What Separates the T from the LG

Heterosexual couple

When you hear trans activists and allies define lesbians as “penis-phobic” sexual “bigots” against males, a condition which can be “cured” by raping us: it is pretty clear that the transgender politic is as starkly anti-lesbian and anti-woman as a political agenda could possibly be.
There is an excellent post “There is no T in Lesbian” over at the Liberation Collective today on the topic of Transgenderism and the ways in which the “T” is at odds with the Lesbian and Gay liberation movement. Critical to the transgender movement is the silencing and censorship of all public discourse around sex stereotypes, gender, and women’s rights, and the eradication of lesbian and gay voices – even on the subject of homosexuality. This is because the goals of the lesbian and gay rights movement are in direct opposition to the platform of the transgender movement. Superficially, and to those outside of these movements, there may appear to be common ground. For example, protecting the rights of LGBT people against discrimination in housing and employment. However,  there are other minorities (African Americans, Women, etc.) who seek protection against discrimination in these things, and they have not been merged into the lesbian and gay movement. Nor have lesbians and gays been inundated with rape and murder threats by these groups as they routinely have by transgender activists.
Why then has the Transgender Movement been attached to the homosexual rights movement?
Transgender activists have explained the need for this alliance several ways. They say all sorts of things:
“Our enemies can’t tell us apart- they see M2T as “super-gay” men, and F2T as “super-lesbian”, so we may as well join together since the public sees us as the same thing anyway”.
“Gays owe us support because feminine men who insist that they “are women” suffer more discrimination than feminine men who do not, and men who impersonate women while believing they actually “are women” suffer more discrimination than men who impersonate women (drag queens) without having those feelings.”
“Women, Lesbians, Gays, must serve us and center our needs and concerns because we have high rates of suicidality and psychiatric co-morbidity and criminality and you don’t”.
“A percentage of transgenders consider themselves ex-homosexual but still have social ties to the gay subculture they once were members of”.
“Those transgender men and women who are heterosexual like to call their hetero relationships “lesbian” or “gay”, and refer to themselves as “dykes” and “fags” as part of their heterosexual transgender identity. The majority of male transgenders are heterosexual, which means the percentage of “transwomen” who consider themselves lesbian is exactly opposite to the percentages among actual females. Unlike actual females, most M2T are “lesbian” and since we are forcing ourselves into the lesbian community in droves on that basis anyway, you may as well just include us in the LG movement.”
Shannon Minter, the “ex-lesbian” transgender attorney now heading the mainly transgender, hetero and male legal initiatives at ex-lesbian National Center for Lesbian Rights (which has creepily retained its old name from the days when it did represent lesbians) believes that homosexuality itself is a form of transgenderism and as such the gay rights movement should be re-framed and subsumed under the “transgender umbrella” as a wing of the transgender movement. She believes that homosexuality is transgender, because lesbian and gay sexual relationships are not procreative, and are therefore manifestations of cross-sex behavior. No different than the conservative right wing view of homosexuality, really: a misalignment of the natural order.
Conservative, right-wing, and theocratic views on homosexuality match Minter’s views exactly. We see this in surveys which show that transgenderism is far more politically acceptable to the general public than homosexuality.  We see this reflected in places like Iran, which force lesbians and gays into state-funded medical “sex changes” under threat of capitol punishment. We see Minter’s view on homosexuality mirrored in Christian conservative preacher Pat Robertson’s recent declarations that while homosexuality is a sinful abomination, transgenderism is okay. We see this in transgender activist websites like “Lesbimen”, “TransAdvocate”, etc. which aim to prove that lesbians are “actually men”. We see this in the lightning-fast adoption of sweeping legal and social reforms designed to remove feminism’s hard-won gains of sex-based protections and their replacement with “gender identity” protections which accord rights based on one’s fealty to the very sex-based stereotypes the women’s liberation and gay rights movement sought to eliminate.
The elephant in the room is that transgenderism was invented as a “treatment” or medical “cure”  of homosexuality. The reason the “T” is included in the LGBT is that it has been historically lesbians and gays that transgenderist cures have been inflicted on. It was upon lesbian and gay bodies that medical experiments were conducted that resulted in what we now call “transgender treatments”: often on lesbians and gays who were involuntarily committed or incarcerated. Just ask Alan Turing. Just ask all the gays and lesbians rounded up and experimented on in “forced sex-change” medical camps in South Africa as recently as the late 1980’s. Just ask all the kids being medical-tracked and puberty-suppressed as guinea pigs in rapidly growing government-funded programs right now.
The act of voluntarily “passing” as the opposite sex has also long been a survival technique for lesbians, gays, and women under oppressive sexist and heteronormative circumstances and regimes. Nothing has changed, except the influx of heterosexual pornography-soaked body-mod kinksters attaching themselves belatedly to the lesbian and gay movement. This heterosexual influx not-coincidentally coincided with the birth of the modern transgender rights movement in the 1990s.
Today’s post at the Liberation Collective includes an interesting PDF chart that attempts to briefly outline “what separates the T from the LG”. Examples include (paraphrasing wildly):
Believes reproductive sex is a feeling or mental state unrelated to biology yet includes a psychological imperative to “congruity” between mental state and the social perception of one’s reproductive biology. Sex changes are impossible, so desires palliative treatment by undergoing various bodily modifications designed to approximate the opposite-sex biology cosmetically on those body parts commonly seen socially by others (genital surgery is not undergone by a majority of transgenders).
Since bodily sex does not exist, homosexuality does not exist, except as a form of bigotry and discrimination against persons with opposite-sexed bodies.
Has exclusive sexual and romantic attraction to those of the same sex.
Requires bystanders to participate in and “affirm” their self-concept of themselves as having an “opposite-sexed brain”.
Has exclusive sexual and romantic attraction to those of the same sex.
Psychological distress is viewed as a natural manifestation of sex/gender incongruence. “Change Yourself”.
Psychological distress not viewed as a natural manifestation of sex/gender incongruence. “Accept Yourself. Change social norms.”
Lobbies for hormone-suppression and sterilization of children below the age of consent.
Against reparative therapies and medical “treatments” of children below the age of consent.
Lobbies for elimination of sex-based protections for women and elimination of same-sex rights of assembly for women and homosexuals.
Does not seek to eliminate feminist gains for women. Supports homosexual and other same-sex gatherings.
And so forth. (Apologies to Liberation Collective for my scattershot paraphrasing).
Heterosexual Couple
Heterosexual Couple

