Skeptics Vs. Sexual Dimorphism in Mammals

Male anti-abortion campaigner and transgender activist Tara Hewitt
Male anti-abortion campaigner and transgender activist Tara Hewitt

Sex and gender manifest vastly different (even oppositional) experiences for human females vs. males. This is why the transgender community is almost entirely sex-segregated. For example, Trans community website and blog aggregator “T-Central” is 99% male. Cristan William’s “TransAdvocate” website, while featuring dozens (if not hundreds) of transgender advocates, only platforms a single token female, (heterosexual F2T Matt Bailey). Transgender conferences, seminars, social events and websites are notoriously sex-segregated.
Even as transgender activism, organizing, and social gatherings are strictly sex-segregated by choice, male transgender activists claim such organizing and gathering by lesbians and feminists is exclusionary, discriminatory, (and even illegal!) towards males.
In 2013 a small group of radical feminists meeting in a private home were met with a public “protest” launched across the street from the residence- organized by a male who operates under a restraining order for violent threats against the University of Vancouver women’s center. This harassment – and hypocrisy- was widely supported by the international transgender community and endorsed uncritically by the mainstream LGBT press on the grounds of female discrimination against men.
The transgender community hosts sex-segregated male-only coffee houses, male-only film screenings, male-only seminars to strategize overcoming the “cotton ceiling” of lesbian resistance to having sex with men. These events are hosted in public venues with the full support of the same individuals who claim that female meetings to socialize and organize around female concerns should be declared an outlawed illegal activity.
The host of a recent Soho Skeptics discussion was quite surprised to discover that transgender activism circa 2013 posits that the mere acknowledgement of the reality of human reproductive dimorphism (how babies are made!) has become an “act of discrimination” against individuals who call themselves “transgender”, a self-identification that those who adopt it admit has no definition.
Therefore the definition of “transgender” is by default “individual who believes acknowledgement of human sexual dimorphism should be suppressed”.
From todays post “Controversy” by the host of the Soho Skeptics discussion:

“At the very start of the discussion, I decided that I would define some words. I knew that many of the attendees weren’t knowledgeable about the issues and that they may be a bit lost if they don’t understand some of the terminology. One of the big problems, as I see it, is the conflation of the terms ‘sex’ and ‘gender’. Technically and non-controversially, they mean two different things.

At the very start of the panel, I defined ‘Sex’ as:

The female is XX and has ovaries; the male is XY and has testes.

From the book Developmental Biology, 6th Edition, by Scott F. Gilbert:

“A male mammal has a penis, seminal vesicles, and prostate gland. A female mammal has a vagina, cervix, uterus, oviducts, and mammary glands. In many species, each sex has a sex-specific size, vocal cartilage, and musculature. These secondary sex characteristics are usually determined by hormones secreted from the gonads.”

I reminded everyone that we are mammals and need to remember that we aren’t something special.

And I defined ‘Gender’ as:

“…according to the World Health Organisation, gender “refers to the socially constructed roles, behaviours, activities, and attributes that a given society considers appropriate for men and women.”

During the panel, I tried to use the words Male and Female when talking about sex and Woman and Man when talking about gender. Again, we are mammals. There are Male and Female marmosets and Male and Female humans. There aren’t, of course, Woman and Man marmosets. One is biology, one is culture. I think it’s very important to be accurate when using these words… something that neither side seems to put enough effort into doing. Female and Woman are different but related labels and the words should be used correctly.

The Male and Female categories don’t vary around the world. A Female baby born in the US will have the same biology as a Female baby born in Saudi Arabia. Because of the differences in culture and the expectations, restrictions and opportunities those different cultures have for Females, those two Female babies will grow up with different interests, skills and abilities as well as different views of the world and themselves as Women… Females are the same the world over.”

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29 thoughts on “Skeptics Vs. Sexual Dimorphism in Mammals

  1. This article was breathtakingly fascinating GM. I guess I didn’t know that the trans world is segregated and that male to trans set up all kinds of workshops, cotton ceilings if you will, even as they attack born women’s only space, and attempt to destroy even online radfem discussions.
    Why the male only gatherings? Well it is to continue to try to gain access to women. The trans are still there, the men are allowed in, and women only spaces continue to be rare. So there is no criticism from the trans lobby of their own exclusionary spaces, I wonder why?

