THANK YOU BOSTON HERALD! For not referring to this sadistic brutal decapitation murderer – a sixty-four year old man who wants the state to turn him into “a little girl”– as a “Woman”.
Kosilek is not a woman. He is the worst sort of male predator.
Thanks again.
  Every Woman, Lesbian, and Feminist On The Planet. 

Kosilek presses Appeals Court to act on prison sex change


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Michelle Kosilek
Thursday, September 26, 2013

As he awaits word on whether his landmark taxpayer-funded sex-change operation will go forward, convicted transgender wife killer Michelle Kosilek is feeling his age and “anxiety,” a letter he wrote this month to U.S. Court of Appeals Judge Juan R. Torruella states.
Kosilek complains in the publicly filed handwritten note that nearly half a year has passed since Torruella and fellow appellate Judges Rogeriee Thompson and William Joseph Kayatta, Jr. heard the Department of Corrections’ appeal of a lower court’s controversial 2012 ruling that to deny him the surgery amounted to cruel and unusual punishment.
“Is my anxiety about approaching the six-month park misplaced, when this court almost always rules in three to four months?” Kosilek asked Torruella.
After all, Kosilek continued, he’s not getting any younger, and first began his quest for sex-reassignment via a civil suit when he was 43.
“I’m now sixty-four,” he wrote, adding in Spanish, “Que esta pasando? (What’s happening?)”
Kosilek enclosed a self-addressed envelope.
The former Robert Kosilek is serving life without the possibility of parole for the 1990 strangulation of his wife Cheryl Kosilek.
U.S. District Court Judge Mark L. Wolf, who ruled in favor of a sex-change operation for Kosilek, agreed to stay the procedure while DOC appealed to try and overturn him.
Kosilek, meanwhile, is living as a woman at the all-male MCI-Norfolk state prison.”


8 thoughts on “THANK YOU BOSTON HERALD- Signed, A Woman

  1. Reblogged this on winterdominatrix and commented:
    Thank you, he dont belong in a woman’s prison to brutalize more women, who he clearly hates. He never gave his wife the chance to live out her life the way she wanted, prison is a punishment, not a lesbian country club of free-range women to brutalize.

  2. F-him. No lady there. Laydee wannabee, fake, sucking public resources a-hole, criminal peen.

  3. Not giving him SRS on the taxpayers’ dime amounts to cruel and unusual punishment? Is this opposite day in la-la land?

    1. And the situation is that male wife-murderer wants to become a woman and live in a women’s prison. And feeling sorry for himself because he can’t. Dude…

  4. Thank dog he’s in the male prison where he belongs. Hope he has lots of boyfriends! 😉

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