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  1. wow. i feel really bad for this man. he looks to have had extensive movement training. yet still fails to master the complex subtleties of the gender performance. but it is a waste in any case: as he would still fool no one, no matter how well he pranced and preened.
    men do not have permission to tell me what a woman is. women do not have penises and are assigned to the female sex class because of their vaginas. this is what makes us women. no amount of mansplaining thought control will change that basic truth.
    not even pink shorts.
    (i forced myself to watch the whole thing, just so i could comment. barf.)

      1. You have a book. Why? With pictures I am betting. Men who lost their dicks to pretending they are women are still men. Just like women who lost their breasts to cancer are still women.

  2. Okay I watched the whole thing. And a way to make money has occurred to me. The need for silicon tits is out there. These guys really could use and would love an insertable wearable camels hoof–they could be all woman in pants too, shorts, bathing suits.

    1. LOL. I’ve been saying FOR YEARS that we could easily subsidize a Radical Feminist Press by selling feminization hypnosis tapes. EASY MONEY! We could sell silicone camel-toes to fund a radfem retreat!

      1. This is priceless. I’m a new reader, and I’m a regular, garden variety dyke. I have been dying inside over the past few years from not being “allowed” to laugh at shit like this. Admittedly, my feelings are still a weird mix of horrification and amusement. How does one make a camel toe out of a penis…? It’s fucking hysterical! And the kicking. Woe. Thank you for posting. The internalized hatred I have been feeling for finding stuff like this creepy (and hysterical) is leaving me. Seriously, I was about to die of depression from not being able to laugh at “all this creepy trannie shit.” Thanks to all the commenters. I’ve learned so much and feel so much better. And, of course, thanks to you GallusMag. You’re a fucking genius.

  3. Forced myself to finish the whole thing…slightly scarred for life by the buffalo shots. You don’t have to walk your crotch directly into the camera, dude.
    First impression: it looks like he learned “female” from a sexy anime robot.
    It never fails to send a chill down my spine to see what they think we are all about. To see some pervert man aping the “sexy” moves and pin-up poses, and then in the next flounce mimicking the way a little girl would twirl, then posing all demure…never just a regular woman minding her own business, always a character, there for someone else to see. It is twisted and grotesque, a tone deaf montage….but arrogant. Like a teenage boy pounding on a piano blindly and calling it an avant garde composition.

  4. “People across the road noticed me ambling in the alley”
    Ha, ha! They probably wondered what in the world you were doing walking back and forth aimlessly, over and over. Kinda weirding them out. Like, maybe you were on drugs and needed medical assistance for a bad trip or something.

    1. Thiiiiiiis….
      Just watching the video too I have to admit my first response about halfway through was “what the hell is this guy DOING?”

  5. Bizarre. Who the fuck walks or prances like that unless they are a performer. Is pathetic to think that’s how men or trans folks see us. The imagery is that of such a weak subservient female, which thank GD is a dying breed. This video makes me sad. Sad he thinks that that’s how to act like a woman and even sadder to think that’s how women act.

  6. I do not know ONE woman who prances around like that. It’s like they’re imitating this over-the-top, non-existen stereotype of femininity. Really disturbing.

  7. What the hell with the standing on one leg?! Wearing pink shorts does not make one a flamingo, dude. Though I guess since he seems to think it makes him a woman, well, why not take it a step further, amirite?
    And the STAGE. A stage, for God’s sake. Heavy-handed metaphor is heavy-han….oh God it’s just cringe-worthy.

  8. I watched it all, no doubt GM will not approve my post but here goes.
    Are you going out of your way to take offence at things? What this person is doing, I don’t have an explanation for, and I don’t know if he’s a tv or she’s ts, I really don’t care either way, and why should anyone else?
    As for the exaggerated walking, I’ll try to give a possible answer for that. Men and women do walk differently, if you don’t believe me then pay close attention next time you’re in you local high street. To get a natural walk, to get anything to come natural, you have to practice, and sometimes you have to overdo it, so that when you do relax, you’re at the right level of the ability. Hope that makes sense.
    As for the other comments here, please. You act all pissed that society tells women how they should be because of the anatomy they we’re born with, yet you have no quarms doing the exact same thing to anyone you take issue with, that’s called hypocrisy or double standards.

