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"Laurelai Bailey", originator of the popular "FuckCisPeople" campaign
“Laurelai Bailey”, originator of the popular “FuckCisPeople” campaign



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  1. Archiving:
    by Joseph Patrick McCormick
    16 August 2013, 2:43pm
    The hashtag was criticised for creating a negative connotation around the word ‘cis’
    Update 16:11: Laurelai Bailey has given a comment to PinkNews on the reasons behind the hashtag, and what it is meant to achieve.
    Several prominent trans campaigners have condemned the recent use of a hashtag on Twitter attacking non-trans people.
    The hashtag “#fuckcispeople”, appeared on Twitter two days ago, reportedly started by Laurelai Bailey, @stuxnetsource, It has been used in many tweets to highlight trans issues misunderstood by non-trans people, however has also been heavily criticised for generalising, and for attacking all non-trans people.
    On the reason for starting the hashtag, Bailey said: “My reaction to the few who have issues with the tag, sorry your feelings got hurt when trans people are dying daily and all you can think about is cis peoples fragile egos.
    “The message being that transgender people are systematically oppressed, trans women of color especially are at the highest risk of rape, murder and other forms of violence. We have every right to be angry about this and we have every right to express that anger.”
    The word “cis”, is sometimes used as a general term to describe non-trans people, but has in this instance been criticised for creating a divide between trans and non-trans people.
    Speaking to PinkNews, prominent trans journalist and campaigner Paris Lees said: “I understand that people may be frustrated, but reacting in this way is counter-productive to advancing trans rights. It is much better to engage in a positive dialogue than through angry abuse.
    “For example, would a ‘fuckwhitepeople’ or ‘fuckmen’ hashtag look good? So why would ‘fuckcispeople’ be good? My mum’s cis. How can we lump everyone together like that, and also ‘cis’ is a really useful word, and it is really annoying to see it gaining negative connotations. It should be no more offensive than using the word ‘heterosexual’, but using it in this context is really going to put people off it.”
    Lees added: “It makes me really sad because I can vividly remember a period of my life when I hated the world and would have jumped on a hashtag like this. Being abused in the street can do that to you. This anger is very real and I think that non-trans people need to take this into account before they condemn people using this hashtag, whether they agree with it or not”.
    Mary-Ann Penniman, who supports the use of the hashtag, said: “Twitter now swells with stories of the day to day violence faced by trans people, declarations of solidarity from trans* allies, and the righteous poetry of a people who refuse to be silenced any longer.
    “But, apparently, this is unacceptable – because this visibility has come at an unacceptable price: it has hurt the feelings of cis people. Judging by the hysterical reaction of some privileged Tweeters, you’d think this simple hashtag was on par with the prejudice reaped upon trans* people every day.
    “Perhaps this is to be expected: for many of the privilged (sic), cis, white people, the experience of being lumped together, brandished and dismissed will be a new one.”
    Twitter user Dana Taylor said: “There is venting about our brothers and sisters being killed, attempting suicide, being denied healthcare and a lot of other atrocities at the hands of CIS PEOPLE. Of course it isn’t all cis people but a tag that says #fucksomecispeople doesn’t have the impact we need to heal ourselves. I started tweeting to the tag last night and felt like a huge weight was lifted off of my shoulders. I have been a victim of violence due to my status as trans where a man crushed my eye socket and my nasal socket. Brain fluid was dripping from my nose.”
    Trans campaigner Tara Hewitt criticised the use of the hashtag on the microblogging site, and told PinkNews: ”Cis its self is a academic elitist term that most people in society don’t use or understand and just creates a new ‘binary’ or box to put people in too. All in all saying ‘fuck cis people’ isn’t going to win you many allies.”
    She continued:”Trans people have often been accused of being an angry mob, and small groups of people pushing a very visual online use of inflammatory language and negativity will just help reinforce that image
    Hannah Buchanan, writer and human rights campaigner, said: “This hashtag is not a masterclass in ‘How to Win Friends and Influence People.’ For those of us who feel naturally part of the wider community, as well as the trans community, it is a backward step.
    “What does it say to people who are friends with those of us who are trans? It says back off, you are not wanted. That’s a vile message to send.”
    Also, some were heavily critical of former Tory MP Louise Mensch, who said she was “offended”, by the term, and also tweeted that the term “cis” is “used exclusively by a tiny group of online nutjobs who mostly rant at themselves.”
    She went on to say that the use of the hashtag “removes the truth of the journey, still insisting on difference.”

    1. ” … the righteous poetry of a people who refuse to be silenced any longer.”
      When, pray tell, were they ever silent? 😉

      1. ” … the righteous poetry of a people who refuse to be silenced any longer.” — you mean women, who don’t appreciate having their very identity as women appropriated?

