Bradley Manning: "My Problem"

“I wouldn’t mind going to prison for the rest of my life, or being executed so much, if it wasn’t for the possibility of having pictures of me plastered all over the world press as a boy.” – Manning, quoted in the New York Times

Photo Bradley Manning attached to the following email titled "My Problem"
Photo Bradley Manning attached to the following email titled “My Problem”

—-Original Message—–
From: Manning1 Bradley SPC BDE 52
Sent: Saturday April 24) 2910 7:49 PM
To: Adkins Paul lSCTlaMTN MSG BCT Sl NCO!C
This is my problem. I’ve had signs of it for a very long time. Its caused problems within my family. I thought a career in the military would get rid of it. It’s not something I seek out for attention, and I’ve been trying very, very hard to get rid of it by placing myself in situations where it would be impossible. But, it’s not going away, its haunting me more and more as I get older. Now, the consequences of it are dire, at a time when its causing me great pain in itself.
As a result I’m not sure what to do about it. It’s destroyed my ties with my family, caused me to lose several jobs, and its currently affecting my career and preventing me from developing as a person. It’s the cause of my pain and confusion, and turns even the most basic things in my life extremely difficult.
I don’t know what to do anymore .. and the only “help” that seems to be available is severe punishment and/or getting rid of me. All I do know .. is that fear of getting caught has caused me to go to great lengths to consciously hide the problem. As a result, the problem and the constant cover-up has worn me down to a point where it’s always on my mind, making it difficult to concentrate at work, difficult to pay attention to whatever is going on, difficult to sleep, impossible to have any meaningful conversations, and makes my entire life feel like a bad dream that won’t end.

Like I said, I don’t know what to do and I don’t know whats going to happen, but at this point it feels like I’m not really *here* anymore and everyone’s concerned about me and afraid of me. I’m sorry,
SPC Manning) Bradley
Commando SEG Analyst (1000C-2200C)
S2 Fusion Cell1 26CT 10MTN
fOB Hammer, Iraq
Primary SVOIP: 614-7935


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  1. Alright, this is not about him ‘being’ a woman’
    but about having
    ‘psychological violence triggered by women’
    How is this different from Michelle Kosilek? I am not implying that all transgender are like this, but along with those that want to ‘be women’, and get a nice guy and live a hetro-woman’s life there is a type that truely hate women and/or see them as things they violently want to own, control-or out do in competition.
    We should not be around the ones like them., women do not have this same overly aggressive competitive behaviour in women’s space. Mixed events are fun, but I need woman-only space to express myself.
    because of the likely hood of these kind of violent triggers-jealousy, competition at everysingle trait- many women are not safe around them and cant be themselves or express deep feelings out of fear of it becoming a contest instead of a validation of feelings and an ear to listen and understand. Rape counseling wont work if it is an attraction competition for them.
    If the trans community want to protect these violent men that want to ID as women, and compete like being a woman is a sport, then they will have to deal with them in their own spaces.
    If WBW are brave /foolish enough want to cater to them or ‘fix them’, out of a misplaced mothering instinct, we should wish them luck, but stay away.
    You cant dump these violent men on women, because they ‘Want’ to be women. These are violent men. We are not their mothers, family and they are not our sisters. Many have drug and anger problems we dont have. Women tend to hurt themselves rather than others, that is from lifelong female grooming. Men are groomed that they must fight and hurt those that go against them. They need other men that identify as women to deal with them.
    In the male hierarchy, the strongest, richest, most cruel and dominating are at the top. OK, I get it, you are sick of this system. The problem?
    They enter the female community thinking it is a lesser caste system and if they are at the bottom of the male hierarchy, then at least they can be the top of the female hierarchy being a superior upon entrance -and we are all expected to fall in line as natural lessers.. This is not how the female system is structured and many dont get it. They become more violent when there is resistance or we disagree, because it works in the male system when applied on smaller males..
    Why are we are expected to be responsible for every male that loses it, becomes homeless, or needs a mommy but dont want to go home to their own mommy?
    If they feel so much like women, they should care for these young, violent men that want to be women. Then they get to be ‘mothers’ to them. Two birds with one stone.
    Beg at a transgender tit for mothering.
    Many men kill/hurt women when they become angry at them. They are not particular at who the attack. As long as it is someone smaller then them. Men are more respectful to each other, no matter how they identify.
    The trans community is well funded and needs to use these resources to help their people instead of destroying female groups trying to help females. They spend all their funds to fight us and take over- like men conquering.
    Their goal ts to force us to take care of them, we are not their slaves.
    I was in a discussion about the funding for abortions and birth control with a mixed crowd, straight bi, gay, etc. All the M to trans that piped in said how it was a waste of money and they were glad those places were closed and the money was going somewhere else . Are they Women? No, they have men’s biology and dont want to try to understand women’s issues, reproductive issues are not their problem-they have their own separate issues that have nothing to do with actual biological females.
    They want special permission so that every woman to cater to them.
    They are jealous of gay men because of the straight women that cater to them like they are special projects.
    They want this attention from all women, even by law and domination.
    Sorry that was a long rant.

