I’m a post-op MtF who is back in therapy to reverse this mess and obtain a phalloplasty

image from USA Today added by me- GM
image from USA Today added by me- GM

Guest Post from Gregory:
I have tragically come to realize my story is fairly typical of most MtF persons. I was molested by my “trusting” grandfather at age 3, father was killed at age 5 and while my mother remarried; you could essentially say I grew up without a “father figure” or role model.
By 10 or 13 years old; the gender confusion had begun. Only I didn’t know its origins. I was frequenting the gay neighborhoods by 16; assuming this emptiness and sexual craving was a signal of who I was. But, it wasn’t gratifying; and always left me disgusted.
By 25, I was cross dressing in earnest. Buy, purge, buy, purge this repetitive cycle of self hatred continued unabated. For the next 15 years I was married and divorced twice. The root of the failures I believe some bent up anger and feeling of inadequacy stemming from a childhood I had no control over.
By my late thirties, this feeling of a “feminine core” continued. It led me to purchase online and experiment with Estrogen and an Anti-Androgen. My body slowly started to feminize. I dieted and exercised feverishly and got my body down to an acceptable female weight. I felt great; this must be who I am?
I remarried again in my early forties to a wonderful woman. Yet, the programming in my mind was so scrambled by then that it was difficult to differentiate between reality and fantasy. By the time I started seeing a gender therapist and a surgeon they were as convinced as I was that I was female.
Since I was already on estrogen, the endocrinologist felt morally/ethically obligated to continue that same protocol and at least monitor it and prescribe it legally. I received my first letter for surgery after a year and the second after two years. My childhood issues were jotted down by the therapists almost as if a side note. (A very common failure in approving surgery.) At no time did I tell my family, consider my career or even consider talking to the love of my life of my plans. This “sickness” and it is a sickness, consumes and takes over your life! You will lie to everyone around you as you continue to lie to yourself to get it done.
The first six months post-op SRS were wonderful. By the eight month, things were changing. Now my interest was finding out how to end my life. That is called REGRET. How long it takes you to come to this point is subjective; probably once the excitement wears off. You realize this was completely wrong. You have destroyed everything in your path to get it done and no-one in the medical community will stop you. How can they? You lied to yourself for so long. Fooling them was the easy part. Or did they even care? “When would you like your next appointment?”
The recently published WPATH Version VII has simply allowed the medical community to open the “floodgates” for this very tragedy to unfold. To get on cross gender hormones and then have surgery has become almost as simple as going to the convenience store for a pack of gum. If the client wants it, give it to them. “Real Life Test”? Maybe, maybe not, depending on your circumstances, occupation, etc. It is a billion dollar industry that thrives on your illness.
Get help. Don’t mutilate your body. The psychiatrist, psychologists, and surgeons will enjoy a wonderful life. You, however, could end up with a tortured life, ending up penniless, possibly unemployed, without family or friends and maybe even homeless. And that’s if you haven’t tried or committed suicide by then! All so you can become the girl you “think” you are inside and wanted to be! People, God or whatever you believe in made you in the correct gender. It is encoded in your very DNA. If you think differently, get real help; but, DON”T CHANGE IT.
This essay was previously published on REtransition.Org.
Thank you Gregory.

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  1. I’ll have to read through this whole post earlier, but I just had to comment on the title:
    Ok, so you got SRS and regret it…if i were this guy i wouldn’t even bother getting the phalloplasty it’ll just be even worse. He fucked up and there’s nothing that can be done

    1. I wonder what will be worse – the hope that things can one day go back to what they were, or the cold reality that they can’t.

      1. things will never be the same… logically when “comparison stuff” comes to your mind after phalloplasty. vs srs vs biological man physically. your mind will suffer more.To end this… suicide might happen. Embrace your self and be with your family. Changing your gender again is no longer good for your mind, body and emotion.
        im a year post op and its my first time to indulge in this kind of forum coz i feel that your new plan will just harm your self.

    2. I’m 60 & have been a post-op trans woman 10 years now… Yes all the bad things he listed happened to me, but even with the loss of family & friends I would have still done the same because I was born female so I take all that goes with it good or bad just as all women do. I have never regretted SRS as I simply had no choice.

      1. No, you were born male and you think you’re female. You have at least one Y chromosome, and in humans that means male. Feelings do not enter into it. You could feel like you were a lion and that wouldn’t be true either.

      2. SRS implies either an inverted penis (not a vagina) or colon tissue refashioned and extended to the perineal surface (not a vagina). So, post-SRS you are still a man.

      3. To Dana: What exactly do you fear when people get a chance to define their own identity by the way they feel, as opposed to what particular sperm out of a gazillion won the race and thus forever engraved their destiny in stone? Even if someone thought they should have been born a lion instead, I believe they have every right to consider themselves a wild cat or a predator in a human body. They’re not going to hurt you for it – they’ll find their own pride.

        1. People can believe anything they want. That is their religious right. But only men have the “right” to choose to play with their desired position in the sex-caste. Women cannot “identify” themselves out of sex-based oppression and exploitation by males like yourself that call themselves deleecious and consider women not human, but a sexy space for you to occupy. What women fear is the elimination of the scant legal rights we have won in social life by men like you who want to eliminate our human rights entirely by outlawing the acknowledgment of sex based oppression and sex itself.

      4. Do those identity cats get to change their drivers licence, birth certificate, legal documents, passports, etc? Do they go to a zoo when charged with a crime instead of a human prison? Do they get to have child cats given hormones and medical interventions to stop them from becoming too human thus ruining their passing as cats? Do they ruin marriages, trash their children, destroy lives to be their true cat self? Do they get sexually aroused by their catness and demand that dogs have sex with them? Yes, this is all idiotic. So is your statement. Get it? The game is over. You’re losing. Accept it.

      5. Cheri, don’t listen to these slow individuals below. These same remarks were said to African americans when they wanted to be considered equals, to women during WW1 & WW2 when they man factory and male roles during the war, same thing said as women fought for equal rights in sports and employment.
        People fear what they cannot understand or experience for themselves. A time will come when all these individuals become non existant. Just like the KKK, just like female oppression. Let them voice there opinions now, because that’s all they have. But behind close doors they have there own secret, that if it came to light, they would fight to protect as much as being born in the wrong body. The single thing that makes a boy or a girl is an extra chrom. that’s it. our makeup is almost the same. we are who we feel we are. Free to be who we are.

      6. People told black people that they’re not really black because they have a Y chromosome and were born with a penis? Huh? Nobody is saying MTT aren’t human, or that they are a lesser breed of human, which is what was ACTUALLY said about African Americans.
        We’re saying they’re not women, which they aren’t. A woman is an adult human female. A female is “of or denoting the sex that can bear offspring or produce eggs, distinguished biologically by the production of gametes (ova) that can be fertilized by male gametes.”
        There is no intrinsic neurological difference between a female and a male. Neurological differences between the sexes are a result of socialization that begins at birth. Study after study shows us that the “gendered brain scans” meant to prove transgender theory are better explained by neuroplasticity (aka life experiences), not biology. We can get similar brain scan results on people of different races as well as people who drive taxis vs not. We also know from scientific studies that infants are objectively treated differently by their parents based on their sex. IOW, males and females have differing life experiences from birth, which we know affects the structure of the brain. There is also a much greater overlap in the scans of male/female brain scans than the trans activists will tell you. Turns out it’s another case where, while there are statistically-associable differences, there’s more differences within each group than there is between the two groups.
        Since brain structure is not an actual sex characteristic, a person born with male genitalia, XY chromosomes, etc., who simply “feels female” does not actually have any of the physical sex characteristics of a female. Since an MTT is not female, an MTT is not an adult female human and is therefore not a woman. An MTT is a male human, which makes him a boy or a man, which, last I checked, was still a type of human.
        It’s pretty simple actually… unless you live in total denial of reality. People who think GC/radical feminists are “dehumanizing” MTTs are being disingenuous. Say it with me: men and boys are still human.
        BTW there is no such thing as being “born in the wrong body”. If your body is healthy and functional, it is fine the way it is. Hating your healthy body is a psychological problem, not a physical one. There are people out there with body integrity identity disorder, which means they have physical dysphoria because they feel like their body “should” have a limb amputated, but this is not treated by surgically removing the limb that “isn’t supposed to be there”. We don’t treat anorexia with liposuction. If you’re a decent person, you don’t tell people who feel unhappy with their bodies to get plastic surgery. You give them resources to help them accept themselves the way they already are.
        You can be a man and wear makeup and a dress if that’s what makes you happy. GC/radical feminists are not the people standing in the way of that. It has nothing to do with your sex, though, and trying to coopt femaleness for yourself is gross and misogynistic. You can’t “transition sex” any more than a person can “transition race” or “transition species”.

      7. Come on, CheriKay. We aren’t women. What’s wrong with just being a transperson? You can’t actually think you are REALLY a woman, do you? I don’t want to hurt you or anything, but isn’t it better to just take the pressure off yourself and say that you’re trans and leave it at that?
        Women are women. We are transpeople. Where’s the harm in that? Why not just embrace the reality of the situation and try to improve the social standing of transpeople and women separately rather than trying to present transpeople as women? We aren’t. We are trans, and we can be good people just the same without pretending to be something else.

  2. This reads like a kind of montage of personal stories. Or maybe a kind of commercial.
    Hey, it’s a good start. I just don’t believe there is a Gregory. I think there are Gregories who would have their own stories to tell, though. You reading this, Gregories? Go tell ’em, have at it. I wrote openly online about being bullied with gang rape and caving (they let me go but, well, this is not one of my favorite stories to tell).
    That was pretty fucking difficult to do, Gregory.
    I hope to hear from you. Doing so would brighten my day. Partners in Patriarchy. Rainbow Victims Of Various Sorts Of Assault Not Always Including Any One Given Conceptual Object.

    1. How can they? Telling them about regret, telling them they might be delusional, that would be discrimination right?

      1. That’s because if you mention anything bad (so let them say it) about the “trans cult” you’re considered “transphobic”, a fictitious word that word doesn’t exist in the merriam-webster dictionary.

    2. This article could be true, but having gone through it all myself, it’s difficult to imagine. Doctors, therapists, friends, family, strangers, all kinds of people warn against the dangers and problems of this every step of the way. One has to read and sign consent forms, work with therapists, consider that you may die, be permanently damaged, irreparably injured, ridiculed, ostracized, on and on. There are no shortages of warnings, and anyone who says otherwise has had a very different experience from mine, or is trying to sell you something.
      There is nothing easy about getting this stuff done, and if one manages to do it and ends up regretting it, that person is insanely motivated to waste time and money and endure a lot of discomfort. Get a hobby already.
      The only reasonable way to enter into this venture is to tell yourself, “Well, I may get screwed up, but I already am, so I may as well give it a try because there’s a chance things could be better”. Anything more optimistic than that, and you’re delusional. And if after all is said and done you wish you hadn’t done it, well there’s no one to blame but yourself. These changes don’t happen accidentally. Sounds like maybe this person is just perpetually miserable.
      “And that’s if you haven’t tried or committed suicide by then!” What!? Get real. Why are people always talking like trans people want to kill themselves. Forget that. I want to live. That’s sort of the point.

      1. There are many men who regret undergoing this procedure, including some quite well-known transactivists (Drew Cordes, etc). I leave these comments up so folks can see how incredibly heartless and cruel you guys are towards them (and just in general I suppose).

      2. My frustration and haste created an inaccurate sense of heartlessness. Sorry about that and thank you for pointing it out, GallusMag.
        To clarify: We are adults taking a known risk. If somehow the sense of risk isn’t being made clear, then that is a problem that should be remedied. It’s risky. Everyone should know that. Almost no one on Earth should do this and people should be discouraged at every step.
        Many people end up hating their tattoos, but that doesn’t mean no one should get tattoos. It just means people need to be thoughtful and informed before taking these actions. (A weak comparison I realize, but hopefully relatable). And if one ends up hating his/her tattoo, one may only rightly blame oneself. It’s not the fault of the tattoo industry which has been estimated at $2.3 billion a year.
        Wishing Gregory well on his path to healing. Very sorry anyone would end up regretting such a huge decision. It’s still been a great choice for me.

      3. 1)I won’t apologize for calling it as I see it like Gallusmag. I don’t appreciate someone saying 2) I am not a female when gender is determined by the wearer, 3) I do not appreciate being expressed as a regret because I enjoy my life because life has many aspects such as being human, 4) I do not appreciate being categorized as a sexual freak because im a virgin, 5) i do not appreciate being expressed as someone who wont have family cuz i do, 6) i dont appreciate being expressed as someone without friends cuz i have all my day ones, and 7) i dont appreciate being expressed as someone who wont find a partner thats straight heterosexual male who views me as a human because all rich wealthy middle class (dont date poor unless they are college students or have a job) men understand when I say back off the sex talk and they do or i leave. 7a) I have numerous half way relationships where I am treated like female and respected as a human. They are all aware I am talking to others, 8) I also was shakey with my process and I had people/friends/doctors try to get me to think about it thoroughly as if i didnt. However I thought about transitioning in advance and read about it everyday and religion and statistics until i felt like i could handle it. 9) I could have had surgery by now but its not neccessary for now (by my standards and no one elses) Notice the choice there. 10) At the end of the day I deserve my experience even if someone else ruins theirs cuz this isnt a daycare and if it was im an adult. 11) I seem irritated because I remember reading this article when I first started to transition with an open mind, but now that i went through it, I am happy I didnt listen to this guy. 12) He didn’t even find out what was wrong with him by the time he expressed his disdain… 13) I’m not convinced my 2015 procedure is the same as what you did 30 something years ago when people would murder trans just cuz of the idea. 14) I don’t follow anyone who ends on a negative note, thats just sad. I already have old ass parents who are lost in regrets; its sad to see old people like this. : /

      4. This story rings a bell to me. No father figure at home. Starting with self medicated hormone replacement therapy, fooling myself during years about the gender I felt I was in. Then as mentioned before on this blog, fooling the therapists is just an easy game. But the thruth is, you cannot find your place as man in the society, you hope to find a place as woman, but it is not that successful and at some point, you look like a perfect beautiful woman, but you’re not happier as before the transition. Changing gender has never solved the underlying psy problems one has before the transition and they will bounce back with more acuity. But honestly, I don’t have an answer for myself or for any other peron in the same situation…

  3. This is such a bizarre hodge-podge, it’s very unlikely it came from all one person or is one person’s story. It sounds like someone is out there, trying to make “trans regret” a thing. Lots of trans tropes in there, very unlikely that it’s an actual trans person.
    I went through therapy for three years (by choice, and on my own dime). I wasn’t so much counselled about “regret”, but about how what I was thinking of doing (particularly male to trans) is irreversible, and very damaging to the body. The list of side effects for taking synthetic estrogen is long and scary, and the therapist and my doctors did their best to scare me away from it. Every step of the way doctors have tried to push NOT taking hormones, NOT getting surgery. Getting letters and recommendations and all the rest of it is -really hard-. Maybe things are different in the USA, but in Canada this process is entirely patient driven with roadblocks at every step. It’s not as easy as memorizing some narrative and lying on forms. It’s very much “there’s nothing wrong with you unless you can prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that there is”.
    Whoever is writing these “trans regret” things should either study up better, or just knock it off. It doesn’t ring true at all.

    1. Oh but a real authentic laydee brain trapped (howling to get out of that) in a male body strikes you as some big truth–hahahhahah.
      Detransion, the wave of the future. Nothing that has to do with Trans rings true it is all a male sex fantasy.

      1. Hi Motherhood,
        No, a “laydee brain” trapped inside a male body doesn’t strike me as some big truth at all. I read GallusMag’s blog because I agree with the main premise (female MATTERS), and because it opens me up to different perspectives I hadn’t thought of nor experienced during my own struggle with gender and sex role stereotypes. A gendered brain is hokum.
        I was surprised to discover that for many people, trans is a sexual thing. I don’t even know what to call myself — non-sexual? Not interested in sex in the slightest, before or after. Yet here I am, lumped together with this group of fetishists and generally unbalanced weirdos.
        I don’t identify with them, or with men, and I’m certainly not female. It leaves me looking for answers, and here there are definitely some, but not all. It seems the only people willing to discuss “trans” in any sort of constructive way are feminists (radical or otherwise). I can only offer my perspective, which definitely does not seem to be the norm amongst the “trans” people the majority here have encountered.
        I’m appreciative of the chance to share my two cents — even if all it offers is some evidence that not everyone in “trans” shoes is swathed in a juvenile porno fantasy.

      2. Hi Motherhood. I can see your point, but most transpeople recognize that laydee-brain is nonsense. Because science and reality.
        Most transpeople know exactly what we are. I didn’t feel good being full of testosterone or having male genitals. That’s it. It was uncomfortable. And I’m comfortable with the idea of modifying my own body. It’s an okay solution, maybe, depending on the person, but there’s nothing “sexy” about any of the changes. It’s just more comfortable to me and I feel better.
        Some are working to make trans appear something it isn’t. I’m not a woman, am trans, and don’t want to be in women’s spaces because I respect whatever boundaries women want to set.
        Trans is true, but these current ideas about what it is and isn’t are absurd.

    2. Canadian medicine is practiced very differently than it is in the U.S. “Specialists” who do almost nothing but SRS (or whatever it’s called this week, to make it sound less and less radical) make hundreds (and hundreds) of thousands of dollars each year on unnecessary, risky, dangerous surgical procedures on almost anyone who can afford to pay cash up front. Like this guy:http://www.brownsteinmd.com/, who does almost nothing but unnecessary mastectomies. Have a look at the long list of ‘healers’ who prey on a vulnerable (and often young) people. Even if this is a composite, maybe it will reach someone before it’s too late.

      1. I’m not sure where you got your Canadian med information Kitty, but it’s not different. GPs refer to specialists before they treat for anything, and you come back to the GP who must follow the treatment program the specialist has decreed. If it’s psych and/or a surgeon, the GPs work ends there but to keep writing the scripts for the hormones, psych drugs and follow up care, if there isn’t a psych ward big enough to treat it all there. At some point the patient comes back to the GP, but in the case of delusional whackos, it’s far down the line. Specialists now surcharge for almost everything, or the one who is reputed to be the expert, surchages for it all. Every visit back to the GP or to any other speciality may also carry surcharge, The meds may not be covered. Everyone to the trough.

      2. In Canada there are very few surgeons that perform SRS — I know of one in Western Canada, and one in Central Canada. I’d say you’re right about the lucrative financial position they are in, being the only doctors performing it. However, it is not possible to get to see those surgeons without first crossing all the roadblocks in the way — even if you do have the money to pay for it. Perhaps that’s how the US and Canada differ — it sounds as if you wave the right amount of money in the US, the doctor will do whatever you want. In Canada, that just isn’t the case. You can’t just pop in to the surgeon and have your breasts lopped off on a whim.

      3. I *really* disagree about the “roadblocks”. There are none. It’s all disclaimer under another name.
        Doctors are so women-hating and homophobic and only know the marketing schtick on this, which means, SRS and drugs, or just drugs and sanctioned cross dressing, with name change certs et al. But it’s that knee jerk nod and feign sympathy to hide what is really a huge euuuuu and psych note on your chart. They put up a show with psych sessions and questions and the rest so they can say there was no success with lesser treatments. Sigh. Oh what to do what to do??? (reaching for the surgeon referral form).
        And people move across the country because some jurisdictions haven’t opened up payment for, or have shut it down, and the doctors are the first to move. Follow the money is really rubber to the road here.

      4. It’s super super common for guys to start out taking estrogen without a prescription. Either online or from other trans in their social networks. Some, like Jen Burleton of TransActive even steal their mother’s or their girlfriend’s meds. This is why you see these hilarious “discovered in the emergency room after a bee sting to have an overdose of estrogen in my system- er, I mean, that I am really a woman!” These guys have to explain this little “discovery” to their wives somehow.
        Anyways, when they finally go to a doctor who sees they have been self-medding anyway the docs just say wtf and go ahead and put them on prescribed hormones. Pretty freaking common. Also there is informed consent. In fact, Canada even has an informed consent clinic for those under the age of 21 only! The meds are free on demand.

      5. I remember my joke of a therapist (sliding scale through the YWCA, which for some reason had a whole stable of gender therapists) telling me at the very first session about the technicalities she had to observe, three months of therapy, bla bla, and rolling her eyes at it. “Of course,” she reassured me, “I’ll write you the letter if you want it. We just have to go through this process because the system still requires it.” That was pretty much the default attitude in my liberal USA city at the time.
        That was a few years ago, though. Last I heard, they no longer even require three months of sham therapy. Which now seems to be the default in most liberal USA cities and a lot of other places.

      6. Wow, del, it sounds like you’re so jaded towards the system, and that’s awful. I can’t speak to the experiences that f2t might have, but on my side of things, it was practically impossible. Finding a doctor that would even acknowledge it (let alone take it on) was a challenge. I’ve seen that some provinces allow you to change your birth certificate now without surgery, and I think that’s as ludicrous as “transgender children”. I guess it’s becoming easier/more recognized/the issue of the moment, whatever. I had to see so many doctors, psychotherapists, psychologists — all of them holding the position that this was not a real problem, and how about I live life the way I am and learn to be happy as a gender non-conformer.
        Nobody, not one doctor ever recommended SRS or any kind of surgery as a treatment. Never. I’m not going to try anyone’s patience by posting my story here, but my experience with the medical system was that they would not consider surgery an option to treat what amounts to a mental disorder. If that has changed, then I am even more afraid for the people that go down this road, because it is a shitty, shitty road.

      7. If they change ones birth certificate – what if they get ill or so? I mean for example the sings of a heart attack differ in males and females. What aber other illnesses who also differ in males and females? I ask because I often read that they don’t tell doctors that they are ftm or mtf.

      8. you are all f up i pretended my way through 31years and im just know finding myself no will to have anything male or be gay by being forced to date weman u dont do something this hard and lonely for sex u do it to be happy to find urself but all and all u probably are quite slow in the head and cant see past ur own self its okay dont care but stop ur bs i didnt want to read crap like this when im worring about all the friends familly and possably lose of job whatever is all forgive u for ur hate

      9. Schmuck who can’t find the shift key or use punctuation says we’re all slow in the head. SMH
        There’s a sea of pro-trans blogs and sites out there, michael. If you can’t deal with the truth, there are other things to read.

