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  1. I’m generally quite sympathetic to young people struggling with Jendur but this young man makes it really difficult when he spouts such awful sexism and homophobia against actual women.

      1. Disgusting indeed. But with parents who “know” you are a girl when you are three, and go along with the idea that you can remember “knowing” you were a girl before you were old enough to have developed language, or be likely to retain memories of much of anything, a boy is bound to have problems.
        I despise all that homecoming queen/Miss America/beauty queen crap no end. It’s the epitome of creepy feminine stereotypes and sets girls against each other viciously.

      2. …was gonna say.
        The system I went through didn’t have homecoming or homecoming queens or anything. But we had cool girls. We had alpha girls, the cool lunch table, the catty ones who were “beautiful” and talked crap about the rest of us “ugly” girls and teased and ostracized and made fun. Thank heavens in my day they couldn’t do it on the internet like they do now.
        Never in a million years did I ever think I’d be included in that group, or compete in that way with that group, to be beautiful or the “it girl” or anything like that. So I (along with hordes of others) never joined that competition, we decided it was pointless and pursued other paths (which we feel are more meaningful).
        But I certainly observed it, and you know? The “winner” in such circles is always torn down, because that’s what that world is about. (Heck yes I’m biased.) Perhaps I missed it in the linked video, but what exactly did the other contestants or the audience say that was so terrible? There were haters? There are always haters. That’s what that world is, even if you’re actually a girl in it. (Yes, I’m cynical about that – sue me.)
        The winner in the video seems to think that if the trans* thing weren’t there, it’d all be roses? Because I suspect not. It’d be about cheating, unfair, how ugly doesn’t deserve to win, anyway.
        And so I’ll say, at least THIS girl decided fuck that, there are more interesting paths to pursue. I might be “ugly” but hey, I enjoy my life on my own terms.
        I’ll agree, he’s a human being and as such deserves respect. My honest advice is, get a hobby. Find some other fulfilling path that is about skills and learning and skip this nonsense, gender issues completely aside.
        And yet, I (as always) have to ask, if he’s reading this anywhere – just what about his personality makes him (or his parents) think he’s a girl? Hell, to get back to the homecoming thing I bet no one would bat an eye if he weren’t interested in such competition, unfortunately not so much for some of us girls who got side-eye for not being interested in the looks competition thing.

        1. I read something interesting about high school once: that when surveyed, more people than not felt themselves outcasts in high school, felt there was some larger in-group they weren’t part of. That in fact the kids who feel at home there are relatively small in number, but have undue influence on the other children’s perceptions.

      3. Adrian, your comment really spoke to me. It’s only been in the last year that I can see myself for how brave I was for not drinking the patriarchal koolaid as a young girl. I didn’t wear make up or kiss any of the boys asses’ or dumbed myself down. I was never ashamed of getting the right answers in class, and I never hid my love of literature and history. I have such a fulfilling life filled with travel and my dream career, and the thought of me “peaking” in high school baffles me. Damn in high school I was just getting started!

      4. GallusMag:
        That is very disgusting because growing up none of my sisters (well my oldest sister did) cared about the homecoming thing. My younger sisters were far from “girly” growing up and even now they still aren’t “girly”.

  2. Did you people honestly just watch a video of a young person crying over the hatred aimed at them and decide to MOCK them? No matter how you feel about trans people, this is a person whose life was threatened and who was mocked endlessly, to the point of tears. And you decided that making fun of that was how to be a good person?

    1. Excuse me? Where did you see that? I haven’t deleted anything, so whatever you are referring to must be here. And yet- I see no mocking or making fun. Cris, are you on drugs or inebrients of some type? Or psychotic? Do you see mockery everywhere?
      What I see is a discussion on a feminist blog of a public, monetized video of a young man who appears to desperately want us to view it. This young man expresses how he will never receive enough validation of his internal sexism to be “happy”. Seems like a pretty good jumping off point for a discussion. Too bad you weren’t capable of contributing. I hope you get back in touch with reality again soon.

        1. Yeah, this one’s personal for me, as I’ll warrant it is for many of us. The whole prom queen coterie were clearly not on my side when I was a kid in school. I can see now that they were being played, and were indeed victims of a sort. But I still find it kind of triggering. And here is this boy crying because it didn’t work out like he expected. I’ve got news for him: that shit never works out like anyone expects, because it is rotten to the core. There are other games in town, including ones run by people who are cool with boys in makeup and dresses.

      1. @mieprowan – “I can see now that they were being played, and were indeed victims of a sort. But I still find it kind of triggering. And here is this boy crying because it didn’t work out like he expected. I’ve got news for him: that shit never works out like anyone expects, because it is rotten to the core.”
        HELL. YES.
        Part of what boggles my mind watching this video is, here’s someone who never felt pressure to join in this nonsense, and yet VOLUNTEERED (why? why?) and is now upset to find out the sad story of it all…

        1. Oh, I think he very much did feel pressure. From the parents who “knew” he was a girl from when he was three. The sort of parents who deal with such a child by telling him he’s a girl with a penis, instead of telling him that only nasty people tell boys they can’t wear pink.

      2. We, being women, (het or lesbian) have experienced all that too. The difference is YouTube doesn’t remove them when it’s us being called those names. Bye now.

    2. I’m personally more pissed off at the parents. When I was three, I am told, I insisted that I had a tail. My parents refrained from deciding I was correct.

      1. My sentiment as well. He even says his parents knew he was a girl earlier than he did! Now, hmm, I wonder where he got that idea from???
        My parents could have told me I was a boy because I didn’t wear dresses, didn’t play with Barbies, and enjoyed playing sports and doing math. They could have. But they didn’t.
        Thank God.