    1. This is very well said, druidwinter. I have been unfortunate enough to have contact with MtT who do indeed apparently want to be at the top of the female hierarchy. It’s worrying.

    2. They are glad funding is going out of Planned Parenthood and to somewhere else. I bet. Rockefeller’s really hooking trans up handsomely with that freed up fundage in exchange for trans anti-feminist propaganda work.

    3. I agree with much of what you say. I think that a lot of M-t-F trans are just rubbish men* and they look upon this “attained womanhood” as a way to gain some mad sort of credit.
      That is why so many of them are hetero. I do feel a pang of empathy for those men who are gay but may feel from brutal acculturation that they cannot be gay so “have” to be women, (espesh from macho cultured “minority” groups) but it is obvious to me that these hetero white males who have fake breasts and willies are just kinky and wanting.
      *By their own system of grading other males

      1. OK, 1992, I knew 12 transgender M to trans, All were sexworkers. All wanted rich ‘boyfriends/husbands, but they would NOT sleep with women, they just would go to get their nails done and go shopping with you. One of the 12, was willing to have sex with a girl in porn, or have les-sex with a punters’ wife while the guy watched[and these were basically-straight women that refused to be lesbian to please the hubby-but did not want to get drunk and be forced to do real lesbian sex] The ONE trans would consider- if offered, but ONLY for money. The rest would only date other M to trans or MEN.
        There are more straight women then Lesbians in the female population, where did all the M to Ts that wanted to sleep with ‘cis’-women come from? Straight guys willing to do/be anything because of elevated porn addictions. If they dont consider men or each other for sex, I dont trust them.
        Trans and straight women porn/sex does not force women to be gay to please their men and they get to call themselves ‘lesbians’ to please hetro men, even though it is herto sex with a guy that had a few years of hormones and breast implants.
        These straight women are Homophobic when it comes to actual Lesbians or sex with other women.
        In college, A female councillor twice my age, too old for me and married, found out I had some gay relationships and SHE did not want to be in the same room with me alone, even though, I never tried anything, was in a monogamous relationship and she was married, [and I dont like a lot of touching either]- until a gay man had a long talk with her. Then she did not feel threatened by me. All this acceptance is being thrown away to force hetro sex and sex work/trafficking on females in alternate lifestyles for male entertainment on the behalf of bored horny men.
        TRIGGER WARNING>>> If you want to
        KNOW WHO YOU ARE UP AGAINST, AND KNOW YOUR ENEMY, please read on with a thick skin. If you get triggered by abuse, dont read it.
        This is how the addiction works:
        Hetro-Fantasy is getting too repetitive, the pretend violent porn became too boring,- real rough sex and more harsh violence came about to spice it up.
        They began paying the girls less and less and abusing them more and more, this added realism to the fantasy and it became more acceptable at large and even more normalized with online porn and published back stories of what drama went on behind set on gossip sites[for the horny men fan base]..
        Porn stars used to drive porches around LA, today, [link removed-GM] only pays $100 a blow job, but the girls can blow as many guys as they want onset. They pay per- sex act. That is for a forever tape that will get you fired from any job in 20 years and is mass distributed. No health coverage, and they dont test for herpes or HVP. These girls have to be escorts and cam models because porn dont pay much, not even a months survivable income and some of these girls get duped out of being paid altogether..
        Guys get off on reading these abusive back stories, it adds ‘realism’ to the escalated abusive fantasy. The coming out with rape stories[some are fake stories] are posted[they go on tour to tell them] to grow a fanbase on pornsites so you buy their porn and keep them working.
        All ‘lesbians’ are super-pornified, and all women identify themselves as ‘bi’ or ‘open minded lesbian that will take peen’ it is sold as ‘woman’s sexuality’ and normal hetro-sex entertainment.
        They let straight girls take drugs and drink on set before they force themselves to perform with other straight girls. Of course while they are intoxicated, they are asked to do more things than they agreed to do and develop depression, drug habits, etc. Who do they blame? All Lesbians! Not the men that compensated them with a few coins for their dignity.
        Even though Lesbians do not have sex like -in porn made for males, Lesbians are blamed for this idol worship gay-female sex which basically works like sex abuse!
        The directors tell the girls that if they can’t do the job, they will get a REAL lesbian who will do it for FREE! Accept the paycut, it is just a “job” “sexwork is work” they are told over and over in abusive manipulation tactics. “hey, we can always hire a real lesbian, but you are pretty and we really want you for the ‘job”
        This pornification of the lesbian community has set all lesbians back, and is now chipping away at the gay men’s place in the gay community. Pat Robertson’s dream come true- forcing the destruction of the gay community by the porn community-he couldnt have planned it better.
        In 1968 feminists targeted the Miss America Pageant for protest. They staged a theatrical demonstration outside of the Atlantic City Convention Center on the day of the pageant.
        You will notice even FEMEN does this,
        NOT because they blame the women, just the objectification of women.
        -This is not about jealousy, that is a mansplaination and dismissal of why-.
        The feminists at that time said, ALL women, ALL of us are subject to a beauty pageant everyday of our lives, and we are ALL judged by unrealistic beauty standards.
        Femen carries posters, ‘Anorexic because of YOU!’ And is the only feminist group that has retained this same value. You might like how they go about it, but they do it.
        Today, we are ALL treated like SEXWORKERS, all of us, ESPECIALLY if you are gay, single or looking for a job. Only women that are with men in relationships are given the respect of being someone’s property.
        There is more trafficking of women today then ever before, even when slavery was legal 150 years ago, WE SURPASSED DRUG trafficking already.
        Some where the idea [pornstitution culture] that ALL fem- lesbians, and unattached women in general, could be put to use for porn & prostitution and it is reinforced and called ‘liberated woman’, ‘sex positive’ ‘being a liberal feminist’
        It got into guys’ heads because of the sex industry and this idea is being sold to women at a younger & younger age to normalize it. This is how they sell fantasy to men. ‘
        Feminism needs to rise once more. What little allowances we got before has been given back to men. That is what porn-trans community has done to the gay community and women are seen as sexualized beings that dont need need anything but sex- This is what they think women are,
        long rant, you dont have to post it. I will understand if you dont. It will hit some people a little hard, but this is what I am seeing going around and your site is an Island out in the middle of this situation.
        Thank you for everything and giving us womans’ space.