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  1. Thanks for this article.
    Before I found this site, I used to think I must be the only woman in the world who opposed the trans agenda from a feminist perspective. Because, you know, anyone who cares about equality would be all over supporting the poor, oppressed trans people.
    It was obvious to me that some of the ideas issuing forth from trans advocates were very insulting and harmful to women. Such as one woman’s claim that she was partially male because she was good at math. Yeah, thanks for reinforcing the ideas that girls can’t do math; nothin’ wrong with that! If you ARE good at math, it doesn’t defy that horrible stereotype at all, oh no, it really just means you’re not a girl!
    But as a heterosexual woman, I wasn’t particularly well informed on the LBG perspective. If anything, I might have thought (before I knew better) that the gay movement was all for trans issues, seeing how the transes have glommed onto gay advocacy. This site has helped me to see otherwise since I found it.
    After reading this particular post, I see it even more clearly. Transes are trying to erase homosexuality, just like they are trying to redefine male/female and erase biology. They are trying to deny the dignity of gays and lesbians for daring to be attracted to the same sex without simultaneously trying to alter their own sex to that of the opposite.
    ‘Cause, you know, people who behave in stereotypically feminine ways (including being attracted to men) are obviously women, no matter what their chromosomes or body parts have to say about it, and it’s really just that simple, you know. If you’re attracted to your own sex, it means you should reject your body and seek to change it.
    Gawd. How disgusting.

  2. those drawings are hilarious. I mean, not just for the assertion that queer means anything, but for what’s NOT being asserted: I mean, not all cis women menstruate! They’re always reminding everyone of that. But it’s a given when she’s a pansexual cartoon character.

  3. On the internet there are already gendersick idiots who whine if you “dare” to equate mentruation/vaginas etc. with females and testicles/etc. with males. Trans is a major step back not only for the lgb movement but it seems for science as well. Because your identity grants you fucking everything and everyone has to play the gender game even if they don’t want to. But people have to ‘because identity!1! It hurts feelings if you say that transwomen are males. Somehow a fantasy in their heads makes them totally female. Why? ’cause of identity!1

    1. Yet she identifies as a lesbian woman right? No no she’s really straight she’s just confused…you all are perpetuating the same mindsets as the people your supposedly supposed to be fighting against. Have you ever heard of androgen insensitivity? ( doubt it) its an xy female bodied PERSON. ( you know what like the rest of us) born that way. Yall should actually try doing ALITTLE research instead of piling up together speaking about a group of people you obviously don’t know or care about! No one is setting back feminist lgb goals ( or even lgb goals in general) MAYBE I’m just a person who has dealt with my issues my entire life and found a DECENT solution to make me more comfortable with myself! I am who I am transition or not! There are transmen and women who don’t transition all the time and that doesn’t make them any less than you haters! With all this said there are fucked up parts about “the industry” that’s preying off off misinformed/ misguided individuals. Certain individuals who find in their journey that they’ve made a mistake. And even I feel some type of way about medically changing CHILDREN. ( that is self explanatory) Everyone is not the same people! There are different rhymes and rhythms to different things that people do and its messed up of you to decide that my struggle is doing something to YOU. Since the binary system is dragging the lgb down so hard. Why don’t u focus on your real problem.. .you.

      1. How does it equate to that? I have identified differently from an early age. And was I hating myself then? I just don’t understand your concept I guess. I tried to live a lesbian lifestyle. It just didn’t feel right for me.

      2. Transgender is obsessed with “binaries”. The LG community is very diverse, but you wouldn’t know that, right, because you are really a “straight guy”? You are a lesbian woman no matter how feminine or masculine you are in appearance or mannerism- in trans-speak, your “presentation”- no one cares. You are not special in not “feeling like a woman”. Newflash- “feeling like a woman” is something made up by men! Biology is real and there is not a huge spectrum- almost all human beings are male OR female. It is 99.9+% likely that you are an average XX female and have no intersex condition. You are probably not an “XY female bodied person”. Complete androgen insensitivity is extremely rare and you should be aware that the intersex community does not appreciate young jerks like yourself appropriating their medical condition. You should also be aware that the women here are much more educated about issues of gender than you are. Maybe your parents and friends and community were more receptive to the idea that you were a “straight man trapped in a woman’s body”? It is not surprising that a conservative family would be more accepting of a straight son than a lesbian daughter. What kind of parents do you think are producing this transgender toddlers that you sort-of, kind-of see a problem with? One reach for the pink blankey and he is definitely a she! Conservative culture is like that, all about the binary, just like the transagenda.
        Most of the visible trans “leaders” are middle-aged males, and their Cold War mentality is apparent in all of their creepy bullshit. Ward Cleavers hopped up on lady hormones, mincing about in June’s sweater sets and aprons. Of course these guys are not about embodying actual traditional female roles, because those are the subservient roles, like housekeeping and child care. Nope, they are all about the sexy ones, the outer trappings that make them “feel like a lady”. That man-made idea again that they cling to so tightly. These are the jenda warriors that rage on and on about how their penises are female, and it is none of your business anyway, but here is a selfie of me in my new circle skirt, please “like” it (or I will cut you). These dudes could not have a more outdated, regressive idea of what being a woman is about and it is truly sad that so many young women are buying into the thinly veiled mens’ rights movement that is transgender.

