Male Organ or Not, This Really Is a Female Body

No male can get pregnant
No male can get pregnant

Much discussion has occurred on this and other feminist sites on the attempts by the trans politic to erase female reality under patriarchy by destabilizing the fact that reproductively female humans actually exist, as a class, and are oppressed as a class on the basis of our sex. The trans politic, in part, adopts this tact disingenuously as a strategy to confer authenticity on their gender-based personas, totally disregarding the effect of such a politic on the lives of actual females, which are both unfathomable and unimportant to the men promoting our erasure. In private, among themselves, such men- many fathers and husbands- tend to freely acknowledge, even celebrate, their maleness in male-only groups and seminars and gatherings.
Not surprisingly, very few female transgenders make these claims. Very few females convey a sense of ownership over and entitlement to possessing a male body, even those females who have undergone extensive body mods to “pass” as male. Unlike men, women have always lived in “the background” of women’s lives. Indeed, they were raised into it. They know firsthand the systemic social, political, psychological, and violent warfare conducted against female humans by males based on our reproductive sex.  Even the most kool-aid drinking transgender F2T fantasist seldom forwards the idea that humans are not a sexually dimorphic species. F2T drive the “genderqueer” and “agender” and “not 100% a man exactly” arms of the transgender movement. They are the “Zirs” and Zies”. One F2T pioneer described her penis to me in correspondence as “a slab of flesh from my forearm sewn onto my crotch”. I have never, ever seen a F2T insisting her phalloplasty was an actual penis, or claiming that she has a prostate. Females know all too well that they are oppressed on the basis of their reproductive sex, and that there is no way to fully escape from this.
The experience of males- including males that fancy themselves to be actually female- is quite different. These men were raised with the expectation that women exist to serve them and care for them. Even gay boys grow up assuming they will someday own a woman, if they want one. M2T, like all men, are raised as members of the overlord class with little consciousness or interest in the lives and experiences of the underclass which exists only to serve them.
This is how a man who proclaims himself to be female after a lifetime of male-privilege, fatherhood and marriage can not only remain completely ignorant of female reality, but position himself as an authority on it, with the wisdom from “on high” to correct women from making the “silly mistake” in recognizing our sex-based oppression, or even our sex itself.
An example of such a man would be Dana Beyer, the “executive director” of Gender Rights Maryland, a designation and an org of his own invention. In an essay blogged last week on the Huffington Post, Dana describes the women who fail to reject the reality of human sexual dimorphism as “Radical Lesbian Separatist[s]”.  I am a gender-critical lesbian feminist, and even I don’t personally know any radical lesbian separatists. I assure you, neither does Dana. But that is how he genuinely perceives actual women that are not serving him. Further, this: “Even the radical lesbians, who base their feminism on their panic deriving from the potential to be forcibly impregnated by men, feed off this male anxiety about those who willingly surrender their male bodies and male privilege.” Our panic! Our sudden, uncontrollable fear or anxiety often causing wild unthinking behavior! The cwazy cwazy reaction women have to fending off violent sexual slavery for their entire lives in a history of reproductive mayhem perpetuated against females for the whole of human history. Now, now, ladies! Don’t panic! Base feminism on something else!
Remember: this perspective on the reproductive caste system (nothing to panic about ladies!) is coming from a man who actually believes himself “to be” female. Oh, and “surrender” your male privilege by calling yourself female and wearing a dress? That is not how things work sir. People only treat you as female if they perceive you to be female, not because you think of yourself as one. No one has ever perceived Dana as being female. No one gets to “choose” their oppression based on their own thoughts and feelings. But men like Dana have been raised with such entitlement that they regard oppression as a series of choices that one can opt into, or “surrender” themselves to by their will alone. Just as female transitioners know all too well that there is no escape from the sex caste, male members of the over-caste see reproductive oppression as completely irrelevant to their lives as men, except perhaps as a palette of life experiences they can tally with, tourist like, as just another of life’s many options.
The reality of female oppression does not exist for men like Dana, except as an inconvenient interruption of his male needs: his gender fantasies. Men like Dana will say and do anything to sustain their fantasies about women -and women better not have a damn thing to say about it. Ironically, this includes female transgenders and males who are trying to come to terms with gender dysphoria in a reality-based way.
Here is retired eye surgeon Dana Beyer MD’s definition of sex as a medical doctor:

“”Sex” includes the cellular materials that make up the sexual anatomy and physiology of a human being, including:



         The cellular machinery for controlling the genetic material and its expression   as RNA and protein



         Other reproductive organs


         Hormone receptors

         Secondary sexual characteristics, such as breasts and facial hair

         Brain (the most important factor) “

The brain is the most important factor!
Completely brain-dead women kept alive on mechanical life-support have successfully reproduced with no brain function whatsoever. So no, doctor. What this transgender physician means is that his desire to inhabit a series of cultural sex-based stereotypes enforced violently upon women is more “real” than the objective reproductive reality experienced by females and exploited by men like him. So much so that he is willing to “surrender” his medical reputation.
Another transgender physician posted an eerily similar essay on Huffington Post last month, in this case the highly positioned David/Danielle Kaufman, Md, Chief of Radiology at Kaiser Permanente. The essay is titled “Male Organ or Not, This Really Is a Female Body”.

An excerpt:

“…I’m convinced, a year out from my trans-woman awakening, that this really is a female body. It may have been a male body once, but I’ve made a lot of changes already, and I haven’t finished. My beard, as well as my chest and abdomen hair, are mostly gone. I’ve had extensive surgery to feminize my face. I’m on estrogen; my body now runs on this female hormone, with testosterone blocked. As a result of the estrogen, I’m growing breasts. About a year into estrogen, my natural breasts are only about an A cup size, but they’re growing; they’re real women’s breasts, and I’ve had my first mammogram. There is real glandular breast tissue in there. Estrogen has shifted fat from my abdomen to my upper thighs and buttocks. I now have thunder thighs. They rub together no matter how I walk, and I’m afraid to go into the woods during the dry season for fear that I’ll start a fire.

So no, penis or not, this is a female body now, if for no other reason than that I’m female and it’s my body.”[*]

Women (“Radical Lesbian Separatist” or not) know that sex-deniers are harmful to those of us struggling against a violent sex-caste system. It is past time for the transgender movement – especially the medical providers who are inextricably attached to it-  drop this denialist tact, which is an exercise in delusion and madness.
[* Sadly, Dr. Kaufman committed suicide after the publication of his essay]

Female reproduction
Female reproduction

48 thoughts on “Male Organ or Not, This Really Is a Female Body

  1. Brilliant, Gallus Mag. We so much need your work and you keep helping us defend girls and women against male mind-fuck/gaslighting.
    No matter how much they complicate all of this, it’s just so simple. “Transgender” is a myth. No more real than species-change. No male body becomes female, ever. Interesting how very male the MFTs are. They are instantly recognizable with their male arrogance just from reading them. Their mind/spirit doesn’t change, and their body is just a grotesque male-surgered mess. Not remotely female. Like the feminine woman who says she’s a man being outraged when I did not want her male friend to come to our women’s event: “But he spent $45,000 for his vagina!” Sorry, but a surgered hole is not a vagina, he doesn’t have a vulva, etc. It’s not real. It’s mass delusion and fantasy.
    Same with the women, but as you say, they are less deluded about not being male.
    Now, if only all women would recognize trans as being like other mass delusions….

  2. Excellent article.
    One of the mtf transes i argue with all the time on facebook always calls me a man as an insult and says that “she” has a “female brain” unlike me. The funny thing is, that trans fathered a son. So I like to point out to that trans: if you have such a female brain compared to me, then why are you the one that fathered a son with an actual female?
    The “real life test” that hbs transsexuals always like to bring up as “proof” of their “female brain” doesn’t actually prove anything other than their dogged adherence to sex stereotypes and being on the path of medical body modification. There is no test to prove “brain gender.”
    ” Even the most kool-aid drinking transgender F2T fantasist seldom forwards the idea that humans are not a sexually dimorphic species. F2T drive the “genderqueer” and “agender” and “not 100% a man exactly” arms of the transgender movement. ”
    Yeah, I’ve definitely noticed that indeed. Although personally I am fond of the term “agender” if only to mean that I don’t identify with the conventional roles in society (I don’t deny my sex being male though).
    ” These men were raised with the expectation that women exist to serve them and care for them. ”
    This is very true and I see it all the time in subtle interactions with others.

