New York Times “Room For Debate” ? No Room for Women and Lesbians

New York Times: Men to decide
New York Times: Men to decide

You will seldom see a more sobering example of the utter disrespect, silencing, censorship and complete removal of women and lesbian representation from public discourse regarding our rights as human beings than you will from the New York Times this evening.
The Times has initiated a male-only “debate” about the impact of attaching the transgender politic (which promotes and codifies noxious social sex roles and sex stereotypes against women) onto the lesbian and gay rights movement. Eliminated from this debate are the women and lesbians whose rights are directly at odds with this movement.
The New York Times culled ALL women from this discussion. They invited six men: four gay, and two male genderists (one gay: drag queen Laverne Cox from RuPaul’s “Drag Race”), and one straight (explicitly anti-lesbian activist Susan Stryker, who has campaigned to outlaw lesbian public gatherings, organizations and activism on the basis that they exclude men) to “decide” whether the LGBT movement should further support the anti-female sex roles and sex stereotypes championed by the transgenderist movement.
Missing from this discussion of women’s rights? Women. Missing from this discussion of the lesbian and gay movement? LESBIANS. All of us. Every single one. Total and complete lesbian and woman erasure.
Much like the recent assembly of all-male US legislators who convened to impose legal limits on our female right to control the reproductive capacity of our own bodies this “debate” will include none of the people involved. WOMEN. LESBIANS.
The “Grey Lady”, once considered a reliable balanced news outlet, has gone full-on …. irrelevant. There is a reason millions of people read blogs like mine while the Times goes out of business. That reason is WOMEN. Keep chatting amongst yourselves boys. Good luck with that bros.

61 thoughts on “New York Times “Room For Debate” ? No Room for Women and Lesbians

  1. lol someone kindly emailed me to inform two of the “gay male” are F2T so FYI. Yay straight women! Yay self-hating sex-repudiating (good luck with that) women! Let us know what you “decide” lol.

    1. So they actually were willing to include a woman as long as she was willing to pretend she was a man. Well how bloody openminded of you, NYT.
      Best Grumpycat meme evah.

  2. Oh, wait a minute, I get it. I bet two of the M2T’s think they’re lesbians, so all is fair and balanced. So the only problem is the F2T because she might upset the gay guys if she hits on them. Get rid of her and all will be diversity and tolerance <3 <3 <3

  3. Are M2T’s going to start yelling at F2T’s who prefer to date other F2T’s, for discriminating against the M2T’s innate woman-ness? Is that a thing yet?
    Oh yeah, that’s “cis-sexist.” Keeping track of all this really does exercise the brain. Prolly keep us all from getting Alzheimer’s.

  4. Unbelievable! I already know that the NYT is full of shit, but this is outrageous even for them. With the number of delusional female trans allies running around, you’d think that the Times could at least scare up ONE. Guess not.

  5. Yes, feel very sad about MSM print media all going belly up. End of an era. Never the like again. Those were the days. Wot not.

  6. The Times managed to lose a whole bunch of Lesbians and women as appreciating readers. In times where newspapers are under pressure, this move could be turn out to be more harmful to the Times than to us Lesbians…
    On the other hand I don’t know how many Lesbians actually read the Times. There was a paywall with only a handful free articles a month last time I checked. Lesbians as a demographic group probably are not the ones who have so much money to spare for a Times subscription?
    Which would explain the “Couldn’t care less about the dykes” approach.

  7. Hahaha! So in the discussing of the LGBTI soup there are no lesbians? Despite our numbers being 2% less than gay men in the population. (Can’t remember where I saw the stats but gay males outnumbered us slightly but there were more bi females than bi males so the numbers of non-hetero evened out more or less across the two sexes).
    I must say though Gallus, I am very appreciative of this site. It’s like a warm bath after wading through pig shit all day. Thank you for all the work you do.