      3. Actually old jerk you made ALOT of assumptions…IM Done on this site because its just a bunch of old feminist set in their ways and not open to any type of expression but their own . I’m a straight trans man because society sees me as a man and i date women. i am who i am regardless of labels and i look the way i want to. Body modifications don’t make me any less entitled to you to live my life and speak to you about myself. I didn’t ask for the T to be smashed at the end of LGB. And maybe its you who is obsessed with binaries. I know I will never truly FIT into anyone else definition of anything. All of this doesn’t mean I don’t understand the LG. I lived that life. You know nothing about me or who I am. You’re only interested in attacking and that is why you’re getting no where. If you are trying to “save” people, I suggest you jab less. Might get people to actually listen to you.

      4. @Jaynimal- I don’t need anti-feminist woman-hating lesbophobe ageists to listen to me. And I certainly don’t need to waste my time talking to them. Get out of my space and “go be a man” son. LMAAAAAAAO. Go fuck right off “sir”. Good riddance forever.
        LMAO this whiney girl begging me to “accept her manhood”. WEAK. Very weak. Don’t let the door hit you on the arse.

      5. Am I the old jerk here or is it you, GM? Oh, I hope it is me!
        Really though, I am not trying to save you- I find you incredibly stupid and annoying and I know there is nothing of value that a bunch of ugly dykes can say to a cool dude like you. Misandry sucks, huh?? But have fun with all of that sweet male privilege that you will surely reap along with your shiny new “identity”!

    2. @ Lilly (@Bruce_Lilly2)
      I’ve seen these demented weirdos popping up everywhere. It is a big set back for science! They want to live in a fantasy world and if you don’t go along with it you’re a bigot. They also appropriate people with intersex conditions, who ironically are often critical of SRS because of the medical abuse they suffered. Transjacktivists think that a small portion (less than 1%) of the human population who have developmental disorders means that biological sex doesn’t exist.
      All I can say is that your identity doesn’t mean crap.
      Oh, and this article is so accurate. Transjacktivists and kinksters have latched onto our movement like a parasite. Did you know that disapproving of BDSM and violent sexual behavior is the same as being homophobic? Except that lesbians and gays are also bigots in the eyes of the trans and the kinksters for not conforming to mandatory pansexuality.

  4. I wish I understood why transgenderism is seen as ‘more acceptable’ than homosexuality for both lib fems and people like Pat Robertson. I can recognize that there are legitimate theological reasons for thinking homosexuality is wrong… but it’s an expression of affection, at worst. Transgenderism is an expression of psychological distress and the belief that the body you were born in is WRONG. And you can’t believe that biological sex is irrelevant without also believing that homosexuality(and heterosexuality, for that matter) doesn’t exist. Theologically, the idea that a perfectly healthy body part is a mistake of God/nature is extremely questionable. Not that Pat Robertson is ever particularly logical about theology, but really… how does anyone justify that belief?
    The only answer I can come up with is misogyny and sexism. Somehow, it’s more comfortable for people on either side of the political divide to believe that sex and same-sex attraction is an illusion than to accept that males and females have the same thoughts and emotions and desires. It’s absolutely disgusting and amazing that this is passed off as ‘progressive.’

    1. I think science illiteracy makes it easier for the dumb “brain sex” claims to work on people, for one thing. It was weird, I stumbled upon a debate about trans stuff the other day on a message board that normally has nothing at all to do with such things, and seeing the misconceptions people came in with was fascinating. A LOT of people truly thought that a doctor could medically diagnose transgenderism in the same way they diagnose a dislocated knee or a cleft palate. Some of them thought it was determined by taking a blood test of hormone levels! Many of them truly were confused about the difference between intersex and transgender. They had NO IDEA for the most part that it is literally all up in the head, gender stereotypes, and nebulous “self concept.” These were college educated people, politically middle of the road, mostly in their 40s and up, fwiw.
      Someone finally butted in (I didn’t want to touch it with a ten foot pole!) and corrected them and then the people who were all sympathetic to trans immediately were much, much more skeptical. People started saying “oh so it’s like anorexia, or believing you’re Napoleon…ok that is not cool.” And some of the conservatives, especially the women, were furious at the gender stereotyping. A lot of sarcastic “oh I guess I’m not a woman because I like to go fishing then, what bullshit” etc.

      1. So then you know that without the introduction of TWO separate doses of testosterone in the uterus a baby will develop as female.And that EACH dose is independant of the other. And the SECOND dose is for masculinization of the mind. Which MEANS that one can ( if circumstances allow) develop with a mind that DOES NOT match with their bodies. Yes it is in the mind. Just like everything else about ones life…go figure

      2. Science mumbo jumbo–the brain wash, the female brain. If the dick gets hard at being all dolled up then 100% male. If this becomes an obsession then 1000% male. Male fetishes and male arousal is not complex science nor do women have to play along. It is in the mind, in the porn soaked mind of pleasuring yourself. Wow he ejaculated go figure.

      3. “And the SECOND dose is for masculinization of the mind.”
        More made-up science. Yawn.

      4. Thanks for providing a perfect example of the science illiteracy and dumb “brain sex” claims that Violent Irene was speaking about.

