The Great Transgender Flashmob of 2013 (and why you should congratulate yourself)

This is the bloody violent graphic used by Natalie Reed and Larkin Forestheart to advertise their original protest at the Vancouver Public Library
This is the bloody violent graphic used by Natalie Reed and Larkin Forestheart to advertise their original protest at the Vancouver Public Library

So, women have been asking for a follow-up post to THIS ONE which outlined transgender community plans to protest and disrupt a Day of Remembrance of the women maimed and murdered at L’Ecole Polytechnique by a homicidal man who believed feminism was discriminating against him. I was a bit delayed in composing a follow-up post due to mundane work and life demands, then I decided I may as well wait until the video of the flash mob protest was posted.
You will recall trans activist demands that the public library censor feminist women’s speech around issues of concern to women, namely countering male violence and sexual exploitation of women.
You’ll recall Natalie Reed’s plan to stand outside the November 30 memorial shouting through a megaphone along with a group of his fellows, who would “round up better attendance” than the memorial itself.
Then, Vancouver’s Trans Alliance Society, among others, decided to “FlashMob” the solemn memorial for murdered women, a plan spearheaded by Ronan Oger- now calling himself “Morgane”- a middle-aged married heterosexual and the father of small children who works (like many male transgenders) as an IT professional. Mr Oger began “living as a woman” in September, when he took his first estrogen pill.
Ronan/Morgane Oger- "became a woman" on September 10.
Oger, who “began living as a woman” on September 10, 2013.

Transgenders met in private and public on Facebook groups and elsewhere, venting their rage at women holding a feminist event which did not center male issues- and which dared to allow Janice Raymond, who scathingly critiqued the medical “sex-change industry” thirty years ago, to speak on unrelated issues, namely countering male violence and sexual exploitation of women.
Come to find out (!) a lot of people were completely appalled at this transgender anti-feminist activism, so insensitively targeting a memorial event. Lets just say it was a “peak trans” moment for many: that moment when all the heartfelt transgender testimonials and political rhetoric falls away and a stark light shines on the blatant woman-hatred at the heart of the transgender movement. Some transgender activists themselves were horrified at the violent rhetoric and misogyny being expressed by other men. “I hope for all our sakes that the predictions of the groups that were part of the Friday meeting do not come true.” Morgane Oger tweeted. Natalie Reed and Larkin Forestheart abandoned their organized protest, disowning themselves from it, and Reed denounced Oger’s flashmob plans. “I started getting angry messages from trans-feminists around the world about how I was “The Organizer..” a panicked Reed tweeted at Oger.
Alarmed, Oger changed the date of his flashmob to December 5 so as to avoid the public spectacle of his angry male brethren accosting and terrifying women at an event commemorating the actions of an angry violent male terrorist acting on the belief that feminists oppress males.
So what became of the protest(s)? Long story short- the memorial event went off swimmingly with none of the threatened disruptions. About six dudes stood outside with placards whose messaging was unintelligible to the women attending. One of the transwomen- with full beard- carried a sign which said “I am my brain not my genitals” (lol WTF?). At the start of Raymond’s talk one of the men attempted to storm the venue (probably Oger who claims he forced women at the event to speak with him). As individuals were prohibited from entering sessions that were already in process he was cockblocked by a door monitor. One male attendee tweeted back and forth with Natalie Reed during the event. During the question and answer period he rambled on and took up all the time that had been set aside for women to speak. He then uploaded a long long youtube video from his cell phone reflecting cluelessly on his actions which he described as a “dramatic moment” of the event (because attention was centered on him). His actions highlighted the need for women to have women-only space to organize away from male attention-seeking and entitlement. His time-sucking rambling did not mention genderism, which was not discussed at the memorial.
Photo of the event from the VRR website
Photo of the event from the VRR website

Photo of the event from the Vancouver Rape Relief website
Photo of the event from the Vancouver Rape Relief website

These dudely goings-on were less than a footnote to a successful standing-room-only feminist event featuring presentations and discussions among women on the topic of countering male violence and sexualization of women. Listen to Janice Raymond’s talk at the event here:
Janice Raymond at the event
Janice Raymond at the event

