Transgender Activists plan protest against Day of Remembrance for Women Murdered in the L’Ecole Polytechnique Massacre

Victims of the massacre- shot because a man felt Feminists discriminated against him.

Vancouver male transgender activists (“Transwomen”) spent today organizing a protest against the scheduled upcoming Day of Remembrance for the fourteen women slaughtered during the horrific 1989 L’Ecole Polytechnique Massacre.
Organizer Natalie Reed previously collaborated with Abuzar Chaudhary (who has a restraining order against him by the University of Toronto Women’s Center for violent behavior and threats) in mounting a public protest outside a Vancouver private residence where women met to discuss feminism.
Natalie Reed
Natalie Reed

Reed believes that all males can become female if they simply claim to be, and has lobbied for the right to have a state-funded medical procedure to insert a surgical “neovagina” near his penis, so that he can have the appearance of having two sets of genitals. Reed and his “transwomen” co-organizers are offended by any feminist or women’s event that addresses the issues that affect women because they feel that such events discriminate against them as males.
natalie reed wants vagina and penis
In a shocking lapse of sensitivity and respect, Reed and co-organizers seek to disrupt a solemn event – one remembering the cold-blooded mass-murder of fourteen women by a man who targeted feminists for death because he believed feminism discriminated against his interests as a male- on the grounds that feminists also discriminate against THEIR interests as males.
From the Vancouver Rape Relief website:

1989 – A lone man walked into an engineering class at L’École Polytechnique at the University of Montréal. He separated the men from the women and told the men to leave. After the male students complied, the man declared his hatred of feminists and began to shoot the women with a semi-automatic rifle. While police forces stood outside, Marc Lépine went on a rampage, shooting and stabbing the women at the school. He then shot himself.

He left behind a note that included a list of prominent Canadian feminists whom he planned to kill. It was clear that these women engineering students symbolized the progress of women’s equality. Lépine’s actions could have pushed back women’s demands for increased equality through social change. However, women organized in defiance of his attack.

Women rose up to demonstrate in towns and cities across the country. They connected Lépine’s acts of violence to the everyday sexism to which women are subjected. Women dedicated themselves to feminist organizing to bring into reality their expectations of freedom for the present and the future.

You can read more here:
This bizarre upcoming protest may be the most terrifying, grotesque, and shocking incident yet to emerge from the transgender movement’s decade-long war against feminism and women’s rights.

Natalie Reed’s Jacket: “Die Female Scum”. (“Cis” is a trans community word for genetically female persons.)
Natalie Reed’s Jacket: “Die Female Scum”. (“Cis” is a trans community word for genetically female persons.)

The following post, seemingly lacking all grasp of reality, and without any sense of the basic humanity of the massacred women being memorialized, was authored by Natalie Reed and is being circulated on Facebook and various blogs:

 Vancouver Rape Relief invited Janice Raymond to speak at the Vancouver Public Library Nov. 30, 2013

11/20/2013 — Suzan

This is from a Facebook post.  More Info will follow

Natalie Reed

So… VANCOUVER TRANS PEEPS (and allies)… as many of you know Vancouver Rape Relief has invited Janice Raymond to speak at the Vancouver Public Library (presumably the downtown location) on November 30th, as an event memorializing the massacre at L’Ecole Polytechnique. Given VRR’s trans-exclusionist policies, history of trans-misogyny, ongoing support of transphobic feminism, dismissal of Kimberly Nixon, subsequent legal defense, and role in setting legal precedent that permits anti-trans discrimination in Canada, and Janice Raymond’s own history of extraordinary trans-misogyny and central role in the development of transphobia within feminism, we can’t really consider this coincidental or benign, nor can we assume the talk will simply be about L’Ecole Polytechnique, misogynistic violence or women in STEM fields.

 In all likelihood, it will almost certainly be an openly cissexist, trans-misogynistic talk, probably based around arguing for trans-exclusionist policy to “protect” the “safety” of “womyn-born-womyn”.

Many folks are trying to prevent VPL from hosting the event, especially given that VPL’s own policies insist upon events being inclusive and respectful towards marginalized groups and identities (and IIRC, gender identity is specifically mentioned). *Hopefully* the talk being prevented from taking place at VPL is what will happen, or at least VPL inviting members of the trans community to respond / debate. BUT IF THE VRR / JANICE RAYMOND TALK PROCEEDS AS PLANNED… I would very much like if we could organize a counter-event to take place at VPL the same day (with or without explicit approval from VPL… library square’s status as public space should permit us to gather there regardless of prior approval- at least long enough to stage the response event- as long as we aren’t being destructive or harassing anyone or anything).

I was thinking of organizing speakers to talk on four topics that would serve as a useful counter-point to the trans-misogyny of Vancouver Rape Relief and Janice Raymond:

1) The consequences of trans-exclusionist policy, and/or trans people being unable to safely access services like rape/abuse/DV support services, homeless and emergency shelters, sexual health services, police services, medical care, etc. …with a definite focus on the rape/abuse/DV stuff (I could take this up as a topic myself, if needed, based on my experiences as a trans rape survivor and my ongoing inability to find any suitable support or resources).

2) The consequences of transphobic, cissexist and trans-misogynistic feminism, as exemplified by writers like Janice Raymond, Sheila Jeffries, Mary Daly, etc., and the consequences of exclusion of or unwelcoming attitudes towards trans women in women’s spaces, organizations, communities, etc. (perhaps tilted towards trans women’s exclusion from feminist space and queer women’s space).

3) Trans-misogynistic violence (which can tie into TDoR and recent events).

4) How trans women are impacted by misogyny and misogynistic violence, like that of the L’Ecole Polytechnique shooting, and how trans-misogyny, transphobia, cissexism, etc interrelates with misogyny, patriarchy, etc.

I think these topics will make a compelling point (ideally to ppl who are there for the Raymond talk, or who have uncritically supported VRR in the past, or who are associated w/ VPL, or who are simply unaware of these issues)… particularly if our event manages to round up better attendance than the Raymond talk itself.

If interested in helping organize this event, or interested in speaking, or interested in helping out in any way at all, please please comment or message me or e-mail me at Also, even just expressing interest in ATTENDING could help give a good idea of whether this works as an idea.

Hopefully none of this will be necessary, but given that it’s less than two weeks away, we should start organizing ASAP.

(also my FB is being slow so I can’t tag everyone… so help me get the word out?)


Here at GenderTrender I very seldom post asking readers to consider taking a specific action. Generally I feel it is a bit presumptuous to advise other adults on the specifics of their activism. I am going to make an exception here and ask you to strongly consider whether it may be possible for you to donate some funds to Vancouver Rape Relief. Even if you can only afford five or ten bucks. Or collect five bucks from all your friends and send that in. Whatever you can to support them and the work they do against such outrageous assaults. They need support and (apparently) will- shockingly- need security from the transgender community for this memorial service. Please don’t forget. You can send your donation here:
MMM poster 2013

Montreal Massacre Memorial 

Saturday – November 30, 2013

10:00am – 6:00pm

Vancouver Public Library (350 West Georgia St. Vancouver, BC)

Professor Collette Oseen – Sexism within the Police Force
Executive Director of Southwest Center For Law And Policy, Hallie Bongar-White – Tribal Law and Vioelnce Against Aboriginal Women 
Immigration Lawyer Peggy Lee –The Impact of Recent Immigration Reforms on Women Escaping Male Violence
Professor Emerita Janice Raymond – Prostitution: Not a Job, not a Choice
Family Lawyer Amanda Rose – Battered Women, Child custody and the New Family Relations Act
Professor Elizabeth Sheehy – Defending Battered Women on Trial 
Roundtable Conversations:
10:00 a.m.   The State’s Sexist and Racist Response to violence against Women
12:00 p.m.      Feminist Responses to Rape on Campus
2:00 p.m.      Organizing Women to the Feminist Movement
4:00 p.m.      Beyond “Not My Daughter”: How Prostitution impacts all Women.  
Documentary Film Festival:
10:00 a.m. Buying Sex (Canada, 2013)
Formerly prostituted women, policy-makers, lawyers and male buyers present conflicting views on prostitution. watch trailer
12:00 p.m. Status Quo? The Unfinished Business of Feminism in Canada (Canada, 2012)
How much progress we have truly made on key concerns such as violence against women, access to abortion, and universal childcare? watch trailer
2:00 p.m. Power and Control: Domestic Violence in America  (USA, 2010)
the film explores the shocking persistence of violence against women, as refracted through the story of Kim, a Duluth, MN mother of three. watch trailer
4:00 p.m. It Was Rape (USA, 2013)
Eight women tell their diverse personal stories of rape, from a Midwestern teenager trying alcohol for the first time to a Native American woman gradually coming to terms with her abusive childhood. watch trailer

186 thoughts on “Transgender Activists plan protest against Day of Remembrance for Women Murdered in the L’Ecole Polytechnique Massacre

  1. You know what? Let them. Let them do it. Let regular people who don’t think much about this issues see how batshit insane they are.
    Also surprise surprise, he’s *really* a woman and totes wants to relaly for realsie reals be a woman but he won’t get rid of his penis.

  2. They really can’t grasp the idea that feminists have things to think/talk about other than them. The idea that Raymond is an accomplished scholar whose feminist analysis encompasses a wide range of things of which men in dresses et al are only a part is completely beyond them- if Raymond is giving a talk then of *course* it is about them.

    1. It’s really incredible, isn’t it? How could anyone claiming to be a woman or a feminist could look over that incredibly important program list and not just dismiss it but PROTEST it, on the flimsy basis that one of the speakers wrote a critique of transgenderism over thirty years ago…?!
      It just shows how little they have to actually protest, and how completely removed they are from women’s lives and ACTUAL feminism. Battered women, violence against Native women, immigration, prostitution, etc, all unimportant when compared to male feelings…geeze.

    2. This is SO disgusting. Violence against women is an issue which vastly outnumbers than that against transpeople – but it’s often an unseen epidemic, which is why awareness is SO damned important. I feel sullied even reading about this hijacking of a solemn day of remembrance. Something this insensitive and bile-inducing oughta be grounds to have these trans activists mass shunned or shut down altogether.

  3. Check out Red Durkin’s fb wall for RD holding forth on how Janice Raymond has “exhausted her right to speak in front of people” and (among other things) a comment from “Tara Shapka” making a veiled threat at Dr. Raymond as follows: “i’ll be at the library waiting for her..”
    I will be donating all I can to VRR. They will need security.
    Learning about this massacre was a turning point for me as a young person. This MRA-style desecration of the memorial event is beyond appalling.

    1. Is it true that Vancouver Rape Relief (VRR) declines to provide counseling to victims of sexual assault who are either (1) sex workers, or (2) legally recognized as women but not ‘girly’ enough? Isnt it ironic that a feminist organization funds a rape cricis center that discriminiates on girlyness and moral grounds? Which morality, exactly, do we want to Catholic? Jewish? Russian Orthodox? Southern Baptist? Bahaii? Aren’t rad-fem groups such as VRR mortal enemies of those ways of thinking? So why do they enforce and reward that belief system?
      I simply do not understand.
      What is even more perplexing, to me, is this: How do I support ‘both sides’ of an argument when VRR brings in a foreigner accused of hate crimes to talk about our legal and moral system? Surely, VRR can come up with a MORE CREDIBLE speaker locally? Say, somebody a little bit less catholic, a little bit less racist, or a little bit less afraid of people who are not exactly like her?
      Is it also true that VRR does not have the support of other sexual-assault crisis centers in British Columbia? Is it true that it needs to mislead donors about its independence from state funding which in fact makes up more than 70% if its budget?
      Is it also true that the city of Vancouver had to issue a press release apologizing for the fact that they have NO CHOICE BUT TO ALLOW this person to speak because they provide equal access to all viewpoints and are mandated to do so?
      Is it also true that the CITT felt forced to include a rider on their statement that they are trusting VRR and Ms Raymond to adhere to and follow the law of canada regarding hate speech and discrimination? That they are being held accountable for their statements?
      There is a lot of hatred on this site, which is simultaneously sad and funny…and I wonder how VRR will do under their magnifying glass.
      And to the people rushing to support VRR – it is your right. I would remind you that if you have children and one of them is a boy, how will you feel when he is sexually assaulted in Vancouver and VRR turns him away? or if you have a daughter who turns to sex work out of economic desperation (I’ve heard this hapens) and becomes a victim of sexual abuse… Where will SHE go for help? Apparently, not VRR.
      ” …just sayin’ “

      1. If you’re going to claim that VRR refuses to offer its services to ‘sex workers’ you are going to have to cite something to support that claim.
        Also, not having the resources and expertise to offer the extensive services needed by prostituted women is not the same as refusing to help them.
        Perhaps there are other providers in Vancouver who do provide such specialist services to prostituted women, and VRR refers prostituted women to them?
        ~…just sayin’~

      2. @OldMusic- No. Morgane/Rona Anne/hackmare is flat out lying. VRR serves ALL women. And all men who transgender (or who don’t) are also helped by referral. No one is left out. Lies, lies and lies.

