Abbott Laboratories: Studies have not been completed in children to determine the full reversibility of fertility suppression


Driven by the transgender lobby, a cluster of extremely well-funded physician providers have for the past several years been prescribing fertility-suppressing drugs on an FDA unapproved, “off use” basis to halt the maturation of children deemed as failing to conform to social stereotypes based on sex. These physician’s rationale is that studies show a tiny percentage (around 2%) of these sex-role non-conforming children will end up seeking surgical “sex change”, and a larger minority (around 15%) will report some form of continued distress with sex-roles post puberty. Providers who pioneer this “cosmetic medicine” protocol among a pediatric population operate from the belief that the distress of those 2% of children who may go on to identify themselves as transsexual later in life will be alleviated by administering puberty-preventing drugs before the children reach sexual maturity. This protocol is followed by the administration of sterilization and lifetime cross-sex hormone medicine and reconstructive cosmetic surgeries intended to disguise their reproductive function as that of the opposite sex.

This clinical practice is in opposition to multiple long-term studies which show that such treatments do not decrease morbidity rates for transgender people post “treatment”. Physicians administering these drugs also operate from the conclusion that the severity of the distress of those 2% of children (those who later go on to request medical cross-hormone and surgical treatments to appear socially as opposite-sex persons) is so profound that it should be prioritized above the harmful outcomes for the majority lesbian and gay children referred for these experimental treatments.

Dana Beyer, middle-aged heterosexual male, father, and  Executive Director of Gender Rights Maryland posits that sex-role nonconformity is a pediatric disease process. Beyer speculates that gender malaise may be caused in children by ecological contamination. “There are probably many reasons for the increase in prevalence, including the increased dumping of environmental pollutants known as endocrine disruptors..” Beyer notes.

Beyer acknowledges that most children referred for medicalized sex-role “treatment” would mature into well-adjusted lesbian, gay, or non-conforming heterosexuals if left untreated (objectively evidenced by their failure to require psychological care as adults). Repeated multi-decade research has established this as undeniable fact. Nonetheless, Beyer believes such childhood behavior is “diseased”. Beyer, like many mainstream transgender medical lobbyists asserts that the potential distress of a tiny minority of children who may end up in middle age like him (attempting the impossible task of cosmetically undoing the biologic signifiers of maleness) – justifies the experimental medical maiming, sterilizing, and lifetime drug dependence of any number of lesbian, gay or otherwise “birth defected” sex-role nonconforming children.

..if a child grows up and decides to de-transition, then what of it? The harm done is minimal..” Beyer says. How does Beyer justify these priorities, and the transgender medical lobbying for these experimental protocols on children? Believe it or not the foundation for this practice is the hope that children who are subjected to cross-sex cosmetic surgical/medical treatments prior to maturity may “pass” better than people like Dana Beyer as the opposite sex. Dana can imagine no better outcome for the future than that.

Yet what of the majority of children who are clinically referred for treatment to medical professionals for gender variance who would self-resolve during maturity as well-adjusted lesbian or gay adults if left medically “untreated”?  We know this occurs because these outcomes have been studied over decades prior to the recent experimental drug treatments, and those studies have been duplicated and confirmed.  In contrast, the only, singular study of children who received experimental medical “correction” of sex-role incongruence (in the Netherlands) terminated upon administration of cross-sex hormone treatments. Alarmingly, every child who was medical-tracked for this “disorder” proceeded onto sterilization. Since the study was arbitrarily aborted at that point (presumably to cover the potential liability of providers) long-term outcomes are unknown.

In May, international transgender lobbyists met to codify and update genderism into the World Health Organizations IDC medical codes. The committee’s objective was to advocate for genderist representation and the medicalization of distress caused by sex-roles. Even so, the committee on “transgender children” ended up splintering and causing a standstill of the entire council. Why? Because the gays. The research is undeniable. Medicalizing gender nonconformity in children is explicitly and undeniably anti-gay. From the trans-lobbying committee:

“…attaching a medical diagnosis to gender diversity in childhood contradicts WHO’s commitment to respecting rather than pathologizing sexual diversity. Specifically, research indicates it is impossible to reliably distinguish between a gender-variant child who will grow up to become trans and a gender-variant child who will grow up to be gay, lesbian, or bisexual, but not trans.12 As such, by conflating gender variance and sexual orientation, the proposed GIC category amounts to a re-pathologization of homosexuality.”