    3. Do you have reading problems? No one mocks him here.Yes pointing out sexism is mocking! Indeed! Nice try you troll.

    4. I suspect Cris is more interested in silencing gender-critical feminist discussion that expressing genuine concern for the young man in the video. 😉

    5. I’m not mocking anyone, I feel sorry for him and also amazed that young people nowadays put such emotional things up on YouTube for the entire unwashed internet to view. I watched the whole thing before commenting, but I’ll say it was hard to watch.
      That said, is the life threatened thing in the video? Because honestly I was wondering just what all the “hating” was about, I didn’t catch it if it was in there. As I said in my other comment, if it’s about general “hating” and he didn’t deserve to win or whatever (and in his case surely people run for the low-hanging-fruit and “it’s a man, baby!” BECAUSE it’s low-hanging fruit, same reason people jump to racial slurs), that’s sadly par for the course in such competitions.

    6. Shut your pie hole you lecturing twat. He deserves to be mocked!! He is yet another misogynistic asshole who needs to be brought down a few notches.Another male being their usual manipulative whiny selves. And, of course, handmaidens like “Crisssy-poo” are right there to fall for it. lol. Hook. Line. Sinker.
      I don’t feel the least bit sorry for him. Huge ass drama queen putting YT videos up of himself waiting for cock suckers like you, Cris, to come along and wipe his bum. Typical weak assed chick move. So congrats, “Cris”, you’re a full blown chick.
      Silly prick in the video needs to buck up stop his blubbering and wipe his nose and take that fuckin dress off. Pathetic!

  3. So saddening, to see such a damaged and deluded child. His parents knew he was a girl since he was 3, before he even knew, although in the previous breath he stated he’s always known, since he was a baby. If that doesn’t sound like an indoctrinated kid, I don’t know what does.
    Looks like the pattern of either having more than an average amount of money to play with or blowing money unwisely holds true for more than just adult trans. Those airbrush makeup gizmos and the cartridges that go with ain’t cheap.

    1. oh god please don’t start that “i feel so bad for them” crap because no one believes that. At least be honest with your bigotry

      1. Don’t you dare presume to tell me how I feel, you sad, little troll! This child’s emotional and mental state is tragic. Bigotry would require hatred, and I do not hate trans people. Disagreement does not equate to hatred.

    2. Seems to me Cris and Miss Whoever didn’t get the memo. Women don’t get it right, ever, no matter who they are and what they try to achieve. You thought you were a girl? No way honey. You’d have had that disappointment I failed you thing all the way since you were that 3 mos old girl.
      I wrote a letter apologizing to the Chamber of Commerce (those words on my sash?) because I didn’t win “for them.”
      But I, you see, am a girl.

      1. The winner did get money although not a scholarship. It was why I went in for it, being in a family of six with a single-parent mom.

        1. del, I was thinking more broadly about the idea that being a winner in any of these beauty pageants held in school could count as the kind of extracurricular activities that give you extra points on your school resume. And I bet they do.

  4. Why do people like Cris never give a shit when these kids start throwing clots from black-market hormones and dying from insanely risky silicone injections?

  5. I do care. I want hatred like this to end so that these kids dont have to resort to black-market hormones or surgery, but can instead have safe procedures

    1. You want this gay young man to have plastic surgery? Why?
      You think feminists speaking against high school pageants and sexist stereotypes is “hatred” of the men who support them? LOL. Now now sir.

    2. Oh yes let’s keep him safe. Priorty One.Cris, Mock him? Missed that. He is a misogynist little prick monster. He did not get the pretty in pink prize that was his.. his it was all his.
      Seriously as a mother of real children not some swarm or a pile of squirming writhing narcissistic crap, not any rage pumped sick boys that ape the most damaging tropes young females are forced to endure. So I would be less than honest if I didn’t say, I don’t give a fuck what he feels like.
      Cris don’t kid yourself, not for one second. You hold women and girls in contempt. You hate them. You can imagine you are compassionate but here’s the fact. That boy is a danger to girls and women. I don’t have any problem stating that. You get off a little on feigning pity for some prick. The truth is he is no different that boys that gang rape girls. He is the same—no different a little monster. He can save his horseshit crocodile video tears. He is a shitty actor
      He feels like a girl—wow we better just pull out our embroidered hankies and dab the tears out of our eyes because nobody is paying any homage to his little girly hard on.. The pain when bawaaaa he didn’t get the pretty tiara bawwwww—inhuman. It is just “inhuman.” Yep human females his age are raped—but no he more important, human females his age give birth in huts—but no no they don’t matter he needs the pink tiara prize.
      Get the fuck out of here. That kid is revolting, a self-center idiot.
      His life threatened—give me a break. That boy is a hairs breath away from some jealous rage when he takes down human females. If he can stop aping for the camera—you think an agent is going to call him and caste him as Americas Sweetheart ? He probably sent it agents. All his families hopes of getting out of the trailer park are riding on him. I wonder if he cried buckets over his SAT scores—I suspect not.

      1. Wow, thank you for saying all that. As disgusting as this kind of thing is, it’s one of the few things that some girls where allowed to feel like they have won something, but they are just not good enough. No, it takes a man/boy to be the better girl/woman.
        Yes, one more narcissist who could care less about girls and women, yet the girls support him in this. And now he is all over the news, praised, called “she” and “her,” proving what the trans cult keeps cramming down our throats — that men make better women than women.
        And yes, his hatred of real girls is so very clear. So what else is new?

    3. Is there such a thing as ‘safe’ when it comes to radical cosmetic surgery though, Cris? When the motive is political and financial profit from human insecurity? The name Michael Jackson mean anything to you? Heard of FGM? Or the guy whose legs atrophied and had to be amputated when his calf inplants didn’t take? And let’s not get into my feelings about the surgeon who botched my mum’s breast implant. I realise I’m conflating a bunch of different stuff but I see a same basic sickness underlying it all that surgery just can’t cure.

