UK “Transgender Chicken Circuit” pre-teen Leo Waddell denied puberty blockers: Doc says long term effects unknown

12 year old Leo (formerly Lily) Waddell’s hopes were put on hold last week in her bid to become one of the rarest of breeds: a marketable female “transgender child”. Leo and her hairdresser mother Hayley have been making the rounds in the UK this year publicizing the child’s transgenderism and her participation in another rare breed: an experimental program of chemical castration for gender nonconforming children using “puberty blockers”.
Why, what’s so rare about that, the reader asks? Dutch clinics do this, Australian clinics.  In the US there are such clinics in Boston and Los Angeles and Chicago and at least a dozen other places. In the US there are doctors like Dr. Michelle Forcier in Rhode Island who will even wave all psychological evaluation for these kids, and surgeons like Dr. Beverly Fischer  who perform “sex-change” surgery on children as young as twelve. Administering chemical castration to gender nonconforming children is a gosh-darn bonafide medical trend, a tsunami, the reader exclaims!
Well, here’s the difference. It’s all in the word “experimental”. For something to be experimental, data has to be collected about the subject. Unlike all those other clinics who are administering drugs to stop the growth of children’s sex organs the one in the UK, -funded by the National Health Service- claims to be actually keeping records of the experiments they are doing on children.  None of the other physicians administering these off-label unapproved drugs have bothered.  Dr. Marvin Belzer who oversees the pediatric transgender clinic at Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles says he was “too busy treating” the children and “never had the time to do the research”. None of the children who have been subjected to these treatments have been followed into adulthood, nor the results of such treatments tracked, even though they have been going on for nearly two decades. No follow-up data of any kind, physiological or psychological, has ever been collected.
The problem with medical data collection and oversight is that it tends to introduce accountability: the dreaded paper trail. Which is what inconvenienced our twelve-year-old friend Leo last week when her mother approached her family doctor to administer the experimental pre-pubertal chemical castration injections. Her physician performed due diligence and researched the medication. What she found is that the long-term effects of puberty blockers have never been studied. The manufacturers of the medication warn that the long-term effect on children is unknown.  Side effects can be profound, disabling, and irreversible.  Transgender activist and Philadelphia Trans Health 2012 keynote speaker Ryan Cassata reports becoming so violently ill on the medication that she was forced to abandon “treatment”. Leo’s doctor reached the reasonable clinical conclusion based on this information and protected the health of her patient by not administering the medication. Leo and her mother went to the news media. To the Mirror. To the Mail.  To the daytime TV talk circuit.
From the Mirror:

Leo, who underwent extensive psychological and hormone tests before being prescribed the medication, would have been one of the youngest in the UK to receive the drug. But his family doctor refused to give him the injections because she did not know how they would affect Leo in later years.

Leo from Lowestoft, Suffolk, said: “I’m devastated. This was the one thing that would’ve made a massive difference to me and it’s been taken away.”

Mum Hayley, 48, also slammed the GP’s refusal. She said: “We asked why and she said because she didn’t know anything about the long-term effects.

“But that’s why they’re researching it. Leo has a disorder, and needs treatment. He’s been showing signs of puberty for a while now and it’s upsetting for him. He needs to have treatment.”

Hayley is now approaching other surgeries in the hope of finding one to give Leo the monthly injections.

The Sunday Mirror revealed earlier this year how Leo was to take part in the study by University College London Hospital and the specialist Tavistock and Portman clinic in West London.

In a statement, Leo’s GP Dr Jennie Morrison said: “I have had no previous experience of administering this specialist medication to young people and have already sought advice from my prescribing authority.

“Any clinical decision I make always gives consideration to every aspect of the patient’s wellbeing. My priority has always been, and continues to be, the welfare of the patient.”

The Tavistock and Portman clinic said: “We respect different views, which have at their heart a concern for the long-term welfare of young people.”

You may or may not have noticed that although females comprise the majority of children being administered off-use maturity-stopping puberty blockers, the females themselves hold little celebrity cache on what transsexual BenGirl blogger Elizabeth calls “the Transgender Chicken Circuit”. Marketable “transgender children” are almost solely male. Female (F2T) representation seems to dilute the popular narrative. Jazz, Coy Mathis, Nicole Maines, “My Princess Boy” : all male. Girls who want to wear pants and have adventures and avoid being raped are a dime a dozen and they are not a marketable commodity. 
The “Transgender Chicken Circuit”, for the uninformed, is a patchwork of media appearances, news and feature articles, talk shows, documentaries, convention and seminar appearances that savvy parents can weave together into a modest cottage industry of transgender child celebrity. Think of it as a Munchausen-marinated transgender version of “Toddlers and Tiaras” whose fans are aging cross-dressing male autogynephiles in possession of both a wistful longing for an unexperienced girlhood, and a generous disposable income. These men are the funders of the agencies and lobbying groups promoting the medicalization of childhood gender nonconformity. The best known example is billionaire financeer and lifelong closeted crossdresser (and father of three) James “Jennifer Natalya” Pritzker whose Tawani Foundation single-handedly funds the experimental pediatric transgender drug clinic at Children’s Hospital of Chicago.

Billionaire James "Jennifer Natalya" Pritzker
Billionaire James “Jennifer Natalya” Pritzker

There is a disturbing element of pedophilia exhibited by many “fans” of the “Transgender Chicken Circuit,” as evidenced by plentiful transgender adult male YouTube channels featuring dozens of videos of these children, creepy-ass fetishized “fan sites”, and expensive glossy coffee table photography books of the sort that would get Calvin Klein into trouble. Add the transgender pornography sites which track the children’s “progress” and it’s pretty clear that sexualizing these children is a large part of their marketability.
Leo is due to star in an upcoming documentary funded by her mother Hayley under the “MyGenderation” imprimatur owned by transgender reality show “star” Raphael Fox . The pre-teen disturbingly brands herself as “Leo Sexy Waddell” on her Facebook page.