  2. Why don’t trans activists call out those who are responsible for attacks/deaths of trans*women: MEN. Women don’t attack trans people.
    Tell it like it is: male violence.

    1. HELL YES. That’s the question I’ve been asking forever myself.
      There’s this meme out there that somehow trans people (or “TWOC” = “trans women of color”) are getting murdered constantly (by who? never pointed out. in what specific interactive circumstances? never pointed out) and the blame for that is shoved fully onto… wait for it… women, who dare to question the validity of a biological “lady brain” basis for transgenderism.
      Look at the actual murderers? Never will happen, the answer is too inconvenient.
      It’s to the point that you find M2T college students, upper middle class, safe in their various privileges, absolutely CONVINCED that somehow they won’t live past 25 because of these statistics, they won’t live past 25 because oh my, some women out there are standing up and saying they don’t believe in the supposed physical-biological (“none of that psychology and childhood issues for us, no sir!!!1!1!”) origin of “transgender” or gender dysphoria.
      What, you ask. What if I accept that gender dysphoria is a real suffering condition, but I just don’t buy that it’s anything physically based? Well, you’re a murderer then.
      Meanwhile, let’s never ask about what percentage of those murders were of sex workers, and let’s not ask what percentage of sex workers as a whole (i.e. not restricted to trans) are being murdered, and let’s not talk about who the majority of sex workers are, or about how regular ol’ misogyny or homophobia plays into any of it.
      And DEFINITELY MOST DEFINITELY, let’s not put the focus on the fact that those doing the actual murdering are MEN. MEN who think they were tricked (in the case of M2T) or MEN who think their brotherhood is invaded by an imposter (in the case of F2T).
      Because hey, men have power and might fight back, amirite?

      1. And I’ll add too, somehow I seriously doubt that some man who decides to kill a “tranny” in a fit of “I was tricked!!! But I’m not gay, no no NO” rage really gives a shit what some women think of trans politics.

      2. “let’s not put the focus on the fact that those doing the actual murdering are MEN.”
        Eh, some trans do that in so much as it lets them pretend they actually exist in another category and are entirely outside of manhood. Fuck, they’d love to blame “male violence” because that makes transwomen not just part of women but female, too, under their worldview. This is the same reason male geeks rail against jocks and not “men jocks” because spelling out the specifics affirms they’re in the same category, ultimately.
        So the dream of trans having correct politics when it comes to this sort of thing won’t accomplish much for feminist women, I’m sorry to say. And it won’t help trans, either, since they have a decent enough murder rate against each other, too. Fuck, I’m male and bigger than average and I sure as hell wouldn’t want to meet Laurelai “worst Gilmore Girl’s Fan EVER” Bailey in a dark alley.
        Random: I love the misuse of “reap” in one of those comments and the fact that it’s another honkey ass cracker pretending that violence against gay males in Juarez has anything to do with him.

      3. just another thought: But I’m not sure they’d want to acknowledge that the specific males doing them harm aren’t exactly the best of Wall Street and are
        1. less educated than them
        2. less “white” globally than them
        3. less wealthy than them
        Because when you’re living in a kyriarchy, well, that sort of thing gets problematic.
        Which I guess is why radical feminism is so attractive to them to try to infiltrate because an idea like male violence is super useful to them provided they can position themselves outside of it, even when screaming Die Cis Die.

      4. “What if I accept that gender dysphoria is a real suffering condition, but I just don’t buy that it’s anything physically based? ”
        indeed, dysphoria is real, just not a biological thing

    2. Exactly! Apparently this tag is perfectly fine since transwonen are the most oppressed in the world. Can you imagine the riot that would start if feminists did a ihatemen tag? I love how transwomen are allowed to rage ad much as they want under the guise of righteous fury, but when women do it we’re being unladylike, hysterical, sensitive, etc.

  3. What does it say? It says they are also nutjobs to think putting a dress on it makes a male a female, OR a man a woman. It also says if anyone of their “friends and supporters” has bothered to notice, men PRETENDING to be women have hate speech rights, but women do not.

  4. Ahuviya Harel, this guy is in Portland, wants all “cis” to die and is even getting a tattoo to show the world. A little searching online and facebook can find all sorts of scary violent behavior.
    He was until recently homeless and sleeping outside the Red and Black Cafe. Their facebook site shared an instance where one night a wine bottle was thrown at the cafe while he was sleeping. He posted to their page about how some cis person threw the bottle, how it could have hit him how terrible cis people are x4 or 5 comments. It’s since been deleted, though up for at least a month. A woman spoke up and said this person was violently yelling at her friend one time when they were at the cafe. He responded with 8 or 9 replies about how bigoted and transphobic her friend was. How the bottle could have hit him and cause serious damage, how he was assaulted at an Occupy Portland event back in December and suffered all sorts of injury x 5 or 6 comments.
    Oh yes his story goes on and on and on and on and on…. I wish I took a screen shot. I didn’t think it would disappear!! These people are very disturbed, please continue the excellent work you do. You are awesome!!!
    Feel free to edit this post to what needs to be shared with others. You are probably already aware of him, folks in Pennsylvania are, Portland are learning. All the best.