      1. Cris supports the teen’s stated “lifegoal” of performing in tranny porn.

  6. I should give this kid some advice (from his Kindly Lesbian Auntie!)
    #1. Run like hell from old heterosexual “transwomen”.
    #2. You are graduating High School GOOD FOR YOU! Now set up some college if you can- possibly in the drama department.
    #3. DON’T HUSTLE.
    #4. Don’t do DIY ‘mones.
    #5. Don’t get silicone.
    #7. Make HIM wear a condom

    1. #8. It gets better. I know it seems like the end of the world right now. Don’t let anyone talk you into anything irreversible. You’re fine just the way you are.

      1. Heartily seconded. Your body isn’t “wrong.” It’s you, and it’s OKAY just as it is. You can wear what you want and be yourself in the body YOU HAVE.

      2. I see below that young Cassy has already been chemically castrated to spare the world the discomfort of another beautiful gay man, but I’d like to add some advice to other young gay boys whose parents are horrific child abusers:
        Male beauty is just as valid as female beauty. Being attractive doesn’t invalidate your male sex. It does not “feminize” you, it does not make you a girl, it does not turn you into a pretty pretty princess. Like mieprowan wrote, your body is fine just the way it is. (I promise.)

    2. If you go on trans forums you’ll see how they encourage prostitution too, so giving the advice not to get into that is quite good. it becomes such a compulsion for them they become willing to do any degrading act to buy hormones and surgery so they can be a sex object for “straight” guys that use them as dark secrets. what a real reward in the end…

  7. More advice:
    Lance/Cassidy- you will never have an experience of being a woman. Ever. “Transwomen” have no relation to actual female experience whatsoever. If you can accept this reality you have at least some hope for happiness in life!

  8. I wonder if Cris would think it permissible for feminists to discuss this video if Lance/Cassidy was actually a female ? (Rhetorical since Cris is ranting into the spam bin).

  9. This is an attractive young man. I have hope that he will realize this fact soon and accept his inevitable fate as a very desirable and sought after male. God, the fun he is going to have when he gets to college…

      1. Apparently Johanna Olson Md, -the progressive democrat that squashed the lowering of voting age in California because her professional opinion is that those under 18 lack the mental maturity to select a political candidate- is the physician who sterilized and chemically castrated this gay 16 year old.

  10. People who show compassion to the cruel and ultimately going to be cruel to those who do need mercy. A loose translation. The kid is addicted to attention and drama and he has hit the mother-load. This has very little if anything to do gay or not. Except it is just trendier. All those repugnant things “homecoming queen” “Cheerleader” do in fact matter to girls applying for scholarships to smaller colleges in the south and mid-west. They matter more to poor girls whose parents could not afford to send them to summer programs in France. I am not stating it is good or right I am stating it as a fact that scholarship committees consider. These pricks are cradle to grave taking opportunities away from girls. Males are being given scholarships earmarked for females. So here he is dumb ass white boy with his boot on some girls neck. I say cradle to grave—get back jack. I would not encourage this narcissism—poor baby is gay. Quick don’t mention gay men loath women and are in fact not economically oppressed. Call me crazy, but here’s my take: he is a male and white and gay or not he will crush women for as long as he is alive. Unless we say no. He getting no “gay boy” privilege from me. What he spends on mascara real girls work for at shitty babysitting jobs—I somehow doubt the kid has ever worked a day in his life and when he does—woe to the women he lords over. I have had and raised enough kids in my time. He needs a whooping big dose of shut and sit down humility. And yes my kids still love me and are decent human beings.

    1. Motherhood: you make an excellent point about scholarships. Thanks for pointing that out.
      I have always admired your bullshit detector and I cannot debate anything you’ve written.
      Part of where I’m coming from is being weary of these crazy vicious dudes running around insisting that they’re women and/or lesbians. They cause a lot more trouble than plain old gay men do. And it’s not entirely clear to me how they develop. But young gay men are bound to be influenced by them, and the more get steered back into being reasonably happy gay men, instead of crazed stalkers of lesbian activists, the better. Otherwise, I’m hoping gay male activists are picking up on this one and offering this kid support, the ball is definitely in their court.

    2. Interesting. He is a huuuge attention seeker. The only reason he is getting attention is because 1. He is male 2. Gender is super salable 3. Certain factors which leant his homecoming queen meme increased media (some random like timing and location and some self-directed such as pursuit of media coverage).
      He is not the first male homecoming queen (or prom queen) and he won’t be the last. There have been previous female homecoming/prom kings as well. No female homecoming queen regardless of her remarkable circumstances will ever be accorded this much attention.
      But neither will he. He really HAS peaked in terms of events which garner him attention for the rest of his life. It is unlikely that he will ever get this level of attention again (baring extraordinary work unrelated to gender – or extreme criminality).

      1. Well he is male. Dollars to donuts he will get paid more than any of my daughters will for a whole lot less work. And no question he is stupid–even for a kid.

      2. Would Zimmerman have shot him?
        Point stands. And even if it didn’t, I’m sure one could dig out an example of non-privilege for every male on the planet to use to shut down discussion.
        That’s the whole hegemonic thing that the gender dudes in colleges are teaching, anyway: no man can live up to the standard of perfect white male heterosexuality in patriarchy so no one is guilty, no one is responsible, we’re all good and can get healthy masculinities. This is just the flip side of that: no tranny can live up to the perfect feminine victim, only everyone has to pretend that’s a tragedy.

      3. Replying about the census comment:
        The US census doesn’t care about justice or reality. “Latino” is a confusing term because it implies Spanish descent, when most “Latinas/Latinos”in the Americas are Indian/Indigenous or mixed. Depending how much, they are visibly a racially oppressed people. And being the majority doesn’t matter when they are also quite poor. African-descent people are the majority in poor Oakland, but no one would ever think they are privileged. Oakland’s police is an occupying army of white men from suburbs miles away.