It is time to reflect on the attempts by male activists of the transgender variety to silence, disrupt, and prevent feminist and women-only organizing.
The last two years have seen multiple major Radical Feminist conferences in Australia, UK, Canada, and the US. Each has been met with the same violent rhetoric and threats by transwomen, including bomb threats. Transwomen have submitted comments to my blog containing nothing but the names of feminist’s children and the addresses of the elementary schools their children attend. This is the stuff of nightmares. This is terrorism. Yet every one of these events have gone off swimmingly. All the violent bluster, the threats from transwomen and other MRAs, all the terrorism, has not prevented these feminist conferences from occurring. Maybe it is time for men like Ronan Oger to focus on their own events and conferences. The only transgender events that are well attended are those sponsored by drug companies, and all of these events have sex-segregated conferences, and all of these events sponsor public discussions of gender.
Women and our allies, your voices are making a difference. Every time you take a moment to counteract this terrorism it has an effect. Because: you are not alone. When you take the time to comment on a news article. When you write your own article! When you contact your representative about a piece of legislation. When you organize. When you attend. When you donate. When you speak up. Every single time you see feminists under attack for meeting and speaking make sure you take action. It really is making a difference. Congratulate yourself! Keep it up!
Ohhhhh, right right, the great transgender flashmob of 2013. I almost forgot. Here it is. Enjoy.

70 thoughts on “The Great Transgender Flashmob of 2013 (and why you should congratulate yourself)

  1. Hat’s off to the women who continue to resist and refuse lay down or submit to the Man.
    LOL at trans, who continue to shoot themselves in the foot. Give these dopes enough rope and they’ll hang themselves. LOL, dopes on a rope?
    Sorry boys, but your kink and sexual fetishes are not a civil right. Mantrums will not make it so. But thank you for showing the world your true colors – that you are no different from Marc Lepine – and share his hatred and acts of terrorism against women.

  2. ‘During the question and answer period he rambled on and took up all the time that had been set aside for women to speak.’ Typical men silencing women and speaking over us when they have nothing of substance to say. Its too bad men like him exist.

  3. If these folks actually want support for victims of sexually violence, why not create an organization that specifically focuses on trans* victims of sexual violence, and their special needs and considerations? Why is the onus always put on women’s agencies to take on everyone else’s needs? Why are the resources allotted for females always targetted to be drained by others. I know the answer to these questions of course: because misogyny.

    1. Yes, because misogyny, and, in this case, misogyny because breasts. Really, I think this is it. One way in which we are conceptualized is as a giant, collective boob: providers of nourishment, comfort, succour. Only an “unnatural” woman, only a bad mommy, wouldn’t whip it out on cue. Hence, all this infantile, narcissistic rage from the trans camp. Ewww.

    2. Good point. Some of them crowed about all the corporate money behind the Philadelphia trans health conference. Let them go to their corporate buddies for some money for shelters. Feminists organized to help women with much less money than they’ve been given.

    3. Exactly.
      And while they’re at it, they should make note that most of those actually murdering trans people, or raping them, are MEN – often the victims are sex workers being killed for the “trap” – which is NOT OKAY, but it needs to be recognized that it is not women, or feminists, or radical feminists doing that killing.
      It happens because of misogyny (which is part and parcel of gender roles) and homophobia.
      Ditto for the “oh noez, M2T can’t use the men’s room because they’ll get beat up” that too is NOT OKAY, but the people doing that beating up are again not women, or feminists, or radical feminists, it’s MEN who are hyper “gender-policing.” Because again, misogyny and homophobia.
      If someone wants to make a fight that people with penises should be able to use the men’s room (and the urinals! In plain sight!) regardless of what they’re wearing or how they’re “presenting” then I’m all for it, we need to smash the gender boundaries.
      But I’m tired of people saying that oh, my talking about the category of “woman” actually meaning something BECAUSE it is externally imposed (rather than an “identity” you can wake up to) means that I am somehow personally responsible for trans sex workers being murdered, while those same people never have the balls (pun intended) to confront the actual murderers.

  4. Even as a transsexual, I have to ask: Who the hell protests a gathering like this? So the organizers don’t agree with the world view you’ve aligned yourself with. So? What else?
    That’s right.
    Women have the right to women-only summits, and they can exclude transsexuals if they want. There is no reasonable or fair way to abridge this right.
    And talking over all the other speakers is just wrong.