    1. O.K., I Googled, and the video of him at Occupy Portland came up wherein he’s attempting to explain how he’s a Maoist. It’s cringingly obvious he has NO idea what he’s talking about. Then some old hippie in a rainbow shirt steps in and steals the show. God I love stumbling across those little nuggets of internet gold.

  5. Ha ha ha, the true face comes out,
    but- Where do trans get raped? Where are the headlines that talk of their oppression in being raped, beaten and killed??
    5 women get killed, raped or disappear in India, every day. 1,000 women disappear and or turn up dead from sex assault in our modern country. Child prostitutes? mostly girls & women pimped by men.
    Well, um aaaahhhh trans do -In prison.
    Nice, How do they get in prison?
    Duh, Committing crimes.
    So, dont be f*ckin commiting violent criminals and go there in the first place.
    Give me one, even one story of trans getting raped, or killed like women are being raped & killed outside of prison, like on their way to work, on their way to the store, out with their kids or on a daily basis in a normal life minding their own business…
    On your way to buy drugs or hooking? Victim of crime on you way to do a crime?
    Femicide on non-criminal women still outnumbers them. The news reports each and every one of them, the few that do become victims- but we are not all being counted. Black women dont make the news when they get killed or raped-
    but trans? yea that is a snowflake we must all shed a tear for out of political correctness.
    They try to hide behind intersex, now they hide behind being black? These are mostly white guys that want easy jobs ..
    Boo-hoo, I’m a white guy that had a full career in the military/as a pilot/as the top wage earner in company, now I abandoned my wife with several children to fend for herself and I be running for office because I want to pretend to be an oppressed women while oppressing a wife, and leaving her sacked with raising a litter of kids that I impregnated and abandoned her with, my children have real needs, but hold on cowboy, I am not a daddy any more and magically, I’m a minority with a ‘get special privilege card’, and get first chair in a minority spot -I get to take it away from minorities because of white privilege away from women and other minorities that never had a chance at a first career.,
    But but, I;m special!
    Even though I want to chase 20 year old women, I want to call my self gay and not be responsible for children I already made and abandoned., I want to be a woman, but not a real woman that gets stuck with kids and becomes pregnant and traped by men! I want to be the fun kind of slutty woman that just f*cks and partys and makes money having sex with dirtbags looking for a hole. And yes, I am willing to be a hole for anyone that says Im pretty!
    give me a break..
    Are women still banned from golf clubs? They let black men in but were banning women when I was last in the USA, Did that change yet? Or do they still not let women in? I remember women asking the black men that got in to let us in to, but crickets.. white, brown and even black women lacked the qualifying penis to play golf,
    Slaves still don’t play golf.?

  6. There is no way that more men pretending to be women are killed than the many girls and women killed around the world. And how many of these female impersonators who are so hating of real females have raped, beaten, and killed girls and women? I think even we might be surprised if we ever found out their past and present crimes against females. But we will never know….

    1. When I read these stats of theirs, always given in percentages, 75 percent of trans murdered! I think yah, uh huh, 3 is 75 percent of 4.

      1. 100% of trans people are murdered, and all at the hands of wealthy white first world feminists and lesbians with vagina privilege crying cis tears. Apparently.

  7. ″Looks like TERFmisandrists and penisphobic lesbian separatists have taken over.Cis women:sit back and respect transwomen rage
    We trans people will take over feminism. Then you’ll really know oppression.
    Feminists better accept us or else we’re gonna #smashthematriarchy
    You’re just mad I get more men than you do.
    I’m more of a woman than you’ll ever be.
    Cis Women are not oppressed bc they make up 51% of the voting population.
    2 the tune of happy and you know it “If ur radscum and u know it fuck right off!”
    o look the fem nazis have got wind of #fuckcispeople.”
    They are not particularly imaginative with their threats and ramblings, are they?

      1. Twitter messages from that hashtag. Just click the first link given by Gallus Mag and then scroll.
        (I’m not even on twitter)

  8. ha! that’s the one that i argued with not too long ago, the one that i mentioned in comment on the other recent post of your’s

  9. Okay. After following some of these links, which of course led to others, I need to walk away from the internet for the day. It’s nice outside!

