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      1. I’m talking to people and gathering information at the moment. This Manchester UK person has been around in a big way since the RadFem 2012 dust-up. Disgusting.
        As usual, I suggest other bloggers trace the IP on their blogs.

  1. More examples of rape culture rearing it’s ugly head: trans and male identified women don’t respect the word NO when it comes to lesbians. Of course it’s hate speech for lesbians to expose the faults of the transagenda-who do you think you are, human or something? I’m sure that’s what Manning thought when he punched his superior officer, she was not sucking up to him properly and so was violating his human rights.
    I hope it’s not OT for me to post this link here, I just came across it and it reminded me of this post: http://feministcurrent.com/7773/podcast-deep-green-resistance-under-attack/
    This is some scary shit. I think even a funfem could see that this is threatening behaviour. One commenter equated it to Nazi terrorism, and I can say as the granddaughter of a Holocaust survivor that it is. Just like Nazis told Jews what being Jewish meant, here are men rolling into our spaces and forcing an identity (cis) on us.
    I’d like to say thank you for creating a safe space, I don;t like admitting it but reading the comment left by “Alexis” plus that thread I linked to has left me shaken (I hope my comment doesn’t sound like rambling). It feels like there’s nowhere to go where we can feel listened to without men forcing themselves in and sucking out the energy like vampires.

    1. I tried to read most of the reactions to this from the gender-apologists; I have yet to understand how and why the thought-stopper ‘transphobic’ is hurled (and I mean that) at anyone with a slightly critical thought in her head. It’s pointless to try to reason with someone who actually believes this. It’s like any fundamentalist’s reaction: Unclean! UnCOOL, f’christssake, Vile! The Enemy!
      It makes me want to stab knitting needles in my eyes.
      Or will some helpful liberal do it for me?

      1. ugh, just finished reading that thread. how can marti seriously believe he’s a woman and/or lesbian? he’s just a boring het with a wank fantasy that’s been taken too far.
        as the grand daughter of a holocaust survivor as well, i’m going to third the trans forcing identity/nazi forcing identity idea. it’s fucked up. how can so many not see this for the complete invasive bullcrap it is?!
        for all their talk about erasing and shit, they do go a long way to not practice what they preach.

      2. @anonymousradicalfeminist Exactly! They use the same kind of pretzel logic so many times that they really believe that radical feminists have a stronghold over feminist discourse (kind of like how us Jews run the media and are excluding white men) and the evil butch lesbians are so mean to the poor transwomen and feminine straight women.
        I’m sick and tired of the whole “even though transwomen say fucked up, misogynist, lesbophobic things, you have to remember to be NICE and not use unladylike,language or you’re just as bad as them.” As if calling transwomen misogynist caricatures is immature name calling and not the painful truth.

      3. I don;t want to stray too far off topic, but here’s more proof that anti-semitism, particularly against “uppity” Jewish women, is alive and well: http://gawker.com/his-story-repeats-itself-1191500400
        “Sexism is over, women should quit complaining” is eerily similar to “The Holocaust is over, why do Jews keep complaining that they’re so oppressed”

  2. I can’t help feeling a little out of the loop since I don’t really understand where this came from, what it’s about, or who wrote it.
    Regardless, I can be prosecuted for insulting a Brit?

  3. While I know the hassles that come with defending oneself in civil court, I almost wish one of the whacktivists would try and file a claim so that the Courts over there could see how full of shit both trans* AND the idiotic laws were…

  4. this is simultaneously disturbing + disgusting and at the same time, i can’t help but think, dude, what an idiot and i’m glad he’s been caught.

  5. Well If giving a opinion is breaking the law then the laws are wrong! outright abuse is one thing but believing that that a persons biological “sex” is not defined by one sex organ is an entirely valid point it is a persons genes that determine their sex anybody with a basic knowledge of biology knows that! It has just become un pc to say it! And is now evidently being called abuse and “Transphobic” but in reality it is true that somebody without female genes is not female!

  6. dailymail removed my comment after i said that a MTF transexual (da one from leeds) should only fight males or others of his kind, not real females

  7. Now, maybe I shouldn’t say anything because I don’t know what comment(s) they’re responding to, but anymore, it’s like I don’t even have to, because they think that EVERYTHING is hate speech.Simply saying that a transwoman & ciswoman aren’t 100% identically the same, & they consider that hate speech. No matter what anyone says, their argument is always ‘not all cis women can have kids or have a uterus & some ciswomen take hormomens, & get surgery, etc’. Ok, let’s say a ciswoman did all of that. She STILL is going to have some differences than a transwoman. If this weren’t true, then they’d have no need to transition. Yet saying that to them is ‘hate speech’. Saying anything except, ‘OMG, you’re so fabulous & gorgeous & I’d totally want to date you & sleep with you’ to them is ‘hate speech’. Sorry I’m probably rambling.

    1. They are men. There is no such thing as SISSS they made that up as some kind of hate speech and a means to publicaly linguistically control women and erase them as a real human group. Only men that “feel” like women are real. Women the reality tends to cut into the need for attention that is part of the pathological behavior. They
      are men that get off on politically publicly brutalizing women and pretending they are being victimized–oh fair maiden with hard on. Life is one big porn strut to these men. And they are men–yes to them “mis gendering is a “hate crime” so I am very careful to note they are men and not women. They are different from women in the same way men are except with the added little charm that they demand women to get down on their knees and publicly suck them off and call them women, then they want to come in faces. Fuck them, sad sack entitled dicks.

      1. Motherhood, your concise and power-packed comment above needs to be spread far and wide. <3

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