      3. I’ve done a bit of googling, I can’t find any specific claims that a woman has been turned away from VRR because of her status as a ‘sex worker’, the accusation about VRR not supporting ‘sex workers’ seems to be based entirely on VRR’s abolitionist stance towards prostitution.
        I found this article here:
        about 3 ‘activists’ disrupting a fundraiser for VRR; their pamphlet makes no direct reference to any individual woman along with the claim that VRR does not provide services for ‘sex workers’.
        I skimmed through the comments, this is the best one:

        As I said before, Rape Relief is not a monolith, is not Borg; it is an ever changing collective and women stay for 4 months or many years. To say for an example that “Rape Relief is transphobic” without an actual example besides the legal case is to be so silly as to be dismissable. It is more than 15 years later. Where is the much needed transition house organized by trans people and their so called supporters to provide safe space for healing and recovery? I know for a fact that a transition house with this mandate would get funded: Speak to Janice Abbot or Angela McDougall, they’ll make it happen if you need support. Trans people have faught hard for their legal rights and if a project such as this was proposed at any time in the last 10 years or more ago the funding would have come. To say that Rape Relief does not support sex workers because they disagree with you about what the state is responsible for in relation to women is also to pretend that you don’t know that thousands of women by now have been supported through violence. Why the heck do you think they take the position they do? To be amused and self congratulatory? No, it is because the women who called Rape Relief informed that opinion and resulting action. I don’t even get why the point about women who are dealing with addiction, that point isn’t explained very well. Is it because of the critical analysis of the harm reduction model ? It certainly can’t be because Rape Relief regularly provides support to through crisis calls, transition housing, referrals, bus tickets to AA and NA meetings or the Avalon Women’s Centre or a drive out to the women’s treatment centres in the Valley or help to get a bus ticket back to family or anything like that?

      4. Here’s the true horror about “Rona Anne”. He was an engineering student at UBC in 1989.
        “Oger was a mechanical engineer attending UBC in 1989, and for [him], the murders in Montreal were particularly jarring because [his] faculty was the one most impacted. [He] is an organizer of one of the planned counter-responses to Raymond’s visit.”
        Unbelievable. Beyond disgraceful.

      5. From the article by Mercedes Allen, a trans advocate:
        “VRR still does not provide services to women who are trans or have a trans history — though Kerner adds that they will not let someone facing an urgent emergency be deprived of help … ”
        Well, look at that. The language, the construction of that sentence.
        “VRR still does not provide services to women who are trans” would be the identical grammatical construction to “does not provide services to women who are poor” or to women who are blonde, purple, young, old, etc. Instead of the plain truth that they do not provide services to MEN who identify as women–period.
        Oh, and it looks like VRR do indeed provide those services sometimes if “they will not let someone facing an urgent emergency be deprived of help” means anything at all. How that kind of compassion and hard work can, for even one second, be twisted into “bigotry” and “hatred” blows my mind. But it’s just a tiny part of the overall mind-explosion that violence against every other marginalized population is recognized as a hate crime, EXCEPT crimes against women; i.e., against women per se. What is men raping women if not a specific, concentrated, and consciously and categorically motivated act of hatred?

      6. You’re throwing up strawmen here. If a son of mine, or any man has been a victim of sexual assault then there are specialised services available to them. If VRR chooses spend its funds to provide services to (‘cis’) women then that’s their prerogative; as it’s their prerogative to listen to their client group and tailor their services accordingly. If – as one might expect – that entails recruiting (‘cis’) female volunteers then that’s what they must do. A friend of mine was raped many years ago and assigned a gay male counselor, who, as it happened she found satisfactory. Had she not, she could have requested a female one. Maybe she would have been satisfied by a trans*female one? In all likelihood, it was the interpersonal chemistry that made her counseling experience satisfactory and gender wasn’t the primary issue. In any case, the client must have the final say.
        Janice Raymond is eminently-qualified to speak on matters of sexual assault and prostitution; just as Lierre Keith is qualified to speak on environmental matters: their ‘controversial’ views on gender scarcely undermine the validity of their insight in those areas: indeed, they enrich them. They’re not guilty of hate speech, any more than contributors to GT; rather, insight and compassion, not to say robust critical skills.

        1. Hi Guls,
          There is a lot of discussion about whether Raymond should have been somehow forbidden. I for one personally believe that her voice added to this debate and helps make VRR’s case that sexual exploitation should be prevented by prohibition. There is no reasonable ground that I was shown that tells me that Raymond should be censored on this topic in spite of my personal dislike of her overall trans-hostile message and our diverging views on the effectiveness of prohibition of any industry with an inherent demand.
          Now when we talk about VRR’s right to provide the service they choose, please refer to the point I made earlier today under my own name Morgane Oger.
          The key point is that VRR knows and routinely speaks to the idea that once an organization claims to provide a service, it is held to the social expectation of that service. When that service is paid for in majority by public (state) funds, then the standards of the society apply even more. Whereas VRR is entitled to employ who it wants as an association, it is not necessarily entitled to make up its own definition of what a woman is. If Canada has a decision, it is unable to apply its own. In addition, things it can do as a member-funded organization it is not entited to do as a funded organization.
          Specifically, the charter of rights and freedoms applies to charities, and supercedes any organization’s definitions of the terms covered by the charter. This is the place where VRR is on thin ice.
          So back to your example, your example cites that volunteers can be chosen by the provider. I agree.
          Where I do not agree, however, is when VRR refuses to assist – for example – 1.a woman victim of a same-sex spousal assault because the offendor is not a male. 2. a transgender woman who has been socialized as a woman since childhood (say, 6 to make it more binary), who is victim of sexual assault by an unknown stranger…
          The key point here is that if VRR wants to have its own standard on who it defines as a subset of the social norms for that definition, then it will need to be upfront about it, clearly state that fact to the funding agencies,and not advertise itself as the go-to agency for women in Vancouver that are sexually assaulted. They should instead advertise themselves as the go-to agency in Vancouver for genetic females who are assaulted by straight men.
          The reason they do not do this is they know that that pitch will not sell in Vancouver.
          I maintain my opinion that VRR applies a purity test to victims of sexual violence in Vancouver.One has to meet THEIR definition of a worthy woman to be eligible for support beyond the barest minimum which is already provided by a highly effective police force.

      7. “2. a transgender woman who has been socialized as a woman since childhood (say, 6 to make it more binary), who is victim of sexual assault…”
        EYE ROLL
        EYE ROLL
        EYE ROLL

      8. @ Morgana/rose anna
        from your post I inferred that you were opposed to Raymond’s appearance; apparently my inference was wrong so for that I apologise.
        ‘Is it [also] true that the city of Vancouver had to issue a press release apologizing for the fact that they have NO CHOICE BUT TO ALLOW this person to speak because they provide equal access to all viewpoints and are mandated to do so?’
        Apparently so
        ‘…VRR brings in a foreigner accused of hate crimes to talk about our legal and moral system? Surely, VRR can come up with a MORE CREDIBLE speaker locally? Say, somebody a little bit less catholic, a little bit less racist…’
        Foregrounding Raymond’s nationality (‘otherness’) then describing her as racist in the same breath? ‘Our’ moral and legal system? America’s morals and laws might differ in detail from Canada’s but on principle, not so much.
        ‘I maintain my opinion that VRR applies a purity test to victims of sexual violence in Vancouver.One has to meet THEIR definition of a worthy woman to be eligible for support…’
        You may be right…if so then it’s explicable if not excusable: we’re all brainwashed/threatened/subtly-coerced into thinking hierarchically, even those of us who strive for egalitarianism. And when funding $s/£s are at stake, hard choices have to be made. Shit but true, and not necessarily a reflection on VRR’s and its employees’ integrity.
        And I reiterate; I don’t believe GT is a ‘hate’ site or that radical feminism per-se is rooted in hatred, so much as a critical understanding of a) ideological conflict and, b) well-founded fear and anger over the mis-treatment of women.

  4. OK, you’re right. let’s give them some money to work with. I’m disgusted that an eminent person like Janice Raymond is not permitted to discuss prostitution, and the fact that it’s a day of remembrance makes it so much worse. This Rape Crisis Center seems to be at the forefront. I’m sending my donation tomorrow. Thank you.

  5. Donated to them last year, donating again this year. And yeah, I’m with letting the trannies show their true colors.

  6. Thank you so much for the recommendation to support a great organization, and an informative article – shared! This rape crisis centre is just so key to ending male violence against women here in Canada.

  7. I wish that I could do more than send a few bucks, like attend and provide some security myself. Thanks for posting about this. It’s utterly unbelievable the lengths they will go to to hurt and silence women.

  8. Man I wish I still had money/didn’t bludge from the government, I would have loved to send to this group some more funds. If I have any left over from my next payment, I know where it’ll go.
    These men are just so fucking detached from reality. How can you really accuse a rape crisis group of ill intent? I mean, really, that is just so fucking offensive on so many fucking levels.

  9. I remember the day of the massacre in Montreal the way some people remember the day that Kennedy was assassinated. I recall where I was, what I was wearing, who I was with, and what they said. 
    And, what those people said to me when I was staring at the TV in shock, horror, disbelief and rage was: “He was just a crazy guy!” What they meant was: this terrible event has no political significance. What they meant was: please, shut your feminist mouth. In those days, my feminist consciousness was rather weak, unformed and diffuse. And, yet, my friends tried to silence me before I could even attempt to find the words. Watching the news coverage of the massacre left me anxious, angry, breathless.
    Now, again. Knowing that someone is planning and organizing to go and shit on the memory of these 14 murdered women who were murdered because they were women–now I feel that way again. Stunned and breathless. Is Natalie Reed “just a crazy guy”? How I wish his profound insensitivity, entitlement, vengefulness and delusional narcissism could be reduced to that– to an anomaly.
    Reed is willing to disrupt and disrespect an event meant to remember, honour and mourn women killed by a misogynist, just so he can get to jab at his real or imagined enemies? 
    To Natalie Reed: shame on you. If I could be in Vancouver on that day, I would say it to your face. Have you no sense of decency? Take a break from gazing in the mirror, please, and look at pictures of those 14 women and try to understand why they are dead. Feminists aren’t a danger to the world; men are. Shame on YOU!

  10. Thank you so much for letting us know about this. I re-posted in 5 fb groups.
    I just want all the women who work for these men, defend them, harass us on their behalf to explain this one. No matter how many times we describe what the men who appropriate female identity do, they say, “that’s just one ‘transwoman. You’re being unfair to the rest.” How many of these men does it take before it is clear to everyone that they are men, and among the most female-hating of all men? Women who support them are collaborators and accomplices in their crimes against all females.

    1. “the consequences of exclusion of or unwelcoming attitudes towards trans women in women’s spaces, organizations, communities, etc.”
      Let’s face it, in trans fantasy land, we’d have a ‘transwoman’ complaining bitterly about being escorted out of the building, rather than being allowed to stay inside and get murdered with her ‘sisters’…………….
      It’s NOT about you!
      “and my ongoing inability to find any suitable support or resources”
      Again, expects the rest of us to set-up what he needs (trans rape support services since he himself sees fit to distinguish it), rather than getting the trans community to actually get off their arses and do something for themselves! Nope, MUCH rather harrass women and feminists trying to do anything/something, even if it’s NOT ABOUT THEM!
      Yep, harrassing a rape crisis centre, harrassing a memorial event, they really CARE so much about (other) women……………………
      Plus why do they never see fit to check the names of the feminists they are denigrating — JEFFREYS is her surname.

