Montreal Gazette blogger Jillian Page’s Transgender Teen Bathroom Fantasy

Transgender activist and self-described “post-transsexual woman” Jillian Page, offers a cautionary tale in a series of columns addressing potential outcomes of sex-role noncompliant male teens using the same restrooms as other male teens. Page starts off warning parents that their sons may become homosexual:

 “Let’s say, for the sake of discussion, that MtF trans kids are prevented from using the girls’ facilities. Back-slapping victory for the anti-trans side, yes? Hmm . . . maybe not. You see, the trans kids still need to use the washroom. They’re certainly not going to pee and defecate in the school yard, right? They have to go somewhere. So, how will the anti-trans parents feel when their sons are sharing bathroom space with an MtF kid — a trans girl — who looks smashing in her short skirt, heels and blouse? (You see, just because the referendumites stopped the trans kids from using girls’ facilities doesn’t mean they will stop presenting in the clothing that matches their gender identity.) How will the parents feel if their sons fall for said trans girls? Yup. It’s bound to happen . . . right there in the school bathroom: a modern-day version of Romeo and Juliette with a transgender twist (see update at the top of this post). Not that there is anything wrong with a teenage boy falling for a teenage trans girl.

What probably wouldn’t happen, though, is the sons of those anti-trans parents committing acts of violence against the trans girls in the bathrooms, because school authorities would be very vigilant about that sort of thing. But the authorities certainly couldn’t — and wouldn’t — stop love in bloom . . .

Oh, the games people play . . .

Maybe the anti-trans folks should just let it be. They can’t stop transgenderism. Better to let the few trans kids out there use the facilities that match their gender identity.”

Jillian Page’s multi-post reverie culminates in his authoring a ONE ACT PLAY [this is not a joke!] titled:

 “California Dreamin: Love, Transgender Style”


Characters: “a mother and father, 15-year-old son named Joseph and 14-year-old daughter named Jessica”
Setting: “It is set in the dining room of a modest, middle-class bungalow in Los Angeles, California. As the scene opens, mother, father and son are sitting at the dinner table, while daughter is standing by the china cabinet. A radio is playing oldies music in the background, at this moment, California Dreamin’ . . .)

Joseph: I have a new girlfriend, and I want to invite her here for supper on Sunday, so that you can meet her.
Mother (gushing with enthusiasm): That’s wonderful, Joseph! We would love to meet her. What’s her name? Where did you meet her?
Joseph (smiling): Her name is Mary, and I met her in the bathroom at school.
Father: In the bathroom!?
(Jessica giggles.)
Joseph: Yes, dad, she was standing in front of the mirror, putting on her mascara  . . . (He sighs happily) . . . Her hairbrush fell off the counter. I picked it up for her, we started talking, and, well, we hit it off.
Father: Wait a minute . . . What was a girl doing in the boys’ bathroom?
(Jessica giggles again, and mumbles under her breath: “This is going to be good.”)
Joseph: Well, it has to do with some stupid petition. I don’t really understand it . . . they just don’t want to let girls like her use the facilities for females.
(Mother holds her hand to her mouth, as if to stifle a cry. Her eyes betray her: she is shocked)