    1. As regards Dr Kaufmann, a rather weird comment from his ex-wife:
      “I imagine her last moments in my mind. I think that after she took the large amount of pills that she knew would be enough, but before she fell asleep forever, she lay in her bed and imagined the face and the perfect body of the smiling baby girl who would awaken.”
      “the perfect body of the smiling baby girl” That just freaks me out.

    2. Oh yes – they love to claim that they are somehow “intersex” too. “Laydee brain” as sex organ, of course.
      But absolutely, if you FATHER A BIOKID, make new life with sperm that you produced in your own body, that’s about as sexually male as it gets!
      The other thing about brain gender – people rush to this “oh, hormones, it totally could potentially explain all this, so surely my brain is formed closer to a woman’s brain inside, of course it is, it’s physical! Yes!” but you know, I never see anyone suggesting that if this is true, we should make all the supposed “trans women” take the brain scan and if their personal brains don’t match the numbers, they be rejected and told they’re not really trans.
      I mean, somehow they never take it THAT far. Too inconvenient.

      1. They claim laydee brain stuff….until you start to question their cult. then they claim they have it, but their fellow dysphoric males are “just men” as if they themselves aren’t. they have no proof of anything

      2. Excellent point. Can’t have anything quantifiable that would result in evil “gatekeeping…” Can’t have any thoughts that we can follow to the end, and to their logical conclusions. That would be *transphobic* don’t you know.

  3. That whole ‘voluntary surrender’ thing also has undertones of some kind of sexual fetish – that it’s somehow sexy to allow yourself to be oppressed or dominated.

    1. That’s exactly what I find fascinating about so much of all this – as an identity issue, a psychological issue, there’s something in common with all the various transgender, transethnic, transabled – a desire to join a marginalized group, and to be explicitly treated by others as a “true member” of that marginalized group, as oppressed.
      Of course you can’t voluntarily truly join an oppressed group. The shared oppression involves not choosing to belong to the category, it’s externally imposed.
      That infuriates so many M2T to no end, and they are obsessed with it. It’s the one place they can’t go, they can’t get access to. For some of them, that leads to the endless “testing” – the purposeful showy using of the women’s room (rather than just using it and hoping no one notices), the insisting on volunteering on the front lines at rape crisis centers (because donating money or volunteering logistics help or things like computer support in the back office just isn’t PROOF enough of acceptance), it goes on. For all the talk about this supposedly being only about internal bodily dysphoria, for a lot of people it very much obviously isn’t, there’s that NEED for interacting and having the other person accept them as their desired category. But then they get “misgendered” somewhere else or the high otherwise wears off and there’s self-doubt and they have to challenge again… and again…

      1. Another way they try to test things is by having tons of unsafe sex with other men to “prove” that they are women

      2. @anon – Oh yeah. Check the archives of this very blog, there have been some threads about one Chloe Jennings-White, one of the more famous of the “transabled” community (and M2T, as it happens) who was on various US TV shows such as National Geographic.

  4. All female to trans are nothing more than tit-less women with facial hair and of course some of them get their uterus scraped out.
    Now, the only male that I know can get pregnant would be the male seahorse…male seahorses are not the same as male humans.

  5. What better illustration of what you’re explaining in this post than the stark contrast between this triumphal statement by a male fantasizing his womanhood, “I now have thunder thighs. They rub together no matter how I walk” and the lived reality of surveillance, objectification, policing, and anxiety around the “thigh gap” for women and girls.