    1. “Die cis scum”
      Again instead of using the non existent word “transphobia” he uses a second new fictitious word…”cis” as in “cisgender”. Funny thing is my spell check doesn’t recognize this word and neither does the Merriam Webster dictionary.
      This poor sick puppy thinks he can say and do as he please; that’s what happens when one’s a male.

      1. As you will be aware, absence of a word in “the” dictionary does not mean it isn’t a word. Cis is a word. It is a word few of us who frequent this site agree with, but it’s a word. (The basics of lexicography are a tad off topic for this site, but I had to point the foregoing out.)

      2. Yes, if you are a chemist, or studying chemistry, it’s a word with a lot of meaning, elsewhere … not so much, except as a good signpost as to who to keep away from

      3. @Joe Clark – absolutely, it is a word. And the real meaning of the word is “not trans” – it doesn’t exist except in opposition to the word “trans.” “Trans” is the outlier, the odd one, the original condition that was different and so requiring a word, and there was no need for “cis” (because “not-trans” was just “normal, no need for a word”).
        But if you ever go out on some sites and say that yes, “cis” just means “not trans” in that way, you will now be branded as transphobic. Yes, things have gone that far.

      4. Old Music
        I didn’t know the word “cisgender” existed in chemistry; hell I wasn’t aware that we were talking about chemistry. Last time I checked we were talking about this sorry excuse for a man that’s trying to protest a remembrance day for these biological female victims.

      5. The word ‘cis’ does exist in chemistry, it’s used along with ‘trans’ to describe the different possible arrangement of atoms within a molecule.
        I realise this side-thread is a bit off-topic, my aim was to respond to Joe Clark’s attempt at a derailment, by pointing out that ‘cis’ is a meaningful term *only* within chemistry.
        I don’t comment on this blog frequently, but I am a radical feminist, not a supporter of trans theory, and I was in no way trying to minimize what this particular post is about, my apologies if it appeared that I was.

  11. Where are the trans* activists who are taking a public stand against this sickening behavior by some of their own?
    Anyone seeing any feminist of any kind doing any form of disrupting Trans* Day of Remembrance events?
    The more people question, the more people figure it out.

    1. NA – it’s interesting that over the last two years, a lot of trans activism has moved to facebook, which is obviously a space where there can be no privacy. (Considering they’re the biggest data miners outside of the NSA.)
      I was remarking to an mtf friend earlier tonight that the move from tumblr to fb almost seems on purpose, because on facebook it’s easier for them to avoid criticism. My friend said she really wanted to comment on Red Durkin’s posts about this protest on fb, but also is very concerned about outing herself on there. It can be difficult for us to speak up, because there can be real consequences!
      But of all the horrible things I’ve read on gt the last year, this one really takes the cake. Still trying to formulate a response, which isn’t incompatible with my life going forward. Total “too complex situation”, a la de Beauvoir!

      1. Thanks for the reply, snowflakeespecial. Interesting points about the move to FB. I understand your concerns; given this level of sickness, I have no doubt that Natalie and others of that persuasion would be only too happy to harm anyone who disagreed with them and in the most harmful way possible. They plainly believe they are at war; we would be wise to see that with wide open eyes.
        We have screen caps, Gallus’s reporting, our own blogs, and other places to at least try to get the word out. While the people who have completely taken over all of the more widely-distributed news/opinion/advocacy organizations and outlets stay silent. Many because they don’t give a shit, a few because they agree with Natalie, and maybe a few more who see this for what it is and are afraid of getting shit splashed on them if they wade in.

  12. Donation made. So fucking angry at these vile, psychotic, disgusting women-haters. Classic that they are trying to turn this event into one focused on their poor little oppressed selves. I’d put them all in boot camp. I hope the Vancouver Library and Vancouver Rape Relief will have sufficient resources to keep Janice safe, as well as the memorial’s other speakers and legitimate attendees.
    I’ve read Dr. Raymond’s new book, too (“Not a Choice, Not a Job”), and not surprisingly, it’s truly brilliant.

  13. I am so angry about this. Natalie Reed is a piss-poor excuse for a human being. How dare she plan to protest a day of rememberance for a day where women got massacred?? What sort of a monster is she?

    1. Natalie Reed is a man. That is what kind of monster he is. A male one that demands every female pander and role play for him in his long dreary tedious sexual fanstasy of femulating whilst he holds his dick and forces women to refer to his hard on as little bo peep. Women’s lives only pale in comparision to his fetish, that must at all cost be percieved and presented as something that matters in the world. Because who really gives a fuck about this sick dude. The Reed guy is a hairs breath away from rapist. And forcing women to pretend he is anything remotely ralated to woman. Trans is the embodiment of the Patriarchy taken to the most mysgynistic extreem. The logical conclusion of male domination of women and male abuse. These men have reached the pinicle of male power and male delusion based in their sexual fetish.

  14. I don’t understand how someone so hateful and bigoted and invested in the oppression of a marginalized and oppressed group can call themselves a feminist. Your hatred is repugnant. People should raise funds to protect people like you from the public. People like you are responsible for the oppression of women all over the world. Your hatred of trans people is shameful and I hope the VPL is able to see you and VRR as a hate group.

    1. STFU, shitsmear. Your histrionics in calling Vancouver Rape Relief a “hate group” tells us all we need to know about you. Canada’s own Supreme Court agreed with VRR, you idiot. But I know, it hurts so baaaaad that men in dresses can’t show up in hospital ERs to “counsel” women who have just been raped, in order to make themselves feel oh-so-womanly. We get it, poor you. Now be a good boy and go wank off to your collection of diaper porn.

    2. Men are hardly marginalized. By Trans, people you mean the men that demand women role play in their delusion. Those are women hating men. They are men. They are not women and we do not have to play and pretend they are. You are welcome to so. You can give them blow jobs for all I care but don’t tell women what to do. Feminists care about women and children–the male sexual fantasy is not what I would call a social concern and certainly not a concern of feminism. Women do not need to pander to men and calling a man a man is not hatred it is reality–try it. You are going to look like a huge and stupid jack ass in a few years when the social cache of this little fad fades.

  15. What a dick this Reed character is. How is this kind of ‘protest’ going to engender sympathy for Trans* victims of violence? Quite the opposite I imagine, which is a shame, cos no one deserves to be raped, beaten or murdered, whatever their ‘gender’ or their politics. This looks like a massive own-goal in the making.
    Amazing that these activists continue to stoke the fires of hatred against Raymond and her ilk year after year – and for what? Is fomenting bitterness and scapegoating women going to end men’s violence? What a waste of energy! Raymond wrote her polemic, Stone wrote right back… isn’t that how academic debate and democracy is supposed to work? Win over the public with passion and strong arguments… or not.
    I don’t see women using such crass tactics where gatherings for Trans* solidarity and remembrance are concerned: the recent Trans* Pride event in Brighton went off peacefully from what I heard (from a Lesbian friend) supported by many ‘cis’ women and men. Start your own support for domestic abuse/rape survivors group, Natalie – men have done just that; gays and Lesbians have done that.
    Show some respect.
    And just a thought: if one of the engineering students in Vancouver back in ’89 had been Trans* (when Lépine asked the men to leave) gotta wonder whether he’d have stayed or bailed when he had the chance…

      1. This is awful to think about–it’s the stuff that nightmares are made of. However, that’s what we do: imagine ourselves in that classroom. The young women–some of them anyway–tried to save their lives by proclaiming that they were NOT feminists. So, I think it is safe to say that if a trans woman were in that classroom, she would’ve renounced her womanhood without a second thought. Lépine, though, probably would’ve BELIEVED in her womanhood.
        True story: one night not long after the massacre, a creepy man watched me from a bench while I’ll worked all alone, in a retail shop in a mall. Just as I was about to close up, this creep came into the store, carrying a large duffle bag, and wanted to talk with me about Marc Lépine. My knees were shaking so badly that I smiled and agreed with everything he said about how women no longer know their place, how their most important roles are as mothers and helpmeets for men. It crossed my mind that he might rape or kill me, so I thought that mollifying him was the best approach that I could take.
        Twenty-four years later, and that fear is still fresh. And, yet, for these trans-activists, a memorial event such as this is an opportunity to educate women about rampant “trans-misogyny” in such “hateful,” woman-only places such as rape crisis centres? These are no sisters of mine.

  16. holy shit, i literally cannot believe how hateful and disgusting this article is.
    first of all, natalie is a transgendered woman and should be respected as such, whether someone transitions or not does not invalidate their gender, which, surprise! has NOTHING to do with the sex you’re born with (you know… your junk. yeah that. they’re not connected).
    that being said, the goal is not to disrespect those who died because of binary (male/female identified) sexist ideals, the idea is that feminism is still extremely, EXTREMELY, transphobic, and this article is a perfect example. oh no, a transwoman wants the feminist movement to be a safe space for her and her friends, one where they don’t have to deal with cissexist remarks like “Well, you’re not a REAL WOMAN until you get rid of your penis!” or “Well, if you’re a man, why do you have your breasts???” the ignorance of transgender issues in the feminist community is appalling, and to attack activists this way is counterproductive. this remembrance day was founded by cis (by the way, cis is a word to identify those whose gender identity matches the one associated with their birthsex, not “female born”, do your homework) people, and of course, will exclude transwomen and other feminine individuals from participating peacefully because somehow they’re “Not real women!”
    articles like this are exactly why the trans community feels the need to fight so hard, because even our supposed allies are excluding us and putting us down. feminism is about universal quality for the privileged and dispriviledged. pull your head out of your ass and realize that.

    1. “first of all, natalie is a transgendered woman and should be respected as such”
      A day of remembrance for murdered women is being disrupted, and “first of all”, we need to respect the identity of the person with a penis who’s disrupting it? What the everlasting fuck?

    2. Oh wow, yet another dude who shows up here not having read any other posts, and seeks to “educate” us. *yawn* I can’t believe the arrogance and condescension. Oh, just kidding, of course I can! LOL! 🙂
      “…one where they don’t have to deal with cissexist remarks like “Well, you’re not a REAL WOMAN until you get rid of your penis!” or “Well, if you’re a man, why do you have your breasts???” – Dude, you do realize that many of those comments are made from one tranny to another, right? (Oh! Go cry! I used the word “tranny”! Go cry now, about how you’re the most oppressest!) Call us when the trans movement gets its shit together, mmmkay? I’ve never seen such wildly disparate opinions, beliefs, and goals within one interest group. Seriously. I’ve read so many times where there’s a trans person screaming at someone, seeking to sanctimoniously “educate” them, and they’re saying the exact opposite of what some other trans person has screamed at someone. At this point, all I can do is laugh at the total clusterfuck that is the trans “movement”. You guys are a riot! It’s like watching a Benny Hill skit, complete with ‘Yakety Sax’ playing in the background.
      “…the ignorance of transgender issues in the feminist community is appalling.”
      The ignorance of feminist issues in the transgender community is appalling. There, FTFY.
      “…matches the one associated with their birthsex, not “female born”, do your homework) people…”
      OMG, you did not just post that. Well, yes you did. But with that single pompous action, you showed yourself as yet another bumptious fool who didn’t bother reading anything else at this site, so you’d know your audience before posting. Now I really can’t take you seriously.
      “… even our supposed allies…” Supposed allies?!! Where the hell’d you get the idea that I’m your ally?! News flash: I’m not allies with people who would seek to desecrate an event to memorialize the victims of the Montreal Massacre. I’m not allies with men who think they can co-opt womanhood. Go suck on that, loser.

    3. Who the hell cares how a community of men feel? Are you for real?
      I love this “Do your homework,” He is here to educate women.
      Mister porn soaked autogynephilia hath spoken and says we better respect him as he role plays.
      Good god men are such assholes. Loose translation: Gender means his hard-on in a skirt, binary means his hard-on in size 14 pumps, birthsex, his precum, transphobic–he ejaculates (hand the guy a klenex) ick.
      These guys are all about one thing and one thing only–having their erection honored as the new civil rights cause. Here’s his logic–Respect?.Why? Oh because a man demands it. Take your sick porn soaked brain and move along nobody believs a word of your horseshit and you sound even stupider than Mr. Reed. News flash, there is no such thing as Transgender—it is an invention created by men for men and just an attempt to obscure a male sexual compulsion and fetish.