  2. “I wouldn’t mind going to prison for the rest of my life, or being executed, if _____________________”
    Would make an interesting high school writing assignment.
    I’m guessing not many kids would write, “if there was a nice headshot out there of me on the internet.”
    Because that would be _____.

  3. This is not about him “feeling like a woman”, this is about him not being able to practice his sexual fetish due to close quarters. His problem is dressing up and taking selfies. He has Autogynephilic Transvestism, not gender disphoria. An obsession with being seen as a sexually attractive woman, with other men finding him sexually appealing. It is obvious from the follow-up exchange, where he asks his superior to validate him, to tell him he makes a pretty woman.
    Spot on, earlier commenters!

  4. You two knock the ball out of the park. Will any of them read it and get it?
    Anon I hope you’re a teacher honest to god you’d save so many kids, gay or not.

  5. THANK YOU Gallus for bringing up how he attacked a woman – a superior officer, at that, and with his closed fist. This little factoid (although I’m sure it was more than that to his victim), is never, never mentioned in the LGBT news blogs – or any news stories about Manning, for that matter. With regard to the LGBT news sources, they don’t report it because we’re all supposed to rally ’round this dude simply because he’s gay. Or something. If they mention how he attacked a woman, why, that may cause dissension in the “troops”! And of course we’re not supposed to say anything bad about a trans person ever, or question their actions in any way, etc. etc. If Manning hadn’t identified as gay (or something), the LGBTMNOP blogs wouldn’t be paying the slightest bit of attention to him, no matter how badly he was treated in custody. He just wouldn’t be on their radar. But the fact that we’re supposed to support him just because he’s gay is an insult to the intelligence and integrity of the lesbian and gay community – particularly lesbian, for obvious reasons.
    As to the people hailing him as a hero for “exposing the truth” – I have a problem with that for a simple reason: the sheer volume of documents that Manning uploaded to WikiLeaks. There is NO. WAY. Manning could’ve read or even perused every one of those files, and decided that the world needed to know. No, this was simply a massive data dump, done without thought and done to draw attention to himself. He obviously had no idea of the consequences, which being in his position, he certainly should have.

    1. Also wanted to add – his Wikipedia page says how he also threatened his step-mother with a knife when she got on him about getting a job; the police had to be called. So this is a guy who has zero compunction about physically hurting women. My sympathy is…diluted, to say the very, very least.