  6. I’ve wondered this lately. If MtT are *really* women and lesbians need to reinforce their identity, how many of these self-proclaimed lesbian transwomen would sleep with other lesbian transwomen? Especially those with parts intact. I’m going to venture a guess that it isn’t many.

    1. I think you’re wrong about that, I would venture it is probably much higher than you’d think. By recognizing a woman with a penis as a lesbian means that other penis-having lesbians are fair game. Pretty sure this is standard practice. A straight woman who gets with a lesbian woman with a penis is automatically a lesbian. If that all works out cool, then why wouldn’t vagina-owning lesbians want to be with a penis-wielding lesbian? Transphobia, that’s why!

      1. “A straight woman who gets with a lesbian woman with a penis is automatically a lesbian.”
        What? Even if you agree with the rhetoric that MtT are totes women, how does a straight woman having a single sexual encounter with another woman make her a lesbian? Are we just pretending that bisexuality, pansexuality and experimentation by otherwise heterosexual people all don’t exist?
        This has got to be a Poe. Right?

      2. “Woman with a penis = male! Stop trying to sugarcoat this! We are talking about men!”
        Yah, I know it. I was walking the walk.

      3. “Svenn, I hope you’re joking.”
        I was aiming for facetious. 🙂 Though I once drank from that communal kool-aid trough.

      4. “experimentation”
        If you “experiment” or are “bi-curious” you’re either bisexual, lesbian, or gay no ifs, ands, or buts

    2. The problem is that sleeping with another M2T doesn’t “prove” that you’ve truly arrived and are being accepted as a woman. The need is to be accepted and validated as a member by other actual “regular” women.
      But while they clearly are making that distinction, somehow when they do it (rejecting other M2T) they don’t call themselves “transphobic,” it’s just preferences. Or something.

  7. I am a gay male who finds your blog very interesting as I have been arguing for years in the gay male blog world that females who become trans (F2T as you call it perfectly; a term I will begin to use instead of the incorrect MtF or FtM the 2T is reality). I want to disagree with your section on F2T and how none of the women ever claimed they had a penis. This is because you have never met a self-proclaimed “gay transman”, a phenomena that had arisen and has its own universe online and in most gay male social services and community programs, a handful of gay transmen have infiltrated and prepared a manifesto that they demand all gay accept — included their fact that gay transmen (and all trans people by the way) cannot have their genitals questioned — if a trans man is gay then all gay men MUST be open to having sex with this person if attracted regardless of what is between their legs — many gay men cheer this on in some deluded attempt at liberal PC support gone mad. I have argued since I became aware of these gay transmen that is it the presence of penis and ball in a scrotum and the absence of any form of vagina (even one that hormones have engorged the clit into a malformed large version of a clitoris not a penis). Homosexual men are into penis and balls as a definition and men who get into vaginas on trans men are actually bi or pansexual or some sort and not strict homosexuals; so they can call themselves gay because the transman is presenting as male but they are not homosexual men. Transmen are also attending male sex events and if anyone complains or comments on this issue, they are branded the equivalent of a racist. There was (still is) a blog called bilerico that a few years ago engaged in online trans wars where a huge contingent of the most hostile and dogmatic trans women and trans men bullied and ruled the blog comments there pushing their manifestos on the original gay and lesbian audience. I was screamed at and labelled a racist because of my views on so called gay transmen and vaginas not being penises. So harrassed was I by the furious transmen there that one found my real name and posted it on urban dictionary with the definition racist transphobe who hates trans genders. Thanks for your very real site. I know your issues are unrelated to me as a male, but as a homosexual, I wanted you to know that your trans analysis is right on and applies to gay men as well with these transmen who call themselves gay.

    1. Welcome to our world, David. Maybe now that gay men are being inconvenienced and harassed, more folks will start to realize the sheer obnoxiousness of the trans movement.