    4. I’m partial to a bit of death metal, deathmetal. A lotta folk reckon it’s just noise, but once you’ve listened to it awhile, it starts to give up its meaning: you can make out the words amongst the growling; recognize the structure and the sense of the notes.
      Not so your little spiel. Trans*women haven’t been excluded out of some blind, irrational hatred – or at all, as far as I can tell from the blurb. If any such persons wish to attend the event to pay their respects to the dead, I doubt they will be attacked. But activists like Reed hijacking the event to push their own agenda? If Reed is so very ‘female’ then why isn’t ‘she’ standing with other women to condemn the perp and show respect? Why instead make it all about ‘her’. It’s politicking; selfish and offensive. It’s not women who are killing and abusing Trans*folk in the main (as well as ‘cis’ women and men) and by the thousands every year; nope, that would be men (like myself, and you too I’m guessing). Go picket them.

      1. “Go picket them.” Exactly. They have every right to name their abusers, rapists and murderers: men. But, women make better targets. It’s easy to push around feminists, who do not have much support, and whose sex-based oppression always comes last in importance, if it is acknowledged at all.
        Deathmetal sounds like a spoiled little boy who’s enraged at his mean mom for setting limits on his behaviour. She just doesn’t “get it,” the old, out-of-touch hag, so he has to yell and pound his fists until she capitulates out of fear and exhaustion.

      2. @Morag – EXACTLY this. All the talk about how dangerous it is for M2T to use the men’s room, all the talk about how many murders are happening, the lists at the TDOR – who is doing that killing? MEN, that’s who.
        But no one wants to confront heterosexual men on this, far easier to go after women, either by implying that our rhetoric is what is somehow “forcing” these men to do the murdering (because yeah, some man is really going to decide it’s okay to murder an M2T individual in the bathroom because I don’t consider that M2T to be a woman) or else outright going after sex with women under the “cotton ceiling” banner.
        @Guls – agreed, if some M2T (or just regular ol’ men for that matter!) want to come to the event for the purpose it is held, to mourn the death of those women, no doubt they’d be welcomed. Even this M2T who was told not to work the front lines of the rape crisis center wasn’t just pushed away, he was given chances to help out in the back operations, to give money, to help with logistics, all of this.
        Which is as it should be – and the fact that he can’t accept that but insists on being on the front lines, is what has me side-eyeing. Because the issue is that giving money or working behind the scenes helping to arrange space or keep a computer site up and running doesn’t provide explicit “validation as a woman, from women” which is what they’re actually after.
        So many of those same people will, when the discussion is about other issues, ethnic community issues and whatnot, happily agree that yes outsiders can help with events but they should take the back room, not-flashy jobs, they should let people who are actually members of the community take the front lines. But somehow this is different?

      3. Hey Adrian–I think that maybe trans women (I.e., men) perversely identify with their abusers, rapists and killers BECAUSE they are men. 
        Like other low status men who are oppressed by more powerful men, they almost never attack the patriarchal system itself, but instead seek to better benefit from it (at women’s expense, of course).
        They are, as has been said over and over, quite conservative–NOT progressive at all, despite all the colour and theatrics. All that boundary violation, all that destruction of language and meaning, is not to subvert and overthrow power structures (the goal of radical feminism). Their goal is to exploit liberal attitudes and coax those oppressive power structures to accommodate them–as well as to accommodate their compulsion to dissolve the categories that thwart their desires, to violate boundaries, and to safely appropriate an oppressed identity, except without the oppression part–that’s for biological women, for the female SEX! In other words, to enter the mainstream, with male privileges, and leave misogyny intact and patriarchy unchallenged.
        But someone still has to take the blame for their low status and the threats they face. So the male hatred and violence toward trans women has to be relocated somewhere safe, via lies and propaganda, from where trans-activists can better strategize their entry into the mainstream. 
        That place is the realm of radical feminism. Which they have renamed an oppressive hate group made up of, not women, but “cis women,” and whose speech is not one of liberation, but of violent “exclusion.” If there’s anything those who benefit from patriarchy detest, it’s a radical feminist. So trans activists, in spite of being objects of revulsion and violence from mostly the right-wing, are nonetheless guaranteed enough support and backing from both liberals AND anti-feminists.
        That’s all trans “women” need to know about radical feminism to make it work for them: that people everywhere, and always, will attempt to silence and crush it. Trans women, ironically, have a great, ready-made power resource that they can tap into, albeit obliquely: misogyny! 

    5. “the goal is not to disrespect those who died because of binary (male/female identified) sexist ideals”
      Right…sexism is just identifying people as female or male, not the slaughter of females by males that happens all over the world. And your ‘male/female identified’ thing, as if females are equally responsible for this and as if ‘identity’ has anything to do with it. And of course it isn’t disrespectful to females for males like you to protest (protest!) the remembrance of the slaughter of a group of females (killed for being female, by a male), because males like you get aggressive when they don’t get enough attention from females.
      A ‘transgendered woman’ is just a synonym for an especially entitled male, btw. You are yet another example of that. Fuck off.

    6. We are not ignorant of transgender issues. We simply don’t buy into the transgender rhetoric of “born in the wrong body” or “it’s a birth defect” or believe that there is any such thing as a “woman brain.”
      I read around, I definitely know the rhetoric, I actually follow the arguments and read around the sites. I’m just on the other side, purposefully.
      Live and let live (unfortunately these women at the Ecole Polytechnic were not allowed to live). I’m not going to go around harassing you in the street or anything like that. You’re human, I’m human, we have dignity. But that doesn’t mean I have to consider you to be a woman or consider you to have any idea about what a woman’s experience involves. Case closed.
      Feminism is about the liberation of WOMEN. You know, a class of people who are denied various things by OTHER PEOPLE based on the physical reality of, yes, our junk.

    7. We know what “cis” means. Personally I don’t see why we need a term for people who *don’t* suffer from gender dysphoria. It’d be like having specific terms for people who don’t have cancer or don’t have schizophrenia. It’s asinine.

    8. “Not a real woman until”= things transgender individuals say to each other. I don’t believe a man is ever a real woman, no matter how much money he spends to become one.
      Cis is rarely used EXCEPT as a reference to women, usually feminists. So yeah, that’s exactly what it means, and it is a derogatory term.

  17. Professor Raymond is only one of several distinguished speakers. She will be speaking on prostitution. Raymond served as the co-executive director of the Coalition Against Trafficking in Women, International (CATW), a nongovernmental organization in consultative status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council.
    Below is a video of Professor Raymond stating unequivocally that she opposes the trafficking and prostitution of any group of people, women, men, children, and transsexuals. I’m assuming that this video is real.

    I think this goes deeper than just Professor Raymond. People need some background information. Some transgender activists just won’t let the Kimberley Nixon case go, and this is still eating at them.
    “Given VRR’s trans-exclusionist policies, history of trans-misogyny, … dismissal of Kimberly Nixon”
    Chronology of events in
    Kimberly Nixon vs Vancouver Rape Relief Society

    1. Anyone who has only foamed over her ‘Transsexual Empire’, do yourself a solid and read her other stuff. Her ‘Not A Choice…’ is some powerful, important stuff, and how anyone could discount that I do not even know. She is definitely not someone I’d like to see shut down.

  18. isn’t natalie reed that same idiot who educates lesbians about how they should like dick but who doesn’t want to sleep with trans men because they’re not male enough for her
    go figure

  19. Nat Reed is also the genius who said this:
    “Gender identity is an internal sense of self and what one fundamentally is. It’s the sense of being a man or a woman (or both, or neither, or in-between, or something else). It is divorced from concepts of what a man or woman is or isn’t supposed to be like, and appears to be very much innate and unchanging. It also appears to be related to the neurological ‘body map’ and relationship to one’s body- feelings of either comfort or alienation.”

    Nat has not only hitched his wagon to “feminism” but to “skepticism” while clearly having the polar opposite disposition and world-views of both of those, as well as the intellectual capacity to understand neither. It’s a pathetic reflection on not only him, but on the people who think his gibberish actually means something.

  20. We know how difficult it is for some people that libraries house books containing ideas that they do not agree with… LMAO!
    We know how challenging it is for men to refrain from burning books and banning books and silencing the speech of women … LMAO!
    We empathize with how troubling it is to know that some women have ideas in their heads that you don’t like and cannot control… LMAO!
    VPL statement regarding speaker Janice Raymond at Vancouver Rape Relief event at the central library
    There has been significant concern expressed to the Vancouver Public Library about a speaker scheduled for a Vancouver Rape Relief and Women’s Shelter event on Nov. 30 at the central library downtown. VRR has rented space at the library to hold this event, and one of the speakers, Janice Raymond, is recognized for her controversial opinions against transgenderism and her position on the sex trade.
    Vancouver Public Library is not hosting or endorsing this event. VPL understands why VRR’s choice of speaker for their event is concerning for many people. Since the initial concerns were raised, VPL staff have read further about Raymond’s work. She is most definitely controversial and we can see why her publications on transgenderism are hurtful for and offensive to many of our patrons and residents and why her position on the sex trade is challenging given the discourse on harm reduction and the sex trade.
    As a public space, we make our rooms and spaces at the central library available to community members and groups for a rental fee; as part of our rental agreement, the renter/presenter agrees not to contravene the Criminal Code of Canada and the B.C. Human Rights Code during the course of their rental/program. All renters must sign this agreement and agree to these terms.
    Arising from the concerns raised about the speaker’s writings and our subsequent review of her work, VPL events staff have connected with the staff at VRR to ensure they recall the terms of the agreement and their contractual requirement to meet these terms.
    VRR has assured us that they will meet the terms of the rental agreement in that their speaker and their activities will not contravene the Criminal Code of Canada or the B.C. Human Rights Code; based on those assurances, VPL cannot cancel the rental.
    We understand why Raymond’s presence is offensive to many – regardless of what she actually discusses – because of her thoughts on transgenderism and the sex trade; however, VPL cannot ban someone or a community group such as VRR from public space or prejudice their right to rent public space based on what they think. The fact that Raymond has controversial ideas does not mean that she should be barred from speaking, provided she stays within the bounds of the Criminal Code and the B.C. Human Rights Code.
    At VPL, we use the B.C. Human Rights Code and Criminal Code of Canada as our litmus tests for the limits of free speech because we have to make space for all ideas in our community as per the Charter of Rights and Freedoms – even those ideas we personally or institutionally disagree with because, as a society, we are better off when we all have free speech – not just those people who agree with us.
    Using the law as our lens allows us to use objective factors for evaluation because personal ideas of right and wrong vary based on personal history, religion, political belief, culture, gender and the many other facets that make us each individual in our beliefs.
    This commitment to free speech and intellectual freedom are the fundamental core values of public libraries and are bedrock values for democratic society.
    What we at VPL can confirm for our community as a whole is that if the situation were reversed and a session that the transgender community was holding at the library was experiencing such controversy and criticism, we would stand by that rental as well, subject to the same room-use regulations regarding content not contravening the Criminal Code and the B.C. Human Rights Code. The same commitment would be made for rentals for events on sex trade workers’ rights.
    We know how difficult it is for many people when they hear that a public library is holding books, is hosting a program, or, as in this case, is renting a room to a group that/who discusses ideas that so directly oppose their own world view or that they see as fundamentally wrong.
    But even as public libraries may be criticized for doing so, we must stay true to the role that public libraries play in the community: to provide access to the wide world of ideas, knowledge, and culture – even if the content is considered unconventional, unpopular, or unacceptable by some – and to provide space for the community to individually contemplate ideas or to gather to discuss ideas, even controversial ones.
    VPL cares deeply about respecting the diversity of our community – intellectually, socially, and culturally. We would gladly welcome any community group working with or representing transgender residents or sex trade workers to rent our space to offer programming on transgender and/or sex trade worker concerns and issues. And we will work as diligently to protect your rights to free speech and intellectual freedom.
    To ensure accessibility of public space, other programming rooms are available for free to non-profit community groups, provided there is no registration fee for the event.
    Likewise, we invite any community group to propose a program partnership with VPL that they would like to see. Our programming team is interested in exploring such an opportunity. Individual community members may also approach us with programming ideas.
    We hope this information helps our patrons and residents understand the rationale for why VPL will allow this rental to continue, as well as explains how community members and groups can mobilize to work with VPL to leverage public library spaces to create awareness of the importance of respecting and supporting Vancouver’s transgender community.
    Sandra Singh
    Chief Librarian
    Vancouver Public Library
    Nov. 22, 2013

    1. Yes, despite the neutral decision, this is a biased public statement.
      Vancouver Public Library just rolled its eyes in disgust at Janice Raymond while silently mouthing “we’re so sorry” to the trans-activists. “Ugh, free speech,” they are saying, with their hands up in surrender, “what can we do? Our hands are tied!”
      Even when women “win,” we come in last.