Beyond the overt pedophilia, and the marketing of a fetishized version of “girlhood” to adult male fantasists, the transgender movement “needs” to create transgender children (as activist Autumn Sandeen has explained) to “take the sex out” of the transgender equation whose most dominant practitioners are adult male sexual fetishists. But perhaps the most important reason to impose transgender labels onto children is to publicize a “born this way” narrative like the one the gay liberation movement used to pacify critics.
The transgender politic supports, celebrates and covets sex-based social stereotypes, a value undermined by their own sex being in opposition to the role they wish to occupy. The only solution to this dissonance is to frame sex-based social stereotypes as innate but reproductive sex itself as malleable. Transgender activists forward the pseudoscience of “brain sex” to posit sex stereotypes as inborn and have tried to co-opt the experiences of child victims of reproductive birth anomalies (“intersex”) to destabilize the concept of human reproductive dimorphism. Intersex activists invented terms like “assigned male at birth” to discuss the medical procedures performed on them as infants. The transgender movement colonized the experiences of intersex children and adopted these terms for themselves, insisting that having ones gonads surgically altered or mutilated in infancy is the identical experience that every healthy child goes through every time their reproductive sex is identified.
Intersex activists have for decades resisted attempts by the transgender movement to use the experiences of children born with disorders of sexual development as correlative evidence of an inborn defect causing certain men to experience sexual excitement by inhabiting a female sexual “object” or “form”. Harry Benjamin, the “father of transsexualism” claimed that transvestitism, transsexuality, and homosexuality all result from unidentified developmental disorders of the reproductive system (Of course, he also believed irradiating women’s sex organs would “rejuvinate” them, among other things.) Intersex advocates have been forced to withdraw from and disband their own organizations, even cease using the word “intersex” in order to prevent their programs from being colonized by the transgender movement’s bid for “born this way” legitimacy. They ultimately succeeded (mostly) in divorcing themselves from trans rhetoric due to the fact that their movement goals are increasingly in opposition to that of the trans politic. The intersex/DSD movement lobbies AGAINST nonessential medical treatment on children designed to cosmetically “normalize” their gender before the age of consent. Their philosophy OPPOSES the very concept of “congruity” between cosmetic biological sex morphology and social gender role that is the core value of the transgender movement. This year the DSD movement saw the United Nations declare that medicalization to promote gender “congruity” is a human rights crime against children. Last month a ruling in the US opened the door for cases involving the medical treatment of sex/gender incongruity in children to be tried on the basis that such treatments infringe the constitutional rights of a dependent population. Which is exactly opposite to the aims of the transgender politic.
With the failure of the transgender movement to destabilize reproductive dimorphism in the public sphere by relating their experiences to the experiences of children with DSD the trans lobby attached themselves to the very same population the gay movement had used to gain “born this way” legitimacy: lesbian and gay children. Sixty years of research shows that the largest demographic of transgenders- heterosexual men- are in no way gender-nonconforming as children. Gay kids are. You won’t see adorable pictures of these heterosexual transgender men as toddlers wearing tiaras and being fabulous. Their “gender identity” started at puberty with an erection while wearing mother’s panties. Such men have little interest in the concerns of girls like Leo but they will use them to promote the “Born This Way” meme when they can.
Transgender Flag: Pink is for Girls, Blue is for Boys
Transgender Flag: Pink is for Girls, Blue is for Boys

104 thoughts on “UK “Transgender Chicken Circuit” pre-teen Leo Waddell denied puberty blockers: Doc says long term effects unknown

  1. This is child abuse in its finest form! This is not only sad but depressing to read. 🙁
    Growing up…my folks didn’t drag my little sister into a gender clinic-just because she was playing with our brothers’ toys. I can still remember my sister playing with our dad’s shaver (back in the mid 90s). She call herself being like dad and was trying to shave her face but stopped once she cut her chin.

    1. Someone needs to sit down with Lily and tell her it’s okay to wear “men’s” clothing it’s okay to work on cars…you don’t have to mutilate yourself! You don’t have to fit into society’s little neat boxes of what females should do! She needs to know that no amount of synthetic testosterone (that your body is not designed to take) will turn her into a man!
      I’m going to stop because I can feel myself getting highly pissed! Someone needs to slap her mom for child abuse!!!

      1. Extremely much this. Someone needs to ask her just how she “knows” she’s a boy, what parts of her personality are making her feel that way? Because however she is and however she thinks, she’s a girl, and that’s 100% OKAY. If she doesn’t fit some stereotype it’s the stereotype that’s wrong. Not her. She exists, and is valid.

  2. Thank you for this. You’re bringing it all home here.
    “Well, here’s the difference. It’s all in the word “experimental”. For something to be experimental, data has to be collected about the subject. ” YES. I won’t stop pointing it out: those of us who have been medicalized for “trans” aren’t even lab rats; we’re just expendable, and happen to be politically expedient for autogynephiles regardless of our health outcomes. Nobody studies it because why would they? It isn’t the point.
    Also: “Think of it as a Munchausen-marinated transgender version of “Toddlers and Tiaras” whose fans are aging cross-dressing male autogynephiles in possession of both a wistful longing for an unexperienced girlhood, and a generous disposable income.”
    Thank you for having a cutting enough wit to mitigate the vomit-y ugly crying response I’m otherwise overwhelmed by. It helps keep my spirit in fighting condition.
    And thanks for talking about the autogynephile co-opting of intersex and how the movements are increasingly at odds. It looks to me like the transactivists are looking to keep expanding the circle of minors who are altered/”normalized” for social reasons. They’ve clearly never listened to what that’s been like for people with actual DSDs. And at least most intersex people have parents who are sadly trusting the “experts”/being lied to–this “trans kid” shit comes with a different kind of betrayal, because the parents are driving it, even when responsible doctors like the one described here won’t go along.
    Of course no one can be surprised that they’ve never bothered to listen to intersex people about how non-consensual “normalizing” with no medical purpose has impacted their lives. They never bother to listen to women about what real “forced-feminization” (aka female socialization) is actually like for us. Mustn’t interrupt their jerkoff fodder/backseat driving domination schemes/boundary-violating delusion spree with reality!

  3. The author of the culturallyboundgender page made a great point awhile back that if transgender kids were real, some doc would have named the disorder after himself ages ago, docs being what they are.

  4. Leo “Sexy” Waddell! And of course Mum’s piccy is right up there with Leo’s, because she’s extra-special (and Sexy!) too!

  5. For whatever reason (okay, went reading around the dark parts of Tumblr this week) I found myself reading a lot of claims to intersex and use of intersex to justify this “lady brain must be a true thing” idea.
    It’s to the point where they’re starting to deny biological sex as a thing entirely, aside from insisting that the BRAIN is one organ that’s definitely born one sex or the other.
    In order to deny biological sex, of course they trot out the intersex examples. Mind you, NONE of these people ever claim that they themselves are “traditional”(?) intersex or have any of the named conditions that they recite in every post. None of them are saying they personally have XXY chromosomes or CAH or 5ARD or anything – but the mere existence of such exotic things means that hey! humans aren’t sexually dimorphic now. It’s just ridiculous.
    But the main thing that struck me reading all this for the latest time is that the image of intersex seems to be frozen in the past. They have this idea that a baby is born with odd genitalia and that means that it must not be female or male, so the doctor just says “it’s intersex! Okay, that’s it, case closed, put ‘X’ on the birth cert, we’re done.”
    In reality of course they do various kinds of testing to find out just what is going on, and vast majority of the time the kid’s bio sex IS determinate. We can do non-invasive scanning of internal parts now! We can do tiny biopsies of proto-gonads, etc. The kid is further down one path or the other gonads wise, the chromosomes are checked, etc. So even if the genitalia are left alone (as is recommended now unless they’re deformed enough to cause problems with body waste elimination) the sex IS KNOWN. That’s probably one reason more actual med sites are saying “disorders of sexual development” now. And speaking of those med sites, if you go looking around actual intersex advice sites most of them go out of their way to make sure you know that intersex is most definitely NOT trans and the vast majority of intersex people (like any other people) don’t identify as trans.
    Bottom line is, we are MAMMALS. There is nothing mysterious or special about our sex, we are a sexually dimorphic species like any other mammal. We don’t actually change sex, as some species of frogs are able to do. That’s just how it is.
    But the kicker for me are those individuals who (on the basis of supposedly having “a female brain but male genitalia,” no doubt) will claim to be intersex and thus “justified” in claiming to be women who were just “misassigned” all these years, while having FATHERED MULTIPLE KIDS. I mean, come on. If you have a biokid made from your own sperm, you’re male. It doesn’t get more unambiguous than that, dude!! Even if perhaps they were born with odd looking penises or whatever, if they made sperm, there is no mystery to the sex.