  8. Off topic- as you can see I’m having issues with my “recent comments” widget in the sidebar. Automattic is looking into it. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  9. Yes the Times, mourn the passing. A lot of publishing has been completely taken over by men. Editors, agents are almost exclusively males and mostly gay. It is much worse than 20 years (see VIDA Count, but they also consider men women) ago because it has ripple effects with jobs, grants, and money. Women are complicit in this because they are always being nice and PC and refuse to state openly who is excluding them. The dead white straight white male has morphed in the uber wealthy Gay white male. “Who? Me? Misogynistic–no. I’m Gay” I think it can be traced back to James Merrill (Merrill Lynch) he left a fortune to ensure the exclusion of women.
    Note that a whole new journal is in the works–more and more places for “Trans” to publish more men. The most powerful man in American poetry–Stephen (stephanie) Burt of Harvard. This guy is far from the worst. In fact he is so far much better. He still says he is male. And has not trashed any specific woman’s career. If he crosses over to the deluded side than it will be a very sad for American Letters. My hope is that he will call bullshit on all the others guys–Boylan, Landin, Pense, Ryan. But they may all be just so beneath him that he will ignore or he is scared for his wife and children.

      1. Women quake in fear of him. He can destroy a woman academic’s carreer in less than 10 seconds. While he has not helped any he has not damaged yet. The thing is he knows and we know there is no such thing as Trans–but his fetish is so fasinating and deep. His ego, his nail polish, his shoes laces. How did this happen. How did men get even more powerful now than they were 50 years ago? How. If I was his wife I would take the kids and run like hell.

    1. “The dead white straight white male has morphed in the uber wealthy Gay white male”
      I can totally agree, Dan Savage comes to mind, “It gets better”, his well known slogan. Well does it get better? Certainly not for people living in countries where homosexuality is illegal, certainly not for the poor living in western countries. I hope that gays and lesbians can ally to tackle these issues: the horrendous abuses that doctors inflict upon those suffering from gender dysphoria, the homeless lesbians and gay men, the drug abuse and mental health problems in our communities. Straight people like to think they’re doing “their part” by supporting gay marriage laws, tell that the gay men being beaten and called faggots on the streets, the lesbians who are “correctively raped”. I may have ranted and gone off subject but these are some of the real issues I take to heart, not the fluff of the mainstream media.

      1. Dan Savage is to my mind a repulsive prick that gives piss poor advice. It Gets Better was empty opportunism. I do not claim or feel anything about gay marriage. I could not have cared less either way. So I did not do any part in either direction. I support nothing unless it directly effects me. So no I did not support “gay marriage” because it is not my business. In general I make a separation between lesbians and gay men. Gay men are men–and they are full of shit. Just like all other men. Somebody wants to buy into they are really femmy and like women–fine. I don’t. Gay men beaten–so are straight men. Men are violent they beat each other. The fact is that Gay men are no friend of women or girls. Never have been, never will be. I am a realist and I get that. I was raised in the gay community and I know exactly what gay men are. They earn, they own, they destroy just like all other men. People want to kid themselves–okay. I don’t buy their twisted tale of woe. They come in and take over neighborhoods and buy up what poor people can’t afford and then put mothers and children on the street. I am a more concerned about countries where 8 years girls are sold to 60 year men as sex toys than if some dude can get an open blow job in a public park in Kampala. Mens sexual release does not come under my heading of really important more important that young girls lives. I mean I know when half the population–the female half is fighting for their lives, I really better care about the dicks of 6%. Give me a break. -Thank god my priorities are not tied up in some sympathy hard on for men that have never done shit for women anyway–How sad if you actually believe the bullshit.

      2. Motherhood, if I didn’t make it clear I am a gay man. If you feel that way then that is your opinion and I can respect that. Not all gay men are rich like portrayed on television, you are talking about a subset of gay men.

      3. Aren’t you concerned about the correction of gender nonconforming lgb children? Because I have never seen gay men being against this. It’s like no one cares besides radical femininists and their supporters.

      4. Gay men are still men. Women are always the underclass to men, no matter how men identify, no matter what colour or life situation a woman is, she’s class under all male.

  10. This is just infuriating and I’m not even a lesbian. I support the right of homosexuals to be fully gay/lesbian and not give into the demands of the trans activists. Being gay is so different to trans, homosexuals have always existed throughout history, though persecuted, transsexualism is a modern medical diagnosis.
    Latch yourself to a group gaining success (trans into the gay community through crossdressers/effeminate gay males) and say we should bow down and accept your demands which directly oppose our goals. I don’t think so. Gay men (who accept ourselves) mostly have a nonchalant attitude to trans, everybody who supports trans over women’s and lesbian’s rights needs to wake up.
    I still call it the lesbian and gay community today (where we have a common alliance and our homosexuality intersects). LGBTQWTF is nonsense.