    1. Seriously, the transsexuals on this website are so strange, and it’s really, really weird (and depressing) to think they’re a majority or something.
      I mean some of these people even think clothing is part of their gender identity and it’s just like…

  5. “Ronan Oger- now calling himself “Morgane”- a middle-aged married heterosexual and the father of small children who works (like many male transgenders) as an IT professional. Mr Oger began “living as a woman” in September, when he took his first estrogen pill.”
    Morgane Oger- “In BC, I am legally female, and have corresponding sex markers on medical insurance and driver’s license”
    Two months “as a woman” and he already had has a F marker? That shit is bone-chilling.
    I know Ronan has proven himself to be a lying shit bag, with the inability to back up his slanderous claims against VRR or even who he claimed to be working with, but I’m really fucking alarmed that this dude who has lived “as a woman” for two fucking months, who has fathered children and is still packing peen thinks that he and his ilk are entitled to a woman’s rape shelter.
    Seriously? TWO FUCKING MONTHS?
    Fuck you Ronan, you evil shitlord. You are a disgusting human being.
    Why has this never been proven in a court of law?
    If things like this were taken to trial as a civil rights case (that female only space excludes them as males who think themselves women) then their entire case would be ripped to shreds, perhaps setting legal precedent for the future.
    There is no science behind transgender/transsexualism because there is no “one way” for a female/male brain to be structured. If would never stand up to the Frye/Daubert standards for admissible scientific evidence.
    You can get averages of brain shape, size and neuron connections but you could not state in a court of law that a “brain sex” was a clear indicator of sex. You could easily counter the argument against brain whatever by stating “Is this brain pattern/size/behaviour unique to all females on the planet?”. The answer is no. Females and males are classified by sex organs which is uniform to nearly all of us. Intersex of course, being neither male or female.
    Does anyone know why this never gets contested? Why this is NEVER brought up? Why NO ONE from the sciences ever points this shit out?
    If any of you have any examples where it is pointed out, can you link to me here?

    1. “Does anyone know why this never gets contested? Why this is NEVER brought up? Why NO ONE from the sciences ever points this shit out?……….”
      Because what we choose to legislate is different from the science. We all KNOW that a male taking oestrogen, or a female taking testosterone AREN’T the same as actual females or males, and we also all KNOW without benefit of science that a surgically constructed second arsehole isn’t a vagina…….
      But the question is really how should society treat such people? If society decides that males who believe they are really female/should have been female have to be treated AS IF they really are female (i.e. are described as being LEGALLY female) then that is that! After all, the legal designation is just that, it doesn’t MATTER that the legal definition of female and the scientific don’t agree. After all, people have been declared legally dead, found to not be dead, but still can’t be declared legally alive again:

      The trans lobby tries to use science to show they are really female, but this only works because the public is already willing to believe that men and women ARE fundamentally different anyway (despite the fact that trying to show an actual neurological difference is still contentious). And if the science disagreed with the trans position, then they’d just ignore it, or mis-represent it as they already do (and as ‘Zoe’ Brain bee-sting does when challenged on the supposed scientific evidence that he loves to present!).
      In a way, it’s playing THEIR game by trying to argue science, because then you’ve already conceeded that science has something to say about how they should be considered. It’s a political decision, not a scientific one, and politically women are discovering, as we already knew, that what WE think doesn’t matter that much to the political classes…………..

      1. I’m arguing that their whole argument “I feel like X” cannot be substantiated at all. You cannot claim that you “feel” like a Native American or a black person. There is no way of proving it.
        Nor should that “feeling” ever be validated by other people.
        I’m saying that the LEGAL definition should be that a female is a human with female sex characteristics. Tthey could not argue against that. That’s where science comes in. Their whole argument is dependant on their feelings/thoughts/beliefs, none of which can be proven.
        I will concede science has something to say, because science proves they are wrong. It also proves that little pieces of paper (someone is dead on paper, but actually alive) wrong.
        Society should treat them as humans, humans of their birth sex.
        Potentially as humans with a psychiatric disorder. If people want to cut bits off, fine. You can’t change your sex.
        I get the impression most people do not buy into the trans bullshit. They’re okay with the dress ups and what not but are very resistant to trans in bathrooms or in sports. I think it’s only a small percentage of society (the extremely liberal and the anti-gay conservatives) that are really pushing for this.
        Most people do not see them as ‘born in the wrong body’. That is the impression that I have gotten from reading and talking to people. A lot of people are terrified of voicing their opposition for fear of being branded ‘transphobic’.