    1. I have a question for you GallusMag:
      Do you think these females that get “top surgery” or elective double mastectomies would do that if topless men were equally ticketed for indecent exposure?

      1. I think the pornographication of female breasts vs. male is why women want to have them removed. Yes. Female breasts are also a sign of reproductive maturity, which increases male sexual violence as men attempt to dominate those who can do what they cannot: reproduce. That is why in some places girls try to crush and destroy their maturing breasts via ironing, etc. To decrease the rape. Same thing.

  6. I’ll say I never went to any extremes of tight binding or breast ironing, but I VERY much identify with the feeling of hating my emerging breasts because of what they meant to society, the whole “ooh, you’re a woman now” thing with the obvious connotation of “you’re a sexual object now” said in VERY inappropriate ways and that being used to limit my activities, to say well you’re not a kid anymore and now you need to do this and that and the other thing and be “ladylike.”
    I didn’t want to wear bras for years, thankfully I have small breasts and for a while an undershirt did me fine, as it is as an adult I wear sports bras mainly. But I didn’t want anyone even mentioning bras to me, or anything at all pointing out my body changes, heavens no.
    Which is just to say, I don’t think body hate related to secondary sex characteristics is anything limited to self-identified trans people.

  7. I’m glad that Gallus included a link to an online petition to investigate Lupron. Lupron is one of the GnRH agonists that are given to “gender dysphoric” children. Please take time to read some of the complaints because they do sound horrific. Also, please sign the petition.
    ***Investigation into Lupron Side Effects (Leuprolide Acetate)***
    Hypothalamus kicks out GnRH which the pituitary gland (the old master gland) uses to release follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) and luteinizing hormone (LH) from the anterior pituitary.
    GnRH agonists are used to treat hormone sensitive advanced prostate cancer and severe endometriosis in women. They shut down the hormones that stimulate tumor growth and spur the growth of endometrial tissues. GnRH agonists are also used for precocious puberty (puberty when kids shouldn’t normally go through puberty). Precocious puberty is NOT the same thing as transgender. Here is something from the Mayo Clinic website.
    Completing puberty too early means the child may have fewer growth years. The kid may not reach his or her expected adult height.
    “For the majority of children with this condition, there’s no underlying medical problem and no identifiable reason for the early puberty.
    In rare cases, the following may cause central precocious puberty:
    A tumor in the brain or spinal cord (central nervous system)
    A defect in the brain present at birth, such as excess fluid buildup (hydrocephalus) or a noncancerous tumor (hamartoma)
    Radiation to the brain or spinal cord
    Injury to the brain or spinal cord
    McCune-Albright syndrome — a genetic disease that affects bones and skin color and causes hormonal problems
    Congenital adrenal hyperplasia — a group of inherited disorders involving abnormal hormone production by the adrenal glands
    Hypothyroidism — a condition in which the thyroid gland doesn’t produce enough hormones*
    Lupron is not the only GnRH agonist drugs. Supprelin (histrelin acetate) is a GnRH agonist that is used for central precocious puberty. It’s an implant that is inserted in the arm. Completing puberty too early means the child may have fewer growth years. The kid may not reach his or her expected adult height.
    What they are doing is basically giving a drug used to treat central precocious puberty to “gender dysphoric” children.
    “The FDA reports that, as long ago as 1999, it had received adverse drug reports about Lupron® from 4,228 women and 2,943 men.1 These side effects included: tingling, itching, headache and migraine, dizziness, severe joint pain, difficulty breathing, chest pain, nausea, depression, emotional instability, dimness of vision, fainting, weakness, amnesia, hypertension, muscular pain, bone pain, nausea/vomiting, asthma, abdominal pain, insomnia, chronic enlargement of the thyroid, liver function abnormality, vision abnormality, and anxiety, and others.2 In 325 of these cases, the women required hospitalization; 25 women died.3 At the time, the FDA said that it did not have enough staff capacity to assess any causal effect in these cases.”
    The transgender community and the clinics who prescribe puberty suppressing drugs to children always say that they are reversible. This is only partially true and they know it. Depending on where you live, with parental approval, cross gender hormones can start at age 16. Some children go straight from puberty suppressing drugs to cross gender hormones.
    Treatment with puberty delaying drugs leads to sterilization if it is followed with the administration of cross sex hormones at 16 years, as the Brill and Pepper handbook on “transgender” children (2008), explains, “the choice to progress from GnRH inhibitors to estrogen without fully experiencing male puberty should be viewed as giving up one’s fertility, and the family and child should be counseled accordingly” (Brill & Pepper, 2008, p. 216). For girls, sterilization is the outcome too, because “eggs do not mature until the body goes through puberty” (Brill & Pepper, 2008, p. 216).
    Do parents have the right to compromise the future fertility of their children? This could be construed as a human rights violation.
    Deliberate delaying a normal part of human development, adolescence, because of what basically amounts to a questionable psychiatric diagnosis in healthy children assumes all the following:
    (a.) The diagnosis of “gender dysphoria” is correct to being with, and there isn’t something else going on in the child’s life.
    (b.) The child is completely free from any parental, peer, or cultural influences. How much is “gender dysphoria” in a 12 year old child, and how do we separate this from everything the parents read on transgender websites and blogs? How much is actual “gender dysphoria” or GID and how much is parental discomfort at having a child that doesn’t fit neatly into sex based gender roles?
    (c.) Children have the mental capacity to decide or choose for themselves.
    It’s a scientific fact that the pre-frontal cortex of the human brain which is sometimes called the judgment center of the brain isn’t fully developed until the early to mid-twenties.
    ”The prefrontal cortex, the part of the frontal lobes lying just behind the forehead, is often referred to as the “CEO of the brain.” This brain region is responsible for cognitive analysis and abstract thought, and the moderation of “correct” behavior in social situations. The prefrontal cortex takes in information from all of the senses and orchestrates thoughts and actions to achieve specific goals.1,2 This brain region gives an individual the capacity to exercise “good judgment” when presented with difficult life situations. Brain research indicating that brain development is not complete until near the age of 25, refers specifically to the development of the prefrontal cortex”
    These children might feel different because adolescence is a tumultuous time for all children, but this doesn’t mean that they have the maturity or judgment to make informed decisions.
    I apologize for such a long post.

