11 thoughts on “Not the gender that I used to be

    1. Me too.
      Seems like Trans regret? Maybe an Autogynephile that realised he should have just stuck with dress-up?
      When he tried to hit the high notes, my ears bled.
      Six inch heels DO NOT make sense for anyone.
      I own a pair (yeah, yeah I know) and they fuck up your feet pretty badly. Glad I finally grew out of that bullshit before I fractured my skull falling out of those death traps.

    2. Mary, this guy decided to mix his crossdressing fetish with a cuckolding fetish, put it to “song”, and entertain us. Wasn’t that nice of him?

  1. THIS IS AWESOME. I’m hoping this will also be drunkenly sung in a hotel room at 1 am at a radfem conference. 🙂

  2. I did some googling because I was confused too. I’m still a bit confused, but I think I understand Emsy to be a cross-dressing man who enjoys going back and forth between ordinary asian dude and outrageous imitation girl. He has another video on that account that shows how he gives himself those fake hips. Anyway, the video seems to be having some fun with the very idea of “changing gender.”

    1. To be fair, it usually isn’t a fetish. It’s a physical dysmorphia. Still, they doesn’t mean transsexuals need be let into female-only places.

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