GenderTrender Appreciation Post


From Transgender M2T blogger Snowflake Especial:

Gendertrender appreciation post

I discovered gendertrender sometime last fall. At first the site kind of bummed me out. Over the course of a few weeks, I read every previous post, and most of the previous comments. (When I get interested in something, I really want to get to the bottom of it!)
I was still on a private trans* forum, but over those weeks I found myself a lot more interested in reading the new comments on gt than checking in at the ts forum, even though I’d been on that forum for six years! Ironically (or not), I found out about gt when one of the forum regulars was posted by gt in the aptly titled I’m a dumb prick. What sympathy I had for the person was tempered by my shock at their actual presence. How many times had I read them mansplaining to young trans* about dating men as an assimilated mtf, and how they were now stealth? Yeah, ok. Honey, no shade but I think you have a ways to go!
Anyway, after a while of reading gt, I got used to the putdowns and insults, and the underlying logic started to emerge. Of course women are pissed at trans these days! It’s our own fault for letting Autumn SandeenJoy LadinColeen Francis, Red Durkin, Savana Garmond,Jennifer McCreath, Julie Blair, etc become our leaders/spokes[wo]men!
And I have to hand it to GallusMag, she has a cutting wit! Even hertantrums are amusing. But my favorite is definitely whenever she writes about men “putting on laaydee wigs” or being “laayddees”. My irl mtf friend and I have laughed at this joke so many times over the last few months, you’d think it would never make me laugh again. But here I am chuckling to myself as I type this!
But to be honest, the reason the laydee wig thing is funny to me is because of how true it also is. I’m not trying to judge anyone, except maybe for being completely out of touch with reality. But one of the most embarrassing conversations I ever had to have with my mom, was a year or two ago when she reminded me of a story about my brother and a mutual friend parading around in the friend’s mom’s underwear as teenagers. I told her “Mom, I hope you know I never wore your clothes when I was a kid!” Why would I even have to say that? Except that seemingly 80-90% of the mtf’s on the trans* forum were routinely telling stories about stealing their mother’s/sister’s clothes out of the hamper, and/or jerking off in them. Fuck.
Anyway was that Julie Birchill quip about “bedwetters in bad wigs” out of line? Yeah I guess. But actually, I’m not even sure! There are so many bedwetters in bad wigs who pontificate about trans issues, she was really just naming a social reality! (If you can stomach that video you’ll get a good hearty laugh at the part where Michelle says s/he had to transition because s/he “couldn’t very well keep hiding a bag of laayydee clothes under the bed.”)
The thing that really baffles me is when trans* people get all bent out of shape about gt. Because almost invariably, they start behaving in exactly the way Gallus and others have described so perfectly well, time and time again. That recent comment about “gutting a bitch” was really over the top! But on the other hand, kind of par for the course.
Needless to say, the more time I spent reading gt, the less tolerance I had for the misogynistic bullshit people were posting on the trans forum, and eventually the mod got sick of my pro-female/pro-feminist posts and I was “disappeared”. (As in, not banned, but hidden.)
I’m not sad about it though. There was an exchange in the gt comments a few months ago (between Adrian and some of the other regulars – I wish I could find it again) about their experiences trying to fit in to the male-dominated world of software development as a woman and a feminist. I felt like I got more out of that conversation, that actually applied to my life, than I had in the prior six years on the trans* support forum. So, time to move on!
Thanks Gallus! Please don’t ever stop! xo
This was posted in April but somehow I missed it. Thanks! I quite enjoyed it.
The conversation you mention is here,  btw:
The reason I was unaware of this post is that Snowflake Especial has surprisingly refrained from coming to my blog and demanding that women listen to him, or explain things to him. (Although I do think he dropped by just to say hello some time ago.) In that sense he reminds me of Kathrin, who reads here but seldom comments and is one of the nicest and sanest trans males I have ever “met” online. But what I really like about this guy is that he is reaching out to OTHER MEN and helping them to move forward from some of the more noxious invasive woman-hating MANifestations of the trans politic. He does this instead of bugging women. That takes laydee-balls.
Here is one of his posts that should be required reading for every tired old MRA calling themselves a transgender activist these days:

20 thoughts on “GenderTrender Appreciation Post

  1. Nice to read this. Snowflake comes off as being a member of a second male gender caste, aside from the dominant one. These guys aren’t the problem. They were never the problem.

  2. Also, thanks for the link to his post, Gallus. His honesty and insight are refreshing. And yes, it does take “laydee-balls” to do what he’s doing, standing against the tide of popular opinion. Especially when one is right in the middle of it.