    2. After two months? I’d be willing to wager that particular fact is an out-and-out lie.
      I also have the pleasure of living in BC. I wasn’t born here, I was born in a different province. In order to have the marker changed on any official documentation, your birth certificate has to be modified. I guess rules for that must be different province to province? In the province that I was born, you must provide (amongst other supporting documentation) proof of SRS via a notarized letter from the surgeon that performed the operation.
      If people can have their marker changed a mere two months after deciding they are the opposite sex, that is, without question, absolutely fucking ridiculous. Without getting into an argument over changing markers -period-, they should -never- be changed without surgery. Period. You really want it? Commit to it. Otherwise, be gender non-conforming and change society rather than your documentation.
      (Although, if they have had their driver’s license and care card modified — that’s only provincial ID. I would hazard a guess that the important documentation, such as birth certificate, social insurance number and passport are still very much outside of this person’s reach. Changing provincial ID before federal ID will only result in problems all across the board — everything from credit checks to air travel. Pretty stupid decision really.)

      1. Agree: huge lie! Ronan removed all but three of his videos when this post went public, including the one about “first month living as a woman” which consisted of starting estrogen and telling a few people he feels like he imagines women feel. What a maroon.
        Although, the project of eliminating the rights of women on the basis of re-categorizing men as legally female based on their arbitrary temporary “feelings” or wishes alone is certainly the way things are trending politically, worldwide.

      2. @ Teal Deer – HA! Good one!
        How much you want to bet that he now gets all uppity if some poor store clerk addresses him as “sir”?

    3. Yes, I know he was lying.
      The alarm came from the fact that after two months of oestrogen, he figured himself female. The massive amount of narcissism was the thing that struck me. Their audacity freaks me out.
      Reading through the DailyMail you linked, MOST people (although, it is the Daily Mail) do not agree he should be allowed to compete with females.
      Although the comments “mentally female, physically male” piss me off. Mentally female? For fucks sake.

      1. “Although the comments “mentally female, physically male” piss me off. Mentally female? For fucks sake.”
        Yes, THAT’S the damaging bit right there! The Daily Mail readers believe that women are ‘mentally’ different from men, whether that be cos they can’t do maths, have an unnatural liking for shoes, or just because they have a female ‘gender identity’. They believe that about US, so not a great step to believe it about trans as well.
        Problem comes when you can’t say stuff like ‘mentally, men and women are innately more alike than otherwise’, because the trans lobby thinks that is transphobic, because WITHOUT that ‘I’m innately female brained’ thing to hang onto, they’ve got very little to substantiate their claim to BE female/women.

    4. Seriously. Women are on average shorter than men, but we don’t go around claiming that short men “must be women inside!” and encouraging them to undergo radical plastic surgery to invert their junk.
      You can’t judge individuals by bell curves, even IF the bell curves are showing valid data, and that’s a very big IF.

  6. Geez all we need is men telling us “we have a right to….” We will do this organizing and we don’t need your damn permission or liberalism to do it K.B. Sheesh, men! Always men and their never ending arrogant male minds!

  7. You write so well Gallus – very clear desciptions of what actually goes on.
    This made me laugh: *He then uploaded a long long youtube video from his cell phone reflecting cluelessly on his actions which he described as a “dramatic moment” of the event (because attention was centered on him).*
    It’s awful and telling that various men wanted to disrupt a Day of Remembrance of women murdered by a man because they were women, and an event that was about male violence aginst women in general.
    However I’m glad to hear that there those who have woken up because of this, and that the event went well.
    Finally, in that video, the protesters have labelled themselves with slurs such as hooker and tranny. They imply that they were denied help by the VRR and that VRR used such language against them. Is this true? I somehow highly doubt that.

      1. Yes, I thought so. It’s bizarre that they label themselves with slurs that the women working with the shelter wouldn’t use.

  8. I am not saying you need my permission. In fact, I am saying the opposite. I believe you have a right to organize as you see fit as people, no matter what.

    1. @K.B.- I took your above comment as a statement disagreeing with the trans politic demands to criminalize female-only spaces. I did not read it to imply that you felt women “needed your permission”, rather as a statement of support.

