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  1. But what if the “real me” is black? What if I was born with a black mind in a white body? If you respected me you’d accept me the way I am, and help pay for the pigment-enhancing therapy.

  2. Drag is the blackface to women. What an idiot, but again, white people can be black, they have roots in Africa along with all human beings, so performing in blackface race drag goes nicely with performing in femaleface drag is acceptable. What idiots these men be!
    Change the “gender” stuff to race, and the whole charade of degredation of women is fully revealed. Drag queens insult women, degrade women and should be banned!

  3. The thing is,
    (a) yes it is telling that men doing entertainment work can be vilified for doing blackface but not for doing womanface.
    (b) But, I don’t think it’s correct (I think it’s counter-productive) to analogise this to trans issues where those raised as males genuinely think they’re female. Yes, they’re not female and we need to defend our right to the feminist analysis that having a shared girlhood experience of female oppression MATTERS. We are oppressed as a sex, so SEX MATTERS.
    But if they think they’re living as women, then they’re not mocking women as entertainment. They’re just not.
    And (c) I really hate any chance that sympathy might unintentionally be sent the way of anti-woman trans activist Monica Roberts of TransGriot. Who has engaged in vile hate speech towards gender-critical feminists, as you’ve documented, and is mustering more hate by claiming that women who dare to meet by themselves ‘gleefully oppress and attack trans women’s humanity’. (Talk about manipulating and aggressing your way into boundary violation.)

    1. Roberts is nuts, plain and simple. Delusional in the extreme, and as this post illustrates, completely incapable of any self-reflection whatsoever.

    1. Okay, explain this to us. It’s bad to pretend you’re something you are not (and can never be) if you are doing it for entertainment? (Unless you are a “drag queen” man pretending to be a woman, and then it’s okay?) But it’s okay to pretend you’re something you are not (and can never be) if you believe you really are that thing? Does this include transracialism? Does this include people who believe they are Jesus Christ or Napoleon?

    2. Well, if it’s “just entertainment,” go explain that to Mr. Roberts.

    3. Ok, so it’s fine if this dude is imitating a woman, but not if he’s imitating a black woman. Got it.
      Crazy-ass rules these trannies have!

  4. What’s funny too is how they call drag queens and even other transes ‘he’ once they are mad at them. it shows that deep down they don’t believe in the sex change stuff

  5. What does this story have to do with being trans issues? The person in question is a cis man, not trans.
    Appropriating this story to further your own transphobic ends is racism, pure and simple.

    1. Aaaaaaaand, the “Unclear On The Concept” award goes tooooooo…… Cassandra!
      Or Andrew, or whatever his parents named him.

    2. That’s a real stretch, “Cassandra.” I think you’re just dying to be able to accuse us of racism, just so you can feel oh-so-holier-than-thou and to appear as bestest librul EVAH! Try again.
      Appropriating womanhood is wrong, pure and simple. In a post about irony, you using the word “appropriating” really brought it to another level.

    3. Cassandra, news flash, you’re a cis man too. That’s the god damn irony and joke–get it? The whole fricken lot of of are cis. Really you dudes saying some other dude is not a “real” whatever has to be the height of absurdity. I can’t take it anymore laughing too hard. I just spit my coffee onto the screen. Hand me a tissue.

      1. Yeh. I’m sorry to derail. It seemed like the least insensitive thread for a derail. :/
        I love the uh. well no. No spoilers.

  6. A long time ago, I saw a television talk show that featured a young black woman who tearfully expressed how desperately she wanted to be white. It was many years ago so I don’t remember any details, but I do remember that, and how much I wished she could feel happy to be what she was, to accept the body she was born into.
    Was she transracial? Why not? If her desire had been to be male instead of white, society would have said that she WAS male and her body was wrong and needed to be fixed, and insisted that everyone play along with calling her male.
    What’s the difference, really?

    1. That’s a very good question, and one that I’ve yet to see any progressive blog or trans person address.

      1. Not for lack of my asking, either. I’ve never gotten any response other than “they’re totally different issues because I say so and oh yeah! The lady brain is real here read all this stuff by Zoe Brain and the study of 18 dissected brains.”

    2. I saw a maury povich show when I was a kid about black girls who were on the show crying cuz they get bullied at school for having afro hair. Good old sweet kind maury gave them hair straiteners.

