Dumb Ass Comment of the Week Award Winner: Third Arm Edition

third arm

There are a lot of misinformed people here. Why should it be OK that the taxes I have taken out of my paychecks be used to provide coverage if you need Gastric Bypass Surgery because you were overeating and gained way to much weight to lose without some form of surgical intervention? Or if you needed a facial reconstruction do to an accident or something? Taxpayer money is what is paying for Obamacare.
What if you had a child that was born in the wrong body or had a child born with both sets of genitals? I bet you would be changing your tune in a heartbeat.
Sex Reassignment Surgery is not experimental, they have been doing it for at least 60 years. It isn’t cosmetic because it involves internal surgery and tissue and can’t be seen by the general public like a facelift or breast implants. It is medically necessary because the mind doesn’t match the body, and it would be a similar thing if a person was born with an extra arm and wanted surgery to remove it so they would feel like a normal person.
That is all Transgendered people want, it to be as normal as possible. So if my taxes have to pay for your extra arm to be removed, even though you are functioning in society and can actually use the 3rd. arm for grabbing onto more things than you could with 2 arms, Then why shouldn’t it be OK to pay for Sex Reassignment Surgery? It is still paid for by taxes. Also a lot of Transgendered persons have committed suicide because they can’t get the surgery and can’t bear to be living with something on their body that doesn’t belong there. And this goes for both M2F and F2M. Think of all the grieving families who’s loved ones took their lives because they couldn’t get the surgery to become the person they feel they should be?
Then again what about baby’s born with both sets of genitals. Intersexed/Hermaphrodite? 99% or the time, the Dr’s will do Sex Reassignment Surgery on them at birth, and usually will make them a male being the Dr’s are usually male, and in 90% of the time, they made the wrong choice. These people shouldn’t be penalized because of the Dr’s mistake, and should be allowed to have the surgery reversed.
Going back to Transgendered, it’s OK to remove their breasts at Taxpayer expense, so it should be OK to do the surgery for a M2F also.

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  1. Dear lord where to begin.
    “Then again what about baby’s born with both sets of genitals. ”
    Children are not born with two sets of genitals. Ever. Unless they are congenital twins. (Or “parasitic” twins).
    The vast number of children with disorders of sexual development whose sex is surgically “assigned” to promote the conformity you support (a practice now considered a human rights crime) are “assigned” female, not male. “easier to create a hole than a pole”.
    The awesome functional third arm “handicap”: dear god I just can’t even.

    1. Yes there are children born with both sets of genitals, and they are not conjoined twins or parasitic twins. They are one baby and It happens at least in 1 out of every 2000 births. They are Intersexed or Hermaphrodites. Google the terms. Also Google “The Intersexed Society of America”
      I personally know an Obstetrician who has delivered 15 individual babies himself that had a complete set of female and male genitals, That included a Uterus, Ovaries, Vagina Testicles and Penis.
      As for the third arm. Look at mother’s who were given Thalidomide. They often gave birth to children without arms or legs but had hands and feet attached at the shoulders and hips.
      Then there was this child a few years ago that was on something like TLC and the show was called the child with 8 limbs. This child had 4 legs and 4 arms, and had a difficult time functioning in society. The child was from a poor country, and I believe was brought to the United States to have the extra limbs removed.
      So before you make comments, read up on things that are said here. Especially the term Intersexed, and Hermaphrodite. Sometimes these baby’s are born with Ambiguous Genitalia where they don’t appear to be male or female. Then the Dr’s will decide on what sex the baby should be depending on how much tissue is available and they should really leave them alone and let their parent give them Gender Neutral clothing and let them play with both gender toys and their true gender will show itself and then before puberty, reconstructive surgery can be done for the gender the child identifies with, and not have to go through the problems that people who have already reached puberty have to go through if the Dr’s did surgery before and it was the wrong choice.
      All these things are technically “Birth Defects’

