36 thoughts on “Statement of Trans-Inclusive Feminism and Womanism

  1. WTF is trans-inclusive feminism? “Transwomen” are men who fetishize and pornify women. What on earth do they have to do with feminism?

    1. It’s language appropriation. It’s a terrible problem in this evil culture. Every time a resistance movement arises, a counter to it springs up and rips off its name. Erasure is also an excellent term for this.
      People are susceptible to this because it’s much less trouble to make a token feel-good gesture than it is to take the time to look at what is really happening and what needs to change. Especially if one can make that gesture from a distance so it doesn’t affect one’s life personally.

      1. I love when people who are in the process of erasing YOUR lived experience, turn around and accuse YOU of “erasing” of their lived experience!

        1. Gene, if your lived experience is make-believe, there is nothing to erase. I can’t change what people believe, but I have no moral or ethical obligation to pretend I believe it too.
          Erasure is about trying to replace something real with a false or superficial imitation. Are you one of those trans who insist men are the real women and women who are biologically female are the fakes? If so, do you know who else is long on dispensing with inconvenient science? The religious right, your natural allies.

      2. To riff a bit on your second point …
        When a man puts on a pair of thong panties, or a pair of 6″ heels, or a slash of lipstick, or cuts off his dick, he is in his mind turning himself into a woman–an object of contempt. This is very disordered and masochistic behavior, but in order to understand it as such you must first recognize that women are in fact objects of contempt.
        But that old problem is behind us now. Time to move on and welcome our new sisters into the fold.
        Er … no. People who think that, or behave as if they do, are either ignoring or oblivious to the truth. I’m going with the simpler explanation–they’re just not as smart as they’d like to think they are.

      3. I’m not trans 🙂 Gene is not my real name 🙂 I’m female. I’m saying THEY are trying to erase women’s lived experience – MY lived experience – then turn around and accuse US of erasing THEIR “lived experience.” Which they don’t have. As women. They have it as men, who do X to their bodies, and believe such and such. I respect THAT as their lived experience – not the narrative they give. Hope that clarifies things! I am a woman!!!

        1. I was just realizing I misunderstood you – sorry about that! Too easy to do on the net.
          Yeah, the whole erasing thing is about boundaries, it all comes back to boundaries. It’s impossible to advocate for trans without advocating for boundary erosion. The gender queer are apparently an extreme example of this, arguing that boundaries (and identities) are passe. But we know only too well who suffers when boundaries are erased and men are allowed unfettered access to women and children. That’s the reality we live in, and no amount of new age claptrap will change it.

      4. I think they got the idea from Newspeak in Orwell’s 1984.
        “Don’t you see that the whole aim of Newspeak is to narrow the range of thought? Has it ever occurred to your, Winston, that by the year 2050, at the very latest, not a single human being will be alive who could understand such a conversation as we are having now?… The whole climate of thought will be different. In fact, there will be no thought, as we understand it now. Orthodoxy means not thinking-not needing to think. Orthodoxy is unconsciousness.”

    2. I KNOW Gene K!!11!!
      Their behaviour is irrational, but one thing we can do is to document it and THANKS it helps when you comment here! ISP stamp et al.

      1. yes, I am a woman, responding to being accused of “misogyny” “bigotry” what else have they said about me…oh, I don’t understand science…or gender…or biological sex. It’s like they accuse of the very thing they’re doing themselves. To you. But in their mind, your doing it to them. I remember when I first read the word “cis.” Right off, it hit me the wrong way. What the heck???? Now that i have seen the “trans flag” – it’s almost like Saturday Night Live parody (maybe somebody already said that). But baby pink and baby blue and WHITE? They are always accusing radfems of racism. Um-hum…baby pink, baby blue and WHITE O.K.

  2. When will women ever learn that no matter how “good girls” they are, they will not ever be treated like human beings by men…
    Women can submit into total erasure, but that will get them exactly nowhere.

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    Man wanting to “exterminate” women and “laugh while they burn alive”? When are liberal feminists going to wake up and see trans activism for what it is: hatred of women.

  4. Wow. You are so full of hatred. You make life far more difficult for decent trans people – of which you obviously are not.
    How do you ever expect acceptance when you are so pushy and aggressive. Get over yourself, everyone has real life to deal with.

  5. What next, are they going to claim they KNEW they were female in the womb? Serious, since born? Bullshit. The fuckwittery never ceases with them and then they compound things by continuing the pattern of threats of harm…and wonder WHY we don’t want them in our space.

  6. How is it possible not comprehend the fundamental facts? How can a human being who can read and write claim to really not see that the worship of ‘gender’ is the antithesis of feminism? Is it just too simple a concept for people who want to be very, very complicated?
    Oh, and just in case this dood hasn’t yet heard about it, men like him stopped having the right to burn women they saw as evil quite some time ago, at least in this part of the world.
    I’m really happy to hear that at least ONE of these mentally ill and violent men promises to stay away from women-only spaces. If it’s true.
    (No matter how hard it is to read, GM, I am always so happy to see a new post from you. Always gives me food for thought. Thanks for all you do.)xx

    1. Obsessions with burning women seem to stretch across the centuries………………..Same male punishment, differeny heresy.
      That aside, how come I’d not NOTICED that the trans flag is white, blue and pink! I mean REALLY, is THAT the best they could come up with.
      If I hadn’t already, I’d have rejected it as soon as I saw that.

      1. Oh no, no, no, no, no! That IS the transgender flag! I CANNOT believe my feminist eyes! They say they don’t believe in the gender binary, or subvert the gender binary…what is up with that flag then?

