Healthcare for All: Give Trans People Access to All the Care They Need

GLAAD -formerly the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation- is now an organization headed by heterosexual male Jennifer Finney Boylan and representing the medicalization of social sex roles or “Transgenderism”. GLAAD, who have removed “gay” and “lesbian” from their name and now wish to be known by the stand-alone acronym only, has issued the following video in an attempt to persuade New York State to provide Medicaid coverage for “gender treatments” designed to disguise the sex of individuals who would like to appear as the opposite sex, or who would like to use medicine and/or surgery to modify their secondary sex characteristics in some way.
Stephen Ira, the daughter of Annette Benning and Warren Beatty, appears in the video. Stephen Ira is known for her activism against lesbians and feminists, having publicly organized against the rights of women to hold radical feminist conferences, at one point even publishing on her blog that she often thinks about shooting feminists. Stephen Ira is a heterosexual woman who identifies as and calls herself a female “fag”.
The following is a partial list of some of the treatments and procedures identified as “medically necessary” by WPATH, the World Professional Association of Transgender Health:
Hormone antagonists
Pituitary suppressants
Synthetic Cross-sex hormones
facial feminization surgery
brow reduction
chin reduction
Nose job,
tracheal shave,
Breast implants
Nipple resection
Hip implants,
gluteal implants
Bilateral oophorectomy
Urethral resection,
Colon resection,
Testicular implants,
Penile prostesis
Laser hair removal,
Vocal Training


53 thoughts on “Healthcare for All: Give Trans People Access to All the Care They Need

  1. These people are insane and the gender-medical complex is laughing all the way to the bank. That wish list is appalling. In the video you can tell there’s definitely something wrong with these folks, even the non-trans ones. They must know they are lying through their teeth when they say they only want “basic healthcare they need to survive.” Yeah, basic healthcare, like “facial feminization surgery.” Disgusting.

  2. Oh this is sad. “at one point even publishing on her blog that she often thinks about shooting feminists”? Wanting to kill peaceful human (women’s) right’s acticists and writing about it online huh. That should be condemned, not matter what you identify as.
    At a first I thought it was a butch woman in the video preview. It makes me think of the lack of women shown in media who are not performing ridiculous amounts of femininity. I’m not butch but seeing images of butch women (and real people irl of course!) feels so freeing – like it assures that “woman” = not artificial add-ons such as make-up, you can be unadorned and still be a proud woman.

  3. “The basic health care they need to survive”
    Really? REALLY?
    Synthetic Hormones are not fucking crucial to surviving. Cosmetic plastic surgery is not crucial to surviving. If they’d had a car accident or a facial tumour that obscured their ability to eat/breathe then yes.
    This isn’t about survival…it’s about narcissism. God, I’d really love to send all this self-indulgent sock sniffers to Sudan or Syria. THOSE people are struggling to survive. THOSE people can’t get basic healthcare. SHUT THE FUCK UP! This makes me so angry.
    Also, gluteal implants? Really? Because all wimminz have big butts? Or are they FtT after the bubble butt look?
    How is that even…? I just don’t know what planet this people live on any more.
    Viagra? Viagra for what? Who needs viagra? Does it even work with phalloplasty? It’s not really going to make much of a difference after metoidioplasty either. I hope it’s not for MtT…that shit is horrifying. “I wanna be a woman, but I also want to keep my cock hard after estrogen treatment”. If that’s the case, I’m moving to a tiny fucking island away from Western society and never coming back.
    I’m pissed off. How come trans get insurance covered hair removal and I don’t? If they’re really women then how come they get special treatment? Can’t I get liposuction and a nose job? Why is it so crucial for *their* ability to be women but not for other females? And breast implants? Breasts seem to be the most important things to these sick fucks. Women are not breasts. Jesus, reading this shit makes me want to vomit.
    How is this *not* special treatment? The rest of us have to pay for it when we want it. There are rare exceptions when the NHS has paid out for cosmetic plastic surgery but people get furious about it.
    Don’t know much about America’s healthcare (I’m in Australia) but I’d be fuming if they tried to get this shit paid for by Medicare. And now in saying that…someone’s probably going to tell me that they do. 🙁
    I’m going into the doctors and telling them I have a laydee brain and I therefore should not have to pay for cosmetic surgery. My entire fucking life worth is now dependent on breast implants and laser hair removal and if they don’t give it to me I’m going to kill myself.
    How am I supposed to feel like a lady without cosmetic help? If the trans can do it, why can’t I? We’re all women, right? I am just correcting my birth defects too. I was born a hairless, DD-cup woman into a C-cup body that isn’t hairless. I’ve known since I was 5 that I should have great big boobies and no body hair. Every time I shave my legs I’m reminded of what a freak I am. I’m a lesbian too. Will GLAAD and take up my cause?