    1. K, I know you are a gay man that was not an oops on my part no so sorry forthcoming. Gay men are misogynistic and ride the backs of women. Gay men come in and take over in women’s fields and businesses, drive them out and make a killing doing it. I don’t have a TV. Haven’t had one in 20 years–bad for children. Gay men are men just like Trans are men. And both have a long history of screwing women over. I have less than zero PC guilt. Gay men on average are more, much more wealthy than women and lesbians. My hope is these dudes out playing house with the picket fence will realize that women’s leverage is going to be adoption and surrogacy (oh sure gay man wants to put 3rd world human females in cages to reproduce for him). Support for that will be a resounding No Way Jose because Gay men have already supported putting women and children in danger by eliminating safe spaces for them in favor of supporting Trans fetish. You see K, Trans are by and large hetero men–they hate gay men. They will use you and then peel the skin right off you. But the common ground both have is their hatred of women.

      1. Well you sure told us, “brother”.
        Gay man turns up on post about lesbian and woman erasure in the misogynist “LGBT” movement to leave a snippy little dismissive patronizing quip handwaving women by calling them poor sad fools. Classic. Good job Bro. Shouldn’t you be off protesting male exclusion in lesbian spaces and hiring desperate third-world women to gestate your gay jizz? Oh wait you already are. Fuck you Snorri.

  11. Comments can be left at these New York Times articles. I think more would be helpful. A lot of well meaning people who are concerned about oppression are not aware of the anti-feminism espoused by trans activists. They likely don’t even notice that women have been excluded from the discussion. Please add your comments and point this out. (I’ve already done so, but more of our voices need to be heard.)

  12. All due respect, since when did NYT contributors become Jerry Springer Show rejects? Didn’t this publication used to be THE publication for useful information? Stryker is fucking repulsive. Sigh… Do I have to keep swimming in this cesspool of intellectual whitetrash just to be a fucking lesbian? No wonder LGBT events in my city are deserted. It’s a goddamned freak show.

  13. I read Laverne Cox’s piece, and the comments, only to be hit with this little special nugget:
    “Your statement that “transgendered people who are born male are not “assigned” male, they are born male” is incorrect. Numerous brain studies have shown the structural differences between cis and trans persons that are born with ‘male’ genitals. There is more to me than my genitals — it’s my brain that makes me female, supported by a body that in almost every way (except that crucial one) appears female.”
    This makes me angry. So angry. How does a person get so deluded? “Female brain”? “Numerous brain studies”? “More to me than my genitals”? — Yeah, like everything else that comes along with a Y chromosome, maybe? Trying to reduce the argument to a conversation about genitalia makes my blood boil. As if the only dividing line between male and female is whether or not you popped out with a penis or a vagina. Disgusting.
    How do you combat someone like this? How do you educate them? They sound as if they need to go to the special place where the arms of their jacket cross behind their backs.
    I’m at a loss for words.

    1. “a reader” I always get those responses on my facebook posts on transsexual stuff, the transes attack me and say “science proves you wrong” and that they have “female brain sex.” It’s frustrating

  14. Ask for the study, and break it down. That’s all you can do. Use fact. Show them don’t tell them. With any study, you have to get the full article not the abstract. Authors will almost always send you a pdf if you ask.

  15. “Do I have to keep swimming in this cesspool of intellectual whitetrash just to be a fucking lesbian?” truck driver logic, you just made my day. I feel this so much of late, just being a plain old lesbian is not good enough. We have to suffer male supremacy, and now we have to suffer men who pretend they are lesbians, and lesbians who are transguys coming to lesbian events anyway? Because???

  16. My comments weren’t approved (all I said was that there are no females who ‘identify as female’ and lesbian in their so-called debate). (And I’m a regular NY Times commenter.)

  17. Did anyone see this comment:
    ‘I think you’re spot on. One transsexual woman I knew bled every month from her anus. Others were DES babies. It seems pretty clear that in at least some cases there are biological factors in transsexualism, just as it is known that there are biological factors in homosexuality.’

