Anonymous targets Heart Sees- hacks RadFemCentral

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“What Women Diets Should Have” [sic] – brought to you by Anonymous
My goodness. The boyz and “laydeez” of Anonymous seem to have had their cages rattled by Heart’s post today which featured a slideshow of some of the lovely people who target feminist blogs with hacking, DOS attacks and stalking. Heart’s post touched on the issues raised HERE yesterday in the GenderTrender Unmoderated post. What a co-ink-a-dink!, administered by Automattic , apparently deflected their attacks but they managed to hack blogger (google) site RadFemCentral to disappear her site and harass her. They replaced her site on the RadFemCentral aggregator with “womansspace dot org”, some weird fake site. HOLY SHIT! Hahahahahahaha! LMAO. Oh, you anonymous, you.
heart hacked fake woman's space .org
Boosting Laydee Confidence- by Anonymous

Anonymous are huge gaping women-hating turd-loving ASSHOLES!
The fucked up thing is I CAN’T REMOVE IT. Every time I try to replace the fake .org site with Heart’s site it reverts back to the fake one. However I can remove the fake one, so I have. This removes Heart’s site as well.
See Heart’s post about the shart-lovin’ Anonymous dipshits here:

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