  11. Mieprowan,
    I don’t debate well. I don’t even know what to do about these guys other than never give an inch. GM, yes they get only male attention and every other privilege. Male attention is more serious more weighted. It is real. We are just a screeching annoyance. And as far as I am concerned gay men will throw women under the bus just as quickly as any other male. IMHO they are no different. It will be a cold day in hell when I fawn over some entitled male. You think I’m nuts– GM you know how to do research.. Re: gay men—try looking up the stats for the early days of AIDS—Johns Hopkins And the initial drug trails. You may notice that after the initial drugs came out a man had an average life expectancy of about 10 months longer than women. Why? Because women of child bearing years were cut from the trials not allowed to have those drugs because—possible birth defects. I will repeat that women were not given any drugs to prolong their life. This was done with the full knowledge and approval of the Gay male contingency—women were not even at those meetings. Please lesbians do not imagine gay men are different. At one point when activists were pushing for faster access they pushed women out of getting the drugs because including women in the trails would hold up access. Are you catching me drift. You should fact check me on that. Look at the drug trail laws for women of childbearing age. Now ofcorse this is never mentioned because—it is male privilege to let women die.
    My point is these guys need to be cut off at the pass. For sure there will be other male Miss Americas but I wish all women would refuse to take part in any kind of competition that allows males to compete as females. Try to bring it to a halt. No pity. The fufill a need in our society based in contempt for women. They deserve nothing that is reserved for girls or women. The ones that can keep their shit together even marginally will take attention, will take money, they will take jobs and will be paid more than any female—male privilege remains. They provide an out for ever having to allow women anything ever again.

    1. Motherhood: you’re welcome to differ, but I think your capacity for relentlessly hammering out information, well qualifies you as someone who debates well.
      The problems with medical trials involving only men has been much broader than you describe, if I recall correctly, including instances of drugs created to treat only women, only being tested on men.
      “The ones that can keep their shit together even marginally will take attention, will take money, they will take jobs and will be paid more than any female—male privilege remains. They provide an out for ever having to allow women anything ever again.”
      This is huge. Look at the flip side, the violence statistics. We know it’s all flowing from men, but legally redefine men as female, voila! Muddied data.
      We are dealing with a fullblown invasion.

      1. I went over to The Advocate and the voices of support were raised in high. It looked to be mostly men. A friend in another state came up with an interesting idea. Remember POW bracelets. The idea is whistles—loud silver whistles with the name of women murdered by men on them and doing a take back the space thing–just starting a protest. Women can blow these when they encounter a male in womens’ spaces. These men count on being able to terrorize women into silence or shame women by calling us bigots and haters. Not a damn thing you can say back to women blowing whistles to get help because some dude is in the ladies or the locker or the changing room. Just floating the idea. A whistle is something that many people can hear–they can’t argue with what is clearly a cry for help. The point is that if enough women do it, more women will do it. It will remove the whole issue out of their male demands for attention and getting off by menacing women and move it into the unarguable position women are in–danger. They are threaten, they have penises. While I think the certain pockets of the gay community support them I do not think it is across the board and so much is about image and can’t imagine people wanting to back slide to ensure these guys get their rocks off in the ladies room. Any thoughts?

    2. I agree so much with all that you said.And thank you for that information. I saw gay male contempt for Lesbians until they needed us, and then they literally demanded our blood because it was the cleanest, and then dying Lesbians were evicted from the Shanti Project for gay men. Even now, while gay men are asking gay men with AIDS to give it to them (a gay man with AIDS told me this happens all the time), Lesbians are still dutifully volunteering for the various AIDS organizations, while Lesbians who are dying get little help. Gay men have an entire neighborhood in San Francisco, with bars, restaurants, businesses and of course the very many sado-masochist shops, while we have no bookstore/bar or anything left.
      There are a very few gay men who care, and they say most just hate Lesbians.
      Meanwhile, the men saying they are women is increasing across the news. Now it’s not just the trans cult followers obediently learning “transgender etiquette,” but the mainstream women, who used to have the sense to be horrified at the thought of men saying they were Lesbians.

    1. At least he REALLY gives a shit about someone besides himself. I mean, good grief, how many professional feminist dudes have been moved by a woman’s plight like that? Or can you imagine Tim Wise ugly crying because of racism?
      /Chris Crocker fan.
      Personally, it’ll take a third-trimester pregnant Prom King to get me to look away from cat gifs or whatever so I think CNN et al. miscalculated by promoting “I Should Be So Happy” guy as their next big thing.

    1. Potential male reactions to women crying:
      1. “Stop that! It upsets me!”
      2. “There are pills for that.”
      3. “You’re being manipulative.”
      4. Instantly leaves.
      5. Utterly fails to notice.
      6. Pretends to utterly fail to notice, and plots revenge.

  12. Only a man: set up a camera, select one of several posed angles, arrange my lighting, ACTION!
    Tears. Snot. Hand waving (see my French manicure?)

    1. Yeah, weeping girls on the internet are only cared about by strangers if they walk in front of trains. They fit well into the female victim fetish thing then.

  13. Now that I know this gay boy has been sterilized and “cosmetically disabled for life” by Dr. Jo Olsen I may have to adjust my Aunty Lesbian advice..

    1. Yeah. They haven’t cut him yet. So he can get cut and take one set of hormones or not get cut and take a different set of hormones. Or give up on even an artificial experience of deciding what he would like to do about sex. So wonderfully flexible, all this.

    1. Yeah. And get gay male activists to help you start a gofundme thing about how you need transition funds so you can get away from your vampire parents.

