53 thoughts on “How Trans Activists spent New Years Eve

    1. There is no tranny so “hot”, nor such a degree of drunkenness I could attain, that would enable me to believe an inside-out dick was a lovely vagina.

  1. A blind person would not be “tricked” into believing that HE was: (a) a woman. (b) Had a “cunt”.
    Go get a job and stop obsessing about being a “woman”. You’re never going to be one anyway! No one is fooled by you. You’re just revolting.

  2. Nice. And exactly what I expect from these dudes. They’re too chickenshit to go after, you know, the men who are actually harming MtT people. No, it’s easier to demonize women, and joke and laugh about sexual assault and humiliation. Your deeply felt misogyny is showing, fellas!
    I also have to love how he thinks he has the ability/right to post anything on this site. Hey, shit-for-brains: you DON’T.

  3. “So I want to deceive a woman into having sex with me while using sexist language.”
    “What for?”
    “To prove I’m a better feminist than her.”

  4. (This is more of a news submission than a comment – figured it was a good way to let you know what was going on. It doesn’t have anything to do with the OP.)
    An online science fiction magazine, Lightspeed, has decided to feature stories by women writers. By which they mean:
    “And what is a woman? A woman is any human being who identifies as one, to whatever degree that they do so.”
    That’s not science fiction! That’s fantasy.

    Women Destroy Science Fiction! — A Message from the Guest Editor

  5. They need some real mental help…they’re so delusional and don’t even realize it! Trans cult strikes again.
    Happy belated new years Gallus

    1. Hilarious part is he blanks out items in the room that have name/address/whatever details on there that might lead someone to track him – rather than just CLEAN THE THINGS UP so they’re not in the damn photo!

    2. Ewwwwwww, look at that rug! Kinsey Hope makes uber-slob Valerie Keefe look like Felix Unger.
      “That’s not my room you stupid piece of shit.”
      Yeah right, that’s why you blanked out half a dozen spots so YOU couldn’t be tracked.
      I’m a recovering slob, and I never let anyone see my place messy.

    3. I have long mocked the shitholes that these guys live in. And I call them (the shitholes) that not because they’re not straight out of the pages of Architectural Digest – I certainly don’t expect that of anyone – but rather because they’re filthy. And often very, very messy. Now, sometimes my own home is messy. But at those times, I DO NOT TAKE AND POST PICTURES OF IT ON THE INTERNET. It’s called pride, it’s called dignity. But these guys are so, SO focused on themselves when they’re in drag and photographing, it seems they’re not even aware of their surroundings. These selfies speak volumes, and they’re not saying what the guys think they’re saying.

      1. Was told once that my room was my state of mind. It was good advice then and is good advice now.

      2. Ya plus men are more privileged so they likely have the time and money to clean it up and make it decent. Too busy gazing adoringly in the mirror.

      1. it’s baeddelbitch now. they’re all “baeddel” on tumblr. it’s the cool new word for trans women. no intersex ppl or trans men butting in and trying to use their special new word either. whole threads about how they gonna beat up the ones who even try. seriously.

      2. @anon – Oooh. Thank you for the google fodder! I’d noticed the name change but hadn’t sniffed around it yet… now I can put all this popcorn to good use!

    4. I learned to clean as a child, while my brothers were playing football or video games…maybe this is a ‘shared boyhood’ thing for them!

    5. I was thinking just the same thing. Who cooks this persons breakfasts? Who cleans? Can this person answer: WHY do ‘boobies’ and ‘sexy’ socks mean ‘woman’ more than cleaning and cooking for “them” does???
      Why do ‘boobies’ and ‘sexy socks’ mean more than reaping fields?
      Why do ‘their’ reproduction of females mean socks and ‘sexy’ more than traversing twelve miles to get to a fresh water well????
      I would really like the answer to that but I have kids and I’m afraid of death/rape/malware threats.

  6. Other people have probably noticed most don’t drink or smoke, eat vegan and organic but will take black market hormones

  7. [PS Gallus-not sure the best way to tell you this. I am super thankful to you that you put my blog in your sidebar–it means a lot to me that you care enough about it to do that. But can you correct it to Redress Alert? No red dresses for me, thanks! 😉 ]

  8. So they want to coerce a woman to be sexual with them. They seem really commonly into that. I cannot see any woman falling for it since we are quite different from them obviously. Their whole identity is basically coercive and deceptive. Based on ‘passing’ as a caricature of the opposite sex.

    1. Yep. For them the ultimate validation of their “passing” would be if a lesbian woman has sex with them AS a woman.
      You’ll notice that for all the whining about the “cotton ceiling” and “how the penis, er, ladystick shouldn’t matter” and “we are TOO lesbians you meanies,” THEY are not satisfied to have sex with each other. No, they need the “real deal” (though they’ll never admit to that “real” out loud) because that’s where the true validation lies.
      There are plenty of stories where some M2T is reported for being in the women’s washroom, starts up with the “but I’m afraid to go into the men’s” only to have the establishment point out the one family bathroom on the premises and suggest using that, only to get mad and reject that proposal. If it were really about safety the family bathroom would be fine. But it’s not – it’s about that sweet sweet validation of using the women’s and having the women accept that.
      So transparent.