      1. Except it’s not the same. First of all, ftms don’t represent a threat of violence (sexual or otherwise) in gay male spaces the way mtfs do in female-only space.
        Second, we’re dealing in male sexuality when we talk about gay men. Some gay men are open to “novelty sex” with ftms though far fewer of them would date or partner with an ftm. The only lesbians I’ve known who do “novelty sex” are the ones whose internalized misogyny has them trying to emulate gay men in every respect.
        We could argue the men who go for ftms are actually bi not gay, but honestly that whole way of framing/understanding sexuality seems very much rooted in using male sexuality as the template, so I don’t bother. But yeah, men sleeping/partnering with ftms is heterosexual behavior.

      2. All true, Moira. My point, made rather half-assedly, was that before anything is done about a problem, it needs to affect men in some negative way. Sorry for the lack of clarity.

    2. I’ve never seen a group of people demanding that everyone must be open to have sex/dating them or otherwise they are [insert phobia] before. That’s incredible rapey and fucked up. Don’t let them bully you into submission. What they are in their fantasy is one thing – but if they act out those fantsies and drag unwilling people into this mess then it’s time to fight against this. I mean do you really want to cater around such deluded people at the expense of your sexual autonomy? If they call you “transphobic” because you refuse to engange in sexual activities with them – it’s for sure that their fantasies are more important than your body and boundaries.

  8. Was “transitioning” (surgery and hormones) the right choice for this person? This is a tragedy, and my respects to the family and friends. By all accounts, this was an intelligent and caring human being. However, David/Danielle’s wife describes him as deeply depressed at times. In some ways, this reminds me of the tragic story of Nancy/Nathan Verhelst. Both individuals seemed emotionally fragile.
    “Then, one day, he came home and told me that he had just been standing on the top of the hospital building, trying hard not to jump. Although I’d been with him for nine years, I’d had no idea that he had been taking antidepressants all that time. I’d also been unaware that he had attempted suicide twice before I met him, once in his teens and again in his 20s…
    After a short stay in a residential hospital and treatment with shock therapy, he slowly returned to the person I knew. I remember thinking, while sitting on the floor of the clinic, trying to keep my 6-month-old playing happily while we waited for several hours as my husband’s head was being hooked up to a machine to be purposefully shocked, “It will never get worse than this.”
    What happens when the image in one’s mind doesn’t match the reality? It’s amazing what people go through to “feel like a woman”, especially when it involves plastic surgery and high heels that put strain on the back. Perhaps this is part of the problem. High heels and extensive plastic surgery to fit into what culture says is “feminine” can end up leaving one empty inside when a person finally realizes it’s impossible to surgically create the perfect image in their mind.
    ” She hated her body, both the weight that was difficult to lose on estrogen and the parts that reminded her that she was not born into the body of the woman she so desperately wanted to be.
    She endured hours of laser hair/whisker removal. She had painful facial reconstruction surgery that left her swollen for weeks. Her back caused her a lot of pain when she tried to wear the high heels that made her feel like a woman.”
    Was this MTF facial feminization?
    “We both came out as gay to each other in 2009. We had been together for 22 years, and although we remained friends after that, it was no longer a traditional marriage. He had a difficult time fitting into the gay single life, and three more years passed before he realized that the problem was that he wasn’t a gay man. He was a straight woman.”
    No one knew what caused this brilliant person to take his own life, but perhaps someone could have told him that it’s okay to be a gender non-conforming gay man instead of opting for a surgical cure that only left him more depressed. Transitioning is easier than years of therapy and soul searching. Again, this reminds me of Nancy/Nathan Verhelst. Emotionally fragile people being sold sex reassignment surgery as a cure. It could be that he was just a depressed and lonely gay man, and once he realized that surgery could never create his mental image of a “woman”, it was devastating.

    1. But it’s totally “transphobic” to point those things out. Number 1 rule is: Only identity matters. If a man says he is a woman – he is. It’s fucking ridiculous.

      1. Uzumaki19
        I know it’s ridiculous…but you can’t reason with the “trans” cult because they skipped biology 101. It’s funny you mention the fictitious word “transphobic” they really believe such a word exist…well it does not exist in the Merriam-Webster dictionary.