    2. Friendly amendment from an Auntie Lesbian in training: I know much less about the estrogens than the other side, but generally it’s best to taper off on these things rather than cold turkey. Still, the principle is the thing, and yes–I concur that this process should begin as soon as possible. You can recover, it is nowhere near too late.

  14. “Lesbians are still dutifully volunteering for the various AIDS organizations, while Lesbians who are dying get little help. Gay men have an entire neighborhood in San Francisco, with bars, restaurants, businesses and of course the very many sado-masochist shops, while we have no bookstore/bar or anything left.” Bev Jo said
    The incredible economic decline of lesbian neighborhoods, such as they once were, was a result of the AIDS epidemic, when lesbians dropped everything. Shanti did indeed get rid of the lesbians who were dying…

    1. Over 10 years working for an HIV/AIDS org in Brighton UK and I can tell you it’s much the same story here, Sheila. Many of our longest-serving staff/volunteers are women yet it’s only in the last couple years that we’ve really started to engage with the specific needs of women thru a dedicated women & families’ service. To be fair, we wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for a groundswell of support from within the LGB community from way back and much of that also came from the ‘G’ sector but now we’re in the quandry of having to be seen ‘diversify’ to chase increasingly-scarce public funding whilst maintaining the goodwill of our original support base and it’s hard to escape the conclusion that many within the ‘G’ community resent putting in the effort when they face having to share the spoils with the ‘L’, ‘T’ and Straight folk. Don’t wanna tar the many good folk with that brush – most of us just wanna do a good job; but it did strike me as significant that when the Brighton AIDS memorial was erected (no pun) a couple years back it featured a statue with two figures: one male, one ‘androgynous’. Telling symbolism, considering it’s well-acknowleged that rates of infection are pretty much 50/50.
      And the Lesbian presence on the social scene is definitely rather lower key here than was the case when I arrived a decade ago.

  15. … now the trans cult wants to invade everything. I detest beauty contests and all they stand for. This video is just an obscene display of narcissim, and no, you don’t get made to be happy in the outside world. The world does not support lesbians or women, it hates us, and boys who pretend to be girls and are supported in this grand illusion of themselves have no idea what it is women are subjected to. They make themselves into sex objects, they are so self-centered it is shocking. No sympathy, just so sick of this excess and womanhating woman stealing vampirism.

  16. Being the ever-so-cynical type, and considering that the kid nominated himself for Homecoming Queen (you read that right- he nominated HIMSELF, not someone else doing the nominating), I cannot help but to wonder if the student body elected him as sort of the senior class prank. And then when they have their ten year reunion, someone will bring up the subject between beers of ‘hey, you remember when we voted Lance as Queen…ain’t nobody ever going to top THAT’
    And if the kid is actually getting suicidal because of comments that followed his media whoring of this whole debacle, then I would posit that he is NOT mentally stable enough to be on ANY sort of drug therapy.

    1. In the video from the news station quite a few of them say they voted him queen basically to show how openminded they are, how supportive of trans they are.
      …which says volumes, I think.

      1. haven’t seen those clips yet, but would not be surprised if they are kids still subject to repercussion by the school under current codes that basically preclude kids from actually thinking and speaking their mind…and that come the ten-year reunion, we see things play out as I surmised.

  17. The Britney video is right on. That’s what this is about. This is what teenage kids often do, get very dramatic about . . .stuff. Whatever stuff is trendy at the time. Watch the Elvis footage, or the Beatles. Lotsa emotion. Too bad, mostly female fans, endorses the stereotypes of emotional girls/women.
    So, why would being beauty queen be the pinnacle for trans? 1. You’ll never be that young again. Aging rapidly, especially on weird hormone cocktails. 2. You’ll never be so thoroughly the center of attention for your looks, your “feminity”, you may be expected to do stuff, like work at a boring old job where there’s little attention, just a daily endless grind. So it didn’t make you happy? Not surprising.
    So, you ran as a beauty queen and people hated on you? Miss America just got hated on because she was Indian. Look at the history of Miss America and just watch the hate. Or being a fetishized woman. But yes, many did these things for the scholarships, including all the local and state beauty pageants where there are scholarships. I knew a woman who ran for Miss America. She didn’t like it. But it was a career path like any other and a lot of hard work.
    Being hated on and being fetishized is the price you pay if you are a woman–or in this case, try to act like you are. But then, there are other roles for women, all with a price for something. And males will fetishize these roles in various ways, will hate on you, or both. No win for women when it comes to patriarchy. When trans get this type of treatment add male entitlement and extra narcissism, they are outraged. It must be about them!!11! No. Women mostly just bow their heads and shuffle on. So as not to be hurt worse.
    Also, in the linked CNN piece, a bunch of high school students are cheering you. Why not notice them instead of the haters? I don’t agree with them, but they are trying to support another student who they see as making difficult choice. I agree it is difficult, but not in the way they think.

  18. Heteronormativity needs to go away, now. A lot of this stuff reads like “My parents/I can’t stand my being gay/lesbian, so I’m going to transition instead.” And from everything I’ve read, the transition industry is heavily invested in making sure its protege(e)s appear as stereotypical as possible. And I say this as someone who leans quite heavily away from being lesbian.
    Not to mention that if people weren’t so damn afraid of the word “bisexual,” a lot more people would be allowed to express fluid sexual desire without being shoved in some tiny little “gender” box or other. (Come on, world, “bi-sex-u-al…” It’s not that hard.)

    1. I don’t see people being afraid of saying they are bisexual at all. It’s what the majority of self-hating Lesbians say to make themselves more normal and acceptable. It’s also a turn on for the perving men who invade our last remnants of Lesbian space (female only not allowed, which is why the leering men are there.) And it’s a step up in privilege for gay men too.
      I certainly see it being used as a weapon against Lesbians by reminding us that the lover/friend might leave for the more privileged life of being with men. And it all is a choice….

