The Making of a Transgender Child


“I knew when she was little. She was I’d say 3, 3 and a half. And like any typical parent we would read the story books and fairy tales and all kinds of stuff. And we ended up reading Cinderella, she wanted to read Cinderella, so we were reading Cinderella and at the end of the story she told me that she was gonna grow up and marry herself a handsome prince. We tried to convince her that she was gonna grow up and marry a princess and she was adamant that no, she was going to marry a prince. So at that point, yanno we’d kinda thought it was a phase and she would grow out of it. And it turns out it wasn’t a phase. So when she came to us when she was seven and said that this isn’t how she wanted to live and if she had to live this way she didn’t want to… we went looking for help. And got in touch with family services of york region, met Barbara, and one thing after another after another and here we are and we have “Danielle”.
We didn’t know for the longest time what we were gonna be faced with. We knew that there was something there. So we chose to basically ignore it for a little while to see where things would go. But she got very behavioral, withdrawn, yanno tended to not wanna come out and play, she just wanted to sit in her room. So we kept trying to talk to her and ask her like what’s going on, how are you feeling, why are you feeling this way, and most of the time it would end up with her in tears shutting down, wouldn’t talk to us. And then the one day I was cooking dinner and she came out and told me flat out- I don’t wanna live like this anymore. I want to be a girl. I am a girl. And so the choice was made to… let her make the choice. You’re either Daniel, or you’re Danielle. You make the choice.
And obviously… what her choice was.
Look how the hack reporter Carys Mills lazily re-frames the actual words mom says into the “typical transgender narrative”, and uses that narrative to shill for the “Sick Children” facility for “Sick Children Who Are Flaming Homos” where Daniel will be “treated” by retarding his pre-pubertal gonads followed by sterilization to correct his defect of wanting to marry a prince. WAKE UP Gays and Lesbians and so-called supporters. WAKE UP. This is happening ON YOUR WATCH.
DO something. SPEAK UP in your COMMUNITY, on websites that post this shit, to your government representatives that you VOTE for, at the BAR, at the bus stop, at your CHURCH, to your family and co-workers, to your BARBER, at the grocery store, at your LGBT CENTER, at your pride march, on your FACEBOOK, to the news agencies.
Seven year old kids ARE NOT CONSENTING TO THIS. It is THEIR PARENTS who are DOING SO. Stop them from transgendering boys who WANT TO MARRY A PRINCE. Speak up for seven year-old Daniel. SPEAK UP FOR DANIEL. This is BULLSHIT! HOMOPHOBIC BULLSHIT! This could have been YOU. And you KNOW it. So STOP THIS SHIT. Fuck some shit up. Do it FOR DANIEL.
Speak up and say “LET KIDS BE KIDS”. And “GAY KIDS ARE NOT SICK KIDS”. Including GAY KIDS who want to marry a FUCKING PRINCE.


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    1. Gullasmag has finally come out as a full fledged trans hater. Anyone reading this please note, Gullusmag is not transgender, a ally or even a friend of transgender people.
      Gullusmag has been fighting against trans peoples social progress for years. Gullusmag is a “TERF” Trans Exclusive Radical Feminist, a splinter group of our allies, radical feminist.

  1. Child abuse of the worst kind! And a reporter who can’t find ONE critic to interview about the transgender industry and its victims! How do we stop these dangerous people, propagandists and “professionals” (not) alike, and get the children out of their clutches?

  2. You forgot the part about how transadvocates think it’s excellent to get this little matter taken care of early, so the kid will grow up being able to “pass.” Because external validation must be pursued exclusively, no matter what the risk. And if you can’t work that shit out for yourself, well, we have children for that now.

    1. Exactly, they need him to “take the sex” out of transgenderism, too. Transactivists can hold him up as an example and say “See! This isn’t a creepy fetish, cute little kids are into it too!” But of course they’ll make themselves scarce when this poor kid realizes that he’s been sterilized and taken advantage of by everyone who was supposed to help him.

      1. I’m reading an interesting article about cults in the November Harpers Magazine. The author notes that what they all have in common is requiring their members suspend critical thought.

      2. The article mentions Margaret Singer, author of “Cults In Our Midst.” Quote from the article: “Sullivan first worked with Singer in the early Nineties. One case involved a woman posing as a psychologist, who had persuaded several of her male clients to undergo sex-reassignment surgery. (The men later alleged that they had been brainwashed.)” Hmm.

    2. Their is an article in Harpers now on cults and brainwashing and about a guy that goes into cults and bust them as frauds–the journalist mentions a woman “therapist” in CA in the 90’s that brainwashed several men into getting SRS.

    3. You know, people are outraged when mothers have their little girls get bikini waxed so that they’ll never grow pubic hair, but halting a young boy’s puberty so he can “become” a girl is a-okay apparently.

