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  1. Nathan Lane sings THE VERY WORST of the Atonalist Composers on Broadway! In drag!

  2. There is something here. More than bad singing. I’m gonna go with “casual presumption of entitlement”. It stinks to high heaven. Can you imagine a women singing an atonal arrhythmic dirge/ditty like this and addressing it to the senate on abortion rights as a representative of her reproductive rights organization? No.
    There is something about the triteness of this. The lazy entitlement. The yawning invocation of fairness tropes well-tread by the waning gay male equality movement. A hackneyed posture of earnest sadz at the end. Can you ever imagine anything relating to women’s rights being framed in such a way? No.
    Have the “earnest sadz” of women or “appeals to fairness” ever counted for anything? No. Women are reared from birth to accommodate a zombie epidemic of rape and ultraviolence perpetrated by our overlords: men. Guys jerk off to the sadz of women, and masturbate to our degradation, torture, and murder.
    This is man stuff, all the way, (Jane’s right “to go to work as Dirk” notwithstanding). Appeals to fairness, studied forlorn postures of earnest sadz, pointless narcissism singing, have never worked for women. This is bro talk. Mano a mano.
    The gender movement, as a male rights movement, can use tactics that have never worked for women. Emotional testimonials. Appeals to fairness. Calls for equality. Empathy for victimization. None of which works for women. They have a basic political currency that women lack: humanity.

    1. I’m speechless, this is such a brilliant explanation. We know it’s shite, we have this natural aversion kind of like birds to a bug with yellow on it’s back — but why, exactly? You nail it. The only problem is we are going to have to watch the damn vid to know what you’re referring to.

      1. “Transgender male-to-female people” are not women and never can be because:
        1: They have not been brainwashed from birth into a slave mentality developed over a period of incredible antiquity.
        2. They have male bodies; male dimorphism, male skeletal development; male hormones from fetushood which have irretrievably shaped their adult brains
        3. They can snap their fingers and turn back into the oppressor class any time they find they’re bored pretending to be women.
        4. Currently, any male can adopt a transgender identity for criminal reasons as there are few boundaries. The motivation is to access women. The transactivist movement makes no attempt to police such perverts.
        “Transmen” bear no similarity with “Transwomen”. Their motivations are completely different as “transmen” are an oppressed group taking this route to escape their oppression.
        “Transgender”-identified minors must be counseled to ensure they are not simply homosexual. Laws are urgently needed to prevent medical-industry exploitation and consequent injury and sterilization of minors.
        “Transwomen”, i.e. men who have sought lengthy surgical and hormonal intervention, need and deserve concern and caring and fair treatment from their peers, i.e., men. They are an aberrant class of men and not the concern of women, who have no obligation to incorporate them.
        The concerns of “trans” folk for safety and nondiscrimination are legitimate and their ability to meet with each other to advance their political interests is undisputed.
        The same is true for women. Women-only meetings are crucial and must not be derailed by these male politics and issues.

    2. That is articulated so eloquently. Trans is for men about men and by men. Entitlement oozes out of every pore and men already have the stage so unlike us womon they don’t even have to build a platform for their ‘demands’.

  3. “[C]asual presumption of entitlement” wins the prize, Vanna! (Not calling you Vanna, GM!)

  4. I’m working on a feeling your comment also explains why a dog dragged behind a truck news story gets a paypal in its name and tens of thousands of dollars in donations while little old ladies used as drug guinea pigs rot in their own filth in beds in ‘underfunded’ nursing homes.

  5. What a pile of crap. You answered brilliantly, Gallus Mag.
    It always comes back to the entitlement. A friend today brought up about a conference where an F2T was demanding an apology from a gay minister who didn’t accept her as male. The conference was actually about fighting racism against Lesbians and Gay men, but of course the women claiming to be a man thought she was priority. I’m wondering if anyone has any information about how much gay men are rejecting the trans cult or is it really all on us as much as it seems?

