasies and lies are so predicktable and tedious. Your manipulation, dishonesty and threats so banal. “Eyerolling” as the kids say. I should start a “Transfabulation” website as a compliment to Transgender Tropes to track the tedious lies you sexist pigs in wigs tell to abuse and manipulate but I’m probably too bored at this point to do so. It could be pretty funny though and I’m always on board for a good laugh.

    2. After reading this website for years, I have never seen Gallus, or any commenter, state that “all intersex people are simply autogynophiles” (sic). That came from your own head. If you are truly, medically intersex, then you’re not whom we’re talking about here.

      1. Yeah, I figured. I was in a good mood yesterday and felt like extending the benefit of the doubt. What was I thinking?!

  10. Delusion is believing you know everything. Bravery is being who you want to be ,courage is creating your life in the face of adversity. Life is expressing your true nature…. Not oppressing yourself or others for expressing theirs. Evolution is understanding we will never know everything ,arrogance is claiming to know everything about something we have never experienced. Peace comes through common experience of humanity… Battling to be you even if it means going through hell. Intelligence is found in empathy and compassion. Ignorance in intolerance and hate. Humanity is a diverse group and that is why it is so beautiful. Why live in black and white when we have all the colours of the rainbow to affiliate with. Peace

    1. Delusion is thinking there is no such thing as reality. Facts trump fiction….every time. Biological women could never wished themselves into being men. Blacks could never wish themselves to be caucasian, no matter how bad their reality was. They fought for their rights rooted in the biological reality and social repressive context they were in. The imaginery woes of the transgenders are boring, indulgent and self-centered and undermine the social discourse about oppression. Instead of focusing on real issues about poverty, racial discrimination, violence, on putting on energy and money on better schools, elderly healthcare, we get to hear the plight of the poor, poor men who need a pair of boobs to get in touch with their inner women. That is ridiculous. You wanna feel like a woman, start knitting socks for the church charity sale, take care of your old parents, go clean kennels at the local shelter… go do all these things that need to be done and are still done in large part by women. You dont get a medal for that, you dont get to be to the center of attention and have everybody saying poor you. You dont get to sponge all the emotional resources of others. The reality of most women I know is not about discussing the finer points of wearing high heels. You guys just fight for a consummer culture that tells women they cant feel good about themselves unless they spend a shitpile of money on clothing, make up and cosmetic surgery. At the end of the day, their fantasies is more about sweatpants and t-shirt and having 30 minutes for themselves in a hotbath, because all the rest of the day is thinking about other people needs. You dudes cant do women. Just the whiny tone about me, me, me and your fucking inner reality give you away. You are so egotistical you are not even able to spare a word about fighting for real women issues like equal pay, affordable daycare, abortion clinics…any fucking thing that would really make a difference in women life.

      1. @ Linda: I know, right? That happens to me a lot here, reading the fighting words of so many smart women. Speaking truth to power, indeed.
        @Janetwo: You’ve outdone yourself. Would you mind if I copied your words to the comment section on an article about Bruce Jenner and Rose McGowan that I saw? Of course I will give you credit.

      2. No problem at all Ashland Avenue. And thanks to both you and Linda for the positive feedback :). Others women posts here have been such a source of support. Glad something I wrote can return the favor somewhat. The crazy making is thick out there. The heroes are the women like Gallus who keeps this blog going, the women who take a stand publicly knowing the trans terrorists are out there. Its nice to know we are not alone. That more people get it. This place gave me the words to at least educate people around me. Its really cool to see more and more in the comments, replies that seem taken straight from here and others radical feminist webpage. No wonder they want to shut us up. Transpeak indeed ๐Ÿ™‚ .