  9. What REAL woman refers to her genitalia as a “c*nt”? I know some women might do that, but they are in a minority. Most women don’t use that word, because we intuitively sense the misogyny behind the term.
    These men are despicable. They’re “women”… yeah, sure.
    PS: Love the blog BTW, been reading it for months. Keep up the good work, women are in dire need of waking up to the realities of these autogynephiliac freaks.

    1. The few that too are very sadly extremely colonised by male porn culture but they are a minority.

    2. Me actually. I personally find it more empowering than vagina etymologically speaking (vagina coming from the Latin for scabbard and I’ll give you one guess what the ‘sword’ that goes in it is supposed to be)

      1. Though calling it a “sword” is just another mindfuck. At its “hardest” a penis can’t even cut butter. It can only “penetrate” where there’s already a space or potential space for it to get into.

  10. It’s men like this who make my skin crawl. Reading their tweets make me feel physically ill. These MEN (and no, they’re NOT “women”) need to crawl back under whatever rock they came from.

  11. Great comments. The men are just men of the worst kind, no matter what they do. Notice how they aren’t interested in each other’s surgered messes? It’s still women they’re after, as if, yes, we can’t see, hearm smell, know, etc. what they are.
    Love-making for Lesbians usually comes after some kind of intense keep soul/spirit/heart connection, often called “love.” Way before I knew anything about male bodies, as a girl who was always in love with other girls, and then women, I was never attracted to any male, and even less so as I learned about them. I don;’t find Hard Fems attractive because they look like drag queens, so how could I possibly be tricked by an actual male drag queen. I can’t imagine anything more repulsive.
    They will just never get it, but then it’s all about them….

  12. They’re more like 13 year old boys than actual adult men. And none of them come remotely close to “passing” as female.

    1. They’re more like 13 year old boys than actual adult men.
      I think that might link up with narcissistic personality stuff. After reading a couple of books on that that recently, I find it really bizarre how how trans stuff, and how many trans persons I’ve known, fit right into that (even me, which is disheartening in extremis… yet enlightening, I guess). I do wish write-minded people would dig into that connection. Definitely fascinating.
      And what adult would toss around ‘cunt’ like that–other than some scummy fucker. I remember when I entered puberty my older sister spent time to specifically school me on how offensive that word is (and others, I forget which; brought on by me calling her a bitch and her nearly beating me ice cold). How any man could make it into adulthood and not feel like a total asshole when using that word is beyond me.
      Or is that a in-group validation thing, where using that word implies some kind of validation as a ‘woman’, being able to use a word that a man would get a cobblestone to the brow for using?

  13. If you’ve constantly been trying to do something already, does it even count as a New Year’s Resolution?

  14. Like all males, these tranniez are obsessed with physical appearance. What puzzles me, though, is if they saw an *actual* woman who looked like any of their selfies, they would make nasty, vulgar comments about her. Yet, because they’re in trannie-dreamland, that same look is “cute” and “hot” and “sexy”. Looking through trans-colored glasses, I guess. Yuck.

  15. 26/MTF/Pan/Poly >Pittsburgh (self.transdating)
    submitted 7 months ago* by Novazoey
    i’m p cute or whatever but im not super far into my transition due to me having to wait until I was out of the military, i have some mild breasts but i dont wear my wig anymore lol. https://www.dropbox.com/s/r3gnjm1cmbwbq14/26redux.jpg
    I’m into vibeo games and fashion and batgirl. I’m smart and educated but I’m kind of quiet when en femme. I like wearing Tripp NYC stuff, or a hoodie and a skirt. Sometimes I’ll get completely done up just for the hell of it. I own a multitude of thigh high striped socks 😉
    I used to raid in WoW in a top-ish guild but I threw my authenticator into the entire ocean. I play competitive TF2 very poorly. My favorite thing to do (besides sex) is cuddle on the couch and watch stuff/play stuff. I really enjoy cooking!
    Kinda looking for another trans person to hook up with, MTF or FTM. I’m open to whatever though! I’m in polyamorous relationship with two partners, one is living somewhat nearby, and another is my slave who lives in Nova Scotia lol. must be ok with me being poly (obv)

    26/MTF/Pan/Poly >Pittsburgh from transdating

  16. So today was the first time I heard an autogynephilic male refer to lesbians as “cisbians”. Let it be noted.
    So that makes LGBT…CCCT….? LMAO.

  17. Rape. This person is publicly stating that they want to rape a woman against her will and laugh about it and the next tweeter laughs and laughs as well. Trans men who call themselves gay have written about and bragged in a similar way about tricking gay men in bathhouses into getting sucked. Nothing is more of a turn on to so called gay transmen that tricking gay men into a sex act. Sex against the will or by trickery used to be considered rape and bad. Now it is trans good. INSANE.

  18. Their fuckholes are fucking disgusting. I’ve never heard a lesbian being ok with licking a mutilated penis. No way in hell I would EWWWW!
    Now, they may get away with doing that to men because most men don’t know the difference. They just see a a hole.
    Trannies are rapists like their “straight” brothers!

  19. BTW Gallus these men are obsessed with you and the site. They give you free publicity.

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