  6. The Bradley-Manning exposure of some of the U.S military intelligence in Afghanistan has meant the deaths of lots of ordinary Afghani people.
    Included in his expose of U.S military secrets were the names of Afghani farmers that had complained (they thought in secret!) to the U.S military, about their women/men/children abused/killed /kidnapped by The Taliban. These private details have now been published UN-REDACTED to the world, including the violently reactionary “Islamic” forces operating there.
    These named people, have now died/disappeared.
    I would not expect a speshul-snowflake to give any consideration to these people. But, of course he would be more worried if he looked more like a boy than a girl in certain photographs.

    1. Wow, Abi, now that’s something that ought to be included in any articles about Manning! I doubt it’ll happen, though. And fuck that rapist Assange for being as selfish and careless as Manning.

    1. Hey you! I saw you on the Manning thread on Reddit – thanks for pointing out Manning’s violence toward women. I wanted to post some support, especially after that prick talked to you that way, but I don’t have an account set up there yet – I wanted to ask my friend who posts there more about the place before I did (I’m a total newbie there, believe it or not – just never went there much ’til very recently, for whatever reason). Anyway, thanks for standing up. I think I should go ahead and create an account.

      1. Yep, redditors be redditting alright. But we have our little transphobic niches over there and are putting out feelers when we see the beginnings of an awakening in other women. Let me know if you make an account.
        Every time I subject myself to their onslaughts it’s in the hope of demonstrating to somebody who is on the fence just how toxic transwomen and trans activists can be and how little regard they actually have for women.

    2. Worse……
      PBS reported this evening that the DOD request made by Manning jas been approved. This can make one vomit….
      What this person did to end up in prison is no different than what Robert Hansen did, by selling sensitive and secret information. Hansen was given a life sentence…solitary confinement at a supermax prison. And yet…Manning gets special treatment, on the federal dime.
      Oh and all of this happening while the VA can barely take care of the vets who are waiting……WAITING long long periods of time for treatment for life threatening illnesses/losses of limbs while engaged in actual military duties. How pathetic is the US now? As well as how deeply have the snowflakes corrupted things??

  7. Here’s an update – Manning now wishes to be called “Chelsea”, referred to with female pronouns, and wants to start hormone therapy right away. The “Today” show read a statement from him that included the following:
    “As I transition into this next phase of my life, I want everyone to know the real me. I am Chelsea Manning. I am a female. Given the way that I feel, and have felt since childhood, I want to begin hormone therapy as soon as possible. I hope that you will support me in this transition. I also request that, starting today, you refer to me by my new name and use the feminine pronoun (except in official mail to the confinement facility). I look forward to receiving letters from supporters and having the opportunity to write back.
    Thank you,
    Chelsea E. Manning”
    Manning is scheduled to serve out his time at Fort Leavenworth. However, a spokesperson for Ft. Leavenworth said that the military prison does not provide hormone therapy or sex-change surgery for its prisoners. Manning’s lawyer, David Coombs, said he will fight to obtain hormone therapy for him.
    Whelp, I think I’m going to start popping the popcorn to sit back and watch this shitstorm.

    1. Did you see Amanda Marcotte over on Slate stamping her feet and demanding that the media IMMEDIATELY edit all Manning articles to include the new name and feminine pronouns?
      This is so beyond ridiculous.

      1. So, women have struggled for DECADES to have our pronoun used alongside the ubiquitous “he” and “him” and “his, but all a guy has to do is say, “This is what I want to be called” and everyone complies? WTF?
        I want my pronoun back!

  8. Do you suppose…could he have….dumped the data in order to get into prison and get this paid?
    Since he’s a man there will be a flood of pity and support. Men ™ can’t have that kind of euuuu weirdness going around being called male. Put it in the female box.

    1. Nah. I think he just mindlessly dumped all the data to get back at the Army, where he was so unhappy. I think he’s also vastly overestimating the amount of support he has – he sees groups with signs supporting him, and of course gets lots of love from LGBTMNOP orgs, so he may be thinking that he’s just America’s alt-darling right now. However, while many people might be okay with him exposing military shittiness, they sure as hell don’t think we should be footing the bill for his fetishes.

    2. I doubt he was even thinking that far ahead, especially given the general tenor of the Courts towards those who were NOT on treatment/medication prior to entering prison.
      All he has done is ensure that his shitty time in military prison will be even shittier since they likely will not have him in general population (not that he probably would have been in the first place given the nature of the offenses- even convicted felons tend to have offenses that they won’t tolerate, and I don’t see treasonous conduct going over to well around other former military personnel).

