*CENSORED* Lesbian Outsmart review of Julia Serano’s “Excluded”

The following review of Julia Serano’s “Excluded” by lesbian Kit Van Cleave was published by Houston’s OutSmart, owned by publisher Greg Leu. In response to complaints by male transgenders, the review was redacted, censored and removed. An  apology to men was issued:
An apology from OutSmart on a book review in the November issue
November 12, 2013 | Greg Jeu
In the recently released November issue of OutSmart, we published a book review of Julia Serano’s Excluded, which dealt with issues pertaining to the transgender community. Although the piece was run through our normal editing process, the extreme insensitivity of the review did not come to our attention until after publication. For this, we truly apologize.
As soon as we realized we had erred, the review was removed from our website immediately. At OutSmart, our goal is to be informative, not harmful, and to build bridges between members of the LGBT community, not to create divisions. OutSmart aims for the highest level of inclusivity and has utmost respect for all of our readers, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity. It is very apparent that this incident does not reflect that goal.
After holding a staff editorial meeting on Tuesday, November 12, we have taken steps to ensure that this type of mistake will not occur again. We thoroughly appreciate the feedback the community has given us regarding this piece. Listening to each of your experiences with the review is the first step to fixing the issue. Whenever we let our readers down, we always strive to use the situation as an educational moment to improve the magazine, its content, and ourselves.
Again, our sincerest apologies to those we have offended. We thank everyone who continues to support our publication and help us grow.
Greg Jeu
Here is the oh-so-offensive, terrifying (to men) and censored review, published without permission under fair use. Make up your own mind:

 “All that aside, some books I just can’t get through, even with sustained effort, like a pair sent to the OutSmart offices. I’ve had to struggle to grasp the authors intentions, and examine why I found these books impenetrable. Sometimes it’s just style- long sentences covering half a page without ceasing, terms created without definition or juxtaposed to other terms so that the two don’t make sense: lack of logic; inability to support an argument; unclear overall goals; ambiguity.

 In Julia Serano’s “Excluded”, for example, the first twenty pages is given over to redefining terms, making up new terms, and wrestling terms about the various available “lifestyles” in the gay community. As Serano puts it, “I call myself a woman and transsexual…because I feel those words best describe some parts of my person.” Okay, fair enough, until this comment follows immediately after: “ I do not believe that there is some magical underlying quality all musicians, or all bird people, or all women, or all transsexuals have in common.” Huh?

 Another puzzlement is the prefix cis. “It is difficult to discuss trans people without also having langage to describe the majority of people who are not trans.” Serano writes, continuing, so “transactivists often use the word cisgender as a synonym for non-transgender and cissexual as a synonym for non-transsexual.” And that’s all the definiton of cis we’re going to get from Serano. According to other sources, the word actually stands for people happy with the gender and sexuality they feel they were born with. I know gay people reject being called abnormal, but that’s no reason to come up with a new word for “normal”.

 Wikipedia attributes “Cisgender” to Carl Buijs, a transsexual from the Netherlands. In April 1996, Buijs wrote in a Usenet posting, “I just made [the word] up.”

 As Serano’s book is also a bit of a memoir, I found in Part One, Chapter 2, that this writer, who calls herself a woman, has made the decision to still retain his penis. As a matter of fact, Serano went to a summer camp specifically to protest people with penises not being allowed to attend the Michigan Women’s Music Festival (the sponsors were apparently avoiding “male energy” with this fest.)

 I believe I’m lost. If we’re going with the idea that semantics is dead (i.e. “transsexual” doesn’t mean what it means), or no longer useful, then throw out the dictionaries. Until then, I expect writers to try to stay within the agreed meaning of the words we all use. Otherwise, I can call myself a puppy, but no one will know what I’m talking about when I describe my life.”


69 thoughts on “*CENSORED* Lesbian Outsmart review of Julia Serano’s “Excluded”

  1. sadly not the first time that the men tried to silence women in the Houston area…for as diverse as the area once was, the gay ‘community’ in Houston (as with many places) is still all about the men. This carries over to the publications…and OutSmart used to be a very viable alternative to another print publication that was widely distributed in the area.
    But it all boils down again to the men in dresses doing their damndest to make everyone kowtow to their demands no matter how irrational they might be.
    Is this where we put the obligatory reminder out there that Houston is home to Cristan Williams, who I would guess likely spearheaded the attempts to shame the editors of OutSmart?

      1. That Transforming Family mother (besides being a straight woman lecturing an LGBT publication about what’s appropriate for them to publish – thanks, straight lady!) is a mother who just allowed a totally unnecessary double mastectomy to be performed upon her young teenage daughter. So she can go fuck herself.