    1. I think that gay men are rejecting the trans cult, they do so forcefully, with either vocal or physical rejection. And the Trans leave them alone. MTFs who are attracted to men are more likely to go after straight men than gay men. MTFs who are attracted to women are more likely to go after lesbians because straight women aren’t attracted to other women. And because women are trained from birth to put all others before us, it seems as if we lesbians are the ones always enforcing our boundaries. I don’t think that men have to enforce their boundaries at all, they are just accepted and honored. Women’s boundaries either don’t exist or they are not accepted and honored.
      Most of the gay men I know are after that all important part of a man. A FTM doesn’t have one, or if a constructed one, one that works like a real one. I’ve been out in the bars and heard much derision from gays re: FTMs. They make fun of FTMs and wouldn’t think of doing anything besides ignoring them. That’s what they do, they ignore them.
      And I think they ignore most of trans issues/activism. Remember the big brouhaha over Barney Frank removing trans protections in the ENDA a couple of years ago?
      And really, the T has nothing in common with LGB, they have just declared to have issues in common, to co-opt the power of the then gay/lesbian/bisexual groups.

      1. ‘ MTFs who are attracted to women are more likely to go after lesbians because straight women aren’t attracted to other women.’
        However, the bad news is that real lesbians are not attracted to men or M to Trans that think they resemble females by putting on a dress or getting sex toy fake breasts. Lesbians want other lesbians, real women born women like themselves-it is called being gay. You have a better chance impressing an open minded straight or bi women then a lesbian that doesnt want to be forced into serving an oppressor of women that is demanding male respect in the female space.
        Lesbianism and women’s issues like rape and the history of world wide gender oppression is not a 24/7 porn community, and men in dresses do not have a right to enter and roleplay because ‘lesbian’ is your favorite kind of porn. There is no desire to have sex with male bodies, that is the female form of ‘gay’ or ‘homosexual’
        Isnt it homophobic to deny women the right to be gay? Destroy what little female gay culture exists? Make no place safe for women trying to heal and come to terms with a violent sex assault forced on them by a man? Do you really think they want to tell rape stories for male entertainment?
        Men have the size advantage and authority to ban women from their meetings, BAMEN announce their get togethers with pride the F to trans cant force themselves on a bear, and would not dare to protest them and be labeled ‘homophobic’.
        But man in a dress crys ‘the women are not paying proper respect to me as their overlord that teaches them what to do!, it’s transphobic!’
        Trans is becoming a bad flimsy excuse to force hetrosex on the gay community and disrespects their sexual orientation.
        This is wrong.

      2. @druidwinter
        Omg nearly every day I see someone whining that people (mostly lesbian women of course…) are not attracted to trans people. They equate this with racism and even “fatphobia” O_O. They make it look like it’s opressive being not attracted to them because it’s all about “inclusion” and if you and your body are not “inclusive” enough they scream: “Cissexism!1” Oh and you somehow erase other gender identities too. In their twisted logic they deny the big elephant in the room which is biological sex. It plays a big role (if not the biggest) when it comes to attraction. And biological sex never disappears even when you deny its existence or think it just depends on how you identify (hint: it doesn’t).

      3. @Lily Here’s a comment I left in the comments section of the first link you posted down below:
        Sorry, but people disagreeing with you doesn’t mean they’re oppressing you. Since your views are so “enlightened” about transpeople while successfully throwing lesbians and gay men under the bus, I’m curious to know what you think of the cotton ceiling? That whole conference for transwomen organizing how best to coerce lesbian women into having sex with them, while, surprise! Not allowing any lesbian women into the conference!

  6. ‘ MTFs who are attracted to women are more likely to go after lesbians because straight women aren’t attracted to other women.’
    But I am convinced the fun fems do understand these guys are men, and that’s why they keep them around, and because they love all the leg-lickin’ and envious adoration. Do they spend afternoons together with the Amanda’s teaching them how to do their brows?

  7. Maybe if he did a rendition of Mary Poppins singing, “Just a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down,” the senate would take him more seriously?

  8. Whenever I see ‘transsexuals’ (in either direction) their faces get stuck in my brain forever- I guess it’s because a sane person naturally knows when something is ‘off’ and files the image away for future reference, or maybe it’s just remembering scary things for a long time, like bloody accidents etc.

    1. I passed 4 young ‘FTMs’ today while walking from 23rd to 14th street in Manhattan after writing the above comment. What I always think is how the thing that makes me notice (I feel it before I even see it, really!) is that it’s something like a physical manifestation of Pain. Same with the male transitioners; I can sense they’re near me. It’s an uneasiness, a forced behavior that changes the ‘vibes’ in the environment. I do sense a similar thing when near other people with body image problems like anorexia or excessive cosmetic surgery, but the gender-based stuff really gets to me, and with the girls it just breaks my heart.