    2. Yep it is mysogyny. Men can say any bull and people will belive them. It is more comfortable because these men created the cliche of woman in the first place so when they pretend to become the character of the cliche they created other idiots recognize it as familar. Both the loving lib fems and Robertson and his ilk are not deep thinkers and both use whatever they believe to be a reflection of themselves. See they created the ideal of women and now they are damn happy that someone wants to pretend to live it. Like the Stepford wives only with a penis.

      1. I love your reply Motherhood. Cuts right to the point. It’s a penis…stoopid! Nothing more male than that
        And as a Butch DykeAmazon I’ve ALWAYS said that femininity does NOT = Female. Females come in a much wider variation of expressions than the hetero version of femininity most Mtfs hold so dear. Males demand it of women and they conform to it perfectly..more perfectly than most bio women in THEIR minds….making them more woman than actual biological women/Females. ..like you said…

    3. I think that conservative theology is more accepting of straight trans people than homosexuals because there are some biblical verses which that mention same sex intercourse. These verses have been mistranslated and used against LGB people. There are few biblical mentions of people conforming to gender norms that are still held to today. e.g. Cor 4:14-15 which says that it is natural shame for a man to have long hair but a glory for women that went out of favour before the 1990s.
      The Christian view is that God made everything perfect but since The Fall sin and imperfection entered the world. This is how some Christians understand/explain the existence of any LGBTIQ people. Because LGB do not accept that their orientation is sin or a consequence of the fall and won’t (and shouldn’t) accept conversion therapy. But transgender people embrace the assertion that their bodies are a mistake to be fixed.

  5. A very epic and well made post I especially liked where it was written:
    “Believes reproductive sex is a feeling or mental state unrelated to biology yet includes a psychological imperative to “congruity” between mental state and the social perception of one’s reproductive biology. ”
    that puts it right into words what I’ve been trying to point out about it to others I know…
    The study though surprised me. I knew about the other countries forcing sex changes, but I didn’t imagine that people in the USA supported trans stuff that much

    1. Of course trans is more accepted than homosexuality. Can you imagine Oprah, Anderson Cooper, the Today Show et al featuring the adorable “plight” of 5 year-olds who identify as lesbian and gay?!? “My four year old is a Lesbian”? Gay kids whose parents identified them as gay at 18 months, 4 years, 7 years old? HELL noez. They would not support that. No gays and lesbians support that. I do not support that. I tell kids who say they are gay- even adolescents- “Hey great! But you are too young to lock yourself into straightness or gayness or whatever. Live, learn, be a kid.”
      Interesting factoid: Jo Olson (Dr. Johanna Lynn Olson) the medical director of transgender youth services at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, who has personally ordered the medicalization and pre-pubertal sterilization of dozens of gender-noncompliant children is also the co-founder of the progressive caucus of the California Democratic Party. In that capacity, her greatest claim to fame was her ongoing campaign against lowering the voting age because she claimed that those under 18 had immature brains and lacked the capacity to responsibly vote for a political candidate. The youth caucus of the Democratic party lobbied for her removal on the basis of ageism. Didn’t stop her from personally permanently sterilizing kids based on gender whatnot though. Too immature to vote but old enough to be sterilized by Jo-Jo.

      1. This sounds like pediphilia, pure & simple.Children have no concept until they are adults. The sexualization of children has come back to haunt us, Didnt we kick these people out of LGB in the 1980s? Are they really back? Pediphiles complain that they are harmless good people that commonly commit suicide because of their sexual preference for children?, yea, that is right, they use the exact same excuse, google it. Same tactic.

      2. @ GM 8:09
        Having a gay child is for boring, ordinary people. It takes someone really hip and special to recognize trans offspring.

      3. This is extremely upsetting to me as it confirms the notion of practicing eugenics upon children who are not gender-conforming. There will be lawsuits, and one can only hope for enormous settlements.

  6. Gay male reader here. I hope it is OK to comment here. Just wanted to say that I think this is an awesome post. You put in stark relief the truth that a lot of LGBs know but will not speak: the contrivance of “LGBT” is inherently anti-gay, anti-lesbian and anti-bi. LGB people have fought for some 40 years to educate the general public that gay men are really men and lesbians are really women and that neither group should be equated with crossdressers, a “third sex” or with people who wish they had been born into the opposite sex. 40 years of education – and then almost overnight, without any debate or democratic discussion, the very stereotypes that we all fought against are now imposed on us with our own mindless consent.
    Today, when a lesbian struggling to make it through school is confronted with taunts that she “must really want to be a man,” how is she supposed to respond? How is she supposed to educate the bigots when her own “LGBT” organizations tell her and the world that she is linked, in a defining way, to “transmen,” and thus affirm the premise of bullying taunts that she hears in the schoolyard?
    One last point about this excellent post: “Our enemies can’t tell us apart- they see M2T as “super-gay” men, and F2T as “super-lesbian”, so we may as well join together since the public sees us as the same thing anyway”.”
    This is probably the most common defense of LGBT. It is also the most odious and the one that exposes the debased morality underlying LGBT. Even if one assumes that the false premise of the above were true, i.e., that “our enemies” erroneously lump us all together, on what moral or logical basis would we define ourselves based on the erroneous beliefs of people who harm us?
    Do gay and lesbian people now define themselves based on what bigots think about them? Since at various times, they lump us in with pedophiles, fornicators, communists, nazis, satanists, and the gang rapists of Sodom, should LGBs alter their identity so as to create a defining link to those groups too? Will our identity change from year to year as Tony Perkins and Bryan Fischer come up with new beliefs about LGBs? The entire notion of allowing our “enemies” to define us is the epitome of anti-gay oppression and the very thing that gay liberation fought against from the outset. That “LGBT” could induce so many LGBs accept and participate in this debasement only demonstrates that “LGBT” itself is an attack on LGB people.

