Transgender Rights: The Elimination of the Human Rights of Women

Removing the legal right of women to organize politically against sex-based oppression by males
Removing the legal right of women to assemble outside the presence of men
Removing the legal right of women to educational programs created for women outside the presence of men
Eliminating data collection of sex-based inequalities in areas where females are underrepresented
Elimination of sex-based crime statistics
Eliminating athletic programs and sports competition for women and girls
Removing the legal right of women to be free from the presence of men in areas of public accommodation where nudity occurs
Elimination of grants, scholarships, board and trustee designations, representative positions, and affirmative programs for women
Removing the legal right of women to create reproductive clinics, rape crisis services, support groups, or any organizations for females
Eliminating media and all public discourse specific to females
Removal of the right of journalists to report the sex, and history, of subjects
Eliminating the legal right of lesbians to congregate publicly
Elimination of lesbian-specific organizations and advocacy groups
Removing the legal right of women to free speech related to sex roles and gender
Elimination of the legal right of women to protection from state-enforced sex-roles (appearance/behavior/thought)
Elimination of the legal right of girls to protection from state-enforced sex-roles in public education
Elimination of the patient right of dependent females to hospital/facility bed assignments separate from males
Elimination of the right of dependent females to prefer female providers for their intimate personal care requirements
Elimination of the human right of female prisoners under state confinement to be housed separately from male prisoners
Unlike any other “social justice” venture in history, Transgender Rights are unique in that they are completely based on eliminating the human rights of women. Transgender Rights are the “right” to eliminate the human rights of women. But how can such a relatively small group eliminate the legal human rights of half of the human race? Because the transgender politic is an anti-female politic, and as such receives blanket support from all male sectors who profit from the elimination of human rights for females: the state, the conservative politic, the liberal politic, the gay politic, the “queer” politic, academia, business, commerce, media.
This list is expansive and disturbing. Post your additions, thoughts, or reflections in the comments below.

118 thoughts on “Transgender Rights: The Elimination of the Human Rights of Women

    1. @ annoyed bi chick
      “Okay, first prove that there actually *is* such a thing as “brain sex” (read Cordelia Fine’s _Delusions of Gender_ if you haven’t noticed a lot of the studies which allegedly show such a thing are deeply flawed), and then we’ll go from there. Up until such time as you can actually empirically define “sex” in a way that makes sense to apply it to a mental state, and demonstrate empirically that people actually have a disparity between their physical, biological sex and whatever their brain is doing, *and* that it actually matters in terms of behaviour”
      Perhaps homosexuality is a delusion to…a choice…something we can get rid of.
      Can you “demonstrate empirically” that it is not just a “Delusion” ?
      Do think people killing themselves when refused transitioning treatment or killing themselves anyway because of all the hate directed at them by bigoted imbeciles and society in general…….
      “actually matters in terms of behaviour”
      The oppressed bullying the oppressed instead of the oppressors.
      What a pathetic bunch you are,who know nothing about gender dysphoria,i wouldn’t wish this affliction on my worst enemy,they go through hell until they are cured and then it continues with all the oppressions of societies bigots.
      To call someone who has transitioned and is now say…female “he” is like calling a black person a nigger or a Pakistani a paki or chinese a Chinky.Would any of you say this disgusting term to them ?
      No you wouldn’t dare but it’s ok to use your bigoted obscenities against us.
      you think you are all radicals when you are nothing but a sad outdated joke.

      1. Oh Christ, yet another tranny who wants to claim that using the wrong pronoun is equivalent to the n-word. Seriously, asshole? SERIOUS-FUCKING-LY?! How fucking self-absorbed and just plain uneducated do you have to be to make such a stupid, racist, appropriating, whiny-ass comment like that?! Go play your Oppression Olympics elsewhere. But here, I’ll throw ya a bone: people don’t like you not because you’re trans, but because you’re an insensitive, selfish a-hole.
        Damn. I can’t believe the gall.