    3. It’s fun seeing the stream of “facts” about brain sex, feminine souls, and other such voodoo come out of the corporate media woodwork.

      1. It’s frankly terrifying. I am feeling kind of humorless about this stuff right now to be honest. I am sick to death of putting up with things like, say, the guy who uses the ladies’ room at an office I must frequent with my young daughter, and leaves the damn seat up. I am sick of playing along with their fetishes and delusions and fearing for my safety if I am not enthusiastically “inclusive” and “supportive” enough. But the crap cherry on top of this shit cake is all the vapid, drooling “progressives” who sit there and tell me with a straight face that “female brain in a male body” is a real thing “because SCIENCE!” It feels like we are stuck in a hopeless dystopia sometimes. Like most people are willing to buy this song and dance, and the few who don’t are mostly shut down with threats of violence and firing and shunning from the community.

      2. Very well said, Violet. I concur. What comforts me is knowing that their methods are backfiring – I think the Bradley Manning case will definitely bite them in the ass.
        Bit of unsolicited advice: if I had to deal with some prick leaving the seat up in a women’s restroom, I’d walk right up to him when there are people around him, and say, “Since you’re using the women’s bathroom, PUT THE SEAT DOWN WHEN YOU’RE DONE.” Then walk away without looking back; it’s not up for discussion. Don’t ask, don’t say please, don’t soften it in any way. Complain to his boss, if he works in that office.

  9. One of the Canadian msm news sites has removed over 400 comments, completely, and left only Manning’s two paragraphs asserting he is now a female and expects to be called Chelsea Manning except in military documents.
    All the comments… . They ranged from outright dismissal of the idea that he could be a woman, or that he was sincere (just using it to get into women’s prisons where he’d be safer) to incensed vets demanding he be stripped of rank) to polite informative comments explaining autogynephilia and giving sources which included a comment explaining why Manning does not have xxy syndrome. All comments to EDT a.m. start of workday had obviously been modded in. And all are now gone. “Comments closed”.
    Lawyers get up early.

    1. Regardless of any trans anything, if the guy doesn’t legally change his name (which he hasn’t so far!) there is ZERO need for any news outlet to refer to him by any alias. He can “expect” whatever he wants, but no legal name change paper, then too bad so sad.
      …it’s easy enough to change your name for a flat fee in the US for people not under arrest, of course for him it might be a bit different now.

      1. Of course then this morning someone linked me to this big argument in the “talk” section of the Chelsea Manning article on Wikipedia:
        Yep. Wikipedia already moved the article to the name “Chelsea” despite it not being his legal name at all, and there are people saying well, they have to, because to do otherwise is distressing and suicide and and!
        So now somehow just saying you’re trans is enough to get people willing to write articles about you with some newly preferred but not legal name, I guess. Doesn’t work that way for regular ol’ people getting name changes just because.

      2. MRA mass-murderer Anders Breivik demanded he should henceforth be known by his chosen name: “Commander Brevik”. His request was ignored. However if he demanded to be called “Angela Marie Brevik” even ABC news would be using it, by his very demand. Because gender.

  10. I googled a particular profession the other day looking for what the qualifications are, since I suspected…none. On one of the websites I found pix of a recent office party. The men were all in drag. Mini-skirts and fishnet stockings doing a can-can. Men weighing about 400 lbs. Hair from the same bad wig store they all seem to favor. The women were looking grim. Just buy your sun glasses at the gas station.

  11. hmm, some of the articles (including the one linked) make Manning’s punch seem more like a childish temper tantrum kind of thing than forcefully manipulative. also seems like Showman had it in for Manning, ‘calling him “faggoty.”‘ [ huff post ] Not that that excuses it.
    I was curious whether commenters here would try to simply debase Manning’s transgendering or also buy into the mainstream military-industrial rhetoric about how exposing war crimes (however poorly executed) is simply “leaking” and illegal … I guess the rad-fems are joining forces with the ultra-conservatives :/

    1. Of course we aren’t. And we are also not one entity. For instance, I don’t identify with the term “radfem,” though I’ve been a Radical Lesbian Feminist for 43 years. (I also didn’t identify with “women’s libber” or any of the other trivializations of feminism.)
      Some of us can appreciate anyone who reveals war crimes by the US, while still never accepting a man can somehow be a woman, and also be against men hitting women.
      It’s interesting that Manning has so much support among Lesbians, that the man who stalked me into the Lesbian community and who is still harassing me and other Lesbians with his porny, agressive, sado-masochistic maleness (and is proof that decades after female hormones and surgery, that men are still completely men or more male than before) could bring up the topic of how to be “politically correct” in addressing Manning in our local Lesbian listserve as a way to get open support for the trans cult. Any of us who said no got the usual harassment, including being told to apologize to the men on the Lesbian list who we offended.