      1. Hey, Bev Jo, that’s kind of odd, because I do see it all the time, particularly in relation to trans* issues — one line I saw was something like “I’m not gay, just some of the girls I date have penises,” or something.
        Dude, if you like pussy and dick, that makes you bisexual. I should know. I like dick and pussy too. It’s okay. It’s even okay to be kinky about it.
        People exist who don’t like one or the other or both, and I’m certainly not trying to push the “everyone’s bisexual” line (which is obvious bullshit), and it totally pisses me off that lesbians in particular are really getting the short and filthy end of a very long stick right now, especially since people who don’t know me well just automatically assume I am one.
        I’m sorry if I wasn’t clear about all that.

      2. I think the reason why most lesbians might have a tiny problem with bisexual women is b/c most bi women (in my experience) want to have romantic relationships with men while also being open to having the sex they see in heterosexist “lesbian”pron. The best of both worlds-privilege and “kinky sexx!”

        1. “[…]
          I think the reason why most lesbians might have a tiny problem with bisexual women is b/c most bi women (in my experience) want to have romantic relationships with men while also being open to having the sex they see in heterosexist “lesbian”pron. The best of both worlds-privilege and “kinky sexx!””
          I would guess that overall women still romantically interested in men will likely be putting the guy first no matter what the nature of the two relationships. I have historically found that difficult even with platonic friendships with het women.
          Ironically, women as a class are clearly more interested in romance, and men as a class more interested in kinky sex.

    2. Indeed, that’s why i found it really stupid when he said “my parents could since i was a little kid.” They probably judged him and tried to put him into a role because he wasn’t into masculine stuff.
      “Not to mention that if people weren’t so damn afraid of the word “bisexual,” a lot more people would be allowed to express fluid sexual desire without being shoved in some tiny little “gender” box or other. (Come on, world, “bi-sex-u-al…” It’s not that hard.)”
      amen to that. it’s not just the gender box, but the sexuality one too. Sexual orientation is just a social role

      1. “Sexual orientation is just a social role”
        Uh, NO. Just as sex is based on biology, so sexual orientation is based on your choice of biology for your partner. Plus makes a hell of a load of difference when it comes to the possibility of reproduction……………….
        Lesbianism ISN’T just a social role. Are we seeing here a new attempt to erase lesbians and gay men by putting us all instead in a choicy-choices box of bisexuality?
        And trying to falsely equate gender and sexuality is something the trans lobby already does, especially when they try to divorce sexual orientation from biology and try to make us all homogenderists. The we’re all bisexual really camp isn’t that much better…………….

        1. There are obvious political elements to saying sexuality is biological. But the focus should be on privacy. Sexual orientation is a private matter, whether hardwired or not. Transgender action is not, it’s intrusive.

  19. Reminds me of this scene from Adams Family Values:

    Debbie: You took me in. You accepted me. But did any of you love me? I mean, really love me? So I killed. So I maimed. So I destroyed one innocent life after another. Aren’t I a human being? Don’t I yearn and ache…and shop? Don’t I deserve love…and jewelry?

  20. What “caring” parent would allow their teenager to post a nearly nine-minute video of himself bawling? I’m with Motherhood on this one: turn off the camera, shut up, and here are some chores for you to do.

    1. And while they’re at it, maybe they could get him a box of tissues so he can quit wiping his nose on his damn hands. After a certain point, I stopped really listening to him and couldn’t stop focusing on how much snot he was rubbing all over his hands and face. Turn off the camera, wash your face and hands, and find a real, live person to talk to! Maybe one of your oh-so-supportive parents.

      1. I wonder if these little pricks ever do anything for anyone else? I was three places today that were run entirely by old women volunteers, not even rad fem, just *women*. Because it was FOR women. Run down buildings, smiling old ladies hopefully displaying their little oatmeal cookies and asking for our pennies (do they not know cookies are supposed to be plate sized with six add-ins, poor old ladies just had oatmeal and raisins my gawd who’d buy?!). All money for a new furnace for the seniors centre before minus gawd-awful. Facility grant from gov was cancelled.
        Around the corner, sign up for visiting home bound seniors and Meals on Wheels. Guess who the signers are, yup, more women.
        (The Mint deep-sixed pennies but we can donate them to a charity one last time to get real money. Imagine someone donating pennies to one of those SRS funds?)

  21. No need to publish this Gallusmag unless you just want to. I learned a lot here today. So hard for me to find fault with the kids. Watched the video again, no wetness on tear-wiping hands (he’s faking, duh.) Then Reds comment, “look at my french manicure.” Mostly, I take away motherhood saying: The kid is addicted to attention and drama and has hit the motherlode. I’ll harden up like you folks with time. Yesterday reading this and digesting, I sobbed. Today I leave thinking: what a hyper-manipulative shit this kid is. You and your friends are doing a great thing. Brought it all together for me with the “leave Britney alone” video. A lot of us (me) have “niced” ourselves into a corner and are now playing this perverted game of “don’t upset the psycho” that we created BY FUCKING BEING NICE INSTEAD OF HONEST in the first place. Being new to this crusade and trying to deal with it is a goddamned emotional minefield. In one case I’ll feel compassion for a kid and in the next case I’ll rip the shit out of a lesbian for contemplating a penis transplant. Definitely ready to be as resolved as you and your crew is so that I can focus my energies more wisely.
    Thanks again for all you do.

    1. wait a minute…so he apparently also lied on the profile about age? Hopefully any of the prospective dates he finds realize he is a minor BEFORE they do anything that will land them in California prison for a decade or more…

      1. If he did manage to troll everyone, that is indeed hysterical. I can just imagine him sneaking out at night on the down low as a dude, hiding his pants from his parents, as to not freak them out he’s not as special and unique as they think he is. I mean, like OMG. I would watch that movie. I’m sure all the middle aged trannies who felt vindicated by his crown will be heartbroken. LANCE LIED PUPPIES DIED!
        Illegally using dating websites (do any accept minors? I have no idea) is bad shit, though, all around.