    1. This is often how I hear men speak of women. Are you a man? Or just a bull dyke?(there is plenty of transphobic slurs in here get over it). Maybe get that testosterone checked. Half you ladies in here sound like you hit with pcos like a truck.
      I’m sorry, i d love to actually educate you Dykes on what a transexual is or how you are all huge hypocrites. Not to mention, none of dirt bag dykes give two shits about victims of rape and sexual assault. You just come on here and brag you went to a hippie concert with a sexual healing tent for ladies. I bet 80-95% have done absolutely squat to even help a victim and only care if it was a non trans female(even though you do nothing).
      You pick fringe elements and hold them up as examples of of the trans community. Hell I doubt any of you even bothered to read the book, you just took the review at heart like sheeple. Your beloved dyke reviewer can’t even figure out what a transexual is, let alone reasons why one wouldn’t remove it and chooser to suffer instead.
      You see, wbw, this your problem. You criticize something you know nothing about and hold up a fringe book writer and some tranny garbage that does porn as example of the trans community. You dumb cunts are so retarded you make fun of children.
      Its fairly clear that none of you wbw and gender trender types are good people. It’s pretty clear you Dont help anyone or contribute to society in any meaningful way. You Dont even improve women’s rights or their safety. In fact this website and wbw probably sets women back 10 years.
      Truth is, you guys only spread hate and your message leads to real violence. So when some piece of shit guy comes along and rapes you, just take your dick and shut up(I lifted that from a wbw comment BTW). Feel free to continue to advocate rape and sexual assault against trans persons. I hope I see one of you dumb tards getting raped to death, so I can walk away and leave you to your fate, because I know that’s what you wbw would do to any of us. Assuming you sick fucks didn’t set it up.

      1. “You pick fringe elements and hold them up as examples of of the trans community.”
        So you Hawke, you’d consider yourself not a member of the ‘fringe’ of the trans woman community, but more like a regular member, whose views and attitudes – including those regarding women (yes, *female* women) – could be considered fairly representative of, or at least largely consistent with, those of the non-‘fringe’?
        ‘Cos I can totally see how you are not a misogynist AT ALL.

      2. “Truth is, you guys only spread hate and your message leads to real violence. So when some piece of shit guy comes along and rapes you, just take your dick and shut up(I lifted that from a wbw comment BTW)”
        ” I hope I see one of you dumb tards getting raped to death, so I can walk away and leave you to your fate, ”
        Thank you for your comment. I love it when you angry dudes come here and threaten rape against us.
        It serves many purposes:
        -It shows us that you are a angry male and we are right to never let you sick fucks anywhere near us.
        -It gives us evidence so the next time one of you says we have nothing to fear from you, we can just show them this.
        It’s not an isolated incident either. So many of you threaten us like this.
        “You see, wbw, this your problem. You criticize something you know nothing about and hold up a fringe book writer and some tranny garbage that does porn as example of the trans community.”
        And we can see here that you’ve done a stellar job showing us that trans are not psycho shit bags. Well done furthering your cause, fuckwad.
        You are an ugly sad little man. Your bullshit about us all being manly is just deflection because you are ugly and manly.
        You hate us because we are intelligent, articulate, strong and beautiful women and you possess none of those qualities.

      3. Ok. So, women who believe that men aren’t women are causing men to rape men pretending to be women? Or are ‘setting up’ these assaults? Makes perfect sense. And your hope that we dykes get ‘raped to death’ is a clear sign that you are a real lady. I finally understand!

      4. Transphobia: The trump card that trans people throw around at will to attempt to shame those who don’t share the same thought process and belief system. Knock it off. Just because someone expresses a *critical* view of what transgender is, does *not* mean that they are criticizing *you* or your personal sense of *transness*, whatever the heck that may be for you.
        Stream of insults aside, (which honestly, just makes you sound like a petulant child) you appear to have missed the boat while reading this blog. This blog, like many other related ones, is authored by someone who believes that “gender identity” is cockamamie horseshit. The oppressing patriarchy has rejected females as a sex class for so long, that misogyny can rule even their own thoughts about themselves — causing females to do outrageous things like “transition” to “become a man”, and throw away what they have been taught to reject rather than embrace and celebrate.
        This does not set women back ten years — this thinking is obviously ten years ahead of its time, which is about the time period in which you will see plenty of “trans regret” and “detransitioning” as many of these very, very young females grow into their sexuality, bodies and minds, realizing what a terrible mistake they made.
        Recognizing that females as a sex class *matter*, and that the shared experiences that only females can have *matter* is a great place to start on your journey towards realizing what a fraud the system of “gender” is, and how it hurts people every day. People like butch lesbians, who proudly live outside the straightjacket that gender lives in, without any need to be “men” — because they aren’t, they are beautiful females. They share many of the same struggles, internally and externally, as trans people do, and yet are not trans. They do not as a group, express hatred nor violence towards trans people. In fact, I have seen nothing but sympathy and empathy and love and understanding for those that have clearly struggled with gender and lost their way.
        If you are unable to see your position on “transgender” criticized or examined in any way, you may want to direct yourself elsewhere on the internet. Maybe Facebook? It’s a great site for affirming that the opinions you hold are also the ones that your “friends” “like” and agree with, where no-one can “dislike” anything, and towing anything but the party line gets you “unfriended”.
        In case you aren’t familiar with the commenters on this blog, I am a post-operative m2t person. No, I don’t guzzle any particular amount of *anyone’s* politics, feminist or otherwise. However, you would have to be blind, dull and frothing at the mouth to ignore that “transgender”, including but not limited to the current trend amongst young females, hurts females no matter which direction a person is transitioning.
        Educate yourself before you stumble in and tell these ladies how much dick they need and how much rape you advocate, you sick , worthless piece of garbage.