    1. “Today, when a lesbian struggling to make it through school is confronted with taunts that she “must really want to be a man,” how is she supposed to respond?”
      According to legislation currently awaiting approval by California Governor Jerry Brown, school officials should approach lesbians and address their gender infractions “proactively”.

    2. I am a straight trans man and I font like to be called a really butch lesbian…but it happens because “those people” will see and think what they want to regardless. Saying trans is anti lgb is like saying straight people are lgb. Maybe because some people don’t care about lgb issues anyway, they’ll continue to call that girl a wanna be. Just like some continue to call me a super butch. ( against my protest mind you). If they don’t understand the difference, its because of their own ignorance and blindness. Not because of what I’m doing.

  7. “Our enemies can’t tell us apart- they see M2T as “super-gay” men, and F2T as “super-lesbian”, so we may as well join together since the public sees us as the same thing anyway”.
    But… isn’t it true that trans* are (often) gay/lesbian? E.g. a M2T who is attracted to men and wants to be a straight woman is actually a gay man, albeit a self-hating one. Granted, not all trans* are attracted to members of their original sex, but certainly many are, and maybe part of their desire to be trans stems from their discomfort with being gay. (Alternatively, if they are attracted to whatever sex they try to be, then that’s also seen as gay if they make the transition: A M2T who is attracted to women is seen as a lesbian. So he’s gay either way, depending on how you look at it.)
    I can see why the public sees trans* as lesbian/gay. They ARE lesbian/gay (often). But their issues are not lesbian/gay issues. To me they are akin to the shamefully many conservative women who denigrate feminism. (To them I say, “I hope you don’t vote, since your right to do so was a huge feminist victory.”) Sure, those women are women, but they have no place in women’s advocacy movements and they do nothing but harm the quest for women’s equality.

  8. Thank you, for injecting some SANITY into the debate, as always Gallus(apologize for not reading other shares, very late). This came out in Curve Magazine..which was a LESBIAN magazine, warning EXACTLY as you depict above with the cartoons! A Lesbian and an MTF get together, all of a sudden (because they don’t remove their organs, the trans) the Lesbian/queer girl/Genderqueer/Butch BIO FEMALE is exposed to potentially being impregnated and not only urged to do safe sex, but BIRTH CONTROL.
    Same with the FTM who hooks up with a ‘gay’ or bisexual man, trying to prove ‘his’ manhood….and ends up getting pregnant, yes it’s happened, and in my own community. Curve was WARNING these bio females who consider themselves ‘queer’ that they are essentially engaging in reproductive sex(without calling it hetero sex). Oh, it’ seems so rad for a Lesbian to hook up with an MTF “Lesbian” or an FTM to go with a gay/bi guy so they both could stay in the ‘gay/queer’ community, WHILE IN EFFECT PRACTICING HETERO REPRODUCTIVE SEX!!!!
    And THAT magazine came out in the ’90’s with that warning! I was so disgusted, what has become of Lesbian Nation?
    Keep on keeping on! And I never want to hear again: “You just want to be a man.” which has become a self fulfilling prophecy the more it is told to these young women, when they decide they will not conform to hetero roles.
    I’ve even heard a few gay men grumble about wanting to go back to the ‘pre trans’ times when we had OUR community, our homosexual communities, where sometimes they overlapped, and SOMETIMES THEY DIDN’T BECAUSE BOTH SIDES ARE HOMOSEXUAL…AND THAT MEANS WE WANT WOMEN’S AND DYKE SPACES AND SHARE OUR ENERGY WITH WOMYN, AND THEY WANT TO SHARE THEIR ENERGY JUST WITH OTHER MEN! N
    Now it’s a boundaryless free for all where anyone can be anything they SAY they are! Insanity!

  9. Very well done! If anybody doesn’t understand basic objections to trans theory (feminist or not) this is an excellent place to guide them to (not that this blog hasn’t always been excellent but this post is good and concise).

  10. This is just brilliant, Gallus Mag. You put it all together so clearly. The trans cult is anti-Lesbian, anti-feminist, and anti-female, and of course, very right wing. They want to define us out of exisence. I’ve been fighting their lies since 1972, after seeing the harm done by one leering man who figured out a way to get access to Lesbians. But I never imagined the extent it would reach. In 1997, I was horrified to hear a radio interview with caring mother who described her three year old daughter as “transgender” because she didn’t want to wear dresses, and I wrote “Better to Be Anything than a Lesbian.” But I still never imagined the extent that this would reach Definitely the meeting-place/lovefest of the extreme right wing and Lesbian-hating liberals.
    Absolutely nothing revolutionary about het couples pretending to play being the opposite sex.
    Thank you for again saying so clearly what a Lesbian-hating con NCLR is. I live where they have the most power and no one I know is aware of how they are taking money from Lesbians while betraying us.
    You are absolutely right when you say that the same people who showcase little kids as “transgender” would never, ever show public support for young Lesbians or gay boys.
    Our main problem, besides changing laws to benefit girl molesters/rapists, is that too many women support the female-hating trans cult. Brilliant, that you remind us that other oppressed peoples (who include our own people as Lesbians) are not being mentioned or included in the fight against discrimination by the “LGBTQWTF” crowd, even though people oppressed by racism and in other ways do not send Radical Lesbian Feminist death threats.
    Too many caring feminists make it complex. It’s as simple as the cartoon: men can’t be Lesbians, women can’t be men. Believing the con is directly harming Lesbians and women.