    1. Sharon:
      In my opinion there’s no need to apologize for this post…this is really important information that needs attention. After reading about these parents and what they are doing to their healthy children; I’m starting to wonder if it’s the parents that need therapy.

    2. “Children have the mental capacity to decide or choose for themselves.”
      It never fails to amaze me that Dr. Johanna Olson (“Jo” Olson), who “specializes” in sterilizing children “because of Jendur”, is otherwise known as a co-founder of the Progressive Caucus of the Democratic Party in California. In that capacity, the Youth Caucus lobbied for her removal from the party due to the fact that she testified AGAINST lowering the voting age. Even Dennis Kucinich was FOR lowering it. Olson testified as a medical expert, stating that those under the age of eighteen lacked the mental capacity to responsibly choose a political candidate. Ha!
      But Olson DOES feel children have the capacity to let her sterilize them. And she DOES feel that children have the capacity to choose lifetime elective disability and drug dependence (all of which Olson will provide of course).

  8. As to precocious puberty, there is some interesting research that shows that children start puberty earlier than they did twenty or thirty years ago. Some chemicals mimic hormones. Instead of looking for toxins and environmental factors and eliminating these things, it’s easier and more profitable to give children drugs.

  9. 08/23/2013
    Federal court says sex-assignment surgery on child could violate U.S. Constitution, refuses to dismiss case
    “For the first time, a federal court has concluded that a medically unnecessary sex-assignment surgery on a child with an intersex condition could be a violation of the Constitution. This marks an important step forward in seeking justice for “M.C.,” a young man who was needlessly subjected to the procedure as an infant in the care of the South Carolina Department of Social Services.
    U.S. District Judge David C. Norton of the South Carolina Charleston Division denied a motion by the defendants to dismiss the case, ruling from the bench following oral arguments late yesterday.
    “We applaud the court’s decision and we are pleased that the court will have the opportunity to consider the deeply important constitutional issues at stake,” said Alesdair Ittelson, staff attorney for the SPLC. “By removing M.C.’s healthy body parts and trying to make him a girl absent any pressing reason, defendants violated M.C.’s constitutional rights. We look forward to the chance to make our case at trial and bring justice to M.C. and children like him.”
    M.C. was born with an intersex condition – a difference in reproductive or sexual anatomy that doesn’t fit the typical definition of male or female. When he was just 16 months old and in the care of the South Carolina Department of Social Services, doctors and department officials decided the child should undergo sex assignment surgery to make M.C. a girl.”
    Sex assignment surgery on children with diagnosed disorders of sexual development (intersex) could violate the child’s Constitutional rights. However, intentionally delaying puberty in healthy children through medication that could (1.) impact the child’s future fertility, and (2.) possibly cause other serious side effects is safe, legal, and ethically sound. This makes no sense at all. Besides the ethical and legal implications involved in sterilizing one’s own children because of a questionable psychiatric diagnosis, I argue that intentionally delaying a normal part of human development, adolescence, is immoral itself. Unless there is something physically wrong with them, all humans go through puberty. Children are being denied a normal part of human development.
    @Gallus, yes it makes no sense, and it’s hypocrisy. Children don’t have the mental capacity or judgment to vote, smoke, or drink, but it’s fine to jeopardize their fertility via medically delaying puberty based on some flimsy, subjective psychological diagnosis. Do these twelve and thirteen year old “gender dysphoric” children fully understand what is happening to them? I seriously doubt it. They might feel different because all teenagers feel awkward and confused at times, but this doesn’t mean they have the judgment to weigh all their options. At that age, it’s impossible to clearly separate parental and cultural influences (everything parents see and read on the internet, t.v., etc.) from the “gender dysphoria”. We aren’t allowed to look at the family dynamics at all. For example, some children are slapped with a label of “transgender” at age five or six. If parents call a five year old biological female “he” or “him” long enough, she is going to start to believe it. No wonder this girl starts to freak out when she starts to menstruate. Her parents have been calling her “he” since she was five years old. It’s really idiotic, and flies in the face of common sense. To state that pre-teens aren’t influenced by their parents, peers, and culture is utter nonsense.
    Moreover, most children eventually grow out of it once they mature.
    According to,
    “Most children with gender dysphoria will not remain gender dysphoric after puberty. Children with persistent GID are characterized by more extreme gender dysphoria in childhood than children with desisting gender dysphoria. With regard to sexual orientation, the most likely outcome of childhood GID is homosexuality or bisexuality.”

  10. Like many other girls, I, too, grew up identifying as male. I loved science, bugs, and math, I was constantly berated for my lack of femininity, I had way too much facial hair, and, as a Catholic school girl, I chafed at the endless restrictions and lower class status given to females in my world. I remember hypothesizing that the soul of the boy child my mother had miscarried a few months before my conception must have inhabited my body, making me “a boy on the inside.” As a young teen, I developed anorexia, which is not uncommon in girls with great ambivalence about their developing bodies.
    Fortunately, this was the 1960s and 1970s, so no one paid the least bit of attention to my gender role angst. I have to wonder if, had I grown up in today’s climate, my parents would have felt pressure to put me on Lupron or announce that I was “trans” to the world. I got over the anorexia, discovered feminism, and became comfortable with myself the way I was: a healthy female. I still chafe at gender roles, but that is a problem with society, not with me, and I am so grateful that I was born before trans became trendy. I birthed two beautiful children and can’t imagine what my life would have been like had I ended up on a path that robbed me of my fertility, subjected me to cosmetic surgeries, and put me on hormones, hormone blockers, and other drugs for the rest of my life. I can’t deny that I suffered as a teen, but, in retrospect, I am so glad that no one was able to offer me a “quick fix” that would have trapped me in my adolescent mindset indefinitely.

    1. Like many other girls I grew up loving science and maths (along with art and reading). One of my uncles gave me a copy of Asimov’s Foundation book at a young age, sparking off a life-long love of SF.
      As an attendee of state schools, including a single-sex girls’ high school, and with the oldest child in my family, I never associated being female with being second-class. Though I did nag my mother endlessly to let me grow my hair long (won that one), let me do ballet (lost) and get my ears pierced (won). When I told my dad I’d decided to go to engineering school he commented “great job prospects”. His gifts to me through the years have included a programmable calculator, steel-toed boots, a laminated copy of the periodic table, a pendant that’s a copy of a 3000 year old design, and a framed Picasso print.
      To me, being feminine is a costume I put on and take off at will, while being a woman is a constant. When I was doing my engineering workshop, or giving birth, I was as unfeminine as is possible for me, but I never thought of myself as a boy or a man. Masculine/feminine is too limited a scale for people.
      I hope I can raise my daughter with the same beliefs.