      1. What the…seriously? Please tell me you have a link to share about this. Apparently I need more rage fodder for some reason.

      2. LOL. Gosh, that’s nothing new. “Transwomen” have been demanding that women’s clinics treat “transwoman” erectile dysfunction for ages.

      3. It’s kind of arbitrary as a last straw, what with so much to choose from, but…for some reason, this just takes the cake for me today.

      4. Eww…no, just no. I definitely need health care now because that makes my brain hurt, and might just cause my eyes to start bleeding.

    1. The M2T go on and on about this “cis-privilege” which is supposedly the magical ability to look “pretty” and “feminine.” They “need” all this cosmetic surgery and whatever else because without it they can never be “pretty.”
      Of course they never stop to think that some of us born women can look fairly “unfortunate” when measured against the various pornified benchmarks set up by the male gaze of “ladies” too – so yeah, never any consideration that maybe I might also like to get my beard hairs of middle age removed.
      Supposedly it’s some great “privilege” that (supposedly! Definitely not in my real life) I can look like some knockout stunner “if only I’d put some effort into the game.”
      And with those sorts of comments of course they’re doing the same thing they complain about aren’t they, trying to tell me I don’t “pass” for some artificial image they have in their heads, because I’m not wearing makeup or heels and dare I say it, have body hair. And never any thought to how for some of us “pretty” is just a trap anyway. Why should I WANT to be “pretty”? I don’t. And yet I’m a real woman anyway.
      I’ve about had it up to here with all the histrionic talk about “survival” anyway. To read most of those blogs you’d think it’s all they can do to get through a day without instantly dying. Oh no someone reminds me of a biological truth, heavens, I must cocoon in my room for two days now…

  4. It appears to me that Stephen, writer has a hickey/neck bruise. Not sure if that’s supposed to be visible or not. Maybe a pro-BDSM statement or something.
    As always, ‘NECESSARY’ is the concept at issue. It’s important to understand this little problem of trans-specific care. And NOT to confuse it with general anti-discrimination guidelines in healthcare– which I FULLY support. For example, everyone deserves access to emergency care and sick visits and mental health counseling.
    Medical NECESSITY, however, is a term of health insurance art. Trans-friendly lawyers and mental health professionals (<MHP is another term of art in the context of trans diagnosis (see WPATH guidelines)) who simply *deny* over and over and over again without providing medical support that trans-related surgeries and hormones are cosmetic does not make them 'not cosmetic.'
    Preference and necessity are different. Desperation of preference does not reach the level of medical necessity without MORE. The self-harming behaviors of people suffering from BIID is not an unusual symptom of the condition. But it doesn't render the BODY unhealthy or in need of "correction."
    We have standards to evaluate these things. It's not rocket science and health insurance companies have been making these distinctions for DECADES. Which is also not to say that they always get it right; they don't. But it's not super MYSTERIOUS either. Medical necessity is a well-established industry standard.
    (Private pay is a totally different game. If you can afford it, go for it. But I no more support cosmetic surgery for heterosexual females than I do for anyone else (ie, self-labeled "trans" people).)

    1. As far as I know, “medically necessary” just means “what a doctor says is necessary.” I learned this in a very different context–doctors claiming that genital normalizing surgeries on intersex infants were “medically necessary.” (I’m NOT referring to them treating underlying metabolic concerns or other issues that impact actual, yanno, health–but the normalizing surgeries performed to render a child aesthetically “normal.”) “Social emergency” treated with nonconsensual cosmetic surgery–“medically necessary” because a doctor said so.
      Seems to me that activists working on intersex issues in my area advocated for an “evidence-based medicine” approach rather than the empty “medically necessary” which was nothing short of disastrous for so many people.
      It also seems to me that this push, backed by the most well-enfranchised members of the “trans” umbrella, who are always only too willing to co-opt intersex issues, does a lot of damage to that effort.