shocked woman

Father: What do you mean, “girls like her”? Are you talking about the referendum to repeal the transgender bill signed by Gov. Brown?
Joseph, nodding: Yah, dad, I guess that is what I am talking about.
Father, incredulously: You’re dating a boy!?
Joseph: No, dad, I’m dating a person who identifies as a girl, and presents herself as a girl.
Mother: But Mary was born a boy?
Joseph: Yes, mom, but she’s on hormones, and she plans to have gender reassignment surgery in a few years, when she turns 18.
Father: If he has a penis, he’s a boy!
Joseph: I don’t care about her penis, dad. I’m not interested in it. I love her, for the person she is inside. She’s beautiful, both inside and outside.
Mother, turning to Jessica, who is grinning: Do you know Mary?
Jessica: Sure, everybody knows her. She’s really nice, and she’s gorgeous — got the sexiest legs in the school. All the other girls are jealous!
Father: I won’t have it — I won’t have my son dating a boy . . . (His voice trails off.) I can’t believe they are letting these transgender kids use the boys’ bathroom.
Mother: But, dear, where else are they going to do their business? You were one of the people who signed the petition to stop them from using the girls’ facilities. They’ve got to go somewhere . . .
Father: You signed it, too!
Mother: Well, you told me to . . . I didn’t really think about it . . .
Joseph, smiling: That’s right, dad. If it wasn’t for that petition, I might never have got to meet Mary.
Father: Well, I don’t want you bringing him home, and I don’t want you dating him.
Joseph: You can’t stop me from dating her (with emphasis on the “her”), and if you are afraid to meet her, that’s your loss.
Mother, standing and hugging Joseph: I don’t have a problem with it, son. You can date anybody you like — male, female or in-between. I’ll love you just the same.
Jessica: Mom, that is so nice . . . (Tears rolling down her cheeks)
Joseph, crying: I knew I could count on you, mom.
Father, standing, obviously moved by the emotions of the other three: Jesus, suddenly I feel so stupid . . . Joseph, I trust you . . . You’re a good kid . . . I love you . . . Yes, yes, bring your girlfriend here. Bring her here for dinner on Sunday . . .
(The family comes together for a group hug, with The Times They Are a-Changin’ playing softly in the background.)

Portrait of the Artist: photo of dramatist Jillian Page from his blog. (No, I also have no idea why he is choosing to wear that).
Portrait of the Artist: photo of dramatist Jillian Page from his blog. (No, I also have no idea why he is choosing to wear that).

77 thoughts on “Montreal Gazette blogger Jillian Page’s Transgender Teen Bathroom Fantasy

  1. The picture at the bottom proves, once again, that their delusion, their fantasy of how they see themselves, does not match reality because that man does not pass as a woman. These men may look into the mirror and see exactly what they want to see, but the rest of us do not share in their delusion and we see the truth: a man.

  2. I “love” how the 14 year old daughter’s dialogue is written.
    (Jessica giggles.)
    (Jessica giggles again, and mumbles under her breath: “This is going to be good.”)
    Jessica: Sure, everybody knows her. She’s really nice, and she’s gorgeous — got the sexiest legs in the school. All the other girls are jealous!
    Jessica: Mom, that is so nice . . . (Tears rolling down her cheeks)
    Yep! This how GURLZ act! Giggling and crying and being jealous of “sexy legs”, that is what being a girl is about.
    And if that dude wishes to look like Anna Wintour, why isn’t he wearing a nice dress too?

    1. And of course all the other girls are jealous, because a transwoman is always the prettiest princess in the room! TEEHEE!
      This whole thing is just him fantasizing about young straight boys popping a boner for other cross-dressing boys. Tells you more about him than the “anti-trans” attitudes he’s supposedly fighting.

    2. Don’t know you that right there proves that they are female because they TOTALLY get it. /sarcasm

  3. WELP, we have a new entry for the Urban Dictionary for the phrase “cringe worthy”. (That picture of Page too. The doughiness! THE DOUGHINESS!!)
    P.S.: The cheap wig! THE CHEAP WIG!!!

    1. I believe that hairstyle was known as “the Rachel” lol. It was very fashionable 20 years ago.

  4. I’m tired of bull-spit like this! There’s a huge difference between “identifying” as a female and being a biological female. Don’t give that crap…well what if that women was born with seven y chromosomes and two x chromosomes…bull crap rare sex diseases are not nothing like lopping off healthy body parts just because one “identifies” as the opposite sex they were born.
    One can do whatever they want with their body but I and no one else should have to play along with that person’s delusion. Women and female children should not have to use public showers/bathrooms with biological males!
    Gallus, look what I found on This is a quote from one of the responders!
    Thanks for the article! As a fellow queer though, I’m not cool with the cissexism:
    “[Yeah, just like all those kids who are influenced by abusive, alcoholic, or absent fathers? Clearly having a caregiver with a penis makes all the difference.]”
    Transgender people exist. Some lesbians have penises. Some men have vaginas. Please don’t assume that lesbian = cisgender woman.”
    – See more at: [link removed, sorry- GM] /1/post/2013/12/sht-people-say-to-lesbians-who-have-kids/