    1. once again, here comes oopster to the scene to try and mansplain things…’cuz he just cannot take the fucking hint.
      Pro-tip: if you have to PRACTICE a walk, it ISN’T a ‘natural’ walk.
      I personally find it appalling the lengths that the trannies insist on going to in order to perpetuate stereotypes that should have been gone decades ago. The only people I ever see trying to do such an exaggerated walk ARE the men trying to imitate their notion of what a female is. Males are not and never will be women.
      I am tempted to just ask that you go away, but at the same time, you and your ilk continue to provide comedic gold every time you come and try to mansplain how us females are supposed to interpret something or how we are doing female wrong…

    2. The problem here isn’t that he’s acting in a way contrary to society’s expectations of his sex, but that he’s reinforcing oppressive gender roles. If he wanted to walk around in pink shorts, sway his hips, and wear makeup as a man, I wouldn’t have a problem with that. The problem is that he’s put on “woman face” and is mincing around in a caricature of “femininity”.

    3. hahahah “to get anything to come natural you have practice” uhm no. And that my friend is not a deep a paradox. Well heads up he is not a woman “naturally” “artificially or mechanically. He will never be a woman even if he walks on his head.

    4. Women do not walk like that. Perhaps they do when in uncomfortable heels and trying to balance, but I don’t see women in regular shoes or even wedges walk like that.

    5. I’m a woman and never practiced walking ever in my life beyond the age of 1 year old or so, hanging on to a table edge.
      I never give a second thought to how I’m walking. That’s because I’m not pretending to be a caricature of something I’m not.
      If this guy is practicing so that he can get down the finer details of the stereotypical prancing model walk or whatever it is, our question is WHY does he feel the need to do that? Why does he want to have that stereotypical walk? How does he want people to see him and why is that so important?

  9. In the vid, he mentions that they are watching him from across the street,In the alley, it had little to do with beauty, sadly, it really looks like this person is a street prostitute ‘working’ the alley, in a suburban neighborhood. Yep they have them when the cops are doing a sting on the main street or a dirtbag pimp is out looking for slaves. I lived in a bad neighborhood- and had a neighbor [I babysat the her four year old] while she did the job to supplement welfare.
    They exaggerate their moves to project ‘sexy/slutty’ to attract buyers & get business. Hanging around an alley walking up & down kind of has the association that you don’t work out of a your apartment, dont want to spend on a hotel, or you got drugs 2 party with too. But he did do a good imitation of a pre- teen girl sitting on the stage kicking legs when they are bored.
    It is rather sad that men would see this as what a normal woman is, or that we frequent alleys- in this way, doing this behaviour. If my previous neighbor had more money from welfare, she would not do that in the first place.

  10. Well, he carries on the left. That was uncomfortably obvious.
    It is always painful to see how little men respect women as individuals or even as humans. So, sex. It’s all about sex. That’s transgender. Sex.

  11. a lot of transes would look at the video you posted and post their whole “that’s not one of us, that’s just a no good crossdressing fag , not a real woman like us!”
    but look at someone like ana mancini’s videos, who does the exact same thing. the only difference i see is in how much he spent on plastic surgery to mimic females

    1. autogynophilia?! what is this autogynophilia you speak of?!
      they are never female fetishers never ever
      ( / sarcasm )

    2. Yes he is a beautiful mimic and there are more like him everyday, and for all you bitching and moaning there is nothing you can do. and thankfully there is fewer and fewer of you hateful hags.

      1. Oh noes Adriana did you just misgenderz “her?” Fetch me my fainting couch, and while you’re at it a less unfounded and misogynist criticism. But don’t worry, no matter how much patriarchal dick you suck you’ll be considered a hag by the time you’re 35 too.

      2. There’s actually a lot we can do, “Adriana” (or James, or Richard, or whatever the fuck your real name is). But after learning what I have about MtT, I can see why the image of powerless women would be a turn-on for your porned-out psyche. You’ll never be accepted as a real woman, because you are not. That’s what we can do, and are doing. 🙂
        Also? Nice misogyny there with the use of “bitching” and “hags.” You guys just can’t help yourselves, can you?

      3. A hag, you sir should be so lucky. Your future, a broken down urine reeking skanky guy that every medical provider and law enforcement person will be double gloving, donning masks and gown to even get near. Crap they will put on Hazmat suits to haul your twisted ass off the street. Oh mister give me hag, bring it on. People will draw straws–loser has to deal with Adriana.