      10. Fyi on an android with a broked screen😦😧…..K soo ive been reading these posts . All of what is said here airs on some level of truth.im 31 male looking at hrt,so on one hand if you rush it as most people seem to have a beef with ….yes im sure there’s going to be a level if lirs to yourself and regret .hell even with carefully planned and weighed out research, pros and cons one could still feel regret.
        On the other hand ive also seen many people who even with some level of complication said yes its scary as hell they delt regret and were terrified at times if they had made the right decision or not..
        At the end of the day there are many different ways to justify the same empty unwilling to let you sleep at night feelings of loss and unanswered questions.
        For myself I’ve never been able to know myself im such a chameleon i dont know myself how ever ….i do know ive felt a stronger connection with girls non sexually i dint fet men i feel like i have to measure up . So yeah i was massively bullied through 42 different schools from kindergarten on .
        I took a soldier mantality no emotions just business thats failed . No way am i weak but feel more comfortable with that side of myself more so than my male persona people who are scary honest withe gave me the same im much happier as a girl that im cute as well and i come alive….sometimes i even scare myself .now im not on hormones. I see all the risks and see only one life to live .so i have tried to be happy as male and measure up but im sick of always waiting to be that guy . Life is a scarey shitty place that we all have to endure .
        I was once told hormones only let people see you for who you are on the inside .no this doesn’t make me femal nore can i ever say that I know both sides of the fence …. im in no mans land male female its mute im niether biologically ill always be male but I think hiding the fact im more girly than most guys would be but im.ok with that .
        All im saying is that you need to be happy with who you are and accept that your not anyone else but you so fuck all the haters if you feel like you are more confident as female then own it .
        Family is not flesh and blood .family are those whom love and cherish all that you are not who or what you want to be. Your going through a hells hiway but believe in yourself and lean on those who care . Its not easy by any means to open up to anyone let alone people you trust will jugde harshly.
        You will loose and hurt … but the ones who still srand tall holding you when you can stand any more those are your brother and sisters ir mothers and father’s blood or not they are your true family .
        Instead of scaring the shit out of each other why not lift each other up shit happens to us all empathy isn not a learned skill but you can still have it.
        Nail me to a cross i dont care you cannot do anything worse than I’ve alrwad gone through this individual may very well making it up but I dont think this is at this point i say that you should keep at it you have to think about it this way or so I believe.
        You’re new to the world so to speak and need time to grow as this new person and learn to love this new version of you make it worth the effort you put in . I feel strongly enough about this and with the added imput from others thats the way im lookjng that this nit easy but i can me mee happy and free with no worries of hiding who i am .

    3. I disagree, not from the perspective of having been a trans person but on how the system works. There are specialists in Canada who people move across the country to see, because that’s all those guys do is sign people onto the program. They do mastectomies and prescribe hormones. There is also a huge trek to Thailand from here.

      1. People move across the country here because they are the only doctors that will participate, not because they will sign up anyone that asks. Thailand is a whole different scary story, and I genuinely feel for those who feel like they have to pay to subvert the system of checks and balances in place in Canada. It’s not often you meet someone happy with what happened to them in Thailand — I could see regret stemming from that choice!

      2. “It’s super super common for guys to start out taking estrogen without a prescription.”
        They do that also because if you do that and you tell your therapist that’s what you’re doing the therapist has to to then prescribe you the stuff in order for it to be safer. It’s a trick that transes use.
        And Violet Irene points things out true as well. All the “real life test” does is show how boneheaded set on the path of it that one can be and also how much $$$ you have. If you have both those you’re a “real lady with a real lady brain” unlike those “crossdressing fags”

    4. I’m a trans man and an expert in gender-related academics, particularly those pertaining to the transgender experience. I have a few things to say about this. First, a question: Where and how did you find doctors and therapists who were actually encouraging?! The first person I went to about this stuff compared it to an eating disorder and fake memories. I’ve had to struggle and search and I still don’t have my letter because I’ve only just found a therapist who is willing to talk to me about this without trying to talk me out of it! Second, about the tropes… I tried putting emphasis on the fact that I’ve been masculine since childhood and all those classic trans tropes, at least the ones I fit. The therapist said she wasn’t “convinced.” It wasn’t until I talked about my current experience and avoided those tropes that I was taken seriously. And I haven’t even found a doctor to help me with hormones yet, let alone surgery! Also, generally speaking, if, in the EXTREMELY rare event that someone regrets transitioning, they decide the gender they transitioned to isn’t right, it’s usually because they’re nonbinary, not because they were cis all along. I’m certainly skeptical of the piece, but provided this is actually real, I would highly recommend that Gregory study up on nonbinary genders and start actually connecting in person with real nonbinary people, like in a support group or something.

      1. Here’s a GP in the UK who’s giving out cross sexed hormones via skype https://gendergp.co.uk/ Same doctor got a recent write up in the Guardian for putting a 12 year old girl on testosterone.
        “Helen Webberley, a GP in Wales, has set up a private gender clinic and recently started treating children, a “handful” of whom she has started on cross-sex hormones, including a 12-year-old.
        “He had been on puberty blockers since the age of nine,” said Webberley. “He would have to now wait until 16 to get testosterone. This child has always been a boy, never worn a dress, always played with boys. He was so ready, his mates are starting puberty and he’s desperate to start puberty. I felt and the mother felt and the child felt it was the right time, so that child’s now on cross-sex hormones,” said Webberley, whose practice does not breach any current guidelines or laws.”

      2. Hi, Madden. I’m an MTT and just watched your video post. It’s unfortunate that you’re struggling so much, but I ask (coming from a place of experience) that you please slow down and remove some of the emotional content from your decisions before you take any action. You are clearly upset about this and have some big feelings about your parents tied in with it. Please take some time to settle down and be brutally honest with yourself about what you are considering. If you can’t think things through without getting excited or upset, then possibly you’re not thinking things through clearly/fully.
        Much of what you said came from the perspective of comparing what you are now to you what you would like to be ideally. The thing to consider is that you may not reach your current desired outcome. How would you feel about that? Would having a negative outcome and being forced to live with a permanently damaged body still be better than living as you are now? Very likely it would not be, but you need to be clear on that for yourself.
        So, even if the dangers don’t turn you away, consider the possibility that the outcomes may simply not meet with your current goals. There are major limits to what can be done, and results vary anywhere from the ideal-but-still-very-limited, to being irreparably damaged, to possibly dying, (yes, that’s rare, but it has happened as it can with any surgery. General anesthesia is best avoided).
        Also, you will still be female even if you put a lot of effort into altering your body to look male. You will not be able to father children, and you may loose the ability to have children at all, though you could certainly adopt if you don’t feel the need to reproduce – but you are incredibly young to be making a decision about future children. You’re still living at home and thinking about college. At the very least, consider freezing your eggs if you do push forward with this. I encourage you to please not close down your future options. It’s amazing how much we change through life.
        Please also consider that you may not like having a surgically altered chest any more than you like having breasts. Taking testosterone will open you to an increased risk of heart attacks. Women will treat you differently if you become perceived as male. I’ve known FTTs that have been heartbroken to find that women are afraid of them after they pass for men. You will be treated very differently, and it will not always be pleasant. People will not look at you or talk to you as often. If you feel invisible now, you possibly haven’t considered how it feels to be a male in this culture. As an MTT, I sometimes miss being invisible, because I’m very shy and don’t like to interact much with people. Now people talk to me all the time. It’s weird and I’ve worked hard to adjust to it.
        If you really don’t feel like having breasts, please consider positive imagery, female support groups, therapy, or maybe even breast reduction to help you come to terms with them. Many people struggle to accept their bodies, so you can find help with body acceptance issues.
        For what it’s worth, please consider spending your time and money on increasing your education which will immeasurably improve your earning power and future. Be as butch as you want to be, but you don’t have to pretend to be male while you are doing it. I repeat, you will not be male no matter what you do. You will be a woman living with an altered body that looks more male than it used to. You will occupy the social space of men, but you will not like everything about your physical changes nor about your new social space. Of that you can be sure.
        If you’re still going through with it, please take your time and work closely with your family, friends, therapists, and get support everywhere you can find it. Your ideas sound overly optimistic right now, and you are going to come down to Earth. You’ll want supportive loving people around you.
        Wishing you well. If you’re realistic, things can work out, but (and I’m sorry for saying this because I don’t want to hurt your feelings) you don’t sound realistic right now. You sound agitated and emotionally in pain. Please be well and take good care of yourself. Don’t go it alone, and don’t go it only surrounded by pro-trans people. Listen to everyone. Consider everything.
        (Sorry for the long post, GallusMag. Thanks for allowing the space.)

    1. I wouldn’t necessarily say most, but it’s rather common to see within the trans community (along with being along the autistic spectrum, having unusual hormonal issues, and having a rather unhealthy relationship with one’s parents).
      Sexual abuse messes people up in a variety of ways, and can contribute towards people considering themselves to be trans.

      1. But why autistic spectrum peoples? I had noticed an odd superficial correlation with that in the past and do not know what to make of it.

      2. What I have observed is a preponderance of people who like to follow the rules and are also trans. Who seem to feel that there are things they are ‘supposed’ to do if they are a female, say, and hence by implication things they are NOT supposed to do. Hence when they find that the rules they feel they are supposed to live by don’t fit, the response is to find a different set of rules. Becoming trans (with a nice little diagnosis from a proper doctor) then gives them the permission they need to follow a different set of rules — first the ‘how to pass’ trans rules, then the ‘how to get approved for T’ set of rules and so on.
        Clinical studies do seem to show that kids/young adults with gender identity disorder (GID) are ten times more likely to also show Autism Specturm Disorders. Suggestions are that ASD and associated obsessive compulsive behaviours (OCD) can manifest as GID (i.e. when someones OCD focuses on gender and gender identity). Also, a boy with ASD might focus on long hair and different textures in clothing as part of the sensory differences you find in Aspergers etc. My nephew is Aspergers, and he did similar things when he was little, which caused my father to have a major wibble worrying that he was gay.Thankfully his parents had read up on Aspergers so didn’t make a fuss about his supposedly ‘cross-gender’ behaviour.
        So again you seemingly have the tension between the ‘real’ trans lot (i.e. the ones with proper female brains trapped in male bodies), and those who are just a bit Aspergers, and not really properly trans………………

      3. I completely disagree, a large portion of the trans people I know (Online and offline), myself included, have never experienced unhealthy parental relationships, pretty neurologically standard (Minus the elephant in the room), and have fairly standard lives outside being trans. The experiences you may be gathering are from Trans people of the older generations, where it was more unacceptable.

  4. Real story or not, it does what it needs.. gets us talking about what needs to be talked about. Regret can be a very real thing (I have more than a dozen friends now who would say the same), yet it is rarely if ever spoken about. Just another one of those things that happens to someone else.. and is thus swept cleanly under the rug.

  5. Some of the big reasons why I stopped transition was because I just found it stupid with all the transes saying the “brain gender” stuff and I also hated the idea of my sense of self being totally dependent upon the medical industry

  6. Remember, sex-change is a business. It’s a lucrative multimillion-dollar enterprise disguised as medicine, like other cosmetic procedures you see on TV commercials. It preys on vulnerable consumers’ psychological insecurity and inferiority complex, presenting a surgical procedure as a panacea for what is really a mental and social problem.
    As a business, customer reviews are everything. It is no surprise that these businessmen do not want to see even one negative review or unhappy result, lest it may hurt the profit margin.
    WPATH has degenerated into a trade association long time ago, especially after it began allowing former-customers-who-turned-into-its-tradesmen-themselves into membership. They are the “believers” of this business, and like MLM salesmen, they want more new customers as quickly as possible with minimal hindrances. So there went any pretension about honest medical and scientific research. If it were so, WPATH could have spent the last several decades looking for cure and prevention instead.

    1. Ummm… I’m sorry..
      But multimillion??
      No no..
      It isn’t that common…
      And surgeons who specials in SRS in Thailand are the worlds best…
      They do it on average 2 times a week.
      They require a referral from a certified psychiatrist, your GP & sometimes a psychologist aswell…. they will also turn you down if you havent been living in your prefered gender for atleast 12 – 18 months..
      And you need to have been on HRT for atleast 12 + months.
      Have changed your name legally.
      Alot of requirements to see the pros..
      Dr Chettawut
      Dr Suporn..
      These men don’t fuck around..
      If the person has regrets they can take legal action..
      The livelyhood of the doctors depends on the safety and care of their patients.. physically & mentally…

      1. Those Dr’s are making a killing doing these surgeries. Have you seen the list of what they offer? I was blown away when we contacted Dr Suporns surgery. Its like a fast food joint. In and back out again in days with hotels packages as well. Heck I would go just for the experience. Not really, but it is exotic and you feel soooooo loved and appreciated. Coming home would be somewhat of a letdown.

      2. My first reply disappeared so trying again.
        Have you seen the list of surgical options in Thailand? Yes they have standards however Dr Supporn , Dr Chettawut and others remind me of a fast food restaurant. In and back out in days with hotel packages and caring staff all super concerned with your transition. I would go just for the experience. Well not really but the list of procedures and the low cost is enticing . It must be hard to come back home, to reality after being treated, how shall I say, so Genderly.. No doctor wants to be sued and they are all careful but it made me wonder when I looked at the long list of plastic surgery and possible combinations as to their how careful they are of patients mental health.They only meet you on the day of surgery from what we saw and were told. The rest is skype, email and relying on your local doctor and psychologist reports which my ex found easy to bypass.

  7. From a transgender forum:
    “I’m kind of tired right now so I’m not going to type a whole lot but I had a lot of apprehension going into both FFS as well as SRS (I did FFS over a year before I had SRS, for what it’s worth). Anyway, despite my apprehension my FFS turned out fine and I was really glad that I did it. I was part time before FFS but went full time right after and as far as I know, I’ve never been IDed as someone born male since my FFS. That said, I decided to get SRS and BAS at the same time (rather than two separate surgeries) and like I said had many of the same apprehensive feelings as I did before my FFS but I decided to go through with it anyway.
    I didn’t wake up from surgery and think “oh god they cut it off” or any such nonsense like with some of the other regret stories out there. However, I did get post op depression that I thought was typical but it was really me saying this wasn’t the right decision. That’s what I learned in time. I hate my genitals now. I hate how I smell down there, I hate how my urine stream is not as good as pre-op, I hate seeing it, I hate the hypersensitivity, and just how it makes me feel in general (dysphoria… it’s never felt right).
    I do still live as a woman and have a successful career – which I can say I could never even hack it as a man at all and only had part time mcjobs as one – and I don’t want to go back to living as a man (6-7 years ago) but I would like something done for reconstruction. I know SRS isn’t reversible, but I’d take a phalloplasty or whatever over what I have now. The tricky part is and has been trying to find a doctor willing to do one.
    Oh and I’m not looking to sue my doctors, therapists, or any of that nonsense either. And I did follow the SOC / RLT. Just like what my CURRENT therapist said to me once though “sometimes, people love up.”
    “Hm, looks like the bad word filter changed f-word up to love up in my last sentence.
    Which makes the quote kind of weird.”
    “I can comment on this some. I always knew I wanted to be female, ever since elementary school, if not earlier. But the depression from it didn’t really set in until my high school and college years. And in my high school and college days, I didn’t live a “male life” at all. I didn’t really interact all that much with other people, other than some nerdy friends which isn’t to say I’m shy but I’m not outgoing either. I think it was just the depression and gender dysphoria. I also spent a lot of time online (old school chatrooms), online gaming, watching TV, reading books and reading online etc. I pretty much always had long hair too, even when I was like 6 years old.
    So where I am going with this? Because of the dysphoria leading me to isolation it also lead me to never having a girlfriend or anything like that (and I do consider myself lesbian). I liked girls, but I didn’t want to be a girl’s “boyfriend”. And because of this as well as not having any sisters or even close female platonic friends I must confess I didn’t really know much about female anatomy. I can’t say I disliked (or particularly liked) my genitals pre-transition and early in transition. I never had a girlfriend up until this point so the only thing I really disliked about having a penis is how it dominated my life from the day I was born; what I mean by this is the “it’s a boy” so I was treated as a boy from day one (of course I sure didn’t feel like one). Anyway, further into transition I did make some more friends and I started dating another transgirl at about this time. I’m still with her. She was the same way though, no sisters, no previous girlfriends, etc. So again neither of us knew all that much about female anatomy.
    We did have sex a few times pre-op but I’d consider both of us really borderline asexual. We both have very low sex drives and feel that it would be better if we didn’t really have any interest in sex at all anyway. Regardless, as I was living more and more a female life, first going part time then full time, having a penis didn’t bother me all that much. The social (and self) aspects of looking and being treated as a woman was what relieved most of the dysphoria. I did still suffer from dysphoria though even after going full time and getting FFS from a lack of breast development from HRT, even though I started at 22 years old and not being thin (I’m not overweight though either). Interestingly, my girlfriend/partner suffered from the same condition and she started HRT at 19! If anything she was even worse off. That said… neither of developed any substantial breast tissue at all. Not even an AA cup. Just mosquito bites with female nipples and areolas.
    So since I had kind of neither like nor dislike of my genitals but very strong dysphoria for my breasts, when I got implants I had decided to do SRS at the same time. I just didn’t want to be all beat up again (like I was after FFS) and have to make extra trips, money, etc to get things done separately. As you can tell that was a huge mistake *cry* now I just want a doctor to fix me up as good as he or she can. ”
    “I want male genitals and want to continue to live as female. I do NOT want to de-transition. As for not having genitals at all, I’d say I’d still prefer male genitals to that situation, but would probably prefer no genitals to female. And “bond” with them properly? Ugh it’s been 5 and a half years (my surgery was December 6 2006 with Chet), I’m not going to bond with them.
    As for what I dislike about them…
    Identity Issues:
    Hard to explain here. I don’t like how they look on me, I don’t like how they feel on me. I just don’t like them. Not that these situations are a 100% direct comparison but I guess they’re close: why do some people with blonde hair desperately want dark hair? Why do some with dark hair desperately want blonde hair? Why does person A find person B attractive but person C thinks person B is ugly? Why do two people have “chemistry” and fall in love but two other people don’t and don’t fall in love? Why are some trans women ok being tall and some others want to be short? I think it’s just that… the heart wants what it wants and sometimes there is little to no explaining that.
    I think more specifically in the context of GID and transgenderism (word?) I’m outside the gender binary. It’s just who I feel the real me is… a woman with a penis. I just didn’t know it until after getting surgery.
    You know the whole dysphoric feeling you get from having GID? I have that still. All the time. I think about it every time I use the bathroom for god’s sake. Of course there are also a lot of feelings of guilt involved too… how could I be such an idiot and go through with this when I didn’t really want it? I know you can’t go back in time but I’d give anything (other than my life, my girlfriend’s life, or my cats’ lives) to just go back and fix it. Set things right.
    Also let me be very clear and say I do not blame the therapist that wrote my SRS letter, but I also wish she would have just said to me “Is there a chance that you may be content with just having BAS? Are you sure you want to have SRS?” It’s of course, spilled milk now, and maybe I wouldn’t have listened at the time but it could have saved me a lot of heartache.
    Functional/Surgical Issues:
    I will admit that although minor I’ve had some persistent surgical complications. First of all as I mentioned I do have some problems with my urine stream and sometimes end up peeing on my leg. I also mentioned I don’t like the smell/cleanliness issue, but that’s not a surgical complication (more of a functional issue, I’d guess). I also have hypersensitivity in my clitoris and I don’t mean that in a sexual sense, but more like I can feel it all or at least most of the time. Sometimes it outright hurts. Usually I can feel it sitting on it or against my clothes, and it’s not the same sensation at all as the feeling of your butt or legs sitting in a chair. It’s too much stimulation (not in a sexual sense, more like a constant feeling of taking one of your fingernails and very lightly scratching your arm). I also get recurring bladder infections. They are minor and usually only last at most a day, but they are quite annoying. I hate touching them and hate how the folds and whatnot feel when I have to.
    Lottery thought:
    It hurts to hear that (not your fault). To me it’s not like having the problem of winning the lottery and having too much money… it’s more like buying something and not being able to return it when it turns out I don’t like it.”
    “Edit/add on (did not see an edit button):
    I just wanted to add that this semi confirms my fears that many if not most surgeons do not even want to touch me (risk of lawsuit, they don’t understand it, etc). The one surgeon (who does SRS) did not get it AT ALL. He thought it was the equivalent of me wanting to get an eye implanted in the back of my head because it would be useful or getting my hand cut off because I just wanted it. Sigh. I tried to explain it in the sense of… how would it be any different if say I was a non-op (by choice) TS who had FFS and BAS but never wanted SRS but then ummm “lost it” in a car accident. Would he act the same way? That did actually get him to think about it a little bit (I could see the cognitive dissonance in his head) but he still didn’t get it. Also he accused me of not being a real TS yet at the same time saying my feelings or regret and depression were not because of my SRS but were because of some other type of psychopathology. For what it’s worth, I have seen two gender specialists since my SRS and even taken the MMPI. I’m not crazy! Gah!”

    1. This young man eventually did find a surgeon in Belgrade to perform a phalloplasty on him but it clotted and died and fell off. He is considering trying again. 🙁

      1. The part about how he doesn’t like the way his genitals smell? Vaginas clean themselves as long as you don’t have an infection or an overabundance of yeast, but vaginas don’t have sebaceous glands (and also they do not come to dead ends).
        Penises do and I bet the glands come along with the vagioplasty, and sebum is what gives humans body odor when they do not wash frequenty, because it rots. Also dick cheese, same thing plus whatever else the dude doesn’t clean out from under his hood, dick cheese apparently being mostly a thing uncircumcised guys have to deal with.
        Sebaceous glands are normally all external, other than when they are under the penis hood. So getting a vagioplasty sets you up for internal dick cheese, if I’m not mistaken.
        So, do the docs tell these dudes this? If you have this operation, you will have internal dick cheese from now on? When they dilate their neovags, do they have a special thing they use to clean out the dick cheese?
        Sorry if this grosses anyone out, but I figure if we’re going to talk about something, we oughtta talk about it. And no, I’m not saying “ugly trans you have dick cheese!” I’m asking, does that happen? And did they tell you? Because that’s kind of a big deal.

      2. Not only that mieprowan but you have to get electrolysis done otherwise the inside of the neovagina will have hair inside it

      3. Thanks for posting this follow-up tale to your original post, Gallus, these stories have helped me significantly; developing a realistic, medical awareness of the results of SRS has caused me to decide not to undergo such surgery. I must emphasize, however, that I have to consistently REMIND MYSELF of these facts, over and over, because the desire to have “female” genitalia instead of what I do have is often overwhelming. This is probably TMI, but my choice to go for an orchiectomy is so that I can simply ignore everything going on down there for the rest of my life (and not have to take high doses of estrogen and anti-androgens).
        It is the message of the trans-fundamentalists that is so dangerous to trans like myself, taking advantage of our dysphoria/dysmorphia/whateverthefuckitis and telling us that there is no difference between us and natal women, that our neovaginas are just as real as those of natal women. Not only does this cause us to ignore the reality of SRS, it also encourages us to ignore our often multiple, concomitant mental issues. And yes, I think it causes a lot of us to also ignore childhood sexual abuse (as I did) in favor of the image of “transness” as a respectable, sane endeavor, because acknowledging one’s psychological discrepancies might bring suspicion upon the decision to transition.
        It is little wonder that so many trans activists find these stories threatening.