      2. Wait. I thought he knew he was a girl from babyhood. Now he’s saying he’s a gay boy? WTF? Someone’s confused … and actually, it’s not me.

      3. He can ‘identify’ as a 19yo all he wants…but that won’t help his sexual hook-ups identify their way out of an arrest for a felony offense nor does it help them identify their way off a sex offender registry…

    2. Kinda like superman, really, with more than one identity. Though neither one saves people from burning buildings 🙁 Or maybe multiple personalities. It’s confusion upon confusion. High drama here.

      1. “look at my french manicure”
        Sorry. I’m a real woman (TM) who aligns with many (most?) stereotypical feminine actions, and I know Lee Press-ons when I see them. That brings the the above evidence of his real male identity to new light. Who wants acrylic nails when you need to pop them off later?

    1. Ugh, those photos.
      Thanks to Lupron, you too can achieve the ideal femininity of the Brazilian transvestite!

  22. He should use that act for the talent section of his next beauty pageant. I so hope he doesn’t win, so we can see what the histrionics are like when he DOESN’T get the tiara….

  23. When he receives criticism and reads dissension he sobs uncontrollably into a camera and posts it to Youtube for the entire world to see his feelings are hurt.
    You know, like girls do.

  24. I don’t even get the sense that *he* believes this act. It seems like he’s telling this repetitive story to explain the crying but the story is just a method of sublimation, nothing to do with reality. And yeah, the incredible misogyny and entitlement is really too much to bear. I made the mistake of clicking one of those very enlightening links (thanks, GM) to his Instagram–there’s a pic of him doing that obscene gesture with his fingers in a v and sticking his tongue out–mocking lesbians. So charming. I’ve really been getting a lot out of the comments on this thread.

    1. Cassidy “If i was a real girl id be basic but since i got a dick im just a fetch little tranny” Lynn. Says it ALL.

      If i was a real girl id be basic but since i got a dick im just a fetch little tranny— Cassidy Lynn (@xocassidylynn) August 21, 2013

  25. I have a feeling this kid would be a narcissistic piece of shit regardless of his body dismorphia, sexual orientation or sex. His ego has been fed by his parents and there are plenty of examples of people like this everywhere. But he gets to use his political status to create a video as a siren song for his handmaidens to be summoned to his ego’s fragile defense. (I’m stealing the usage the the word “handmaiden” from an above poster. I think it’s perfect.)
    Furthermore, when did he record this video? Did he go straight from the homecoming dance, start crying, and immediately begin filming this? He didn’t stop to take off his hot and itchy wig or take off his princess sash? I’m pretty cynical and I’m willing to bet he redressed himself for this. Complete with ripping open a new package of press-ons.
    Christ almighty, find me ONE self-published video of a teenage girl sobbing into a camera about actual injustice to her. Find a video of a young woman being comfortable enough and feeling safe enough to publicly describe an event so traumatic that she’s too hysterical to speak clearly. Then compare the eventual comments in that kind of Youtube thread to comments that trans people get when their precious precious feelings are hurt.
    Jesus, this crap makes me angry.

    1. What body dysmorphia? Have you read the twitter account where he can’t stop talking about his dick and balls?

  26. This nonsense story was reported on Democracy Now, and on the local radio news shows around town. No criticism, no critique of trans appropriation, no critique of the woman hatred behind beauty contests in general. But hey, they love Julian Rapist Assange and are leftist….
    Off topic a bit, but I wondered if gay men are subjected to all this trans appropriation of gay male spaces and subcultures. Turns out gay men are having to deal with trans invasions of Mr. Leather contests. The International Mr. Leather people banned trans and non-gay men from being in these contests, and all hell has broken loose. At least when gay men deal with Fto Trans, they don’t have to worry about being raped, but gay men find it offensive that women are taking over these contests too. Perhaps there could be a conference between the lesbian groups and gay male groups trying to have strategies of making our communities true gay and lesbian places, without the sexual colonization of non-born people. It might be a bigger thing now, with lesbians having to deal with the brunt of the invasions…. since 1999…camp trans etc.

    1. The FtM camp haven’t been socialized since birth to think that death and rape threats are a viable technique in getting what they want, and even if they did decide to try it, a bunch of leather daddies would just laugh their asses off at the threats of FtMs with their underdeveloped physiques (and jockstraps). Lesbians have to deal with hulking, aggressively violent dudes in dresses that are just employing the same tactics that have worked well for them in their oppression and/or abuse of women their entire lives. A minority of gay men may find trans”men” pathetically annoying, but for women, trans “women” are just dangerous men. Their presence just doesn’t affect the gay male community in overt ways, though I think that more and more they will start to see the ways in which the gender mafia is harming them as a community. The trans agenda is to erase biology as a fact. If they convince enough of the masses into believing that “feminine” men are “women on the inside”, maybe men will stand up and say that enough is enough.