      1. motherhood why do you feel you need more info on this case ??? does it concern you ???? is it your business??? why do you care ???

  3. Horrible. This really IS child abuse, and it angers and disgusts me. What kind of parents are so warped and twisted in their thinking that they want to get their children into this horrible type of surgery? I realize parents like this are in the vast minority, but it’s frightening to think there are any parents at all who want to do something so grotesque to their kids. And any doctors and surgeons who go along with it are greedy money-grubbers. No ethical doctor would do something like this to a child.

    1. Hi silkyvelvet (first time commenter here).IMO most people are ‘so warped and twisted in their thinking’ about sex and gender, which would make these parents not that different from most, except that they have a kid who isn’t overtly conforming to the expected gender role. They could be trying to do what they understand is ‘best’ to alleviate their son’s distress. I also think this is a monstrous outcome, but IMO its a consequence of the widespread belief in the gender binary. That, and that it is considered ‘transphobic’ to question this belief, or the basis for it, or to offer an alternative explanation (ie. gender is socially constructed). IMO.

      1. Hi, there, huffysnappy, and welcome. 🙂
        I agree with you that – to be charitable – the parents were trying to be well-meaning about solving their son’s unhappiness. But to do something so drastic as to prepare him for this outlandish surgery is just too bizarre! How much more compassionate – and more logical – it would have been for them to have simply accepted that’s it’s likely he might be gay, and be totally supportive of that.
        I do have to respectfully disagree with your assessment that “most people are ‘so warped and twisted in their thinking’ about sex and gender…” Or should I say, I don’t personally know anyone like that. And just speaking for myself, I’ve never had any thoughts like this; I was born a biological female with XX chromosomes, went through menstruation for 40 yrs., one abortion, and menopause (I’m a lady in my mid-50s), and I’ve never felt any confusion about my femininity as an actual, biological woman. I’m not bragging (I’m not the boastful type); I’m simply giving an accurate description of myself. With all due respect, I really don’t think it’s realistic to believe there are just tons of people out there who are sexually confused.

    2. Ok for one of it really was that horrible do you think Drs would perform it second she said she wants to wait until 18 that’s the age of a legal adult so where the Fuck does child abuse even come from the only child abuse is bashing an11 year old. The dasity of you fucked up people… Its scary you call yourselves women activits when you bash a fellow women . your not activists your bullies

  4. They couldn’t have just said ‘Honey, you can marry anyone you want to marry and who wants to marry you back’? Did that honestly not occur to anyone?
    Or did they think a lifetime of hormones, surgery and evasions would be a lot easier than loving the child they got?

  5. Trans is the end of gay. Sad but true. Gay reperative therapy 2.0 but this time it works. This is not progressive that’s a fucking big step backwards. I fear for the the future of the lgb movement.

  6. I had a cousin like this. It’s interesting that everyone perceived him as “effeminate,” considering that femininity, itself, is a social construct. Children are known to be language learning machines, and I propose they’re behavior learning machines as well; “effeminate” little boys observe and then imitate the behaviors of people who attract the people they themselves would like to attract.
    Anyway, my cousin grew up to be quite a handsome and elegant man. He died of AIDS back in the day.
    I think I’ll start calling Lupron “Gay-Away.”

  7. There is so much wrong with this.
    Homophobic parents who insisted to their son that he could never grow up to marry a prince. What is they had accepted his wish? What if they had told him when he grew up he could marry anyone he wanted? Why didn’t they tell him that any prince would be lucky to have him, that he was so ________ ( sweet, helpful, smart, funny, strong, insert as appropriate)?
    Classist parents who support fairy tale white supremacy. Why didn’t they tell him that not everyone got to be a prince or a princess? Why didn’t they tell him when he grew up he could be anything he wanted to be, that being a prince or princess did not make you any better than other people? Why didn’t they talk to him about the kids he knows and likes best and why? Why didn’t they talk to him about the importance of shared interests in building friendships and relationships?
    Poor reporting. Why didn’t the reporter spell out the sex of the increasing transgender populations? They were eager to show how rapidly it is growing. Why didn’t they point out how many were men? Approximately 95% of the umbrella TG population is male. Why didn’t the reporter point it how many were males over the age of 35? Which is, after all, the most rapidly growing segment of diagnosed transgender. Why was there no discussion on the related DSM categories of Transvestic Fetishism and newly addded Transvestic Autogynephilia? Autogynephilia is the paraphilic (psychosexual disorder) of men being obsessed with the idea of themselves as sexually attractive women and it is the leading cause of male transition. Why weren’t the chemical castration effects of delayed onset puberty and cross sex hormone therapy mentioned? Why wasn’t the significantly increased chance of breast cancer in males discussed? Why wasn’t the increased risk of heart disease in cross sex hormone therapy discussed?
    Frightening medical proposals. A gender specialist is advocating that general practitioners prescribed hormones without a psychological diagnosis of transsexualism. He advocates administering highly volatile hormones without the oversight of an endocrinologist. A child with “behavioral problems” is not being treated for those symptoms. The health of a child is being endangered on the ASSUMPTION that his “behavioral problems”, which were so severe that he was places in specially segregated schooling for the first 2-3 years of public education, will disappear of their own accord once everyone lies to him about his biological sex. This is medical malpractice.
    And finally, Disposable Girls, thrown under the bus of a boy child who wants to play in their oppression because it is socially deemed as “pretty”. An 8 year old boy, wearing size 14-16 sparkle skirts, is TWICE the size of the average second grader. Girls will be left in female-only spaces with someone twice their size who suffers with unresolved, untreated, poorly identified and undiagnosed “behavioral problems”, much of which his own parents have acknowledged as anger-based.
    I am sure this child suffers with much emotional distress, most of probably caused by living in a rigid normalizing community. He is not being treated for his illness, he is being destroyed.