  5. “Trans health care isn’t special health care.”
    Right, like insurance pays for women to get breast augmentation, plastic surgery on their faces, or hair removal.

    1. Hey just say you’re really a man who is really a woman inside and maybe you get get a free breast lift.

  6. In the small town near where I live in rural South Africa, witchdoctors (sangomas) display their wares on the sidewalk and hand out advertisement flyers to passersby. Among the things they promise, are muti (herbs and potions) to enlarge the ass, enlarge breasts, enlarge penises, reduce or enlarge labia, and make one appear “like a virgin”. It struck me how similar the demands of trans are. Instead of funneling truly essential healthcare funds to the cosmetic desires of the autogynephiles, attention seekers and soma-socially malcontents, let them seek their shapeshifting from witchdoctors instead. For that is what they want, the impossible ultimate shapeshift – and who better to cater to that delusion than those who provide muti for magical thinking.

    1. That’s interesting. I don’t think witch doctors are that prevalent in the US but maybe we could send the trans people to some of them to the various towns where New Age practices are popular. They could stand in one of the vortexes and have it do… something.

  7. Also, it’s hilarious that spoiled brat Beatty is whining about HER lack of health care when HER parents are multi millionaires.

  8. 00:44 “Transgender people are healthier people when they get the medicine they need”
    Yeah, taking synthetic hormones that one’s body is NOT designed to take is real healthy.
    To the lady around the minute mark: of course you feel it’s crucial to give people synthetic hormones because that’s how you’re getting your paycheck.
    There’s nothing wrong with be gender non conforming because gender is a social construct and yet these people take synthetic hormones and reinforce the very gender social construct they were against.
    What people do with their body is none of my business but I shouldn’t be force to pay and play along with their delusions.

  9. People should stop giving money to GLAAD what a joke. Here in the England our main charity Stonewall is still LGB with some protest from trans. Then again the NHS already pays for “sex change” surgery, hormones etc. despite massive cuts to public services.

  10. I didn’t know that about GLAAD. Verrrrry interestink. Also, “Stephen Ira” (real name: Kathlyn) finds herself just adorable. What a jerk.
    They demand all this, and so many women can’t even get fucking birth control covered, FFS. And electrolysis?! So if they get that covered, will it also then be covered for every born woman who happens to have excess facial hair she’s embarrassed about? If not, why not?

      1. It’s so infuriating and so damn crooked. A few years ago, in the depths of my “transgender” insanity, I learned that my employer (a major university) was providing “sex change” services for all employees and students up to a lifetime amount of $75,000. Now I hear there is no upper limit, and I’m sure there are people taking full “advantage” of the situation (I even saw a tranny blog suggesting that people try to get jobs at my university). The way the university defines “gender reassignment surgery,” it would probably include much of the kitchen sink wish-list above. I (delusionally) had an orchiectomy to the tune of $2,500 or so, but the university benefits coordinator, the surgeon and others suggested very openly to me that I should consider maximizing my use of this “benefit” and get the fuckhole to nowhere instead; it would be less “successful” if I decided to do this after the orchiectomy. Thank goodness I wasn’t quite that insane. Anyway, what a tremendously unfair, unethical and misogynistic splurging of resources in allowing corrupt/stupid “professionals” to enable and encourage the fantasies of psychotic male autogynephiliacs and women trapped in patriarchal self-hatred programming.

      2. That sickens me about Stephen Sandeen. Well, everything about him sickens me, but that just takes the cake. All the wounded (physically and otherwise) from Iraq, Afghanistan, and Vietnam (and their families) having to fight for the care they need, and that selfish a-hole works the system like that. Then again, I wouldn’t expect anything less from him.