    2. “She endured hours of laser hair/whisker removal. She had painful facial reconstruction surgery that left her swollen for weeks. Her back caused her a lot of pain when she tried to wear the high heels that made her feel like a woman.”
      Yeah, suddenly it’s all so NOBLE when it’s a trans woman, totally ignoring all the females that do all this shit every day, and don’t BITCH about it, in order to try and achieve the SAME thing — the MALE construct of what a woman is supposed to be. Males just have a little further to go surgically, that is all………..

      1. No one knew what caused him to kill himself? Just a stab in the dark– mental illness and the Trans doctrine (more mental illness) that used him. Another tale of the Trans . Maybe he realized there is no such thing as Trans and it was a thin veneer to lay over, bi-polar, personality disorder and sexual compulsion—which are treatable when compared to delusion that is the cause celebre.
        This is more disturbing than sad. This man had the best of the world handed to him—Mr. Golden, opps, mea culpa, Dr. Golden Sun Shined out his male ass. His biggest strife was not starvation, or war it was obsession with himself. Which would have bored most people to death yet he persevered.
        Perspective: this man was not some world class artist that sacrificed for his art or a great philosophical thinker that deepen everyone he came in contact with and who left a body of work that elevates culture and humanity. No he was a rich white jerk. His most all-consuming thoughts were how important his dick was. He was a nobody, a parasite demanding attention. He was not a major talent snuffed out too soon. He was not a concentration camp survivor or a victim of torture. On the contrary he was entitled and privileged to the max. Here is a map of his life and death, and X marks the spot. He thought of himself and of himself some more, surprise narcissism and superficiality are deadly.
        He “hated” his weight–really. How heartbreaking –a fat fucker was he? Well he could have slowed down at the chow line. It wasn’t like he had a few pregnancies under his belt or was too poor and forced into some body twisting diet of high fat cheap food. He was gluttony. He “endured” hair removal—oh the agony, elective and cosmetic procedures. That this even illicit a response other than contempt for any feeling thinking person is troubling. It shows how many people can longer even judge what is worthy of compassion.
        It isn’t poignant. People, women, children are indeed fighting to stay alive, fighting for real to keep their children alive and all he ever wanted was to be a girl, a baby girl. Great middle age white men are so fricken boring.
        It is in not compassion to see him as any kind of tragic figure. It means that you do not know what either compassion or tragedy are. He made a choice. His choice he was an adult male in America. You get to choose your identify in America—baby girl. The fact that he was just a big fat male fucker does not matter—baby girl. Now how many real baby girls are murdered each year—so people over at the Huff think this gluttonous prick the epitome of. Ersatz emotions, coming from people that are so intellectually dead and so brutal and misogynistic in their thinking this self indulgent fraud of human comands their sadness. I found that baby girl bit very telling–bet dollars to donuts the guy also had a diaper fetish.

    1. Cage fights for children? I fear the kind of bullies that might breed.
      Err, for male children. I’m sure the girls can lead cheers and stand by with super-absorbent sham-wow pom-poms to sop up all errant bodily fluids. Rah-rah!

  9. You said: “Women (“Radical Lesbian Separatist[s]” or not) know that sex-deniers are harmful to those of us struggling against a violent sex-caste system. It is past time for the transgender movement – especially the medical providers who are inextricably attached to it- [to] drop this denialist tact (sic), which is an exercise in delusion and madness.”
    Thank you for this excellent statement. Your whole article is so focused on the precise problem with trans politics. That focus in itself is noteworthy, because it’s hard to stay focused when there is so much delusion and confusion being sown from that community. The phrase “violent sex-caste system” is very useful as it is specifically radfem-oriented. The problems of women won’t be resolved by equal employment laws. They go much deeper than superficial fixes, as we know – directly to a deep need to exploit women’s bodies and reproductive capacities, specifically.
    One radfem way to look at this attempt to appropriate our biology is that it starts as an exploitation of our bodies along the lines of sexual entertainment for these few men, transgressive fun, then gets carried to the extreme that they fall for their own fantasy. I wish that there were some studies as to what percentage of MtT people actually believe they have become biological women. I would guess that the percentage is tiny, yet these extremists are the ones with the loudest voices.
    As you say so clearly: the offensive, destructive, and delusional position that MtT people are able to change their sex, not just their gender roles, must be dropped from trans politics. This running wild into fantasy is encouraged because they find a wide-open field for fantasy in the reaction of a befuddled general public, which only wants to seem fair and tolerant. But the public will gradually come to see the clear delusionality of this position and it will eventually be a great setback to them, as public prejudice will seem justified because such a position flies in the face of both science and common experience.