    1. I guess the little fact that these kids are being sterilized by these “treatments” was deemed not important enough to be included in the report. Sick.

      1. “Carys Mills” might be a brand new name. It’s a rock formation, actually. Carys friends call Cary ‘male’.

    2. That last point is especially disturbing. My kid is around that age and has been top percentile in height since infancy but yeah, she wears 7/8s, this kid is massive by comparison. We have already encountered our first “wannabe girl” male at the playground, believe it or not–not surprising given the open-minded-until-brains-fall-out city where we live. He was CREEPY, a kid with obvious issues, an older kid trying to get a little kid to play along with his fantasy…like, I felt bad for him, because kids don’t just come out of the womb creepy. But my primary instinct is to protect my daughter. And he gave off the same vibe as any other grabby male with bad intentions when he wanted to derail my girl from active outdoors play and engage in “girl talk.” (his words) My kid was not interested, she was at the park to run, but he was persistent. This huge, towering dude in a skin tight mini dress and pink leggings, wanting to prove his “girlhood” with my kid, and his weirdo mom hovering around pushing him in that direction. We made an excuse and got out of there. I probably told this story before, but it’s one of those moments that just haunts you, you know?
      People in other parts of the country sometimes think I am exaggerating but I really feel like I am in a gender based zombie movie out here on the West Coast. Any kind of gay-friendly or feminist-influenced space has become overrun with trans dudes and their genderqueer female enforcers. And it feels like it happened almost overnight. It’s hard for me because it started right in the same period where I was recovering from my own gender stupidity.

      1. When I was in seventh grade, around 1970, there was this boy. The school encompassed six grades, it was in Los Angeles, it was large.
        And there was this boy whom everybody knew about. He was right out there..skinny little dancing child. The class clown, in a way.
        One year some dudes who played in a band gave a performance. They played “My Girl.” (“talking about my girl”) that old song.
        And they worked it out with this boy for him to come dancing across the stage flouncing, which he did with great aplomb. They weren’t nasty about it at all. It was interesting.
        I’ve often wondered what happened to that boy. I’ve always seen him as brave. I think I still will.

      2. I’m in Portland, and it’s the same here– open-minded-until-brains-fall-out. Exactly. It’s scary. Next year my son will be going to the HS that made the news recently for the new bathroom for the trans teenagers. (How progressive to pat a girl on the back for misreading her discomfort of female oppression as “I don’t act like a girl, so I must be a boy.”Ick.) I’m struggling with how to get across my opinion to him–that being “accepting” and “open minded” does not mean that anything goes.
        To be perfectly honest, I feel more restricted in what I can talk about here than when I lived in the South. At least there people will **openly** disagree with you and not consider you in need of “educating” (i.e., you’re stupid) if you disagree. So condescending, but it’s more than that. If you disagree here in the West, you’re Transphobic, with a capital “T,” the worst of all evils.

      3. And they demand total submission. Respect all kinds of jendah identites in peoples heads, don’t dare to use the wrong pronouns, share youre safety space with men and if you dare to not being attracted to [insert jendahi dentity] you are a hater and everyone has the right to shame you for it.
        It’s totally nonsense that they equate “transphobia” with racism when it comes to sexual attraction. They always ignore the big elephant in the room: biological sex.
        There is a difference between not being attracted to poc and not being attracted to a specific SEX. The first depends on influences from outside (society, family etc.)
        I know they say that it’s also the fault of “harmful messages” of society that people are not attracted to trans people. But come on! Society tells lesbians to avoid males? They stop gay men from being attracted to females?
        Yeah of course in trans fantasy land.