      2. “To call someone who has transitioned and is now say…female “he” is like…”
        Or it’s like refusing to call someone with a mail order certificate from a fundie-run diploma-mill a “doctor” even though your refusal hurts their feelings and hurting feelings is impolite.
        Or it’s like being a communist (a real one and not the poseur-ass cracker that you are) and refusing to honor people who murder kids for a living by referring to them with military ranks (General, etc.) that somehow follow them to when they work for wall street think tanks.
        Fuck, it’s currently ILLEGAL to lie about military accomplishments for profit. Rapists and murderers get to keep their identities sacred. Females? Not so much. Imagine if people pretending to be women couldn’t profit from their claims and all the book deals went away?
        So-called “misgendering” isn’t some solitary phenomena and in those other examples, reasonable people can be reasonable and have disagreements.

      3. Yikes, a man has come to tell women where they are wrong and stupid and bigoted. But this was a bit of let down. He hardly touched on my favorite part.
        Sir, kind sir, say the part over and over again about how we cause you to be murdered or commit suicide. I love that part—all that danger just to be your “authentic” self. You arrogant dick. I can hear that 1000’s and I don’t believe it. People want to commit suicide that is their right. I will still be having my life and not feeling responsible–grow the fuck up.
        FYI, the analogy between Trans and homosexuality is faulty. But things can get muddy when truth and reality are so thin on the ground. The T at the end of LBG was a mistake. Homosexuality and lesbianism, now pay close attention to understand the difference, are about who people are attracted to as partners. That makes it inherently social and inherently normal. Now here’s the rub, That a man gets off in a dress and by creating all this drama and damseling all over town is anti-social and narcissistic–. Get the difference? See this kind of crap– Oh mis gendered, OMG, OMG, 911—did it feel like you were in the concentration camp? Was it as oppressive as slave labor? I ask because I am trying here to see exactly what you suffered sir when someone noticed you’re a man. Maybe it was like a forced death march? You’re full of shit and its boring and really annoying all cloying whines,
        Stop carrying on like it fricken matters to anyone else—that’s called a delusion. That you can’t see any qualitative difference shows you are delusional. You are a man—period. Be a nice deluded person and shut up because women are not going to pretend your cock is Lady Gregory, or a blind pouch and some hormones mean anything. And I am sorry if you imagined you could force women to join in your delusion but we threw that memo in the trash.
        Now get over it.
        You have less than zero rights when it comes to our perceptions or our politics. So take your stupid analogies and cry it to the boys—
        The word “man” or he or him is not the same as paki. Paki is a derogatory slight. Man, he. Him, his are just male pronouns used to communicate in English.
        And outdated is not a road you really want to go down. It does not age well (past 30 you’ll like hell) at all and you’ll be sitting on vinyl chairs smelling of pee and woe if anyone has to dilated you 3 times a day—I am sure they will greet that task ever so happily—that makes outdated feel just fine to me.

      4. Homosexuality and transgenderism are not comparable in the way you pretend they are.
        How is feeling sexually attracted to those of the same sex, comparable to feeling you *are* a different sex, despite what reality tells you?
        It’s very easy to see that saying that because homosexuality is not a delusion (which it isn’t) that transgenderism is also not a delusion is a poor argument.
        One requires reality to be ignored and one doesn’t…..
        It’s a cheap trick to try and make out that those questioning transgenderism are as bigoted as those who think homosexuality is somehow wrong. And it doesn’t hold water in the slightest.

      5. Just because the trans agenda got the DSM-5 to declare that gender dysphoria is not a mental illness doesn’t mean men can declare they are women. And btw, it IS men who are the oppressors of women. Nothing men do to themselves, including having their genitals cut off and having fake breasts inserted in their chests, can change that, no matter how much makeup you put on, how high your stilettos or skirts are, and how much sex role stereotyping you engage in.