  11. Omg look at this bullshit:
    “During fetal development, a fetus develops a sex and a gender identity (brain sex) separately, meaning that the sex of the child does not necessarily determine how the gender identity develops. This occurs at around 8 weeks gestation and more than 99% of the time, the child develops a gender identity that is akin to his or her own sex. Gender identity, or brain sex is essentially the brain’s own way of identifying the body it is in. If the fetus develops a gender identity that does not coincide with its sex, it results in a child who is transsexual.
    The gender of an individual who is transsexual does not recognise the body that it is in simply because the sex of the individual is opposite to their sex. In simpler, and more relatable terms, the gender identity of an individual is a map. In cisgender individuals, this map coincides with the country (body) they are in. In transsexual individuals, this map does not coincide with the country they are in, it is as if you gave someone a map of Canada and expected them to navigate Poland with it. ”
    I just…I can’t. There is no scientific evidence for this.

    1. Thing is, there IS scientific evidence for the idea that male fetuses get a testosterone bath at some point during development, which makes changes in them from the default (female) pattern, changing them to male phenotype. (They also then get more testosterone from a burst early in outside life from their own testicles too, but…)
      So potentially it could be interrupted or faulty, okay I guess.
      But, that same testosterone bath that supposedly delivers the “male brain” ALSO DELIVERS THE PENIS. Where the trans origin story utterly fails is, they seem to (want to? ha) think it’s two phases(?) so that there’s testosterone to make a penis, and testosterone to make a “male brain” and the brain part fails to happen.
      Cordelia Fine goes into detail about this, but the conclusion is, there’s no reason to think that somehow hordes of babies are getting enough testosterone to make a fully functional male reproductive system, but then somehow “lack testosterone” and end up with a “laydee brain.”
      FAR easier to believe that a male baby is born, and some other experiences in life make that baby wish he were treated as he imagines female babies are treated. At which point, sure, he has a problem, but it’s all about that hated psychology…

      1. Even if the brain change fails to occur when the genitals develop, so what? Reproductive sex is a function of the reproductive organs, not the brain… and it’s impossible to truly change one’s sex anyway.
        If I had the brain I have (a female one) but happened to have been born with a penis and testicles, would that fundamentally change who I am? Would I need to hack at my body in order to make it poorly resemble what I think it should be? Or could I just go, “hey, my brain is what it is, and my body is what it is, and that’s cool!”
        The only reasons the brain should match the genitals are:
        1) For perpetuation of stereotypes.
        2) For heterosexuality (which seems kinda moot if you’re gonna sterilize yourself in an attempt to approximate the body of the opposite sex).
        (Oh, and I’ve heard from people who’ve been through SRS that sexual activity with the new body is very unsatisfying. No surprises there!)
        The problem with the trans* ideology is that they’re trying to make sex unscientific, and gender scientific. And that requires everyone to pretend to all kinds of absurdities.

      2. @Versa – Yeah, I don’t think it makes any sense to say that there’s any necessary correlation of brain/personality to genitalia either. DEFINITELY not.
        I just find it interesting that this supposedly (supposedly!) “male brain” being caused by T that’s the ultimate lowest level of the entire house of cards that is modern trans theory isn’t some separate infusion of T that would happen separately from getting a penis. The M2T want to argue that somehow they got the testosterone (had to, because they have a penis!) but on the other hand they didn’t get the testosterone (because they supposedly have a “laydee brain”). If they want to chase pseudo-science by talking about hormone baths, well, where do they think their penis came from? In their quest to prove that biological sex isn’t real, they go on to trot out examples of people who are XY but look like girls because they have CAIS, but those M2T certainly don’t have it, we’re not talking about some XY that’s only found on chromosomal testing at puberty – these M2T have a penis!
        So then it’s all about bee stings I guess 🙂
        100% agreed too that lately the trans lobby has gone far enough over through the looking glass that they’re insisting that “gender” is the real true born innate thing, and sex is just about someone’s opinion. It is to laugh, if it weren’t so sad.

  12. Don’t you think that anyone ‘and is transgender’ is NOT not linked to gayness. Gayness is fancying and falling in love with someone of the same sex.
    Transgender is sooooo different to that. Mostly it is men who have a woman fixation. Transgender males, (unless they are queer) ARE SCARY!!!! They are the most sexist men I have ever met!!!!!

  13. Except for a few very loud kooks, we never wanted to be part of the gay & lesbian movement. For most of us, being joined at the hip to the LGBT is a disgrace. We are neither gay nor queer. We are straight!
    As for the likes of “Autumn” Sandeen, “Cristan” Williams, “Monica” Roberts and the rest of the kooks, you’re stuck with them. Queer has always been synonymous with homosexuality, and those boys are as queer as it gets!

  14. What a breath of fresh air!
    I’ve commented on other radfem posts about a dear departed dyke friend that was inveigled by a closet lesbian university psychotherapist to go see the frankendokter at UW in late 1960’s.
    Dyke friend told me in her dying months about the long ago horror that unfolded because her potential lesbian lover wanted her to be a man and therefore have a heteronormative cover, and hence dyke started taking T. She was 400 lbs at that time, flat top hair, Harley Davidson rider and fantastic guitarist/singer. Big bold dyke, did not like the way T made her feel: ANGRY. Then they began to schedule her double boobectomy. That’s when she started questioning WHY society was threatened by a 400 lb. butch dyke harley riding Inuit woman working in the trades. She wondered, why would I cut off my breasts to make frankendokter and girlfriend happy? RT did NOT “transition” and I can hear her chortling from her grave over this post. She operated a home for boys at one time, and the thought of medicating and hormonally straight-jacketing them would’ve made her blood boil.
    I share this trans-education information with young people, straights and everyone in my circle. At first, people, even lesbians, wondered why I was concerned with an issue affecting like 1.7% of the population, but as the M2T invaded the local women wisdom and gay circles threatening to sue their board of directors if they held a women-only campout THE INVISIBLE ELEPHANT discussed here became clear. Unfortunately, there are some very “liberal” ladies that feel sorry for him, and advocated for his needs to feel willy insulted and then continued to highjack their board meetings for hours on end while he tromped on everybody else.
    Trans gender people should have a support group, no doubt. It is not lesbians, straight or gay culture’s responsibility to collude with their phony ass delusions.
    As a “liberal” I was very supportive initially, and friendly in public to our transitioning transplants in our small bohemian community. I was suspicious when the LGBT took off, how did that happen so fast when women’s rights took decades upon decades to make marginal gains?
    A progressive het woman friend now flat out says, “Look, if one of them told me that I had to call them a woman I’d say NO, you are not a woman”.
    This fresh air discussion cuts through the trans whinery and bullying miasma seeping out as T talk.

