16 thoughts on “Ashlee Evans-Smith says she feels Fallon Fox shouldn't be able to fight women

  1. While it was very disturbing watching even a few seconds of a man pounding a woman’s face with his fists, ultimately she handed him his ass. It was an unfair situation but she turned it around and hopefully this will draw attention to this. It’s not a level playing field at all.

    1. Ashlee was offered 20 grand if she won against him. Which she did! Good for her. Seems she put this out to make clear that agreeing to fight him should not be interpreted as agreeing that males should be allowed into the female division.

  2. I’m glad Ashlee won.
    There will of course be the trans stating that because Fallon lost it just proves that trans don’t have an advantage in sports against women.
    It proves nothing. Ashlee was the better fighter.
    I can’t find any study that indicates that estrogen can change post-puberty male development of muscle mass. There is a decrease in muscle development, which means it is harder to achieve a muscular body shape.
    If anyone can find any study (and preferably copy it here, fucking science paywalls), I’d be grateful.
    During my hunt for data, found something horrifying:
    “Spontaneous erections are suppressed within 3 months but during erotic arousal erections still occur in the majority of our patients”
    It’s from their own transgendercare website. So no, that whole “we can’t have erections because of estrogen” is bullshit. You just don’t get them as often.
    And this gem:
    “Hormones are indispensable tools for the induction and maintenance of the characteristics of the sex the transsexual reckons him/herself to belong to.”
    -“reckons him/herself to belong to.”

    1. Female fighters who dope do so because the muscle building effects last longer than they are “traceable” by tests. When Fallon dopes (if he does) he is building male muscles on a male physique. Whether he does or not, he is still a male fighter who is unable to compete against other males and is an idiot in competition against superior athletes solely because of his male physique.

      1. Indeed – the obvious question is, would we agree it’s fair for some fighter (or participant in any sport) to train for years and years under the influence of doping testosterone, only to then finally give it up at the highest level of competition?
        Whatever the actual letter of the rules is (and I think it’s an issue that the rules of sports do have a hard time keeping up with modern scientific knowledge and the technology of both doping and advanced sports equipment) I’d bet that the average watcher would not regard that as entirely fair.
        But that’s what’s essentially going on when you have someone who trains and builds muscle and reflexes all through school as a male, not only under the influence of (natural) T but also therefore usually in more competitive leagues also (particularly in underfunded school districts) then all of a sudden “transitions” and wow, after only 1 or 2 years on synthetic estrogen (and presumably with balls removed? or is that even a requirement??) is now granted permission to compete in the women’s division.
        Big momentous life changes of various kinds often require sacrifices. Even if one is charitable towards the trans movement and says yeah, go right ahead and transition, perhaps not being allowed to participate in official sports leagues is just one of those things you’ll have to trade off.
        Y’know, like your penis.
        Oh wait…

  3. I think Ashlee stated her case nicely. Now let’s sit back and watch Gay Inc. get their knickers in a twist over her “hate speech.”

  4. The fact that an out of shape, wheezing, ill-prepared male was able to even continue on anything resembling an even state against a well-prepared and reasonably well-conditioned female tells anyone with a functioning brain cell all they need to know about the natural advantage Fox (and any trans) takes into that arena.

  5. Boyd Burton got his fighting training in the navy until he ‘transitioned’ to Fallon Fox in his early thirties. The navy still has him listed as male, so if he is officially male, what is he doing in the ring against women? (Even if he was recognised as female by law, he still has male skeletal, organ and muscular development and it is unethical to say the least). The thicker male skull and male higher bone density do not change from taking estrogen, and it gives him a massive advantage over the women he beats up. Also, shame on Nike for sponsoring him with an outrageous amount of money – being seen as pro-trans is more important for their company than taking a stand against male violence against women in the name of sport!

  6. I’ve been looking for some time for an International Olympic Committee report that was made in the early 2000s, and resulted in the current IOC rules regarding trans people in competition. I can’t find it any more and suspect it has been suppressed. There was a chart that showed the differences between male and female bodies remaining even after surgery and two years of estrogen. What I remember most clearly is the reporting scientists stating that male bones are heavier and stronger. I thought of this when I read the female boxer talking about the impact of Fallon’s fist.
    The IOC has adopted specific standards for intersex competition – I’ll try to find. I thought this was a step forward because at least it made some kind of boundary for who is “trans” and who will not be allowed to participate in sports as “trans”. Whether they succeeded in even coming close to equalizing the true differences is the question.

  7. Just following up my earlier comment, here’s a CNN article about the IOC’s adoption of standards for the Olympics in Athens in 2004.
    I see that the article states that though bone density remains greater, that doesn’t matter because there are weight standards. I don’t agree. A bigger stronger fist most certainly does matter in a sport like boxing, even if the trans boxer has skinnier legs or something!

  8. Bone density and size, hand size, shoulder width (leverage for punch) and arm reach are all natural male advantages and explain why she felt the impacts of the punches much harder than natural female opponents.

  9. Fantastic interview, love this woman, glad she BEAT Fallon Fox, but also addressed that Fallon has the physical advantage over most women, and thatthere should be a separate Transgender league!!

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