  9. Commented to this dude on his video telling him he is scum for protesting a memorial and calling him male pronouns because he is male. He thinks he is clever by calling me ‘sir’ back! lol if only people treated me that well. I am female and I don’t think I could ‘pass’ for male if I tried my hardest. I have very delicate fingers and tiny wrists, almost no muscle strength from being disabled and bedridden for months with CFS which comes with exercise intolerance though I once was active everyday. It is scary to me I could be easily overpowered by a male. My facial structure is delicate too, nothing close to the typical angles of a male testosterone damaged face. Just fuck off trannies. If they have a mantrum they could really hurt the average woman, being on estrogen for a few months will not make his upper body strength disappear. He still went through male puberty. He writes long rants that hardly make sense. He said in his rant ‘outrage at Raymond’s presence’. So they are angry with men simply existing and speaking. Sounds a lot like Lepine. Like you said in the article, the conference wasn’t even about trannies it was about the human rights abuse that is prostitution.

    1. meant women* simply existing typo. They need to organize their own crap for once as you said Gallus. Maybe invite Serrano to speak or something? Paint each others nails and do other beauty mandate shit they ‘missed out on’? Watch romantic comedies? Surely there is lots of crap they could do that does not involve harassing feminists.

  10. […] he rambled on and took up all the time that had been set aside for women to speak.

    Was there a policy that the time was set aside for women? If so, where was this policy expressed? Also, why would a Vancouver Rape Relief volunteer call on a man when women had their hands up?
    Were men to intuit that it was discourteous to ask a question? But then why would a Vancouver Rape Relief volunteer call on a man when women had their hands up?

      1. “Was there a policy that the time was set aside for women? If so, where was this policy expressed?”
        Yep, if there ain’t a written rule or a policy, it don’t count! Common decency and recognition that this little bit of space is FOR and ABOUT and in commemoration of women don’t matter in the male mind! Unless explicitly forbidden in triplicate, they’ll just piss all over womens space as usual……………………
        “why would a Vancouver Rape Relief volunteer call on a man when women had their hands up”
        AND blame us for ‘allowing’ it! This dickbrain couldn’t have been more offensive and more male if he’d tried……

    1. Ha ha! Hi guy!
      “Were men to intuit that it was discourteous to ask a question?”
      Men, LIKE WOMEN, were to intuit that it’s discourteous to blather on and on and take up all the time set aside for questions. It’s basic social grace. I don’t, however, expect you to grasp that.
      Speaking of social grace, it’s also discourteous for someone who is not part of an oppressed group (e.g., white male) to attend an event aimed at members of an oppressed group (e.g., women), and take up all the time set aside for questions.
      For example, imagine Brad Pitt in the audience at a seminar set up to help lower-income Latina women better access health care, and taking up all the time set aside for questions. Not on behalf of a Latina friend, mind you, just yammering on about his opinions on health care in America. Why, that would be….let’s see, there’re so many….rude, selfish, narcissistic, cruel, inconsiderate…the list goes on.
      The fact that you don’t grasp this? It demonstrates, in glaring fashion, your lifetime of male privilege. And white privilege. And the fact that you’re simply just an asshole.
      “Also, why would a Vancouver Rape Relief volunteer call on a man when women had their hands up?”
      Probably simply trying to be polite, especially given the controversy of the event. Women are socially conditioned to try and soothe sore feelings. Luckily, we here at GT do not subscribe to that bullshit.
      Seriously, what the fuck is the matter with you, besides the obvious? Although…I don’t even know why I’m bothering to ask that question. At this point, it’s very probably the usual: mommy or daddy issues, and/or a Madonna/whore complex. *yawn*
      You’re a prick, dude. In every sense of the word.