    2. Thank you for this, Siobhan. My story is similar (math & science girl, liked climbing trees & sports, etc.) I am so grateful that the transgender movement didn’t exist in the 1980s when I was experiencing these difficulties with gender roles.

  11. Remember the movie about the pedo from 1993, ‘chicken hawk’?
    The ranting of the opening monologue is exactly pedo-fetish for androgynous children. The very same idolization for ‘trans’ children.This is not about making children gender-neutral, it is a man’s rationalization and attraction to children for pedo- fantasy
    It may surprise you, or maybe not, that most all the ‘female’ identified ‘pedos’ are M to T calling themselves women on pedo boards. What pisses me off is that many investigators are refusing to go after them because of this trans crap and it makes it look like there are just as many women that are pedos as men. Which is inaccurate. By an overwhelming majority, mostly men have this problem with sexualizing children.
    When MRAs are shaming female pedos, the The men’s rights’ boards refuse to post known M to trans that are identifying as ‘Female pedos’ on their boards. They post the same eight women [teachers that had babies with students]from the last 20 years.
    I was helping some friends track pedos, and this is what we found. Not all transgender people are like this, but this sexual fetish crowd wants legal pedophilia with their crossdressing.
    Once again, we have to separate ourselves from the pedos in the gay community.
    How ironic, the first place they tried to hide in the 1980s was in the lesbian community. They held their meetings in female places so they wouldn’t have to deal with adult gay men.
    and guess what?
    They’re Back with a new scam!

  12. I really wonder WHY there aren’t any follow up studies. Is there something people shouldn’t know? Perhaps the disabling side effects? Imagine children taking these drugs for years! If children with precious puberty suffer from them for years to come (they do just read the comments on the petitions) then it will be no different for lgb children. Why doesn’t the lgb community react? It’s horrifying. Why don’t the parents give a fuck? I mean there is a possibility that their children will suffer from Lupron related dementia and other illnesses. Why do they believe the blatant lies of trans activists? I mean you just need to fucking google to see how horrible drugs like Lupron are. Also I don’t think that the children will be that happy about the drugs if the know that there is a high chance that they will be disabled or otherwise ill after the treatment. Then there is the problem with the cross sexed hormones. I mean they go from one dangerous drug to another. That can’t be safe and healthy.

    1. I suppose I should google around, but I wonder if it’s just because this type of use of Lupron for transgenderism is still fairly new?
      It seems to me that there’s really been an explosion in the number of trans-identifying kids in the last 10 years or maybe even just 5 years. I remember when I first read the article about M2T Kim Petras in Germany, it seemed this was so out there and rare and shocking, and now it’s just another “oh, another one” type story when we read about young teens or even elementary kids being declared “trans” and doing “social transitioning” and getting on Lupron and the rest.
      Even aside from the medical side effects of Lupron itself, I am interested to know how many regret stories we’re likely to be hearing about in the next ten years or so, as those young teens hit age 30 or beyond.
      Pages I see pushing the Lupron or gushing about how great it is that their kids can “just go on puberty blockers!” are usually full of the “the worst thing in the world is to go through normal puberty before transitioning because he’ll never pass” hysteria. Plenty of pages from older M2T who are just extremely jealous of the kids transitioning earlier (including with Lupron treatment).
      So probably they push it as a “well even if the side effects are bad, to not do this will mean DEATH because SUICIDE” as they usually do, all over the top.
      Add to that lately it seems the media has swung in the direction of “never say anything negative about anything trans-related lest you be accused of bigotry” which can’t be helping.

      1. Yes, Lupron could well be very good news for attorneys of a certain stripe somewhere down the road. “I didn’t do any studies because I was too busy treating people.”
        I ran into an article yesterday from a couple of years back, about how parents in India were SRS-ing their little girls because it was cheaper than paying for a dowry. So now transactivists are in bed with a country that is acting like the rape capitol of the world, Iran, and Pat Robertson. Good work, guys!

      2. The irony is that one of the side effects of Lupron is DEPRESSION. People can become suicidal because of it! So giving lgb children a drug which CAUSES depression in order to stop them from killing themselves is complete bullshit. But that’s trans activist “logic”.

      3. @Adrian, 8:19 ” … ‘well even if the side effects are bad, to not do this will mean DEATH because SUICIDE’ … ”
        Bingo. But as with so much in trans world, reality is the reverse of what’s claimed. See, for example, the Conclusions section at “Persons with transsexualism, after sex reassignment, have considerably higher risks for mortality, suicidal behaviour, and psychiatric morbidity than the general population.”
        Imagine some parent or psychiatrist calling bullshit on this whine. “Sorry, Cupcake, but no dice. Drugs and surgery would make you MORE likely to off yourself.”
        Hey, here’s a thought–Could it possibly be that not treating crazy people–pretending they’re sane–or treating them inappropriately and stuffing them with drugs known to cause depression, makes them even crazier?

      4. The real problem with all their suicide ‘figures’ that they HATE having pointed out and will never address is that the numbers come from a self-selected sample of people who bothered to make themselves known and, from there, bothered to fill out the survey. And since the survey was looking for people who were basically self-declared ‘victims’ what they got was X% of those who revel in their victimhood and made some sort of suicidal gesture at some point in their life, which may or may not even have been related to their ‘trans’ bullshit.
        While one could argue definitions, my guess is that there are enough people out there who ‘transitioned’ and who live perfectly functional lives without the fuckwittery of trans-politics that, if THEIR numbers were known, would drastically reduce the oft-cited suicide numbers (not to mention all of the other bullshit numbers that the whacktivists like to trot out to suit their purposes).
        I agree that in another decade or two, we will see the onslaught of litigation associated with the malpractice of doctors causing harm to gender non-conforming kids. And in this day and age of everything being etched permanently into the digital realm, those parents who trotted their kids in front of the media will bare proportional liability shares for having fucked up their kids…the kids will never be able to live down what their parents and the doctors did to them…

      5. They are all awash in soap opera tragedy (matches their clothes). I would be surprised to find out each of their reports were real, and they only made one report each. I’d bet fewer than half of those reporting have actually attempted it. And if there are 63 reports. they came from 8 trans.

  13. Arrgh! “I’m too busy treating patients to do proper studies” is practically the mating call of the medical crank!
    Case in point, off the top of my head, cancer quack Stanislaw Burzynski, who specialises in doing walletectomies on desperate cancer patients, has been using that excuse to “explain” why, after 30 years and making millions of dollars at his dubious clinic, he’s never managed to complete, much less publish, a single clinical trial.
    I’m not a huge fan of James Randi for basically feminist reasons, but this article says everything that needs to be said: How many red flags can you spot?