Mainstream Media coverage on “transgender children” loves to follow the drumbeat that children are carefully screened, given counseling, no surgery is done on children. But that isn’t true at all. Are trans activists ill-informed? Reporters incompetent? Doubtful. Dana Beyer repeats this wholly false assertion: “Let me make it clear: There is no surgical intervention done in this country before the age of consent, at 18.” That is simply not true, and no one with a glancing interest in the transgender child trend would make such a claim in good faith. Providers who are willing to “treat” children surgically as minors and medically without psychological screening aren’t exactly hiding. They are openly celebrated in the transgender community.  Surgeon Beverly Fischer does gender surgery on children as young as twelve. Everyone knows it, and genderists love and support it.

Dr. Forcier, quoted below, administers puberty blockers to kids in her pediatric practice with no psychological evaluation, no counseling or screening whatsoever, and says that pediatric endocrinologists who require them are “gatekeeping” children from lifesaving medical care.

Dr Beverly Fischer- gender surgery 12 year olds
Dr Beverly Fischer- gender surgery 12 year olds

Respected mainstream transgender activists like (middle-aged heterosexual father and military careerist) Autumn Sandeen claim that the trans movement needs pre-sexual children in order to “take the sex out” of the public face of a movement which largely serves men whose sexual orientation is autogynephilic. Puberty blocking androgen Lupron and antecendents  are so toxic that their use among adult transgenders is not advised. Yet the cluster of physicians who prescribe them for children ( unapproved and “off use”) and trans lobbyists (and sadly, parents) continue to present false information to the public and media that is wholly at odds to all pediatric endocrinological medical research. They know it’s untrue, yet they march to the drumbeat of: “Completely safe” “Harmless” “Reversable”…

No. Just no.

“The effect of the puberty-blocking drugs is reversible” – Daniel Metzger, MD, FRCPC, a pediatric endocrinologist at BC Children’s Hospital in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, and a clinical professor, division of endocrinology in the department of pediatrics, University of British Columbia in Vancouver.

“It’s important to note that puberty blockers are completely reversible” – Mary Moss, gender activist and mother of a “transgender child”.

““Puberty blockers are completely reversible, allowing children to return and develop in the puberty of the natal gender without known adverse sequelae.”- Dr Michelle Forcier, pediatrician at Hasbro Children’s Hospital Clinic RI who administers the drugs to children without any prior psychological evaluation, screening, or counseling.

“There are no side effects or long term effects and they are 100% reversible and it’s given as either a shot or an implant.” – Michele Laurin, gender activist and mother of a “transgender child”.

“Trans kids can take puberty blockers, which are completely reversible and have been being used for years to treat the condition called Central Precocious Puberty. It’s perfectly safe, and it puts puberty on hold for a couple years so they don’t get the negative effects.” – Jenn “NeoGal99” Burleton, a male transgender and founder of TransActive, which bills itself as “the only transgender youth nonprofit in the country with actual office space”.

“The use of puberty blockers (GnRH analogues) allows reversible suppression of ‘puberty hormones’ and the associated pubertal changes.” – Dr. Louise Newman, Professor of Developmental Psychiatry, Monash University

“Supression of pubertal sex steroid production and thus secondary sexual characteristics can be effectively and safely accomplished using gonadotropin-releasing hormone analogues (GnRHa)- an intervention that is both temporary and reversible” – Dr Peter Lee and Dr Christopher Houk, pediatric endocrinologists

“Children’s offers reversible medical intervention to a select group of at-risk transgender patients in order to suppress their production of estrogen or testosterone, but only after these patients have entered puberty. This reversible treatment gives patients time to reach an age when they can decide, with their families, whether to begin cross-sex hormone therapy.”- Children’s Hospital, Boston

“Studies have not been completed in children to determine the full reversibility of fertility suppression.” –Abbott Laboratories, 2013, manufacturer of Lupron

Abbott drug insert for LUPRON
Abbott drug insert for LUPRON

studies lupron

Marvin Belzer Md, Director of Adolescent Medicine at Saban Research, one of the top five federally funded pediatric institutions in the country explains: “I never had the time to do the research”.


67 thoughts on “Abbott Laboratories: Studies have not been completed in children to determine the full reversibility of fertility suppression

    1. Also you just need to google what adults say about Lupron to know that trans activists are talking bullshit. Adults FEAR Lupron. Don’t give this shit to healthy children!

  1. “I never had the time to do the research”.
    He’s been working with trans youth for 20 years already(!). Lack of time or lack of giving-a-fuck, you decide.