  8. The de-transitioned are the ones to help make a class action suit against the frankendokters and drug companies.
    Those frankendokters who are performing human experimentation on minors should be stripped of license.
    It was offensive enough when born males with tackle pushed around groups of adult born women, but they are grooming our children.
    I’ve been educating my friends and family, now many get it. At first it sounds like such a weird thing and many people are cowed into callow “liberal” PC about everyt choice being sacred, but eventually they get it. But, with LGBT propoganda it does take a few layers of facts for civilians to get what a crock the trans have perpetrated on the general public.
    This anti-gay parent must be stopped from poisoning their child. The LGBT council in our locale has a T instead of an L, so effectively the alphabet includes no born women, and they are accepted as the new voice for gays around town. Not.
    Who is goiig after the frankendokters? These “diagnoses” and treatments are conducted inside licensed hospitals and clinics, yes? Hospitals have Institutional Review Boards to which all ethical issues must be addressed. Pressure the boards and the IRB’s of these facilities to investigate frankendokters practicing experimental medicine on children.
    Stupid, anti-gay parent here. Where are the L and the G in addition to the RadFem to protest against this human rights damnation?

  9. The mental health industry has got it wrong so often–got it wrong on lobomizing women, got it wrong on demonizing gayness, got it wrong on trying to get rid of little gay kids like this one. GLAAD should be screaming about this, it’s being done to a gay boy for heaven’s sake. You’d think harm to males would wake Gay Mega Inc up, but they aren’t saying a thing. This is the gay watch, and nothing is being done to challenge straight parents trying to rid themselves of gay children!

  10. Worse, it’s Toronto. He could marry a “prince” if he wanted to; same-sex marriage has been legal here in Ontario since 10 June 2003 — almost TEN YEARS, longer than that child has been alive.
    “Daniel” or “Danielle,” no middle ground. *shakes head* If I were growing up now, I’d be a boy by that heuristic…

  11. “You’re either Daniel, or you’re Danielle.”
    Which is to imply that if you choose to be Daniel you can’t have your prince and you sure as heck better man up, cuz mama dint raise no faggit.

  12. Came across this story via Cowbird just today:
    ‘I have a 31 year old son {Broc} and he is gay. People ask me all the time “when did you realize he was gay” and my answer is that somehow [deep down inside] I always knew. Of course, the “tell tell signs” were not really that obvious until he was about 4 years old. He was always wanting to play with dolls and play with makeup and play dress-up,..’
    Could’ve worked out so differently today…

    1. So glad my gay son did not grow up with this nonsense. Yup, for a few years there, he loved to wear dresses and play with Barbies. If you know any gay men, you’ll know it’s not an atypical phase. Fortunately, he missed the trans craze by a few years and nobody ever suggested that he just might be a girl. And like gay men have since forever, he grew out of it.

  13. It’s not just a matter of the kid being gay though. There’s also the fact the kid doesn’t want to have to do the standard guy role/aesthetic in society. He shouldn’t have to do that and that issue shouldn’t be glossed over either (that is, his desire to the “girl things”). Having said that though, that doesn’t mean he should take hormones and do the transsexual stuff; that stuff is a false solution.

    1. Ssshhh, we can’t think about people not fitting into gender roles. He’d better just become a girl cause he’s “acting” like one.
      Can’t be that being told he can’t do things because he’s a boy made him want to “be a girl” in his child-like understanding, and now a gender therapist has decided this means he needs to get breasts implants when he’s older and he’ll now have this reinforced by his parents and other adults around him.

  14. Some people shouldn’t be allowed to reproduce and this only proves my opinion. These parents kind of remind me of-ah what’s that condition called again…oh, right…it would be called Muchausen Syndrome by Proxy.
    My youngest brother played dress up all the time. He used to get his nails painted too. Heck, I can remember him playing with our mother’s make up kit. Do you know what happened to him? Our parents allowed him to be a kid and he grew out of it and now he’s happily married to his best friend from middle school.
    I’m glad my parents didn’t take me seriously when I told them I was a lion or a goat at age five or six. If they had of…I would probably have a tail attached to me!

    1. I think Muchausen Syndrome is what’s driving these parents more than homophobia. I think the whole story is bullshit.
      My younger teenage daughters went through a trans phase. I didn’t argue with her but since I was a gender non conforming girl myself I never believed in brain sex. Until I found Radfems and this little pocket of sanity I was starting to think it was just me and some crazy bible thumpers who disagree with the whole born in the wrong body crap.
      In my effort to inform myself about this I read a bunch of these trans kids stories. On a message board I read some posts by a woman with only boys who claimed one of them always insisted on playing with Barbies and “girl” stuff while the others played with “boy” stuff. You gotta wonder how Barbies ended up in a sex role stereotype believing household full of boys in the first place. Same thing with this kid. If this woman believes only girl humans are born wanting to marry princes and she didn’t know this kid “was really a girl” yet, why did she read him Cinderella? Shouldn’t she have assumed he came out of the womb wanting to be read Bob the Builder? And even if she really did read him Cinderella, what child of either sex starts talking about getting married when they’re not even three without prompting? She’s making all that up.
      Now the parents will sit back and wait for all the enablers to tell them how brave they are and how lucky this kid is to have them. I’m sure these people are homophobic but I think it’s more about them than their poor son.