      1. Geez, GM, that was harsh. I was really looking forward to hearing what this guy had to say. Maybe this would be the guy to finally ‘splain to me what feminism was all about and you ruined it!! He could ‘splain all about class oppression from his white mid-upper class male perspective, a voice that we all know has long been lacking in public discourse. JK!! 🙂 🙂 I am sure it was the same ol’ yada yada transphobia . . . get raped and die, etc . . .
        Really though,guy, you monopolized the conversation at this event because you could. It was an act of dominance. You should have just whipped out your weenie and jerked it in front of the room- at least then you might have been arrested for your piggish behavior. The only one who thought it was a dramatic moment was you- and maybe the peen-packers in lady clothes. I would bet good money that almost everyone else experienced your dramatic moment as hostile and awkward. Would you actually have the nerve to stroll into a NAACP meeting and demand that your thoughts on racism need to be heard? A native tribal counsel? Or do you draw a line in the sand there? Asshats like you refuse to see where the offense lies when it has to do with women as a class, as opposed to any other group who I am sure you strap on the placard in support of their right to their own spaces and platforms to discuss issues of policy or personal experiences. Women are a class designated by biology- our bodies, our reproductive function is the root of our oppression. It is not because of our choice in footwear or cute hairstyles. So a group of men want to redefine what a woman is for their own benefit? Nope. Fuck off! We will not cower to men who insist that being a woman is about how you “identify” or how you “present” yourself. Women are not a group that you can join just because you “feel like a woman inside”. Whatever the fuck that is supposed to feel like. It feels like a bunch of woowoo horseshit to me. I have never known a woman who has professed to “feeling like a woman inside”. Ever. In life. Thank dog. Replace “woman” with “black”, “disabled”, “illegal immigrant” or any marginalized group. Doesn’t quite have the same ring to it does it? Feels a little “wrong” and “icky”? Yep, it sure does.
        This mass murderer was a man that thought feminism disenfranchised men like him. The trans cult thinks so, too. They can think whatever they want about their magical female spirits or their fairytale lady brains or whatever, but the fucking nerve in planning to protest this event- at a memorial for women murdered by a man with concerns eerily familiar to your own- makes my blood boil. This is about remembering and honoring these women. It is not about men for one whole afternoon! Female bodies and the (rare) safe spaces for women (like VRR) are the only things that males have not fully colonized, yet. So let’s get on this, am I right, dudes? Open your eyes, Captain Social Justice Warrior. This is what sick sad homophobes and misogynists look like in 2013. It is all about mens’ rights- mens’ rights to perpetuate sexual stereotypes of women for their own sexual and emotional gratification. It is colonization and mistrilization at its most insidious. Sorry that your uber-dogmatic PC neoliberal-addled mind fails to see it for status-quo upholding BS that it really is, so kindly sit down and STFU, sir.

    1. That’s ‘whorephobic!’ (His blog was my first time seeing that word.) Of course, in the article he linked to about a murdered tranny hooker there are comments against the evil ‘radfems…’

      1. They make us their target bc we are one of the most hated groups that exists, especially when they have the backing of patriarchal institutions like med and drug companies.

  11. Very first thought: They DO realize that the Empire in Emprie Strikes Back were the villains right? RIGHT?

    1. What was Darth Vader wearing under that black cloak? Perhaps a similar bikini. Although obviously he hadn’t totally transitioned else he’d never had said ‘I AM your father……’

  12. Thanks for the update! I wondered how this would turn out. Looks like the broader culture and society are still pretty far from “peak trans” though. I almost wish more protests like this would happen so that more people would see these trans “activists” for what they really are.

  13. I have known many of these people in the trans, the sex worker, and the so-called “social justice” communities. Their pathological narcissism is toxic and their delusional sense of entitlement is beyond quantification. Transphobia and whorephobia are the latest buzzwords of neoliberal gesturalism.
    Chromosomes cannot be changed. Gonads can be removed, but not replaced. Humans are not clownfish. Unless you are born with an intersex condition, you really only get the one sex. Many people are in deep denial over this. A male might live “as a woman,” but a male can never become a female. The wiser trans people know this and keep to their own quarter; many of them have been intimidated into silence in the name of “anti-oppression work.” It is all just an enormous cynical farce.
    And yes, many trans do hate women. They do not understand and cannot relate to women except on the most superficial level. They do not know what it is like to live as a woman in a society dominated by powerful men. It is, for them, just a fantasy, a fetish. They want what they can never attain, except through imitation.
    The honest ones say, “I am a transsexual,” not “I have always been female.” Please. How deeply, profoundly insulting to women.

    1. Just wanted to give a reminder that it is disrespectful to the prostituted class to use the term ‘sex worker’. Commercial sexual exploitation is not a choice and its not a job. The victims need compassion, understanding and most importantly restorative justice. The vast majority are there due to coercive circumstances and that is putting it mildly. Maybe those few pornographers like Tristian Whoever could be called a sex worker but to use this term for the prostituted class completely gives a false impression of some kind of agency, when really there is nothing more unautonomous than having your body and internal organs sold. Vaginas are internal organs. There are also prostituted women butchered alive and their organs sold on the black market. It is horrific.