      1. “Some of us can appreciate anyone who reveals war crimes by the US, while still never accepting a man can somehow be a woman, and also be against men hitting women.”
        Indeed this exactly. Also we can be against inhumane treatment in prisons and against excess incarceration of people without including “must have access to hormones and surgery and women’s prison” as a requirement for “humane treatment.” In this case it’s particularly interesting considering that the armed forces don’t allow transgender people to join or serve. (It’s an ongoing high-maintenance condition requiring drugs. Nothing specific to persecuting twanz.)
        I was away from the net for a bit and I’m surprised (or perhaps not – better is “sadly realizing” maybe) how much so many places are instantly all about “Chelsea” (whatever happened to “Breanna” anyway??) and “she” and dredging up whatever old articles they have on the “lady brain.”
        And anyway, even if someone believes all of the lady brain nonsense, the individual’s legal name is “Bradley.” You can change your name fairly easily for $150 or so as a standard price legal thing you don’t even pay by the hour! But he HASN’T DONE IT.
        Point being I can understand some of what Bradley Manning has done. This latest revelation doesn’t change that, for me. But it doesn’t mean I think that he’s really a woman. If he wants to change his name to Chelsea and grow his hair out, well, party on I guess (other than the whole prison buzz cut requirement maybe), but still doesn’t make him a woman.

    2. I don’t know what the fuck planet you live on, but a man punching a woman with a closed fist never, ever qualifies as anything remotely like “a childish temper tantrum kind of thing” on mine. You must believe that bullshit, or you wouldn’t have even brought it up here.
      And I’ll repeat: Manning didn’t “expose war crimes.” He just dumped a ton of files to get back at the army. That was the childish temper tantrum. You actually think he could’ve gone over all 700,000 documents and known what each involved?! I’m sorry you buy into that rhetoric. He did it just to draw attention to himself and his misery, then latched onto the “I was letting the world know” bullshit because he realized it would make him a hero to people and possibly save his ass. It was an unbelievably selfish thing to do, and he’s damn lucky that the fallout wasn’t a lot worse. Stop simply parroting the lines of your favorite blogs, learn to think for yourself and look at things objectively.

  12. I certainly do not join forces with men, ever, no matter what they call themselves. Today. Or on Tuesday.
    If that’s ultra anything, it’s ultra women-centred.
    One thing that I’ve learned is that Manning has FAS, and a history of violence and ‘acting up’. Who knows why he did what he did, or is now claiming he is female. I am not interested in the doings of men. whether they create the super skrit docs, or leak them. Feh. It’s all men and their “necrophilia”, to coin FCM.

    Mainstream people are picking up on this but have no idea how to fit it into their narratives.
    There’s no political component, obviously. No one is going to say “hmm, what’s with trans being twice as likely to think that murdering brown kids as a career option is a legitimate life choice?”

    1. I think the narrative will be something like ‘these women were trying so hard to act like men that they took stereotypically macho career paths.’ Isn’t this how our ‘female navy seal’ is being presented?

  14. The Seattle Times just hosted a live chat on “transgender issues and Chelsea Manning” which was heavily stacked with the local LGBT F2T. I questioned the science behind “brain sex” and was attacked as someone who was making sweeping generalizations. I was also criticized for stereotyping trans by suggesting that the heteronormative dress preferred by M2T is a stereotype. And, the use of M2T and F2T was criticized as being against trans. I also disagreed with cisgender word and was shot down, that this is the acceptable term these days. Defined by the trans community I guess. The conversation was moderated and it appeared kept into narrow focus on trans GETTING insurance benefits for people like Pvt. Manning and others.
    In case I get in one of these chats again, is there a resource where the transgender “science” is clearly listed out? I am a health educator/nurse and did work in cancer clinical trials so I can understand research, medical terminology. My small exposure to a family members ensnarlment with modern psychitry and its new mood pills made me very suspect of the new psychiatric disorders that is driving Big Pharma profit.
    I was shot down that there is NO evidence that these long term hormone therapies can hurt people, when I’ve seen the F2T myself with acne, fat and balding from taking T.
    Any resources you’d direct me to? I’d like to be better prepared next time.