  15. How dare you call anyone a hack reporter when you type like this: “Speak up and say “LET KIDS BE KIDS”. And “GAY KIDS ARE NOT SICK KIDS”. Including GAY KIDS who want to marry a FUCKING PRINCE.”
    You should learn propper grammar, especially punctuation, before you criticize a professional.

      1. LOL Aiden, your proofreader!
        But this trans kids center is really part of a hospital called the Hospital For Sick Kids! It is next door to the Derek Zoolander Center for Kids Who Can’t Read Good and Want To Learn To Do Other Stuff Good, Too? What other kind of kid would be in a hospital? Actually, this one seems to be all about treating completely healthy children with mentally sick parents.
        Their website is Sick Kids Canada now accepting your gender non-conforming child to cure his/her potential homo sickness! How fucking shameful- and the LGBT orgs have spent countless millions over the last few year promoting this abuse :/

    1. Temporary interns who write biased articles are not “professionals”, a hack would be moving up for Carys. She’s gonna finish her internships and slide right into her natural calling in public relations. Maybe she can get a job in pharma marketing.
      What are the possible side effects of leuprolide (Lupron Depot Pediatric)?
      Get emergency medical help if you have any of these signs of an allergic reaction: hives; difficulty breathing; swelling of your face, lips, tongue, or throat.
      Call your doctor at once if you have a serious side effect such as:
      bone pain, loss of movement in any part of your body;
      swelling, rapid weight gain;
      pain, burning, stinging, bruising, or redness where the medication was injected;
      feeling like you might pass out;
      painful or difficult urination;
      urinating more often than usual;
      high blood sugar (increased thirst, increased urination, hunger, dry mouth, fruity breath odor, drowsiness, dry skin, blurred vision, weight loss);
      sudden numbness or weakness (especially on one side of the body), problems with speech or balance;
      sudden headache with vision problems, vomiting, confusion, slow heart rate, weak pulse, fainting, or slow breathing; or
      chest pain or heavy feeling, pain spreading to the arm or shoulder, nausea, sweating, general ill feeling.
      Rare but serious side effects may include:
      pain or unusual sensations in your back;
      numbness, weakness, or tingly feeling in your legs or feet;
      muscle weakness or loss of use; and
      loss of bowel or bladder control.
      Less serious side effects may include:
      acne, increased growth of facial hair;
      breakthrough bleeding in a female child during the first 2 months of leuprolide treatment;
      dizziness, weakness, tired feeling;
      hot flashes, night sweats, chills, clammy skin;
      nausea, diarrhea, constipation, stomach pain;
      skin redness, itching, or scaling;
      joint or muscle pain;
      vaginal itching or discharg
      breast swelling or tenderness;
      testicle pain;
      impotence, loss of interest in sex;
      depression, sleep problems (insomnia), memory problems; or
      redness, burning, stinging, or pain where the shot was given.
      This is not a complete list of side effects and others may occur. Call your doctor for medical advice about side effects. You may report side effects to FDA at 1-800-FDA-1088.

    2. Proper only has one “p” hon. Plus, you left out a word there, mangled two others, have an incomplete sentence… . Are you Carys, or a friend who graduated from the same “journalism school”?

  16. Did anybody even read the article? Daniel/Danielle wants the surgery, but chose to until he/she is 18. This is why nobody in the real world takes LGBT causes seriously. You guys read a headline and the first paragraph of an article, misinterpre what is actually happenig and make a big deal out of nothing. You people need to chill out with your extremist nonsense.

    1. Dipshit Alex,
      The “T” hanging off the end of the LGB is the reason nobody in the real world is taking our causes seriously. “T” is for trainwreck. Everybody understands that fact. Even you, dense as you are. That is why your kind are trolling for children like Daniel now. Creepy shit.

    2. Did YOU not read the article, Alex?
      “Right now, Danielle plans to take the hormone blockers in a few years and then have sex-reassignment surgery when she’s over 18”
      Daniel is going to be taking those hormone blockers while he’s a child.

    3. Did you consider the influence the parents are having here? It’s not hard to see the path here: Our son wants to marry a prince. SOMETHING IS WRONG. Let’s take him to a therapist. Oh, the therapist says he’s really a girl. Son. You are a girl inside.
      Kids tend to take cues from the adults around them.