      1. I picked up on that too, Morag, though unlike you I wasn’t able to let it come to the fore of my consciousness. In retrospect, I think my initial appreciation of Singh’s letter should be tempered. I was just so glad that the library wasn’t backing out that I let it color my response. I’m sorry about that.
        That’s what I love about this website – smart people, who see right through the smokescreens, post here. Thanks for your incisiveness, Morag.

      2. …and everyone else who posts here too, I’ll add, including of course our host. I learn so much from all of you – especially how to give words to what I’m seeing. Thank you.

    2. Saying that a Y chromosome is male is “hurtful for and offensive” to some? Jesus Christ. They’re a fucking library. Go look up a biology text book.
      Can you imagine if trans got their way?
      “Men and women are determined by their brain sex, which can change over time. Also, reproduction doesn’t matter. Because fuck you cis-scum”.
      Why do no scientists call them out on their bullshit? It’s illogical. There is no way of measuring “Womanly” or “manly” feelings because they don’t fucking exist. There are no woman thoughts, man thoughts, black thoughts or Asian thoughts. It boggles the mind that they can dupe so many people into thinking this bullshit exists.
      I liked the rest of it the response though.

      1. Yes, I suppose Galileo’s support of Copernicus’s earth-orbits-the-sun theory was considered hate speech by the Vatican as well. Yes, it all comes clear to me now.

      2. It’s baffling how they assume that anybody who has ever said anything not in line with the weird belief system of trans is constantly spouting ‘hate speech’ wherever they go.

  21. An outrageous level of entitlement only a man could have –
    disrupting a day of remembrance for women who were killed for
    being feminists, to advance some shitty trans agenda. Super classy, laydees. Why not do it on any other day, trans “feminists”? You don’t see anyone being this dick-in-brain entitled about TG day of remembrance.

  22. I remember when this happened. I was at the Women’s Crafts Fair in San Francisco that weekend, and Z Budapest spontaneously organized a vigil outside the Crafts Fair to honor and mourn these women and the violence done to them. I attended that vigil and remember well that horror. We each felt that fear that ANY strong group of womyn could be murdered by men who don’t like strong, smart and savvy women who stand up for themselves. “An injury to one is an injury to all”….
    I’m absolutely disgusted to hear that once again the misogyny and REAL woman hatred of MTF’s is peeking through again. In no way are they female or women…they only show by such actions what sexist, misogynistic MEN they are, despite their outward physical appearance and mannerisms….

  23. Statement regarding Dr. Janice Raymond speak at the Montreal Massacre Memorial
    Friday, November 22, 2013
    Every year, since December 6th, 1989 when 14 female engineering students at École Polytechnique in were massacred by a man who stated that he “hated feminists”, Vancouver Rape Relief has been marking the day to memorialize the women he killed and strengthen our fight to end male violence against women. We feature topics and speakers at the Vancouver Public Library based on what are the most pressing issues and what the public in Vancouver would find most educational. In 2013 by far one of the most prominent debates is Canada’s laws surrounding prostitution which the Supreme Court of Canada is currently deciding.
    Given that, we have invited one of the leading, internationally recognized, advocate and scholar on that issue, Dr. Janice G. Raymond to speak about her extensive equality seek work on prostitution as a form of violence against women.
    Dr. Raymond ia Professor Emerita of Women’s Studies and Medical Ethics at the University of Massachusetts and a the former executive director of the Coalition Against Trafficking in Women (CAT-W). Her new book titled “Not a Choice, Not a Job: Exposing the Myths about Prostitution and the Global Sex Trade”.
    Her expertise has been instrumental in campaigning to have prostitution recognized as a form of violence against women — a view shared by many equality seeking women’s groups across Canada. Janice’s research and advocacy helped define the UN Protocol to Prevent, Suppress and Punish Trafficking in Persons (Palermo Protocol). She is an important and highly valued ally in the fight to end the prostitution and trafficking of women and girls worldwide and we are honored to have her speaking at the Montreal Massacre Memorial.
    Since the controversy in the past few days surrounding our decision to invite Dr. Janice Raymond, we have received many letters of appreciation and donations from around the world. We are encouraged and grateful for this support.
    In Solidarity,
    The collective of Vancouver Rape Relief and Women’s Shelter

    1. Brava, Vancouver Rape Relief! This is much better than that weasly, trans ass kissing “statement” by the library.

    2. The statement includes the very paragraph that capsulizes WHY twanz wants to protest…so many of them are engaged in sex work of some type and, being the males that they are, do not want anyone pointing out that sex work is, indeed, a form of violence. So, they then resort to what males are so prone to do…attempting to censor by the act of seeking to silence women from speaking on such issues.

      1. I don’t know, I think the overlap between the trans who are actually engaging in survival sex work and the ones who advocate ‘sex positivity’ (pro porn, pro prostitution, etc) is probably fairly small. It seems similar to how the trans people who get killed are a different group than the ones who constantly shout (falsely) about how ‘1/12 trans women get killed!’ as a means of shutting down feminist discussions about females. The ones in prostitution (who, because prostitution is fucking DANGEROUS, are also the ones who end up dead — not that the sex-positive advocates give a shit) tend to be younger, poorer, less likely to be white, and attracted to men. The ones who advocate sex-positivity and use the deaths of the other trans males as a tool to bludgeon females tend to be older, whiter, wealthier, computer and porn obsessed, and ‘lesbian’.
        I don’t totally buy into Blanchard’s or Bailey’s ideas, but I think the broad outline of two ‘types’ of transsexuals is really quite sound. This doesn’t mean I think that ‘homosexual transsexuals’ are actually female, or women, or should transition any more than I think so for ‘autogynephilic transsexuals’ (and both are fueled by SEX more than by ‘gender identity’, which is crap). And of course both groups can be abhorrently misogynist. But I do think the distinction can be hugely explanatory, and important to keep in mind. 🙂

  24. Ashland–I hadn’t seen your comment on VPL’s statement before I published mine. It’s kind of funny, you know, that if I had, I may have doubted my own response to their statement. That’s the sad, honest truth! Because, doubting ourselves is part-and-parcel of being continually subjected to reversals, lies and gaslighting. When feminists are given permission to speak in public–as has Raymond in this case–too often, our first heart-felt response is to express relief and gratitude. They are, after all, “allowing” us to speak.
    Anyway, the meta-messages VPL included in their official statement reveal not just where their particular institutional sympathies lie, but, more important, where the sympathies of ALL our institutions lie: with the status quo. It’s just that their stance on intellectual freedom, which all public libraries adopt, forces them to make neutral choices.

    1. “Because, doubting ourselves is part-and-parcel of being continually subjected to reversals, lies and gaslighting.”
      Ain’t it the truth? It’s only when I reached my thirties that I really started to pay attention to how very often I doubted my own opinions, due to the above reasons (and then some).

  25. One of the most transphobic things I’ve read in a long time. It’s such a shame that never can an oppressed group (in this case, women) gain even the smallest level of liberation and equality without some within that group (in this case transpobic women) immediately using their newfound power to kick down against another oppressed group (in this case trans women). It’s so sad. This is why I fight for EQUALITY for ALL, not just for the liberation of one specific group.

    1. So true, isn’t it? Never can a minority group gain even the smallest level of liberation and equality without fucking it up! Those goddamned stupid-ass minorities! Thank god for dickhead white doods like you who show up to ‘splain our own liberation movements to us dumb cows. Thank you SO MUCH for showing up at a feminist blog to let us know the futility- NAY, the DANGER, of organizing a liberation movement prioritizing the status of female human beings. My god it’s not like I already have TEN HUNDRED THOUSAND identical comments from equally hand-waving, dismissive, pompus doods cluttering up my spam bin.
      How DARE women hold a memorial service for women murdered because a GUY LIKE YOU thought women ought’nt to be organizing as a class based on our shared oppression. A guy who -LIKE YOU- thinks minorities who gain even the smallest level of liberation become oppressors.
      “This is why I fight for EQUALITY for ALL, not just for the liberation of one specific group.” Of COURSE you do, you patronizing fuck. What the hell else would a white dood have to fight for? His right to party? His right to be anti-feminist? His right to undermine women who organize against sex-based class oppression? His right to promote and consume pornography and sexual exploitation of women?
      “..some within that group (in this case transpobic women) immediately using their newfound power to kick down against another oppressed group (in this case trans women)”
      I’m going to give you an act of kindness here, which you don’t deserve, having plunked your dick down on a feminist blog without having bothered to do the slightest bit of research before ejaculating all over it. But unlike yourself, I am a sweet and kind-hearted person, so I am going to illuminate you about the basics of oppression SIR.
      Those oppressed on the basis of sex cannot oppress members of the oppressor class based on sex. Those oppressed based on sex lack the institutional power to oppress ANYONE based on sex. DUH. You, sir, are an MRA. You believe females inflict sex-based oppression on males. You believe in “reverse sexism”, “reverse racism”, “reverse classism” and “reverse ableism”. You are an idiot. Which would be fine except it is guys like you that are the reason men like you are protesting a memorial service for women who were murdered by a man like you. You are a sick fuck. An ugly cruel man. Disgusting. It’s so sad. Sad for women, not for you who benefits greatly from your cruelty.
      Now scurry on back to your porn.

      1. Gallus let me just say that if I ever get the pleasure of meeting you in person, I would very much like to buy you a drink. Several drinks.

      2. I’ll chip in to make sure Gallus has a designated driver…hell, we probably need a bus by the time all the toasts and drink buying is done with 🙂

      3. I don’t know how you have the energy to respond with anything more than “fuck off asshole” to these tedious, unoriginal mansplaining bores but I’m so glad you do.

      1. We’re obviously MAD with POWER- organizing a memorial for human beings who were murdered for being FEMALE. Acting as if FEMALE human beings being raped and murdered en masse by males is a BAD THING. Stating that FEMALE bodies should not be objects that men sell to each other to rape and exploit! MAD with UPPITY DANGEROUS POWER. Allowing a woman who has stated that building an industry to support the medical enforcement of sex roles is a BAD THING, and that pathologizing those who fail to uphold the male dominant female subordinate sex hierarchy is NOT A GOOD THING to Actually SPEAK in PUBLIC like a regular HUMAN BEING!? Insisting that females have a right to gather and organize among ourselves as we see fit without male oversight? MAD WITH POWER. Recognizing that penis is male and that lesbians are female homosexuals? OUTRAGEOUS POWERMAD HATECRIME! Women providing reproductive clinics and rape crisis services for other FEMALES? ABUSE OF POWER! See WHAT HAPPENS when women get even the smallest level of liberation and equality?! THIS NEWFOUND POWER MUST BE STOPPED!

    2. There’s nothing about this day of remembrance that’s “kicking down” transpersons. What we have here is an unstable person who thinks they’re an activist protesting a gathering for women’s rights and the remembrance of 14 slain women because one person speaking there holds opinions they don’t like on one unrelated topic.

  26. I’m pretty sure Natalie Reed has actively spoken out AGAINST this protest idea? I think that’s pretty clear if you look at what she’s saying about it on any social media platform. To call her a “organizer” here is incredibly disingenuous and probably slanderous.

    1. No. Natalie most certainly did organize the protest, but, a few days ago, (perhaps after seeing the reaction against it?) Natalie called for a cancellation of the protest. Then another trans group decided to have a flashmob at L’École Polytechnique in protest. Natalie spoke out against the flashmob idea since it would look really bad and would appear if a bunch of men were protesting the memorialization of the horrific misogynistic murders of a group of women, which is exactly what they would be doing.

      1. Here’s the guy organizing the December 5th flashmob:

        He uses the alias “Hackmare”. Also “Rona Anne”.
        He is the secretary of Trans Alliance Society.

  27. It’s worth looking at Reed’s “clarification” ( — she claims to be totally uninvolved with any action that actually takes place. Reading her twitter feed is instructive — she’s terrified at the damage a protest is going to do to *her* since she’s widely perceived to have (and, well, actually did) spear-headed the protest. Self-centred, misogynistic, disrespectful piece of shit that she is.