  15. In February 2003, I was standing in the rain with hundreds of other people screaming, protesting, carrying my anti-war signs, and begging the Bush administration to stay out of Iraq. People knew months before the start of Bush’s illegal war that it was all based on fabricated lies. Indeed, thousands of people took to the streets worldwide, and this was before March 2003. I continued to participate in anti-war rallies up until the later part of 2004. We were right. Where was Bradley Manning, and what was he doing then?
    The horrific abuse of Iraqi prisoners in Abu Ghraib surfaced in late 2003 and 2004. Again, I protested, wrote emails, and expressed my outrage. People were aware of the Downing Street Memo. Former U.S. Marine Major and U.N. Weapons Inspector Scott Ritter said that Iraq’s ability to produce biological and chemical weapons was all but destroyed after the Persian Gulf War. As a weapons inspector, Ritter knew Iraq had no WMDs in 2003 and he wasn’t afraid to speak the truth. The yellow cake uranium from Niger was a bald face lie. IAEA chief Dr. Mohammed el-Baradei said this information was based on crudely forged documents. It didn’t take people too long to figure this out. Basically everything that came out of George W. Bush’s mouth was a lie. Where was Bradley Manning hiding, and what was he doing then?
    Manning joined the Army in 2007 partly for money for college. There hasn’t been a military draft since Vietnam. Bradley voluntarily joined the Army. In 2007, people certainly knew that there were no WMDs in Iraq, and it was all a pack of lies. People knew about Abu Ghraib and the massacre in Falluja. When Bradley ends up in Iraq, he is shocked at what he sees. He becomes disillusioned and bitter. He enlisted in 2007, and Bush’s immoral and illegal war started in March 2003. What was Mr. Manning doing in those four years when the rest of civilization had figured it all out by then?
    Manning is not a hero. The real heroes are the war protestors, and the people who knew it was all based on twisted neoconservative ideology and fabricated lies from the very beginning. Manning is intelligent and can read, so where was he at all these years?. To me, Manning is just a scared, frightened, confused young man from Oklahoma who volunteered to serve in the U.S. Army, then deliberately disobeyed orders. He was convicted of multiple counts of violating the Espionage Act and was sentenced to 35 years in a military prison. He will also be reduced in rank to private, forfeit all pay and allowances and receive a dishonorable discharge. Manning released 700,000 documents from classified computers. As people have pointed out, how could he have known what was in each of these files? Some of these were State Department cables.
    A copy of the leaked Afghanistan incident reports was found in Osama bin Laden‘s Pakistan compound after the raid that killed him.
    I have relatives in the military, and some of them have served in Iraq. While I disagree with them, at least they stand by what they believe. Bradley Manning’s closing statement in trial was, “With all due respect, your honor, I fucking hate this country”. If this is true, then why did he volunteer to serve? I might be an anti-war protestor, but I don’t hate my country, and I and thousands of other people were right about Iraq from the very beginning.

    1. Indeed. Even Snowden was supposedly so naïve that he thought that Obama was who he pretended to be on TV advertisements and was going to turn things around so he sat on his own conscience for five years. Five years! He should be tried as part of the criminal conspiracy! Well, not really. But you know?
      As far as moral paragons go, us white males aren’t doing so well despite so many of us having access to the goods on patriarchy.
      As for Bradley, if he thought killing people would make him feel at home in his body or some such, I guess the internet isn’t the panacea for distributing pro-gender information that all the old-timers seem to think it serves as. (“back in my day, we walked uphill both ways and it was tough as hell to pass gender gatekeepers without a cheat sheet to download!”)

    2. I agree. I wasn’t very old at the time but I remember hearing about how the WMDs weren’t really there. The protesters were right.
      Anyway, good comment.

  16. Apologies if this has already been linked to elsewhere, but In this Guardian article (, it states that:
    “The Scottish Prison Service (SPS), which has a more enlightened policy on trans issues, confirms that in the past year, five prisoners who presented as male when entering the prison system ended up in women’s jails, with seven women doing the reverse and ending up in male jails.”
    Which is kind of terrifying; did those women actively ask to be transferred to a men’s prison, or did the prison authorities decide they weren’t suitably feminine to stay in a women’s prison? Are they segregated in the men’s prison? are they safe?
    And, of course, are the women in the women’s prison safe with the M2T they are now sharing cells/facilities with?

      1. But you can bet they won’t be allowed to any more. Bindel steers clear of the subject completely these days as far as I can tell, and Moore only did it by accident. The Guardian took down Julie Burchill’s trans piece in response to the on-line death and rape threats against Moore and her children.