  9. @druidwinter Your comment is absolutely brilliant! I’ve noticed both men and straight women always look at lesbians through the lens of “lesbian” porn. I remember that a lot of the straight women over on funfem blogs wrote how they hate that there’s so many butch lesbians on tv (sic!!!) and why can’t they show hot fem lesbians? Wouldn’t that teach those republicans that hate gay people that lesbians deserve human rights too because they can be hot like “normal” women? I bet they were the same girls i knew in high school who gushed over how much they love gay men, but hated lesbians b/c they were afraid they would get hit on all the time.
    “Lesbian” porn tell the lie that all women should look upon another woman through the male gaze, and that having lesbian sex is hot if you’re doing it for a guy’s attention, but so disgusting if you don’t have blonde hair, fake breasts, and a plastic dildo. If i hear one more giggling het girl go on and on how she would “totes go lezzy” for an actress, I’ll scream. Here’s what I mean:
    1. Funfem site writes an article on a “feminist” actress(usually this translates to “woman who isn’t thin and makes us feel better about ourselves”) like Christina Hendricks.
    2. Aforementioned giggly het girl writes “Look at Christina’s boobs! I would totes go lezzy for her!”
    3. Hordes of them come out (pun intended) to express this sentiment adding how they hope their boyfriends won’t mind (winkwink), maybe one commenter will point out how misogynist it is but she’ll quickly be shouted down.
    4. Guys join in to add such enlightened comments as “hey i’ll join you, I love threesomes!” or “I’ll bring the camera!”
    Wow, my comment became much longer than I expected….

    1. It is also the argument used under some versions of Islam also. The Orthodox Jews are the only ones with any sense left–imho. But most of these guy are straight up straight and that does not change. This has nothing to do with gay. This is a compulsive obsession that includes needing to be paid constant attention to–really some kind of fetish and personality disorder

      1. That is a good explanation of trans. In Orthodox Jewish life how does being ‘gay’ operate when the emphasis is on early marriage and reproduction?

    2. Not only Pat robertson, but in Iran gay people are given the choice of getting married, getting a sex change or they are told to leave-if they are from better families.
      They can be killed, many times it is by someone in their extended family. If more than two children by the same woman is gay, the mother could be blamed and the rest of the children may be at risk. Religious zealots operate on fixed beliefs and hysteria like the transwagon fad.
      In 1967, Ayatollah Khomeini issued a fatwa sanctioning sex changes. The fatwa didn’t have significant legal or political reach until after the revolution in 1979. It was re-issued in 1985, declaring sex changes legal for “diagnosed transsexuals.”
      This is to rid the country of gay people, the same reason I suspect for a conservative Christians endorsement.

      1. IMO it’s straight-up sadism in some cases. “We don’t like you queers. Off with your dick.”

  10. I am making popcorn in anticipation of your article on Pat Robertson’s pronouncement…what a teachable moment. In just over three days, he backs transgendering “those poor people” and slams evil gays, and the sickening things gays do.

  11. Here you go, Gallus. Nicky, who hangs out on your site is a sexist pig and pervert.

    1. Dana, your hobby is ingesting massive quantities of synthetic female hormones so that you can expel a form of male breast milk from your moobs which you then post pictures of on your blog. I don’t think you are in a good position to call out another man for “perversion”.

      1. So you excuse actual sexism? Okay…good on you. Thanks for sharing my photo.

      2. How dope is your domine? Pretty damn dope!
        It’s got its own hat!
        Don’t mind me, I’ve got the giggles.

      3. What a sick fucking freak.
        I know, that makes me a “bigot” and a “hate monger”, but whatever. Something tells me there are a whole lot of people who’d agree with me on this.
        Nope, no fetishism here folks, none at all…