  5. I just… what the heck is this?!? Love blooms when a ‘girl’ uses the toilet? I identify as asexual, yet even I can smell some dude’s suck fantasy when I catch a whiff.
    (sarcasm alert) Yes, I can see it now. One day I’ll be using the bathroom (I’m not in highschool anymore) when some guy in a dress walks in to apply his makeup and insist that I call him a woman. I’ll be so smitten that love will just happen and my sexual orientation will in no way hold me back. We’ll fall in love, and then my family will have to reenact this skit over the dinner table, except not, as my parents are divorced and neither would buy into this weird crap. They’d probably never invite me home again… /sarcasm
    On a humorous note, you’ve gotta love how even the parents in the skit exude gender stereotypes. The wife always says, “Dear” when addressing the father (who actually does this?) and the dad is the hardened stoic who is only capable of feeling anger and, at the end, embarrassment, but he never gets overtly emotional. Oh, and of course the sister is jealous of the boy’s sexy legs. Hurray for failed trans writers. George Lucas writes better dialogue.

    1. Oh, yea. I’d also like to add that I was offended at the insinuation that anti-trans anybody would harm a confused kid if it weren’t for the authorities. What a way to push your perceived victim status.

    2. “George Lucas writes better dialogue.”
      Today, my friend Akira, you win the internet.

  6. Jilly-poo has cellulite. He should do something about that.
    I wonder how many guys sucked “Mary”‘s cock in the can?
    Jessica: Mary is a huge whore!
    Joseph: Shut-up. You’re just jealous!!
    Jessica: Of what??
    Joseph: That Mary is a better woman than Youuuuuu!
    Jessica: He has a dick which makes him, ah, not a woman!
    Joseph: I CANNOOOT believe you just said thaaat! Daaaad, make her stooop saying thaaaat. You bigot!! If Mary commits suicide it’s all your fauuuult, Jessica!!! You cis scuuuum.

    1. Most men do not have cellulite and I did not notice any him. Making fun of cellulite or calling it gross is sexist though because it is considered by many to be a secondary sex characteristic of women.
      “Cellulite is a condition of subcutaneous fat that causes a dimpling effect under the skin. Under men’s skin, the connective tissue is criss-crossed, ensuring that cellulite (probably) does not bulge out. For women, the tissue is organized into a column shape, allowing for cellulite to appear. Combine that with a tendency towards thinner skin and a higher percentage of body fat, and it’s hardly surprising that women are more likely to show cellulite than men are. As a result, an estimated 90% of women experience cellulite post-adolescence. It’s so ubiquitous among ladyfolk that some doctors have even proposed that cellulite qualifies as a secondary sex characteristic, right up there with breasts, hips, and pubic hair.
      Although various treatment methods have been proposed for treating cellulite, a solution to the supposed problem is remarkably elusive (even liposuction is unable to address this issue, as one’s connective tissue and skin thickness aren’t changed by the procedure).”- Robyn at Brightest Bulb in the Box

    2. Yeah this is a bad comment and you should feel bad. Males do not even really get cellulite, as it is specifically a female type of body fat, and yeah, your mocking of it is showing a lot of weird internalized misogyny in order to put down a Woman Impersonator.
      The fact that a 50 year old man is wearing a swimsuit or bra/panty combo that was definitely made for a high schooler in combination with heels should be the issue here, as a man exemplifying the male gaze in order to reinforce his “femaleness”. Not the imaginary cellulite that doesn’t exist on his male body.

      1. He has small breasts to go along with his cellulite. I’m sure his ass is big as well. 🙂

      2. They should really make cellulite an official secondary sex characteristic. I’d like to see how the woman impersonators would react to that – would they try to get cellulite, then?

    1. and a complete review will be published…just apparently not in either Outsmart or the Montreal Gazette for fear of offending their delicate speshul snowflake sensibilities.