  3. How incredibly refreshing! The comment had me lol-ing and the linked post was so smart and thoughtful. Snowflake, you really are spechul 🙂 It shows true strength of character to search for real truths in yourself and in the world at large when that means taking the road less traveled. Which you have surely done by rejecting the rhetorical woo that many in your peer group subscribe. You are an ally to women. Thanks for sharing this and thanks to GM for making it visible here.

    1. I wouldn’t. They’re not women and trans”men” are not men. I’m not going to fall to my knees because some of them seem sane.

    2. perhaps if “she” in regard to transes only meant them being a feminine male and not female, but I don’t think it’s entirely possible to dissociate the pronouns from sex.

  4. Thank you Snowflake and GM for posting this. SF I have read your and was impressed with your candor. Your insights are often poised and apt. I have refained from commenting on your blog because I suspect you might consider me to be one of the more “mean spirited” commentors on GT. No doubt, tact is not my long suite– my kids always call me on that.

      1. At the risk of being on the shit list here *again* — me too, and, I see a lot of thanking the man for only beating us up a little bit. Genuflecting and praising for possibly showing us a human act. This guy is still appropriating Female, or did I miss something.

      1. I agree. She kicks ass. Guys- even those who are somewhat less overtly supremacist like SE- always think women are “mean” when we fail to centralize male feelings over our own.

      2. Yes Red he is. But only to the point we let him. He can think of himself anyway he wants. He just can’t force us to share his perceptions or even believe him. Oh good god my husband needs to milk my fangs over a glass. SF has to be appreciated (although I can’t and will not consider him a woman I do feel badly if he construes that as me lacking all respect for him. I do in fact respect him. I just can’t do any belly dances for men–sorry) He is a different kettle of fish and ironically in some twist is just as stuck as women. His voice needs to be out there because he can call bullshit in ways we can’t (we have to suck up the not fair a bit longer)—right now we will not be heard as well. He has male privilege and that gives voice and authority and I am just grateful that SF realizes reality and what’s really important is that he is being truthful. He could position himself to help stave off the onslaught of Male rage and say: “ Look, here it is.”
        It is like what GM is doing. First and foremost their bullshit narrative has to be destabilized and their little tales of victim and then heroine. They are all wacked out enough that we are floating in examples and nobody gets it better than GM. But we need the narrative to be pushed out there more. Oh hell I wish we could pull off something in the exact format of “Injustice At Every Turn” called “Reality Is Down On The Corner” a montage that cuts the lies to ribbons—an exact replica in truth. One problem is I do think we need to lose some of the divisions between women. These guys are an equal threat to both lesbians and hetero. Nobody has cornered they market on living in fear of them, being damaged by them. They are trying to grab every female by the hair and force their dick down our throats. I get it, these guys want to fuck lesbians. And I promise as not a lesbian I would rather swim in vomit than ever get near the petticoat penis. I get they invade spaces, wreck communities. They are destructive pricks. Keep in mind that every one of them tore ass through some hetero women on their way to Alice’s. They left the wreckage of infants and small children and wives with little ability to earn. And so they moved into another neighborhood and get protection from LBG and those little Queer white girls with the boots and the studs. The girls that fawned after them like Suzy Smurf. These guys are parasitic and destroy the host. They feed off the high of demanding women be submissive to them—Call Them Miss. They subjugate women every time they come up with some bullshit claim that they are victims. They thrill on violence and have devised the perfect ruse. Disphoria—not “comfortable in my body” Bull shit they are not comfortable that woman are in women’s bodies. It has nothing to do with their body. They love their jonnie and want to hold it when they just strip us to the bone; and demand us to say it is pretty baby girl.
        We all know that to ever accept them is to accept insanity arrogance misogyny. While I think enough women see the bullshit a real problem is that male dominated hydra that’s LBG. Also seeped in misogyny and now they are cowed. In addition the adoring fans are not too bright and highly egotistical themselves. They imagine themselves on the vanguard of some civil justice movement. Because justice to them is whatever reflects back at them as better than someone else and confirms their own inflated notion. They are also at the heart of the problem. And they are who either need to be “educated” or reframed as the phony neon girly clowns they are. What I think is needed is for L to publically en masse put on their walking boots. G might follow simply because G are men and greedy and they have no desire to spending their money or time on a bunch of hetero dudes. Also G maybe needing L and if I were you ladies I would make those bad boys beg. Oh someone kicked your ass—here’s a band-aid. Quit them. Am I crazy? This is my call–Gay men by and large hate women and whoo hoo they hate lesbians with body hair and big female nipples. If women focus across the board our attention on these feminizing pricks as the epicenter of misogyny it could branch out to address the other forms. Motherhood came home today with a big old box of Depends. And I am bringing it to work and it will sit on my desk. Because I will publically say I would rather sit in my own piss than use a space that a male uses. And you know what—there is nothing anyone can do about it. I will not share space with a male. And I hope all women start doing similar things. If a guy can slip past my radar oh well lucky him—smell that smell—yep Motherhood ovulates day 14. Like clockwork a Swiss timepiece.
        The common knowledge narrative need to reflect the overriding truth that these men have no desire to live “as” women because even they know there is no such thing. They want just to role-play into a fetish—they know it and we know it. And a big part of the role is to victim waltz. Ever notice that they all claim rape? Yeah well show me the police and hospital report you lying prick. But even that crap ass lie also serves the fetish high and garners pity, which these days is political power. They get off on control and have discovered another form of rape. Disphoria is a cover for rage. Most of them are not even disphoric. It is a play act within a play act. End game–They only live for rape from the simplest kind to the larger tear down and the political erasure of women.
        The pleasure the drive for more that is based in publically trying to shame and threaten women. They postion themselves like the concentration camp Commandant that would sit naked in front of women eating a peach with a very shiny knife. He turned the blade in the light.
        Live “As a woman” get the fuck out of here. Woman and life are not a simile or a metaphor. These men who ‘claim” they are women have as much interest in being a woman as I have in being a greased pig. Every time they try to walk in a bathroom or silence a woman coworker with their horseshit victimhood and then they sit and smirk and the precum collects on their Victoria Secrete panties. They want a certain kind of attention. For men attention brings power. They are men and they know that. The equation does not factor out that way for women—not fair. We need to suck that one up a while longer until we can have these guys outed for bullshit. Right now I think we have to in fact reclaim their beloved lie “Twanzphobia” oh yeah claim it. Because it is that fear that will save women’s live. Be scared there is danger. Rant done. Okay hope I didn’t get anyone mad at me. You’re not mad at me? Right?