      5. There, there, dear. “Hawke”, you’re sick and you need help. A LOTTA help. Nothing wrong with that! Now just go with the nice people and their ambulance, and you’ll be on the road to recovery in no time! We’ll even send you a card!
        And is it so bad that when I read “sexual healing tent for ladies” I thought of Marvin Gaye giving me a nice shoulder rub?

      6. These men are so predictable. It must be a script they follow. 1st he is going to say women are masculine because he imagines that really hurts us. Wisen up prick head, women could not give a shit what you think–you’re just another guy getting himself off who imagines that means something. Bro I could be swimming in testosterone and I am still a woman and you could swallow buckets of estrogen and you are still a man. That’s the way it works. So threaten suicide, or lie outright and spew your little cliched rape fantasy and all the other shit that turns you on. Realize that women all know that you are a man, men know, the little dog lifting his leg knows. That is called reality. It is not changing for you or any other male. It would be the smart idea to realize that. I am sure your mother explained this to you when she caught her nasty boy jerking off into her panties. See you are the only here that as male gets his dick all bent out of shape because we (women) will not play in your fantasy. fantasy.
        You sir are a dangerous deluded menace– a sick and violent man and you will not get better–your future is a dark and foul place and women will still know you are a man in 10 years, in 20 in 30. Enjoy it sir. Until then just stay the fuck away from women.

  2. I like this review. No wonder why these dudes are whining about it.
    To quote Voltaire again:
    “To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.”
    So true.

    1. Unfortunately that is not a Voltaire quote, it was created/made popular by a white supremacist called Kevin Alfred Strom, and has been mis-sourced as by Voltaire. For him, the quote was about how he wasn’t allowed to marginalize marginalized people. It is not a good quote to use in this context

  3. OK, I get it. From here on, nothing critical will be written about anything, including writing, done by, for, or on behalf of any male who claims to be a woman. NOTHING. EVER AGAIN. Are we clear now? Good. Now shut up. Good girl.

    1. “Though I’ve heard that the magazine is going to take down the piece, the fact that it got into print proves once again that, where LGB( ) media is concerned, no aspect of gay existence can be questioned but all aspects of trans existence not only can be questioned but must be questioned.”
      [Link to crazy-ass Katrina Rose’s EndaBlog removed-GM. /2013/11/11/everything-thats-old-for-example-1979-is-new-again/]

  4. Aww, why’d ya have to go and end that with a photo of unbearable puppy cuteness? Now, all I want to say is a stream of cootchie-coo gibberish!
    But gibberish is kind of the theme of her book review, isn’t it? “If we’re going with the idea that semantics is dead (i.e. “transsexual” doesn’t mean what it means), or no longer useful, then throw out the dictionaries. Until then, I expect writers to try to stay within the agreed meaning of the words we all use.” 
    Yes. Dialogue, without a dictionary, is not possible. With the word “woman” up for grabs, it signifies too many things, and thus it means, precisely, nothing. So when a real thing, with real boundaries, is rendered nebulous in the mind, what happens to that thing in the real world is also nebulous. Nothing changes, but an illusion of progressiveness, of subversion of the status quo, and of “social justice” cloaks the erasure of women and, therefore, crimes against women.

  5. I guess this book isn’t going to get many more reviews, is it? At least outside of trans blogs. We’ve been warned: DON’T agree to review a book by a transwoman unless you’ve vowed before you read it to write something nice.

  6. What can we do but keep on keepin on,expressing our incredulity and rejection of this very deliberate attempt to change the terms of discussion in a way that will harm feminism? Again, transactivists show that they have no empathy, interest, or desire to ally with feminism. Let’s keep writing these articles. Just keep writing.

  7. Okay. You know what these trans protesters need to do? They need to actually read the book. I haven’t read Excluded yet, but I read Whipping Girl, and you know what? It was filled with terms created without definition or juxtaposed to other terms so that the two don’t make sense: lack of logic; inability to support an argument; unclear overall goals; ambiguity. Admittedly I don’t recall half-page-long sentences bothering me, but maybe that’s a feature that he reserved for Excluded.
    And you know what else I remember? A complete sense of disconnect from Serano, despite the fact that I was reading the book to understand trans theorists’ perspectives better. I couldn’t connect with or relate to the guy’s writing at all, not even in the way that you might have things in common with a man, so it was bizarre that he claimed to speak as a woman, for women, and even to explain to women about women’s opinions, women’s politics and women’s diversity. Um… thanks?
    I don’t think that it’s a coincidence that I felt a complete sense of disconnect from him, and that I began to pick up on the fact that he strikes me as a narcissist with a disordered pathology and abusive tendencies – his writing style began to remind me of the writing style of a sociopathic man who I got to know all-too-well recently – and that three friends who have all experienced narcissistic abuse picked up on it too, from reading quotes from his book that I shared on my Facebook.
    He focuses on himself. Completely on himself. Nobody else; it’s as though we don’t matter at all. Only him. That seems to be the only way that he knows how to view and interpret the world.
    Not to mention that he’s offensive, and the attitudes that he reveals about his female “friends” are horrifying.
    I’m not kidding. The lesbian who wrote the review wouldn’t even have needed to feel a particular allegiance to trans-critical proponents to have written a review like this (if Excluded is anything like Whipping Girl, which I’m sure it is). Serano’s attitudes, ideas, attempts to construct arguments, and his writing overall are horrible.
    His poetry is also horrible. And he looked violent, scary, and sounded like a complete emotional liar in a video that I saw of his poetry.
    Criticisms of Serano’s work – including criticisms that are offended, horrified, and that point out that no, we would not like to accept him as one of us, thank you very much – are entirely valid. The protesters just need to actually read it to find that out.
    (Mind you, I shouldn’t be so naive as to think that people who are so stubbornly opposed to trans-critical politics are exactly going to be inclined to criticise Serano’s work accurately, no matter how awful it is. But hey, if you’re pro-trans and you’re reading this – keep an open mind, will you?)