    2. LOLOLOLOL! Jessica is a role that every actress dreams about. *crosses fingers and emails headshot*

  7. Maude have mercy. Between that “play” and then the picture of Page’s pasty ass in a bikini, I’m left doing this:

    1. You (like all lowly cis-females) are just jealous of his amazingly sexy legs.
      That is what he probably thinks, with dialogue like that.

  8. Anyone notice that father had to force mother to sign this petition, but “she didn’t really think about it?” And of course, father is only moved by the emotions of the other three- he has none himself, like any good patriarchal figure. The times, they are a-changing… right back to the 1950s. At least if you’re trans.

    1. I don’t know how I missed that one (probably because I was too busy laughing at the crappy dialogue), but that’s right. Stereotypes abound throughout the skit. So much for transgenders bucking stereotypes with their ‘rebel’ behavior.

  9. That play sounds great, Gallus! PARTY!!!!!!!!!
    Really, all of these men have to be narcissists. I love the anaysis here. Oh sure, the high school girl is jealous of the boy’s legs. Completely male fantasty and that hideous photo proves it.
    The tide has got to turn at some point, not because anyone cares about girls or women, but because this is just all ridiculous. Maybe getting the fathers involved with wanting to protect their property, which is how I think that some of the anti-rape and protection of girls legislation passed. Because the rape rate of girls in school and public restrooms will really increase as these laws are passed.
    And of course, statistics of “women” raping women and other assaults by men posing as women are increasing.

    1. What’s particularly disturbing to me is that clearly the author thinks that love will bloom in a boys’ locker room if there’s a ‘girl’ in there. That is not what happens. Instead of Romeo and Juliet, I foresee much harassment.
      It doesn’t matter where this confused kid goes, he’ll be either invading girls’ privacy in the ladies room or getting his butt kicked in the mens. Yet ‘Jillian’ clearly can’t see where this is going. He prefers to see either a boy happily using the girls restroom with much giggling and jealousy abounding, or love blooming in the boys room. If he wants to be taken seriously at all, he has some real issues to address.
      Clearly there’s something extremely delusional going on here.
      By the way, I don’t support harassing or bullying someone for any reason. I’m simply stating that this is the more likely scenario than the one described.

  10. “What probably wouldn’t happen, though, is the sons of those anti-trans parents committing acts of violence against the trans girls in the bathrooms, because school authorities would be very vigilant about that sort of thing. But the authorities certainly couldn’t — and wouldn’t — stop love in bloom . . .”
    So this dude just stated that male transsexuals DO NOT have to fear violence from other males when using the male bathroom? HMM. I thought male transsexuals lived in fear of the male bathroom, and simply HAVE to use the women’s bathroom to get away from those brutish brutes…?
    If the ‘worst’ thing resulting from males using the male bathroom is a male/male romance, this seems like the best possible route! Relying on homophobia to support transsexuality has always been a staple of the trans activists — it’s a main justification for transsexuality, after all.
    And the ‘sexiest legs’ in school, LMAO! This dude manages to sexualize a fictional, underage kid AND assert the superiority of trans ‘women’ over ‘cis’ women in one line.

    1. “If the ‘worst’ thing resulting from males using the male bathroom is a male/male romance, this seems like the best possible route! ”

  11. How delusional can these MtTs get? If MtTs could pass as women we wouldn’t even be having this discussion. But they can’t. So here we are, laughing about another nut job who thinks he presents as a hot babe.
    “Jillian” allow me to clue you in: you and your brethren look like men. You’re not fooling anyone. Your fantasy of MtT high school students who make all the girls jealous with their sexy legs and beguile the boys while they put on mascara in the mens room simply does not and will not exist. MtTs do not pass as women and your scenario will never happen.

    1. Exactly. If they actually passed as women, there would be no issue because no one would question them entering the women’s room, they’d go in the stalls, no one would see the peen and all would be well.
      But they don’t. The people pushing for all this “special accommodations” to let them use the women’s room are people who are obviously men in dresses – but not just men in dresses, no, they’re men in dresses who insist they’re really women.
      At which point, yeah, people step back and avoid them because people want to know just what weirdness is causing an obvious man to insist that he’s a woman.
      A man in a dress who is happy to say “I’m a man in a dress, deal with that, we can all wear what we want” is something else, and dare I say it not remotely as controversial.