  27. My personal favourites from his twitter:

    This kid is almost a text book case of attention seeking, autogynophilic, misogynistic MALE.
    I find it reprehensible that people are indulging his little fantasy and not telling him to get the fuck over himself and realise that this ME ME ME attitude is not going to get you FUCK ALL in the real world.
    Christ almighty >.<

  28. Maybe this isn’t really my place to comment, because I consider myself a very trans-friendly person, and have never been to this blog before. I just happened to find this page by following a couple of links from the comments sections on other sites.
    Although I’m cisgendered, a good amount of my friends are trans. and would consider this person to be a woman because that’s clearly the gender she prefers to identify as. As to why that is, I don’t think it’s any of my business, and if she experiences or has experienced gender-fluidity, meaning that she may identify as a man or somewhere between a man and a woman at some point, then I don’t think I’m the kind of person who would judge her for it. It’s her mind and body, and she’s a better authority on herself than I am. I don’t have enough knowledge to assert some sort of idea about gender-universality, and even if I did, I personally wouldn’t see the point in it.
    However, in regards to making sexist comments that play into patriarchal society in really gross ways, all I can really say is that I’ve seen people of all genders do it, regardless of whether they’re cisgendered, trans, or what have you. This isn’t to imply that all people FEEL the effects of sexism equally; I’m sure I don’t have to specify that this isn’t the case. However, through the internalization of sexist ideas a person can come to say and believe very disgusting things regardless of their gender. Given that Cassidy’s still in highschool and is apparently living in an environment where a great deal of value is placed in these sorts of pageants, I feel as though statements which overestimate the importance of homecoming dances and the like are to be expected. That doesn’t make them right, but I’m willing to recognize that in being a person of one’s culture, ideas about gender are going to be internalized even if they undermine your personal rights. For a light and pretty common example, a lot of my friends say things like “Of course I’m focusing on my weight; I’m a girl,” which perpetuate patriarchal ideas which I’m sure I don’t need to go into the detail of. For Cassidy to say similar, albeit much more extreme things, when she’s both very young and also clearly going through a difficult time in regards to her own identity, I’m willing to forgive that, while also being knowledgeable of the fact that those words are ultimately sexist, damaging, and just plain wrong.
    Just as kind of a comment on the whole thing regarding her winning homecoming queen, I honestly find it bittersweet. On one hand, like I said earlier, I consider myself a trans-friendly person, and am glad that she’s able to find acceptance for who she identifies as. On the other hand, the existence of those pageants in the first place is something I despise. I felt a similar way with the whole “Miss America” thing and the remarkable amounts of xenophobia that sprung forth. To over-simplify it, I guess it’s just debating the importance of acceptance into mainstream culture, and the desire to change mainstream culture into something more socially just. When people belonging to minorities win pageants, it’s nice because it represents a greater acceptance of cultural diversity, but it’s terrible because we’re accepting someone into a patriarchal society which placed importance in those pageants in the first place. Bleurgh.
    Anyway, I guess this just kind of turned into a thought-dump. Sorry for that! I hope you all do well. Take care!
    – Just A Person

    1. LOL about litigation…perhaps let’s offer this counter of “I hope every gay male who answers Lance’s online ad where he has lied about his age and who later gets convicted of a felony for sexual assault (since a 16yo cannot consent) sues the parents under a theory of contributory negligence since, after all, parents are presumed to have some modicum of control over their child.”
      I am still shocked (ok, not really) that none of twanz-INC has spoken out about the enticement of adults to commit a felony that young Lance engaged in…which begs the questions of WHY won’t they address it and speak out not only about that but also the pornification that Lance continues to exhibit in his tweets.

    2. One of the interesting things transgender activists have taught me about myself is that I am apparently a search engine analytics savant! It couldn’t POSSIBLY be the fact that my blog has LITERALLY MILLIONS MORE READERS than his blog, which is why I place high in searches. OH gosh NO! It is pure fucking female witchery!
      I RUN THE INTERNET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. I’m torn between responding to this by saying “I’m evil because I don’t think it’s a good idea to expect Homecoming Queen to be the pinnacle of one’s life?” and “Look! I’m famous!”

    2. It’s like putting a quarter in a record player. They just play the same tired, boring crap over. And over.

    3. FUCK…
      They do *not* like criticism. Also, I don’t know how many times this has to be fuckin’ said: RAPE IS ABOUT POWER, NOT ATTRACTIVENESS.
      The “You’re too ugly to rape” trope is bullshit.
      If only that were true, I would totally have surgery to mess up my face and maybe gain 50 pounds. All the weight gain could do was stop me from being able to run away and disfigurement makes you a target for predators, they would prey on your social isolation.
      “Attractiveness has little significance. Reports show that there is a great diversity in the way targeted women act or dress. Rapists choose women based on their vulnerability not their physical appearance.
      Sometimes women see themselves as ‘unworthy’ or ‘undesirable’ because of their age or physical appearance and therefore ‘safe’ from rape. Some men joke or make comments about women’s appearances or age to indicate whether she is sexually desirable or available, or as part of their defence in court, saying he thought ‘he was doing her a favour’, using her appearance or age. Women are raped from the age of three to ninety three. Rape is an act of violence not sex.”

    4. this ‘lesbiman’ dude is the wankiest of them all- I picture him in his frillies beating off when he’s scolding the ‘radfems’

      1. Calling someone who is 16 a ‘young girl’ is slightly creepy too — a 16 year old male would be described (usually) as a young man, or a teenage boy. But ‘young girl’ indicates about 5 or 6 to me, NOT 16 and NOT male (obviously).
        So why ‘young girl’? Because we have the pervy emphasis on transCHILDREN, and the desperate attempt to claim that this person is soooooo young that being mean to them will make them kill themselves.
        ” They just play the same tired, boring crap over. And over.” Yeah, the pure HATRED for women just boils over at the slightest prod. They REALLY, really hate females because we’ve got what they supposedly desire. They then hate on us dykes or butches even more because by NOT wearing the pretty princess costumes and perhaps putting on a few pounds, we are then absuing the could-be-pretty female body that they so desperately want for themselves. Then finally (after all the totally-male rape shite) we get supposedly the WORST insult they can think of — they mis-sex (mis-gender in their twisted dictionary) us.
        If you really want to know what is behind the stereotypical ‘I’m a NICE polite girl’ trans mask, that is it! Male to the core.

    5. “You couldn’t get raped if your fucking life depended on it!”
      Says it all. They truly don’t get it. Ever.

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