      1. if you knew what you were talking about you would know that this was in no way our choice she choose this or death!! what would you do let you kid be so miserable that they want to die or let them be happy. just for the record i dont fucking care what you would do cause this in no way concerns you !!! we took her to the specialist AFTER she threatened her her own life . so no this is not at all influenced she has felt this way since she could speak . THIS IS NOT A CHOICE THEESE KIDS MAKE PEOPLE!!!! NOT A CHOICE !!!!!!! and for the record we did everything we could to convince her that this will not be easy and that she should wait but she was not changing her mind we were loosing her daily and life was a struggle tears everyday and now itS happiness and dreams and i have a very happy beautiful child and i will never question her feelings again . she is brave and strong and fearless but most of she is ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!

  17. In many ways i think that our society has lost its mind. Just because you can do something doesn’t mean that you should do it.These parents may mean well and have good intentions but then the road to hell is paved with good intentions. Danilla may be medicated to develop breast and end up with a fabricated pussy. Danilla may well look like a girl but she will always have XX chromosomes so no matter what she will always be a boy.That is a fact that is scientifcally indisputable. You can never turn a dog into a cat so why be so arrogant to think that you can make a man into a woman. We are what we are and maybe we should spend more time learning to accept our self as we are and learn to live with how we roll. Just saying. Self acceptance seems the most logical path to peace. Peace out

  18. i am her mother and all you people need to research and learn before you take to social media . my child brought this disgusting link to my attention. I am hurt and disgusted in humanity. I wish you you all peace and love happiness and follow your heart to find it. worry about yourself and not the lives of others . She will drow to be who ever she chooses to be and every step she takes we will support her after all who am I to stop her from being herself.

      1. You are an idiot and no she is not . I am not a homophobe either fuck face I support all LGBTQ ……GET YOUR HEAD OUT OF YOUR ASS

      2. Just curious: How much money is it going to cost him to be herself? How many surgeries, and what drugs, started when? Please elaborate for the sake of my education. When can she stop without becoming he, to everyone including you. Does he have a trust fund? Might come in handy. Male pattern baldness is very difficult for women.

    1. What’s wrong with having a gay son or an effeminate straight son? It’s not trendy enough for you? It’s also funny how you go from wishing peace to calling people “fuck face” within the span of two posts. It’s almost like you’re feeling super defensive or something.

    2. How did your son find this “disgusting link?” I think he is getting curious. You will not be able to keep him in the dark much longer. He is still young and believe what you say. As he gets older his instincts will tell him that you are lying. One day you will have to answer to your son about the damage you have inflicted on him. For once, think of the future and stop reveling in the attention you are getting now for being so “trendy.” You are ruining your son’s life. You, not him, Y-O-U. You are the adult. If you are hurt by humanity, it is your lack of it that is causing your pain.

  19. “I knew when she was little. She was I’d say 3, 3 and a half…”
    The mother knew that her male child was a “girl” at age three.
    “You are an idiot and no she is not . I am not a homophobe either fuck face I support all LGBTQ “.
    It’s much better to have a special trans child than to have a limp wristed fag in the family. If my male child is too sensitive and doesn’t like “masculine” things, and we think he might grow up to like boys, we can turn him into a “girl”. They do this in Iran.

    1. Yep. They do the same in Iran. That fact is lost on most Americans who can’t be bothered to read.

  20. This women is the most kind hearted brave women I’ve ever met. And she lets her daughter express herself freely. Which is the most amazing thing . This is horrific that it’s2016 and people are this un educated and sheltered . how is it abuse to let a child be free to express themselves and they way they want to. This girl is11 years old and is happy and comfortable in her own skin and owning who she is . how dare you call yourself women activist for bashing a little girl and her mother. You bash a mother who is hard working loves her kids and everyone around her. If you have a problem with transgender maybe you should take a good look at yourself. You people make me sick keep your thoughts and judgements to yourself . I’m so proud of these two women who keep there heads up high and for Leah to continually give her daughter her support and love. Maybe you guys need to go educate yourself before you say anything you’re all hypocritical stupid prices of Shit!

    1. Why are you so “proud” that fuck-face mom gives her offspring support and love? Is there something extraordinary about a parent doing so?

      1. Good call on the “proud” thing– it’s the age of constant you go girl platitudes, over something as obvious as what all parents should do. Having children means being a grown up, it’s not the cheerleading squad, and subjecting children to trans cult drugging is child abuse pure and simple. This atta girl-ism proud to love a kid thing is so weird. Oh me oh my I’m “proud” of showing up when I said I would to the event…give me a trophy blah blah blah…

      2. 11. Has she had her first period yet? That’ll be quite the celebration. Or not. 11 and no period. 12 nope. 13, 14, 15. Nada. Still not quite herself. Can you buy love?