      4. [EDIT/ Dear “Pat Jones”: Sorry about your obsession with this old thread. Best of luck with that. How many days comments on this thread by you now? Get help. Good Luck. Spamming you now. To be clear: You are Banned from the site due to creepy obsessiveness with this thread. Take care. -GM]

    2. This is so tragic, how can these doctors and psychs and what have you not send this guy to a proper mental health evaluation without all this gender identity nonsense? This person needs some serious help. The overtones of autogynophilia are just creepy.
      Where were they originally that they had to go to Serbia for surgery? US or UK? Just curious.

    3. Apparently an isolated existence is common among MTF persons: what is the significance of that? (Spending most of my life as an isolated outcast I wonder what this has to do with my gender obsession bullshit.)

      1. If you feel isolated and DIFFERENT, then trans offers the prospect of being ‘normal’, and perhaps eradicating that isolation. So, the reasoning would be — no one gets on with me because I’m not a ‘proper man’, they can all see that and reject me. But if I became a ‘proper’ girl, then I could be normal and accepted………….
        Another way to look at it — trans in a way has a LOT to do with how others supposedly perceive you (and supposedly get it wrong), that is they will persist in seeing you as MALE cos you have a male body and refuse to see your inner girlie brain. Hence if you have a major issue with OTHER PEOPLE and their perceptions of you, no wonder you might end up isolated, or start off isolated. If you take trans here as a symptom, rather than a cause in itself, that is.

    4. I am really late to the party here and also a new commenter to the site.
      I can’t hel but point out, as a woman, born a woman, that many of us, have hyper sensitivity with clitoral stimulation – whether that be from clothing rubbing against our genitals – or from an overly enthusiastic and clueless sex partner. (How many bloody men out there watch too much porn and think the manic windscreen wiper approach is how you ‘please’ a woman?)
      Also, bladder infections. They are common. My sister cops them practically monthly, without fail. I’ve been personally hospitalized twice in the last 3 years from full blown kidney infections because of bladder infections that treatment has failed on and they’ve spread.
      These are pretty par for the course style issues (like thrush). Nothing to write home about, just something you have to live with and do your best to prevent and/or treat.
      I feel empathy for what has happened to him and I do think there needs to be an eye on long term accountability for these medical professionals who jump in with both feet and encourage such a permanent mutilation of someone’s body and mind. Right now, these professionals – their accountability starts and ends with full payment and the standard physical recovery time. That’s not good enough.
      Collectively, as a society, we’re going to have a breakthrough medically speaking on the brain in the next decade or two and unlock the truth about transgenderism. And realize we’ve been merrily supporting the sheer mutilation of these people. Partly due to sheer enablement – much of which can be laid at the feet of the LGBT community and their supporters. Because God knows if you don’t loudly and actively support their beliefs and opinions, you’re shot to pieces for it.
      There’s a massive day of reckoning coming. And how many women and men – both adult and child (!?!?!) will be permanently disfigured and destroyed as a result of pandering to them?.

      1. Do you think there might be a chance that your characterization of lesbians and gays as ‘shooting people to pieces’ might be a bit insensitive/deranged/disgusting following the mass murder in Orlando???? Hmmmmmmmmm?????????????????????????????????????????????
        What is WRONGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG with you??????????????????????????????????

  8. “She was the same way though, no sisters, no previous girlfriends, etc. So again neither of us knew all that much about female anatomy.”
    What?? It’s not hard to find information about human anatomy. It makes more sense to replace “neither of us knew” with “neither of us cared”.

    1. Honestly, it isn’t as if anatomy is a secret–go to the damn library, for starters. And the doc who suggested it would also be nice to have a third eye in the back of your head had it exactly right. We don’t treat psychological disorders such as hating your right foot with amputation so you’ll be ‘happy.’ It’s just bizarre.

  9. Hey Gallus, this is off-topic, but how would you respond to someone who says that , as a female, shaving their legs, wearing lip gloss and short skirts is an empowered choice that they make for their own self and that men/culture has nothing to do with it?

  10. I’m sorry but this is fucked!!
    You cannot say we will all end up like you!!
    My dear friend had her vaginoplasty 20+ years ago!! She has never regretted it!!
    I always felt this way.. (my mother has recorded family videos of me as old as 2 behaving like a girl.. telling her “Mummy, I’m a girl”)
    I grew up wearing my sisters clothes and playing with dolls my mother bought for me!!
    I am 20, I started HRT and my transition a whole year ago..
    I’m finally happy..
    I have never had sex with my current pre-op genitals!!
    So I won’t know what I’m missing out on.. I am physically repulsed by gay men.. was never attracted to homos.
    My life is fully female..
    My physical sex just hasnt caught up… yet.
    The point is it isn’t easy to toss all transsexual experiences in with these cross-dressing fetishists gone too far…
    I know nothing else..
    I never lived an adult life as a male..
    I had no dating experiences as a male..
    Simply because I wouldn’t have a clue how to be a male…
    Since I never was!!
    Heck.. I can’t even pee standing up..
    1) it’s gross and messy … I dont quite know how to do it..
    2) I fucking hate looking at myself down there!!
    racted to homo’s.

    1. “My life is fully female” And how exactly would you know this? You don’t even know what female means never mind what it is. You have only a small public glimpse of what you imagine is female because you saw it and you go aroused. Maybe you rub women’s’ clothing against yourself and masturbate in a full face of bad make up. All of that is external which is to say you have based your life on some crap Madison Ave sold you as reality and you claim its real. Your life is you play-acting what you may imagine is female, some string of clichés from TV and magazines. You have no inner core and just live on a bunch of projections and woe to anyone that notices. Do you seriously imagine getting a dick turned inside out and some monstrous hole made next to your rectum has anything to do with being a woman? I could get all limbs amputated it would not make me a dolphin “I never lived as an adult male.” No? I beg to differ. It is more than apparent from everything you say here that is exactly what you are doing every minute of every day—living as an adult male. You live your fetish; you live for your sexual compulsion. That is male. Women do not demand that other part-take unwillingly in their sexual fantasies—men like you do. You demand that women honor your fetish and your sexual urges and pretend you are not a man. That my friend is male. Trans is male privilege taken to a new level. You are demanding women play submissive to you, (oh pretend he is a not a man) which is exactly what you do. Who gives a rats ass how you piss (which really speaks to how limited your mind is) the fact is you demand co-participation from women against their will is male and form of rape, it doesn’t get more male than that. I can promise you that no woman believes you and she doesn’t want to be in a closed room or a dark alley alone with you. I know, I know you have a rape fantasy too. Yes you were raped—and you are women. And I am a dolphin. Okay all good? Male it drips off every word.

      1. Thank you. And amen. I have this crazy idea that I don’t agree to pretend anymore when I don’t feel like it, and woman, it feels good. My inner core agrees : it is grounded to object a man when he says that he’s always been “fully female”. Repeat again ? Fully female. Not “somehow confused about my gender”, which would be an acceptable statement. But “Fully female” Ugh. Tell me about being “offensive”. Women are forced to see some men “play-act”, knowing they superficially play-act the female gender out of “fascination”, from a male perspective, and must pretend it’s enough, and give them a pass. Err, sorry, but no.

      2. One of the original Gay Liberation pioneers, Mr. Jim Fouratt, famously said:
        “The Imperial Court can be a powerful voice in confronting the solutions that are now being promoted by mainstream publications like the New Times and by the toxic, anti gay/lesbian “queer” academics. Neither group is a friend of the Cherry Grove and/or Court community… Why can’t Calpernia Sarah Addams dress, act and be himself as a gaymen, The Court sets a powerful role model of how to be who ever you want to be and to be true to your gay male identity. After all, this construction of ‘women’ is totally informed by gaymale sensibility and has little in reality to do with the essence of being female.”

      3. rethinkinggenderidentity,
        This is very interesting about Jim Fouratt. Thanks. When I looked him up, Google automatically offered me “transphobia.” Of course! They throw Fouratt, like trash, on the Jan Raymond and Sheila Jeffreys pile.
        I’ve noticed that part of trans-activism is the blatant or subtle use of ageism against their critics. They never fail to mention how old their critics are (if they are not young), from which generation they come. It’s quite disgusting, the way they encourage their audiences to view people of a certain age as outdated, provincial, fixed, conservative, unsophisticated, even stupid, BECAUSE of their advanced age. It’s a reversal, too, because these are qualities that, quite often, show up more strongly in the young and inexperienced.

      4. Motherhood, I’m curious what your thoughts are on ftm transmen, particularly those who pursue gay men, and are enraged when we reject them (even if it’s done as politely as possible)?

      5. “Women do not demand that other part-take unwillingly in their sexual fantasies—men like you do. ”
        And you were doing so well too.

    2. I don’t understand how someone can want a boyfriend — no matter how they “identify” — if they “fucking hate looking at myself down there!!” How can you love a body you hate on yourself? I’m straight, but I love women’s bodies, even my very damaged one. How can you look at yourself with disgust and want anything to do with someone else who looks disgusting?
      The comment about “homos” is beyond belief.
      And your life cannot be fully female if you don’t know what it’s like to menstruate, to have to avoid pregnancy if you’re straight, if you don’t even know much about female anatomy (unfortunately, most people know little about female anatomy; see, e.g., the internal clitoris).
      And how could you only have started your “transition” a year ago and never lived as a male?

      1. @ Gay and def not interested I just caught your question. I think women that tell other people they are men are women and either are wishing to tap into male privilege or are lesbians and that is very boring these days–who wants to be their own 10th grade gym teacher or they just attention seeking. I do not think it is rooted in a fetish sexual arousal which is in general –females do not get hard ons 10xs a days. I think anyone “pursuing” anyone else is predatory in nature.

  11. And typing into this text box is near impossible on an S2…
    P.S. I have no desire to ever use my pre-op genitals..

    1. Okay, I WISH I hadn’t looked at that! I’ve seen some ofb that kind of stuff before, more usually the OMG how can FEMALEs let themselves get so fat, they’re Sooooooo lucky having what I have to have surgery to get, then they WASTE it all by getting fat and ugly.
      Only a short step after all from WHY aren’t females being taught how to be proper laydees to the ole you’re just JEALOUS cos us trannies do it better than you (and get more men!).

      1. I find it ironic the lefties dude trannies who go about capitalist exploitation yet their trans dogma is extremely capitalist and really their subculture could not exist without it.

      2. The author of that blogpost acknowledges that sex roles are taught, not natural, so I guess that pokes a little hole in the “brain sex,” thing. I just wish the author would ask why should females act like “women?” Similarly, Cyrsti should not feel obligated to fulfill the role of “man” that comes along with the male sex.

  12. Amazing how they never question what feeling “like a girl” is. Everything they name has nothing to do with intrinsic femaleness and everything to do with what men tell us that females are.

    1. As regards ‘feeling like a girl’, I was reminded of one thing whilst reading a statement from a dangerously left-wing bunch of feminist extremists (or the girl guides as they prefer to be called!):
      “Most of the 13-year-olds questioned said they had experienced sexual harassment……………..This included being shouted and whistled at, …….”
      And we all know what the trans crowd think of being whistled at — they LOVE it because it is seen as official recognition of their status as a REAL (SEXY) GIRL.
      Whereas young women, despite being subjected to this since an early age and told repeatedly it is a COMPLIMENT and they should feel all pleasurable and girly and pinkly-feminine when it happens, still insist on finding it threatening and offensive.
      These young women aren’t fooled, they can see that:
      “Issues that should only be read about in our history books are still common.
      “I know because they happen to me, and this can’t continue. Something has to change.”
      Still the same things that women were pointing out fifty years ago (or more). The LAWS are there, but (male) perception have, at best, acquired a cosmetic gloss. But trans would have us erase what tiny little gains we have made, and go back to the glorious pink and sparkly past of girlhood past, when ladies were proper ladies…………

  13. And the surgery and hormones will never begin to approximate a real female body. Ever. The mind certainly never is female either….

  14. No desire to use your pre-op genitals, gee, that’s comforting. Penis on a male = trouble. No desire to use it, you want to invade women’s spaces and private spaces with penis on… yeah right. No end to their idiocy no end to it at all.

  15. Hi Gallus I really admire your blog. You are one of the bloggers that woke up me and radicalized by feminism. I would really appreciate it if you exposed this male who bullied me in high school. He sexually assaulted me and sadly that was how I really got to understand how pornsick and messed up trannies are. I don’t want to give him any more attention but perhaps you could use screenshots and make a post exposing his craziness. http://ca.linkedin.com/pub/olivia-jacquard/71/320/18a
    He has youtube videos about “otherkin” and along with believing he is female is also identifies as a werewolf with black wings.

      1. That’s disgusting. And as youth/social worker, he’ll have plenty of access to young, traumatized girls.
        Here’s hoping that his history catches up with him in his chosen vocation–for the sake of those girls who might trust him because of his female disguise.

      2. Yeah he is DEFINITELY not mixed race either as he claims on his profile he is ACADIAN which is French (white)! So gross. I told the women in the bakery my mom works at what a creep he is. He called his penis a “girlcock” and has a creepy fascination with his little sister. His iphone background was a picture of her. I can definitely see the harm of gender roles. My mom worked with his dad and he is a hyper macho body builder. Known for being a perv and asshole. Like father like son. Now my mom has a mean gay male boss though who supports the trans cult fully so hopefully he does not apply for Sobeys again and try to play the sympathy/oppressed twanz card. It is very alarming that this guy wants to work with young girls.Like Morag I hope his history catches up with him too. He IS predator! Made the whole GSA (gay straight alliance) about him and how non twanz exclusive it was. Well they catered to his gender fantasies pretty freaking fast and had special trans days when we didn’t have one lesbian day. He has got to do lots of talks like one for the GBT org in Halifax Youth Project and it is just unfair he gets all this respect and admiration when he is really a creep.

  16. While I think trans regret stories are sad, I don’t relate at all. I have really enjoyed life post transition, and I’m glad I’ve had surgery. Living as a woman, for me, has been much better than living as a man. I feel very comfortable in my skin, in intimate relationships, in my circle of friends, in the workplace, and then every other realm of life.
    I can’t speak to the issue of brain sex, though, unlike most of you, I think the idea is plausible. There are well documented masculine and feminine themes in brain weight, gray and white matter distribution, hypothalamic structures, and the corpus callosum. That said, I don’t think there are any significant differences between men and women in regard to skill, creativity, ability, or anything else that dictates which roles we play in society or the workplace. I see biological sex in terms of general themes, not as the clean divide that most people believe in (read Julie Greenberg). I think the fact that the Olympic committee has never been able to develop a dependable gender test reinforces my perspective.
    But I can’t say that my issues due to brain sex, and I’m not sure what the source of my gender dysphoria was. Frankly, I don’t care. All I know for sure is that I appreciate my therapists and surgeons. My new hormonal profile has given me a clear head and a calm soul. My curves fit nicely into the type of clothing I like to wear. My genitals at home on my body in a way that my penis never did. I feel more comfortable with my partner as a lesbian woman than I did as a man in my two failed marriages. Life is good. Absolutely no regrets.
    I know some of you will go to work cutting me down now, but that’s my perspective.

    1. I’m glad you feel better sir but this has nothing to do with women. You will never have the experience of being a woman. You will never have the experience of being a lesbian or the experience of being in a lesbian relationship. Your experiences are that of a castrated heterosexual man taking cross-sex hormones. This has nothing to do with women or the lives of women, except inasmuch as the transgender philosophy reduces our humanity to a medical procedure for men.

  17. They are along the autistic spectrum because mercury poisoning causes both autism and transgender, though I think copper poisoning might play a big role in transgender, too. This is coming from someone who was perfectly happy, healthy, and had no qualms about my gender into a dysphoric, depressed, and late-onset Asperger’s after I was vaccinated and given mercury dental fillings around age 14. Prior to that I was unvaccinated with no dental fillings. I had the fillings removed and chelated using DMPS with Andy Cutler’s protocol and I don’t have those dysphoric, autistic feelings anymore. Still a bit depressed, but I’m not done chelating. Spread the word, guys. The onset was unmistakable.

    1. So glad you’re better, and quite interesting comment. There are also many toxic chemicals in our environment that are altering hormone levels – feminizing males. I just attended a workshop on toxicants for healthcare and complementary care professionals.
      When will the big invisible obvious – the 84,000 chemicals unleashed without a single regulation – 5,000 of them known carcinogens, endocrine hormone disruptors and linked to causing the autism spectrum and the learning challenges – when will the chemical industry be called onto the carpet for poisoning us in our consumer products?
      Is there any conversation anywhere how the male to female dysmorphia may have underlying chemical poisoning and we should be protecting public health and not making a few FtM special while tolerating poisoning on the entire population?
      A co-worker has successfully gone through the Cutler protocol and it’s been 8 or 9 months and her chronic disease symptoms are abating. Good for you, too!

      1. “Is there any conversation anywhere how the male to female dysmorphia may have underlying chemical poisoning”
        I don’t think so but there is a study from japan were many ftms had PCOS before transitioning.

    2. I’m skeptical on the anti-vaccination conspiracies, Jenny, but I have to say, I totally thought you were hilarious on Singled Out back in the day.

      1. Yes, you’re a male. Millions of males are skeptical because they would rather listen to male-dominated profit-hungry Scientism over millions of parents (mostly mothers) watching their healthy children slip away after vaccination. You people don’t do research on the fucking masses of studies connecting vaccines to autism. Also, I regressed before I knew who Jenny McCarthy was, so STFU.

    3. I had chemical poisoning as a child – mercury, vanadium and lead (I grew up overseas, possibly caused by shitty vaccines, who knows). The poisoning got so bad I had migraines almost daily, the kind that make you lie perfectly still wishing you would just die already. I remember when I was detoxing using a new procedure (for the time) the doctor showing me pictures of my brain, pointing out huge areas that were affected by mercury poisoning. There may be a connection. Unfortunately, my trans siblings would rather pump money into surgeries and aggressive PR campaigns attacking women.
      Jen, I think that such factors are crucial, but I also think Dworkin was on the right track when she originally stated that transsexuals are in a state of primary urgency. I think there are certain types of physical exigencies that combine with certain environments of social conditioning to influence certain types of people into a situation of such extreme “I fucking hate this” mentalities that for some, chelating may be too little, too late. I think for me the damage has already been done, by both chemicals and by a faulty society, and now I am struggling to figure out the minimum I need to do to cope with this situation.

    4. Correlation is not causation……………..And a single anecdotal account isn’t even correlation.
      Sorry, but this has just about as much validity as the trans ‘I was saying I was a girl since I was 3’ trope.

  18. I am in my mid 30s post op since 2006 and not one regret, I no longer present feminine and can’t really present masculine. I try not to gender but I am xy male with an altered body, I don’t call it a vagina cause it isn’t one even though it resembles one. I tell others I am male and am not ashamed. I am very comfortable physically and mentally (i still take estrogen, it’s worse to not take hormones than synthetic ones and I’ve tried testosterone and that stuff is scary) I would have the surgery all over again. In 2007 I have up on gender altogether, I’m not into the whole gender queer etc labels. Biology is important and I support women’s rights completely without any expectations of me being included as I am male. Yes I still dilates nod will have to forever, no there is no dick cheese that forms cause I shower daily, washing it helps just like anything else.
    I consider myself mostly hetero and have dated a few guys with nothing good to say about it. I relate to females more and not because at one time I thought I was one but because I consider them humans who are my equals and not something to sleep with or get into or control. As far as regret I can’t say anything I’ve done I regret because who I am right now I am very happy with, although all the loop holes to get here were meh. But hey I’m alive and happy until my number is pulled. Just thought I’d share.
    Ps I don’t even use the trans label as it seems silly to me. Just xy

    1. I know this reply is a few months late, but anyway.
      People shouldn’t deny their biological reality. It’s important because it affects other people, especially women, in a lot of ways. It’s oppressive. Gender is a bullshit institution.
      I’m glad you’re happy. 🙂

  19. Your whole post is garbage however I did learn a few things about you 1. That your aF×××ing mess from the start of HRT 2. You wrote this garbage post because you need attention and 3. Your a liar con mam pervert and your whole I wad molested B’S is to have people believe you and they shouldn’t. Poster’s readers and alike this person is and has always been a man an a very abusive man.

  20. ok, seriously this is your own experience. You were never transgender in the first place, just the fact that you were confused with yourself and your past. Stop telling other people your regrets and stop filling us with your negativity. Thousands of transgender people are perfectly happy with the surgery and the results and you are literally less than 1% of the people who weren’t actually struggling with gender dysphoria and transitioned. I agree this is your doctors and psychologists fault but do not impress your negativity on people that are actually struggling with actual gender dysphoria.

    1. Not a “real transgender” Not real? Oh this is rich. Okay then. Like anything that has to do with “transgender” is real. Coffee is coming out of my nose I am laughing so hard at this post. No self awareness whatsoever OMG these people are cash cows this man has the chutzpah to come and call another person–not a real anything.
      There is no such thing as Transgender–you made it up so you can feminate, because you are male and get off on it. Oh they are all so so so happy and so so so convincing that they spend their days threatening anyone and everyone that is like–whoo jack take a step back–911 on speed dial. Yes, so happy that they threaten suicide and trawl for attention–yeah they are just the picture of happy and well adjusted. Now go back to sending a few death threats. Do you guys get paid per threat or is it pro boner?

      1. ty 4 spending so much of ur life on mah comment
        ……..(‘(…´…´…. ¯~/’…’)
        ……….”…\………. _.·´
        …………\…………..( see what I did here)

  21. Some self labelled feminists are ridiculous here.
    Why do tran people bother them ?
    Trans and feminists are natural allies.
    Ok, a male will never be a female. But he can be a woman. And have the same problems as a woman.

    1. Yes sir why do you? A very good question. Because males are demanding and they get off on it. And Trans know they are just a bunch of fetish driven lying men. They think if they get women (which they never will) to say we believe you maybe others will buy it too. But it is not happening. In fact it is happening less and less. Funny how feminists and women do not agree with you. You might want to meet a few. If you can tear yourself away for the porn for a sec.

    2. Do I actually even need to comment here? What is the difference, in humans, between females £ women? And how can some castrated nonce ever experience real ‘women’s issues’ like period pain or the terror of first getting cat-called at age 10 or 11?

  22. I’m a feminized male living my life as a female. I could not be happier! I have a boyfriend and my life is wonderful.

    1. You are a man named Stephen who isn’t even “out” publicly as the fetishistic crossdresser you are. Stop commenting here “Elizabeth”. Stick to your porn sites. Last warning.