      1. And I think for a lot of them, the conflict/transgression is what they’re looking for, not “passing”. If they passed as women, no one would care, no one would pay attention to them or treat them as the special snowflakes they know they are. But to NOT pass, and still insist that everyone pretend they’re a beautiful girl? Now that’s some mind-tripping POWER, and what really seems to be the point.

  12. Gallus, if you do a drunken rendition of this “play” at a radfem conference I SO WANT TO SEE THIS! Just when I think the holidays can’t get kookier, you come up with this. Giggle giggle, my best imitation of a feminine sterotypical male pleasing comment…
    Ugly wig, ugly body, just repulsive on all counts, this man should never have posted that photo of himself or written the George Lucas LOL LOL inspired play LOL– oh and the ugly toe nails painted red, naturally, and the horrifying shoes…. get this off the internet or I’ll die of ugly disease looking at it!

  13. Anyone else reminded of the “Dickie Jo” episode from 3rd Rock From the Sun? That show was often a mixed bag, but clearly the writers knew something…
    For those who didn’t follow the series, the premise is that “Dick” (John Lithgow) is really an alien (the extraterrestrial kind) posing as a physics professor in order to do research about life on earth. He’s clueless socially, but due to the prevailing stereotypes about scientists, no one suspects the real reason. By the middle of the first season, he develops a crush on his office mate, Mary (Jane Curitn). In episode 15, he attempts to infiltrate her women’s reading group by putting on a dress.
    Reader’s Digest version:–vQya2Xqs
    Full episode:

    1. My favorite part: “Do you EVER get that little voice that says MAYBE this is a bad idea?!” Apparently none of them ever do.

  14. “the Rachel” omg, this is just killing me with much needed laughter. Had a real case of the holiday blues…. hearing that stupid song it’s the most wonderful time of the year… for the upteenth time… most hetero time of the year… so this entire blog has put me in real hysterics GM.

  15. Oh BTW, normally I don’t judge people by how they look, I’m just not interested in this. But lately, I’ve gotten so sick of these deluded men thinking they are more beautiful than bio-women, that THEY the menz can do femininity better than ahem actual women.
    So I am saying, this man is just revoltingly ugly, and trans I see all over the place are plug uglies too. They are deluded if they think that any lesbian would ever feel attracted to these trans woman impersonators, tee hee (cue feminine laughter track).

    1. Awww. I get that you’re responding to his offensive mincing woman-face performance. Obviously feminists are not pro-“beauty mandate” and I’m sure most readers here (at least the female ones) can parse the distinction. I appreciate you clarifying it though.
      I think Jillian is a reasonably attractive bloke with arguably poor taste in dress, accessory, personal grooming, and exhibits an apparent disconnect between his self-concept and the way he is seen by objective observers. Possibly also a lapse in judgment re: socially appropriate behavior, mainly reflective of his autogynephillic sexualized concept of womanhood (typical of male transgenders).
      One of the interesting things about male transgenders is that they illuminate (starkly!) the lens through which men view women, and when crude artifice is subjected to stark lighting the results can be ghastly! Ask any drag queen. Or theatre major.
      An aside: the man-belly never passes. Whether you are 16 or 60, the exposed male trunk will never “pass”. Your umbilical rests too high, and it always will. Protip: do not expose your belly if you hope to pass as female in selfies. Or, in any context. Ever.
      It’s too bad these straight guys have zero in common with the gay male trans/drag queens.
      Few gay trans would ever make this mistake.
      Of course they wouldn’t be wearing that wig either. Even “Fishy” Roberts knows how to put on a wig. Sigh.

      1. Yeah. Jillian, in his bikini, gave me quite a fright.
        Oh, I hope this isn’t too indulgent. But, THIS is Canada’s prettiest drag queen–ever. Hair, make-up, natural voice, subtle mannerisms, etc. Dave Foley, one of the Kids in the Hall:

      2. I always thought Terry Jones from Monty Python made a somewhat endearing homely older woman. Actually all of those guys are more convincing in drag than most of these “hawt” MtTs because they are trying to look homely and dowdy under many layers, rather than having delusions of looking great in a tiny bikini.