  28. Excellent post, Gallus. I am sorry to comment so late. Just wanted to make 2 points. First, I find it incredibly appropriate that the thug who is organizing a protest of a rape shelter is also someone who has justified what is essentially rape by deception. Here’s “Natalie’s” blog entry of last year, justifying deceit to get a partner into bed:

    The “Ethical Imperative” Of Disclosure, or: How To Believe Your Victim Owes You An Opportunity For Abuse

    Truly a disgusting person. Read through those blog posts. It is nothing but a torrent of nastiness, hostility and hatred, coupled with unflagging self-righteousness. Fortunately, someone over at that site decided to pull the plug.
    Second, please do let us know what happens on the 30th. I suppose it is too much to hope that the lot of them will be arrested on the spot.

  29. Hi everyone,
    So this is a really interesting thread and I am pleased that our actions are bringing about discussion.
    I’d like to offer some clarifications, if I may, about the extremely creative things being attributed to me in this thread.
    First thing first… This is a Canadian debate where outsiders are welcome to provide helpful and respectful commentary but the rest of you who can not stay on message would be helpful if you could go bully a child somewhere rather than troll here. Its tiresome and makes it hard to follow the clear arguments being put forward here.
    The lesbian community, the trans community and the sex worker community in Vancouver have a long history with VRR. VRR is not the only sexual assault victim cricis support organization but are to our knowledge the last group in our revion to put militant convictions ahead of core mission. VRR continue to be regarded by our communities and several others as too hostile to recommend to our members in time of sexual assault crisis. Instead we send them to the larger, and more accepting WAVAW Rape Crisis Center whose philosophy and practice DOES NOT discriminate in practice against the groups I mentioned .
    Since I reached out to VRR in November this year, we are working with VRR on this matter and will continue to do so over the coming months. At this point we are only agreeing to talk to one another and try to o derstand each others’ needs and fears.
    I have been in communication with VRR core personnel. I spoke to VRR representatives at their event at the vancouver public library on Nov 30 and weagreed to continue our discussions in December after the smoke clears.
    Our core beliefs are the same on most points: sexual Violence affects everyone and every victim of sexual violence must have access to appropriate support. We also respect and recognize that VRR has a rich pedigree and rich history. We have VRR and its sister organizations to thank for the huge improvements to the status and safety of women in Canada and realize that their core actions are hugely beneficial to Canadian society.
    Already, VRR have clarified their position and standards regarding emergency response: they will extract any person regardless of personal history or affiliation or gender identity who is facing imminent danger of sexual assault.
    This is extremely encouraging and our communities welcome this statement as a very good step towards building trust. It remains to be seen whether this ideal plays out as actions, but our communities are hopeful. We look forward to be I g in a position where we can confirm this to be in practice.
    Where we diverge is on the idea of whether VRR, which is government funded, should be able to specialize in helpi g a subgroup of sexual assault victims that they identify with based on their philosophical ideals or if they should be providing equal access to all servi es to all victims of sexual violence.
    To be clear, in canada we have very strict rules about how charities can select the re ipients of their help, even more so if funded using public funds.
    And this is where our campaign and planned event comes in. During the event we will be bringing to the public in Canada the request that all Canadians who are victims of sexual violence deserve equal treatment by publicly funded providers regardless of the gender of the rapist, regardless of the gender of the victim, and regardless of the behaviour or lifestyle of the victim. We propose to Canada the oddly radical idea that a victim of sexual violence should not be revictimized by discrimination when they seek help.
    As to providing citations for my points I will not. I have received first hand accounts of galling problems from too many persons, which indicates that there is a problem in how things are done which needs to be addressed.
    All we are doing is to ask Canadian society to examine what is happening and ask ourselves if this can be done better.
    It is my sincere hope that ALL organizations in Canada will sign up to following our charter of rights and freedoms in this matter.
    I understand that some of what I propose is occurring is shocking to everyone here with a moral compass. Unfortunately so.etimes organizations lose sight of their fight and need to be given feedback.
    I m confident that VRR and the vulnerable counitiez will come to a common agreement on the best way forward on this and encourage any other organizations interested in a better world for all women to look at the examples of WAVAW, AMS SASC, and of VWSAC.
    I welcome thoughtful feedback or credible poi ts that would change my opinion.
    I invite everyone to participate in our video event on Dec 5 to bring attention to the gap in services that we see. Please contact me for details.
    Best regards, and hang on to your convictions.

    1. “Already, VRR have clarified their position and standards regarding emergency response: they will extract any person regardless of personal history or affiliation or gender identity who is facing imminent danger of sexual assault”
      1) So, what is the problem? They do extractions and then refer you to another service to better assist you. How is that problematic?
      If I went into a male refuge (and they do have those here), I would be directed to a female one. They are not equipped to ensure my wellbeing or safety, and would therefore guide me towards a a female shelter.
      “The U.S. Bureau of Justice Statistics (1999) estimated that 91% of U.S. rape victims are female and 9% are male, with 99% of the offenders being male”
      Gender is a made up hunk of horseshit. We deal in biological sex here. The statistics speak from themselves. Males attack females overwhelmingly. I don’t think all males are attackers, but most attackers are male.
      Which brings me to my questions:
      2) How many of the trans that went to the VRR for assistance still had a penis?
      3) There’s no way for you to branch off one of these organisations/services to create your own group to serve the needs of your community?
      4) Why do you need to go to the VRR? Different sexes have different needs. We have prostate cancer support groups that are publicly funded. Should I as a female (that obviously does not have a prostate) now claim that their groups are discriminatory against women?
      In Australia, we have counselling services especially for males as they have difficulty dealing or admitting to mental illness issues.
      5) Should I then create a movement to disrupt this because it excludes me as a female?
      6) Do males that identify as women have a right to government paid pap-smears? Even though there is no cervix, no uterus in their blind pouch and most MtT still retain male sex organs.
      “As to providing citations for my points I will not. I have received first hand accounts of galling problems from too many persons, which indicates that there is a problem in how things are done which needs to be addressed”
      Nope. This is conjecture. I am not going to take the word of a male whose primary concern when faced with a memorial about the massacre of females is “WHAT ABOUT ME?”
      I deal in evidence and fact. I do not want your opinions. I want news reports and statements. I want proof.
      And since we’ve got you here:
      7) Can you tell me exactly why it is that you think/feel you’re a woman? What exactly is this womanly essence (or whatever) that you feel you have?
      I look forward to you response,

      1. Hi bethanyalexandertate,
        Thank you for the questions and comments. I will endeavour to answer them concisely.
        1) Words are cheap, and there is very poor trust of VRR in Vancouver by some organizations and charities in the region. VRR claim to do the extractions but the trans community does not call them so we are in a lack of numbers. We would like, as I have told VRR before, to be able to trust them to do this but there have been a number of complaints about the outcomes that cause the transgender alliance and sex worker groups to instruct their members to stay away from VRR. We are, as I wrote, looking forward to clarification about the workflow processes they propose that would enable us to actually recommend them. as well, there can me MANY interpretations of ‘referring’. It can range from frogmarching out the door to acting as a facilitator and doing an actual referral.
        I believe personally that on this point we can find common ground if VRR is able to explain to us what their methodologies are and if we are able to trust them.
        2) I don’t know, but since M2F surgery is paid for by state medical insurance here, not necessarily that many. VRR’s point is not that there is a penis in their definition of a ‘man’ but that there once was one. Note that this definition runs contrary to provincial practices. In BC, I am legally female, and have corresponding sex markers on medical insurance and driver’s license. Anyways, how would VRR even KNOW that people have a penis…. REALLY! Presumably they dont do vagina tests on their clients, right? Their VERY TENUOUS argument is that they do peer counselling and can not counsel persons brought up as male due to lack of knowledge…
        3) So, the point here is that VRR is 60-70% state funded and there is a standard for the behaviour of state-funded organizations when it comes to discrimation. Yes, there could be a way to branch off funding, except I doubt that VRR would part with that fraction of their budget willingly.
        4) VRR is one of 2 sexual assault centers for women. For men, there is another sexual assault center. The other center, the WAVAW Rape Cricis Center, DOES accept transgender women.
        See point 3 above about funding.
        It certainly IS an option to elect to have WAVAW be funded to provide sexual assault support services that VRR would not be able/willing to provide. That said, the funding would need to be looked at. The group of organizations that are poorly supported by VRR that I am working on this project for will be looking into this moving forward. It is our long term goal, though, to have any call for help from a rape victim answered positively. Today, VRR does not fulfil what we feel is the mandate of a governement-funded sexual assault support center (to rescue, counsel, support victims of sexual assault).
        5) We are a set of public charities acting in the public interest as defined in Canada. Canada has a very clear set of rules for the behaviour of charities, and we are asking Canadian society by pointing out via social commentary and a public-awareness-raising campaign to evaluate the adequacy of the services provided by our rape relief organizations in the harsh light of day, devoid of marketing spin or slant. We are not disrupting anyone while embarking on this exercise. There has been a lot of noise on this thread about all kinds of hyperbolic things, but the end result of the VRR fundraiser event was that there was no disruption and that dialogue was started. I would actually say that it took a great deal of effort on many peoples’ part to avoid disruption of the VRR event and to respect one another.. It is fair to say that the invitation of Raymond to the VRR fundraising event was the catalyst for this initiative, but it is no more than that. We as a group of organizations have taken the advice of other charities operating in the same region and have not challenged VRR.
        6) There are no males that identify as women in Canada. Our legal and medical framework has evolved away from that antiquated viewpoint 10 or 20 years ago.
        I think you mean genetic males…
        Everyone in Canada has a right to a pap smear, but no doctor would prescribe one to a woman who has had a hysterectomy or to a woman born with male primary sex characteristics or to a male. I accuse you of asking a leading question here… You presume that somebody who has a male body is any more “wrong” to get included under standard screening than any genetic woman for whom that screening is irrelevant. I would appreciate it if you could ask your questions less agressively when it comes to describing what in trans women is effectively the same as what there is in a post-hysterectomy woman. Would it be acceptable for women to be required to prove they do have a cervix, a uterus,and no “blind pouch” before you consider giving them female privilege? before they can be helped in a sexual assault cricis center?
        Your point about dealing with proof for my claims is interesting. Please contact me separately at with your verifiable press credentials and specific request and after vetting you I will provide you proof.
        I will say this, though… A VRR representative stated to me on Friday to have transgender women volunteering for them. I asked if they could get a trans woman to vouch for them, they refused to “out” their poster girl…
        So,this is the funny thing about proof and cheap talk… it comes out of everywhere
        7) What makes me feel like a woman? My mind and my heart. It is both intangible and quite tangible. Your question here, in this context, is valid and a very good one. That said, this is a blog where it is very hard to answer differently than this:
        I am convinced of it because I have always suspected it since my earliest memory and started to be increasingly sure over the first 20 years of my life until I became downright concerned that I was something I didnt see role models for, until I was downright terrified of it for the next 20 years and kept it buried as far down as I could… until I could not hide from it any more and felt that the only way to stay sane was to admit it to myself.
        More importantly, though, I know because it feels right for me, because I ran out of other plausible explanations, and because I really like who I am and who I now allow others to see.
        I hope my answers were useful.

        1. Morgane said: “I am convinced of it because I have always suspected it since my earliest memory and started to be increasingly sure over the first 20 years of my life until I became downright concerned that I was something I didnt see role models for, until I was downright terrified of it for the next 20 years and kept it buried as far down as I could… until I could not hide from it any more and felt that the only way to stay sane was to admit it to myself.”
          Morgane, please see:

          …and the other tropes there. It’s the same familiar misogynistic song & dance. As someone who has “been there,” let me suggest that instead of just wallowing self-indulgently in autogynephilia and “gender dysphoria,” it’s far more principled to just get OVER it!

      2. Mogane – AGAIN. Which public charities are YOU CLAIMING to REPRESENT.
        “We are a set of public charities”
        ” We as a group of organizations”

      3. Morgane,
        You’re asking us to take the word of some delusional tranny who thinks it’s fine to protest the vigil of 14 women who were brutally murdered. That’s not going to cut it when you make absurd allegations against VRR, an organization that actually HELPS women. In short, I simply don’t believe you.