  1. “Eliminating data collection of sex-based inequalities in areas where females are underrepresented
    Elimination of sex-based crime statistics”
    I just want to take a second to reflect on this.
    Sex-based statistics are important. That box that you have to check off isn’t done just to make you feel all warm and cozy.
    These things provide valuable sociological information. They tell us how men and women, as groups, are behaving. They tell us who is struggling and where they are struggling. They tell us who is harming who and who is getting hurt by who. And most importantly, they tell us how and why.
    This isn’t about feelings or “female neurons.”
    A man who “identifies” as a woman, then murders someone, and is then is included in the woman-murdering statistics, inflates the rate of female crime.
    One or two people might not seem like a lot, but transgender males have the same crime rate as nontransgender males (, which is much higher than women’s. Furthermore, when you get into extremely specific cases, where only a thousand or so events happen per year, then small numbers can have a big impact.
    For example, in the case of murder suicide. A few months ago, a transgender male killed himself and a transgender female (
    Something like 90% of all murder-suicides are done by men. To suggest that this act was committed by a woman dramatically distorts the picture that the data can and should provide. Men kill men and women because they learn they can and that all the world belongs to them. Women are not taught this, as demonstrated by the statistics – but only when those statistics are not distorted.
    Germaine Greer opposed the hiring of a transgender male at an all women’s college, but sadly, she was unsuccessful. I wonder if anyone at Newnham College as recently asked themselves what the purpose of women’s college is supposed to be.
    Rachael Padman ( was born male, raised male, entered the elite Cambridge University’s physics PhD program as male. In a radio astronomy group of ten students, only one was female. Never in this essay does he stop to reflect about the harassment and discrimination that she likely endured.
    He comments that he knew of one FTM who got shit for transitioning. Elsewhere, he writes how surprised he was about how easy it was for him to transition, and how little the surgery meant to him (something something body dysphoria? LOL no).
    Women need women as mentors and role models. Women need women who have struggled through society being born female, raised as girls, and navigating through a male-run world in this disprivileged role.
    It has fuck all to do with “feeling” like a woman.

    1. WOTP, I was going to bring up the crime statistics as well, but you did it better than I ever could have. Excellent post, thanks.

    2. The first feminist tract I ever read was ‘Women Who Kill’ by Ann Jones and – to reduce a protracted and nuanced essay – she illustrated a clear correlation between female violence in response to social circumstance. Male violence, by contrast, has remained historically consistent, regardless of social circumstance.
      I don’t believe that the female capacity for violence is any less than the male – if one includes instances of self-harm thru alcohol, drugs, cutting etc, child-abuse, recourse to cosmetic surgery – it’s simply a case of how gendered modes of expression render certain expressions of violent emotion more socially acceptable in women vs men. Including male-pattern violence committed by MtT as female skews stats as you say. A MtT who embarks on a murder spree is following patterns of behaviour permitted by the gender role in which they were raised and to include that in ‘female’ crime stats is unfair and misleading, much as describing Chris Thomas as ‘the first female navy SEAL’ is.

    3. This entire rant is completely nonsensical.
      This entire article is nonsensical.
      Transgender people don’t “feel” like they’re the opposite sex. They are the opposite sex. It’s been charted in their brain scans. This isn’t a disguise they put on so that they can peep at us in the women’s changing room. Transgender women are more likely to be raped and sexually assaulted than women born with vaginas. Transgender women go through years of physical torture to violent reject any “maleness” they were born with. Years of soul-searching, therapy, hormone treatments, surgery, ostracism, loss of jobs, of friends, of family members. This isn’t a whim. It’s not a trick. It’s not a ploy to see you naked. IT’S GOT NOTHING TO DO WITH YOU.
      And using feminism as an excuse to further subject these people to disrespect, ostracism and abuse offends me as a feminist. Don’t use my struggle for equality as a way to take it away from others.
      Transgender people represent a percentage of the population well within the margin of errors for your polls and statistics. They are not going to affect the number of women convicted for crimes. And, there are transgender men as well, don’t forget, who are also not going to affect the number of men convicted for crimes. This is paranoia, it’s unwarranted judgement, it’s bullshit.
      As someone born a woman, and also with a vagina, who then grew up to be a feminist, I am ashamed of you.