    1. The Translobby was established by men for men, adult males. They have no compulsion about projecting their autogynephilic sexual fetish on innocent children if it gets them what they want. They’re men. This is their sexual arousal compulsion. They will stop at nothing to get this need met.

  2. this is so fucked – you have grown-ass adults inventing these back stories to justify their transitions, combined with jealousy/longing for not undertaking it earlier when they might have stood a greater chance at being mistaken for the opposite sex, the resulting theory then leading to a clinical diagnosis which is adopted by well-meaning but utterly clueless parents to explain their kids ‘oddness’. what the docs should be doing is giving them a copy of delusions of gender and banning them from mixing with crazy fucking trans people.

    There is a side effect of sterilization if you take hormones after being on puberty blockers. It also affects normal pre-pubescent brain growth. Some parts of the brain will not develop in the critical time, but who cares, right? This is about grooming.
    -Keeping a 16 year old boy at 12 year old development?
    -turning little girls into pre pubescent boys?
    Sounds like NAMBLA has found a way into the gay & lesbian community.
    Is this why the Soros[NAMBLA backers] group gave $70,000 to the Transgender Law Center?
    Just asking the question.

    1. Hi do you have a source for that brain growth thing? Not that I don’t believe it but it want to have more details about it. Did you know that there is a thing “called” synaptic pruning which reduces the number of neurons and synapses?
      Here the big problem: The later the puberty starts – the more synapses are being reduced. Which leads to another big problem: There might be a connection between late puberty and schizophrenia.
      But I’ve N E V E R seen such things discussed on pro trans sites. Either they don’t know or they don’t give a fuck.

      1. @Lilly
        Touretts may be connected to lupron^1993 clinical trial

        Help! I Have “Lupron Brain”

        old & dumb^with lupron brain
        you should know that-
        Lupron has its own victims website with resources.
        Lots of pubmed and merik manual links to doctors warning and patients that did not do so well -some only took it for two weeks and it caused damage.
        You have access to plenty of citations, just google them if they moved to another server
        I think this is like ‘phen-fen’ They tested it separately to get it to pass and a bean counter figured no one would care if it turned people’s hearts into spaghetti and they stood to make a bundle despite the few people that lived long enough to sue them.
        They dont want to publish results if it may be harmful-that will effect sales. So, no published studies on pediatric use, so doctors can say, ‘so far, we dont see problems.

        Of especial note: a New York 2012 law mandates that no pharmacist shall dispense or sell the drug leuprolide acetate, lupron, lupron depot, lupron depot-ped, Viadur, & Eliqard, unless the container is labeled with the following warning – “Caution: this drug could cause adverse reactions included, but not limited to, heart attack, diabetes, convulsions, excessive bleeding, and could lead to death.”
        besides the slowed brain studies I mentioned below.

    2. Ding ding ding ding. The ruling class is overseen by severely sick and perverted men. These orders are coming from the TOP. Since Rockefeller is assigned to supervise the reproductive lives of USians with his Planned Parenthoods, I imagine this is just another branch of his project. Of course, Rockefeller answers to someone.

  4. If this were the attitude 20-30 years ago, I would have been a prime candidate for this form of child abuse, as I was a very unfeminine girl. Thank God my parents weren’t as f***ed in the heads as these trans* supporters, so they didn’t tamper with my body because of my rejection of stereotypes. Seriously. Talk about f***ed up.
    I really feel for all the girls who are like me but are growing up today with parents who have been brainwashed by this trans* idiocy into thinking that not wearing pink dresses means your body should be altered. Seriously. F***ed. Up.

    1. 100% seriously, all of this. I certainly got in my share of fights with my family over not wanting to conform (and yet I’m not trans! It happens!). Had parents buying clothes to force me to wear, I wouldn’t wear it, they got mad for wasting money (hey I never asked for ’em!), ditto over the issue of carrying a purse, wearing heels, shaving, all sorts of things that ended up a power struggle over symbols. (And it REALLY did not help that it was mostly my father pushing all this.)
      …eventually they gave up, gave dire warnings that my life would not go well, and just dropped it all.
      I never did conform, and my life has been happy, because I found a niche where I can fit in. And, I did it as a woman. Still got the naughty bits I was born with. There’s a life out there just being the odd nerd who doesn’t dress up femmy, y’know?
      YEARS later I did have my mother ask me once if I thought maybe I have hormone imbalances. I have no idea, why would I worry about it when things are going fine?
      But it makes me wonder if, had I been born in a different decade, I would have been packed off to see some specialist. Thank heavens it didn’t go that way.
      As I’ve said before though, it’s definitely one of the reasons I started following all this so curiously. The entire idea of the “lady brain” just offends me so much I can’t even, as they say.