  23. I am sorry for how your life has unfolded, but I don’t appreciate your opening statement that your story is typical of most MtF people. Your story is just that, your story, period. Everyone is different and everyone has a different story. I had a father figure all of my life and was not sexually abused as a child. Yet I always knew that there was something not right about the way I was raised, how I was told to behave and what were the right things for me to be abd be into. I eventually realized the mismatch was with my sex and my gender. But unlike you I didn’t rush into anything. I attempted to live as my true self at 19, but the social pressures were so great that I gave up after a few years and followed societies dictates as to who I was supposed to be and how I was supposed to live until I couldn’t stand it anymore and that’s when I began my so-called transition. I did the Real Life Experience and then started on hormone replacement therapy and had an orchiectomy after that. I’m not able to have GRS yet for financial reasons, but I assure I have not regretted one single thing that I have done to live as my authentic self and I truly desire getting the surgery. One other thing I did was see more than one therapist throughout this process which helped me deal with the practical aspects of transitioning, that is how society would treat me. Oh, I wish the world was understanding and totally accepting but this part of it is not and while that hurts I’ve never had the world’s embrace and support so I’m kind of used to it. II’ve survived without and I will continue to survive. I am happier now then I’ve ever been and more at peace with myself. I hope you find what I already have some day.

  24. Gregory, I’ll be praying for peace in your life. However that manifests.
    You’ve been through so much.
    God bless.

  25. Honestly, all the things you are facing now are things that should have been considered before hormones and surgery. My psychologist tried to bring these things to my attention. At the end of the day, I need to research online, “How to tell if I am lying to myself.” (which I have done) I know it’s hard dealing with the after math, but your story is not what everyones story is. A lot of people are happy after everything is done and the next question(s) have always been and still are what’s next? Music, acting, going to school, getting a bmw m3 e92, becoming more spiritual, going to china, adventure, train with monks, finding love, and becoming a better person. Just being happy. A true transgender just has problems doing all that because the body they are in. I don’t know if this is something that you grew up with or not but by your story maybe not. Transgenders usually show feminine traits that they themselves identify as female. Not their mom dad or anyone else. At the end of the day you have to take responsibility for your own life, because if anyone said no to you, then you would have felt angry irritated and excluded and maybe killed yourself over something that you apparently did not want anyway. I don’t want to sound like I am blaming you, I just want you to understand there is no one to blame. Just somethings happen to us when we get lost and if we are not aware of certain things along the way… well… lets say some of those things are important. Maybe you don’t yield… maybe you dont think things through, maybe those are the problems you should deal with before your hormones and surgery. Personal development is something we all could use. Maybe that was what you needed. Maybe your issue is self development and growth. You blamed a lot of people and maybe there are a few traits that you lack (a few not all) when it comes to being responsible and acknowledgeable. Anyway I hope you are happy no matter what you do from now on and google is your best friend if you are willing to read about things that you want to learn about yourself. Who do you want to be bubbly? Considerate? Google will tell you what it means to be that then help you become it if you like that aspect and if it feels like and inner you, just ale sure you don’t shape yourself out of painful experiences. I am not trying to be arrogant, I just want you to be well informed.

    1. Google is the key to enlightenment? Oh, Great Google, teach me how to be the true me that doesn’t come at all naturally…

      1. Right?! That Google shit was just weird. Consulting websites to form one’s personality – nothing manufactured about that. That whole block o’ text was nothing but blather.

    2. The Google Girdle Guide to Gendah – hmm, now as a born woman, what is wrong with using applications and technology made overwhelmingly for and by born males and their tranny porn-crusted side kicks?
      How about Google as a tyrannical monopoly that profits off data mined information of yours such as content of personal emails? That your master guide to enlightenment and personal development?
      In between your lines I sense a trans smirk, Bubbles.

  26. So you lie to yourself, you lie to your doctor, you lie to your significant other, you lie to your family and friends, you lie to your therapist, and then you magically want to blame someone else and pretend this isn’t 100% your fault. .
    As a post-op transsexual female (I had my surgery in 2012), I don’t understand your issue. You LIED to anyone and everyone, and are now having “regrets” because you lied. Here’s something for you to try, DON’T LIE YOUR WAY THROUGH LIFE.
    Regret? No, I have different words for the incident described above, utter and complete stupidity.
    Transition is not for people that like getting dressed up in heels on a Saturday night, this is not for people that like the feel of pantyhose.
    It’s also not for people who think that “this will solve all of their problems”. I’ve seen too many people that think transition will instantly “solve all of their problems”.
    Newsflash, Transition solves ONE problem, and ONE problem only, being born in the wrong body.

    1. Oh God this guy. I see him leaving his shitty, abusive, threatening comments everywhere. Go back to the Advocate, where they’ll happily worship your dick, Robert Joseph. (Yeah, dude, your dick’s still there, it’s just on the inside now. Still a dick.)

      1. I LOVE IT how people who aren’t transgender are such “experts” on the transgender community. But hey, let’s go with the “you can’t change dna or you can’t change chromosomes” discussion for a minute shall we?
        If that statement is “true”, and if you believe the bible, then thank you for admitting that Eve from the adam and eve story was obviously a transsexual. Genesis 2:22 – Then the LORD God made a woman from the rib he had taken out of the man, and he brought her to the man.
        can’t change dna or can’t change chromosomes, right? OOPS, checkmate Christians.

      2. OMG this is too good to be true!! You keep going, Robert Joseph, and I’ll pop some popcorn, sit back, and watch the insane man babble. (Yeeeah, that would be you.) Why not? Nothing really on cable tonight.
        You know Bob, back in Victorian times, you would’ve been the hit of the asylum for the crowds who came to watch. Your fervor regarding religion is a nice touch.

        1. No thanks, I have better things to do than to put up with bigoted, transphobic, inconsiderate, hate filled people.

      3. Adam and Eve couldn’t have had children if one of them was transexual. Oh, there’s that pesky biology again! It’s so transphobic!
        The statement is that YOU can’t change biology, Bob. God can do whatever He wants 🙂

      4. Only hate-filled person here is you, Bob. You hate women. I’ve seen your posts and that’s obvious. Now go away – you’re just another fetish-driven dude who thinks the world should bow at his feet…his size 14 feet.

    2. “Born in the wrong body?” What does that even mean? God was overworked and tired and screwed up your genitals?
      If you were born with male genitalia, you are male and that’s the way it is. No mistakes were involved.
      Also, you refer to yourself as a “girl” on your website yet are clearly a perverted male. That is fucking creepy.

      1. oh, look above, it must be yet another comment from a “loving and tolerant” hate filled bigoted “Christian”.
        god? Now that’s funny, don’t make me laugh, was the Christian sky pixie taking a dump on 9/11/01 or was that his day off?

      2. I’m not Christian. I don’t believe in God. I was poking fun at the idea that people can be born with the incorrect organs. If one is born with male sex organs and no female sex organs, then one is biologically male. There’s no God character who accidently put male genitals on a female. That doesn’t happen.
        Really, if a male wants to dress and or act in ways generally considered ‘female,’ then I don’t care. But if a biologically male person is threatening and aggressive, I stick him in the “violent male” category, whether he wears dresses and lipstick or not.
        I also know an aggressive, sex-obsessed male when I see one. That would be you, and the fact that you aggressively insist on entering female-only spaces is disturbing.
        Adults who refer to themselves as “girls” are also fucking disturbing. Got that? You creep out actual women.

      3. Biscuit, it seems that Bob here can’t understand that there are people who don’t buy the whole tranny schtick for reasons that have nothing to do with religion. In his warped mind, if you don’t believe he is a woman, you must be a conservative Christian. The idea that there are plenty of folks who have completely non-religious objections to tranny bullshit is way beyond his ken. It’s simply way over his head, the poor dear.

      4. I am Christian, but my objections to it had nothing to do with religion. Somehow I decided on all on my own that born-women were more of a priority than the men who prey on them. Go figure. I’m sure Bob can’t imagine prioritizing anyone other than himself, so it would be understandably confusing.
        In my experience, though, the church generally hasn’t made an issue of transgenderism beyond viewing them as another type of homosexual. And some of those who do talk about it specifically are very conservative… and supportive of transgender ideology even if they aren’t of homosexuality. Amusing, I guess.

      5. A number of religious conservatives view transgenderism as a cure for homosexuality. Pat Robertson is the most notable of these people in the U.S., and official state policy in Iran allows gay men and lesbians to escape the death penalty for homosexuality by transitioning. I’ll be amused when the likes of Pat Robertson notice the huge numbers of straight men transitioning.

      6. Hmm… I very much doubt that those like Pat Robertson have enough self-awareness to tell the difference between a gay male or straight male transitioning. The fact of their transition could easily be taken as proof of homosexuality. On the other hand, conservatives may take exception to it if they start noticing the predatory males in women’s restrooms, if only to protect their “property”. As someone who once considered themselves liberal, it just makes me sad.

      1. Yikes. That person, quite frankly, is a pervert.
        There’s nothing wrong with having a helpline for trans people, but do these volunteers undergo any training or screening? The crisis line in my city requires volunteers to undergo a long training course. They also undergo background checks.

      2. They undergo some type of remote (online or over phone) two-hour training. Obviously there is no screening. Bobbie Jo made the above comments about people who regret SRS AFTER he began working at the Trans Lifeline. The threats against federal agents were made before he started and are easily searchable.

  27. Wow the ignorance and hate here is ridiculous! I consider myself a feminist by all rights. I.e full equality for women but I’ve also come to meet and befriended a couple people who are trans. Both mtf and ftm and I would never suspect them of being born as the opposite sex. They are simply normal females and males who got dealt a sucky hand at birth but was able to overcome it. And the fetish thing is pretty stupid at least for mtfs cause since they cut off testosterone production they wouldn’t have a strong libido anyway so it kind of defeats the purpose. And then the stuff on no uterus or periods or no semen for ftms means they ran real women or men is stupid. Not all natal born women have uterus’s nor do all men have performing testes. DNA or chromosome abnormalities occur like xxy males, androgen insensitivity syndrome and many other intersex condition. Biology isn’t set in stone. Variations occur, don’t be so close minded it’s 2014 for god sake!

    1. Joseph O’Donnell, you are not a woman named Paige who considers herself a feminist and has “come to meet and befriended a couple people who are trans”. You are a guy who, in between bouts of World of Warcraft and League of Legends and Pokemon, fantasizes (with your dick in your hand while you consume porn) about how kewl it would be to re-do your shitty pathetic life as a perky quirky sexxxxxay laydee named Paige. This is called autogynephillia: a man’s sexual love for his own image as what he considers an idealized female to be. As a man, you view us as expendable non-humans to be molded like clay into an existential non-entity, available for inhabitation, by you, as a male. We are mere shells of humanity whose IN-PERSONATION is a lifestyle option for you our fully-human overlord and master.
      You troll the internet ON CHRISTMAS EVE for posts on transgender regret as you weigh your lifestyle options. You call women and lesbians “hateful” and “ignorant” for discussing the reality of female human life, whose existence is both inconsequential and inconvenient to you, and you proclaim that :
      -transgenderism is abnormal and a form of disability and birth defect, which we should pity.
      -transgenderism cures male sexual fetishes by reducing testosterone.
      -sexually dimorphic reproduction does not exist in humans because a tiny minority of humans are born unable to reproduce.
      -Agreement with the above proclamations is evidence of “open-mindedness” and modernity.
      Joe, the worst part of your thesis is that you couldn’t keep a straight face advancing it, and pretended to be a woman saying such nonsense. That is the ultimate mindfuck, gaslighting, and disrespect. You make me sick. Not figuratively. I mean, that you, and all the lying ass male liars constantly assaulting the women at this website and all places that we speak our truth, have actually made me ill. Your hatred, your lies, your constant abuse causes women harm. I just want you to know that.
      I am, and we will, heal. You never will.

      1. Balls: BUSTED. Brava, Gallus!! Excellent breakdown of his lies and gaslighting. Thank you.

  28. Bobbie Jo Justice who berates and shames someone who regrets SRS and who has the poor judgement to make public death threats at federal agents is a volunteer at Trans Lifeline, a suicide line for trans people.
    I think a suicide line for trans people is a much needed service, but I think people who are in crisis, and some of those people maybe in crisis because because dysphoria has become worse after transition, deserve better treatment than someone who’s inclined to make someone else’s pain all about them and a way to validate their choices.
    Trans Lifeline should be doing background checks on their volunteers and a simple google of online IDs.

      1. Alison Woolberts dating service for guys that just got out looking for at risk teens lives on. Possibly, he still is at work there, behind the scenes. Men protect other men out of respect for sex opportunities they create.

      1. Look up screen on this page, there is a screen shot of Bobbie Jo Justice making dumb threats against federal agents and insulting and berating a person who regrets having SRS.

  29. Wow, you must really be Braindead…Born male become transsexuel which means you ARE a fking female period…then you say you are a male…??? Wtf… It’s ppl like you and filthy CDs that destroy the reputation of the TS community..

    1. So, your sex fantasy of a man turning into a woman and getting off on it somehow trumps the other male sex fantasy of just dressing up part time and not forcing women and children to play along 24/7 or else a violent male tantrum erupts? Right dude. That is called narcissistic shame. . You guys need to get on the same page. It makes all of you look like ranting nutcases that dont even know what is going on when you play the ‘confused male’ card, LOL!

    2. Oh, honey, it’s not people like the OP who destroy the “reputation” {smirk} of the TS community. That would be you. You, and every obnoxious, narcissistic, porn-soaked dickhead tranny like you.

    3. YOU, sir, are the brain-dead one…no male can EVER ‘become’ female. EVER. There is no magical snowflake metamorphosis that occurs just because a male who likes playing a role takes a bunch of drugs and has some cosmetic surgery.

    4. No, lampa, YOU and other transgenderists do a fine job destroying your reputation quite on your own. Your idiotic comment is proof of this.

    5. “Born male become transsexuel which means you ARE a fking female period”
      You’re still and always will be male. See a mental health professional.

  30. To say that this is “an all too typical story” is total BS. I’m Trans-female and a very small number of post-ops do end up regretting what they have done (less than 10%).
    The article is correct in that it IS all too easy to get treatment, The problem is finding psychiatrists who have a lot of experience in confirming gender issues.
    ALL patients, regardless, should be told possible problems, be they physiological, psychological, financial or social.
    As more detailed work goes into the study of DNA and its function in developing brain gender, we have found out that there are more than 80 part in the DNA coding that relate to brain gender. The more of these DNA codes are active the more “male” the brain.
    Because of this variation in each persons level of “maleness” the term male or female is meaningless when describing brain gender. I took part in a study on electrical brain response several years ago. The results for most people were either very male or very female. My results were female, A male body with a female brain.

      1. Hey… wait a minute.
        Here you say this;
        “Hi Everyone,
        Not really used to this forum thing so here goes.
        Well I was born 14-01-71, I had male & female bits at birth but the surgeons decided to make me a boy. Annoyingly over the next few years as they tore out my womanhood non of these “numb nuts” surgeons ( ) checked to see if I was viable as a male.
        Between then and now I guess I’ve been doing what most of us here did before we opened the door to our true selves. You know what I mean, Going nuts, hating myself, looking in the mirror and seeing a stranger, drinking, taking drugs, self-harming, making really bad life choices, Knowing I’m a woman inside, doubting I’m woman inside, going back to knowing I’m woman inside again, hurting everyone around me and not being able to tell them why and generally been unhappy and being a right pain in the arse for everyone around me.
        Came out last year on my birthday, big party, , 40 friends & family, 15 minutes before my speech I nipped out put on make-up, a bit of lippy , popped on my falsies, nice blouse and skirt. 8 o’clock went out stood on my chair and told them all that 42 year old John was now (Legally) 43 year old Heather.
        I always thought I’d lose touch with 30-50% of my friends & family but I was totally wrong. The only bad thing that happened was a wife of a good friend decided I wasn’t fit to be around her children anymore, said I was a freak and a pervert.
        The best things so far are getting a 38B bust in 17 months at my age, having nice soft hairless skin and of course being able to cry. Oh and being HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY.
        Finding out that I have so many beautiful sisters & brothers out there is the most wonderful thing. I Love you all, short & Tall, Thin & Wide and all colours of the rainbow. Love and electronic hugs for the lot of you.”
        and HERE you say this:
        “Heather Exley:
        Hi Everyone,
        I have often wondered if I was intersexed. I have never had any investigations to come to a diagnosis, since I’m doing GRS in May15/June15 I suppose I want to know just out of interest.
        My left testes is made up of only the spermatogonium ( about Sultana size). My right is an amorphus mass that seems to produce T & E, on testing before HRT my levels were (UK measures) T-105 & E-80.
        According to the idea that you are as wide as you’re tall then my arms are 3 inches too long, they have kept growing slowly since puberty.
        I have no adams apple, a female jaw line and no build up of bone on my brow.
        I do not have an extra pair of ribs.
        My pelvis is wide and has a channel in it big enough to give birth, quote for doctor.
        I have been profoundly dysphoric since I was 6-7 years old, not sure if this is relevant.
        It seems to be a mine field finding out about this subject and I wondered if anyone had any ideas.
        And HERE you say this:
        “Heather Exley1 month ago
        15:00 Annie Hider. I was born this way 44 years ago in the UK. The all MALE doctors decided to make me a boy. They removed my clitoris, secondary urethra, labia and vagina within weeks, they then removed my uterus, womb, fallopian tubes and ovaries when I was 4. The all MALE doctors were so keen to rip my womanhood from my body, they failed to notice that I only had one malformed testicle and would be male sterile.
        When I finally got to look at my medical records, the surgeon who operated on me at 4, remarked that all the organs removed seemed well formed with a perfect blood supply, all except one fallopian tube and the corresponding ovary.
        At 42 I started gender reassignment to become a woman again. My journey from girl to boy to woman damn near killed me, drug abuse, sexual abuse, self harm, suicide, involuntary celibacy, Etc. I even felt like I should have been having children for 10 years (my brooding years)
        It would have been nice if the staggeringly arrogant MALE doctors and surgeon who all displayed a chronic God complex had asked me what I wanted or perhaps waited to find out how I felt, or perhaps with the help of a child psychologist worked out my inner gender.
        The experience has left me with virtually no faith in the medical profession and totally destroyed my relationship with my mother and father.”
        And HERE you say this:
        “Heather Exley · Cleckheaton
        As a child it was drummed into me to stop wanting pig tails, to wear the same cloths as my sister, not to play in the girls corner, etc. By 9 I’d learned to hide my feelings and only express them in secret. This was used to groom me for sexual abuse. I didn’t want to tell anyone because they’ve found out I had been doing my paper round at 6am dressed as a girl. At 17 my Doctor told me that trans-sexuality was untrue and that I should try harder to be a man. Three years later I was addicted to heroin, alcohol, amphetamines and five different prescription drugs and spiralling down in a storm of self harm and mental collapse. 22 years later I sort out my drug problems and started to make plans to transition to female, sadly one year in various things from my drug taking past came back to bite me and by the end of 2015 I will be finishing my transition in prison serving a 5-8 year sentence. My point is this. If society had been just a little more understanding all those years ago then would my life have turned out differently? I think it could have.
        Reply · · 4 · January 30 at 11:02am”
        Soooooo……. basically you are a really troubled fucked up dude in prison on felony charges who spends his spare time lying on the internet, being a fake intersex, and bothering my readers with your lies and ladybrain bullshit.
        John I give less than a fuck what you do to yourself but you can’t do it here. Happy trolling elsewhere. Ta!

      2. Holy shit, this is one sick guy! Plus, as evidenced by his lies/fantasies, dumb as a sack of potatoes.
        “The only bad thing that happened was a wife of a good friend decided I wasn’t fit to be around her children anymore, said I was a freak and a pervert.”
        I think this part of “Heather’s” story is true. Smart woman, this wife-of-a-good-friend.

      3. LOLLLLLLLL!
        Balls: BUSTED. As always, nice work, Gallus.
        What a farce. Yet another felonious dude acting out his forced-fem fantasies. *Yawn* And oh, BTW, “Heather” (LOL at that name for this schmuck): a womb and a uterus are the same fucking thing. So when you say “…they then removed my uterus, womb, fallopian tubes…” we women laugh at you as yet another trannie who knows fuck-all about real women’s anatomy. Adios, loser.

      4. And yeah, the rib thing, for Maude’s sake. It is to laugh, or otherwise we would cry.

    1. …Currently, actual scientists believe that 85-95% of DNA is unused. Is that the part Heather believes is for “brain gender?”

      1. Scientists still know so little about our genetic makeup, let alone the human brain. Heather’s delusions about brain sex and “intersex” are risible.

      1. Aww, he was re-born as a full-time creep on Canada Day.
        Quick! Somebody call the NDP, so that they can name a new anti-female law after him … er, I mean, “her.”

  31. You think you made a mistake. Don’t force your story on the rest of the trans community. there are plenty of trans people who are happy with who they are after surgery. You might be angry with yourself. You might be angry with others for not seeing that surgery wasn’t the perfect option you thought it was. Don’t associate your problem’s with the entire trans community though. Immediate post surgery regret is almost ubiquitous. Its natural. Its just another aspect of self doubt. Longer term regret isn’t common. There are so many people living happier lives because they have transitioned. For you to disregard all of their stories is insulting.

    1. For you to disregard this person’s story is every bit as insulting. If someone else’s experience is contrary to your personal narrative, grow up and deal. That’s life.

      1. This person is implying that all SRS is a mistake at the end of their post and than all trans people’s biological gender is their correct gender. That’s going a little further than sharing their own experience.
        I’m not trying to deny that they made a mistake. Ultimately only they can answer that question. I’m simply trying to say that its unfair for them to generalize that experience to everyone else.

      2. There is already a perfectly good word for “biological gender” and that word is “sex.”
        But, what the heck is a “correct gender”?

      3. “..all trans people’s biological gender is their correct gender.”
        Leah, the OP is not making that claim. There is no such thing as a “biological gender”. Only people who attempt to change their biology to “become their true selves” believe such a thing.
        It would be foolish to accept at face value “success rates” reported by those same individuals and institutions whose income derives from promoting and providing those procedures. Not only do such reporters have a financial interest in the results, but an interest in justifying their practice and defending from malpractice.
        Independent surveys show regret rates at around one fifth of transgenders. However, the drop-out rate for follow-up studies is astronomical:
        “Its review warns that the results of many gender reassignment studies are unsound because researchers lost track of more than half of the participants. For example, in a five-year study of 727 post-operative transsexuals published last year, 495 people dropped out for unknown reasons. Dr Hyde said the high drop out rate could reflect high levels of dissatisfaction or even suicide among post-operative transsexuals. He called for the causes of their deaths to be tracked to provide more evidence.
        Dr Hyde said: “The bottom line is that although it’s clear that some people do well with gender reassignment surgery, the available research does little to reassure about how many patients do badly and, if so, how badly.”