  11. Lesbians have already lost what supposedly was the little we had, from NCLR to the Lyon-Martin clinic to “Dyke” marches. Gay men evicted dying Lesbians from the Shanti Project years ago. But now the trans cult is moving in on formerly gay male space? Will there now be a response to the takeover of Lesbian and gay organizations by het men and het women under the guise of being trans since gay men have far more money, resources, power, and status than Lesbians? I hope so. I hope they all finally get fed up and outraged as much as we are. Perhaps the women who follow the crowd and are too afraid to say no to men appropriating every last bit of us will get some courage if gay men protest, since men matter far more than women do.
    Meanwhile, almost no Lesbian I know has adequate health care. Lesbians are dying without adequate health care. So of course even more money must go to the trans cult to fulfill the fantasies and myth that people can change sex. Even with all those procedures, they never begin to approximate real physical transformation.
    If they just started their own organizations and got funding that way, but shutting down and taking over the very little we had is as bad as destroying our last women only spaces.
    It’ all about the money. Helping poor Lesbians and other poor people get basic helath care won’t make surgeons and hospitals and the pharmaceutical industry richer. But joining the trans cult will, and the more trans become big business, the more focus and support they will get, off our backs, at our expense….

  12. So normally if someone was so distressed that they were claiming that plastic surgery was a medical necessity for their survival they’d be put under the care of a psychiatrist.
    But all you gotta do is say you’re convinced you’re the opposite sex and it’s off to the surgeons on the tax payer’s dime. Yeah that seems legit.

    1. this exactly!
      If a patient were to go to their doctor under most normal circumstances and demand that they get treatment for some imaginary distress or they would kill themselves (plus whatever other histrionics they engaged in), they would be quickly noted as requiring care for a manipulative and narcissistic disorder along with a small handful of other secondary diagnoses from the current version of the DSM.
      For all of their protestations to the contrary, when they generate lists like the bullshit seen in this article, they do nothing more than lock into place the standards of their delusional image. Nothing says autogynophillic quite like claiming they need large breasts, butt or hips to ‘be’ a woman. Are there females out there that also have vanity issues? Sure and sadly an entire plastic surgery industry evolved to deal with that vanity…but by the same token, there are plenty of females that go through life as nature happened to have blessed them.
      Trans is just as elective a condition as is someone who wants lipo or augmentation for vanity purposes. There should be no entitlement to coverage under insurance or government policy for cosmetic surgery.

  13. If these guys can get Minoxidil as a treatment for their gender dysphoria, why can’t I, a guy with male pattern baldness, get Minoxidil for my baldness dysphoria? I also want testosterone for my low testosterone dysphoria, and a free personal trainer and other weight loss aids for my fatness dysphoria. It’s my right.

    1. Where do they even get off asking for such insanity? None of that shit is necessary.
      And I don’t know about androgen prices (I assume pricy?), but estrogen HRT stuff is extraordinarily cheap. When it’s so cheap, why even give a crap if its covered? And if you *choose* to take cross-sex hormones for cosmetic or for self-caused reasons, then why should that be covered? That makes no sense. These aren’t life-saving procedures, wtf (no threatening to suicide doesn’t automatically make anything you wish for a lifejacket).