      1. Your story reminds me so much of mine, Adrian, which is why I started taking a more critical look at the trans issue. And I DO actually have hormone imbalances, but they’re not harmful in any way(beyond not being able to take birth control)… so it makes me wonder if I were a child today, how many well-meaning friends and family would be suggesting these treatments? Or now are, to perfectly healthy girls? Not so long ago a friend told me that I should understand the ‘trans situation’, because my story was so similar to theirs- which inadvertently made me realize how much bullshit it all was.
        The lady brain thing… supposedly it’s “transphobic” to question it, yet it’s not considered misogyny to tell biological females that they ‘think female.’ Deny men their right to play at being female? Transphobic. Deny women their right to be human? No one has a problem with it. Yeah, I see how that works.

      2. @LC – It’s amazing how many people desperately try to walk some fine fine line to be still considered properly post-modernly “open-minded” and progressive. They end up flip-flopping all over the place like beached fish.
        So you’ll find people who would never (never! So shocking) forthrightly admit to thinking “Women have a brain like this, I can predict their behavior, because women” but on the other hand, they also won’t ever (ever!) critically examine just what it implies to say that they “recognized they were female, in the brain” or the like.
        The only possible way to “recognize” that you as a potential M2T (or some other potential M2T) are “really a girl, despite the penis” is to have some concrete idea of just what makes a “woman brain” what it is, some prescription for how women “surely must” think/feel/behave/analyze the world, so that you can see it in yourself/that person.
        And when pressed, if they give any details at all, it always ends up being a pile of stereotypes, PARTICULARLY (to get back to the main article) it’s parents “noticing this” on behalf of their kids.
        They just seem to have a mental block at that particular spot, or something.

    2. Me too! I was violently anti-feminine as a child. If our family doc had floated this idea at my mom, she would have jumped on it in a heartbeat.

    The above medication,
    ‘Lupron’ has already been researched and documented side effects for adults that take it to shrink uterine fibroids, and the shrinkage of prostate in adult men.
    It is only prescribed when the benefits out weigh the risk in adults. It does cause bone density problems and it is a bad idea to give it to growing children, it will cause a stunt in growth, not only to the reproductive system, but the growth of other organs systems and how they regulate. It also blocks bone repair and growth. It also weakens the immune system.
    **and this is going to be given to children, for what?
    So they keep the look of prepubescent children longer, and they will stay cute longer for the eyes of others looking at them?
    In an additional clinical trial and from long-term observation of both studies, the following additional adverse events (excluding those considered not drug related) were reported for patients receiving LUPRON (leuprolide acetate injection) .
    Cardiovascular System – Bradycardia, Carotid bruit, Extrasystole, Palpitations, Perivascular cuffing (eyes), Ruptured aortic aneurysm, Stroke, Tachycardia, Transient ischemic attack;
    Gastrointestinal System- Flatus, Dryness of mouth and throat, Hepatitis, Hepatomegaly, Occult blood (rectal exam), Rectal fistula/erythema;
    Musculoskeletal System- Ankylosing spondylosis, Arthritis, Blurred disc margins, Bone fracture, Muscle stiffness, Muscle tenderness, Pelvic fibrosis, Spasms/cramps;
    Central/Peripheral Nervous System- Auditory hallucinations/tinnitus, Decreased hearing, Decreased reflexes, Euphoria, Hyperreflexia, Loss of smell, Motor deficiency;
    Respiratory System- Chest tightness, Decreased breathing sounds, Hemoptysis, Pleuritic chest pain, Pulmonary infiltrate, Rales/rhonchi, Rhinitis, Strep throat, Wheezing/bronchitis;
    Integumentary System- Boil (pubic), Bruises, Hives, Keratosis,
    Urogenital System- Blisters on penis, Inguinal hernia, Penile swelling, Post void residual, Prostatic pain, Pyuria;
    Miscellaneous- Abdominal distention, Facial swelling/edema, Feet burning, Flu, Eyelid growth, Hypoproteinemia, Accidental injury, Knee effusion, Mass, Pallid, Sallow, Weakness.