      1. I guess that makes them transracial, doesn’t it? It’s like when a man puts on a dress: voila! He’s a she!
        And if a girl experiences sexual harassment, the obvious solution is for her to become a dude.

  7. Hey.
    As soon as I saw this story, this video came to mind and I just had to share. Enjoy!

    1. How is he breaking stereotypes…..?
      He’s personifying them, and it’s horribly rude and evil. Wow, this is SO racist.
      Also, he starts with ‘white isn’t better, I’m a light yellow’ and then ‘white skin is ugly, I hate my genitals.’ This is basically body dysmorphic disorder.
      Where are the police, why aren’t they putting these people into institutions?
      Also, his view of gay men… so bad. He seems to really hate gay men.

      1. What the fuck are you on about? He’s obviously a homo taking the piss. Dear lord. Sometimes I really wonder about people…

      2. Brunhilda, I think this video was simply making fun of appropriation, and showing how it can quickly lead to ridiculous circumstances (and ridiculous people). That’s all.

  8. Meh…I never did like black face or drag queens. Having many black friends, I’ve come to understand that black face is a way to make a caricature out of their appearence for the express position of providing comical entertainment. Historically, it was used to portray black people as “less than” or “ignorant” and for that reason, I can never support it’s use. My issues with drag queens are a little more deep-seeded because (a) they are dudes, not trans dudes, but because the majority are gay men PRETENDING to be women for entertainment, who in my opinion, is no different than cross-dressers, who happen to be straight men PRETENDING to be women. Same thing, different attractions, and cross-dressers sometimes wear less makeup. Sometimes. And (b) drag queens not only portray women in an over-the-top, caricature-like manner similar to black face but also stigmatize those people diagnosed as transsexuals as being nothing more than caricatures, when many TRUE transsexuals are the farthest thing away from a caracature; most just want to live their lives as the men/women they feel they were born as, and not get involved in all the crap that goes on. It’s the handful that tend to stick out that give the entire community a bad name. The few true transsexuals I know are great men and women, who are pleasant, private people, who work hard, do such “extreme” activities as gardening and church work, and who abhor the spotlight.
    So again, meh…blackface is wrong and drag queens make women and true transsexuals look like caricatures. I wish both groups of people (blackface and drag performers) would go away!

      1. Of the entirity of my reply, most of which agrees with the absurdity of this article, I find it hilarious that people pick out my choice, to believe that there are a very small number of people out there who do happen to have a legit medical disorder causing their bodies and minds to be incongruent, to reply to. The rest? Yeah, totally a bunch of weirdo’s who I would call the cops on if I saw them in my bathroom, but the couple of TS’s I know, both married with adopted children, with good, successful careers, lots of friends, and just trying to live their lives as fathers/brothers/sons, even though thy we’re assigned female at birth. My husband works with one, and my daughter goes to school with the son of another.

        1. I don’t disagree that some of these people can be quite lovely individuals. I know some myself whom I like, and don’t feel threatened by.
          But I disagree with their thesis that sex is changeable, or that being male/female is something that gets erroneously “assigned” at birth. It’s not assigned. It’s observed. It’s plain to see in the baby’s genitalia. (Unless the child is a true hermaphrodite, but that’s not what we’re talking about, is it?)
          I also disagree with their agenda, which seeks to abolish both biology and female-only spaces.
          I can disagree with people (or the larger community to which they belong and whose agenda they presumably support) while still thinking that they’re generally nice people whom I wouldn’t want to push in front of an oncoming train, can’t I?
          I think that many so-called transsexuals are victims. I hate seeing them get taken in by the idea that if you like ___ (fill in the blank… the color pink, for instance) then you must be the opposite sex, no matter what kind of body you have. Being male or female is what kind of body you have, not what color you like.
          I don’t understand why this is so hard for the trans* movement to grasp.

      2. I just invented a “true transsexual” detector…. It involves a cork screw, a dowsing stick and a tiny camera. Once you spot the dude in drag node in the brain, you know you’ve got a “true transsexual”. Gonna sell my gizmo on late night TV for $19.95.

    1. I know exactly what you mean. Authenticity is everything. We face the same issues in the pony play community. There’s nothing more glorious than a new mount shaking his flowing mane for the first time, inhabiting his true self.
      But then all these Bronies show up and all they care about is cartoons that fart rainbows. And now even they’re whining that a tv show based on children’s toys is getting too commercial! As if? It’s so annoying. They make us all look bad!