        “Research from the US and Holland suggests that up to a fifth of patients regret changing sex. A 1998 review by the Research and Development Directorate of the NHS Executive found attempted suicide rates of up to 18% noted in some medical studies of gender reassignment.”
        Another obvious factor impacting “success rates” is the issue of Objective vs. Subjective measures of success. If subjective rates of satisfaction are high, but the individuals being surveyed show objectively high rates of biological, psychiatric, legal, and social dysfunction as a result of the procedures, are they still a “success”?
        Objective criteria MUST be included in evaluation of the “success” of these treatment protocols. There is a reason that providers of these treatments excise OBJECTIVE criteria from their “satisfaction rates”: Because objective criteria shows the success rate of these procedures does not exist.
        If you are genuinely interested in researching the topic (rather than mindlessly parroting the cultic tropes of a faddish big pharma subculture) I would suggest you start here:
        The OP of this post is trying to warn you. Whether you take that as your cue to do further research is up to you. Good luck.

      4. Reply to GallusMag:
        The use of the phrase ‘biological gender’ in my reply was accidental and the result of a hastily written post. Sorry about that.
        That said, I maintain the OP unfairly generalizes their experience far too much at the end of their post.
        I haven’t made up my mind as to whether I’m going to have surgery. I appreciated the OP’s recollection of their own experience but took issue with the blanket statements about gender specifically made in the last paragraph.
        I’ll look into some of the sources you have given me. More info is always helpful.

  32. “Immediate post surgery regret is almost ubiquitous. Its natural.”
    It’s natural to regret the praised surgery which totally turns female genitals into real(!1!) male genitals and vice versa?
    “Its just another aspect of self doubt.”
    What sane person has surgery when he/she has doubts about it?
    That’s not an “aspect of self doubt”. That’s a sign of mental illness or being fucking naive.
    “Longer term regret isn’t common.”
    Yeah because if you regret surgery you will be suuuper happy with it in a few years.
    Of course.
    OR perhaps all you can do is to accept the damage that has been done. That’s far from “being happy”.

      1. I’ve know about a trans woman on reddit who criticized the SRS results (especially the results of Dr. Chettawut) they saw on the internet. AND YET they went to the exact SAME dr. they criticized before.
        Guess what happend? Numbness, a dead libido and a (for a srs surgery) very weird looking result.
        Wtf. I don’t get this. I guess they were pressured into it. I mean they knew that something was wrong.

  33. [Archiving]
    Marta Bizic, MD, Svetlana Vujovic, MD, PhD, Dragana Duisin, MD, PsyD, Dusica 
    Markovic, MD, Zoran Rakic, MD, PhD, Dusan Stanojevic, MD, PhD, Aleksandar Milosevic, 
    MD, Miroslav Djordjevic, MD, PhD 
    Reversal Phalloplasty in Regretful Male to Female Transsexuals After Sex 
    Reassignment Surgery.  
    Introduction: Sex reassignment surgery (SRS) has proven to be an effective intervention for the 
    patient with gender dysphoria. As with any surgery, the quality of care provided before, during,  
    and after SRS has a significant impact on patient outcomes. In general, it’s reported that 
    transsexuals who have undergone gender reassignment surgery are happy to have done so. 
    However, there are some who regret their decision and need reversal surgery. This review is 
    based on our experience with four patients who came to regret their decision after male to 
    female surgery. 
    Materials and methods: Between November 2010 and February 2013, four male patients aged 
    35, 37, 49 and 53 years with a previous male to female sex reassignment surgery, underwent 
    reversal phalloplasty. Preoperatively, they were additionally examined by three independent 
    psychiatrists. Surgery included three steps: removal of female genitalia, total phalloplasty with 
    microvascular transfer of the musculocutaneous latissimus dorsi flap and urethral lengthening 
    with penile prostheses implantation. 
    Results: Follow­up period was from 6 to 31 months (mean 14 months). Good postoperative 
    results were achieved in all patients. In two patients, all surgical steps have been completed; one 
    is currently waiting for penile implants, while the fourth patient decided against penile prosthesis. 
    Complications were related to urethral lengthening, two fistulas and one stricture, respectively. 
    All complications were repaired by minor revision. According to patients’ self­reports, all patients 
    were pleased with the esthetic appearance of their genitalia and with their significantly improved 
    psychological status. 
    Conclusions: Most transsexuals are contented with their decision following gender reassignment 
    surgery, with only a few regretting it. Reversal surgery is indicted only after a new cycle of  
    preoperative psychological and endocrinological treatment. Further insight into the 
    characteristics of persons with postoperative regret would facilitate future selection of applicants 
    eligible for SRS. Another recommendation is to actively search for individuals who have come to 
    regret their decision and to try to systematically describe their life and treatment histories

    1. “However, there are some who regret their decision and need reversal surgery.”
      Regret doesn’t automatically mean they want to have a reversal surgery. With or without surgery – their genitals will never be the same.

      1. Surgical providers base their transgender regret statistics on patient attempts to access medical reversal. Really skews their statistics. Most detransitioners do not re-access medical gender service providers.

  34. What a pathetic little self absorbed twerp you are Gregory. You fucked up so now you apply your illogic, your immaturity, your propensity for dishonesty and self justification on an entire swath of our species? Just who the fuck do you think you are?
    I will not dignify further your biased self pitying diatribe by continuing. You obviously are employed by CNN and are part of the brain freeze Fox Network Fantasy News team. I pity you.

    1. and people wonder why detransitioners are afraid to speak up. “Sheri” your lack of human empathy for a fellow transgender traveler is duly noted. Disgusting.

  35. Genital Surgery Including Reversal Options
    Submitted by uromiros on Thu, 01/08/2015 – 2:53pm
    Select Continuing Education Track :
    Trans* Clinical Care and Management (TCCM)
    Type of Workshop:
    This presentation is geared toward:
    Advanced Level – Assumes providers have extensive experience working with trans* populations and are able to engage in complex discussions regarding trans* care and social services.
    Will this workshop educate participants about specific clinical skills?:
    Workshop Abstract:
    Reversal phalloplasty in regretful male to female transsexuals after sex reassignment surgery One-stage phalloplasty with metoidioplasty
    References in APA format:
    1. Djordjevic ML, Salgado CJ, Bizic M, Kuehhas FE. Gender dysphoria: the role of sex reassignment surgery. Scientific WorldJournal. 2014:645109. 2. Djordjevic ML, Bizic MR. Comparison of two different methods for urethral lengthening in female to male (metoidioplasty) surgery. J Sex Med 2013, 10:1431-8. 3. Djordjevic ML, Bizic M, Stanojevic D, et al. Urethral lengthening in metoidioplasty (female to male sex reassignment surgery) by combined buccal mucosa graft and labia minora flap. Urology 2009, 74:349-53.
    I am traveling internationally:
    I am traveling internationally
    Presenter 1 Information
    Miroslav Djordjevic
    Miroslav Djordjevic is a Professor of Urology and Surgery at the School of Medicine, University of Belgrade, Serbia. He completed his medical studies and urology residency at University of Belgrade, and continued his professional education at numerous universities world-wide. Dr Djordjevic published many papers on the surgical treatment of hypospadias, epispadias, Peyronie’s disease, adult hypospadias, buried penis, urethral reconstruction, pediatric reconstructive urology, penile enhancement surgery as well transsexual surgery. He achieved his greatest results in the field of urogenital reconstructive surgery, as one of the rare to have encompassed treatment of all genital anomalies regardless of gender or age. Dr Miroslav Djordjevic is the founder and leader of the Belgrade Center for Genital Reconstructive Surgery which is well-known across the world.
    2015 Conference
    Conference Year: 2015
    Office Use Only
    Scheduled Time Slot:
    5 June 8:30am – 10:00am
    Room Number:

  36. I think you are a fool who cant deal with accepting responsibility for your lack of direction for which you had a very long time to make a decision on. You can also get a tattoo extremely easily. You can jump into a river without checking to see how deep it is first.
    You are attacking the right of others to have options, rather than expressing why you regret your decision.
    And “de-transitioners” have nothing to speak up about, they made a decision that they did not think through, like anything else in life, that has irreversible consequences. That does not mean we should limit and/or let that affect our perception of the viability of others decisions. SINCE THEY ARE NOT OUR BUSINESS or our life choices.
    Detransitioners dont need to speak up against anything, they actually need to be quiet. Because nothing they are doing faces repercussions from society, only themselves.
    Whining doesnt help, informing would be far more effective.
    Be far more comprehensive in explaining WHY you regret your decisions, how long it took to come to them and the thoughts you encountered along that process. HOW any of those concerns are the responsibility of the medical community which went against the nuclear tendencies of society to assist you. What you would propose in response to your perceived injustices against gender confused individuals.

    1. I don’t moderate comments like these because I want people to see how truly hateful transgenderists are to members of their own community whose experience or expression strays in any way from the cultic group-think and approved narrative. They turn on detransitioners brutally, ruthlessly and heartlessly, just as they publicly and privately hounded Mark Penner into suicide when he detransitioned. Truly disgusting hateful stuff.

    2. Detransitioners dont need to speak up against anything, they actually need to be quiet.

      That’s not what the first amendment says.
      Getting a tattoo is not the same thing as messing with your body’s hormones or removing healthy appendages and glands from your body. Ask any war veteran what the comparison is between losing an arm or getting a tattoo on an arm, if you really want to know the difference between the two.
      But then, according to your logic I should probably not feel sympathy towards war veteran, because that’s what they signed up for, right? Enlisting in the armed forces poses permanent and irreversible consequences, so according to your logic should just let them sit around and flail in agony.
      And other people’s decisions to have unnecessary, elective surgery at the expense of taxpayers IS my business, especially when I hear reports of women being denied life saving medical care for being “too expensive.”

  37. This is the dumbest shit I’ve ever read. Just because you regret it doesn’t mean hundreds of Trans folks who opt for hormones and surgery do. I’m FtM Transgendered and I am 100% happy with my decision and have no regrets. Don’t push your bullshit on others struggling with their identity because YOU made a mistake.

    1. You sought out this post, “Asher”. You did. Nothing was pushed on you.
      ETA: This person is a liar. She is not even “out” as FTM, much less “transgendered” and her current name on the web is “Ashley”.

    2. He’s right, less than 4% of people regret SRS, this article is yellow journalism at best.

  38. Studies have shown that less than 4% of people regret their SRS at all, so the statement that your case is “typical” is complete bullshit.

  39. MtF who had a phalloplasty (!) because she regretted SRS – but not social transition. AMA. (self.asktransgender)
    submitted 7 months ago by ReallydiditnowMtF 34 years old non-op post transition
    Title already says quite a bit. I started HRT/hair removal in early 2003 at age 22. I had FFS as well and I pass fine. I had SRS in 2006 but it never felt right. I regretted within a month after surgery 🙁 I never really liked my penis pre-op, didn’t hate it either though.
    After a lot of forgiving myself and healing I sought out doctors that could do a phalloplasty. Most refused. I had to go under the knife three times (once in 2013 and twice in 2014) just for my stage 1 as the attempt in 2013 failed. And you can imagine how that made me feel – ie then I thought things really would never be fixed!
    Anyway like I said social transition was successful and I was happy as far as that went – except I could use more friends than just my wife (who is also trans) and her family and my family.

    MtF who had a phalloplasty (!) because she regretted SRS – but not social transition. AMA. from asktransgender


    1. Oops…I was asking a reference about the 4% figure. After reading all the after effects, I find this number unrealistic that so few regret the surgery. But then its beyond my understanding that somebody with a healthy body would choose this road rather than working on accepting themselves. I would be curious to read the studies and look at the methodology. I dont doubt that more than few have not much of a clue of the long term issues before they sign in. I bet as more go down that road, that more complaints will surface.

  40. Dear Gregory ,
    I really must comment on this .
    You are an exception . You have never been trans . You didn’t ever have a clue what it was to be trans . You wanted that surgery to draw a bit of attention over your colorless and grey life .
    You have several personality issues , nothing to do with gender dysphoria . You should have been locked in psychiatry and have been untaken from your legal rights .
    You make a shame from the real transgender community who is really saved by this operation and who doesn’t do this out of excitement like you did .
    I hope you have to pay for all surgeries by yourself . Sick people like you should not be granted permission for a ” covered costs ” surgery .
    I am a transwoman of 19 years old and sexual reassignment surgery and hormones will save and change my life . I will never regret .
    I’m young , pretty , full of hope , while you are old , mentally unstable and extremely ridiculous .
    I would shame myself to be a family member or friend from you .
    I really hope you won’t be allowed phalloplasty . You should rather be granted permission for very strong drugs …
    You are sick ! And your life will never know any improvement anymore ….

    1. Hay allemaal,
      ik ben Vincence Lippen en ik ben een zeer vrouwelijke jongen . Zo vrouwelijk dat ik in de categorie transgender val . Travestie zegt me niks en ik wil ook geen travestiet zijn . Maar op een echte geboren vrouw lijken? Reken maar van yes!
      Niet uit seksuele opwinding maar omdat het erg aangenaam voelt en ik zo best door het leven zou willen gaan .
      Wie maakt mij op tot een geboren meisje dat zo over straat zou kunnen gaan zonder gevat te worden?
      Ik heb een vrouwelijke stem , ben klein van bouw , ben heel slank en heb lange benen . Ik ben ook lekker strak wat mijn achterwerk betreft , heb volle vrouwenlippen en blond krulhaar.
      Wil graag tot vrouw opgemaakt worden met zelfklevende boezem die als echt aanvoelt en er zo uitziet en waarmee ik zou kunnen douchen, het zwembad ingaan enz [ fotootjes trekken 🙂 ] .
      Verder wil ik graag lang , golvend krulhaar dat echt is . Dus een soort haarwerk dat niet synthetisch is maar van echt blond haar gemaakt is .
      Ook wil ik als een vrouw ruiken en niet telkens de domper van die zweetklieren eropgezet krijgen.Dus echt heel vrouwelijk ruiken .
      Ook zou ik een soort zelfkevende rondingen voor mijn achterwerk willen om een beetje een Zuid-Amerikaans achterwerk te hebben . Ook deze zouden niet van echt te onderscheiden moeten zijn en zo aanvoelen bij aanraking.
      Graag zou ik ook ” echte ” heupen bekomen op dezelfde manier als met het achterwerk en de borsten.
      Een professionele visagistiek zou ook nodig zijn om mijn gezichtspatroon zo

      1. What has this to do with the fact I’m trans ?
        I doubt you are even a real trans .
        Real transwomen have a hell of a lot more class than you. I can know , I’m a transgirl myself …

    2. Samuel johnson said:
      “Almost all absurdity of conduct arises from the imitation of those whom we cannot resemble”.
      Proudtransgirl. I believe you want to destroy Gregory as indicated in your rant. You want him to be locked away, drugged, but mostly to stfu. Because your self construct is sooooooo weak, so frail that someone you dont even know can destroy it COMPLETELY with their thoughts and words.
      That IS absurd. And pathetic.

  41. You are so-o-o-o-o wrong. I am older and I lived in pain all of my life. Trying to live as a man has nearly killed me. I did not chose to live as a man. Unfortunately, something happened in my life that forced it on me. And as a result I lived in pure hell. In fact my psychiatrist says that it is a miracle that I am still here. I am now a woman and for the first time in my life I am happy – and I am productive, employed and I have many friends – and I want to live. Some people do make a mistake and that is regretful. As a true transgender individual I cannot comprehend how such a mistake can be made. I have always known without any ambiguity whatsoever that I am female. There was never any question in my mind. Do not ruin it for the rest of us who do actually need this and who can live and thrive in their preferred gender role happily just because you are bitter about making such a mistake.

  42. Question for all these men who want to live as women: how much do you really want to live as women? Say you could magically be granted a husband and family as part of your transition, would you fully embrace cleaning the toilet, buying the groceries, putting them away, then taking them out again to cook everyone else’s food day in and day out, picking up people’s dirty towels from the floor, doing the laundry and folding it and putting it away then doing it again, being the person in the household who remembers distant relatives’ birthdays and sends the card, changing shitty nappies, basically doing the household’s thinking and planning, and working fulltime as well?
    Or do you just want the parts where you put on nail polish, wear a dress, grow your hair out, and feel pretty? Cos that’s one tiny aspect of the socially imposed gender role ‘woman’. I don’t think many mtf understand anything at all about gender in a political sense. I think the average stay-at-home father (whether in a straight or gay relationship) understands way more about transcending gender roles than the average mtf. They have no idea.

  43. Except, this is not a remotely typical MTF story. This is a story of abuse:
    “I have tragically come to realize my story is fairly typical of most MtF persons. I was molested by my “trusting” grandfather at age 3, father was killed at age 5 and while my mother remarried;”
    My story:
    Grew up with two wonderful parents ( mum & dad ). Had great childhood and have a wonderful brother. No abuse. Stable home. Reasonably privileged. From 6 years old cross dressed, and when I had left home all my best friends were girls. No issues!
    Have comfortable job and own my house.
    And at some point transitioned.
    Many MTF and FTMs may well share similar stories, but yours is not repressentive of MTFs everywhere, but certainly of many.
    I know people who have been abuse, and people who have not, all from every part of the specrum.
    I’ve not seen a typical story, except from the yarn we have to give to the gender clinics 🙂

  44. “Get help. Don’t mutilate your body. The psychiatrist, psychologists, and surgeons will enjoy a wonderful life. ”
    They spend precious time ensuring you don’t make mistakes.

    1. You obviously haven’t read much here, or even elsewhere, or you’d know that many of the safeguards that used to be in place no longer exist. Why? Because so many trannies whined and pitched a hissy fit about “gatekeeping.” There’s no one spending “precious time” ensuring mistakes aren’t made any longer. Now sit down and shut the fuck up.

  45. ” You will lie to everyone around you as you continue to lie to yourself to get it done.”
    Be open and honest when you feel you can. If you cannot, rethink.

    1. “Be open and honest when you feel you can. If you cannot, rethink”.
      Rethink what? Revising the pack of lies you’ve told? And what kinds of things do trans people feel they CANNOT be open and honest about when seeking transition? And why must these things remain hidden? If people have to LIE in order to convince doctors to sign off on transition, what IS the truth?
      Cause it ain’t innate sex roles. Or pink/blue brains. Or “lady/man feels”. Or female dicks. Or since I was two, I liked girl/boy stuff, therefore, I am male/female. Or because intersex. Or because no such thing as male and female. It keeps changing because there is no honesty or truth in gender, therefore none in transgender.
      Maybe doctors should only ask this question:
      Can you live a total lie and be happy? If yes, medically transition. If no, don’t transition.
      Some people, even people who identify as trans, need to live in truth, no matter its harshness.

  46. From someone who is Non-Op transwoman, I disagree with such a vicious implication of the soul. How dare you fathom to impress upon anyone that when you have a **c* your a man or you got an oven, so your a woman? At the end of the day, you dare not challenge using the same bias including the entire LGBTQ community and surely you would be shamed for lying to yourself when others aren’t. Your giggitty good book says it all, Matthew 19:11-12. What kills me is how someone still goes to have children while concocting your lie of a life, believing that you was being you. Then you started looking at ass, imagination went wild, then you found you boot in your ass. You don’t have to be molested to transition. Your soul/spirit is God over tour DNA. Aak a scientist if both male and females have certain levels of both hormones in the body. He just woke up that side you just didn’t know.

    1. “…such a vicious implication of the soul…”
      And, “…how dare you fathom to impress upon…”
      Interesting tone. It has an old timely, religious feel to it. I can picture someone dressed as an extra from The Crucible saying the same shit. What were you going for there? ‘Cause, no one in real life talks like that.
      And what’s a “…God over tour DNA…” ?
      Anyone? This inquiring mind wants to know! Like, is that a verb phrase?
      And is “oven” an alchemical reference to a womb? Or did you mean a literal oven, as in something one bakes a cake in?
      Just curious, because I haven’t had anything to drink yet– and I think alcohol may helped me parse the entire post…or not. I dunno.

      1. “Your soul/spirit is God over tour DNA.”
        He probably meant to type: “Your soul/spirit is God over your DNA.”

    2. There are people in my city who think and talk like this. They live under overpasses, or yell on the street corners. It’s sad.

  47. what the fuck is this shit? if i didn’t hate extreme feminists before, i sure do now. you all sound so bitter and jaded. i actually feel sorry for you.

    1. *sniff*
      No but seriously, “extreme feminism?”
      What’s that? It’s almost like Dan doesn’t know enough to post here in good faith.

      1. What’s “extreme feminism”? Where’s this guy from, the planet Venus? LOL No such term.

  48. This is bullshit. Just because you realized you made a mistake that doesn’t mean it applies to every person.

  49. Oh my god what am I doing . You may have a big influnce on my next move . Iam glad you made me relize what I was doing. Thanks tom . Ps god loves you

  50. All im going to say is oh my god, i cant believe what im hearing… Yes it has been proven as a medical condition, yes there has been studys to prove that a transgendereds brain development differs within the womb before birth. So when that child grows the brain in conflicted thats where transgendered children suffer high suicide rates because of bullying over something that they have no control over.. The person in this artical in my opinion was comfused, it happens unforgently. But it doent mean that he was truly transgendered… True Transgendered people wouldnt think that way… Full stop…. All the negitive comments here are NOT basied on fact. Just religious propaganda.
    Have a education before you speak. Just look like idiots you really do…. I just had to say because i havnt heard anything this pathetic in ages… And FYI.. Having the Y chromosome is the bodys DNA not the brains and what do transgendered people do change the body..
    Have a nice day morons…

    1. What the everloving fuck?! Was that typed on your mobile using bratwurst, or are you just that stupid? “Unforgently”?!

    2. Brain DNA? Snort. Not since I discovered Cryonics have I had such a good laugh.
      Speaking of which: they do only preserve the head? Could be onto something here “Support TR”. Look them up.

    1. I would never consider someone a nut for discouraging trans people from self-destruction, religious or otherwise.

  51. Just because you weren’t sure of yourself and screwed your body up doesn’t mean others don’t know what they want. You see it as “mutilating” your body because you lived your life for so long not knowing what you really wanted. But there are people that are for certain SRS is what they want and need, so they see it as a transition. Your the one who needs real help. Not those that are for certain of who they are and what they want. I’m sorry you and your life has been a terrible, sad, and confusing mess. But check yourself, because not everyone is as confused as you are.

  52. I started hrt a year ago and nothing has changed because I am meant to be a male god won’t let me change because I have a purpose it seems. No breast development nothing just a man still. Hrt is not for everyone so I can see where he’s getting at in terms of fucking up.

    1. You’re full of shit and a liar, Jessica. HRT WILL Change YOU & anyone else that begins it. You’re just making up stories so you can throw your God into it. And you’re attempts at doing so are both desperate and obvious. Nobody in this world can stop there changes that HRT causes. Not even you’re silly little God. It’s scientific fact. It works. So keep you’re stupid and obvious feeble minded lies to your GODDAMN self.