    1. The only non-“trans” use I’ve seen for children is in delaying puberty in those who are getting seriously early puberty, as in, around 5 or 6 years old for whatever reason. Apparently just as there are risks to too late of puberty, too early can also be a problem. So it’s again the whole “weigh the risks and benefits” thing. Too early puberty can stunt growth, but the medicine can also stunt growth…
      As far as I know though, that kind of extreme early puberty is pretty damn rare.
      Surely the people using it for trans therapy are using the old standby that the “risks” of not doing anything are death, because of course “without treatment my kid will suicide.”
      In reality yeah it’s about keeping childlike longer (or more precisely not going through puberty) because it will help them reach the holy grail, which is passing. It’s a thorny problem – if you wait long enough to get anything that can be true consent, they’ll never pass.
      …that equation is disturbing.

  6. I just wonder why everyone else cares so much about what other people do with their bodies, or, what other parents allow there children to do to alleviate what they feel is a debilitating condition. Circumcision plays no medical role, yet we as mothers submit our baby boys to this barbaric ritual, sometimes without a second thought. Where is that outrage? Yet a parent, trying to do what they feel is the best medical decision for their minor child, is chided and insulted for doing what they feel is right for their own child. I guess the same is true of a parent who decides to go with one cancer treatment for their child, over the alternative, and finds a less than satisfactory outcome due to their choice. They often are berated by friends and family for not choosing the “right” option for their child, even though they KNEW in their hearts that their choice was the right one.
    While I agree that more research needs to be done, I dont think we can idly sit by and let our kids, who may be gender variant to the point of needing the medical intervention, grow more depressed and distraught over their medical and psychological needs. Is Lupron the answer? Maybe, maybe not. But it is better than the alternative is some specific occasions. I think we need to focus on our own children, raise them in best way we know how as parents, and let others do the same. It is not our job as a community to tell others what to do with their bodies, or the bodies of their children, except in the cases of physical child abuse. It is a slippery slope. I don’t like other people telling me what I can or can’t do with my body, so I sure won’t be telling anyone else what to do with theirs.

    1. Women care because these men that claim to be women are abusive and dangerous. They are full of male rage and misogyny. We also care because this is clearly a way to get rid of gay and lesbian children. We care because one of these can come into women’s safe spaces. We care because the people that buy into this will be the lest able to pick up any of the tiny pieces left of their lives. It is a good question–do people have the right to destroy their own lives or their children’s? Yes, they do. I would ask you to take a look at your own thinking. To compare circumcision to this is a false analogy and people can opt out of having their son circumcised anyway. Remember the lobotomy? That’s a better comparision. As it maimed people forever. Who knows maybe it would work for disphoria–wanna try on your kid’s brain? You think that would be a good idea? This is a fad plain and simple. There is no such thing as “Transgender” none. No, easter bunny, no Santa. It is also a way for low level lazy medical folks to make some easy money. And I can’t even imagine what the parents are thinking. Drones mindless drones. This guy has not researched it for a reason and that is because the results of that research will not be in favor of current money making trends. He did not have the time–please what BS. He has enough common sense to know the outcome of any research. Because he knows there is no such thing as “Trans.” The live and let live sentiment is all well and good. I might say fine if I know me or my daughters would never have to share our safe space with one of these males. Which I don’t know. This is a no doubt a combination of metal illness and cultural issues. Remember when LSD was considered to expand the mind? How’s those burn out cases doing these days–up at NASA in think tanks–no if they are alive they are panhandling off an exit ramp. If you imagine that there isn’t going to be a slew of suicides and twisted wreckage from this fad you are wrong. I see trials to make Nuremberg look like Judge Judy. And guess what these guys will walk because people and parents made a choice. Yes, you are correct I raise my kids to know dangerous bullshit when they hear it. We don’t need to prove we are open minded or hip or PC. There is zero science that supports this ZERO and long term studies show a very high rate of suicide for SRS after 10 years. People can keep blaming society and other or they can say my kid has a mental illness and it need to be treated as a mental illness. Anything else is child abuse.And I don’t care if you feel insulted–get over yourself and parent–it isn’t for sissies.

      1. Is he having two of them installed? Reminds me of Natalie “Mansfeminism” Reed who wants to keep his dick but have a mangina inserted where his ballsack currently hangs.

      2. If you bring friend to the Doc in Bangkok you get a discount. It will be like a destination vacation soon.
        This guy is the son of the founder of Lotus and Mozilla and his mother is I think Freada Kapor Klein–major feminist and screaming rich–and they have such a marginalized oppressed son. Gofundme is off the hook.