  11. @intersexsurvivor
    “These hateful comments just show nothing but inane ignorance as an intersex person raised as male genetically both sexes I have like many other women suffered from the butchery of such surgery.”
    The statement, “I have like many other women suffered from the butchery of such surgery” makes no sense. Who are “women” in this sentence? The vast majority of people who undergo this procedure are physically healthy males with no intersex (disorder of sexual development) condition.
    I’m not sure if indeterminate genitalia is an intersex condition or not, but this is not what I want to discuss.
    I truly am sorry that you had to endure colovag surgery, and the history of routine surgery on intersex children was, in my opinion, a horrific human rights abuse. Currently, physically healthy children are being drugged and sterilized with GnRH agonists and cross gender hormones. There is nothing physically wrong with their bodies. Some doctors are skipping the GnRH agonists, and starting the kids out on cross gender hormones at age 11 or 12. This is happening in the name of “gender identity”, and is fully supported by transgender organizations. As to intersex, instead of surgery when the child is young, it’s now common practice for doctors to wait until the child is old enough to decide if he or she wants surgery. This is just the opposite to what is happening to children today who are slapped with the label of “gender dysphoria” at age 5, and drugged with puberty suppressing drugs at age 11. Knowing the history of routine mutilating surgery on intersex children, how can intersex individuals condone this new transgender experiment on children?
    None of the comments on this blog were directed towards individuals with actual intersex medical conditions. We know better, and Gallus wouldn’t tolerate it. This is the problem, so please take the time to hear what I’m trying to say. Despite the fact that transgender is not the same as intersex, transgender organizations have deliberately co-opted intersex individuals. The decision to toss intersex under the Trans Umbrella was purely political. Every major intersex organization makes a distinction between intersex and transgender. Before they transition, physically the vast majority of transgender people are just like everyone else. That is, their bodies are perfectly healthy.
    It’s quite common on the internet to run across transgender identified individuals who say they are intersex, but have no actual intersex medical condition. This issue has been discussed before on this blog, and I see it as an injustice. Some intersex people do not like being co-opted by trans activists, but this hasn’t stopped trans activists from co-opting them anyway.
    Although the Intersex Society of North America clearly makes a distinction between genetic intersex medical conditions and transgender, this hasn’t stopped transgender activists from tossing intersex under the ‘Trans Umbrella’.
    Without consulting actual intersex people, transgender activists have declared that intersex is now a “socially constructed category” whatever that is supposed to mean. This is out right co-option of intersex people. Why do they do this? Legitimizing cross dressing males with sexual fetishes could be part of the reason. See, kinky Carlotta Sklodowska is just like an intersex person.
    This is the ‘Trans Umbrella’ which widens and constricts depending upon how it’s used.
    Perhaps intersex people should ask themselves if they want to be unwillingly tossed under the colonizing Trans Umbrella with kinky pee on me and lead me around on a leash, Carlotta Sklodowska
    Or, with suspected trans serial killer Douglas, “Donna Rebecca”, Perry.
    Or, tossed under the same Trans Umbrella with ex gang banger, child murderer Synthia, China, Blast
    What intersex person wants to be tossed under the Trans Umbrella with trans wife killer Robert, “Michelle”, Kosilek, or sadistic rapist Richard, “Sherri”, Masbruch.
    If I were an intersex person, I would run like hell from the Trans Umbrella.
    ” I grew up in the care system in the 1980s I was assigned as male but evidently physically and mentally was not. There are a myriad of intersex spectrums. A myriad of life circumstances and a myriad of gender identities. ”
    There are some things that stick out like red flags. For example, “Mentally male” sounds like transgender to me. The sentence, “There are a myriad of intersex spectrums” is not correct. Doctors pretty much know what is and isn’t an intersex condition through genetic testing and other medical tests.
    @intersexsurvivor, ”
    “You can own your own identity but you will never understand anyone else s because you are not living their psycho social spiritual experience.”
    Gallus is right in that intersex is not a “psycho social spiritual experience”.
    “Claiming all transgender and intersex persons are simply autogynophiles is plain ridiculous.”
    I’ve been reading this blog for years, and I’ve never come across anyone who said that intersex persons are autogynephiles, but it’s a fact that many cross dressing, trans identified males are autogynephiles, or they have other sexual fetishes like Carlotta Sklodowska. This is the truth, and they can’t cover it up.
    This sentence is highly suspicious to me because people with actual intersex conditions don’t routinely use transgender and intersex in the same sentence as if they are one and the same.
    In all honesty, I don’t know if the person known as intersexsurvivor is actually intersex (trans co-opt intersex all the time), but he or she certainly seems trans brainwashed. I really do wish this person well..
    Again, no one on this blog has ever said anything against intersex people.

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