60 thoughts on “This is the “transwoman” who organized a public protest across the street from a small group of Radical Feminists meeting in a private home

  1. Typical male temper tantrum. Pretty soon women won’t be able to take a dump without men demanding to watch.

  2. “The Center for Women and Trans People” at the University of Toronto took out a criminal no-trespass order against him for violence and harassment.

  3. They did? Hoist petard.
    Mixcloud calls him “a homeless trans woman of color”. LOLOLOL.
    What, no disability?

      1. Yes his surname is associated with India, and is as common in Toronto as Young is in China or Smith in England. That’s a pretty healthy and well-fed body if you ask me, to be still that fleshed out and young, must be consuming about 5,000 calories a day. Homeless his ass.

    1. “What, no disability?”
      LMAO. I’m sure he (or his deluded supporters) will think of something, Redbird.

  4. I was going to comment that, as the most oppressed people EVER, trans have better things to do. But then I realized that they are fundamentally narcissists, and so their main problem is people who refuse to cater to their delusions. So actually we are their main problem, and there really is nothing more important to them than shutting us up.

  5. “The Center for Women and Trans People” ? I’m sure there’s a story, like at first it was the women’s center and then the trans demanded to be included, or something like that, but still, it looks like apples and oranges. Women are half the human race and you don’t have to do anything to be one, while trans are something else. In effect, any women who goes to this center is forced to include herself with some very special people she may not want to be included with.
    It makes as much sense as, School Cafeteria for Vegetarians and Poo Eaters.

    1. I recently saw that here in NYC at the LGBT (amazing how L is still first in the list, right?) Center- a poster for a health conference for ‘women and transpeople (I assume in both directions).’ Can’t imagine that ever being the other way around (men and transpeople).

      1. “We’re this repository for society’s misfits. Men = normal. Women = Everything else.”
        Exactly, red, this is why I can’t stand when the trans say “I internalized the same messages as young girls when I was a kid” or “I was treated just like a girl all my life.” Uh no, just because you were perceived as unmasculine or gay or “not man enough,” that doesn’t automatically make you a real girl. This is why gender is so deadly, so called “failed” men are automatically put into the “woman” box, and we know when that happens who really gets the worst deal.

      1. Is making fun of accents really necessary?
        To get back to topic: Isn’t the risky behaviour of Mr Chaudhary and Mr Schnee the very mix of sexual fetish and (potential) self-harm that is the root cause of transsexualism itself?
        FKK Nudists here in Europe sometimes ride bicycles in the nude, but inside closed areas without public traffic. I daresay Toronto and Boston have cars. And all the safety gear hardware shops offer isn’t there for decoration.

    1. Playing out their sexual fetish and enjoying (esp) women’s discomfort. Like an obscene phone call.

      1. I think the fuss just affirms to him what a proper woman he is — because if he was a man, no one would care if he had his top off or not. Just desperate need for attention and affirmation, narcissism and exhibitionism.

      2. That’s no excuse. It’s legal for female people, women, and anybody else with tits to go topless in Ontario, has been for 22 years (22 years! Waaaoh, I’m old!).
        I don’t know what kind of “rights” Chaudhury thinks he wants, but it isn’t that one.

  6. Sorry, but no “homeless” person in Toronto goes without clothing. I’ll believe the “hunger strike” when I see it. No clothes and no food in the province of Ontario with winter coming on!

    1. And no woman ever chose to live rough, no where.
      This dude chooses to be trans, chooses to be homeless, and chooses to manipulate good and fair minded people who fall for his acting out.

  7. Wow what a mess. However, I’m glad that the University of Toronto took his threats seriously, no matter how clownish he appears.

  8. I think I just upchucked into my mouth a little! (Excuse my French) DAYUM-THAT’S NASTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! D:

  9. If you read Chaudhary’s Facebook page on the 5th of August there is a discussion about the issue of public masturbation. Chaudhary is quite disgusted by people who are against it.
    So creepy.

      1. To quote Chaudhary, “It’s saddening to see the influx of more normative and mainstream veins running through society and how that’s changed dynamics overall. I can’t imagine looking back a decade and coming upon someone masturbating in a park or a threesome, and actually being surprised! It used to be that if you came about such a scenario, you either looked away, or joined, or kept a little distance and rubbed one off in their honor…. but these days… people scared of being discovered masturbating? and running away?! and a passerby being shocked/confused/surprised? Really? What has the world come to?!”
        And, “Basically, anti-racism (or actually any struggle) is getting nowhere if we don’t address erotophobia and bodyphobia as major concerns in our communities, because they’re part of the alphabet that have given rise to the oppressive -isms all around us.”
        And, “As a woman who’s now getting a bit older and thinking about having kids, I would like my children to grow up in an environment that’s exponentially more radical, sexually open and safe. The conservatism that I’m seeing creeping back into this culture, I find it to be scary.”
        As a woman with kids I can say that there is NO WAY I want them coming across a guy jerking off in a public place. If that makes me some scary ass conservative, so be it.

        1. Sexual permissiveness always hurts women and children. It was sold as liberating in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s, and fifty years later we are seeing the outcome. Women and girls were guilt tripped back then to let themselves be effectively prostituted, and male predators are still at it with all this talk of choice and freedoms and lesbian bigots who won’t date men who call themselves women. It is all part and parcel of the same philosophy of violation.

      1. Sigh… thank you, Versa and this whole thread of commenters. So funny. Good to laugh out loud at these things, as creepy as they are and so blatantly perverted. What a moron this man and his supporters are. Thank you to all the folks on this blog for speaking your mind. So healing it is. You’re helping so many people by speaking your mind.

  10. This dude reminds me uncomfortably of Allen Ginsberg. I know Andrea Dworkin was trans supportive, but things have changed since her death. Also, many of us had the same reaction initially: be nice to the poor trans, because we’re fundamentally nice people who give people the benefit of the doubt. And Andrea absolutely despised Ginsberg. I don’t believe for a moment that she would have been supportive of all this pervy crap.
    Sorry for a bit of OT here, but the thing with Stoltenberg was pretty depressing.

    1. Mieprowan, I used to be a big time trans supporter… glad I’m not the only one who has seen the light. I honestly used to think it was a biological thing and was sort of flattered in a weird way that some men liked us enough to come over to our side. Pathetic, I know.

  11. “According to media reports one group of trans activists stole the Transgender Flag from another group of trans activists who organized yesterday’s event, where Toronto mayor-elect John Tory appeared.”
    I can’t stop laughing at this – all I can think of is all the online games where teams of dudes play virtual Capture the Flag all day long. No wonder these idiots conclude that stealing a flag is some sort of activism – I bet online games (with breaks to pee and to berate real women on Twitter and Tumblr) comprise most of their lives.

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