  8. If people feel like they are really african american on the inside, can they do something to their skin pigment to becoming a black american? Same with asians? Or does this just apply to digusting pigs that think they can be a better woman than me? Or some trader that thinks they want to be a man after being a feminist woman? Thanks chaz bono and others who lied to me for years and than switched teams like scared little jerks.
    You are female. You are male, which is disgusting. No one in this day and age has any follow through, eh? Born one gender? And you think you can just snap your fingers and you are the other gender? One can never really be a male until you rape someone, so enjoy that backstabbers.
    It is my opinion that people who want to be trans or consider themselves trans just want that negative attention. Isn’t that awful!
    Also why do females who think they want to be males always have to look like little boys?
    And MTF? I haven’t worn make up in over 20 years, but a dude with lipstick on is a woman?
    Please. People of earth. There are larger things to deal with on this planet. Stop making problems. Go cure my cancer and maybe you’ll get my support, but until then you are just making things difficult for yourself while I die of cancer.

  9. Erasing women by including men as women, is surely the ultimate checkmate by male supremacy. Women battling against men for scraps of human rights are now to be looked down on and ignored as ‘just women fighting amongst themselves’. Since men are now women, the oppressor is erased, since women can’t oppress themselves. Women’s reproductive rights stays firmly in the hands of men, since men now claim to speak from our point of view. Women’s rights have taken two steps back, and all thanks to the trans. Woe to any woman who dares point out the emperor has a penis! We hack at the viper’s tail, but its head is safely armored by patriarchal approval.

  10. Serano is a self obsessed freak. His delusions would be laughable if they did not receive so much malestream support.

  11. lol. Men are so pathetic. It’s astonishing how seriously mens’ temper tantrums are taken. “Waaa you’re disagreeing with meeeee”
    Gawd, I expected a much more scathing review…the boys in dresses get their nuts in knots over the slightest thing. Reality is a bitch and scares the shit out of these perverts.

    1. I agree. I also love your name :). They are nuts. Just as crazy as right wingers really when you think about what they are saying! Claiming they are for women’s rights yet support trannies and full legalization of human trafficking? Because some women are “meant” to be prostituted? So messed up. They wouldn’t know a logical fallacy if it kicked them in the balls.

  12. I thought the book review was reasonable, and accurate in terms of Serano’s writing style. I read Whipping Girl earlier in the year, and found the constant narcissim and lack of empathy staggering. There would be a few flashes of insight— he did finally experience the constant male gaze on the female body and was shocked at how badly behaved men were, for example. Came as a “surprise.”
    But really, a critical review of the literary style of a book is fair game, a critical review of obtuse invented terms is fair game. Do we have magazines that are reliable and will print feminist critiques of trans no? Who owns the magazines and who censors women? This is a clear sign that LGBT does not include lesbian critical writing on the subject of women. I thought her review was excellent, respectful and on topic. I think Serano’s writing is terrible and lacking in all female bonding empathy. I think he is male to the core, and a creep invading lesbian spaces. Apparently this is all the rape, I mean rage in the bay area. thanks for posting this review, you can’t censor women, we just pop up with the review online. Gay press can’t silence lesbian commentary, they’ve tried endlessly, but they’ll fail every time. We are persistent in our truth, trans is just about appropriation and invasion, nothing else.

  13. Apologies for invoking Godwin’s Law here but it does seem perversely apposite: multiple copies and 102 reviews of Mein Kampf available on Amazon alone:
    http://www.amazon.co.uk/Mein-Kampf-Adolf-Hitler/dp/1593640064 (from Amazon’s own review) ‘Ostensibly an autobiography, the work comprises a melange of Hitler’s political and racial ideas over two volumes … “lengthy, dull, bombastic, repetitious and extremely badly written”, it is nonetheless Hitler’s only major work – and its study is important to an understanding of how his ideas came to hold such sway over the German people.’
    Not read it myself, but I’m confident that I could do so without transforming into an anti-semitic, misogynistic, homophobic genocide…
    …and conversely those with a bent for those kinda values will no doubt use its contents to prop up their warped agenda. Either way the critical discussion’s gotta happen; and will. Outsmart is demonstrating a lack of bravery here, and – I’m inferring – running the risk of alienating its core audience in pursuit of trendy, mainstream acceptance. Shame. Shades of the Moore/Burchill outrage surfacing again….