  15. Off topic but this is the only forum I have to ask this…what do you all do when you have to deal with a trans person in a social or professional situation you just cannot avoid and you are being asked to constantly validate their “gender” somehow? My normal tactic is to just avoid avoid avoid, especially avoid having to use pronouns, ever. But that’s not always feasible. If it’s just a brief interaction, like a customer who comes and goes, it’s not hard to “humor” them for that span, but what I am dealing with right now is a much more long term and personal kind of interactions with a FtT in a community group. I don’t want to be rude or make a scene but it is so upsetting to be asked to aid and abet what I know on such a painful, personal level is a HARMFUL delusion.
    For me, since I am basically a survivor of the trans mindfuck, it messes with my mental health to have to pretend like I believe in their gender delusions. I don’t want to explain my history to anyone who doesn’t already know, obviously. But it’s really hard for me to keep from spiraling into depression and flashbacks when I am having to pretend like I believe some lady is really a dude. And I REFUSE to lie to my kids. If they say “is X a girl or a boy?” I am inclined to go with X’s birth sex. But I don’t know how to handle it. Our city is so bleedin’-edge trendy we already had to flee an uncomfortable interaction on the playground where a woman was trying to get her oddly affected 10 year old “trans kid” male child to engage in “girl talk” with my normal, rough and tumble 6 year old daughter.

    1. Wow, Violet Irene, it would be so great to talk about this over a cup of tea. Your town and my town are similar. (Same town? Would be too good to be true; I would love to meet you!) Like you, I have found that the ftms I knew back when don’t want anything to do with me since I quit “gender identifying.” But there are new people I come across now who don’t know my relationship to this, and yes, it is particularly painful and upsetting. If I betray having even the slightest question about t* politics, it’s assumed I’m a “bad ally” or “ignorant” (I wish) or I must’ve had a partner who transitioned and it made me bitter.
      In public I call people what they want to be called because a) politeness b) I don’t want to endanger a passing woman (which is how I generally perceive these folks) and c) I know it would only make them feel more entrenched in the counterculture if I did anything else.
      But yeah, no good ever comes of lying to kids. You might just ask them back, though–“what do you think?” and “why do you think that?” could be a good way to start, maybe, and give you a chance to talk to them about stereotypes and stuff in the bargain. Sometimes kids think gender is determined by things like hair length. I’m sure your kids are more advanced, but it’s always a good talk to have, I imagine.
      Trans subculture was so centered around this idea that the entire world hated us and everyone else was the enemy (I’m sure you remember how even before “cis” was a thing, this culty perspective reigned supreme).
      Basically I feel like there is no good option for how to proceed. There’s playing along or there’s driving someone further into the cult by playing the “enemy” role, and ensuring that they will never see you as an option for someone to talk to.
      A third way is hard to achieve, and I’d say especially so for those of us who are personally triggered in some way. The only person who achieved this with me was a straight woman, but she was really masterful and strategic. Nobody else could have said the things she said to me and stayed my friend. She used the trans name and pronoun (almost always, anyway) but also said things like, “I don’t experience you as a man.” It was not something I could argue with and it planted a seed.
      I tend to go into these interactions consciously reminding myself that this person may not have quite the same story as I do, and try to remain curious about them as a person. I sometimes do experiments like “can I get this person to talk about something besides identity politics?” If I can get them talking about a common interest it is sometimes much easier to deal. Then I manage my emotional reactions later. I’m not saying this is a perfect response but it’s part of my social coping strategy.

    2. it’s at a job…people should set aside their political and social views/differences when at work. just humor them with the pronouns they want, but if they ever try to talk seriously about it then be honest about your views on it…
      i do know what you mean with how dealing with them can mess with ones head if one used to be like them in the past…

      1. This is basically where I’m at, too – it’s a job, we are professionals. I’ve had two people transition at work (one M2T, the other F2T) and both times we received official mail from HR that we were to henceforth use the new pronoun and their new name of [whatever].
        There was some angst over the bathroom issue. Interestingly enough there was more upset about the F2T using the men’s room than the reverse. Men who knew the F2T as a woman they’d worked with did not want “him” (still very much known by all as “her,” at that point) seeing their junk in the bathroom. Still, we have quite a few rather isolated tiny (2-stall) bathrooms so it’s not hard to get an entire bathroom to yourself.
        I don’t know of anyone who used the “wrong” (i.e. original) pronoun or name on purpose, though in the beginning the whole thing was awkward. It was very much a “HR says to do this, okay, we’ll do it” sort of thing, in a professional workplace without much intimate contact of any sort. Definitely a feeling of “I’ll humor you” or really not even that so much as the “we’re told what to do, we do it.”
        And that’s the thing – plenty of times adults in that sort of situation will play along to the extent required either by HR or just social politeness and a desire to “not make waves,” but it doesn’t say anything about their true feelings. Sometimes I think a lot of the endless “testing people” we see in various news articles and all over the internet, where people are purposely provocative and demanding to be accepted, comes from a nagging realization at the back of their heads that this is in fact what’s going on – adults are frequently not perfectly honest, for social reasons, and there’s nothing those transitioners can do about it. It’s as if they want all the non-believers to be vocal about it so they can yell “die cis scum” but also know who they have to work on “convincing.”
        Anyway, it’s been years now since those people transitioned, and I have to wonder if newer employees can tell. To me it seems clear they’re not quite passing, but then again I know the true story so that probably affects my perceptions too. There is no way in a million years I’d ever risk my employment by asking someone about it, however.
        I’m not sure what I’d tell a kid. Thankfully the situation is unlikely to come up for me, at least with these people. I suppose if it were someone I knew more intimately so that kids would be asking, I might just explain my view on it, that this person decided to transform himself to seem more like a woman because he wanted to be treated like a woman, and so we’re humoring him (if we are) and the world is a complicated place, takes all kinds. If the kid asks “what do you mean by ‘treated like a woman'” then maybe we’d have some good discussion. But, I don’t know. But yes. Someone had plastic surgeries for whatever internal impetus reasons, that’s the reality of it.