    1. If she bleed it was from sticking things up there. Otherwise they would say DES did this–. No nothing made these men fetishists just like nothing makes men get off on 3 year olds.

  18. Have you ever covered this Believer article on Camp Trans? I’m only skimming through it because it’s longer than an Ayn Rand novel, but this section jumped out at me:
    In the process of deconstructing gender identity, I muse, sexual preference may become obsolete. If you’re an old-fashioned lesbian purged of transphobia, you’ll be hot for the trans women. Bunches of dykes are already hooking up with trans men, and if you’re dating trans men it’s probably a good time to reckon with your bisexuality and attraction to the equally male, if perhaps less socially evolved, non- trans men of the world. And that’s pretty much everyone.

  19. they printed my comment here:

    I am a Lesbian who is not transgender. Certainly transadvocates took steps to ensure that no females such as myself were included in this debate. The goal of transadvocates is to erase the voice of the Female, to eliminate all female-only spaces, and to ensure that any male who claims to be a woman will be 100% entitled to do so.

  20. You can also “recommend” comments with which you agree; the highly recommended ones are what comes first when someone opens the comments in the “reader picks” tab.

    1. Yes, I’ve been scrolling through and doing so. It’s encouraging to see the other lesbian commenters.

  21. All female and all lesbian spaces are very rare. The only time I experience all lesbian space is in private homes now. This is a very sad commentary on lesbian community, and our ability to keep space safe for ourselves alone.
    Women are settling for huge majority lesbian events, but they allow the few men to roam around or the weird female to trans people on T, they want to “become” males but then continue to come to lesbian events. This is weird, what’s up with this?

  22. Gay men seem so into queer, with no concern whatsoever for lesbian soverignty… it’s all about INCLUSION, naturally at lesbian feminist expense. I love the way gay guys give our freedoms away, and the white gay men and their gentrifying ways, well it is a huge population, it owns real estate, it owns all of West Hollywood, it owns major movie studios, these men have wealth and power and they are not the friends of lesbian feminists. I get so tired of their money and power controlling our movement so sick of it, it is not a small subset of gay men, it is huge! There are poor gay men naturally, there is also a huge hook up culture of rich gay men who buy these poor gay men, who then buy into Gay Inc., because they are essentially supporting prostitution and kept boy culture… a long tradition among gay men dating back the ancient Greece. Older gay men having sex with children, yes, this is the whole point of gay male culture and we all know where that got us.

  23. “Yeah that’s so weird. But I guess it’s because straight women aren’t that interested in “men” with female bodies so they still coming to lesbian events.” Lilly said above.
    This makes a lot of sense Lilly, thanks for pointing this out. It’s why butch erasure and the trans trending nonsense is so destructive to young lesbians, they still end up in lesbian community with butchered bodies, and fake penis’ chopped off breasts, and they are not male and repulsive to lesbians… and very few people are warning them.

  24. Women need to realise that MTFs are the ‘feminine’ icons of the gay men’s scene, on the whole. In general, I see far too many women – especially straight women – being fags’ hags for gay men, when gay men are TYPICALLY misogynistic. When gay men accuse women of ‘homophobia’, what they really express is misogyny, i.e. that women aren’t available to them as MTFs are, seeing as MTFs are really part of the gay male scene a lot of the time.
    Hence, why I did not support ‘gay marriage’. It was, and is, a construct invented by men to attack women and promote male promiscuity. The sad thing is that a very large proportion of western women have not seen through gay marriage. They think it’s all kissy-kissy, all about androgyny and equality and suchlike.

  25. I guess the trans brigade hit the bottom today.
    “oh i so love how archaeology labels bodies as male or female based on their skeletal structure and completely ignores the existence of transgender people (or people who would today be considered as trans or otherwise non-cis) throughout history omg it’s so great”
    So now archaelogists are evil too. Lol You can’t take these deluded people serious. You just can’t.

  26. Reblogged this on FeistyAmazon and commented:
    Uh YES. As we’ve lost Michfest, our coffeehouses, bars, bookstores and other Lesbian and women centered we’ve lost our Lesbian communities themselves and Gathering spaces where we cannot be free of males..but makes still have the prerogative, power and money to gather solely amongst themselves including Gay males.

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