      3. Your a small minded price of Shit I’m proud because un like you prices of trash who are uneducated . I know this women I see her day after day unlike you I know who she is. You don’t know her you don’t know her daughter. You know nothing about them yet you stick your fucking nose in where it shouldn’t be you know what I find disgusting and abusive to society is your parents were allowed to be produced and make such horrible human beings who trash a little girl for being open to who she is and expressing herself and a mother who supports her child and gives her the support and love through anything and everything. Who you guys don’t even know just judge continue to sit and waste your pathetic useless lives writing a blog and stealing pictures of her and her daughter because tjats not a hate crime bashing her daughter who’s11 like are you fucking kidding me

    2. Allowing the child to express himself freely? Since when does free expression involve medical intervention including drugs that will induce infertility?
      Seems more like pathologizing behavior than allowing free expression.

      1. Gay and transgender are very different fyi transgender are people who feel that they are the opposite gender in the wrong body. And living life not feeling themselves. You all express that how she feels is wrong. You are supposed to support women’s rights? Well I think me and the rest of women out there would apprichate if you stepped the Fuck down because your views Arnt supporting Shit! Are you fucked in the head who trashes a little girl and tell her she’s wrong for how she feels and who the Fuck do you think you are to tell her what she should do with her body. You should all get your tubes tied so there’s less of population that are like you. Yes I am proud of her and her daughter because she supports her wishes. You say that’s what every parent should do yet you trash a mom who does apparently not everyone’s open minded and if you choose to live in you’re close minded world go ahead but stop harassing people who choose to be open minded and happy. You people are disgusting and cruel

      2. You people are creeps. You take a photo of a kid post a blog and are butt hurt about what she wants to do with her life…You people are fucked stop harassing a little girl and her mom do you people actually think what you’re doing is normal.

    3. “This girl is11 years old and is happy and comfortable in her own skin and owning who she is .”
      That’s an interesting expression you’ve chosen, except his skin happens to be male. If Daniel’s mother truly wanted her son be happy, she’d accept that he could grow up to look for his prince without having to torture himself into a parody of womanhood.

      1. You’re the homo phone you idiot trying to deny people the right to choose how they want to live.. Like because someone wants to change genders that makes them a homophobe? That doesn’t make sense.. People have a right to do what they want to their own body get the Fuck over it! Do women not have surgerys and take hormones when having a hard time to conceive lmao get over yourself and Shirty personality.. Maybe get some goals read a book and learn something .. Its pretty sad this is what you do for entertainment bash people who have no reason to be bashed.. So you people even have lives?

      2. You people are creeps. You take a photo of a kid post a blog and are butt hurt about what she wants to do with her life…You people are fucked stop harassing a little girl and her mom do you people actually think what you’re doing is normal.

      3. Maryssa said: “You people are creeps. You take a photo of a kid post a blog ”
        Daniel’s mother is the “creep” who put her child’s photo and personal information in the newspaper – twice! His picture would not be circulating had it not been for his mom.
        A boy who wants to marry a prince – that’s the story from his mother’s own mouth. That is the definition of homosexual, darling, not transgender.
        Boys who love boys aren’t a “girl trapped in a boy’s body.”
        About my tubes, I already have my children, too late for your forced infertility wish for me. But more importantly, I’m sad about your lack of concern for Daniel’s ability to produce children. You are taking away his choice before he is even old enough to understand the consequences of what these medical procedures will do to his body.

    4. What is horrific is whitewashing what is so clearly eugenics so that an attention seeking mother can get her two minutes of fame in the news.
      Parents are there to guide and protect their kids against the outcome of bad decisions until the children are old enough to understand the implications and make those decisions for themselves responsably. If Daniel thought he was a bird, the mother would throw him off a building yelling “flap your wings hun!”. Thats how ridiculous that transgender thing is.
      The fantasy will crumble sooner or later when he will not go through any of the biological transformations which turn a girl into a woman. And what will happen when he will get rejected by heterosexual men? There is not a snowball chances in hell, an het man will consider him a woman. Sexual orientation is a thing.

  21. Can’t help it, I am laughing my ass off about “homo phone”. Was it autocorrect or ?

      1. A homo phone? Umm, does that mean one phone? The same phone? Why do illiterate morons always write the most vehement posts? Fascist assholes pray for dimwits like this. Just ask Donald Trump.

        For some reason those with too much speed in the system, but too little intellect like to use the keyboards to scream incoherently. It’s a shame that this the example being set for that child……and others.

    1. Mishomophoning is an act of violence. Just look at what’s happening to sweet, innocent words such as there/their and to/too. They never hurt anybody, but every single day, they die a little more. These poor little words only want to mean what they actually mean, but some people just cannot live and let live … where’s the respect for difference? I despair.

      1. Even when one intends to be a good ally, it’s so easy to slip into unconscious homophonia. Your comment perpetuates the erasure of they’re and two.

      2. Thank you for articulating what I could not find words to express! Words matter, homophonic differentiation is so important.