    2. Nah, I hear ya. I’m a woman who just never really bought into the memo, and so just “crossdressed” (though I never thought about it like that) and didn’t do the makeup thing for my whole life, and now I’m running into countless people (particularly on the internet) who are saying that this or that M2T dude is a “better woman” than me because he has “great legs” or whatever the eff it is, it’s infuriating really.
      There’s this undercurrent of “it’s not fair that you’re a woman and you ‘never really tried'” or “you never put any effort into it” or “you let yourself go” or whatever else, as if there’s this REQUIREMENT that a woman should be into all these silly beauty regimes and it should be a natural emotional longing or something, if you don’t do it, you’re broken and so hey! this M2T is better at it than you, you’re a waste of genes, or whatever.
      Fuck them, quite frankly, but yeah it rankles. They are not women they don’t know the first thing about it and it doesn’t matter what kind of awesome heels they wear.
      It’s like they’re just dying to be objectified and “pass.”
      But oh, you put on the costume of “girl” and people notice it doesn’t fit and instead of objectifying you as a “girl” (as you desire, oh yes you desire) they instead laugh at the man in the dress? The man who could just take off the dress and blend into the halls of power?
      Yeah, I don’t have endless reserves of sympathy for such voluntary victims as that.

  16. Why do they always claim that male Trans looks amazing, smashing, adorbs, etc.? No one ever just looks plain?

    1. They think we’ll find that threatening. To them we have little value outside of our bodies, so if MtT can claim to be as beautiful or more beautiful than women that some how erodes our power. It’s also part of the old trope of MtTs claiming to be more womanly than women, always doing things better than we lazy, taking-things-for-granted females can… Add to that their laughable aesthetic standards (do they really think they are passing?!) and every haggard male who dons a dress is suddenly a Venus.

      1. Seriously this…
        They are not passing in a million years. And the few times they look halfway maybe in a still photo, as soon as they move their body language is all off.
        And yet they CHASE it, so hard, thinking that if they just get the look down they’re golden, never realizing (at least with the conscious mind – I think deep down they realize and that causes pain) that being a “woman” is not and has never been about the costume, or the identity, or anything voluntarily chosen. It’s a category you’re put into, by others.
        So the everlasting question is, how do you voluntarily join an oppressed group? They can’t. And that infuriates them.

      2. To be fair, I think that “male in a dress is suddenly a Venus” is also a comedy trope. Because crossdressing is funnier if the crossdressing male has a clueless male admirer.

  17. “She’s really nice, and she’s gorgeous — got the sexiest legs in the school. All the other girls are jealous!” Oh jebus these trannies are such loathsome sexual fetishists. I refuse to participate in their gender fantasies. Do they really think that is how “girls” aka young women think? If there are some young females that do think a bit like that it’s because of porn culture. Many are too ashamed of their own bodies including their womanly thighs that touch (horror of horrors)! So offensive… these asshats practically mock themselves.

  18. “a teenage boy falling for a teenage trans girl.”
    Most heterosexual teenage boys can only think about sex, and they’re not gonna want to have sex with a “trans girl.” Jillian Page is delusional to say the least.

        1. Yes they are pretty despicable as a class. I don’t see how focusing on women’s angel nigels will change anything. It won’t. Porn is disgusting and a human rights violation to the women who are mostly forced into it.

      1. True, but I think the number of boys who will want to have sex with a “trans girl” is about the same as that of boys who want to have sex with boys.
        So … where’s the point? Maybe some parents would like for gay boys to be banished to the girl’s room, too?

  19. “clothing that matches their gender identity.”
    Maybe he’s a Scotsman who likes wearing poet shirts.

  20. Can you link me to your post of transgender males who have harmed women to link to people when they are arguing that trans males are harmless little angels with dicks.