  14. Gallus, by “Hormone antagonists”, do you mean GnRH agonists? There have been several complaints about horrible side effects of the GnRH agonist, Lupron. Lupron has been injected into “gender dysphoric” 12 and 13 year old children.
    Yes, WPATH, the World Professional Association of Transgender Health does promote the use of GnRH agonists.
    This is the same class of drugs that they give to patients with advanced prostate cancer and endometriosis. They block the hormones that stimulate tumor growth and the growth of endometrial tissues.
    It is amazing what people can do all in the name of “gender identity” or transgender. If someone said we are going to take perfectly healthy kids and give them drugs that they KNOW WILL MAKE THEM INFERTILE, people would be outraged. Sterilizing children is usually seen as a human rights abuse.
    Even transgender advocates admit infertility is an issue.
    “Will it affect my chances of having children?
    Yes –almost everyone who takes GnRH agonists with become infertile. If you wish to store any semen/eggs before starting treatment then this should be discussed at the clinic. Fertility is restored back to normal for most individuals upon stopping
    the drug. However, if you also take testosterone or oestrogen, then these hormones may have a more permanent effect on fertility.”
    In other words, if the cross gender hormones are given after the GnRH, these kids are infertile.
    Supprelin is a GnRH drug that is implanted under the skin. It’s used for central precocious puberty which is NOT THE SAME THING AS “GENDER IDENTITY DISORDER”. There are some real medical reasons why a physician would want to treat precocious puberty. Kids who start puberty too early can have an initial growth spurt, but end up being shorter than average. Central precocious puberty (earlier than 8 years of age in females and 9 years of age in males). The doctor will keep the kid on the implant for a couple of years then discontinue it.
    Females shouldn’t get pregnant while they are on Supprelin. Teenagers, even females who identify as trans have been known to have sex with males. These are teenagers.
    “Supprelin LA is contraindicated in females who are or may become pregnant while receiving the drug. Supprelin LA may cause fetal harm when administered to pregnant patients. If this drug is used during pregnancy, or if the patient becomes pregnant while taking this drug, the patient should be apprised of the potential hazard to a fetus.”
    So, kids can become infertile, and if the girl becomes pregnant, it can harm the fetus. As for long term effects of drugging healthy children, who knows or cares.
    By the way, THESE DRUGS ARE VERY EXPENSIVE IN THE U.S. The pharmaceutical companies stick it to patients. They also have to do blood work, etc. which adds to the cost. Poor kids can’t get health care or dental work, they expect taxpayers for this.

    1. And multiple studies have shown that very few children demonstrating stereotypic gender-atypical behavior grow up to have “gender dysphoria” in adulthood (Korte et al’s review, 2008). How the hell could ANYONE think it was ethical or appropriate to abuse children in this way. It almost seems as though these people are guided by satanic ritual instead of science and common sense.

      1. Transgender activists need “transgender children” to obscure the sexual autogynephilia that underlines the male transgender movement.
        “..what has helped turn the tide has been a cascade of stories like “Transgender at 6: For Tyler and His Parents, No Second Thoughts,” “Colorado Transgender Girl, 6, Wins Discrimination Case,” “Transgender Girl Crowned Homecoming Queen at California School,” and “Iowa Crowns Transgender Homecoming Queen.” (Iowa??? Really??)
        Now you can argue that adults like me are indecent perverts, and maybe you have a point. But what do you do with a 6-year-old MTF who just wants to wear a dress and play dolls with her friends?” – Riki Wilchens

        Confused because of sexual/porn side… from asktransgender


  15. Thank you for all the information, here, Gallus, including your comments.
    I linked/shared in four feminist fb groups and heard back from a Lesbian that the Mautner Project for Lesbians with cancer has been taken over too:
    ” ….the Mautner Project has been subsumed into the Whitman-Walker Clinic in DC. Before this happened, the Project, formed to support Lesbians with cancer necessary services to enhance their survival, decided to include services for trans*gender “women”. The WWC mostly serves gay men and trans*gender persons, so Lesbians will once again be marginalized from receiving services in favor of men or men who feel they are women. I used to give donations to the Project, but didn’t last year and will certainly not this year. One more organization that used to serve Lesbians now co-opted to serve men.”
    Seriously, is anything left that has been specifically for Lesbians? I can think of the Women’s Cancer Resource Center, founded the year after her cancer diagnosis, by Lesbian activist, Jackie Winnow, who bravely spoke out about all the support men with AIDS got in comparison to dying Lesbians:
    “Both of these diseases are life-threatening and yet I have seen my community rally around one and overlook the other…No one takes care of women or lesbians except women or lesbians, and we have a hard enough time taking care of ourselves, of finding ourselves worthy and important enough for attention.”
    Lesbians are still very much part of the Women’s Cancer Resource Center, and perhaps the number of Women of Color there are protecting it, or perhaps the fact that some of the het women have husbands or boyfriends have kept the men pretending to be women from taking over? I don’t know. Perhaps the men appropriating our identity are first going after everything with the name “Lesbian” on it, and “women’s” spaces will be next…..
    I can only wish the very worst on the women who are helping them with this….