      4. Imagine this guy going on a Black woman’s site to tell them how to do Black, and calling them the “n” word?
        It wouldn’t happen because it would be an insult to race which includes men. (And hello intersectionality pushers? There’s why you tank.)

  12. Reblogged this on OUT of My Panties, Now!!! and commented:
    Men who attempt to emulate and impersonate women are insulting women. They are reducing our humanity down to cute clothes, long hair, high heels and makeup. Oh, and sex, too. They reduce us to sex. They objectify and sexualize women. They hate us so much they cannot stand to see us as humans. We are objects. Sex toys.

    1. http://www.kgw.com/news/Portland-cross-dresser-accused-of-child-porn-221510351.html
      This article says that he describes himself as a cross-dresser, so at least this pederast has the decency to call his fetish what it is, or he is just stupid- it is probably that. He doesn’t know to cry TWANSJENDA! and wait for the pity to roll in? The drooling funfem sites (hi Jezebel!) loooove to support baby-rapers like this dude, as long as they are really “women”! hahaha After he gets legal counsel, he may change his tune . . . he was just a confused laydee after all!!

      1. BTW- I was referring to this article from last year:
        The tone of that article and all of the comments really disturbed me- made me furious actually. How did it become so “uncool” to protect our girls from men like this?
        GM has the real facts of the situation here (as per usual)- like the fact that Paul was wearing a visible tracking bracelet b/c he is out on parole ( after serving 16 years?!) for multiple sexual assaults of female children. His partner from that video is also a convicted child abuser as well, I believe.
        Just wanted to support the rant in my previous post 🙂

      2. Jezebel is full of trannies posing as women and silly little girls who have gotten a clue yet.

      3. It’s best to go to those articles and counter them. Until they kick you off. As much as we need this valuable teaching site, I think we have to go out.

      4. “Jezebel is full of trannies posing as women and silly little girls who have gotten a clue yet.”
        Liberalsareinsane, can I just say that this is the best description of Jezebel I have ever read? <3 I once scrolled through their archives and saw articles on how to be a prostitute, getting a woman's consent is overrated b/c in France everyone has sex with everyone, yellowface isn't that big of a deal, and screenshots of a Middle Eastern woman's rape taken from a youtube video. They should change their slogan to: Porn, Rape, and Racism for Women. Without a Conscience.
        Apparently there's a new guy there that writes articles on trangenderism that's described as a "transwoman living in Japan." Which translates to "white western guy who fetishizes and appropriates both women and Japanese culture."

  13. This was by far, one of the most disturbing videos I have watched in a while. Does this man get his ideas of a “womanly walk” from at some point in the mid-20th century? Jesus fuck dude >.<

  14. The reason why many male-to-trans do not understand that this is not the way women act is because they get their ideas about being a woman from women who are already playing a role (models, actresses, pornstars) which they found sexually attractive. But instead of realizing that it’s a role they think it’s our nature because men in general are very invested into the idea that subservient femininity is the way we are supposed to be (for their own sexual gratification). This overrides their ability to identify with normal women, many of them also do not seem to have had any actually healthy relationships or friendships wth women including their relatives.
    This way, you have straight male actors who make more convincing women (e.g. Eric Idle in Monty Python and John Lone in M. Butterfly) than some male-to-trans and that without the plastic surgery and less make-up.

    1. I agree. If they had close female friends, that’d kill the glamor for them and they would see women as fellow human beings rather than as angelic alien creatures that will help them with their body image issues. When you know that most women don’t fit into society’s dainty little caricature in personality or appearance, trying to be a woman by portraying that caricature just feels stupid.

    2. “The reason why many male-to-trans do not understand that this is not the way women act is because they get their ideas about being a woman from women who are already playing a role (models, actresses, pornstars) which they found sexually attractive. ”
      genius! and so true

  15. Oh. My. Dog. This is what they think a woman is? I guess that’s what they think is attractive in women. Straight ladies, (all women, actually), take your Pepto. This is nauseating.

  16. Apparently someone really really really wanted to be in one of those Esther Williams movies, but didn’t get the memo that a) Esther Williams already did that, and b) that kind of thing hasn’t been cool since Glenn Miller was alive.