  14. Below is an excellent link on Lupron. This website has everything people need to know about Lupron. Why has this drug been on the market for so long?
    “As of February 11, 2009, the total tally of reported adverse events to lupron/leuprolide since November 1, 1997, according to the FDA is as follows: 22,667 reported adverse events, with 651 reported deaths from lupron/leuprolide, involving 5,069 individual safety reports. In an online data sample, a graph shows an ‘uptick’ in numbers of death for the years 2008 – 2010.”

    To me, it’s rather disturbing that this drug has been, and probably still is, given to children because of what basically amounts to a psychological disorder. It probably would be more accurate to state that its use is primarily a culturally based ‘cure’ for children who don’t fit neatly into sex based stereotypes. At least the adults who died from taking Lupron had an actual medical diagnosis. How do we go about quantifying “gender dysphoria” in eleven and twelve year old children?

    1. Or six year olds who try to self-mutilate. Instead of saying “what the *hell* is going on in that household?” we are to blithely accept the idea that the child is irrevocably on the trans path? Pure craziness.

      1. Del:
        I remember hearing about her case on yahoo earlier this year! Apparently and unfortunately a lot of people in the comment section skipped biology 101. Any female can get a buzz cut…she’s still a female. There’s a differences between identifying as a male and being a biological male. This girl can identify as a male all she wants; she’ll never be a biological male and to forces others to play along with her fairytale isn’t fair or right.

      2. Most of the comments are just surreal. The liberal but gullible folks are buying the trans spiel hook, line and sinker.

      3. It’s just plain tragic for these kids. What’s going to happen when they can’t tolerate the drugs, when as you say, men won’t accept them as a guy, when the surgeries prove disappointing…who’s gonna get sued? Parents, medicial profession, jerk fetish profs getting their wank on?
        The f**king media who did a public relations piece instead of asking some of the hard questions?

  15. “Wells says his office gets calls and emails from parents and schools across the country at least once a day asking for advice. A few years ago, he helped a child swap sex roles while in Grade 2 at a Catholic school in rural Alberta.”
    Grade 2. That would be about 7 yrs old.

  16. Good discussion. This teenage FTM story was already going on back in June this year, and it was reported that complains were made to social services that this mother was forcing this girl to live as a boy. It looks as if the complains were made by the sisters, also daughters of this mother.
    btw did you see this story from the UK earlier this year?
    Creepier than creepy.
    FTM gets married to mother’s best friend.
    I remind you that mainstream British tabloids report these stories as NORMAL, not as freak-show stories, but as nice ‘happy families’ stories, and that’s probably because the NHS funds all this hormone/surgery nonsense, and we have media that are too regulated, there is virtually no opposition to any of this. The state has total control.

    1. “I remind you that mainstream British tabloids report these stories as NORMAL, not as freak-show stories….”
      Sorry, that is NOT the Daily Mail, where the entire point is find a freak show, then report it AS IF it is totally normal. Even Daily Mail readers aren’t so stupid that they need the paper to tell them that this IS a freak show!
      Even if this young woman wasn’t deluded about gender (‘When he was little he turned round to me and said he wanted to have a boy’s haircut and boy’s clothes like his brothers’), the Daily Mail would still sell this as a lesbian turns Mums best friend story.
      To be frank, although I think the majority of Daily Mail readers would agree that women are like this, men are like that, they probably don’t distinguish that much between lezzers, poofs, trans, whatever, they’re ALL amusing minorities and unlike us ‘normal’ types. It’s poke fun at the minorities stories, they just don’t use such insulting language all the time as they used to. The freak element alone works well.

    1. I nearly puked listening to the CBC interview on the Canadian girl because the internationally acclaimed Bosnian war prize winning crack investigative journalist didn’t ask ONE countering question, as she does for ALL other interviews. Known for feet-to-the fire style. And her interview was couched in this soft mommy type voice. I know you don’t want to scorch the kid, but what’s with letting mommy et al off the hook?
      (Really, I could have pitched my radio across the room, except I’M A WOMAN AND CAN’T AFFORD A NEW ONE. Oh wait! Paypal. That seems to work for trans.)

      1. Did you see the hazy dappled light pix that accompanied the Canadian kid story on CBC The Current Facebook? It’s so cloying it jarred me out of my resolve to BE KIND to note the now-boy is dressed like, any girl everywhere who has any sense, and the girl, her six-year old sister who told their mother older sis was “really a boy”, and well what could mom do? is wearing a crotch length skirt or pair of shorts, They’re going to school. I’d be a boy too let me tell you. Crotch length clothing, n’uh uh. I’m a boy you bet.

    2. I used to think “third sex” meant “intersex”, until someone told me it is for people who “choose to be neither male nor female”. As if that’s a choice. BTW, Ave, nice to see you making a post without being rude to someone who would otherwise agree with you on such topics. :p

    3. “it’s stupid too how they bring up the “third sex” thing”
      Of course, way back when, third sex was actually used to describe effeminate male homosexuals, and masculine lesbians, to distinguish them from supposedly feminine lesbians who could be enticed back to men. Which is the whole plot of ‘The Well of Loneliness’ in a nutshell. It’s the same ole roots, and trans being used to eliminate homosexuality.
      Plus another feeble attempt at the ole — if you disagree with trans you’re JUST like nasty religious types who hate gay people as well……………….

    1. They seem to be trying to shoehorn ANYTHING non-typical with gender (i.e. like thinking it is a BAD THING), in with thinking it is a GOOD THING (just I was assigned the wrong one). Add in the ole two-spirit traditional cultures line and who would DARE disagree with it!

      1. ….all under the umbrella of “homophobia”. Anything they have read here or elsewhere exposing their lies, they co-opt and appropriate. Not an original thought among them. And not sense of irony or ethics either. One of the signers writes porn and BDSM, and likes to use it for its violent imagery in other contexts, like why we should stop being old worn out slightly dotty feminists and view trans in a sisterly light, titling her screed to us and about us “Transfeminism: let her rip”. I won’t dignify her with a link.

      2. I think my favorite part of that “Transgender Feminists Against Women” letter is the part where they demand that gay male convicted scissor-killer CeCe McDonald should be placed in a female prison against his will because Jendur.
        Seriously, CeCe has asked again and again that trans activists STOP trying to get him transferred to a women’s prison. He’s a gay man – why the hell would he want access to incarcerated women? Which these homophobic anti-feminist “trans activists” would know if they followed the case even slightly. Which they obviously haven’t. At all. Hilarious!