    1. Just imagine what would happen if a bunch of radical feminists showed up to the next cotton ceiling workshop or its ilk and said they “identified” as trans women, and demanded access. We are all what we say we are, after all. I’d love to watch the goalposts shift yet again.

      1. Yes, the same contradiction that trans get into when they define their penis as FEMALE (hence okay and no barrier in anyway whatsoever to their claimed status as female and woman — and the claim that they NEED surgery because their female penis doesn’t fit in with their female brain and they need a female surgically-constructed second anus instead……….

  2. We do have to define biological terms here, gender vs. sex — genderists do not want to overthrow the gender system, which is coercion of female bodies. Male to trans immitate patriarchal carbon copies of women, but I have yet to see them fall all over themselves to clean toilets, to cook and clean up, to do the work of women. Nope, they want to wear make-up, and have sex with lesbians. Meanwhile, I can’t even imagine a more incongruious situation—- male bodies imposing themselves within a lesbian culture that is horrified by male bodies, and lesbians who love, well female bodies, not cut up surgically altered bodies, so they have to have their secret meetings, their plots to go after radfem space, and lesbian culture… and we want nothing to do with them. We just want to dance with other women!

    1. Do you mind if I barge in before Gallus, Ave?
      I thought it was a tiresome, self congratulatory little piece full of regular trans think and speak.
      The only thing that caught me was the line at the end about being “proud to be attracted to women who are so strong”. LOL as though women aren’t strong have a ton of bullshit and violence to put up with.

      1. I agree with Lint. Great these two people have found each other to love (…if) but really, they’re just two gay Males with a sexual fetish.

    2. Sorry Ave – will have to follow up on this later. I’m interested in YOUR thoughts tho. Btw if you ever want to do a guest post let me know.

      1. Gallus, perhaps sometime I will, although I’d be a bit intimidated by making a guest post honestly (though I do appreciate the invite)…I know we had disagreements on past and probably still would have some and I don’t want to offend anyone on here.
        Concerning the article I posted though:
        It was posted by a guy I know on facebook and I just had to comment on it. The fact is guys that get involved with transwomen will simply tell them that they are “straight” and “see them as women” because they know they won’t get laid unless they do that.
        I also made a point: guys into transes are objectively bisexuals that are into feminine people regardless of sex. For that comment of mine it turned into a huge thread with lots of arguing on it.
        They say my view is hateful towards transes, but I was trying to explain to them it’s not and what is truly hateful is transes trying to erase actual females out of the picture; what’s also hateful is transes bashing their fellow males.
        I might write a more detailed post sometime concerning it as well as put screen caps from the convo on fb. I’m a bit exhausted for the time being though.

      2. Also honestly I’m rather intimidated by making a post lol. But I’ll write sometime about my experiences with the trans stuff and share it send it sometime

  3. Fantastic article Gallus, thanks so much for linking it– I never would have read it otherwise.
    It’s interesting but not surprising the amount of hate Gia got for her panel and subsequent post. MtTs cannot handle any critique no matter how mild or dryly factual it is.
    Good to point out that MtT gather in their own little cabals and feel no apparent need to be inclusive of women. Apparently they understand the usefulness of such meetings.

  4. Reblogged this on musicbugsandgender and commented:
    Great article via Giagia which attempts – mostly successfully – to objectively assess the liberal/radical gender division. Like me, Gia’s not a ‘feminist’ (though unlike me she is a woman, debate the nuance amongst yourselves) and strives for objectivity. There’s lots of information here, presented in a cool, unfussy manner – proof, if any were needed that such qualities aren’t by nature indicative of one’s chromosomal make-up…