      4. GM It would seem the suggestion that Mr. Taylor has a fetish cut him to the quick (rhymes with . . .) but hold on for the shocking part. It is a fetish. I know I could not believe it either.
        Note the exchange on Mr. Taylor’s blog that’s snaking around the internet.
        Dana said:
        “I shared the link with gallus mag and she basically told me I had no room to talk. They see my breast development and lactation as some kind of perverted thing though it is absolutely normal in a lot of women. I do not get turned on by anything on my own body. I suspect I may have earned my own article on gendertrender. Fingers crossed as it would show I am just like the other trans women they bully.”
        Okay then
        Rebbeca said:
        “Gallusmag and the women who regularly comment on her blog do have an incredible double standard that they apply to trans women. They will criticize the shit out of trans women who do the same thing cis women do. Just look at the comment posted by the whale who calls herself “motherhood”. Ok so some women can’t express milk on their own and can’t afford a breast pump, so somehow the fact that you CAN afford one makes you a bad person. I guess using her logic, as long as homeless people exist, no one should be able to live in a house.”
        Whale? Sir, that’s so not nice. Now why would you think me Motherhood a whale–uhm because I actually ovulate, and when egg meets sperm, Ta da. But I do digress. Where was I? Yes fetish. Not that we had any doubts.
        To point sirs, there is no double standard you’re all men.
        I thought this little exchange so ridiculous and funny that I just had to pass it along. BTW heads up– Dana those are dude nipples on the moobs they might pass on a board put not on a human female. Carry on.

      5. Uh, lactation is normal. Inducing lactation when not pregnant and spending a large chunk of money on a fancy breast pump so you have “bragging rights”….that’s just bizarre….

      6. @ Everyone who’s responded to this.
        Perhaps we’re being harsh. Surely there is some purpose–dare we imagine a non-fetishistic purpose?–to his behavior. Perhaps he intends to hire himself out as a wet nurse.

      7. Wow, Motherhood, these guys are able to talk themselves into anything.
        “They see my breast development and lactation as some kind of perverted thing though it is absolutely normal in a lot of women.” Even though Taylor said this himself, he seems to have not understood a very crucial part of that sentence. I’m sure everyone here can guess what that is.
        And why on earth would he even post these pictures?! For what, exactly? To “show off” to other MtT? As in, “Hey, look at me, LOOK AT ME, look how female I am, with breast milk and using a breast pump!! I’m just a regular gal, using my breast pump! ‘Cause that’s what women do! Now LOOK AT MEEEEEE!”
        The use of the breast pump reminds me of that MtT guy in Canada who tried to get a position as a rape counselor, just so he could feel oh-so-femmie and “in” with women. Same thing going on with Taylor – that level of desperate need is deeply, deeply weird. You know, I’d like to think there are some MtT guys out there who a) would feel really strange using a breast pump, for chrissakes, and b) would never even consider posting pictures like Taylor’s because they have, yanno, DIGNITY. And class. Don’t forget class. But from what I’ve seen from the trans movement, I’m not holding out much hope for that.

      8. @Ashland Avenue, 1:21.
        He posts these pictures because they turn him on and (1) he is compelled to draw others into his erotic fantasy, and (2) he is completely incapable of imagining that what turns him on is of no interest, or actually is creepy, to others. (Don’t bother denying it, dude, unless you have plethysmographs for show and tell. No one here is buying it.)
        A quick perusal of the personals on craigslist demonstrates that lactation fetishes are very far from rare. These photos are more evidence of the trademark m2t fantasy that others want to witness their possession of magical, erotic powers.

    1. Nope, that is NOT what was said. What was said was, you are in no position to call Nicky a pervert. Seriously, the whole milk thing is just sick… Are you really this dense? Or is it just you won’t admit to poor judgment? #creepy

    2. Okay this dick can afford a dual electric breast pump. I never thought I could get more angry at one of these bastards but this just triggered it. FUCK NO women who have infants can’t afford one of those. To rent one is crazy expensive–sick. People a dual electric breast pump is top of line like $300. You disgusting prick. He bought a breast pump for his fetish and women who actually need them to express for sick infants in hospital can’t afford them. You know what? When the vote to keep keeping this dicks out of womens spaces comes up my state I am on the state house steps handing these pics out. Come on by Dana I will be with the La leche women. Trans Rights live the sick fetish to the fullest. Dana your gonna be famous baby. I honestly did not think these guys could come up with anything else–I was wrong.