    2. Punctuation is not for everyone, either, it seems:
      “I started hrt a year ago and nothing has changed because I am meant to be a male god … ”
      Then again, if your purpose in life is to become male, why not go all-out, eh?

    3. Stay tuned for more examples of “men who think ‘communicating’ means merely waiting for their turn to speak, remaining almost completely oblivious to the conversation taking place around them beyond things that trigger their opinion-puking reflex.” Great fun at parties or during a crisis!

  53. Not because you experienced this this way that it means that it’s the same for all people. That’s why you have to see a therapist BEFORE starting the whole process. You are just as responsible for it as they are. I do agree that making the therapy optional would lead to several mistakes and that information, even just 15 years ago, was not quite easy to get, but still. From what I read, you didn’t follow recommandations to see a therapist first. If you had first informed yourself of transgenderism and the whole procedure, you wouldn’t be where you are now. Gender reassignment is no joke and no mere fantasy that one can experience for fun and on its own. You can experience on your own by identifying yourself as another gender in your everyday life but medicating yourself is another story. So before saying all transgendered people are in the same boat as you, you should look closely at your case and talk with MTF to see if they are just as “sick”. Most MTF I know live perfectly happy lives ever since they transitioned. I don’t know your life or what you’ve been through, but all I’m saying is that transgender people are real and that most of them don’t lie to themselves anymore by coming out as trans, which, if you actually lived as identifying as a woman, must have figured that is not an easy thing. Anyway, good luck with your reverse process.

  54. You shouldn’t discourage others from getting it since you are after all in the 1%, and most people are a lot happier afterwards. Very few people “regret” it.
    It has saved people’s lives before.
    Gender identity exists, and it is real help for many people. You can’t speak for everyone, only yourself.

  55. You shouldn’t discourage others from getting it since you are after all in the 1%, and most people are a lot happier afterwards. Very few people “regret” it.
    It has saved people’s lives before.
    Gender identity exists, and it is real help for many people. You can’t speak for everyone, only yourself.
    Also gender is on the inside, sex is in the outside.

  56. You know how I know this is fake?
    “The first six months post-op SRS were wonderful…”
    Aaaaand getting help is a tad more involved than grabbing a pack of chewie…

    1. I’m curious of what you think the motive would be for someone to falsify their experience. I mean, you must objectively realize that enough M2T are dealing with regrets that surgeons at the last international WPATH symposium presented on their documented (yet experimental) surgical reversal procedures and outcomes? Or do you think the WPATH surgeons are faking too? And why do you think WPATH invited them to present if they were fake?

      1. I know that detransitioners are real, and probably even though a minuscule percentage of an already minority population, a large enough number to be a subject for discussion by WPATH. What concerns me is the part where the account turns into something else, where the author begins making comments on the legitimacy of trans identities as being universally false, and just generally demonstrating an agenda. I’d question if this person were real, but I suppose he could just be someone who claims no responsibility for themself, or perhaps someone else with an agenda got to him. I’m not silly, I understand the point of this website. But I’ll be sceptical of anyone saying the first 6 months of recovery are “wonderful”, kinda made me think perhaps this account was made up.

  57. I can see how it can be a regret, personally, I can’t see any other way for me to be happy.
    You seem like you didn’t think about it properly.
    Sounds like you jumped straight in without thinking, without weighing the irreversible treatment, “the one way trip” I’ve started calling it.

    1. true. More than likely damaged goods with compulsive disorder. Sir this and sir that to responses like a rude and disrepectuful POS person spilling hatred for poor life choices.
      I guess I’m the odd one out based off some of this BS. Grew up with a loving family, supportive friends and great life. Not wanting to disapppoint my father, I choice to subdue my feminine side, hiding my bisexual needs as well. I was an honored athelete with tons of friends. Always wishing to hang out with the girls though..ugh, highschool sure did suck. At age 20 I almost transitioned, but met my ex-gf who was specifically into men. She knew week 1 about me, as I am extremely honest and open. We had our girl days over the years(8yrs to be exact) as we became best friends. Around year 6 I really started pushing the question. “Would you date me as a woman?” Her response always no. So we had a kid and I got a ring. 2 years later we broke it off as I demanded more feminine time and she grew weary of it. Constantly fought as my anger and frustration had grown to be this man I didnt want to be. Than I began my journey to transition and I’ve been extremly happy. I finally get the big closet! My mind is at ease. I’m such a happy person everyone tells me now. I’ve had 100% postive input from friends and family. Probably cause I’m not a POS person. Put a lot of thought into FFS and SRS and still undecided because this is a major decision not to be taken lightly.
      I had a lot of trouble relating to the comments trans wanting to be whistled at, raped and punded sexually. wtf!?!? I had a guy the other day try to force me to deep throat him and I kicked his ass right out! There was a moment I actually was afraid too. If a guy whistles at me, I’m generally like, ugh fuck off. I’m only interested in men who can treat me with dignity and respect.
      My therapist knew I was transgender from session one. Note it did take 3 before letter of approval to doctor. why did she notice? Most of her trans clients seeking HRT were abused, started self medicating and use all the right terms during sessions. They try hard to convince her. She said I was truly geniune and honest. I talked with two of her other clients who had such a background. They’re both wierd and crazy AF. No wonder the therapist wont approve her SRS letter yet for either. What blows my mind is they’ve both been on hromones for years. One for 7 and one for 8, but to me, these are not females trapped in male body! Nothing they do makes me feel like I’m talking with a woman, just a man. Especially the one who lools like a guy with long hair and boobs and even sounds still manly. Work on your voice idot!! ugh I suppose some of this nonsense is truth having met a lot of transwomen now. Make such a bad name for those like me.

      1. So you and your girlfriend couldn’t even agree on staying together if you “transitioned”, but you went ahead and had a kid together in that unstable situation. Guess what? You ARE a “POS person”! You’re unbelievably selfish, and just another guy fetishizing womanhood (“I finally get the big closet!”). Your claims of trans “purity” are laughable.
        One other thing: Why – and how – the fuck are you talking to other clients of your therapist?! If your therapist is at ALL reputable, there’s no WAY you should even know of their existence, unless you met them on your own outside of therapy and they revealed themselves that they were seeing your therapist. But somehow, I doubt that’s what happened. Boundaries, for MtT and the wackaloon therapists who serve them, just don’t seem to matter.

  58. That’s you though!
    Thanks for sharing your stories but everyone is different and will not regret it and its people like you that make it difficult for this whole process in starting to cut it off myself

    1. So someone sharing their own experiences makes your life more difficult and they should STFU? I know that if I were planning to undertake such a risky and drastic body modification, I would want to read the good, bad and ugly of it. Anyway, good luck, asshole.

  59. Can anyone explain to me why this whole thing cannot be a civilized conversation rather than a war between transgenders, feminists, and those who do not appriciate trans people? One issue in modern society is failure to respect those who live different lives than we do. Transgenders shouldnt hate gays, straights hate transgenders, ect. How does a persons lifestyle choices affect you may i ask? Does a transgender living the life harm you? You are not forced to associate with them by any means. I myself am a transgender woman (ahem i mean a man in a dress who likes to hang in womens bathrooms and peak on girls and is actually changing my gender for attention and to fullfill my sexual fantasies) No seriously though im a trans woman and ive been on estrogen 6 months. Im completely passible even without makeup, as long as i speak in my retrained voice and im not wearing boy clothes which brings out manly features. People rarely know and most people are cool about it once i tell them. The ones who get judged are the ones who cant pass because they were born with masculine features. But they are people with feelings too you know, words do hurt. I havnt had any surgeries but im praying about it and weighing the risks(oh my bad im going straight to hell) Actually i have a very nice relationship with God. I see miracles all the time and God is my obsession! But anyway thats another can of worms and debate. Now it seems to be thought that rape and abusive parents are the cause. While im not sure about that im not ruling it out. But EVEN IF thats the case, does it really matter? The point is im doing what i want and i will be the one who deals with the results whether that be good or bad. So again, how does it affect you and why are so many people touchy about this? Now i agree that doctors are business men. I avoid them at any cost and use natural remedies and organic alternatives. I may have to suck it up if i decide on surgury. BUT bare in mind that most doctors are in fact against transition. They make it very hard to obtain and the process takes YEARS! Hence the reason we self medicate. I think they enjoy the control they have over our transition. There are good doctors though and some do genuinely care about our feelings, though they make sure its what we want. Some regret it and some dont. It all depends on motivations. Was it to be trendy or was it a need? And were you consistent in your feelings your whole life? Notice the author had a rough childhood, had mutiple spouces, was gay, was straight, was trans, was male again. Sounds very unstable emotionally. But those who are consistent for years are more likely to have no regret. Im very disapointed in how the straight cis people, AND the transgenders have behaved on this forum. Theres nothing but hatred, and “how mean can my responce be?” Both sides are wrong. Lets be adults and for goodness sake lets have some compassion. Maybe try and figure out each others logic in things rather than “im right your wrong.” But anyhow what do i know, im just a perverted tranny faggot LOL

      1. @AshlandAvenue Many years ago, the folks at Mad Magazine had a running segment called the ‘Cliche Monster’, which pointed out the absurdity of language, especially by those who are now SJW’s. That applies to the poster above
        As for medical professionals speaking against, or not approving transition….they are doing so based on FACTS. Such as, the harm the HRT can do to a person, for example. Yours truly has had more chats with my docs about this…and if one has a series of pre-existing conditions that can be made even worse by the HRT, they are stopped. Period. And self medicating after the fact is akin to ‘cutting’ or worse. So why there are those who see physicians as hindrances is beyond me (or those at Hopkins, etc who have stated the case much better than I can here).
        One other aspect that is not mentioned is that far too many in the community, via behavior….be it online or in person…make the case for derision by others. If one does not think this is the case, I would invite them to see what goes on here in town. No, not in the ‘more respectable’ sections..(the ones where there are ‘poster children’ for transition)..we are talking about an eastern area, where the Springer spawn have staked out their turf. And be it in the stores or the buses, etc…these are folks who give the ones who are doing their thing and respecting others, a bad name. Let alone cause more headshaking, if not more distancing, for obvious reasons (which I am sure the above poster will deny, because ‘this never happens’…especially in the trans silo).
        If one, like the above, wants to witness other harm that the trans SJW are doing….especially to women and girls, in the name of fairness, that person only need read this site and others to see the litany of sexist, racist and boorish sins. If one were to do so, they would see that many in the trans sphere are not talking about respect (which all deserve), but a sick game of conquest, over women and other groups, in the name of [SIC] ‘being authentic’.

    1. Was there a point in all that, or do you just have a hobby leaving passive-aggressive comments on feminist blogs?
      “How does it affect me”- You’re not a woman. I am. You claiming to be a woman is a mockery of my life, and my experiences, and my physical, biological reality. Stop mocking me, wear whatever the hell you want, and we’ll have no issue.

      1. Oh i see so the reason you dont like it is because im claiming to be real when im not in your oppion. Well everyone is entitled to their own belifs. Sad to say not many people on here seem very happy with themselves. If your confident in yourself then you have no need to criticise someone else. That always shows insecurity. Now im a little confused, because arent feminists liberals usually, and isnt it mostly liberals who support trans people? I myself am pretty conservative believe it or not. Im only 21 though so im still learning about various people groups. I think the main reason we get accused of being fake women is because we dont have cycles and childbirth. Fair enough, but bare in mind that we do have to deal with rejection on the daily and the surgeries are painful i hear. We also have to work very hard towards our goals and thus appriciate it more in the end. When you work for something you can be proud of it. As far as faking my identity (mike), well i dont feel i do. Im very upfront with people about it. I always tell men before anything happens bewteen us and they appreciate the honesty and trust me more because of it. The issue is usally their concern about loosing friends and family if people see im trans. I dont pass to deceive, but rather just to live a normal life day to day without getting treated differntly everyday. I tell those i interact with on a more personal level, friends or otherwise. Ive lost family, friends, my church, and all i used to know. But my identity isnt in people its in my faith in God. Im quite happy with who God made me to be and im still my old self in most ways. I simply appear different in a physical eye. And how would that differ from a girl who wear makeup, people changing their fashion style, getting tattoes, and experiencing other aspects of life. Its not pretending but rather a change in physical presentation. Now you said it gets worse not better. Well i have talked to several people and some do regret it but many are very happy. The issue is those who do it for a fetish and not the right reasons. I hate how fetishsized the whole thing is. Its sick. I do not associate with trans people who make it a fethish or a trend. THEY are fake women who are acting. And im sorry if this is shallow but they usally dont pass well because they wear fethish clothing and cake on the makeup and all that. Thats not how females look. I try to be modest, classy, and present like any 21rst century modest female. Will i ever be 100 percent female? No certainly not! And im fine with that. I get to experiance a whole new life that women nor men get to experiance. The journey is exciting! Let me say this. You said you wernt happy as a boy,then being a girl got old. Are you happy now? Where do you seek happiness from? If its all external then youll never be happy. I think trans girls, myself included, tend to be too shallow. It happens though but i try not to be so materialistic. If your not happy as one gender you wont be in the other. All it can do is unlock a new side of you and it becomes what you make it. Im not using a gender change to solve problems. It wont solve but rather cause new problems. Just like getting married does not solve anything but rather more problems if your not happy with yourself.

      2. Britney, you’re not a woman. That’s not my opinion, that’s biological reality. If you’re happy with yourself and see no reason to deceive others about your past- then why call yourself a woman at all? If you like wearing the clothes you do, great, wear those clothes, paint your nails, wear makeup, whatever else. But accept that NOTHING you do can change you into a woman, because woman isn’t a costume. Suffering, being denied surgery, wanting it- none of this makes you a woman. Women do not have this experience, they simply are women.
        For all your claims of being happy, an inability to accept reality is a symptom of a fragile mental state. No one can live in a delusion forever, and when that bubble breaks, you will understand how much time you’ve wasted trying. Just be yourself- as a male human being. Yes, I am liberal, and a feminist, but I believe there are basic, tangible facts that cannot be altered.
        Please also use paragraph breaks.

    2. Britney,
      With respect, I do appreciate trans peoples’ deep sadness and desperation. Clearly there must be some heavy feelings behind someone’s decision to give up so much in order to publicly express a fantasy. And it _is_ a fantasy. There’s nothing wrong with fantasy in itself, except when it begins interfering with living a healthy life–that is, one in which you can deal with your true issues without covering them up–or when it hurts others. Another part of a healthy life is simply meeting each day from an honest foundation, based on what your body really is and what your history really is. In other words, engage with the world from the standpoint of who you really are. You are not a woman and never will be. I don’t say this to hurt you, but only to encourage you to live in truth. You mention passing well as a woman, but think about that word, “passing.” Do you see what a disguise all of it is? I know you realize this.
      You mentioned having a very nice relationship with God and that you see miracles all the time. May I suggest something? Ask God why it is that you need to pretend to be a woman. If you don’t like the word “pretend,” then pray about that, too. And I may I point out the miracle of just having a body that works? It’s an amazing creation just as it is. You might consider thanking God for that.
      Lastly, you suggested that the longer someone is consistently trans, the less likely they are to have regrets. I am one of those people who considered himself trans for many years, going all the way back to when I was a teenager. Beginning in my twenties, I lived and worked as a “woman” for 31 years, before I just couldn’t do it anymore. Trust me, it just gets harder each year, but because you’ve made such a commitment to it, and you think you have these little triumphs and successes now and then–and because you’re just too embarrassed to admit that you don’t need to pretend anymore–you keep on struggling. But I’m here to tell you that you don’t have to do this. A simple, honest life is the best life.
      When I first discovered this site a few years ago it felt like a slap in the face. But do you know what? I kept reading, kept trying to understand the views of the women here–the real women–and it began to sink in how wrong I had been in thinking I could be one of them. I have faith in you! I know you can come back to living the truth.
      ps: Gallus, my guest post is almost done–thanks for your patience!

      1. What a generous reply to Britney’s post.
        “When I first discovered this site a few years ago it felt like a slap in the face.”
        People often describe their discovery of this site as either a slap in the face, or a cool clear drink of water in the desert. That’s what the truth about “gender” is. Thank god for the radical feminists and lesbian feminists whose crystal clear (slapping!) analysis of “gender” I am honored to present here. Many have suggested that the presentation be diluted in order to make the truth less jarring and to ease readers into and “convince them” of the feminist view. I’ll leave that to the careerists and politickers. Who has time for that? ;P
        I’ve never promoted the site. People come here who want unvarnished truth. They find it. x.
        As for your post- I look forward to it when you are ready.

    3. I can assure you Brittany, that you don’t “pass” as a fake woman, women notice men instantly in our spaces. It creeps us out, only the thing with women, is we rarely CONFRONT men, because if we do, you can bash us. So women notice you are a man all the time, because you are one.
      Male to trans have been attacking women only spaces for decades now, if you haven’t noticed this male aggression and entitlement you obviously have been living under a rock. As a lesbian, I deeply resent the men who insist on attending lesbian events and forcing themselves on us, we cannot even go to a lesbian event at an LGBT center without some man getting up there and lecturing us on his trans self—LESBIAN EVENT, men lecturing us— insisting on playing on women’s sports teams with the physical advantage you have— think height, upper body strength, large hands— so not passing. “Passing” indicates deception. Sure wear what you want, destroy your body with dangerous HRT “treatments” that is your business, but in no way can any man turn into a woman, it is biologically impossible.
      Why not just be honest and say you like women’s clothing and want to dress that way? Why not respect women’s privacy, now that is a concept men apparently will never be able to get, if you really were a woman, you’d understand why women don’t want you in our intimate spaces or at lesbian events. You need to grow up and face this. I am under no obligation to indulge you in your fantasy and you don’t pass, that is another delusion you have.

      1. @Medi What you stated to Britney is dead on….and goes hand in hand/dovetails on what I have been saying, what @GallusMag has been saying….what others have for years.
        There is something else that is telling here. It is again, the syntax and the cliches/stereotypes that Britney utilized in BOTH posts. And from what I have noticed with many trans folks, is that there is a need in any post about ‘passing’ or living fulltime…is that one has to mention the attention, or attempted same from males. We are not talking about in the intellectual vein, but the carnal one. Frankly, this is an old trope and it is points to that while one may protest that their view of being trans is not fetish based, it is that.
        Lastly….both posts point to a societal disconnect. Even if someone is liberal, that does not…in any way, shape or form mean they are going to give a pass to someone, who is trans and is demanding access to spaces that they are not welcome in. And a lot of this is due to not just the piss-poor attitude on the part of some, but the track record otherwise.
        Truth is not always a pretty item to deal with, but it needs to be dealt with. What we have here is someone who, expects the world to owe them access to being female, sans the reality in same. The vacation from reality is part of the social conditioning that many trans SJW’s have engaged in, without being called on it. What one sees above in those posts is another manifestation of same. Making more of the case for those who are trans and sick of the horse manure to avoid same.

      2. I will never understand gays and lesbians who dont support transgenders. We are in the same community so we should support each other. At an lgbt event your going to see trans women thats just a fact. Now as far as them hitting on you against your will is rude. But there are cases when lesbians and trans women date because love goes beyond ones genitals. I also dont understand the fact that you guys are cool with dressing girly (drag i guess) but not ok with someone who passes and lives full time. My experiance has been that people only accept transgenders if they pass well. They say they are fine with me because i look nice but one who looks manly is not cool. But i guess your the opposite. Ive never really understood feminism either. Im pretty old fashioned and would rather submit to a husband while i do the domestic side of things. But to each their own. In responce to another comment, no i do not randomly go to feminist blogs and troll. Actually i was reading on transgender stuff and somehow this forum popped up lol. And you can say im a man all day but its not going to change my mind. I can be a unicorn, or an alien, or whatver i want hahaha! Its a free country afterall. You cant change my mind anymore than i can change yours. I do feel sorry for you all though because you seem so miserable. Its nothing but grouchy bitter people bashing on people simply for going against the grain. I hope you find happiness because it seems like a depressing life. Although i suppose my life would look depressing to another individual. Oh one more thing, i had this friend once and she is a bi sexual transgender feminist. I guess that contradicts this forum entirely LOL

    4. Aww Britney,
      What an adorable and unique name.
      Bless your glitter covered heart, you must shit rainbows son.
      I know,
      Let’s learn a new word.
      Today’s new word is Paragraph.
      Can you say it with me?
      A paragraph is a self-contained unit of a discourse in writing dealing with a particular point or idea.
      A paragraph consists of one or more sentences.
      Though not required by the syntax of any language, paragraphs are usually an expected part of formal writing, used to organize longer prose.
      Now, as to your silly (giggles) yet precious verbal vomit . . .
      “How does a persons lifestyle choices affect you may i ask? Does a transgender living the life harm you? You are not forced to associate with them by any means.”
      It effects AUTHENTIC WOMEN when you lie about who you are and hide behind TRUE WOMEN in an effort to appear normal because you are too much of a coward to face yourself.
      Then you destroy the lives, hopes and dreams of the ones you conned into loving you, usually when you’ve matured and hit pay dirt while gleefully abandoning your responsibilities.
      It effects the CHILDREN you God Damn trannys fraudulently bring into this world, while you find your “authentic selves”.
      It effects every woman and child with the RIGHT to a private, protected space from demented, perverted, porn sick men like you.
      You and those like you disgust me and many, many others.
      Prepare for the pushback buddy . . . it’s coming.

    5. Yeah Britney, you gross tranny. Women aren’t some physical amalgam of traits encompassing a wide spectrum of physical realities; being a woman is an ideology. It’s what we make it. You can’t join this club, because we find you offensive. You’re unattractive. You threaten us with your transcendence of gender and sex. You pollute our fishing hole with your masculinity. Why can’t society just be completely made of women, where lesbians are the men and we govern the less assertive women’s bodies and lives? Who cares if women enjoy stereotypically feminine things, we’re gonna stop them. They’re gonna be our military. We’re gonna aggressively throw your effeminate non-threatening atrophied muscles squishy soft curvey ass into the men’s toilets where you belong! With the men! Surrender your remaining X chromosome, I find it so offensive that you mock us with it, it’s completely alien to you, you manly man man! Your entire body mocks me, with your skin and bones, I have skin and bones, I’m so flipping offended right now, phwoar…! Just because your body responds to hormones like a human being doesn’t mean you can just do what you want, you need to consult us first! We’re aspiring to make women the new men. And here you are making yourself into women, it’s so sick… And confusing… And fuck I’m just so damned jealous that I can’t be a woman with a dick! Screw you!