  7. “classic tses” have got to be some of the most dumb and delusional people on the planet.
    and i wonder if these men would stop bitching if feminists said they just want “ciswomen spaces” instead of “women only spaces.” I mean, it’s the same thing anyway lol, just different terminology. ciswoman=real female

  8. Just for fun I started to look up some facts about those who signed this thing in support. First one I tried is M2T, directs the LGBTQWRTY program at a major state university. I’ll let you know how many more I discover.

  9. so no ‘cisgender’ people (as if that is a real thing) allowed… and i think the current stat is 0.01% of the population is trans*… so like… 99.09% of the people not allowed… and to be exterminated by the aliens…? ok. whatever dude

  10. It’s amazing how much sexism, misogyny and violent language you can get away with if you throw the word “cis” in front of “woman”.
    “Cisgendered people are a bad joke. I can’t wait to find a way to exterminate these privileged assholes, and laugh while they burn alive.”
    Honestly, who does this person think that the majority of the world is made up of? It’s kind of sad, but also very true that majority of the world is made up the dreaded “cishets”.
    Also, the language in this post really reminds me quite strongly of some Anti-Semitic early 20th century German propaganda… see where I’m going with this?
    I wouldn’t want someone like this any where near female only spaces, when it is quite apparent that they only care about their own feelings and well-being and have little regard for the well-being or even lives of the majority of the human population, let alone their (presumably shitty,) attitudes towards females.

    1. These are violent guys talking about hurting women and how their fantasies include wanting to abuse them. ‘Gonzo porn’ uses that as a selling point; the violence and humiliation on the women is ‘real.’ The porn actresses are abused so badly many walk out in the middle of filming and forfeit their pay which adds to the real/ fantasy connection. If you want to be a ‘star’ you will sign the contract and be subjected to the terms. If you walk off the ‘job’, you forfit pay and they retain the full rights to any footage you already shot. One horror story after another pops up before the woman is threatened into silence for speaking out.
      Know your oppressor, know your enemies.
      . These men are clearly sharing violent porn fantasies they have about hurting women -like they wish their fantasy exists in reality..
      They think if they put on a dress and speak to each other in high voices, it is fine to act out this fantasy. They want access to a special license to abuse women and children.
      Women must be subjected to participate in being abused. This is a Gonzo porn tactic., and if you reject their abuse, they condemn you in swarms that cry transphobia…Regular violent porn on the internet is not as entertaining and shocking as it once was, even Gonzo porn has lost sales and appeal.If you can abuse women in real life, you dont have to buy the porn. and this is an example of porn addiction and escalation of sadomasochistic porn.
      It is no longer exciting to see real abuse on real women. They want a license to do this to females they see in the real world and are looking for ways to legally do it..
      I really believe that for some,,the sadomasochistic violence is just part of the fantasy that fuels this fetish. I think Fallon Fox demonstrates this sexualized violent fantasy of a female that hates other females and beats them up.Alot of the print photos FF is doing, including the one for TMZ, they have photoshopped FF’s upper body into a smaller female body with large breasts. This is not how he looks in reality. If you watch the fights, you can clearly see this person has an athletic mans’ upper body with breast implants oddly in the place where you expect to see pecks. The waist on FF is as large as his hips like any other athletic man and he has a linebacker’s shoulders. The photoshopped image shows the guy with a slender tiny waist, female upperbody and large breasts like a comic book style sexualized female hero.
      well. ; / Sadomasochistically ill Men get off on women and children being bullied and suffering in some way. Regular sex has been affected by over saturation of internet porn. Studies show that when men become depressed, their attractions to violence escalates. This male manifestation of depression is fueled by unemployment and sexual boredom.
      Since women are not as violent as men like the extreme sadistic fantasy they have about them;, [and of course, they dont really want a real woman like this to exist outside of their sexual fantasy play time when they are trying to get off], They roleplay the fantasy of being the type of violent woman that they get off on. This way they have direct control of the fantasy and inject themselves in to the violent situations. It is a male interpretation of a comic book fantasy portrayal of women. This application to reality will escalate the violence on women and children. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/16394225 The non-violent women are frusterating to them, their fantasy is craving violent interactions with women,so they must create a false reality to justify male violence on women.

      1. “The non-violent women are frusterating to them, their fantasy is craving violent interactions with women,so they must create a false reality to justify male violence on women.” Misogyny in a nutshell.

    2. “It’s amazing how much sexism, misogyny and violent language you can get away with if you throw the word “cis” in front of ‘woman’.”
      Love, love, LOVE this. Nailed it.

  11. “Cisgendered people are a bad joke. I can’t wait to find a way to exterminate these privileged assholes, and laugh while they burn alive.”
    Are you reading this, authors of the lying missive that dismisses the hundreds of similar comments trans make about and to women?
    Online everywhere.
    Jessica, Lindsey and Shakes may be functionally illiterate or whatever it is that makes them willing to cash in their credibility and sign support of people who make such threats, but most women will recoil in horror at such insanity and refuse support.

  12. http://www.fark.com/comments/7942978/86597923#c86597923
    I’m loving the comments there: trans have taught their mainstream compatriots to be so fucking brutal in their condescension over vocabulary (READ A BOOK!) that even people who don’t have an inkling about all these po-mo terms feel free to give lectures. And it’s a riot.
    The actual trans instigators who show up to pontificate sound boring by way of comparison to the dudebros and babyfeminists explaining the differences between various flavors of kink and the god sired scientific differences between them.

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