  17. You can see he keeps pausing because he’s running through his wank bank of fantasies to find different poses and actions which will excite him when he watches it back. Gruesome.

  18. It’s upsetting that the pose with one leg in the front is what young women learned in the Thirties and Forties about how women were supposed to stand. I have old photos of my mother and her sisters standing in that weird unnatural way. I don’t know where it came from, but this was classic for the time and after, and was part of the era of the first films/media, which so much influenced women into male-identified femininity, and wasting time, money, and energy on what they called “primping.” It was the beginning of entire generations of girls and women being sold a new form or patriarchal con and mind-fuck, for the benefit of men and to be in competition with other women, and now it’s just campy and fun for the men to appropriate and fetishize.

    1. There is a modern version of the stance, too. I often see young women and girls standing with their legs stick-straight but feet crossed in the most everyday situations e. g. waiting for the bus. It looks awfully uncomfortable and insecure, and I couldn’t explain to myself why they are doing it. When I was younger, we of course had our own silly dainty behaviour, but not this stance.
      But then I saw promotional pictures of some topmodel show, and realised that they are standing like the models do in that show. Like this: http://t2.ftcdn.net/jpg/00/39/38/05/400_F_39380577_3TUS7wmHr1mmMh0afg5c7pYMdpvalSpf.jpg (if the link is not okay, please delete, it is just googled quickly)
      It plainly is meant to evoke associations with fillies or does, with fragile, graceful legs that are so long that they need to be “arranged”, but it just looks stumble-worthy to me. Just like Mr Pink Shorts flamingo stance. One whisp of wind and he falls over doing that.

      1. “There is a modern version of the stance, too. I often see young women and girls standing with their legs stick-straight but feet crossed in the most everyday situations e. g. waiting for the bus. It looks awfully uncomfortable and insecure, and I couldn’t explain to myself why they are doing it. When I was younger, we of course had our own silly dainty behaviour, but not this stance.”
        Ugh, I’m glad it’s not just me who’s noticed this stance (except they are my peers!) and was thoroughly perplexed by it.
        “….with fragile, graceful legs that are so long that they need to be “arranged”,”
        Agreed – you can see this trend going further in self-objectification in selfies and the hot dogs or legs? thing that seems to popular online at the moment.

      2. Yeah it’s actually a pose intended to be visually lengthen the body and create a more interesting photo: http://www.refinery29.com/how-to-look-good-in-pictures#page-7 (yes please delete the link if it’s not ok.)
        I know a lot of fashion bloggers and models like to pose that way. I’m pretty sure the trans dude got it from some camp 40s film though.
        I found the way he moved his legs back and fourth on stage (as if he was a little girl) to be the most disturbing.

  19. “Remember, girls, a lady always sits with her legs together, thighs touching!” I wonder if this man was subject to the same warped Catholic upbringing as me, one that took many years to undo. Probably not, as he lives in England, but the fact that quite a few of his flickr pics have a church in the background (including the ones where he is on the roof sunbathing, showing off new catsuit, etc.) suggest some of his warped view of women is religion-instilled. Creepy. And the fact that the end of this video shows him on what must be a stage of a school auditorium creeps me out even more. Maybe the school uniform shots are next?

  20. These videos bring up an interesting point. And that is that notice that these ‘women’, despite all the surgeries & hormones, you still can kind of tell. Of course there are some where you would never know if you’re told, but I would say the majority of the time, something looks off. And for many of them, they still look like men, no matter what they do. So all that being said, they still think that if you don’t date them that makes you transphobic. If my sexual orientation makes me attracted to a certain sex, I’m just not going to be attracted to someone that’s maybe presenting & even has the parts of that sex, but still has some things that remind me of the other. That doesn’t make me transphobic, that just makes me have a sexual orientation. They keep saying ‘but it’s what’s inside’, but then if that’s so true, then why do they care so much about changing the outside, if it supposedly is so meaningless? They contradict their own arguments ALL the time.

  21. Goodbye horses…
    Seriously, though, why did he relocate to a stage? I kept worrying that he’d just keep changing backgrounds like some kind of weird, fetishy thing. Not that this isn’t already a total fetish…

  22. I do the weird standing with my feet crossed thing. I don’t know why I do it, I just feel more stable when I stand that way for some reason, so I don’t think people really do it on purpose?

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