      1. Sir, you are incorrect. The only way a human can be born with two sets of gametes (either same-sex or opposite sex) is in the case of conjoined or parasitic twins. Further, I’m going to propose that you are a sex-typical male with no interest in congenital reproductive anomalies whatsoever beyond a desire to destabilize the concept of human reproduction in a convoluted attempt to support your porn-fed female-objectifying male sexual illness which causes you to imagine that you would like to be a “sexay laydee”. Indeed, I propose that you are a middle-aged heterosexual man likely married and a father several times over who has masturbated to the fantasy of inhabiting a female sex “object” since you first stole your mother’s panties during puberty and who now seeks out feminist blogs as part of his sexual life, which is dependent on involving women non-consentually in your sexual activities. Like many males, you regard sexual access to females as your human right and privilege as a male.
        I suggest you stop doing that, but of course as a male whose sole priority is his own erection you will disregard all female boundaries and our own right to humanity free from your sexual predation.

      2. You are a delusional idiot. Three vaginas–woo hoo the trifecta. Dream on bro. You will never have one. Nope, poor you just XY and a penis–oh well. Seriously, do you honestly imagine that false analogy works. Those children also have karotypes. These are easily seen almost always these days before birth. What do you want to bet that you have XY and a hard on. The Intersex Society of North America has stated they are NOT RELATED TO TRANSGENDER meaning they do not want to be associated with a bunch of fetishistic men–I am betting you are straight up XY. Now put on you pretty skirt bro and why don’t you go to a genetic counselor and sit in the waiting room with the mothers–they have pamphlets on the tables that say NOT TRANSGENDER–because those children have real physical conditions–which are different from sexual fetish . Now wtf are you going to raid the clinic kill the kids because they have a real condition and because they turn you into a male liar. A sexual fetish that is not a birth defect. It is merely very distasteful. Check it out Bro because you guys keep pushing that lie. In the introductory courses in college that cover genetics and address sexuality and Intersex. They are now stating that there is no scientific relationship between Trans and kerotypes disorders. Professors from across the curriculum are calling Bullshit. I think the sun is setting on Judith Butler and the Queer studies department. I promise that within the next 5 five years no one will believe you and no will pity you. Because your hard on is just not that important to other people.

      1. Yeah and what about the men with penis dysphoria? You know the ones who think their penis should be bigger than it actually is?
        Wocka wocka. I know that was low hanging fruit. If it actually were to become a thing you know like 90% of men would be into it. We’d have Trans*peen everywhere.

        1. I thought penis dysphoria was when dudes actually believe their dicks are bigger than they really are, and require medical intervention to get their dicks to match their innate identity as well-endowed. Because Science.

      2. Heh. Though for a while now, when people trot out the supposed “but [brain part] is objectively [percent] larger in wimmin! So laydee brain is real and surely I have one!” I’ve been countering with “women are on average shorter than men, and yet we don’t say that short men are ‘really women’ and encourage them to get SRS”…

  2. can I nominate this commenter for dumbass of the week;
    “It stinks that this article genders vaginas/vulvas/clitorises with phrases like “her vagina” and “she’s excited” etc etc. This is likely not the truth for many folks who read Autostraddle, be them someone who has a vagina and does use “she/her/hers” or someone who has a partner with a vagina who does not use “she/her/hers.” – from Maggie, posting on an Autostraddle article about cunnilingus FFS. http://www.autostraddle.com/how-to-have-lesbian-oral-sex-197537/?fb_source=pubv1

    1. That comment at Autostraddle – FFS. That website is a pathetic joke, so my expectations are pretty damn low to begin with, but that comment truly takes the cake.

    2. Autowhatever is joke. It’s man, libtard and tranny central. Like most “lesbian” websites!

    “What if you had a child that was born in the wrong body …”
    I’d still fit into size 8?
    OH my god I’ve heard some whacko ideas. Whose body, exactly?