  14. Turning from one trans-gression to another: May I ask for an update on the trans activist mob’s plans to disrupt the commemoration of the massacre at L’Ecple Polytechnique? This was scheduled for November 30. I searched via google, but could find no news of any protest.
    Did they come down with a short-term case of human decency and cancel their plans, or did the media just miss their latest act of violence? Any update would be appreciated.

    1. It sounds like the event went well, with only a few disrupters who weren’t very effective. No one was prevented from speaking and I understand that the presentations were excellent:
      There is another “flashmob action” organized by trans activist Morgane Oger which originally started as a protest but was changed to a “Support for all victims of sexual violence” event at Thornton Park in Montreal, alongside remembrances of the massacre. Oger is arranging for filming etc, I’m not sure why.

      1. Siobhan, the arranging for filming is part and parcel of their obsessive need for documentation of their every act and appearance (key word there being “appearance”). It’s so he can show women how much he cares for them! Despite his attempt at upheaval at an event to memorialize the slaughter of women!
        And Gallus, take your own damn sweet time. You don’t owe us anything. (Beck, please don’t take that to mean that’s what I think you were suggesting, ’cause I know you weren’t.)

  15. So, we should all write the editor and complain about his retraction and note that his apology is an insult to women, who in turn demand an apology from him.

  16. Reblogged this on OUT of My Panties, Now!!! and commented:
    I am aware that the tone of my blog shouts out ANGRY! I get many snide comments from TransWorld that I’m taking my anger over my husband out on innocent transgender birth males who just want to live their pretty little life as a woman. I’m not – my Ex did what people do – he lied in order to get something he wanted.
    I am angry at a society which refuses to recognize the insult and harm done to women by transgender politics. Women’s voices over this issue have been silenced. This censorship is just one example. The silencing, dismissing, attacking of women is relentless. Read the post. Read the comments. Ask yourself why women are being silenced. Ask yourself who is doing the silencing. Ask yourself what do they get from silencing our rejection of transgender politics.

  17. Nerieda, I do give people a fair reading, just to understand their point of view. What is amazing is how fawning the gay press has become over trans people spouting all kinds of woman hating nonsense, and then calling it political activism.
    If these guys has some empathy for the plight of women or really took to heart women’s very justified dislike of penis people in female vulnerable spaces or women’s right to organize outside the male gaze from their very male brains and male lived experienced, I’d take them more seriously.

    1. Same here. There is a blog called “LOL at MRA” which makes fun of MRAs but its trans pozzie and when I pointed out that the word cis is misogynist they told me “I don’t give a shit”. It’s run by a man and popular. I have been responding to their idiocy for some odd reason, which normally feels useless but it seems to have a achieved some consciousness raising! http://radicalfeministforlife.tumblr.com/post/69018733005/do-you-think-that-cis-women-should-be-able-to-have

  18. But ever since these guys have gained power and the mic, well we’ve had lesbian films censored, lesbian reviews critical of the trans craze and crack pot biology censured, lesbian drop in groups being led by male to trans with penis intact. I’m not kidding male to trans call themselves lesbians, and then invade lesbian spaces, horrifying the women the groups are supposed to serve in the first place. And they don’t give a damn because they are men with entitlement written all over them. Oh, when their ex-wives write books telling about THEIR ruined lives, the wives get attacked and censored too.

  19. So we’ll just keep posting and commenting, and holding the whole lesbian hating lesbian fearing gang accountable for erasing LESBIAN book reviews exposing their idiocy and bad writing! Bad writing!

  20. Serano is still a penised person? He mentioned sashaying off to Montreal a few years ago:
    So, for the record, I am discussing my SRS here, not because it’s my “job” as a trans person to keep the world up to date on my genital status, but because (as a writer) I have simply chosen to write about this recent event in my life. Furthermore, I chose to undergo SRS because of a personal understanding of how my body should be, not because of other people’s fucked up expectations. I respect the fact that other trans people may pursue SRS for reasons that are somewhat different from my own, and still others may choose not to pursue it at all. These are personal decisions, and each is equally valid. I have lived the last 8 years of my life as a woman who just so happened to have a penis. I am no more of a woman now than I was then. And I strongly believe that there are few things more inherently anti-trans than the notion that all trans people must pursue SRS (or any other procedure for that matter) in order to be considered a “real” or “bona fide” transsexual/woman/man/etc.
    If Serano is the closest thing they have to a “prime-time” MTF, I say let him roar. Trans people made a tremendous amount of political progress without having to make a public case for themselves like LGB activists have. I suspect the fact that transgenderism requires an entire medical-legal industry to maintain it is a major reason for that.

  21. Hi everybody! this is the comment I left on that page… still awaiting moderation after 3 days… apparently freedom of speech is only for Trans not Women??
    “disgusting censorship of a spot on critique of a completely irrational book.
    I guess thank you for being sexist jerks who reinforce sexist roles by saying that being a woman, that is an adult female human being, is about clothes and mannerisms and feelings and habits rather than, you know, sexual attributes??
    A man in a dress is still a man; a man who likes ballet is still a man; and if that man had the courage of calling himself what he is I would applaud him and stand by him for trying to rebel to the oppression of sexist roles that both men and women suffer from.”