      3. @Motherhood
        “Petticoat Penis” is now my new favourite term. 🙂
        It’s as hard to read what you have to say when there’s so much hyperbole in there though. I think your message would be stronger without it.

  5. Also see this awesome letter Snowflake wrote in defense of Radfem Riseup and female-only space in general, that got very little attention (funny, that):
    Snowflake can always be counted on to call shenanigans on the other males, and I am grateful that I don’t have to be the one to engage certain things, such as “ameliated” on tumblr claiming to have had a “trans menstrual period” (I wish I were joking: Snowflake handles that kind of BS with aplomb!

  6. Unfortunately it’s important to remember the course of events that previous “supportive” male transgenders have taken. Look at Dana Lane Taylor, whose rip-off of my transgender bathroom post was cited in the Brennan Hungerford UN Letter instead of the original work (mine) because the authors recognized that his male transgendered status leant his writing more authority than mine. Now he’s milking his breasts and stalking the hell out of lesbians and feminists under multiple sockpuppet accounts. So there ya go. These “nice guys” don’t seem to last long do they.

    1. That’s another good lesson right there. Radical Feminists deliberately invisibilized original radfem work (mine) in order to support the stolen male version of it. It was all done quite consciously and intentionally. I would not be surprised if he was specifically asked to copy my post. Think about that the next time you ponder why radfem writers so often quit.

      1. GM you are right male authority does not have to be consistent or their own. It lives in the moment and can flip the script anytime and lay claim to anything. Maybe I have Stockholm syndrome and I accept that–not called motherhood for nothing. I say make hay while the sun is up. Maybe sooner or later the whole PO MO nonsense will fall away when the bullshit fetish and cost to keep up the position are too expensive for other men to maintain. Or maybe not–the nightmare future Joe Ruby Ryan staring out from the cover of Ladies Home Journal. And that feels pretty close at hand. I say use anything we can when we can because these guys are cannibals and women are the meal. Scholarships marked for women go to them. Every feminist journal needs a dick or two to make them open minded and caring and on the cutting edge of theory. I think just proving it does not exist to all women may help before they take the vote away and put us in cages or hang us from meat hooks. What was the name of that Transgender guy in the mid west in the 1950’s that was hanging the local women from meat hooks in his barn–Jamie Gump was based on him. Yes I read that Dana Taylor called me a whale someplace. I suppose that is how he imagines pregnant women–nice man, imaginative too. Ewww milking himself, pretending they get a period. In my dream future GT goes viral.

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