  10. Laurelai (aka Raziel and Laurelai Bailey) is a failed troll, Harry Potter cosplayer, and obnoxiously proud male-to-female transsexual. Laurelai was somewhat known for hosting a little used Chanology forum, attempting to be the tranny-Hitler of the Reddit gay bar, and overall making a huge ass of himself on a daily basis. To make up for having a 4″ penis even before his magical revelation that he is a woman, Laurelai has been and is still obsessed with power and believes itself to be a hacker, despite his technical knowledge being limited to “ask NekoArc to beg some script kiddie to packet everyone who makes me upset”. Laurelai claims to suffer from a wide array of mental and physical disorders, all of which can be clumped into the “general laziness” category, forcing him to live a lifestyle of squatting in the home of whoever accepts him and proceeding to take advantage of them till he gets thrown out. The “please can I sleep in your house and eat your food for free” cycle repeats itself once every few months, and is quickly becoming in short supply of people who actually have the sympathy to take Laurelai in.
    ^The meth head even earned a page on ‘Encyclopedia Dramatica’
    Read & enjoy.
    Thank you Gallus for letting us in on the latest fail. This person did not earn the name ‘tranny-Hitler of the Reddit gay bar’ for his poise and finesse!
    He is well known for pimping out his wife-when he was a manly man. Getting rid of RADfems will mean you get to promote pimping out lesbians..you got to get them to accept that penis is female first….
    All of the ex-roommates got together to inform each other^and created this page for future victims.
    Another reason to ‘Just say No to Meth’.

    1. I do not allow folks to comment referring to others as “it”. I am letting this through because I assume you are quoting ED. I do not allow it even if it is a person’s “chosen pronoun. Because I think it is dehumanizing.
      Otherwise, great comment and thank you for the research!

      1. I dont refer to others ‘it’, That was the ED editor who can be a bit over the top, and a bit insulting to everyone.
        I am really quite supportive of ‘Trans’ having equal rights, fair housing, and not being fired from jobs because of how they want to present themselves.
        I even lived as trans for two years to see if I wanted to be a male because of my own conflicted feelings over not being very ‘female’ my entire life.- but this woman-hating trend of destroying women’s groups and re-engineering them to be sexist and abuse of WBW is very wrong.
        I dont like how they are pushing prostitution as the best job for a women and how they sabotage women wanting to speak out and leave that life, did you notice that they do the same to de-transitioners? They use the same tactics.
        ‘Laureli’ has burned many people-and threw them under the bus, many of these people identify as ‘trans’, so there is no loyalty to them either..
        According to them, this guy does not want to be a woman, he doesnt even want to have a real ‘job’ just a sexworker and the cis-hate has more to do with being a sewworker and not accepted as ‘good’ as a ‘women’ by the punters buying sex.
        There is an extreme jealousy and this person has extreme hate for any female that does not want to be a handmaiden.
        Other Transgendered people he has sponged off as described him as a racist and he has use’d other trans people to the point some have called him a ‘shemale’ pretending to be trans.
        It has got way out of control.

      2. “That was the ED editor who can be a bit over the top, and a bit insulting to everyone.”
        A bit and a bit? Understatement, considering these are some of the people who “dox’d” and stalked radical feminist bloggers to the point where they abandoned the internet.

  11. This is my current favorite tweet:
    “Ellie M ‏@kadybat 46m
    Assuming that rape is inherently linked to dicks allows for rape culture to continue unchecked, FYI. #fuckcispeople”
    Golly thanks boss- er, uh, laydee- for teaching us lowly cissies how us women are causing our own rapes! By not seeing dicks as more “friendly”. Holy shit.

    1. Ohferpete’ssake, the old “but women rape tooooooo!” bullshit. Try again, losers.

  12. Oh but women rape too, and women drop atomic bombs too…. yeah, anything to give men cover for being destructive, threatening and just plain womanhating. Imagine if Michigan let men like this in the front gate! We have a policy of born women for a reason, and the trans cult and all it stands for needs to be opposed. It is no ok to make threats like this, and it is so revealing.

  13. Yeah, there’s a Goddess group I’m in, and I posed a question not related to any of this type of controversial discussion above, and ms. precious came up with ‘some women I know are more sexist than men.’ And proceeded to argue this point over and over again….no matter HOW many statistics or facts I quoted….so I told a Separatist friend of mine who was watching this conversation: “Didn’t you know that women are more sexist than men?” Sure enough this idiot dropped the real bomb, by referring to Michfest as a prime example. My guess? No doubt an MTF or a handmaiden of such! If ‘fuck cis scum’ or ‘fuck cis people’ isnt’ ultimately about bio female woman hating, especially against Lesbians and Feminists who stand up to them, then I don’t know what is!!!! And why do they NOT name the agents of real violence against them? Other bio males!!! Cuz they’re in a twisted way protecting their own class, even at their own expense.

  14. What I learned from looking at the fuckcispeople thing over the past few days is that none of these transpeople resemble their target? idealised? gender (I’ve never looked at such a large collection of trans selfies before), maybe that’s why they’re so angry?

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