      1. Thanks. I shouldn’t even reply to these dumb fucks when they say ‘SHOW ME ONE TRANS ‘WOMAN’ THAT HAS RAPED, HURT OR KILLED SOMEONE!’ its pretty obvious with all the trannies in the world some of them must have hurt a woman, especially in a fit of jealousy because well… look at them.

  21. Lol! in a co-ed public school, with real girls in every class, there is no reason that any male student would go with a transgender, even assuming that the trans student could come close to passing. If this fantasy of theirs was true, then trans students would be the belles of the ball in all the states that don’t have a law like California’s. The happiest trans students in America would be the MtFs using the boys’ locker room in rural Arkansas.
    Leaving aside this nonsense, it is worth noting that unfortunately it is looking less and less likely that the referendum will qualify. They might still pull it out, but it isn’t looking promising. It is very hard to get a half million valid signatures in 90 days. If they don’t qualify, they can try it again as an initiative. They would have double the time to get signatures. However, I have not heard whether they are inclined to try a second time.

  22. The bathroom? Teens fall in love in the bathroom? What a bizarre conceit for his little play. When I fell in love as a teen it was in: math class, French class, and hanging out with friends after school. The bathroom? Who is in the bathroom long enough to say more than “Hi”? If his straight boy and trans teen are going to connect, it would be in the places where kids spend time together–debate club, the lunchroom, whatever. This bathroom thing is seriously creepy, when it’s not just ridiculous.

    1. That’s a good point. I’m a lesbian and I never fell in love with another girl in the bathroom. I never saw another girl in the bathroom and went, “wow she’s pretty, I love her for 5ever.” Same goes for locker rooms. I kind of doubt that any gay teens have fallen madly in love with another boy in the high school bathroom either.
      The whole thing is creepily ridiculous!

      1. Maybe he was just being euphemistic, and what he meant to make parents fear was that their little boys could have sex with other little boys in the bathroom?
        Because that … would be something that actually could not happen in math class.

  23. Got linked here from the other crappy play that was most likely written by this dude:
    I would say there’s all sorts of narcissism going on in this play. The trans males are always obsessed with the idea that they’re better at performing harmful beauty practices better than actual women. They clearly have no idea about the reality of our lives and how a lot of us have rejected those practices or just conform to them so we don’t get harassed or passed over for that promotion at work. Also, most of the transgender males look exactly like creepy grown-ass men in teenage girl’s clothes, so it’s a narcissistic fantasy. Teenage girls who haven’t been indoctrinated in porn culture are not going to talk like Jessica does with “oh I’m so jealous of how the trans male’s legs look in tights, {ridiculous giggling}”.
    I’m also laughing at the 1950s mentality of the family. The dad is a stereotypical patriarch with no emotion and the mom is a doormat who signed the petition because the father told her to. She is an adult woman with a daughter, and she couldn’t have *possibly* signed it on the basis that she didn’t want any teenage boys using the girl’s facilities that her daughter would be using. The mother couldn’t have possibly realized that a teenage boy in the teenage girl’s bathroom or locker room could lead to sexual assault or at least perverted behavior. The mother couldn’t have possibly thought that if she saw a grown-ass man follow her daughter into the bathroom at the store, that she would have called the cops and there’s no reason why a teenage boy using the girl’s locker room and bathroom would be different.
    Also, am I reading this right? According to this play, transgender males can wear feminine clothes in a boy’s bathroom and no one harasses or bullies them. Instead, a “heterosexual” teenage boy who is mysteriously un-interested in sex falls in love with one. That doesn’t sound so bad. This means there’s no need for transgender males to use the girl’s facilities.
    I think it’s kind of funny how the play uses the homophobia fear mongering to convince parents that yes, they should let males use the same bathrooms and locker rooms as their daughters or their son might turn gay! It shows that deep, deep down the male transgenders know that the idea that they are *really* female is a delusion.
    But then again, this whole movement is founded on homophobia and misogyny, so who is really surprised?

  24. Jesus. Couldn’t you have fucking warned us? I have PTSD from a 17yr long ‘relationship ‘ with an incredibly violent autogynophile, & I have nightmares every night. That won’t help.

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