  4. having read this post I now identify as translimbed. when will the government please pay for my surgery to have a fully functional third arm ATTACHED.

  5. The stupidity is mighty strong with this one. Any operation involves “internal surgery and tissue”, FFS, and “cosmetic” does not mean only things “seen by the general public.” But these: “…do to an accident”, and “baby’s”.

    1. Well yeah, the baby was born with a superfluous apostrophe, just hanging out there, it needs to be removed!!!

  6. As the world becomes stranger and stranger, I feel more and more ‘normal’ every day of my life. But the guy has a point: what if your baby WERE born into the WRONG BODY? Like, the body of a giant cockroach? Or a puppy? (Personally, I’d prefer the puppy, but of course, we know that there is no choice in these matters.) Born Thata Way! Woof! Woof!

    1. LOL!
      Speaking of wrong bodies, I suppose someone might be born into the wrong body if that wrong body doesn’t have a high enough metabolism, or a stylish enough nose, or wide enough eyes, or… dare I say it… it’s not the right race? What if I’m a black woman born into a WRONG white woman’s body???

      1. Not the right race?
        Somehow that’s different and you’re a hater who is murdering transwomen by even introducing the topic.
        …not that anyone has EVER managed to explain to me just how it’s supposedly different other than by “but hormones! HORMONES!!!1!!1” It’s like people read something about how hey hormones can affect prenatal development and then went and built an entire magical house of cards on it purely based on the potential, without actually following up.

        1. But I thought the whole idea was that your mental and emotional state override your physical state — if your thoughts and feels are that of a laydee, then that’s more important than that penis and scrotum hangin’ between your legs. ‘Cause the body doesn’t define us, the body is “wrong,” blah blah blah.
          But hormones are physical.
          So how is it that physical hormones override physical genitalia and chromosomes? Surely they’re not trying to have it both ways, are they?

      2. @Versa – They do try to ride the fine, fine line.
        They say that identity trumps all, in the sense that if your thoughts and feels are that of a laydee, then that’s more important than your penis, absolutely. “The body is wrong” all that.
        BUT! They feel the need for some justification to say that they were “born that way” so that their desires for SRS and legal “sex change” are “legitimate” and “real” and definitely, definitely, DEFINITELY nothing to do with any paraphilias or sexual preferences or heaven forbid mental illness. It needs to be something that’s inborn, that can’t be “fixed” with any amount of therapy, something that the only solution to it is a physical one – SRS. They need their “feels” to be physically caused.
        So the answer for them is hormones. They claim that the brain is gendered, physically, that supposedly you can take the brain of an M2T and measure it and find that it’s closer on average to a woman’s brain, and the reason behind all of it is prenatal hormones – which nicely makes it a physical birth defect (the penis is the birth defect, because our souls are in our brains) and therefore inborn, unchangeable, and requiring a physical surgical fix.
        Never mind that:
        (1) Mostly they’re relying on the same few studies with an abysmally small sample size and other various methodology flaws (Cordelia Fine points many of these out)
        (2) The same hormones that supposedly cause these minute changes in the brain ALSO cause the obvious physical change of GROWING A PENIS – it’s not as if you get one hormone wash that sets up your brain, and other that sets up your genitalia, such that you can get one and skip the other, which is pretty much what the “born in the wrong body” crowd wants you to believe. And they’re not rushing to get their live brains scanned, either – they have no idea what the various parts of their own brains look like
        (3) It’s very much not clear what difference these minute differences in the brain would have, it’s not as if you can point to some wrinkle and say “ah! empathy skills” or whatever it is – and by far the largest difference between male and female brains is just overall size, just as with other body parts
        (4) Women on average are shorter than men, but we don’t claim that short men must “really be women inside.”
        Plus you can’t judge individuals based on a bell curve average anyway (though people throughout history sure have continually tried, usually making excuses for oppressing women).
        The whole thing is built on stereotypes, absolutely. It’s people self-reporting that they “feel like” or “think like” women, when they necessarily have no idea what that even means. However they think or feel, if they have penises (and male privilege) then those feels should go on the “male” side of the ledger and expand the definition of what the range of MALE thinking is – and the same goes for gender non-conforming women, just because you’re good at math doesn’t mean you’re “really a man.” It’s all built on this idea that there’s necessarily a “proper” relationship between the shape of your bits and your personality, which is just stupid.
        But yes they do love the hormones excuse because it lets them be “born this way” in a way that they can claim needs “fixing” rather than just acceptance. It also lets them (in their mind) draw a bright line between the “reality” of their “born in the wrong body” rhetoric and the “but what about transethnic?” detractors, because they just say “well, there’s no ‘black’ hormone so of course it’s different!”
        Short version: Heck yeah it’s a contradiction, they just carefully weasel word around it as often as possible.