    3. In practical terms, it is unlikely that most people will ever encounter a trans-identified person in a social or professional situation. The truth is there aren’t that many of them. They are a pretty rare breed. And they are even rarer in professional settings, as their own grim employment statistics make clear. This is a tiny group that is magnifying its influence and power by latching itself on to LGBs. And the really committed and nutty trans activists who are the focus of this website probably number no more than 200 across all of North America.
      That having been said, if you do find yourself in that situation, my approach would be to call them whatever they want to be called. It is just a better approach to life to respect peoples’ wishes with regard to their own names and labels even if you disagree. However, I draw the line at “LGBT” and its variants. I don’t use that term because at that point, they are trying to label not only themselves, but me as well. For the same reason, I will not use the term “cis” to describe a non-trans, i.e., normal person.
      I also draw the line at some of the newer demands, such as calling them “zie” “zir” or using the plural pronoun “they” to describe an individual. This is nothing more than a power game, where they try to force people to jump through linguistic hoops and establish dominance in a conversation. I won’t satisfy their power fetish. There is a great video on YT where a bunch of vile trans activists try to bully the Canadian newspaper Xtra to refer to a trans artist as “they”. The paper’s editors flatly refuse and the trans activists stew impotently in their hatred. An enjoyable moment.

      1. “In practical terms, it is unlikely that most people will ever encounter a trans-identified person in a social or professional situation. The truth is there aren’t that many of them. They are a pretty rare breed. And they are even rarer in professional settings, as their own grim employment statistics make clear.”
        For real? You know this is a lesbian authored blog right? I have known hundreds if not thousands of transgenders. They have taken over every lesbian event and driven out actual lesbians.
        Also, trans are more than twice as likely to obtain graduate degrees than the general public (20% vs. 9%) and nearly twice as likely to have military careers.
        I call bullshit on the assertions quoted above.

      2. WTF MB are you kidding? You are full of shit. It depends on where you work. The arts, the academy, social service are crawling with the two types—the Queer Brat Packs, gnawing demanding rich white kids just released from the lush gardens of the Queer Studies department who are climbing up on the bones of the betters. And the other type white hetero males who’s, don’t ya know, god damn wife the slovenly bitch just couldn’t do “female” right enough for his protracted tedious sexual fantasy and he has to show us all what an authentic woman is. And we sit with vomit in our mouths at every meeting knowing full well that the prick runs back to his office after he berated women so he can dash off an urgent email about how he has to constantly educate us about him and him and him. It just wears him down. He is so tuckered out that he can barely get it up for the afternoon ahead when he has to focus all his attentions on sabotaging our careers. I would rather work shoulder to shoulder with Ted Bundy and the Green River killer than one of these guys.

  16. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-23613816
    This is why autism articles are so dangerous. The nameless writer fucks up sex vs. gender and then acts like girls adapting more to society is exclusively sex based rather than gender based. I mean, sure, it might be sex based since us males are fuckwits, but maybe if boys had people reminding them to smile all the time?
    But yeah, let’s not depend on autistic trannies with fetishes for our understanding of the human brain, eh?

    1. @anon male as someone with AS, I can tell you that most people with autism keep to themselves and dont try to invade other groups and destroy them when they dont get their way. They are not dependant on approval, constant praise or control of other people.
      Autistic people dont care about other peoples’ approval and dont flip out if they are misgendered or miss-pronoun-ed. AS people seek out solidarity with other Autistic people -We dont pay attention to male & female differences because they are based on social cues only some of us pick up on, unless they are pointed out. Alot of us go along with it to be polite, but we dont pretend to go along with it when we talk to each other- besides plumbing alot of us do not see the difference, and-hate to break it to you -but among ourselves, alot of us dont believe there is a difference. It looks like bulling from XY and pushing down one side of humanity, the XX, that holds us back as a species from advancement.
      We dont aggressively push shit on each other, we just over inform and compare data. -and we review all data and are able to change with new information when it gets updated. Our social boards have males&females in nearly equal numbers. Alot of energy goes into helping each other communicate with a neurotypical world that often teeters on illogical narcissism, lying and selfishness. wrongplanet.net is the largest social board we have, and you will find the most genderless, logical discussions you ever encountered.
      gender-less and androgyny is Not transgenderism.
      Press releases and gossip mags are not reliable sources- we prefer academic journals and papers. You will be made fun of if you try to post biased opinions of journalists that incorrectly assemble information they dont have a foundation for;, vaguely their interpretations are biased and include their focus and opinion. gossip mags are normally in that format and that type of information is meant for entertainment, or ‘info-tainment’..
      ^that is a better source.

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