  10. Nobody has ever perceived Dana Beyer as anything other than a male nor will they in the near or distant future. Trans in fact is a completely male construct. Men seem to have sub cultures of fantasy life– Civil War reenactment or playing Starship enterprise. Trans has the added component of compulsive sexual male fetish.
    Dana is a classic male cliché in his entitlement. He demands the delusion be elevated into something that not only has social justice credence but also scientific validity. Why? Because he says so.
    Transwomen is the most recent variant on macho man. This man like many of the others is a high functioning sexual sociopath. And Beyer, if he proves nothing else, he proves that Trans is another manifestation of men exercising their male virility and framing in such a way that it will destroy women. The stunning thing is nobody believes them except for a very few deeply uncritical people who are arrogant enough to imagine they are on the vanguard against bigotry when in fact they adhere to all the basic behaviors of only the most privilege and the most bigoted.
    The fact they are not believed but given a pass is I suspect based in cultural misogyny. These men feed off and contribute to it, because it is that misogyny that affords them the male privilege of Trans. So Trans is more male privilege to allow them to be physically, socially and politically violent toward. Women can’t be allowed to survive because somebody might notice (quick don’t tell anyone he’s a guy)
    When I think of the wives and children in many ways Trans is another form of the classic family annihilators. Instead of leaving them all dead in the living room. These guys destroy them and then claim victimhood for themselves. Men are destructive Male dishonesty is always in the service of males and mostly at the risk of women
    They can’t superimpose their delusion onto another person’s reality. Their reality is that everyday for the rest of their lives they need to ingest massive quantities of synthetic cross hormones because their body is in fact male and by ingesting synthetic hormones they are merely creating an artificial temporarily induced and very vague impression of female. Beyer knows the second he has some medical issue a the medical profesional will tell him either he stops playing with hormones or he will have to treat himself because he is a walking liability and his life is not worth anyone’s career. These guys love to file suits. If I were Beyer I would be eating only organic orange blossoms and taking small sips of purified water.

  11. The photograph of Thomas Beatie, the “pregnant man” FTM always made me feel creepy. I’m happy when any female gives birth to a healthy child. This was a woman who was in beauty pageants dressed in high heels, makeup, and a colorful dress before becoming the pregnant man. There is NO such thing as a pregnant man, but Thomas made a few bucks hitting the talk show circuit.
    This FTM gave birth to three children AFTER legally changing her sex to male. They were planned pregnancies through artificial insemination. This is such a crock of B.S. She deliberately kept her female sex organs so that she could get pregnant. There is nothing wrong with a woman wanting children, but why on earth call yourself “male”? Thankfully, she went off the testosterone injections while she was pregnant.
    I read that the ex-wife nursed one of her babies through induced lactation.

    1. Beattie’s divorced now? I need to catch up I guess…
      What bugged me so much about all the media coverage was that they were treating it as some amazing scientific quirk, wow, can you believe, a MAN got pregnant! Groundbreaking!
      …and then you’d read the article, and oh, okay, it’s the obvious – it’s actually a woman, fully biologically functioning with all parts left intact, having a kid as women the world over routinely do.

    2. The ex-wife is also a violent flaming alcoholic. So between the two of them, just a wonderful set of parents. Sheesh.

      1. I am haunted by the thought of how screwed up those kids’ environment is. Last Beatie was in the news, it was about how she wanted a fourth child now that the divorce was in the works, and had told her daughters “women can get pregnant too.” Ugh shut up.

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