      1. Hey, ditto that.
        I owe a lot of thanks to Gallus for even allowing me to post here and I haven’t said that before because I didn’t want to look like that allowance was permission to buddy up to her or to pretend I’m part of the community, because I know I’m not. But I can’t pretend y’all aren’t awesome, either.

        1. Speaking only for myself, I LOVE having male allies. The fact that you care about the plight of women when you have never experienced it firsthand… makes YOU pretty damn awesome, sir. 🙂

      2. Well allies are good of course but it’s important that for women and girls stay our first priority. Male allies can use the things they learn and free themselves and other men/boys from the patriarchy while teaching them to not to oppress women.

      3. nah, I’m pretty sure that awesomeness is the only criterion for awesome. It’s like its own reward.
        There are a million and ten reasons for sane people to object to tranzapalooza so it should come as no surprise that any number of dudes could find a few that suit their own proclivities. They needn’t be noble.
        Here’s a few:
        I’m totally jealous of trans. I know I’m crazy. How much fun would it be to have no fucking clue? To be absolutely sure that it’s everyone else that is a hot mess and when you think someone’s laughing at you, it’s because they fucking ARE LAUGHING AT YOU because you have a greasy wig on backwards? Because knowing that for a *fact* means you can cut back on the Xanax.
        Or schadenfreude! Didja know that a pro-trans writer is eating crow this week for being furry-shaming? Like, slit my wrists poetry writing, omg, I dern goofed apologizing? “Please let me have a career, I promise I’ll be good!” That’s some delicious stuff. You can toss a -shaming on anything now. Yay hedonism as politics! But what about shamer-shaming?

      4. Anon Male, I just saw this post of yours re: the pro-trans writer! Please o please tell me who it was – I need some o’ that sweet, sweet internet drama (pronounced with a short “a”) for some amusement.

    2. 1. Atrocious spelling, syntax, and grammar;
      2. Some of his best friends are black–and here I’d thought that serious attempts to use that one went out with the Civil Rights Act; aaaand
      3. No True Scotsman.
      What a buffet!

      1. Sorry, it was late at night and I was trying to type on my iPad, so excuse the errors! Also, “his” happens to be wrong, at least according to my birth certificate and what’s between my legs. And my kids….and husband.

    1. I actually find a lot of the “third gender” talk (from kathoey in Thailand, bakla in the Philippines) interesting, because so many of them, while calling themselves “girls” always use quotes like that in meaning, they don’t consider themselves actual women but rather something else – a third category.
      So the various issues of “pantomiming women” would apply, but they don’t go around claiming to BE actual women or do the “we have lady brains” or “born in the wrong body” or “we should never be separated out or differentiated from ‘other’ women” thing.
      Compared to the more “usual” trans narrative current in the US, it’s almost refreshing.

  9. THANK YOU SO MUCH to the two women who made donations a month ago- I just found out about it. Your support is so appreciated and also allows me to afford research behind paywalls. THANK YOU! XOXOXOXOXOX

  10. As someone who was CACAB (coercively assigned Caucasian at birth), I find this post to be horribly offensive. WHAT ABOUT MY FEELS.

  11. On the topic of how gender-critical analysis relates to blackface, lately I’ve noticed some uncritical analogising between blackface and drag queening, even though this ignores the historical specificity of blackface to the oppression of Black Americans. Certainly I do find much drag queen performance to be misogynistic and it’s problematic that it’s embraced by some of those who reject blackface, but there are limits to how far the comparison can go.
    I think any analogy between male transgenderism and blackface performance is worse still since blackface is (execrably) an aim at ‘entertainment’ rather than aimed at living as a Black person. There is no desire there to be perceived as Black full-time. No strong unhappiness at being perceived as white. No dominant social message telling the individual that if they like certain activities/ manners of personal expression they must really be of another ethnicity. Little to no mistreatment of whites who like activities socially coded as ‘Black’ for being perceived as ‘failed whites’.

      1. In the spirit of full equality, I’m going to assemble a troupe of woman-identified-butch, M2T impersonators. Admittedly, the threat to life and limb is a concern, but hey, it’s just entertainment.

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