Shame on Dallas Voice News Editor Anna Waugh

Paul Ray Witherspoon aka “Paula”

Imagine my surprise when I stumbled across this disgusting bit of whitewashing published in the print edition of the Dallas Voice yesterday by Dallas Voice News Editor Anna Waugh. In a piece celebrating the 100% HRC rating of two local hospital systems titled “Parkland, Dallas VA get perfect scores” Waugh offered this bit of reportage about the Paul Ray Witherspoon aka “Paula Witherspoon” incident:

       “Snowdon said HRC wants to see the number of hospitals continue to grow over the years as medical staff examines training needs and reviews policies to become more competitive. She also said many hospitals should change their polices before an incident occurs.

Transgender woman Paula Witherspoon got a ticket for using a women’s restroom at Parkland last year. The incident helped prompt the hospital to add trans protections to its policies, which also extend to visitors.

Dr. Roberto De la Cruz, a gay member of Parkland’s board, created a task force to address LGBT issues and is working on a countywide assessment of LGBT health needs. Parkland added domestic partner benefits for employees in 2011.

“I am very proud that Parkland has received this designation,” De la Cruz said. “We want to provide a safe, respectful and caring environment for all of our patients. This designation indicates that we are inclusive to everyone at Parkland — patients, visitors and staff.”

Transgender woman Paula Witherspoon got a ticket for using a woman’s restroom at Parkland last year? Really, News Editor Waugh? Is that what happened? Is that what passes for accurate, reliable news reportage at the Dallas Voice these days?
GenderTrender readers will recall that convicted serial child rapist Paul Ray Witherspoon was reported to law enforcement by a woman who was frightened by him in a hospital restroom designated for use by women and girls. Witherspoon was wearing earrings and a skirt and a large bulky ankle GPS device worn by paroled felons deemed likely to re-offend. His parole had been previously revoked at least twice: in 2007 when Witherspoon was charged with assault and returned to prison until 2010, and again when he was arrested in 2011 for sending out pornographic photos of himself over the internet.
Witherspoon’s convictions include the sexual assault of a fourteen-year-old girl and indecency with a child by sexual contact perpetrated on a fifteen-year-old girl. When law enforcement officers questioned Witherspoon outside the restroom, he gave them a false “female” name (Paula). He also lied and claimed he had in his possession a testimonial letter from a psychologist diagnosing him with transgenderism. When the officer asked to see the letter, Witherspoon produced a brochure for transgender services.
Accompaning Witherspoon on his bathroom misadventures that day was his partner, a man named Billy Lorentz, aka Billy Birdsong. Witherspoon falsely identified this man as his “husband”. Lorentz is a convicted murderer and pedophile who served a 15-year sentence for the aggravated sexual assault of a twelve-year-old girl.
Reporting on an individual as a neutral party while completely ignoring and erasing the rape of three children seems to go well beyond journalistic incompetence. Framing a serial child rapist with multiple recent arrests and parole violations involving violence and sexual misbehavior as a “victim” for terrifying women in a restroom -while erasing those crimes- is an inexcusable editorial “choice”.
Anna Waugh should be removed from her position as News Editor for the Dallas Voice.
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Read more about Paul Ray Witherspoon aka “Paula Witherspoon” here:

20 thoughts on “Shame on Dallas Voice News Editor Anna Waugh

  1. This is complete insanity. I never would have imagined the day that city daily reporters and editors would be such ass kissers and so unethical.
    I may have this article laminated. You are one great reporter.

  2. I’ve known for a long time about the overly-PC tendency to treat trannies with kid gloves and to put their feelings above all rationality and above women’s rights and comfort… but it crosses a new line to ignore the rape of children in catering to the trans agenda.
    So now the desires of trans* are more important than the safety of little girls… not only in theory, but in practice.
    Wake up, America. Wake the f*** up.

  3. Such a thin veneer on the label Transgender. In all but a small minority of cases, 10-15%, the driving force behind transgender behavior is the sexual fetish of transvestism and Autogynephilia.. Crossdressing. A compulsive sexual arousal based disorder. Most often complicated by additional sexual disorders of exhibitionism, voyuerism, BSDM and psychotic narcissisism.

  4. pantypopo you have a very good point. The narcissim and BDSM stuff is very apparent in the trans I’ve known. Even women who were lesbians and then became “male.” In two cases where I knew the people personally before the change, then they got into BDSM. Male to trans has an obsessive focus on themselves, and seem to go into great detail about looks, make-up etc., and then wanting to still be in lesbian communities where women disdain this. Sexual disorders, exhibitionism, BDSM— it’s very creepy. But it is out there, and more common than ever before.

  5. I emailed the Senior Editor of the Dallas Voice and this is what he had to say about Paul Ray Witherspoon.
    “We have reported on Ms. Witherspoon’s criminal record. However, it was not relevant to this story.”
    I plan on emailing, calling, or writing Parkland Hospital where Paul Witherspoon was cited.
    The article from the Dallas Voice states the following.
    “Transgender woman Paula Witherspoon got a ticket for using a women’s restroom at Parkland last year. The incident helped prompt the hospital to add trans protections to its policies, which also extend to visitors.”
    Witherspoon most definitely had his penis when he molested his teenage female victims. According to the Dallas Voice, citing a male registered sex offender for using a women’s restroom “helped prompt the hospital to add trans protections to its policies”, which also extend to visitors”. Could any of the visitors possibly be Billy Lorentz, aka Billy Birdsong, Witherspoon’s partner?
    We should have known that the Dallas Voice could care less how anyone feels about this issue other than transgender activists. Therefore, side step the Dallas Voice entirely and complain directly to the hospital in question. Hospitals should serve the interests of everyone not just registered sex offenders.

    1. I wonder, do those “trans protections” also cancel out the prohibitions relating to sex offenders being banned from contact with minors, and compelled to remove themselves when they find themselves anywhere near a minor? Or does Texas not have that rule?
      That man who commented after Nicky (on the article) makes me want to spit. Obviously, little boys are more deserving of protection than women and little girls. His registry doesn’t reflect a history of assaulting boys, so I would think they’d be far safer in his presence than any girl would.

      1. I wrote to both editors and left a comment. The editors did not respond and my comment was not posted–you think it was something I said?

  6. He’s not a trans, he’s registered sex offender. That’s the part hospitals and municipalities or whoever governs those hospitals should be paying attention to. Men do these things and it will be covered up by other men and on they go with the rest of their sadistic lives. By all means Dallas Voice, keep protecting the monsters, so we know who YOU are.

  7. Is there a press counsel in Texas?
    Who is the publishing company parent of the Dallas Voice?
    Who are the main advertisers?
    Who are the corporate partners?
    Who sit on the board of directors of the hospital?
    Which women’s auxiliaries support the hospital’s fundraising?
    Which men’s orgs do: Kinsmen? Rotary?
    All these people should be informed of what’s happening at this hospital.

  8. As a long-time disabled vet I have to say that the more I look at this perp’s ‘VA letter’ the more I think it’s a fake. The VA is generally terse in their communications and this one is just way TMI. I’m gonna see what I can find out from it.

  9. Everyone knows that senior editor John Wright, who was canned from the Dallas Voice for several reasons, was behind this story. You can’t fault a lower editor when changes are made to a story that was assigned to her.

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