        1. “Women on average are shorter than men, but we don’t claim that short men must ‘really be women inside.'”
          I am 5’9”, which is taller than about 90-95% of women, as I understand it.
          I once dated a guy who was an inch or two shorter than I, and he jokingly commented that I made him feel like less of a man because I could reach higher. I retorted with, “should I feel like less of a woman because of this?” and he said no. It was all very light and we were laughing about it; it wasn’t some serious, heavy conversation. We both knew it was silly. But yeah, being the taller one in that relationship didn’t make me the man.
          Why can’t we all just be who we are, and let our bodies be what they are, and if they’re designed for this or that method of procreation, then so be it, and that’s that? Why is that so hard?
          But you know, I feel like a woman on the inside (although I suspect this is because I was taught as a young child that I am female, and so I associate myself with being female for that reason), so maybe I should mutilate my body to make it match my inner femaleness. You know, hack a few inches off to be shorter. Because I’m a female INSIDE WHERE IT COUNTS and my tall body is WRONG!
          I guess I should also attack that part of my brain that’s good at math. I once heard a particularly blatantly misogynistic trans apologist claim that being good at math means you are (at least partially) male.

  7. Not sure where you (the OP) are posting from (somewhere in the US) but I’m in the UK so some of my tax pounds are spent by the NHS. I’m not one of the stripe who makes a big fuss about exactly HOW those pounds are spent – frankly I don’t WANT that responsibility; that’s what our healthcare workers and politicians are paid for, also via my tax contributions. This is not to say I don’t care, mind; and for what it’s worth I’m thankful for the work done by RadFem commentators such as GM for repeatedly pointing up the politics underlying the decisions these people make in deciding how our tax pounds/dollars etc should be spent.
    In a nutshell, it’s not the use of the money I specifically object to: it’s rather that by pathologising trans* folk (which is problematic in itself, and objectionable to many said individuals themselves) and subjecting them to surgery/hormones/therapy they divert attention from the underlying pathology in society, i.e. gender.
    None of your analogies really fit. Intersex is not the same thing as trans* though there’s a common presumption that ab (i.e. – less than) normal must be female because gender normativity favours the male, as gender – as a conceit – favours the male. Is this what you mean when you say docs get it ‘wrong’ 90% of the time? Why the obsession with ‘normal’ anyway? Instead of striving for normality, maybe learning to accept and value difference for what it is might be a nobler aim? As far as sex -in the reproductive sense – goes we ARE a binary species, and if anything, female (XX) is the norm; but that doesn’t preclude non-females (any ‘y’-inclusive karyotype) from finding a valid place in society; gender does that. Lees than ‘normal’ = must be female, then…
    Liberal/queer thinkers trumpet ‘celebrating diversity’ yet….
    And whilst I don’t object to gastric-bypass surgery in cases of medical emergency, I’d far sooner folks grew up with access to sound knowledge of nutrition and healthy living; and awareness that political and financial profit is being made on the back of bad health choices.