  17. I feel sorry for the lgb children. I mean I don’t think that one will tell them about the serious side effects. The only things I’ve seen trans activists mention are hot flashes, dizziness, itching and so on. But not fucking DEMENTIA, heart diseases, depression and bone problems for YEARS to come. But oh yeah it’s totally reversible. Reversible my ass. I mean not even the manufacturer of Lupron knows if it’s reversible! Neither I’ve ever seen trans activists explaining this contradiction nor have I seen parents calling them out. But I will not stop pointing out their lies. Everyone who is concerned about lgb children should do this.
    I have a question – do parents or trans activists react to articles like these Gallus? What is their explanation for this mess? What do other lgb people say about this?

    1. I feel sorry for the kids too, as I do for all children who cannot legally give consent in the first place, who are victimized by their parents or doctors.

  18. “Add in the ole two-spirit traditional cultures line and who would DARE disagree with it!” LOL Bad dyke — so on target with this you scare me LOL

  19. “Oh wait! Paypal. That seems to work for trans.)”
    del said above…. geez I am laughing so much at the brilliant and cogent sarcasm here. You should see the garbage that’s on the trans-feminist-trans-lesbian groveling Shakesville… another straight woman telling lesbians what’s in our best interest. Love those straight women trying to let all the male to trans into the lesbian events…. hey, what do they care, they out number radical feminists anyway…. when it was pointed out that radical feminists have always been in an extreme minority even in the bad old evil old Second Wave mean dyke days….

    1. You’re spot on about Shakesville. Who can forget that wonderful post of hers saying that lesbians objectify women just like men! It disgusts me when handmaidens like Melissa McEwan force lesbians into the category of men, completely denying our womanhood and pushing us out of feminism bit by bit. Postmodernism at its finest-women who love women are less of a woman than men claiming to be women.

  20. P.S Sorry a bit off topic, but the drugging of children doesn’t phase them a bit. They’ve really caved to big Pharma I guess.

    1. No I think Pharma got caught short on this one and is scrambling to catch up. There were serious tears in the pharma hormone marketing depts since women said ‘no thanks’ to HRT and HT. Now, stockholders are estatic. These new women are better than with those fat, teary, frigid other women.

    1. Please tell me that real lesbian identity does not involve being the ones who kill the spiders. I really like spiders. And this is just so…so Reddit.

    1. Terrifying.
      Oh and this from mom Lisa:
      ““She’ll do the blockers and then she’ll get the female hormones when she’s older. And then, the rest will be up to her,” said Lisa.”
      What could be more clear that these parents are making these decisions FOR their GAY children?!? Terrifying. Every lesbian and gay person and ally should be fighting this medicalization of jendur will all the resources of the movement.

        Yeah it will be up to “her” to deal with the disabling consequences of Lupron. It’s so disturbing how parents and “doctors” talk about this drug like it’s no big deal.
        I wonder if parents will go to tv shows with their ill or disabled children later? At least then there is a chance that trans activists and their supporters will become aware of the dangers of lupron. I mean yeah it’s already on the internet but no one seems to give a fuck.

    2. Interesting comment from a dissatisfied customer left on the piece:
      “NotAFan • 19 days ago
      I took my daughter to the clinic thinking they might help her sort things out. There is no sorting things out. If you show up there, Dr. G wants to give you drugs. On our second visit, the doctor informed me that after speaking to their lawyers, he thought they could move ahead with just my ex-wifes consent.
      His goal seems to be to keep the clinic “burgeoning”, to quote the article, with no respect for his clients families.”

      1. Wow I am so….not even slightly surprised by that. :\ Especially the part about undermining a custodial parent (I assume both parents there have custody) and splitting a family, and the drug-pushing. These people care about that kid’s psychological well-being about as much as the average crack dealer hanging around the local elementary playground.
        It’s very much my experience that your showing up to a “gender clinic” is pretty much counted as a definitive “diagnosis.” What do people who genuinely WANT help getting un-confused do????

    3. From the piece:
      “We’d get home from school, and there would be a trail of boy’s clothes leading to her room,” said Chris, Sabrina’s husband and Ryan’s father. “So about a week to go in kindergarten, we’re sitting around the table and my wife asks, ‘Ryan, do you want to present all the time, including going to school?’ And she was like, ‘yes!’”
      WTF. Someone needs to unplug mom’s internet and plug in her reality chip. “Present all the time”? Wow someone’s been hanging out on trans bulletin boards all day learning the jargon, eh?
      “She was throwing tantrums, and it was really just obviously a manifestation of her suppression,” said Chris. “When she was able to present full-time, it was just amazing to see.”
      WOW. Stepford Dad has been totally programmed by some shrink. CREEPY.
      The thing that gets me is these people always seem so EAGER. They are eager to speak the lingo and be part of it all. Most parents with a seriously ill kid are grieving, in denial, trying to be supportive but having a hard time processing it…but not these folks! They are pleased as punch and feel soooo special. It is like a sick trend…but most trends don’t involve literally ruining your kid’s life.
      Annnnd I just realized what I described is Munchausen by Proxy exactly. BOOM.

      1. Also from the piece:
        ““Gender is not what you play with, or what you want to wear, or who you are attracted to, which is sexual orientation, Gender is who you are,” said Dr. Rob Garofalo.”
        And yet earlier in that same piece, both transgender kids were recognized as being transgender because of WHAT? Oh, because they were dressing up in girls’ dress-up toybox clothes and putting pants on their heads pretending to have long hair, as well as – wait for it! – playing with Barbies! Of course.
        But hey! So progressive, right? *eyeroll*

      2. Agreed too about the oh-so-eager part. If you think about it it makes total sense – right now in the fall of 2013, one of THE best ways to be “progressive” and “tolerant” and “open-minded” is to be 100% on board the transwagon, proclaiming faith in the “truth” of the inborn gendered ladybrain.
        How much more street cred you get when it’s your own kid you’re being so tolerant of! Such an open-minded parent! I mean, accepting your kid coming out as gay is so last decade, this is even MORE out there!
        I found it interesting though that the article uses “trangenders” as a noun, and “I am a transgender” as a noun. The kids themselves are trans so they’ll get a pass surely but if any “cis” person uses language that way it’s an instant ticket to “transphobia” and shuts down all conversation. Has to be an adjective only.

      3. That thread runs through every kid-trans story: such a RELIEF my kid’s not GAY.
        I want to know what church they go to.
        I read something the other day where a woman was prasing her grandson for refusing to hold her hand, in a crowd, and there was some struggle until finally she took over, his little sister on one side skipping along happily, and him on the other hand screaming his head off (my words). The woman was proud of his independence. And I’l just bet that home regularly tells him in so many ways “that’s for girls”. Kid gets it.

  21. Gallus, I’m talking to a friend and wondering if you have a link or screenshot to source that Autumn Sandeen comment about how they need kids to transition to “take the sex out” of the issue (i.e. camouflauge their autogynephilia by hiding behind gay kids and sacrificing them to their cause). I do remember seeing the original online awhile ago, but I can’t remember where now, & can’t find it.