      1. Wow Roz, so much misogyny, homophobia and outright falsehoods in one post.
        Being a woman isn’t an ideology. It IS the physical reality. We are a sexually dimorphic species. People are male, female depending on whether their body has developed (partially or fully, or in the past) to produce sperm (male) or ova (female) . A woman is an adult human female. A person of the male sex can’t be a woman.
        Transgenderism doesn’t transcend gender or sex. Sex is immutable, and binary transgenderism, where a person adopts both artificial sex characteristics to mimic the opposite sex, and the sex stereotypes (“gender”) of the other sex, does nothing to break down sex stereotypes. If you wanted to “transcend gender”, why not adopt the look/behavior you want without trying to pretend it turns you into the member of the sex that stereotypically looks/acts that way?
        Wanting men out of our private spaces doesn’t mean we want men out of society entirely. The idea that women having boundaries is equivalent to genocide is completely misogynistic.
        Trans women still have a much larger frame and other secondary sex characteristics that give them a size advantage over women, especially since so many of them are non-op and are still being pumped full of testosterone at a level completely unnatural for any actual woman.
        The idea that (I assume you mean butch) lesbians are men-lite is pure homophobia. Again, sex stereotypes are just stereotypes. Someone having a short haircut and a flannel shirt on doesn’t make them “a man”. That’s your hangup, not ours.
        This “penis envy” idea, also invented by men, is misogynistic. Women don’t aspire to have a penis. Women aspire to be treated as people, and for the majority of human history, it was only men who had that privilege. Don’t get it confused mate! If you want to know who is jealous of whose reproductive functions, read up on “womb envy”. Every patriarchal religion has started with the myth that men can be the ones to bring forth life. Every patrilineal system has attempted to control women’s reproductive function, in the hopes that they too could have a dynasty. (Women are, of course, never confused about who their children are.) “Penis envy” is, and always has been, pure projection.
        You are just a bitter and angry MTF who doesn’t understand women, who actually hates women quite deeply and reverts to aggressive and violent speech as soon as anyone disagrees with you… but still expects to be let into our most intimate of spaces. How about…. no? If this is how you act online, nobody wants to see how you act in person. Nobody who reads that post is going to feel safe being alone with you in a public shower.

    6. Because trans trenders (dicks in dresses and woman hating women) are the most vile self centered people on this planet. You say ovaries or biology and they say oh my god you’re a transphobic bigot! These people are so mentally fucked it’s not even funny. It will never be civil as long as these fact resistant humans continue to force their disgusting ideologies on normal, reality based people.

  60. This is literally the funniest thing I have ever read on the Internet. My mom printed it for me to read. I read all the comments and died laughing.
    😂😂😂😂😂Fucking died.😂😂😂😂😂
    1) There is no Gregory, completely made up name and story.
    2) ROFL at the hilarity of these posts. Angry and hateful. Male and TERF tears keep me hydrated.
    3) Never met a transgender male or female I didn’t like. Always wonderful, kinda, caring human beings.
    4) Wish I had popcorn during that read. Really, really funny. Non-stop laughs start to finish.
    5) I don’t know a single person who is transgender and obsessed with sex. Almost impossible, but hell, I’ll let you do the research on that.
    6) All LGBQ people offended by someone who is transgender should take a step back and remember that all the rights you have today were given to you by the transwomen who started the Stonewall Riots. Without us, you would still be just another page in the DSM-IV.
    7) Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.
    8) I am transgender and I identify fully as female. Roast me next!! Roast me next!!
    9) See number 7.
    10) In case you missed points 7 and 9, 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahaha. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

      1. Continued from above.

    1. This has got to be one of the strangest comments. If he really meant all this, why even bother posting? Why would angry, hateful comments be funny, unless you were an angry, hateful person yourself? Why is his mom printing gender-critical pages for him off the Internet, other than to try and change his mind about some upcoming gender treatment? And why bring up something that sad in this context?
      I suspect we’re supposed to be mad about this attempted insult, but he’s so nonsensical in his claims that I can only manage mild bewilderment and odd satisfaction that he sounds so happy.

    2. All this guy’s laughing is in direct proportion to the absurdity, not of anything in this post and the comments, but of his own statements. Never met a transgender he didn’t like, always kind and caring? (sounds like he hasn’t met himself). Also, trans people invented gay rights? He wholesale buys that revision of history?
      I have a feeling that someday his laughing is going to consist of “They’re coming to take me away, haha…”

    3. Finally another sane human. What the fuck did these other peoples parents do to them to make them this way? One persons probably made up fuck up story doesn’t invalidate a shit ton of people.

  61. To pick up on an earlier comment about we women not buying MtF as real women, has anyone noticed that men don’t seem to notice that MtF are dudes? My brother has an MtF friend and my brother sincerely believes this guy as a woman…it’s SO painfully obvious to me that he’s a man. Just curious…maybe it’s just my brother.

    1. But that would make sense if men tend to view feminine performance as the primary marker of womanhood. Perhaps that’s what underlies both the trans delusion and the apparent blindness of men like your brother, not to mention all the other men who insist that any guy who dresses “like a woman” should count as one.

    2. My boyfriend has noticed when I haven’t, but one thing that occurs to me about ugly, non-passing M2Ts who claim they pass “flawlessly” is that men don’t really look that closely at ugly women, and women avoid crossing M2Ts because we instinctively know they’re as dangerous as other men.

  62. Cool, I remember hearing these stories in the 80’s about gay people that regretted being gay, in order to “scare people straight”.
    Now we’re going to do the same thing to people diagnosed with an “icky medical condition”, because “them minorities ain’t to be trusted!”
    The more things change, I guess.
    Praise the Jebus!

  63. Cherikay, You were not born female you were born a male and are still a male. No amount of feelings, hormones or surgery will ever change the fact that you are male.

    1. Downwithpcs…. Shut the fuck up! Your an ignorant bigot. If you dont understand something, dont be hurtful or a hater. Simply shut the fuck up. People like you is that we have so much hate in this world.

      1. DownwithPC: (states biological facts)

      2. You shut the fuck up you biology denying retard! Give your head a fucking shake. Men are fucking men you fucking idiot. Men do not carry babies or have periods or fucking ovaries. Men have dicks balls and fucking vas deferens. Seriously the fact that people like you are so fucking stupid that you blatantly deny biology to accomodate some nasty little snowflakes and their sick fetish. Fuck you you sick disgusting disgrace to humanity. People like you make me hate humans. You literally make me fucking sick. Biology is not bigotry you fucking freak! Biology exists whether it offends you or not. Men can never be female and women can never be male. You better fucking start accepting goddamn reality! Your ideologies and sickness are not welcome in normal society. You are not welcome. Fuck off back to your safe space snowflake. Maybe your unicorn gives a shit about your fucked up mind but we don’t. Fuck off

      3. You shut the fuck up. Biology isn’t bigotry you fucking idiot. Biology exists whether it offends you or not. No one fucking likes your kind or your ideologies so literally fuck off. Women will never accept men as I e of us so you better fucking get use to it.

      4. The word is “you’re”, and I sure as shoot hope you’re still in school, kiddo. I can think of a few subjects you need to brush up on, but Biology is probably the most important one. If you don’t understand how human sexual dimorphism works, maybe you shouldn’t be getting angry about it on the internet.

  64. Nina are you saying much like a lot of haters being trans is a choice and that you shouldnt transition because its wrong???
    So all these nay sayers probably brought up on the bible so let me clarify my favourite passage from the bible.
    “do not judge lest ye be judged” how I read that is if you want to get into heaven do not judge others unless at the gates of heaven you wish to be judged by god!
    So the haters and even the OP needs to shut up and give it a rest! The OP had a bad experience we all have bad experiences its what makes us grow stronger!
    And now back to Nina one more point some women cant actually get pregnant others cant have periods because they had ovarian cancer at a young age are they any less women than one who can or than that of a trans woman? I think your arguement is flawed as is every nay sayers and haters!
    Also some trans people dont have sex until post op and it can be proven that without surgery they may be depressed and attempt suicide but post op live very happy lives look at kim petras! Dont know who i mean google it!!!!

  65. That’s ur own dam fault and just saying I knew I was a girl at seven buddy this is crazy like I never was touched or anything that’s just u and I joined the army in 2012. So for one I was born XXY male and female so tell God what should I be then lol u only choose to be a girl cause u felt small after being molested and that’s the issue u should of talked to doctors about that instead of truly hiding it unlike me I told my entire story and had all those tendencies as a child

    1. “…tell God what should I be…”
      You are XXY male. Not female, or half female. You were not born with the capacity or potential to produce ova, get pregnant, or give birth.
      XXY males are sperm producers. The fact that most xxy males do not produce enough sperm, and/or the sperm is not viable, does not mean they are part female.
      IOW, inadequate sperm are not considered ova.lol.
      WHO you are is up to you. Be who you are, but WHAT you are is male, not female or half female.

  66. Thank you for putting this out on the internet. Lately, it seems as if the media is catering specially to theLGBTQ community. Many stories are out promoting the switch from FTM or MTF as a very positive change and will help with any gender identity issues an individual may have. Although, maybe it is a positive change for some, others have to deal with a similar situation as yours and are not happy with their choice. Hopefully those struggling now, similar to how you did, will gain some insight from your story to help them before going through many costly hormone treatments and surgery. All situations are different and respected and I thank you for being brave and posting.

  67. Your story is sad and compelling however it’s not “most” transgender persons story , it’s your story . I am sorry you feel regret but there are so many of us that transition and are living a happy fulfilled life as the woman they
    truly are . The primary reason for the sadness in some people’s lives is how society treats them and the fact that they have not set themselves up for success in life .
    I agree that one must be in ongoing therapy especially after transition and it is not to be taken lightly .

  68. I have to say “GallusMag” is a self hating,trans hating fascist. I am a female woman myself born with XX,but disrespecting transwomen on a social level based on biological differences and issues is purely fascist. People that only see things as black and white ,with no shades of grey in between, are very sad types of people. You must spend every minute of your waking life dissecting and analyzing every person close to you and that’s sad because life is too short to be that way. I have transwomen friends and biological differences aside,they are female in my heart and eyes,and I accept them as female like me whether people like “GallusMag” agrees or not. Just saying not everyone sides with such close minded,ignorant and hateful views towards trans people!
    People like “GallusMag” et al are no different to Hitler,and give them the power you bet concentration camps will be built,and that’s very disturbing. As a feminist, I do not hate transgenders. I try to understand and accept them. Building walls is not the solution. Just my two cents.

    1. Acknowledging that “transwomanhood” is a distinctly male project is neither hateful nor genocidal. Look in the mirror. You are deranged.

  69. Hi! On my personal experience, I did my castration at19 years old after two years on hormone therapy. At 22 had a failed surgery in Mexico, which I fixed two years later in Colorado state and Arizona for the labioplastic. Now I am 33 year old. I don’t feel regret about my surgery but a nine months along from now, I started feeling a lazy feeling. I don’t want do nothing, I have no more ambitious plans on my life, I also feel ugly and un interesting to mens. Then losing my Vanity which is what maintains me alive. But now all my life is broken from in deeply to outbroad . It would maybe because I don’t have anymore my ex boyfriend probably. Since he left me I feel failed as women because I know am not. Along with that my vagina is not so beautiful because it was a reconstructed after been mutilated in Mexico, not even God hands could be able to repair that damage. I would like to keep writing but I am boring already.

  70. OMG– men just love to expose themselves in public, the plug ugly craziness of these guys never ceases to amaze me. Oh and the grammar and writing sound like an educated 7 year old. Where do all these crazy men come from?

    1. Medi,
      There may be an answer to this and it took a while to see why this is being done. Some in the community have this idea that being female, in addition to proclaiming their presence 24/7…means to have a subservient speech pattern. As in, acting like they are talking to their dolls, even AFTER having become an adult.
      Add to this, the mangling of MANY words to appear ‘cute’ and it’s a bit sickening. Or that even using a lot of street lingo to appear ‘genuine’, because it is [SIC] ‘how those women act and we want to be as fierce as them’.
      Another explanation that has been bandied about, is based on learning disabilties or a bad upbringing. Those are legitimate reasons, but in this country of ours (for better or for worse)…help can be gotten, to alleviate the disability. Not perfect….but it can happen.
      Then again too, if Anna Sofia had bought into the ideas that the community puts forth of a ‘happily ever after’ if one has the surgery,etc…. then those who did this owe the poster an apology. This is the result of being bullied into an even sadder situation.

  71. This is why psychedelics should be legalized, or at least used during therapy sessions with an open minded doctor.

    1. Which would be just as bad as the SSRI’s and other psychoactive medications on the market. Keep in mind the following: quite a few who start transition ALREADY have mental issues that are problematic. The SSRI’s and their pharmacological kin have warnings on them, stating that ANY inadequacies will be worse under same.
      Now add psychedelics to this mix, where the problems of the mind will only become more muddied. A casual (if possible) reading of the product details in the PDR, let alone what is stated in the JAMA, etc will back this up any day of the week. And twice on Sunday.
      One other thing: there are quite a few folks on the HRT, where the mind has been altered to the point of where scrambled thought patterns are ‘normal’. Let alone, mean spirited attitudes, akin to bullies on speed. As bad as this is….does anyone here in their right mind want to enable this further? Not I…I do not think Gallus or others here who have seen the garbage pile up get any worse would want this, either. If only due to the damage done, the potential damages ahead.

  72. All I know is that whatever gender you were created as is most probably the best gender to be. If you were created male you do not need to be a macho male. You can be kind and loving and tender and yet still be male. Male and Female are not Strong and Weak. It is a way our sexual apparatus is created. NOT whom we are. We are the people we desire to me. I fight with things that happened in my childhood and things that happened to me even recently. BUT the main thing is that you get up, dust yourself off, and “start all over again” with whatever you were doing. Maybe you modify things some, maybe you change a goal a bit, but you start at it again. If you were born a male, then be the very best male you can be. Do not worry about the sexual apparatus as sex is really to highly overrated. Be the very best Person you can be. I would love to continue to talk with you. I pray you are blessed with many who understand your desire to be true to whom you are and not conform to being whom someone else thinks you should be or become. To thine own self be true. And seek advice and counsel from God. I would suggest reading the book of Proverbs, the chapter you read corresponds to the day of the month (there are 31 chapters in the book of Proverbs) and it is an “easy read” just to begin. Blessings, Charlie

  73. Except your story is not ‘fairly typical’ and I suspect this ‘post’ is just more religious right wing anti-trans propaganda.
    I transitioned nearly ten years ago. It was the most appropriate medical treatment I have ever received in my whole life, my only regret is that I didn’t have the SRS sooner.
    If you care to do the research you’ll soon discover that less than 2% of those who transitioned with surgery regret it. Delve deeper into those ‘regret’ cases and you’ll find stories of people who reversed their surgery so they could be welcomed back until their church. The same church that ostracised them after initial surgery.
    You do not speak for me or for the majority.

  74. “we don’t treat annorexia with liposuction”. That reply is about as stupid as this article. I see a lot of what’s wrong in today’s world with this page. This article is about someone who stepped back life decisions because such decisions were most likely rash. Now this person wants to blame everyone who assisted (him?) on his way to achieving exactly what said person set out for. That’s a classic case of dumbass. I transitioned and have zero regrets and personally know plenty of women who have transitioned with no regrets. Know what we don’t do? Go around writing bs online and calling personal misjudgements in life “sickness” for others to read. What you’re actually spreading with your article is a sickness in the guise of hard up truth. If you didn’t pass that’s nobody’s fault. Life isn’t fair. If you wed and had a family then that’s your mess, but it only belongs to you and others who make such a mess. I never married and had kids and threw a transition at them. That sounds, excuse me, but pretty damn selfish in my opinion. The REAL problem, and yeah I’ll call it out, the REAL problem is with idiots who transition and have a tough go at it so they declare it a wrong and illness. Take your personal shame and regret and spin it into something positive. I personally know and have seen transition liberate certain people from psychological bondage, but such people didn’t set up a mess in life that clashed with the transition. They dont suggest they’re possibly trans because of a troubled childhood with creepy uncles or grandpas. They don’t blame it on any sexual deviance or victimizations. They don’t sit there and lie for years to psychologists to win a vaginaplasty! And by the way, who the hell sits there for two years and tells a psych they’re female and comes to regret transition? That’s the whole point…that by two years ANYONE who knows better should know by that time. In fact, this is something you should have known since about the time you started remembering early things in life. Anyway, the difference between you and them is they knew what they were doing and what they wanted and they didn’t succumb to social pressures or shameing or any other sort of self deprecating behaviors or thoughts. Some are cis, some are trans, and some are confused.

    1. Nobody is ‘cis.’ That is a term that your cult foisted upon normal people.
      Oh, and the irony at you claiming your kind doesn’t ‘go around writing bs online’ given that your entire diatribe was a crock of it., Of course, it ALSO demonstrates that you have not even bothered to look around at the shit spewed by the tranny brigade towards anyone that does not buy into your delusions.

      1. Your logic is shit.
        I don’t speak for everyone that claims to be trans. I specifically stated my differences from them yet people like you still throw us all into the same category, some deviant dumbass who looks like Hulk Hogan in some tutu talking like a 5 year old girl. You obviously haven’t met any of us in person and if you did your opinion would inevitably change. It’s obvious you and many others here have a skewed and one sided view of us. Didn’t you all as women fight against such things yourself? I’ll never get over this madness of once oppressed groups oppressing modern day minorities? Didn’t you all learn ANYTHING? Maybe not, or maybe you did…to emulate the oppressor to buy your role into society. Maybe this is entirely over your head. You never suffered the indignities and injustices like we do today. That’s a generation beyond your years. Maybe your grandmother and grandmothers mothers should have taught you more. Maybe you and your mothers should have listened more. Now we have thick headed women running around screaming for their right to retain their image and bathroom spaces. Wtf?
        Also, Michelle doesn’t like terms placed on her that she doesn’t agree with. Hmmmm
        How does it feel you “CIS gendered Buttercup”? That word actually is uglier than “Trans”. Sounds like “Cyst”…gross. It’s fitting! AND it’s actually quite funny, I know of a most nasty woman and her name is Michelle as well. She too is a Cyst-Gendered Breeder *vomits*. It would seem birds of a feather flock together. Since my previous post was a crock, allow me to continue such crock. Truth be told, as we start hrt younger we look better, in fact we look better than “Cyst-Women” these days. You all think you can spot us, but you can’t! Not with some of us, not even on your best day. I’ve seen a commenter state that you all can tell when one of us is near. You’re wrong. I’ve been told countless times how beautiful I am by both genders and if you knew me outside of this thread you may even try to friend me because I’m a damn likable person when I’m not battling trolls such as yourself. Your men stare at us, flirt, and want to go further, even some of your lesbians too! Tell me, why is this? And is this anger of yours your way of lashing out at the fear that we’ll take your men and your roles in society and that you’ll be reduced to birthing and being the house nanny while we retain our taut bodies? Men like taut bodies, not taut minds. But women like you don’t really care much these days about what men like. In fact, you get on this self entitled kick and start spewing the NAGGING until you drive your men right into our arms. Women like you have some kind of serious problem with us and honestly I don’t know why! Every time there’s some explanation given it either comes down to something that doesn’t even apply to me (you can keep your nasty bathrooms! They’re nastier than men’s and don’t even try to lie! I’ve been in both! It’s disgusting sometimes! Pick up after yourselves! Shame!) or it just comes down to straight up hate, weakly held up by bullshit reasons. It’s transparent (no pun intended) and that hate simply is NOT beautiful nor is it attractive. You only have yourself to blame for being so nasty and bitter and while you’re over there being that type of mess I can only be glad I’m not you, a……*vomits*….Michelle!
        *vomits again*

      2. Thanks for all the misogynist stereotypes there, Spoon-Fed Clam. Your essay was quite a pathology report.
        I hope you’ll post some photos of yourself to prove how beautiful you are. I for one want to be aware of who is going to stealing my boyfriend or girlfriend. They will be powerless to resist your powerful womanly charms.

      3. It is always interesting how quickly the men like SFC show their true colors after first claiming they ‘are not like’ all of the OTHER men in dresses…

  75. alot of opinions in here. alot of repetition too. Yes, it’s common knowledge that x cannot mutate into y.
    but look around before you throw your stones. a man that is castrated, that has removed the bulk souce of his male chemical biology and supplements with female chemicals, and given the body us a chemical driven machine, has no relevance to any woman. his body , and if he loves it, cool. if not, nevermind.
    If a man or woman wishes to alter their body, in any way.. dyed hair, nose job, teeth whitened, rearranged penis, re arranged vagina. Who cares? yes its all fantasy.sexual pleasure is fantasy. orgasms happen in the mind. everything felt heard smelt tasted and seen, is product of the mind. You can orgasm in your finger or in your whole body if you want. just learn how. super energised nerves that all fire in a cascade. this is observed only through the mind.

  76. STrong words that I can relate with. However, can anyone tell me where this help is? It seems you transition or have no help. There certainly isnt any where in Ireland

    1. Write to Dr. Az Hakeem in London and ask for a referral.


      Az Hakeem specialises in therapy for people who do not wish to transition, cannot medically transition, and who have transitioned and still suffer from dysphoria.

  77. Spoon-fed clam says “Men like taut bodies, not taut minds.”
    I just have to say this gave me the best iced tea spewing laugh! This comment covers so much. It’s amazing. It’s priceless. Truly.

      1. there seems to be very little compassion in this forum. very little acknowledgement at just how different every being is.
        f(O, T). So this is a two variable problem. The more Oestrogen you have from birth, the more feminine your body and thinking. The more Testosterone, then the more masculine your body and thinking. As we are born with both, then it follows we have a body and thinking that is a result of the function f(O, T), and how those chemicals interact with your own unique genetic coded body.
        so our thinking… is dependant on the chemistry of our body. it’s therefore unique, the same as the body. a man wanting to think as a woman or a woman wanting to think as a man is an understanding this can be achieved by simply varying O and T.
        There is no moral issue here at all for either gender. its all subjective to the levels of O and T you were born with and the function acting on those chemicals which is unique to you.

        1. This is a feminist forum. Our view is that sex roles (gender) are coercively indoctrinated from birth based on sex (reproductive potential) for the purpose of ritualizing the subordination of childbearing individuals (women) to the violent domination of individuals not capable of gestation (men). Femininity: Showing teeth to men, performing unpaid emotional and domestic labor, marking oneself for surveillance via distinctive/impractical clothing and laborious grooming, submissive behaviors, etc. Versus Masculinity: Expectation of deference, claiming of space and resources, performing violence, utilitarian and practical clothing, conducting monitoring and surveillance/control, domination behaviors, etc. These roles (gender) are enforced through violence and threat of profound social exclusion enacted economically, culturally, and interpersonally, particularly but not solely upon women, for the purpose of maintaining a system of exploitation of female bodies and labor that benefits men.
          Your demand that women “show compassion” for those who promote and benefit from this process (men like yourself) is a form of enforcement of that (gender) subordination. No different than the entitlement of a man who reacts to a woman’s failure to exhibit her teeth to his gaze by accusing her of “resting bitch face”, although he would never expect himself or other men to express subordination in this way. It is you who has no compassion, sir. No compassion for women and no respect.
          No sir, womanhood is the human experience of being a woman (adult female human being) regardless of medical status, hormone balance or menopause. Men cannot control biological sex according to their fancy via the medical pharmacological industry as you had hoped.
          And women who advocate for liberation from the chains of gender very much observe a “moral issue” in the hierarchy of male supremacism and female subordination that you, as a male find liberating.

