56 thoughts on “Merry Christmas All!

  1. Merry Christmas and a peaceful New Year to you, Gallus…and to all the very cool people who post here.

  2. Ho, ho, ho, seasons greetings, happy holidays, and all that rot. I hope the coming new year will be filled to the brim with good things for you.

  3. generally avoided the web yesterday…hope y’all all had a good holiday with friends/family/whoever else was around πŸ™‚

  4. I am going to guess xmas time for trannies is their excuse to ask for the most lame insulting gendered shit. Merry xmas!

  5. Just want to say kudos for doing what you’re doing. I once made the mistake of wondering aloud if transgenderism mightn’t be a relatively frivolous aesthetic preference or an acquired psychological attribute rather than an inborn condition necessitating the “correction” of one’s body. I’m not sure I have the nerve to open my mouth again.

  6. Just wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for the work you do with this blog.
    About 18 months ago now it occurred to me to start looking around on the web for feminist and skeptic blogs and resources. I started out with a bit of FtB, IBTP and Feministe. Eventually I started hearing words like ‘cis’ and ‘transphobic’ ostentatiously bandied about. I’d hear vitriolic descriptions of evil radfems causing the death of trans women, and have instantaneous dual reactions of “How awful, violence against trans people” and “Something about all of these claims isn’t quite adding up”. Anyhow, I did some research into these allegedly evil bigoted TERFs, such as yourself and Elizabeth Hungerford and Sheila Jeffreys, like reading what you had all actually written and said, as opposed to what was being claimed about you. And I thought – these are the same views I have on gender roles, where’s teh tranzfobia?
    So I can thank Natalie Reed and Donna and Feministe for something, anyway – illustrating to me the influence of incoherent theories of trans within mainstream feminism, and the uncritical fawning of many self-identified ‘cis’ feminists over feminine-gender stereotype identified males (femingensi/mascugensi?). And I acknowledge Dallas Denny for clueing me in to the impending publication of “Gender Hurts”.
    I have no hate for trans people, and I wish them the same success with their life struggles and freedom from oppression as I would for non trans persons. But I do think that trans women are getting a free pass within mainstream feminism to oppress women and ignore the reasonable personal boundaries of women and girls, and that feminists need to talk about and analyse this phenomenon, rather than hushing and marginalising radical feminist analysis with shouts of ‘transphobia X one bazillion !!!!”
    Anyhow, all that above was to try and let you know why it is that I so appreciate what you do here, Gallus Mag.
    Mostly I wanted to say, Merry Christmas and a peaceful and productive new year to you.

    1. Hi Peggy. You can drop info in the comment box clearly stating at the top “private NOT for publication” (or some variation of that). Alternately, you can DM me on twitter.

  7. Hey Mags You’re an awesome chick. This blog is like therapy for me and many other women. Keep it going xoxox

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