    2. Surely you’re aware that discussion of circumcision on the internet is one of the most hotly flame-filled argumentative discussions that can ever happen on a mommy forum (or even on unrelated boards!), to the point of being almost a cliche for “forbidden debate” or “don’t go there, that’s a landmine!” on plenty of forums?
      There’s PLENTY of outrage, trust me.
      The reason you get comments and posts like this one is that plenty of us reading the discussion about Lupron and the like were also very gender non-conforming, and plenty of us still are. However, we didn’t “transition.” We decided to just stay gender non-conforming, because… there’s no reason to have any SENSE of “conforming,” the entire CONCEPT of “conforming” or not is meaningless.
      I have a brain and a personality and interests. I have genitalia. There is no “proper” relationship that “should be” between the two. Whatever combination I have is valid. THAT is the message.
      If someone is telling me that because I have certain genitalia then I can’t have certain interests or I can’t socialize with certain people, THAT is the problem. Not me. There is no reason I should have to take surgery on myself to be allowed to do what I want to do.
      I can understand people feeling that it would really be better for them to conform, to have the surgery and try to “pass” as the other side. I don’t think people should be persecuted for it.
      HOWEVER, I do not for an instant believe in the whole “born in the wrong body” or “I have a woman brain” thing. That’s where I draw the line. I don’t believe in innate gender. We have a range of being, just let people do what they want and quit trying to label personalities as “woman” or “man.”

      1. “I have a brain and a personality and interests. I have genitalia. There is no “proper” relationship that “should be” between the two. Whatever combination I have is valid. THAT is the message.”
        Yes. And THAT is the same message that the intersex lobby is coming out with as well. Which is about the one area where the trans lobby tries to distance itself from the intersex folks, because the intersex lobby ISN’T going all out for major surgery and/or drug intervention with kids, but the direct opposite.

      2. “I have a brain and a personality and interests. I have genitalia. There is no “proper” relationship that “should be” between the two. Whatever combination I have is valid. THAT is the message.
        If someone is telling me that because I have certain genitalia then I can’t have certain interests or I can’t socialize with certain people, THAT is the problem. Not me. There is no reason I should have to take surgery on myself to be allowed to do what I want to do.”
        YES. Well said, Adrian.
        My reproductive organs exist for reproduction (and, arguably, for recreation as well). Does it mean that my vagina and breasts have failed me if they didn’t cause me to like frilly pink dresses and high heels? Should I rip them out because I was a tomboyish child who grew up to be an adult who excels at math and science?
        That seems to be the message from the trans* movement. Have we all gone mad?

      3. @BadDyke – Of course plenty of the trans lobby tries to claim they’re intersex at every turn (this is very much not welcomed by actual intersex groups). They say that hey, they’re hermaphrodites, or whatever, because they have male genitalia and a female brain! Isn’t that convenient?
        Meanwhile yeah as far as I know, the current position of every intersex group I’ve ever seen is that the only reason to perform surgery on young young kids is (1) remove non-functional proto-gonads (because they won’t work anyway and they’re potential cancer bombs) and when it comes to the genitalia, (2) only fix anything that’s preventing the kid from properly urinating/defecating, if anything.
        Nicky probably can add much more 🙂
        One obvious tell is when someone who is clearly M2T claims “intersex” despite having biologically fathered (as in, provided viable sperm!) children. So many people like that on the net, it’s just such an amazing coincidence…

      4. That’s because alot of Intersex groups don’t agree with that the trans are doing. They also don’t buy or subscribe their ideology because it doesn’t fit the current acceptable medical and science.
        Even look at the recent case where in South Carolina, the state is being sued for doing forced genital surgery on an intersex foster child for adoption. The group Advocates for informed choice is suing the state for doing the surgery on the child without consent or reason.
        I have seen plenty of twanz try and claim their intersex. They try to use the intersex name as excuse or justification for their twanz. Some even documented by Gallusmag and myself, where their are twanz who claim to magically be intersex, but in reality are twanz who fathered or bear children, but are using the intersex name to justify their twanz in front of their friends and family.

      5. It never ceases to amaze me how people with very obvious sexual perversions try to gussy them up with bizarre and complicated arguments that “it’s genetic.” Not a few sadomasochists do this as well. Come on, people. So you have strange ways of getting off. This makes you a pervert. Get over it.