          1. all i read are the words of hatred. which is a shame.
            yes. i agree with you. the world is subjugated terribly and its getting worse, and it is subjugated by men. but subjugation begins and ends in the mind and it does not follow that all men subjugate women or other men.
            you do not show compassion of being because you talk with hatred. men and women are shells to carry the Soul. gender is irrelevant at this level. and to free yourself from your body , you must observe your own thoughts. you cannot, because you hate too much. let it go.
            and of the women who want to be male. in your eyes, they are traitor to your sisterhood? or are you their traitor for not acknowledging their right to choose a way of being that must by definition cut across your grain.
            oestrogen is in hops.

          2. Hatred? LOL. You are truly sick, dude. There was nothing remotely hateful in anything I stated. Sorry for your mental illness. Good luck with that, but more importantly, good luck to all the women and girls who cross your path.

          3. hahaja… you do not publish my rebuttal. you are a fraud to yourself, and i can see right through you to your quick. hate oozes from you you and really, thats not healthy. learn to do wipassana meditation. separate your soul from your damaged body, because you suffer greatly, and there is no need.

          4. Okay dood. I’ve printed all your comments and responded to them generously. You’ve responded by nonsensically characterizing my female body as “damaged” although by all objective reports my body is (thankfully) kick-ass and high functioning. You’ve proceeded to mansplain that the suffering imposed on women by men can be rectified by “wipassana meditation”, which you propose as an individualized solution to accepting a class problem. As if Vipassana meditation was a form of Prozac or “mother’s little helper”.
            Then again, much of eastern religion involves convincing the lower castes to accept their lot.

          5. agendum
            live in a country where a third gender is totally acceptable. see it from all sides.

          6. That is untrue. No society has a “third sex”. Some societies create a role to prevent homosexual men from degrading the social role of males as controllers of reproductive females by assigning them as “not men”. This is homophobia, not liberation for women or gay men.

          7. i have two dear friends. one is Tom, one is Dee. In Thailand, this is not considered a lesbian relationship, even though both are natural women.
            The Tom, in this case wants to be a man. He pays the Dee a salary. the Dee is a companion and perfirms sex for the Tom. The Dee seeks out men, secretly unknown to the Tom.
            The Dee is trapped in the relationship because the salary is far more than she could earn with her master’s qualification. other financial benefits apply. Thailand is not a wealthy country. its hard for women to get well paid jobs.
            but is this example subjugation? if the Tom were male, you would say yes, of course. but the Tom is a woman. so your view must encompasses this case example. does it? one woman subjugates another for friendship and sex.

          8. You are profoundly ignorant about the workings of social hierarchies: Sex, Race, Class. Can a person oppressed by sex (female) exploit another female using economic privilege? Of course. Can a male oppressed by race exploit a female also oppressed by race on the basis of sex? Of course. Can a poor white man exploit another poor man (black) on the basis of race? Of course. Can a woman serve as an agent to males and pimp out another woman to men? Of course.
            People oppressed in one hierarchy of sex, race, class, can have privilege in another. White woman and black women are both oppressed as women, but white women can exploit black women on the basis of race and black women can oppress other black women on the basis of class, etc. This is called intersectionality, and the more crossing-over that exists, the rarer the examples become. Class privileged black women who exploit poor white men economically are extremely rare for example.
            This is 101 stuff. These are social systems that are easily discernible and not erased by pointing out rare exceptions like “Not All Men!” etc.
            Also, lesbians in Thailand including “Toms” are horrifically oppressed and targeted for violence and often death by “honor killings”. You chose to exclude that reality from your analysis. Why is that?

      2. Exactly this is what’s happening with white males and First Nations false reclaimation of “Two-Spirit” which never existed the way it’s acted out today, and which increasing ly becomes only transgendering, in the hands of ignorant justice ministers and the elected who push forth little kids to save them from possibly being homosexual, or just plain confused. Two-Spirit is gay. And Two-Spirit males never nor did their community, call themselves “women”.
        “No society has a “third sex”. Some societies create a role to prevent homosexual men from degrading the social role of males as controllers of reproductive females by assigning them as “not men”. This is homophobia, not liberation for women or gay men.

  78. So much crap in one article that can look just ridiculous? YES IT CAN BE! We have the example in front of our eyes, already starting from the beginning! Sincerely I don’t believe there is a word in this text that is sincere or true. But ok, let’play the game and say I believe you. So then:
    “I have tragically come to realize my story is fairly typical of most MtF persons.”
    No it isn’t. Stats demonstrate that almost the totality of the transgenic pepole are satisfied with what they did (doesn’t metter the cost) and most of them live a better and most satisfied life after transition. If you are not among them then I’m sorry for you but you can’t generalize.
    “My childhood issues were jotted down by the therapists almost as if a side note”
    You had very bad therapists then (actually I can’t believe that someone ignoring one of the most basic elements of psicoteraphy could be called a therapist, except if we consider the ones that are religious fundamentalist – thus can’take be considered therapist either at least for their incompatibility with scientific thought).
    ” A no time did I tell my family, consider my career or even consider talking to the love of my life of my plan”
    These are your personal choices (and quite blind ones if I can say) and probably one of the basic reasons of your later regret. However I find quite difficult to believe this part to (at least because it shows a complete ignorance of how the process works, except if you did it on your own without medical supervision, which it would be pretty stupid along with being terribly dangerous) but hey, we are playing the game called “OK, ok, we are all a bunch of idiots and we can really believe that this bullshit doesn’t come from a religious fanatic kind of person that is trying to invent a case”.
    “REGRET. How long it takes you to come to this point is subjective; probably once the excitement wears off.”
    This is one of my favourite parts! EXCITEMENT! You did it because you were horny! That is so much the very reason why people start transitioning! I wonder how the world did’t realize it before and just “solve” the problem with… hormone theraphy in fact! A good dose of extrogen regularly and your libido collapses literally. And that even before you operate!
    Sorry, but this part is simply too much to keep my sarcasm at bay. I can’t help it but to be even more sarcastic than the other parts!
    “To get on cross gender hormones and then have surgery has become almost as simple as going to the convenience store for a pack of gum. If the client wants it, give it to them”
    Oh really? You have no idea of how much I would like to believe this and that it could be true. Unfortunately it is not that easy.
    “Real Life Test”? Maybe, maybe not, depending on your circumstances, occupation, etc.”
    Like the previous entry. This would simplify things a lot. Unfortunately is not that easy either.
    “And that’s if you haven’t tried or committed suicide by then!”
    Actually I attempted suicide exactly for the opposite reason and because in the world there are too many useless idiots that made life difficult to the people like me/us (and to many other categories) in the name of fairytales that they believe are true (without any proof) but that compares transgender people with lions… think about that before saying that we are created perfect… Oh really? Perfection is so much everywhere and in everything in this world that I wonder why some people dreams/talks/believe of heavens of any kind…
    “You, however, could end up with a tortured life, ending up penniless, possibly unemployed, without family or friends and maybe even homeless”
    Yes, this could be true, but this is not necessarily related with being transgender. Or at least I didn’t know that transgenderism was the cause of homelessness y loneliness, hey we just found the solution to two world problems!!!! How great. Now it still remain to solve the problem of people that are apparently part of the homo sapiens sapiens kind but believes themselves to be lions (but are not even that clever). But hey, two out of three problems is not that bad no?
    “If you think differently, get real help”
    Yes, I agree with you in this, and it is the very advice I feel I must give to you because if your story is true you just got very bad help before (and I would be sorry you got such bad professionals examining your case). And if it is not… well you would definitely need even more (good and really professional) help because in that case you would be a very ill person for real.

  79. “This is my experience, therefore it must be everyone’s experience.” Fuck you and your poisonous shit.

    1. i can confirm. after a few weeks of hrt, libido goes. i am so glad,as i am no longer shackled to constant thoughts of sex.

  80. I feel so sorry for your poor confused soul. I hope after all these years you haven’t decided to take your own life.
    Most trans people are happy with their surgery
    You illegally purchased hormones to escape rape and abuse.
    Ease don’t blame the drs or the surgery.
    It all falls on you.
    Hope you have very to terms with everything.

  81. – Plenty of transgendered are happy, not all but plenty.
    – People get plastic surgery all the time, who cares?
    – People have been modifying their bodies for millions of years, it used to be a common thing and still is somewhat common in terms of tribal piercings, stretching of earlobes, etc, again who cares?
    – If a guy dresses in a feminine way, he’s labeled as a freak or weirdo that needs help, a woman that dresses in a masculine way, has a masculine hair style is considered normal. (double standards)
    – Physically and mentally a transgendered is of the opposite sex, they might not be able to carry a child or produce sperm to a woman but they’re still of the opposite sex for all intents and purposes.

      1. I was going to say..
        If there is so much happiness among the brigade then:
        – why is it that there is a higher than average use of SSRIs and mood altering substances (compared with the general population) to make one feel ‘normal’? Let alone this being considered a badge of honor.
        – explain why it is that their happiness is based on having a extreme number of carnal conquests, to validate the new status? Even feral cats do need to confirm they are feral, by screwing every other feral cat and having litters.
        – if they are happy, why the need and the encouragement to LIE about their background?
        – pursuant to the above, if the process were to make one happy, why then are those who were crooks and unhappy before the surgery STILL crooks after?
        Just wondering like everyone else…and this is logic being applied, to an illogical brigade statement.

    1. “Physically and mentally a transgendered is of the opposite sex”
      – Then why did you spend the first part of this justifying plastic surgery and body modification? What are they transitioning to?
      – Stop calling guys who dress in “feminine ways” freaks and weirdos. Then they won’t need you to defend their “need” to mutilate their bodies.
      – So they’re the opposite sex for all intents and purposes except for the most fundamental ways of defining the opposite sex. Well, I’m a millionaire for all intents and purposes, I just don’t have the money.

    2. If plenty of the trannies are ‘happy,’ then why won’t they leave actual females alone? Instead, the constant intrusions upon female space suggests that they are anything BUT happy, precisely because everyone knows the MTT is a male person.
      Concede that plenty of people get plastic surgery. A male who gets a boob job is STILL a male. A male who gets a trach shave and a nose job in an attempt to emulate the stereotypical female appearance is STILL a male.
      Body modification does not change one into a different sex.
      Do double standards exist? Sure. But instead of addressing those standards with the other males, the tranny brigade insists on ruining female spaces and demanding that actual females kowtow to the delusions of the MTT’s.
      And the final claim….LOLOLOLOLOLOL! No male will EVER be a female, no matter how much surgery or makeup they apply to themselves. Legal fictions do not change reality.

      1. what the fuck are these “female spaces” youre talking about? also there are plenty of happy post transition people, and I don’t find it strange at all that someone who went through a bunch of trouble to transition would want to be socially treated
        as that gender.

    3. Pretending that breast implants or removal or penile inversion or phalloplasty etc etc are basically like tattoos and piercings is disingenuous and disgusting.

      1. ahahaha says the flower to the bee.
        Afraid of your nectar being stolen, honey?
        cling to nothing. then you will be free.

      2. So bees would be better off without honey and beehives. Why don’t you stop eating and abandon your dwelling then, and just wander about? Yanno, be “free”. Don’t forget to give up your internet access device too, to the first person who wants it. Good luck, dummy.

      3. Flowers specifically produce nectar to attract bees, in order to transfer their pollen to other flowers. You are the worst philosopher ever.

  82. I’m very sorry for the author above that he was misdiagnosed as Transgender, but that does NOT mean that other people are not transgender… the self centeredness of this argument is unbelievable … Something happened to me there everyone else must be the same.. rubbish…. I’ve been llving very happily as a woman for nearly 10 years the physical changes have been a revelation… and I don’t ‘leave other women alone’ because many of them are my friends and I fit into ‘female society’ much more easily than I ever did male society

  83. “I’ve been llving a mental illness pretending to be female for nearly 10 years the physical changes have been revolting to all around me… and I ‘constantly force my delusional presence on real women’ because many of them are weak brainwashed little twits and I fit into ‘sjw handmaiden society’ much more easily than I ever did with my porn warped sissy brain in healthy male society.”
    Fixed that for you. It was riddled with errors. 🙂

  84. How do I get this message to my brother without him knowing where it came from? We know he is being lead down the wrong path and the Drs are laughing all the way to the bank! He needs the right people to talk to and provide him with options for his questions. His identity crisis stems from his father and the way he treated him his entire life. Please guide us…our Mother and I are heartsick over this, but don’t know what to do.
    A loving sister

  85. Article written as a fictional story, from a non-transwoman to cause a stir. If Gregory was real, he is really mental and not from being trans, but just mental altogether. Everything stated goes against how it really works. The entire site was setup to draw in clicks and push the site creators hateful agenda. The responses will all be the same. Its strange though, how I’m happier than ever and so are my trans friends, but also the fact I have several born female friends who look at me as just another woman. What kills me the most is those who say, you’re not a woman, so you don’t know how were treated. Uhhhh, yeah I do. In fact it was a real eye opener. Guys treat me with lesser respect. Guys treat me as a piece of meat. I learned quick to be careful with my dating. Male privilege goes buh bye and my relationship works by a lot of giving up on that once dominated male nature . My friend just lost her job as a police officer after transitioning from threats from her male colleagues. One of my suppliers stopped calling me and letting me in on promos after I let them know. No biggie, I do business with a lot of suppliers, their loss. My friend long time client kept calling her dude and treating her like a man to get a rise and was extremely dispectful. She had to kick him out of her facility. Several people in public early on in my transition said nasty things for no reason and I still get stares due ti my height and build, but than again a close cis friend of mine is much bigger and people stare at her, so yeah. Nice try. You will die a miserable person.

    1. So the women you know look at you as just another woman yet you acknowledge that no one actually does because your height and build make it demonstrably clear you are not?
      No you most certainly do not know what it’s like to be a woman. You may have faced *some* of the challenges since transitioning but I think we all know that you’re lying there too because, again, you admit that your height and build mean no-one actually thinks you’re a woman so while you may get abuse and unwanted attention from men in the street it is NOT the same as those of us who have been dealing with it since puberty BECAUSE we ARE female.
      You have never worried about unwanted pregnancy and you never will. You have never had people question your capabilities or intellect because you are a woman because by your own admission, no-one really thinks you are one.
      Stop projecting your own demonstrably miserable life on to others and stop throwing your entitlement around by using woman as a costume to dress up in that will magically solve your self hatred. We are not your fucking therapy.

  86. This is horriblely written considering many trans people repress and commit suicide over this. Your story sounds different from all the other ones and you regret it. It sounds like a life time of confusion. I know what i am as do many other trans people and we will never go back. Don’t let this one experience try to convince you it’s a future regret if you feel sure and convinced of it.

  87. Your story sounds like my husband if 50 yrs who left in the middle of the night three yrs ago. He alienated two of our three daughters against me and has destroyed us financially. I have Stage 3 cancer and he’s putting me thru the ringer. He also was sodomized, went to his mother twice and was slapped in the face for talking “dirty.” He’s been on HT for five yrs. I wish someone like you could talk to him, I would be so grateful

  88. who is the best surgeon to correct botched vaginoplasty ? You all seem to be such experts and concerned so much about everyone’s life so surely some genius on this insanely arrogant space knows …right ? If you have any info other than meddling in affairs you have no real facts about please contact me… Sabrina Henry.

    1. Botched in what way? This post is more for guys who want to reverse the procedure, rather than repair a “botched” surgery. If you can explain what the situation is maybe someone can offer advice. Sorry for your negative experience.

    2. No one can correct it anymore than someone who chose to amputate a healthy leg because they “felt” like a one legged person can have that mistake corrected. Of course you wouldn’t find a surgeon who would mutilate someone with dysphoria that manifested in wanting to be an amputee but there’s plenty who’ll people FAR more damaging surgery because someone has a delusion that they are a different sex.

  89. Just because you aren’t trans and transitioning wasn’t the right thing for you to do doesmt mean that it’s the same thing for everyone else. Maybe you should not blame the system of transition and instead think about how maybe you should have considered such a big decision as medical transition better for yourself before doing it.

  90. what you say about your story being typical of most MTF’s is BS. where did you get that from you stupid bitch?

  91. This guy is an f’n moron! What a jack ass! I transitioned from female to male 18 years ago and it was THE best thing that I ever did! This guy is going to get a phalloplasty and a couple years later decide that he needs a vagina! He needs daily therapy, or more than that.

    1. “Intense bleeding from boners”
      oh god
      I’ve never thought about that but considering erectile tissue still works occasionally even after castration… Accounts of bottom surgery are the “best” body horror you can find ☹

      1. I am happy to have read this WITHOUT having dinner in front of me. @Riffraff I agree with you and @Henrika all that was listed there, the litany of problems, when a non-functioning body part is ‘created’ is what needs to be discussed, alongside the Orwellian nonsense that the brigade is pushing in the schools. As well as in other places.
        Put another way: if one is going to insist that made up science be taught in regard to the transition, how about also showing/listing the actual results afterwards? After all, what happens to the lungs when one smokes is displayed. If one has an alcoholic addiction, same thing. What was posted in reddit, if it can be redone as educational material, would save a lot of people from creating a bad open wound, that can only operate as a sleeve with callouses.

      2. Yeah, it’s horrific. Body horror indeed. I googled the Thai surgeon “Dr Suporn” who was mentioned in the thread, and one of his selling points was creation of “hair-free vaginal cavity”. Ugh. Something. that’s frequently overlooked when it comes to the creation of these surgically crafted neo-vaginas is the fact that a REAL vagina surrounded by powerful musculature. Men simply don’t have the muscles to support a body cavity in that area.

  92. This is an interesting study:
    This sentence jumped out at me:
    “Although this was not a study criterion and therefore not scored, a foul smell of the vagina was observed in most patients.”
    Despite their passionate claims that they have a vagina, the surgically crafted orifices these MTF end up with predictably function absolutely nothing like a real vagina. It cannot sustain the typical bacterial flora that keeps the vagina clean and prevents it from becoming infected. If they don’t “dilate” it at least once on a daily basis for the rest of their lives, the body will try to undo the damage and fuse it shut, much like it would with any inflicted wound.

    1. Which goes along with something else: that being for years, quite a few…at least in online postings, acted as though the foul smell, from the use of Sigmoid colon to ‘lubricate’ was a badge of honor. All that was doing was just re-routing some…pardon this…..shit.
      So in addition to an ‘elective wound’ [term patent pending], now there is the scent that can make one long for the smell of the refineries and waterways, between the west end of Staten Island and an entrance to the New Jersey Turnpike. If this is what is part of the end result [including the new wound never being able to do what the brigade claims in the first place, at least in their PR] is…..why are there demands that governments and insurance cover this, while there are actual medical needs among many [like the long wait list in the US for kidney transplants] are fumbled and fouled with? Barring privilege and the gray matter missing a few fries short of a happy meal.

      1. I may be wrong, but I don’t think the foul smell mentioned in the study was limited to those who’ve had their neo-vaginas crafted from colon lining (which is still rather unusual and very expensive; most surgeons simply make a pouch/cavity lined with penile skin).
        Maybe the colon lining procedure is becoming more common now that trans-kids like Jazz Jennings who’ve never gone through male puberty want SRS. They don’t have enough penile tissue to create a “stink ditch”, so surgeons are forced to consider other options.

        1. Understood. It seems that either option, regardless of cost seem to be proof by those brigade members that they had the work done, no matter how badly the scent may offend otherwise.
          And seeing that more have forced [let’s be frank…..those firms have been more or less forced or coerced] into covering the operations, the more expensive option will become more common, length being a secondary consideration. One has to wonder about the multiple, future cases of ‘buyer’s remorse’ down the road, when those who have had this done, find not only will the new ‘part’ not work as advertised. but the multiple complications that will come with same. As well as with the population getting this aging, how many doctors will have a background in making sure the ‘stink ditches’ do not become like the human version of a certain rotten canal in upstate New York.

      2. It’s difficult to estimate exactly how many post-op MTFs experience “buyer’s remorse” because it’s so very taboo to express it in the trans community. Those who do are ostracized and often bullied out of the community they once considered their “life line” or “glitter family”.
        As far as elective surgery goes, there has always been a fine line between who’s a patient and who is simply a client. The Hippocratic oath of “first do no harm” is set aside when the surgeon becomes a mere provider trying to fill a (non medically necessitated) demand. Having trans procedures deemed medical necessities obviously benefits the doctors and other professionals involved in all walks of the individual’s trans-ing process. And the maintenance required even after one has completed one’s “gender journey” ensures that these people will remain permanent patients. And the insurance premiums will go up to cover this expense. For those of us who live in countries with socialized healthcare, the queues will get longer.
        I’ve personally wondered how many of these MTF post-ops can actually use their “perineal pouch” for sex. The study I linked to mentions that normal-sized speculums could not be used for a large percentage of the test subjects.

      3. More to your point, there are very few postings about actual levels of satisfaction, post op with the ‘perineal pouch’. If there are any, it seems that Google or Bing will list those which support the idea that there is very little that does go wrong with this new wound.
        Also with regard to the clogging of the lines for state sponsored healthcare, by those who elected to get the opening and the HRT beforehand, one of the items that has come up here, in chatting with my docs is that, no matter what the PR says about the cocktail being safe, it is not. It does accelerate renal damage, especially if the genetic code was not ‘written’ to support it. [at an informational meeting I went to a few months back with one of the clinics that does kidney transplants, I asked the lead transplant nephrologist about that….and the look on his face could have peeled paint at 200 yards. In short, he gave the POV of that the HRT actually IS a bad thing to do, because of what will happen to the kidneys and circulation system after]. If those lines become clogged because of same, then it will come down to ;…dare I say this….fighting over resources. And if there are not enough organs available for transplant, one can imagine what will happen when it comes to prioritization in re: dialysis.
        By the way…there is something else that came to mind: a while back, there were reports about if one has…pardon the way this is coming out…. extra body mass, that this can cause some parts of the body not to get enough blood/nutrients. There being a possible contributing factor to Alzheimer’s and other cerebral issues. If one were to exclude those who have their pre or post op bodies by Fisher….many who are packing it on, thanks to the HRT are setting themselves up for time on Aricept or going to memory care. This is connected to the created wound in that, while one can not only gain a wound, but lose a mind. All in the name of chasing the dreams of the glitter brigade.

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