      1. Also? Really, which part of the body did that “milk” come from?
        And the term is “expressing” milk. “Expressing,” not “expecting.”
        Expecting? You wish.
        Sorry, I am not shockable, and am nearly impossible to squick. But …

      2. Sooner or later, he is going to stick his penis in that thing and get stuck.
        But moob ‘milk’ contains lots of synthetic hormones. It is not advised to give this to a baby, all the hormones you take are passed through ‘milk,’ especially hormone-produced milk. This is like the rBST-treated cows and the dairy industry. If you give it to bulls, they would produce moob-milk too.
        You need to produce placenta fluid to trigger the colostrum that effects/protects the immune system in mammal milk. The vagina acts like a drain for toxins that effect natural milk production in this time. The shrinking of the uterus during breast feeding pushes toxins out naturally.
        The rBST cows are forced to produce 40% more milk than naturally possible, but pus, rBST, and other toxins are unable to filter correctly or naturally and end up in the milk.
        If you don”t have a natural drain for this process, well. you would have to accept biology to understand these things, It is practical, not really sexy. Contrary to the popular male belief, women do not get off on breastfeeding. It is not sexual.
        But then again, there are men that want to watch women pee for a sexual thrill. We don’t get off on going pee, poop or changing pads either. Sorry if it ruins the fetish, but,everything we have has a biological purpose.

      3. That ran through my mind too, Motherhood – how this prick has an electric pump when so many women could actually use one. And “expecting” milk – good lord. I have no words.

      4. Men can afford to buy whatever they want. That’s the first proof “Dana” is Male.
        I hope he’s setting a huge amount of cash aside to pay for his chemo. It’s almost guaranteed he’ll get various cancers from his experiemental drug use, even though he doesn’t have breasts or a uterus.

  12. @lisaprime This is what conclusion I have come to, It is similar. In my teens & 20s, I only wanted to be male to escape a slave class of ‘female’ which has a bleak future as a less than human being that will never have the opportunities a male XY will.
    Every single M to trans I have met expect to be granted male privilege when entering a female space. They demand to be put first and everything must revolve around their wants & needs like we are their mothers[or lesser beings put there to serve them] and they are a first-born male to each of us.
    Attractive females that refuse sexual advances are verbally abused until they give in, and in the worst cases, they stalk them, turn up the pressure to turn their friends and make them an outcasts, interfere with what limited employment opportunities if they try to move on, and show such hatred and jealousy for being rejected, you wonder why this person is not in anger management.
    Many Male to trans constantly compare their looks and male body to actual females that starve themselves, paint their faces like porn dolls, wear the ‘right clothes, etc, in hopes of landing a husband, that hopefully does not beat them and gives them the life they are not allowed to work for on their own. This was the only reason I disliked being ‘Female’. I tried to embrace being male, but I am not male, nor will I ever be accepted as a male, no matter how much I destroy, punish or mutilate myself.
    Nonconforming females are either expected to be handmaidens that drop everything for their needs, or they are bashed in extremely cruel ways. Violence and stalking follows, and these women they like to say how much more female they are compared to them and they dont deserve to be female, even though many of these women are mothers and grandmothers.
    Their interpretation of ‘female’ is based on the male gaze, which is mostly a popular pornigraphic steriotype..
    Some of these guys have a deep jealousy of females, especially attractive slender/young females. Some of them may be homophobic and are angry at other males for their attractions. They go as far as putting them in a class of ‘privileged’ and only show them kindness and encouragement to mutilate themselves and destroy themselves as confident females for small bits of encouragement. It is classic psychological abuse that young women are victims of while they go through uncertainty of becoming an adult.
    Girls and women are brainwashed to step aside for male children, let them have the privilege of being first out of respect of the family, their talents are stifled constantly in school, even for mediocre boys. This is the norm in white middle class suburban America, It is worse in other countries.

  13. I should say that there are a few exceptions of really nice guys that dont have this agenda, but any gay-bashing or woman-hating has turned me off to spoiled tantrums.

    1. lol. So are you one of those women who then brow beat other women into allowing men into women’s spaces because “he isn’t like that”? They’re all like that. Every last fuckin one has an agenda.

      1. No, men do not belong in women’s spaces.
        And BTW, If they are ‘nice guys’ they would not be trying to enter private women’s spaces.

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