  22. This is just silly. First of all, the piece was printed as written, else how could people have gotten so hysterical AFTER reading it? Thus, it was not “censored.” It also was not “redacted” or changed in any way once it was published. It was removed from the internet website so no more people could misinterpret what I wrote–and there was a lot of that. So your “review” of my review was inaccurate. Secondly, what evidence do you have I’m a lesbian? I suspect you’d be well-advised to seek legal advice on
    publishing what you assume about someone’s sexuality. I think you may have me confused with someone else. Thirdly, if you’d like to see what really happened, check out my blog of 1/1/14, which outlines the entire history of this article. And while you’re at it, you might look online at OUTSMART for other books I’ve reviewed before you claim I’m transphobic. I do appreciate the comments of those who thought my review of these two books was fair and well-thought-out. Thanks for agreeing that there is a place in the LGBT community for having an opinion without being bullied about it. I’m still writing for OUTSMART. So much for that,

    1. Are you HIGH? I’m gonna say yes, you are high.
      Your article was not “censored”, it was removed from publication. And you are a female “LGBT person” who believes it is ACTIONABLE to refer to a female homosexual- or any woman- as a lesbian. Okayyyyy. Might wanna “seek legal advice” on that your damn self. You’d be “well advised” to do so. Hahaha!
      Oh and I luuuurve your comparison to the non-censoring removal of your text on your blogpost to the nazis of the SS. That is not hypocritical AT ALLLL.
      From “LGBT writer” DON’T CALL HER A LESBO OR SHE’LL SUE FOR “DAMAGES” Kit Van Cleave’s blog:
      “January 1, 2014
      Following a suggestion in one of Vachss’ short stories, I’m committed to writing a page a day, though
      much of the new work will wind up on my desktop due to a book I’m writing on my family.
      Those who might notice the “Censored” entry on my Google pages should know the truth of the issue. I’ve been writing book reviews for a Houston publication, Outsmart, for over two years. In that time, I
      produced one negative review, primarily because I choose the books I write about and have thought most of them terrific. Several months back, I was handed two tomes by Publisher Greg Jeu and Creative Director Blase DiStephano. — Excluded by Julia Serano, and The Missing Myth, by Gilles Herrada. I tried dutifully to read through both, despite the fact that one was poorly written and the other dense with scientific information and terminology, much of which I didn’t think pertained to the question the author posed on the first page, which was”Homosexuality makes no sense.”But after struggling with both, I did read them, and given that they had been given to me by Greg and Blase, I thought I SHOULD review them.
      I sent in a review about the use of language and semantics, which touched on what I thought were problems with both these books. When I read the copy editor’s version sent to me by DiStephano, I noticed that one of the pronouns had been changed. I had questioned why the author, Julia Serano, had written, “I am a woman and a transexual… because I feel those words best describe some part of my person.” Despite the words “woman” and “transexual” (which have very clear definitions in any dictionary), the author had decided to retain “his penis.” The copy had been edited to read “her penis.” I called Blase and said that to my knowledge, a woman did not have a penis. As a woman myself, I felt pretty definite about that. Also, I objected by saying it was not standard English usage, and said that one assuming the role of “woman” in American society calls up some very specific issues — abortion, contraception, the rightwing’s “war on women,” et al — that would probably not interest a transgender male. (A transexual person is someone who changes his or her sex: a transgender person may feel he or she actually is the opposite gender, but does not have the surgery.)
      Who determines definition in dictionaries? Experts and semanticists are given this authority by society, which needs English to mean the same to everyone. Otherwise, how can we communicate in English? It always infuriates the anti-abortion movement to tell them to stop using the word “baby,” which is defined to mean “an entity outside the mother’s body.” Moreover, specific ages are cited in both dictionaries and encyclopedia to cover the words “infant,” “newborn,” “child,” and so on. Who got to define these ages? Pediatricians, who realize a medicine appropriate for a newborn would not work as
      well on a toddler or child. But calling an entity a “zygote” or “fetus” just doesn’t stir up the opposition as much as “baby.” “Zygote killer” just can’t compare in political emotionality with “baby killer.” So much for that.
      Blase and I talked about the article for some time and while he disagreed, he said he would make the change to “his.” He never said, “I won’t run it this way because I don’t agree.” He also never refused
      to run the review based on our conversation, Had he done so, I would have said, “Fine, let me get
      you another review in the next couple of days.” As I’m usually near deadline, and am always reading
      books to find the next one to review, I could have produced another review easily HAD I BEEN
      TOLD THIS ONE WOULD BE REFUSED BECAUSE OF THE PRONOUN. No one ever mentioned any GLAAD stylebook or “media reference guide” or any other such objection. I had no knowledge that the magazine had an agreement with GLAAD to censor its editorial content.
      I also assumed Greg Jeu would read the review, and he told me subsequently that he and Blase had discussed the matter of “his penis” versus “her penis” and thus he must have read it.
      Once the article was published, I was informed that the “trans community” was in an uproar over what
      I had written. Blase sent me the three letters subsequently published and I was amazed to find that the
      authors of these letters simply had not actually read what I had written, but had assumed I had said something else and that was what they were upset about. I suggested to Greg and Blase that they publish the letters and let me respond. As you know, if you read this “Censored” entry, I was not given the option to respond. Greg did, and wrote about the “insensitive” review, and apologized to anyone whose feelings were hurt by the pronoun, my saying the books were difficult to read, or any other legitimate issue about my work, including what I actually said.
      Some of these comments are way off the mark. I don’t “hate the trans community” or anyone else. I am not transphobic, and I do read the books I review. Here’s one comment typical of the criticism: “Between transgendering Ms. Serano (calling her “him”) and mocking trans people as “not normal…”
      I did neither. I did refer to the OTHER author, Gilles Herrada, who is male, as “him” but not Serano.
      As for as my “transgendering” Serano, I must confess I’m puzzled; I thought that was exactly was this
      author was all about. Finally, as I mentioned, Serano used the word “cisgender” throughout the first
      chapter, but never provided a definition. After lengthy research through dictionaries, I finally turned to Wikipedia for some kind of definition. There I found someone willing to take responsibility for the word’s creation, and a year in which he said he had invented it. Basically, cisgender DOES mean
      someone happy with the body he or she was born in. Thus, “normal” (the middle between two extremes) adjustment to one’s body. I STILL don’t think it’s necessary to create more words to confuse the issue further. But I never said transpeople were “not normal.” That’s just one of the assumptions people jumped to.
      And “cisgender” came into common usage in 1914? Where’s the evidence? People didn’t even talk about heterosexual sex openly in 1914. And if that were true, why is it in none of the dictionaries?
      The rewriting of history, the personal attacks on people who disagree with one, and the creation of new words which better fit one’s ideological point of view are now common ways to censor ideas. I won’t cite historical patterns, but I think almost anyone knows about the book burning by the SS in the 1930s,
      the shutting off of Internet by the Chinese government so people can’t speak out on issues, and other such activities. The Tea Party is still saying Obama was born in Kenya. But that doesn’t make it fact; it’s all about political power and the pleasure of shutting someone up who upsets you with a different point of view (and racism as well). Those happy with censoring others should stop a moment to think about could happen when THEIR ideas are censored because someone does not like them. And it happens all the time now.

