13 thoughts on “How very dare women have #sharedgirlhood?!

  1. That dude Tara Hewitt wants people to know that HE and all the other “trans women” had girlhoods tooooooo. waaaaa. lol. Christ.

    If it weren’t for those mean doctors assigning him “boy” when they spotted his willy, well, things would be different and HE and others like HIM had it way harder than real girls. *omg triggering*

    1. Oh, it’s completely through the rabbit hole. These people manage to argue with a straight face that they were harmed by misogyny TOO, because despite the fact that they looked like boys and were treated like boys by everyone else around them, with all the various opportunities that entails, they somehow would overhear messages aimed at “other” (i.e. REAL) girls and “internalize it” so this was wounding them.
      And not only that, it wounded them worse, because not ONLY were they supposedly being hurt by these misogynistic messages aimed at their “twue selves” (that they’re perhaps hearing on the media or aimed at some actual girl) but they also have these terrible, terrible expectations of being a boy put on them, and they can’t show their true selves, and oh, oh oh…
      Yeah. As someone who heard “girls can’t have those jobs, so give up” said TO MY FACE and who even now in 2013 when things are supposedly “all equal now” will read about some man in a job that my younger self would have possibly wanted to try for but couldn’t, and EVEN NOW the man in the post admits that there are no women in his team because, well, it’s just not done yet, it would make the men uncomfortable, and well, it’s just not done because well, we’re traditional… hearing this “oh but we suffered TOO for being ‘girls'” just makes me want to spit.

  2. MtT did not have a girlhood. They may not have had an ordinary boyhood, if people were reading them as gay, but they did not have a girlhood. Sorry, boys, you have your own experience and we have ours. Deal.

  3. It is so beyond outrageous and offensive the way they use the actual suffering of women of color as a way to try to shoehorn themselves into feminism and women’s conversations! I am so sick of these white dudes using ‘racist’ as an automatic, thoughtless addition to their accusations of ‘cissexism’, using it as a grotesque trump card against actual woc and their interests. It is the ultimate in entitlement.
    The #sharedprivilege, etc. tweet made me want to vomit. These men are so twisted.

    1. Thank you. I’ve read dozens of sadly ignored posts by women of color telling white trans activists to stop speaking for them, and to stop appropriating their experiences to beat up dissenting females, including the WOC they invisibilize. The MTFs clearly think transness exempts them from class and racial categories, and entitles them to use others’ experiences as they wish. Like you said, it’s the height of entitlement. So much for intersectionality, huh?

  4. The worst thing that came out of this concerted effort to silence women: Victoria Brownworth, a lesbian advocacy journalist who’s actually done good work on the most marginalized trans people, was identified as the supposed originator of #sharedgirlhood (which was, of course, not true). A frankly speaking insane MtT felt that it had been designed to specifically bully and abuse him (megalomania, anyone?) and complained to Victoria’s employer about her “transphobia” with the goal to get her fired – while she’s battling cancer.
    This shit is VILE.

  5. Booga booga booga!

    These people are ridiculous. You’re one of the most magnanimous people on the internet, which is amazing given the shit you get.
    I have to laugh at Flavia Dzodan (@redlightvoices) accusing SmashesTheP of white supremacy and “racist schooling of a black woman” because she politely disagreed with that Black Girl Dangerous “Myth of Shared Female Experience” article.
    Sorry, but people are allowed to disagree with the individualist third wave analysis, even when advanced by a woman of color. In this case, the “white supremacist” smear is just an attempt to silence discussion of the ongoing libfem attempt to erase the sex-based oppression of women. I just wonder what they think they gain from sucking up to the affluent white males who dominate the trans movement.
    Remember all those articles by Camille Paglia-influenced sex-poz feminists accusing radical feminists of silencing wrongthink? Look at them now.

      1. I remember him now. He reminds us that trans women deserve informed consent but women who have been raped do not.

    1. Yeah, GallusMag is dangerous because she speaks the truth, which is dangerous for people who Really Really Want To Believe and just cannot deal with any writings on the internet or elsewhere that cause them to catch a glimpse of reality as they know deep deep down in their hearts at 3AM is truly there.

  6. LOL:

    If there’s no shared female experience, what does Dzodan have in common with a nut like Kaveney except an enemy?

    1. …and therein lies the problem, doesn’t it? If there’s no shared girlhood, then how can there be this magical club that the M2T set are so anxious to join?
      They all want it to be this “well, we all share it, and it means we’re Really Women, yes yes yes” and yet, let the particular M2T in, because oh, holy day!!!111! the Cabal of Wimmin has recognized that this M2T is Really and Truly a Member, yes! because from small kid time that M2T knew! yes knew! he was a girl! and Real (yet, the M2T brain is blocking out what real means) Women have accepted this M2T as One Of Them!! but yet at the same time, it can’t be any sort of official grouping that categorically denies trans women or it will look bad.

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