      6. “One obvious tell is when someone who is clearly M2T claims “intersex” despite having biologically fathered (as in, provided viable sperm!) children. So many people like that on the net, it’s just such an amazing coincidence…”
        I had an argument on facebook with trans that’s exactly as you described. They called me a self-hater for stopping transition stuff and just being a nonconforming male. so i said “at least i’m not a father like you” that pissed them off bad haha

    3. WTF? What are you smoking? Did you read that article? Did you see what adults say about Lupron? Because it seems that you don’t give a fuck. This is an article about the dangers of Lupron were even a doctor admits that he “doesn’t had the time to do the research” and the ONLY thing you do is whining about how mean people are to the parents?? That’s just fucked up. Go away you concern troll.

    4. ” Yet a parent, trying to do what they feel is the best medical decision for their minor child, is chided and insulted for doing what they feel is right for their own child.”
      Yes. Because “what they feel is best” is, in fact, wrong, shameful, disgusting, and likely to cause permanent and serious harm to an innocent child.
      If you don’t want to hear that, you shouldn’t come to a website like this that gives the unvarnished truth. There are millions of other sites out there that will help perpetuate your happy post-modernist illusions.

    5. Erica, perhaps you have overlooked that a substantial subset of readers here believe that …
      –Transsexuality is a socially constructed disorder built of the basest homophobia and misogyny;
      –The widespread acceptance of transsexuality as a medical and social problem is harmful to women; and
      –Medical and surgical treatment for this psychological disorder is a scandalous misuse of resources. Allowing, not to say urging, a child to undergo such treatment is child abuse.
      On this site, you are not required to agree with these positions; GM is a remarkably indulgent moderator. However, I hope you will allow me to suggest engaging the arguments rather than emoting about how awful we are to discuss them.

    6. Erica, I believe that this IS physical child abuse.
      I have no objection to people mutilating their own bodies to resemble that of the opposite sex if they so choose (although I do not wish to be required to pretend with them that they have somehow become the opposite sex, which they cannot).
      But tampering with their healthy children’s normal growth crosses a line. Children are not property. They can jolly well choose to mutilate their own bodies when they reach the age of majority if they still want to. As pre-adolescents they are ill prepared to make that choice.
      One of the jobs of parents is to protect children from making foolish choices that they will later regret, not to give in and assume the child knows best. When I was a little girl I had a brief moment of wishing I was a boy. I am eternally grateful that that moment did not turn into mutilation of my body.
      Also, I agree with you that routine circumcision of healthy penises at birth is objectionable. I believe the individual should have the option of choosing for himself whether to be circumcised, and having it done to him in infancy robs him of that choice. But I don’t see how that adds to or takes from my stance on transsexualism/transgenderism.

    1. It’s not hard to tell which is the real female and which is the real male by looking at their waists.

      1. gosh versa! why are u being so twansphobik!!!twanzes are real females!
        but you know what’s sad is how they say gender is a construct, yet their message is entirely different than that

    2. I love how the video focuses on the legs at first.
      Waxed = Woman. Not waxed = Man. Learn, people, learn!

  7. We care what people do to their bodies, because we are dealing with massive medical malpractice… lobotomies were widely accepted until people stood up to it. These operations are all the rage, and the disaster is going to come later. Medical experiements on children and teenagers is horrifying, and it is about the erasure of gay and lesbian children. This should concern everyone of the L’s and the G’s, because the T’s don’t belong in this movement.

  8. “This should concern everyone of the L’s and the G’s, because the T’s don’t belong in this movement.”
    T’s are hetero-normative, not gay. And, as a lapsed het woman I’m alarmed by the delusion of a brain sex theory with made up dysphoria pschiatric label and frankendokters generating this masquerade.
    These T gender conformists are repugnant to me as a female. Our city has opened the second in the nation LGBT Center to promote travel. As if 1.7% of the population which is T, is going to mean a ground swell of tourism to our already packed tourist waterfront economy.
    Gays, lesbians, women, people of color, all of us stuck together to promote women’s rights, civil rights, gay rights. The T’s have high-jacked a legitimate and valuable coalition to their ridiculous delusion of fantasy gender.

  9. They couldn’t do it without the happy enabling of the medical profession, who are to a one, homophobic. Even so-called left political progressives cash in on this. That’s who backed Cotton Ceiling and T culture in Toronto. I’ve had a green/left doctor tell me the family of a truck driver accepted the man now. Now. That’s what it’s all about. Our poor son was a girl all along. Doesn’t God work in mysterious ways.