      I was writing about exactly the creation of words to sway a reader, the need to have words “mean what they mean” rather that what one wants them to mean for political or ideological reasons. As I said, “Let’s just throw away the dictionary” if these disagreements are handled with political protest rather than civil dialogue and negotiation. Had a sit-down been arranged between me and the critics, we might have been able to educate each other and reach some solution. But that didn’t happen, nor was it suggested to me. If anyone reads my reviews in the December, 2013, and January and February 2014 issues of Outsmart, or any prior reviews in the magazine, it will be easy to see that I am not “a hater” of anyone, just someone who loves great writing and books, and enjoys recommending those I find to other readers interested in LGBT issues.
      Just for the record, neither the Gay and Lesbian Review or the New York Times go by GLAAD’s recommendations for use of language. I presume they are only a few US representative publications which do not do so.
      America offers thousands of opportunities for freelance writers, so there is really no way to “censor” anyone from expressing ideas about any issue. As a freelancer, I’ve been published in (and been paid by) many of them. I had a nice meeting right before Christmas with Greg and Blase and apparently I will still be writing for their magazine, for which I am glad. I believe the outstanding books I’ve been able to spotlight in the past few years there have been of benefit to anyone willing to actually read reviews about them. Apparently the years of noncontroversial strong work for Greg and Blase was counted as important when weighed against this incident.
      And if you want to mull over an “insensitive review” think of what courage Vanity Fair editors fetched up to continue publishing Christopher Hitchens after he went after Mother Teresa, or how the New York Times continues to publish reviews by the erudite A.O. Scott, such as his recent discussion of August: Osage County. Either we’re all for an open marketplace of ideas, or we think censorship is swell. It’s your choice.
      Kit van Cleave”
      [bolding by me-GM]
      Thank you for your VERY SILLY comment Kit. Toodles! Have a nice Lesbian! Oops- I meant have a nice NEW YEAR.

      1. Wow, this is really troubling. The best I can make of it is not drunk but scared.These guys got into her brain and started screwing around. And she isn’t even into men–no no no. Kit they fucked you as a writer and a woman as a human. “so no one would misinterpret” Serano can’t write he is a fetish driven moron. They took it down because the dudes said shut the woman up. You must bow to the man Serano–sick misogynistic prick. Now you think that’s okay? Okaaaaay. I would not be surprised if the threatened you. You should know that there is a whole group of women writers that the dudes have tried to silence. More and more editors are getting wind. The dicks send endless letters against women writers, reviewers. It will all be over soon–Serano will next be demanding a script for what’s that erection medication called–you know what I mean. Cause women have penises and need that toooo.