      4. Morgane,
        1) You state that you have a lack of trust in their ability to refer you. You then state that members of your community do not often call VRR for assistance because you do not trust them. So do you contact them or not? You state that you don’t trust them enough to call them so you cannot really speak as to how the VRR would respond if you did.
        2) You are not ‘legally female’. You are male. You cannot change your sex. I do not deal in gender. Gender is bullshit. I deal in biological sex.
        In humans, biological sex is determined by five factors present at birth:
        • the number and type of sex chromosomes;
        • the type of gonads—ovaries or testicles;
        • the sex hormones,
        • the internal reproductive anatomy (such as the uterus in females), and
        • the external genitalia.
        There should be NO penises in a women’s rape shelter. Women CAN get pregnant from penises. This is a biological fact.
        I don’t think they check biological females for penises, because it is assumed that at a female rape shelter there would be NO people with penises there. Before you spout that transgender/transsexuals mean us no harm, I’d like you to look on this website about the number of males that sneak into females spaces in order to harass women (
        The statistics do not lie; the overwhelming majority of sexual violence perpetrated against women is done by males.
        3) So then you apply to have separate funding if you cannot gain funding off the VRR or another organisation. Women fought hard for our money for these enterprises to protect ourselves.
        WE organised as women to fight for funding and most began as just women helping other women. You cannot then turn around and demand that you are owed services by these women.
        I offer the same advice to all men that are concerned about the lack services for their needs. We are all human but we are different and we do need different things. If males wish to start a rape crisis shelter, I say go for it.
        4) Again, if you feel there is a legitimate need for a safe space for Trans, then campaign for it. VRR is obviously a female only organisation, why even bother trying to take away money from a cash strapped organisation? Women and trans are fundamentally different. You would not need a script for emergency contraception, you don’t need pap smears. You again state that the VRR doesn’t serve your needs but previously have stated you and your community do not contact them. You state that YOU (your community) feel that VRR should service your needs. VRR is a specialised women’s crisis shelter. Why does it have to cater to YOUR every whim?
        In Australia, we have crisis shelters solely for our Indigenous population. White people have the choice of other shelters, therefore we do not force our way into the shelters solely for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. You have the option of other shelters, use them.
        5) Certain organisations are geared towards certain communities that need them. Does this mean that any organisation that was developed to help certain areas (men, women, Indigenous etc) have to suddenly take everyone in because you say so? It doesn’t make sense. I KNOW Australia’s Indigenous population is at a huge disadvantage when compared to a white Australian. They have a different culture and throughout our history have been maligned and disrespected. They’ve had problems with housing, employment, drug and alcohol abuse. Not to mention the staggeringly high rates of crime and sexual violence. Women have also been treated this way throughout history. You are basically stating that every organisation has to take whoever because you say so. These organisations are developed for THEIR communities based on the community’s needs. You are not a female; you don’t have the same problems we have faced. To even suggest that you have is completely deluded.
        6) Exactly, there are no males that identify as women PERIOD. Women are not at identity. We are a biological fact. There are only genetic males, females and intersex. You cannot change those facts.
        Women who have hysterectomies do need pap smears. You are showing your ignorance of women’s issues. They are called ‘vault smears’ and they are often required after a woman has had her internal sex organs removed. A MtT does not need a pap smear ever. There are no vaginal, cervical or endometrial cells there. Those cells are highly prone to develop cancer. Why would a MtT need a pap smear then? That’s just a waste of time and money. Those aggressive, highly mutagenic cells are not there. To even suggest that you somehow need access to gynaecologists is distressing.
        Your “pouch” is not a vagina. It never was a vagina. It never had any of the hallmarks of being a vagina. If you were to get a pap smear, they’d be no vaginal/endometrial/cervical cells. There would be skin cells and potentially penile tissue.
        I study forensic science. Part of my role as a CSI would involve the processing of rape kits. Now, if I am ever unfortunate enough (because I do not wish rape on anyone) to encounter a MtT that has been raped, I will need to know the biological sex. To isolate the male DNA of the perpetrator using Y-DNA STR, I have to first isolate the male DNA of the victim. It doesn’t matter how much you “identify” as a woman, I will find you to be a male.
        Also, female privilege? WHAT THE FUCK? How in the fuck do women have any privilege at all? Because we don’t kowtow to your bullshit pseudo-science relegating us and our experiences to an identity that you assume?
        I am not a member of the press, nor do I ever remember reading anywhere that I was required to be one when I asked for information.
        If you could direct me to the legislation in Canadian law that states if I ask you to back up your statements then I have to be a member of the press, I’d be grateful.
        And there is not a popsicles chance in hell that I would give away personal information. People from YOUR community call me a dyke and threaten rape against all the women on this site. So, no thanks.
        7) Nope. Women are not an identity or a feeling. We are humans with female reproductive systems. You cannot “feel” like a woman especially since, being a male, you have never actually been one.
        By your logic: otherkin, trans-abled, and trans-ethnic are legitimate too.
        If you could let me know how your “feeling” of a womanly-ness is different from any other psychological illness like those mentioned above, then I’m all ears.

    2. Really? You are going to come here and try to mansplain how females are not allowed to respond to an issue that Gallus brought to our attention? And if we don’t discuss the matter the way you demand, then we are ‘trolling?’ FUCK YOU!
      Let me say that again in case you missed it- FUCK YOU!
      I don’t care what you want or demand in the way of resources. A facility for women has NO obligation to kowtow to the demands of the speshul snowflake men in dresses.

      1. “Morgane” said: Anyways, how would VRR even KNOW that people have a penis…. REALLY! Presumably they dont do vagina tests on their clients, right? Their VERY TENUOUS argument is that they do peer counselling and can not counsel persons brought up as male due to lack of knowledge…”
        Here’s a little tip for you–“vagina tests” are unnecessary, as a male (XY) is always apparent as such. It has been found that when males look at themselves in mirrors, they think they look better than they do. I think a variation of that theme applies to trannies (XY)–when they look in mirrors, they think they look more feminine than they do. They even think they “pass”. HA!
        Also, “lack of knowledge” is not the only reason trannies (XY) are unfit to be rape/abuse counsellors for women. No woman who has been attacked by one male wants to be faced with another when she goes for help. And, as I indicated above, she WILL recognize him for the male he is, despite the surgery, hormones, laser treatments, and voice lessons. He is still a male, and is still recognizable as such, despite his fondest, girliest dreams.

    3. Oh, look. A Canadian whining because those loud-mouthed Americans are butting into their business. Dude, do you have any idea how many blog posts and comments I read on political websites from Canadians shrieking about something that involves only America, or American society? I’ll give you a clue: A WHOLE FUCKING LOT. Let’s call it a fuckton. (Or fucktonne, if that makes you feel better.) So don’t even go there. Don’t give me this “outsiders” crap. Nice try at trying to divide us, but we are women standing up and speaking out for the rights of other women, political boundaries be damned. And there’s not a friggin’ thing you can do about it. VRR is happy to receive my American dollars, and that’s how it should be.
      “As to providing citations for my points I will not.” Wow, convenient! THUS SPAKE WHITE MALE, I guess. We’re supposed to bow down and take him at his word, for his word be gospeI!…I guess.
      “…but the rest of you who can not stay on message would be helpful if you could go bully a child somewhere rather than troll here.” Whoa, I didn’t realize that Gallus had suddenly signed over her website to you, dude! (Did you know, Gallus?) You know, for you to decide a) who should post here; b) what they should post; and c) if their post constitutes your definition of trolling. THUS SPAKE WHITE MALE, Part II. I’ve come to really hate the overuse of the word “privilege”, but man, you’re just soaking in it. I mean, do you have any, any, awareness of your presumptuousness? Apparently not.
      But the larger implications of that above quote from you involve your attempt at gaslighting us into thinking that our very justifiable anger is akin to the bullying of a child.
      Dude, men have been pulling this shit on women since time immemorial. (Sheesh, talk about stealth.) Your arrogance in thinking you can get away with it (here, of all places!) speaks to not only your condescension to the smart women who post here, but your overall sliminess as well. Frankly, that one sentence from you set alarm bells off in my head, warned me to put my guard up, and now I cannot listen to a word out of your piehole. You blew it. That hardly surprises me.
      “Unfortunately so.etimes organizations lose sight of their fight…” So in your view, with regard to VRR, it’s up to men to tell women how best to care for other women in our hour of need. It’s up to men to tell us how we’re doing it wrong. Yeah, we’ve never heard that before.
      You’re nothing new, “Morgane”. You’re just another guy who isn’t getting his way – whether it comes to your body, your place in society, or the practices of a women’s shelter – and you have absolutely no compunction about harming women to get it. ‘Cause it’s all about you, baby, it’s all about you.

    4. Also, gotta love how after his lying histrionics upthread, suddenly he’s all Mr. Reasonable! and I Just Wanna Talk Calmly! and Seriously, I’m All About What’s Best for Women!
      “Morgane” (or Jim, or Roy, or whatever the hell your real name is): WE SEE YOU. In fact, we see right THROUGH you.

    5. Morgane, this is Gallus’ site, not yours. SHE gets to decide what is on and off topic, not you. You get to decide nothing, as you are not in control here.
      And re your bullying comment, your suggestions tell us a whole lot about the bully you actually are.

    6. “The lesbian community, the trans community and the sex worker community in Vancouver have a long history with VRR. VRR is not the only sexual assault victim cricis support organization but are to our knowledge the last group in our revion to put militant convictions ahead of core mission. VRR continue to be regarded by our communities and several others as too hostile to recommend to our members in time of sexual assault crisis.”
      Sir, you are not a lesbian, a woman, or a woman subjected to the male rape-for-pay industry. Therefore these are not “your” communities. Lesbians, women, and female survivors are the individuals served by the VRR peer-counseling and intervention services. Therefore your assertion that VRR is “hostile” to those they serve is an absurd and unfounded assertion, perhaps leading the reader to wonder if you as a middle-aged heterosexual white male autogynephile and lifetime crossdresser and genderist has ever listened to the women of those communities. These are the communities that specifically do NOT want clueless males with a sexual fetish for inhabiting a noxious, oppressive, male-invented, and male-violence-enforced, female sex role – men lacking all female experience- to be designated as their peer counselor in the aftermath of traumatic violent male sexual attack.
      “Since I reached out to VRR in November this year, we are working with VRR…”
      YOU “reached out” and WE are working… Who are you claiming to represent here? You exchange the singular and plural here several times. Clarification please. I assume you are not referring to yourself in the plural?
      “Our core beliefs are the same on most points: sexual Violence affects everyone and every victim of sexual violence must have access to appropriate support.”
      As a male activist concerned solely with men’s rights who considers outcomes for women to be of no particular concern the above statement may seem reasonable to you, but to women it is quite offensive. First of all, “sexual violence” is MALE violence. Overwhelmingly so by any measure. Yet, you see fit to remove the male perpetrators from your framing, and by extension the global male campaign of sexual violence against females. Interesting.
      It is technically true that “sexual violence affects everyone”: In the case of males, the effect is generally one of being a perpetrator of sexual violence, which is overwhelmingly, globally, across all time and space, perpetrated against females.
      “Sexual violence affects everyone” is a deliberate removal of who is perpetrating sexual violence and whom it is being perpetrated upon. It is a deliberate attempt to erase culpability of the class of persons performing sexual violence (males- like yourself) and acknowledging the class of individuals under such attack (females- like those served by VRR). Very offensive! “Whites are affected by racism too!” No. Just no.
      You should refrain from this framing of erasure when communicating with actual females unless you intend to offend them.
      “Already, VRR have clarified their position and standards regarding emergency response:..”
      This is untrue. You simply jumped to conclusions and were too lazy to research exactly what it is that VRR does. Stop forcing already strapped for time and resources women to explain to you information which you could easily access with a moment of effort. Very offensive!
      It is also extremely offensive for you to claim that organizations have no right to assist a particular demographic: women, transgenders, indigenous persons, etc. Very very offensive sir.
      “…victims of sexual violence deserve equal treatment by publicly funded providers regardless of the gender of the rapist,”
      VRR makes no distinction in treatment of women related to the identity of those who raped them. There is no distinction made between those who were raped by males who “identify as transwomen”, or men who do not. This is a false (and bizarre) claim. Whatever thoughts males hold about themselves vis a vis gender or anything else has no bearing on the support the females raped by them receive. Jesus.
      “As to providing citations for my points I will not.”
      Because there are none. You are out of your fucking mind. A complete nutter.
      “All we are doing is to ask Canadian society to examine what is happening and ask ourselves if this can be done better.”
      Keep doing what you are doing and thank you for your many comments. The only thing I do here is let you guys speak for yourselves. Someone commented recently advising me on how I could “better convince people of my point of view”. I have never seen a need to do that. Shining a light on the things you guys say and do speaks for itself. So, thank you?
      Good luck with your transgender video flashmob against the solemn remembrance of the fourteen women murdered by a man who thought feminism was working against him.