  8. GM. Okay I know this might not be the right place to bring it up but I nocticed I noticed that some campus LBG groups have added to the T an “I” for intersex. The North American Intersex group does not seem to really want that. They state explicity they are not Trans and have nothing to do with being gay. Can LBG groups just co-opt people that do not want to be.

    1. It’s all about appropriation and propping up a delusion. If they can call themselves women, they can say intersex people are trans, too.

    2. It’s really the T rather than the LGB trying to co-opt intersex people into the movement, since the trans movement loves stealing terms and ideas from intersex activists.

  9. Reading this post that is beyond bizarre, I’m more convinced than ever that these sex change operation people are frighteningly delusional. The lunatics are definitely running the asylum.

  10. People are not necessarily fat because of “bad health choices.” We are fat for a number of reasons, including medical negligence, body type, etc. Gastric surgery is no joke: take a healthy organ — hmm, kind of like a healthy reproductive organ — and create disease where there was none. The death rate from these surgeries is very high, and the failure rate is astronomical, leaving people with severe health issues they did not have before “barbaric” surgery. I didn’t expect better from the logic-challenged dumbass commenter, but I do expect better from those who possess brains and know what it is like to be marginalized for being who they are.

  11. Honorable mention:
    Submitted on 2013/10/07 at 12:27 am
    various hate speech. I do believe many of the comments attributed to trans*womyn are manyfactured ones. but angers do flare in what appears to be a war that could only take place in a country as privileged as ours.I’m amazed at how much energy is wasted that could be used to actually effect change. instead of feminism being an instrument by which we defend ourselves on a social battlefield it has become the battlefield.
    I am a transwomyn who has not thought it necessary to pursue surgical options.
    I am a womyn born womyn. I was born a womyn whom society transitioned at birth to a male identity. I have a penis but it doesn’t define me as a man. instead I am a womyn who instead of possessing a womyns vagina possess’s a womyns penis. it is said that I didn’t’t grow up experiencing what those who are termed cis womyn have undergone. those things are indeed terrible. it is said I enjoyed male privelege. however as I asserted I am a womyn born womyn who was transgendered at birth to a male identity it must be considered an absolute identity theft and an absolutely oppressive situation. any attempts to escape this are met with varying forms of violence by both cis men and womyn so you see that it can be shown that I have known considerable patriarchal oppression and in many cases and personally I’ve been violated by matriarchal oppression as well. some gave called trans* womyn rapisIts. that’s a strong word that should not be thrown around without a very real and not abstract context. we should never diminish the force of that word in order to meet political ends. I don’t know the individuall womyn who have used this language. I don’t know their bio’s. have they been sexually assaulted? if so they should above all others uunderstand this. if they haven’t then in respect for those who have please show the decency and asserted alliance you claimto leave tthis word with whatever little power it has in our culture.
    please furthermore understand that you are not the force of nature itself you are not Adam in the garden with the power of absolute nomenclature over all living things. you have eaten of a poisoned Apple, the fruit of a tree in which you”ve learned good and evil and you have sought a power which belongs to no oneand sshould be handled only by the nurturing touch of the goddess. shame on you.
    you have attacked my body but you can’t touch it …I am goddess born, goddess loved, and goddess protected.
    you have attacked my way as a lesbian but you can’t have it. from the thighs of the goddess I came and to the thighs of the goddess I go and in these thighs of a goddess I am known. from the fertility of two womyn can come little goddess’s and yeeeeeeeeeessssss even kind little boys who love their mommy’s.
    and finally please uhh bless you are willing to actually take a trip to seattle to,ask my love if she is the victim of rape in our marriage bed than please don’t missaproprate her voice.
    remember it’s never to late to change a path you are on. you have hurt many people both directly and obliquely….but we are still womyn who must draw common cause from the multi dimensionality if our oppression. let us put this away…take our fruit from another basket.

    1. now that is some serious crazy.
      I’m just posting so his comment doesn’t get buried and missed by the others…

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