      2. @Motherhood. Hmm, no I really do think this woman may be high.
        What it seems like she may be saying is that she writes extensively on Lesbian issues for a gay paper, while being secretly heterosexual, in order help eliminate any actual Lesbian writers from being represented (and to take a rare paid writing gig away from a lesbian). Meanwhile, she is so lesbophobic that she feels it is damaging to her reputation – actionably so (!) -when readers naturally assume that she, as a lesbian issues writer, is in fact lesbian. I have a very hard time following the thread of her (high) thoughts, but that really seems to me to be what she is saying!

  23. Thanks. You did exactly what I wanted you to do. But rewriting my work doesn’t make your point of view correct. Or perhaps you misread “or YOU think censorship is swell.” That was the problem — people getting what they wanted out of my review, without actually understanding what I wrote. Typical of this is your reference of book burning by the NAZIs which has nothing whatever to do with “non censoring removal of your text on your blogpost,” whatever the hell that means. And surely you don’t think that all those copies of OUTSMART bearing the original article were all pulled? They weren’t and the review appeared all over the inner-city just as written. Thus, it wasn’t “pulled from publication.” It was removed from the website, which I thought was a good idea. Greg Jeu apologized because he is a decent person who doesn’t think it injures him personally to say “I apologize.” Finally, you are high if you think deciding on your own what a stranger’s sexuality is while looking at her through binoculars is convincing anyone of your argument. You don’t know me, and you don’t know anything about me. In all ways, you are wrong, wrong, wrong. Again, everyone, I appreciate your support of the facts and the review in this unnecessary event.

    1. “Thanks. You did exactly what I wanted you to do. But rewriting my work doesn’t make your point of view correct”
      You’re welcome! I fell right into your dastardly plan! (lolwtf?!)
      And I didn’t “rewrite” anything. I don’t understand your comment due to your being high.

  24. I asked the website owner to produce evidence that I am a lesbian. It’s not just being misnamed; it’s the “lllllliberal” Rush Limbaugh use of a name by someone who has no idea what he is talking about. Did he produce any evidence? NOPE — just “you are one.” That will do as a subtext for the whole messy “non scandal.” Then he eliminated my response. This is the way people behave who are hollering someone else is unfair? Note that OUTSMART has a disclaimer that not all people who write for the magazine are gay. The magazine bearing my review was liberally distributed throughout Houston’s inner-city and stayed there until the next issue arrived. Thus, my review was not “removed from publication,” only from OUTSMART’s website, to keep the more hysterical from having editorial power over it. This guy is just wrong, wrong, wrong, won’t admit it, and continue to excise any dissent.

    1. Are you talking about THIS website? Sorry Kit- I can’t follow the flight of ideas contained in your comments. If you want to keep posting them feel free though. Good day to you.

  25. ” Thus, my review was not “removed from publication,” only from OUTSMART’s website, to keep the more hysterical from having editorial power over it. ”
    Label me confused, but I don’t see how removing an article from a website counts as anything BUT censorship. It certainly removes it from the view of far more people than pulping the few printed versions ever would……….
    ” I suspect you’d be well-advised to seek legal advice on
    publishing what you assume about someone’s sexuality. ”
    Coming from most of us here, calling someone/assuming someone is a lesbian is a compliment! But since being called a lesbian isn’t done with ” ill will, spite, or with the intent to harm the plaintiff”, then the response is utter bollocks.
    Of course, the issue actually has very little to do with the reviewer, whether or not they are an idiot, a lesbian, or even a good reviewer, but all to do with the REVIEW itself, and what happens to material that the trans lobby get all upset over. And we can see plainly what happens — it gets PULLED from the only medium which could possibly communicate it to millions of individuals.

      1. GM, The ideas were hard to follow and I am not always sure I “get things”. What you said never occurred to me. Seems really odd. I just assumed she was a lesbian and saying she wasn’t because– the last thing I would want is to be a lesbian with a pack of rage driven males on my tail, swinging clubs and howling transphobia which is the secret male code word for shut her up and burn her.

      2. Not entirely sure, but I think she is saying she is a heterosexual lesbian issues writer for a gay publication. One who is offended and feels harmed at being assumed lesbian.
        Something new everyday!

      3. The “This guy is just wrong…” bit sets my trans detector off. Seems like anyone who comes onto this blog and refers to Gallus as male is either trans or a rabid trans ally. Makes me wonder if some troll has decided to pose as Van Cleave in order to create drama and discredit GM’s reporting.

      4. I would have thought that except that the disjointed writing style is matched exactly by her blog posts, plus her detailed citing of OutSmart management and politics. I try very hard not to post imposters (Daryl Banks/ sophiaphotos, anyone?) and I am confident that this is the same person. Whether Kit is closeted trans as well as fake-lesbian I don’t know.
        I wonder if there are any actual lesbians represented at OutSmart? This is a serious question. Male Cristan Williams has won their “best female blogger” award for the last three years.

      5. GM, I have to say among your many talents you are weely good with the “W” Any woman the reviews one of these guys books is in for not only a toxic read but also all the howling and censorship–the thugs with clubs beat down, if she even veers from their exact script. Off script causes them to be killed or commit suicide. The trans lobby can sit and watch their shit back fire. No reviews at all. The silence.

  26. If the person writing is really Van Cleave, she must have one hell of an editor to correct her published work. What she’s written in these comments is word salad.

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