  16. You just knew this would happen. If you want to cross-sex hormonize, fine, but that’s on *your* wallet. And what is up that almost the entire list is cosmetic!
    If you have acromegaly or gynecomastia or whatever and could use cosmetic procedures just to be treated like a human–well, then you are screwed. What if I toss on a frock and construct an altar(alter?) to my everlasting and unquestionable femininity? Dude, you’re getting a synthetic vulvaesque lovetunnel!
    This cannot be. THIS CANNOT HAPPEN. I am so pissed. I can’t get crippling, painful, terrible stuff fixed by insurance, yet mofos gonna get free cosmetic procedures covered for psychological issues?
    Also: Bow ties: just don’t. Ever. NEVER. Really, stop it.

    1. Minoxidil? Can’t you buy 50 gallon drums of that for like $2.99 at Wal-mart? And viagra? Really? If you have a penis and want to pop boner wheelies, then let me reintroduce you to your old pal Mr. Androgen.

  17. So much freaken $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ spent on suicide prevention!!!!
    I had to go into surgery recently for an actual pain that existed. Seen on xrays and ct scans. Even with insurance I spending buckos for it. And I’m one of the lucky ones. Insulin dependent diabetics need medication TO KEEP THEM ALIVE!! and pay $$$$$ to do so each and every month. None of the treatments above are equivalent to that. None of them are life saving. The whole thing’s a joke.
    We’re doomed.
    Thanks Gallus. 🙂 *hearts hearts*

  18. All about money and the trans cult brings a lot to the medical industry. When they make it commonplace to start on little kids, they’ll make even more….

  19. So obvious Stephan is reading from a teleprompter or whatever the fuck they are called these days.
    Now, I’m not a real doctor, I just pretend to be one on the internet sometimes, but since when is plastic surgery preventative/routine health care? I would have imagined that preventative/routine healthcare would include things like your general check up, iron level count, cholesterol etc etc. How quaint and silly of me for not immediately thinking of complex plastic surgery.
    Gender nonconforming people? Wouldn’t that include realistically most of the fucking planet? Christ almighty.
    That video is such propaganda it’s not even funny.

  20. For people who care so much about reproductive rights and the right of females to not have sex with males (because penises can cause pregnancy) you sure seem very hung up about infertility.

    1. Whatever are you getting at here, transcultist? Go pump kids full of hormones (oh nevermind, puberty-blockers that inhibit brain development!) and slice away at their sex organs in the name of Big Pharma. You know, normal human behavior.

  21. I just have this whole list of organizations that I don’t donate to because they’ve all been hijacked by the trans cult. Bev Jo also has good points about lesbian organizations being hijacked or closed and I wouldn’t have known that there used to be all these nice lesbian organizations because the queer and trans cult wants us younger lesbians to stay in the dark. Plus many big non-profits pay their CEOs a ton of money and are basically nothing more than feel-good nonsense that doesn’t accomplish anything.
    I support necessary healthcare and I live in the United States and I wish we had a nice socialized medicine system because it would be a huge improvement over what we currently have.
    That said, all those treatments aren’t fucking basic healthcare! It makes me so mad that Viagra of all things is on the list when many women can’t afford birth control or get basic cancer screenings. Since when can dudes not get boner pills?
    As for hormones, I have hypothyroidism and they just jacked up the price for thyroid hormones. I’ve also been on the pill to treat endometriosis and when I was a teenager it cost $40 a month! That’s because I was on the lowest dose that existed, which unfortunately was non-generic because guess what, my doctor had enough sense to know not to overload a teenager with hormones, even if it’s estrogen for a teenage girl to treat endometriosis symptoms. That’s right, I was and still am taking a female hormone appropriate for the sex I am for a medical condition, and my doctor gave me an epic lecture on potential side-effects, and yet they want to give teens cross-sex hormones?
    And hey, my dad and I have already used up all our dental insurance for the year. Getting one root canal put me over the limit and it’s worse for him because he needs two of them. Why can’t we get that paid for or at least just have a higher spending limit on dental care for the year?
    At least I’m lucky to have insurance, even if it is crappy. There are other people worse off than me and seeing all these cosmetic, and often dangerous treatments being considered “basic healthcare” infuriates me when so many people, even people with insurance, are one medical emergency away from financial ruin.
    I will also echo the sentiment of why can’t women who feel insecure about their bodies get free or cheap cosmetic surgery? Maybe I can get better dental coverage if I say I’m a vampire trapped in a human’s body and I will suicide without it.

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