  22. (Do you have a real life? I hope you do with lots of people who love you and entertain and provide for you. Warm soup what not. You are the hardest working person! You are amazing.)

    1. Me? I do! lol. I am incredibly blessed. I also for some reason really enjoy working. Which is good, because I do a lot of it. No soup but enjoying the most delicious tomato sandwich. 🙂
      Thanks hon.

    Oh my god. If this blog is real then someone should take the child away from his genital obsessed parent.
    Parents of “trans” children always want the best for them…my ass. This is fucking creepy. What person with a common sense would refer to their 5 year old child as “my penis girl”? Fuck. Someone call the child protective service.

    1. From the very first post:

      Well, I suppose it’s time I started blogging about all of this.

      …right, because OF COURSE we have to blog about it! How can we possibly have a life that is not minutely chronicled online for all the world to read?

      Where to begin?
      Just over five years ago, I had my first (and only) child. A boy! Cool! Boys love their moms, right? He’d be a hip, feminist guy like his dad, who loved Legos and martial arts and sci-fi but could cook, too. And I’d also be able to avoid all those icky Disney Princesses.

      …because there’s just NO WAY you would be able to avoid those Disney Princesses if you had a girl, amirite?

      My son was barely three years old when he informed me that I’d got it wrong. Silly me: I’d been fooled, as so many of us are, by the whole penis/vagina thing. My child set me straight:
      “Mom, I think something went wrong when I was in your tummy, because I was supposed to be born a girl, but I was born a boy instead.” He wanted me to put him back in the womb to right the wrong. He was sobbing.

      So the kid is THREE, and talks like this? “Supposed to be born a girl” and all of it? And mom goes along with it? The kid is now in kindergarten only?
      What is this craziness?
      Unless it’s truly about him hating his penis for whatever reason (so, body dysmorphia or whatever, I guess it can happen?) how would a kid who is only THREE, who probably spends 95% of the time at home with his parents, who is an only child (so, no sisters) get the idea that somehow there’s a way that girls “are” and he fits that?
      There has got to be more to this story. Time to go make some popcorn…

    2. Okay, had to go to post two. I see the kid does attend preschool so maybe he met girls, and importantly mom writes (when asked “what if he turns out to want to be a boy after all?”):

      According to my therapist (who specializes in working with kids like mine and parents like me), there’s nothing I can do that will make my child turn out transgender. It just doesn’t work that way. If she does decide that she wants to have a male identity (which she may do; gender is still somewhat fluid for a few more years, apparently), she knows that’s an option for her. The kid’s no dummy: She knows that most people expect her to be a boy because she’s got that penis dangling between her legs, and she knows it would be much easier to be a boy because of that. She has already had to wage an epic struggle against her mother and the rest of the world in order to get to live as a girl. The kid is seriously stubborn. Compared to THAT struggle, going back to the boy thing should be a piece of cake for a kid that determined.

      To a kid of THREE, what exactly does “live as a girl” mean? Probably it means “get to play with my (girl) friends, when we are divided by sex in school” or “get to wear a princess dress like my (girl) friends” or “get to play with the same pink toys my (girl) friends are playing with” or maybe even just “get to wear sparkly shoes and have my hair long.”
      Do they not realize that boys can do all of these things? And that probably the best “therapy” in the world would be for this kid’s class to explicitly not segregate the kids anymore (if they are doing it officially as in “boys line up over here, girls over here” as so many schools used to) and constantly model that kids can play in mixed groups? He can be called “he” and still do ALL that stuff.

    1. Uhm Gonapeptyl is just a brand name for Triptorelin and has the same side effects as lupron. Giving it to healthy children FOR YEARS is insane. 9 year old Children! Jesus Christ!
      In children with precious puberty – they let the normal puberty start when they reach the certain age.
      But “trans” (or better lgb) children will often take hormones after years of taking toxic off label drugs. Holy shit this is so fucking dangerous.
      This is evil. There is no other word to describe this.

  24. I’ve been meaning to comment on this post for a while. Do these people have the foggiest notion of what the hell they’re doing to their kids? I was on Lupron briefly prior to surgery to remove uterine fibroids. And when I say briefly I mean less than a month. This was in 2002. I was a fully-grown woman and understood the ramifications. I think I had practically every side effect on that list, but the most godawful was the joint pain. And when I say “joint pain” I mean it feels like someone was beating on my joints with a hammer. Please note, this was 12 years ago, and I still struggle with the residual side effects of this horrible drug.
    The idea of giving this to kids is absolutely horrific. Look, I have a ten year old and a three year old. By the “logic” these people are espousing I should’ve been running to a “gender clinic” when my then two year old son asked for a baby doll, let alone the tea set he still has sitting on top of his chest of drawer next to his prize light saber and baseball trophies. People’s personalities and interests are not sex based. Anyone who has ever had a kid knows that. My son can cite stats for every NFL team on the planet, and also (endlessly) belts ALL the songs from “Frozen” with his younger brother singing in harmony. I’m ashamed to say that I referred to Frozen as a “girl” movie. My son gently chided me that there’s no such thing. (Hey, I was desperate).
    What happens to these children when they grow up? In what universe are doctors allowed to perform mastectomies on teens? The breasts are a crucial part of the endocrine system. Indeed, mammary glands are modified sweat glands. I’ve had breast reduction surgery and cared for my mother after a mastectomy. This is serious major surgery with a long convalesence and a very high incidence of infection. For the life of me I can’t understand why anyone would put their child through this. I mean, I’m leery of giving my kids any drugs at all, let alone cutting off crucial body parts. It’s really disturbing and I think the parents should be investigated by child welfare.

    1. “What happens to these children when they grow up?”
      I guess they will be disabled because dangerous puberty blocking drugs and cross sexed hormones will damage their health forever.

  25. all i can say about this is my child goes to the same school as this he/she and he/she is lapping up all the media attention, apparently they have had film crews filming there day to day lives, talk about cashing in on it and they just had a 1 year party for the “blockers” he’s been taking, I find it disgusting, and his/her mother should be ashamed.,

  26. Could I have an English translation of this article?
    I get that the author isn’t very keen on what Leo Waddell is doing, but the language takes a lot of following.

    1. Everyone else seemed to have no problem following it. Sorry you’re so stupid. That’s gotta be hard.

  27. Reblogged this on FeistyAmazon and commented:
    Frightening how far they will go to completely undermine Feminism, intersex voices, and our next generation of Lesbian and Gay kids who lije myself don’t and won’t conform to hetro role expectations; just to satisfy the birn male mtf autogynophiles….

  28. Many transkids are boys because their mothers are upset that they didn’t get a girl. So they have to heap their disappointments on their sons. They treat them like accessories.
    Josef Mengele was called a monster for his sterilization projects, but we have more of him today and they’re called advocates for transgenders.

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