  22. @maryssa fletcher
    “Your a small minded price of Shit I’m proud because un like you prices of trash who are uneducated .”
    Actually, women on this blog are very well educated. It’s a fact that children are being sterilized through GnRH agonists and cross gender hormones. Many, if not most, of the children who are socially “transitioned” at an early age end up on GnRH agonists and/or cross gender hormones by the time they are eleven or twelve years of age. If a male child has been called “she” ever since he was six or seven years old, what happens when he starts puberty? How do people explain this to a male child? Sooner or later he is going to learn that he can’t menstruate, and he is developing into an adolescent male. Calling this boy a “girl” is just setting him up for the GnRH agonists and/or cross gender hormones, and a life time of hormones and surgery.
    Because children lack the ability to give informed consent, some argue that sterilizing children is a human rights abuse. The prefrontal cortex of the human brain, sometimes called the judgment center of the brain, isn’t fully developed until the early twenties. There is a scientific reason why we don’t let teenagers take out bank loans or buy alcohol. Do teenagers possess the capacity to give informed consent regarding their fertility?
    Everything that I list below has been thoroughly discussed on gendertrender and other blogs and websites.
    * How will future historians view the sterilization of children who don’t fit neatly into sex based stereotypes?
    * How will future historians view the “transitioning” of disabled women? Are disabled women capable of giving informed consent?

    Social work professor speaks out on behalf of her FtM autistic daughter
    *Teenage girls as young as 14 and 15 years of age have undergone “top surgery”.
    As to the statement,
    “Gay and transgender are very different fyi transgender are people who feel that they are the opposite gender in the wrong body…You’re the homo phone you idiot trying to deny people the right to choose how they want to live.. ? ”
    * It’s a historical fact that what could be described as a form of gay and lesbian eugenics via transitioning (sex reassignment surgery, hormones) has been going on in Iran for years. Why would one of the most oppressive countries on earth pay for sex reassignment surgery yet execute homosexuals? Numerous credible sources say that gay men and lesbians have been coerced into sex reassignment surgery. It has been going on for years.
    The extent to which gay and lesbian eugenics through “transitioning” is happening in western countries is debatable, but studies that go back decades clearly show that childhood gender non-conformity is a fairly good predictor of adult homosexuality. Children are being “transitioned” before they have the time to fully explore their sexuality.
    President Obama, how is this not anti-gay conversion therapy?

    President Obama, how is this not anti-gay conversion therapy?

    I wish this human male child all the best, and I hope he isn’t chemically sterilized. He has a human right to experience his full sexuality as a male without being chemically altered. It’s okay for boys to be different, but it doesn’t mean that they are girls.

    1. How will historians view this period in the future in regards to trans issues? I dunno, like people today look back at the ’80s and ponder Satanic ritualistic cults that were never actually proven to be real. Or all those people who were convinced they had multiple personality disorder due to social contagion and trendy trends. Anyone else remember that?

  23. to all of you who think you know how we felt or how we feel now you have no idea. we tried hard to convince our child that maybe she was gay or just confused . we didn’t choose this for our child our child choose this. my child only ever wanted to be happy. just like any other kid. mine wants to be happy as well. we will not be doing the surgery(not that is any of all of your business) that is not what she has chose to do and if you all were there when the interview happened you would know that. that as well was not my choice it was hers she felt that she needed to help other kids like her to understand. she has a long road ahead of her and she knows this and as parents we will continue to support her in the life she has. this life may not be your ideal or perfect life but its also not yours its hers and at the end of the day that’s all that matters. your opinions are just words you do not know us nor do you care. This blog has shown me a whole new level of hate and bigotry. i will continue for the rest of my life loving my children and doing what is needed to make sure my kids grow up happy and healthy . to all of you who think that this is a choice you are very wrong very very wrong . no one would choose to live this life no one chooses to be different . it happens and when everyone stops to take a sec to quit point fingers and appointing blame you will see that. i only ever wanted happiness for my family and i will continue to do so . i hope that none of you ever have to face something like this it is not easy its the hardest thin i have ever been through lots of tears and worries and a total roller coaster of emotions go through you . i am sorry to have rambled so long but i need to all to know that this was never a choice like you all think. whether you choose to see it or not this is something you are born with and is part of you genes. i would never have forced my child into this life NEVER !!!! i support her and that is is and i ALWAYS will. i would rather have my child here with me to live a grow that bury my child at a young age cause of SUICIDE!!! those were my options and i choose to make my child as happy as i could by being SUPPORTIVE!!!

  24. What is the definition of a homophobe?
    Homophobia is the hatred or fear of homosexuals – that is, lesbians and gay men – sometimes leading to acts of violence and expressions of hostility. Homophobia is not confined to any one segment of society, and can be found in people from all walks of life.

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