  5. The very notion of Trans is de facto male and would not exist if not for men. It is the culmination and embodiment uber male or being and creating a position in which they have all the power. And they have all control of the narrative and the definition and the conversation does not veer away from them.
    The segregation is because they are alpha males and it is always about power and silencing. Remember the cone of silence in Get Smart. They deal in categories that they have made up. There is no integration only what theirs and what was yours that will be what’s theirs. There can be no other definition, they —(it causes them to not exist) which they don’t because Trans is 100% made up), or to be murdered, or my personal favorite commit suicide) any reality from a women is a threat must be silenced because that spell can’t be broken.
    I don’t believe these guys that went into the military to rid themselves of getting hard in a dress. They went to learn better how to organize as men. They live by a male credo. And while they are compulsive and felsitic nothing they do is random—they are all about the compulsion, all about power, all about achieving “woman. “Woman” is a task and requires taking hostages and excluding women. The only purpose that women serve is to be a mirror that reflects them back.
    The boundaries they set up are for them to consolidate their power. All the rest is about boundary violation—this ranges from the constant demands to threats of violence to forcing themselves on women and women’s spaces— a kind social political rape.
    They co-op the most clichéd and creepy vestiges of pop culture fem-fatale as an arousal trigger and they have no imagination because it is all compulsion. As such it needs more all the time so they are not interested in just subjugation but in terrorizing which they will continue to assert as their civil right. And idiots will buy into it. Personally I would posit that they are classic anti-social sociopaths—creating fear is essential. They demand fear. Next will their civil right will be to hunt women as game.
    That skirt, those heals and the shade of lipstick—vixen red. All of it serves 3 purposes. 1. It gets them hard 2. It is a warning display—like a male primate and (yes that skirt is the big bright blue balls of the baboon and they are shaking those testicles) 3—It is war paint and as the commanders and chief they need their own space.

      1. Wonderful take down. You got anything else up your sleeve to floor me with? What’s da matta, ran out of ways to derail or gaslight or just be out and out full of shit at women’s expense? Oh come on pleeeeeze say–they are real women, pinky pretty brains in male bodies and they are going to be murdered unless women call them Pricilla or they will bawaaa commit suicide–that’s my fav–die with a hard on is the new die with your boots on. If you say it I might be nice. But it is not likely. Just don’t feel a world of sympathy for men that menace, harass rape and murder women–even in a skirt.

  6. Good article.
    But damn…transsexuals have been pissing me off a lot recently.
    I talk about these issues such as one your blog brings up and how sex is not same gender. when I do speak up I get attacked by a lot of them. They all call me “just a man” “fag” “failed transition” etc…all the while saying they are “real woman” .Bunch of fucking cultists with their trans dogma
    It’s getting quite exhausting being attacked by fellow males.

    1. The whole “biology is bigotry” is the one that drives me up the damn wall. What other class of people gets away with demanding that everyone in the world reinforce their personal identity and worldview at all times like this?

      1. In addition to the “bigotry is bigotry” nonsense, there’s the claim that women (especially radical feminists) are just as abusive as men, and the biggest victims are transwomen. Funny how the violence against transmen is never considered that big a deal. Oh and did you know that “identifying as a woman who doesn’t have breasts and a vagina is more dangerous than being a woman born with breasts and a vagina.”
        Come on ladies, we need to shut up about our ability to get pregnant, high rape statistics, lack of representation in government… who claim to be women have it much worse.

  7. Do you know that you have been hacked? I have posted (totally nice things BTW) about transgenderism on another name on youtube and the person on you tube “Robyn Messy Elliot” knew that I had posted on this site and boasted that he had given me computer problems in the past. He knew when and where they had given me a “denial of service”.
    Just F.Y,I

    1. Abi thanks for letting me know. I’m so sorry that happened to you. I have not been hacked, but that individual “Robyn Messy Elliot” is a new account started by “transwoman” Jonathan Reid “Aeryn” Fulton after he was banned from YouTube for making specific graphic violent threats against feminists. Fulton was fired from his job at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center as a result of my investigation here:
      He is a very dangerous man who will probably end up in jail soon. I encourage all women to avoid him at any cost for their own safety.

  8. Can I point something out here? Tara is not a male.
    Get your facts right before you comment.

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