      1. It’s a thing among the “social justice” crowd on the internet, though. In fact, among some of that crowd I occasionally peer in on, they were condemning this memorial for the murdered women at the L’Ecole Polytechnique, and VRR generally, partly for being “against sex workers” because according to them, opposing the idea of sex work criminalizes it and causes them (M2T involved in it) to be murdered… just exactly how they always say that any critiques of trans theory is what causes M2T to be murdered generally. “Janice Raymond publicly condemns sex work and that means it gets criminalized which puts those sex workers at risk for police violence which means it’s harming those people and THEREFORE under Canadian hate speech laws Janice Raymond should be silenced” is the argument they’re making. I kid you not.
        …which is just to say, agreed with you, and adding that “sex worker” in some ways is a helpful shibboleth for seeing where some commentary using it is coming from.

  14. It’s really a damned shame that terms like “social justice,” “compassion,” and “anti-oppression work” are deployed like weapons so often. Nine times out of ten, when I hear someone invoke those concepts out here in liberal land, it’s for the purpose of shutting someone up, usually a woman who is trying to tell the truth about her own experience — or defend herself from harassment or assault by a man the professional activist class sees as a victim.

  15. Loup-loup brilliant the above is just brilliant! The liberal class = male supremacy supporters and cheerleaders, the trans-cult’s biggest allies against women.

  16. I saw a trannie in walmart today he helped us try to find an airsoft gun for my bro and I liked that he didn’t try to talk in a fake woman’s voice and act like he knew nothing about guns (most boys are given the opportunity to learn about them and use them when that is withheld from girls). There needs to be some humility in their subculture to just refer to themselves as transgenders. And not harass gynos to let them be ‘treated’ by them. How offensive when many women fear that experience yet these men fetish it and even brag they doc couldn’t tell the difference which is baloney he either made up or she did to get him the hell out.

  17. Sounds like the transgender movement had been infiltrated by government stooges COINTELPRO style to infiltrate divert and cause chaos. It is easy to see that transgender subverted could be turned into a cudgel to beat feminists with.

  18. Hi, gallus! So “Morgane” Oger is being honoured as a “Leading Mom” of Vancouver:
    Anyway, outraged women are sharing this post to show why this man should not be honoured as a mom, and in general are demonstrating the whole problem with “we want to have diversity in our group and so we got a transgender mom.”
    Here’s the justification from the Leading Moms group:
    “When selecting Leading Moms speakers, we look for leadership in our community. Our speakers this year and in the past have been Juno and Gemini award winners, Olympians, award-winning journalists and artists, political leaders, accomplished entrepreneurs, educators and academics, technologists, activists and regular people who have an interesting point of view. It’s our goal to bring diversity to our roster – we do this deliberately and with purpose.
    In Morgane Oger’s case in particular, we reached out to leaders of organizations in our local LGBT community. Morgane, as the chair or the Trans Alliance Society, was not only put forward as a recommendation but endorsed.
    This is not intended to defend or justify our choices – merely to advise that we designed our speaker list with deliberate consideration.
    Leading Moms is here to explore the evolving definition of motherhood in today’s age. The question of whether a trans woman is a mother is clearly a hot topic – and is one that is timely in 2015. The very nature of this discussion thread, here on social media, is the exact reason we put on this event.”
    Apparently, Leading Moms is evolving to include dads in their definition of what is a mom.
    Thanks for the clarity your blog provides.
    –a Canadian feminist

    1. “Daddy, why are you planning a flashmob of a women’s memorial?”
      “That’s what leading moms do, honey. And don’t call me daddy or I’ll flashmob on your ass too.”

      1. That article from The Georgia Straight refers to Oger 3 times as a ”mother”. That is just so beyond offensive. A mother is someone who carries a gestating child within her own body for 9 months, gives birth to that child and then nurtures it. Not some late transitioning autogynophile who betrays his family because he has issues with prioritising family before fetish.
        I am so damn angry…tears of rage right now.

  19. Roger popped onto a thread about this on the FB page for the leading moms organisation, to tell me calling him Roger was violence. What a dickhead. We kept the page busy for a while but it was sad to see women sticking up for him.

  20. where did they get that infantilized female singer on the voiceover of the flashmob video clip…it figures, these men act out the worst male-gaze stereotypes of women…isn’t it interesting how they present themselves as either a “ho” (bruce jenner), or “the church lady” (ronan oger)….

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