      1. Awwwwwww yiss, Gallus!
        I also noticed the bullshit of “Since I reached out to VRR in November this year, we are working with VRR…” Yeah, right, dude. If one considers “reaching out” and “working with” to mean harassing and distracting women from their very necessary work with other women, then yeah, I guess you are.
        God, what a lying sack of shit you are, “Morgane.” Take your five o’clock shadow and male pattern baldness elsewhere and stop bothering women.

    7. It doesn’t matter where a woman is from because the trans lobby targets all women, in any country with sex protections for females. In my province for instance and in many others, trannies get cosmetic surgery for free while women have to pay for birth control. Mansplaining asshole.

    8. “Morgane”, you could not be more full of shit. Others have already done brilliant point by point take downs of your immensely stupid and comically presumptuous post so I will only say this: I can’t wait to see what your response will be.

    9. That’s a whole lot of wank in an attempt to justify disrupting a memorial for slain women. You are vile and while what you are doing is disgusting it will at least shine a light on how your astounding misogyny and narcissism are your driving force. Oh and in case it wasn’t clear. Fuck you creep.

  30. Gallus Mag, I’m sure you heard the memorial went very well. Many responded and reinforced your call for donations. we are grateful and encouraged by your support. love and solidarity.

    1. I had heard and I’m so pleased! I plan on doing a kick-ass update post but I’ve been delayed due to time constraints. Thank you so much for your comment. LOVE YOU AND THE WORK YOU DO. XOXOXOXOXOXOX

  31. @GallusMag
    I am the secretary for the Trans Alliance of BC (TAS).
    I was tasked to to embark on this project by an organization committee which met on Friday November 15 and included representatives from a number of organizations concerned about the speaker list at the VRR funraiser event on the 30th. The committee met, made decisions and recommendations, and reported back broadly to our organizations and their members.
    On THIS PARTICULAR THREAD, I speak here as an individual who is performing activism work for my community with broad backing within the following ecosystems. As I have an executive role within TAS, I also try to be repesentative of TAS’s core values and message.

    1. “I was tasked to to embark on this project by an organization committee which met on Friday November 15 and included representatives from a number of organizations ..”
      Morgane I have asked you repeatedly to name the organizations which have “tasked” you “to embark” on the “project” of organizing
      1. A flash mob to protest the memorial of fourteen massacred women
      2. the defunding of a battered women’s shelter.
      You refuse to answer and name those organizations which you assert have so tasked you. Why is that?
      In addition to creating the appearance of evasion and dishonesty on your part, it is quite frankly incredibly rude to the host and moderator of this discussion: myself.
      I am going to have to insist that you answer the question. No further comments from you will be published until you do (although they will be forwarded to VRR’s attorneys).
      Thank you in advance for rectifying this matter. I look forward to your answer.

      1. Well, I think it would be unfair to VRR to post multiple comments from a man making claims he refuses to substantiate, who is claiming to represent several organizations, who then refuses to identify those supposed organizations. He was asked several times to name them.

      2. Absolutely Gallus. One of the things I like best about this blog is that men like Morgane are not allowed free reign to spout their bullshit. I agree that it would be totally unfair to VRR and glad that you are not allowing this to happen. Any chance of getting someone from VRR to weigh in and give their side of the story?

      3. Their “side” of WHAT story? Being harassed by crazy men? I have no intention of bothering VRR over this nonsense beyond forwarding Oger’s missives to their lawyers.
        Hilla already stopped by in this thread to thank everyone for support.

      4. So in other words, “I don’t answer perfectly reasonable questions from mere lowly women.” Once more, with feeling: you’re a lying sack of shit, “Morgane”.
        I’m also laughing my ass off at his oh-so-carefully rehearsed PR speak. Priceless!

    2. Heh. Morgane repeatedly used the American spelling, “center,” instead of the proper Canadian spelling, as in “Rape Crisis Centre.”
      Each time he did this, my “feminine intuition” (snort!) started tingling. Because, no “secretary” of any Canadian non-profit organization would make this mistake. Well, there it is: deception is at the very core of their personalities. Living and lying seem to be synonymous in their realm. Actually, there’s something rather sad about all this. But, more important, it’s rather frightening. Natalie Reed, for instance, won a Social Justice Award sometime last year. That’s a public validation of a private fantasy–dangerous stuff.

  32. An additional note for any woman considering a donation to VRR:
    It is my understanding that the amount of public funding VRR receives for its rape crisis intervention and peer counseling services is ZERO. 100% of those services are funded by donation ALONE. Without donations those services would not exist.
    To my knowledge, the ONLY funding VRR receives is directly related to maintaining the battered women’s shelter alone. This is what gentlemen such as Mr. Ogre are trying to get shut down because they believe that battered women should not have the right to be temporarily sheltered away from the presence of men.
    Think about that.

      1. LOL! I guess Ronan just can’t believe that he’s not welcome here, and that we don’t care to read his precious thoughts.
        Fuck off, Oger, you bullying, narcissistic turd.

      2. TUUUURRRDDDDDDDDDD. I asked him repeatedly to substantiate his claims and identify the “many organizations” who “tasked” him with harassing a battered women’s shelter. He lied about the whole freaking thing. What a steaming smelly-ass turd he is.

  33. farishcunning — this is exactly right. Male to trans really do believe they can pass as women. But they are so obviously aggressively male looking as to be repulsive most of the time. I’ve had them stomping through lesbian bars with their awful wig and ugly personalities. They are hostile conversationalists which is also a give away. But when men look in the mirror they see what they want to see. It must be part of the delusion. Women just don’t act and look like this at all — over six feet tall, huge hands, broad shoulders, fake looking women’s clothing, putting on make-up ostentatiously— in front of all the lesbians who don’t wear make-up at all. They’ve done this on camping trips, it’s weird.

  34. My love and gratitude to all of you my sisters for defending our right and our fight for women-only space. So we can mourn, comfort each other, keep each other safe, strategize and organize. Until we win.

  35. “male transgender activists (‘Transwomen’)”
    Did you seriously refer to transwomen as male? Are you intentionally trying to be inflammatory?

    1. You seem confused. “Transwomen” are males who wish to be, or appear, female. That is what transgender means. If “transwomen” were female, they would not be transgender. There is nothing “inflammatory” about that fact. Hope that helps.

    2. Oh yeah, this tactic.
      Hipsters pull this shit a lot, as do the most sanctimonious social justice warriors. The “I’ll just act SO shocked, so un-be-LIEV-ably OFFENDED(!), at their beliefs that surely it will make them feel so unhip that they will change their ways and believe as I do!”
      Doesn’t work here, Linda. We’re not embarrassed about anything. Take your crap to some stupid subreddit where your cock, metaphorical or otherwise, will be duly sucked. Won’t happen here.

      1. Linda is actually a huge transphobe and I find it offensive. The idea that males can perform femininity is so “awful!” to her. Disgusting bigotry and sexism from the transphobic Linda Rindy. Shame Shame Shame! The Whole World Is Watching!

      2. Wait, I’m lost. Just so I’m clear: she’s a woman who thinks that males behaving like anything other than macho MMA fighters are offensive? Is that it?

    3. Yes, that’s correct they are men. Women are not known to have sexual fetishes that need become driving compulsions. Some women are not willing to role play for men’s sexual pleasure. I am not willing to run around in a French maid outfit so he can get off and I not willing to pretend that he is a woman so he can get off. You are free to do so but don’t expect other women with a modicum of reality to join you. Transgender women are men. Deal with it.

  36. Ashland nailed it with sanctimonious social justice warriors. Like, zomgzies, oh no she dint just call a man in a dress a man, hold my purse while I purse my lips and clutch my pearls and pass out on this here fainting couch.

    1. Ah, INC, that’s a much better way of naming it! The “Oh No She DINT!! Tactic.” I was trying to think of something shorter, but was coming up frustratingly empty. That fits the bill nicely. Thank you!

  37. God. This lot are really dreadful. This Reed guy sounds like he’ll fetch up doing time , he’s so unhinged.
    I think there are a small minority of folk who do have an endocrinological problem that is currently being ‘resolved’ through hormone treatment/surgery. Not at all convinced its the right approach – nobody seems to be asking the ‘ why ‘? question. Or why there are a preponderance of males who want to be female . I wonder if endocrine disruptors in the environment are implicated – abnormally high levels of mercury in flamingos – to name just one study lead to the males exhibiting female type behaviour. .could Big Pharma be deflecting attention away from serious investigation by funding groups who veil dysmorphia/ in utero endocrine disturbance as identity politics?
    Yes, I’m well aware the Red Pillocks and assorted Cro – Magnons/jocks-in-frocks are attempting to undermine rape law by denying fundamental sex differences – they’re having some success in the US/ UK , sadly. Particularly as the US is very violent and misogynistic. Its these groups who are being funded and showing up in mcmedia/mcademia. Though the guy you mention here sounds too barking even for Harvard..
    But there are genuine cases – the ladyboys of Thailand come to mind. . there is an astonish amount of of transactivism emerging, even allowing for the MRAs.
    Check out a guy called Henry Hall and transgenderism. Read some of the posts on the site. You might be interested and surprised. It was certainly the case for me.
    Meanwhile, keep up the good work. Male trans, real or fake, are, unless um, ‘ mutilated’ are still folk with the XY chromosome and have the equipment to rape, ie men. Any attempt to legally deny that difference will reduce rape to the issue of consent only and so effectively make pregnancy, and therefore any material evidence inadmissible. Rape cannot be allowed to masquerade as an equal opportunity crime via the Trojan horse of transgenderism. Delighted to see someone gets it!

    1. Even after surgical mutilation, they are still men, with the XY chromosome. And as my ex-step-FIL shows, they still act like men, and think and talk like men, and someone here–I’m sorry, I can’t recall the exact person & post but I think it was the one about Dana Beyer’s ridiculous “What sex is like for women” article–posted a link to a study that showed that after castration their sexual responses are still male sexual responses.
      These men can still rape, whether they have and use a penis or not. There are–forgive me for the disturbing wordage here–all kinds of objects that can be used to penetrate, and that is a particular deviance often practiced by men who are impotent or otherwise unable to get an erection (or unwilling to use their penises to penetrate for whatever reason) in order to get or intensify their twisted sexual release: it’s called piquerism. (It’s used not only to indicate vaginal penetration but stabbing or puncturing elsewhere on the body as well.)
      Being a castrato does NOT mean that a particular man is harmless.

      1. I should have said, my ex-step-FIL and all of the other castratos I’ve ever met or seen or interacted with etc. They ALL show that they are still men through their behavior, mannerisms, speech, and pretty much every other indicator you can think of.

      2. Thanks for clarifying Dorothy – I’ve never heard of piquerism. Pica, yes . (If you don’t already know , you’re better off – totally disgusting .. . )
        Maybe all this liberal-induced chaos is a plot to impose world government on the grounds that the masses , left to their own devices, will self-destruct?
        I’m nominating Soros as Reptile-in-Chief. 🙂

    2. @dee, 6:51
      True “female type” behavior is limited to behavior related to pregnancy, childbirth, and lactation–actual biologically female functions. The rest of what you are referring to is gender behavior, which is socially constructed and designed to separate the boys from the girls, and not in a good way. The current ferment in gender is not biologically driven. It has nothing to do with endocrine disruptors, mercury levels, or something in the water. It is a social panic, driven by homophobia and long-overdue shifts in the power balance between males and females.
      Sorry to lecture. Your heart clearly is in the right place, but please try to catch up. Thank you!

  38. Just reread this, and sent in a donation in memory of a Canadian woman who was so important in my life. Thanks for still having this in your archive to return to.

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