  17. Saying that you don’t care about being tried for treason or executed but do care about people seeing pictures of you as your natural male self shows that Manning’s priorities and perspectives are seriously skewed. If he had been female all along, I kind of doubt people would be that sympathetic if her greatest concern was her appearance.
    It’s interesting that no one lauding Manning as a hero ever brings up that he attacked a fellow female soldier. I can see that being accused of treason might take the attention away from that, but it’s still interesting.
    I would just say that Manning is a man with serious psychological issues who should have never joined the military in the first place. With the amount of documents he stole, it seems to me that he was grabbing what he could, no concern of the content. I don’t support the US military-industrial complex nor our imperialism and I do think the government should be more transparent. But, there are still things that should not be public knowledge and it’s good that wiki leaks seems to have some editorial discretion.

  18. Someone please confirm this, because if this article is true, if this is the fact, then it is official that one can be a criminal, a traitor and a snowflake………AND GET AWAY WITH THIS SHIT.
    Amazing the same melanin deprived cretins are not fighting for Robert Hansen. Oh I forgot, he is not getting elective work done. As well as not being a snowflake, he was just an average traitor.

    1. As I understand it, he’s trying to have his conviction overturned. By law he’s must be allowed to remain in the military during this process, otherwise they have no jurisdiction. He’s not being paid, and presumably he’s not actually reporting to duty anywhere.

      1. Even so…if this was anyone else, does any person here think ANY courtesy would be extended?
        This is a criminal, a felon, a traitor…and if Robert Hansen was not given any leeway, neither should this punk.

      2. As I understand it it’s the law, not a courtesy. He was tried in a military court. Under the UCMJ his conviction can only be heard by a military court. Military courts have no jurisdiction over civilians, hence he must remain a service member. I think they have the power to simply throw out the conviction. The fact that they haven’t tells you how the military feels about this treacherous asshole.

    2. Have you watched the Collateral Damage video? Reporting war crimes is not being a “traitor”, it’s an obligation under the Geneva Convention (and basic decency).
      Manning’s treatment has been hideously unjust and I think the turn to trans identity in the context of the military is completely understandable, even if wrong-headed. From everything I have read about Manning, I anticipate she will give up being Chelsea within a few years and settle in to being a brave, principled, thoughtful human being.

      1. Bradley Manning has such a strong history of violence against women (terrorized his stepmother with a knife, punched a female officer in the face) that I have half a mind to start a pool guessing how long it will be before he assaults (or kills!) another woman and gets sent back to prison. He is a dangerous man and if his missives from prison are any indication, a profoundly mentally ill one as well. Brave, principled and thoughtful he is demonstrably NOT.

      2. I was about to say….’principled’? Where, when?
        As @GallusMag and others have pointed out, this is a dangerous, unstable person, who if it were not for the t status, would be seen as any other lunatic would be. Also….how the hell this person, who had a horrible behavior record to begin with, got to be in that sensitive a position points to, that the standards were severely lowered, just to get analysts.
        The facts of Manning’s background point to, that sadly….more of the demented end of the brigade, has infiltrated the societal fabric. And while one can argue in favor of this creep, the litany of troubling acts, cannot be denied.

      3. I’d have more respect for him if he’d carefully selected relevant information and handed it off to a third party that could be trusted, instead of the infodump he actually pulled. There was a great deal of information in that infodump that was classified for good reason, and it was only by sheer luck that Wikileaks consulted media experts and didn’t publish truly sensitive information since Manning didn’t actually know whom he was dealing with and he was ultimately badly manipulated by what’s-his-face at Wikileaks. Manning’s story is a good example for why unstable, mentally ill people shouldn’t be allowed to serve in the armed forces.

      4. Dude had no idea what was in those telexes. It could’ve been the nuclear codes or Obama’s lunch preferences. This was not a principled whistleblower exposing war crimes. This was a mentally unstable creep wiho had no business in the service throwing a hissy fit because the Army wouldn’t let him to run around in a dress. He took an oath to his country and owed allegiance to his fellow service members. He could’ve gotten soldiers killed and didn’t know and didn’t care. He was worse than a traitor.

  19. Manning won’t be assigned to a regular unit–There are holding units just for people like this turd–When I was at Ft Hood it was called the Personnel Control Facility and it was the place where men facing or waiting for judicial issues to be resolved were held before they either went to the stockade or were discharged–They were not paid and just received $10 a month for personal care items–Due to the severity of his crimes Manning should be restricted to the base during this time and will be put on work details doing shit jobs–I predict that he’ll soon start acting out again to stay in the limelight–I also wouldn’t be surprised if he ends up dead in a ‘suicide’ sort of way–His alleged mistreatment in Leavenworth prison is nothing compared to what he’ll face in the streets & buildings of an Army base–

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