  10. This is a tangent I know…but I was trapped watching the news when the segment with the new British heir came on, and there was the duchess with her swollen magnificent huge gigantic still a huge mound in her dress post birth UTERUS, as it is until the child sucking on her nipples causes the release of a hormine which will cause it to begin to contract and shrink, over a period of a couple weeks or more. Oh we are a marvelous machine are we FEMALE women.

    1. I read something online about that, red – how unlike so many celebrities postpartum, Kate didn’t seem to be trying to hide her belly at all. Good for her! A lot of women are very happy about this, myself included, as it shows that women do not magically shrink back down to pre-pregnancy size – not even the belly – within 24 hours of giving birth. The way so many stars cram themselves into Spanx, and starve themselves after giving birth, in order to immediately look like they were never pregnant to begin with is sad. You’re right, women’s bodies are marvelous! Let ’em do their thing!

      1. People think it’s fat! They think it’s disgusting and shameful.
        The complete erasure in our western culture of what the uterus is and does. And of course, that’s only part of it, for all our lives it serves us. And as for women who cannot conceive or carry a baby? It’s males who cannot impregnate in most cases, and males earth-wrecking which sickens our organs to not being able to work properly.

  11. Apparently there is also a connection between sudden decline in testosterone levels and parkinson. A new study was published recently. Since Lupron shuts down sex hormone production it’s better to be fucking careful. Oh who I’m kidding no one cares. Not the parents, not the doctors, not the twanz activists, not the lgb community. Everyone just cheers while they happily give gender nonconforming children drugs which even adults fear. There are tons of information about Lupron victims and twanz activists really have the nerve to say that these drugs are reversible? Really? Bullshit! Here is the study

    You know what’s weird? I’ve read many times that parents of gender nonconforming children used the internet to learn more about the transgender topic. But apparently they are unable to do research about how Lupron and similar drugs affect the health of people.

  12. There is another weird contradiction. Trans activists argue that Lupron spares children from the pain of going trough puberty. But one of the side effects of Lupron is DEPRESSION. On the internet you can find so many adults who talk about how they suffer from this because of Lupron. Also I don’t understand how EVERY trans activist site on the internet denies the horrible effects. How can you say it’s completely reversible when even the MANUFACTURER doesn’t know it? How can you say its side effects are minimal when there are so fucking many lupron victims? Bullshit! The lgb community need to wake up.

  13. God, I’ve had Lupron prescribed for fertility problems – it’s a nightmare of mood-destabilizing side effects. Worth it in my case, but I would never put a child through that.

    Children as young as nine are to be prescribed drugs which delay the onset of puberty as the first step towards a sex change operation, according to reports.
    The treatment will be offered by one NHS trust to children who are so troubled by their gender that they may wish to undergo drastic surgery after adolescence, according to the Mail on Sunday.
    But the decision was attacked by critics who described the decision to offer the treatment at such a young age as “horrifying” and called for an immediate investigation.

  15. “In contrast, the only, singular study of children who received experimental medical “correction” of sex-role incongruence (in the Netherlands) terminated upon administration of cross-sex hormone treatments. Alarmingly, every child who was medical-tracked for this “disorder” proceeded onto sterilization. ”
    Are you saying here that there’s a study that shows that all children who are given Lupron go on to be hormonally sterilised? Myself and some other Radfems on another forum would love to read it – can you give me a link for it please? I’ve spent half the afternoon looking for it.

  16. Reblogged this on The truth about AUTOGYNEPHILIA and commented:
    Important post about Lupron, the experimental “puberty blocking” drug given to young girls and boys who are being told they’re really the opposite sex. By now, many of these dirty doctors are starting children as young as 12 (and likely younger) on the actual cross-sex hormones and surgery, straight away. As the article points out, autogynephile activists even admit that the “gender identity” lie is being imposed on pre-sexual children in order to “take the sex out” of the public view of male transgenderism. An outrageous tragedy that this is not only permitted but celebrated. Please read this article.

  17. As a previous lab-rat / reciever of Lupron for “Endometriosis”… I am ASTONISHED to learn the dispicable act of experimenting with the minds & bodies of healthy children has taken over any ethical responsibility these “professionals” obligate towards the well-being of our future generations. This is liquid poison in its truest form. Disgusting.
    No human being on earth should (or would!) be subjected to such irreversable measures, especially given the DECADES of evidence, the THOUSANDS of lost souls trying to piece their endocrine systems back together in an effort just to make it through the next day.
    In addition to being physically ravaged by these “treatments” – the physicians prescribing these ignorant protocols should be held personally liable for every side effect their negligence causes.
    There is no excuse for this.

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