      1. Okay, first prove that there actually *is* such a thing as “brain sex” (read Cordelia Fine’s _Delusions of Gender_ if you haven’t noticed a lot of the studies which allegedly show such a thing are deeply flawed), and then we’ll go from there. Up until such time as you can actually empirically define “sex” in a way that makes sense to apply it to a mental state, and demonstrate empirically that people actually have a disparity between their physical, biological sex and whatever their brain is doing, *and* that it actually matters in terms of behaviour, then you won’t just be trying to “scientifically prove” how many angels can dance on the head of a pin, and whether those angels should be wearing pants or dresses.
        I refuse to conjecture about what people’s brains are doing without actually, you know, *seeing* what their brains are doing. To riff off the Heritage Minute about Wilder Penfield, it’s just a thought experiment until someone smells burnt toast. As far as I’m concerned, there’s no toast here, burnt or otherwise.
        (A real tell for me, as a discourse analyst, which started my whole skepticism of the concept, was that a lot of T* people talk a lot about the *signifiers* of gender, and say damn little about their actual bodies, other than complaining of “dysphoria.” Well, sunshine, a lot of us hate our bodies. I’m gonna have ability-reassignment surgery and become able-bodied; that’ll cure *my* body dysphoria.)

      2. “I was raised in a lesbian commune that ran a rape crisis centre. I was taught, from a very early age, (and, not directly, but through subtext) that heterosexual sex always equals rape, and that consenting to it is either self-victimization or collaboration with the Enemy. Imagine my horror when I grew up and learned I was straight.
        I was also socially inept, and probably gave off lots of subconscious “Don’t touch me!” vibes, which scared off the boys until I was in my late teens. At which point, through a group I joined that did a lot of camping events, I managed to break down my phobias, and take ownership of my sexuality, by fooling around with… probably a hundred different boys and young men, slowly pushing my boundaries over a period of about 6 years.
        And, in all that time, with all those boys, and all that beer, I was never raped. Not once. I was never even made uncomfortable. Not once.
        I am _very_ lucky. I am _very_ good at communicating and establishing my boundaries. But I want to honour and praise all those dozens of young men who, with incredible patience and, I’m sure, quite a bit of physical discomfort, stopped the moment I asked them to, and never even made me feel guilty about it.
        Yes, that’s what they were _supposed_ to do, and, perhaps I shouldn’t make a big deal that they did. But, considering their social and biological pre-programming, I think a little kudos are in order. ” – Naomi Lazarus to Hugo Schwyzer

      3. Apart from hard “consensual sex” gone wrong by the oversexed xy chromosomal crew, how can you possibly argue that transgender MtT are more likely to be raped and sexually assaulted than women born with vaginas? If you’re going with the hysteria of precious self-reporting of the MtT cadre, well let’s give all creatures wings of green cheese for flying to the moon while we’re at it. There are no legitimate law enforcement statistics to back up your contentions. Grow up and stop pandering to MtTs. Respect yourself if you are a real woman and grow a spine while you’re at it.
        The point of feminists who are truly for womankind is that xx chromosomal women are more likely to be raped by violent non-consensual rape standards and the ONLY WOMEN who can be impregnated by human beings who have penises. When MtTs claim to be “women” and still have penises, it’s at best only cross-dressing, I don’t care what you pretend otherwise.
        When any human being has a penis and can impregnate a REAL WOMAN who has ovaries and a womb, then he is not a woman and I don’t care what “brain” fantasy about gender roles he’s pumping. I’m tired of the MtT womb envy and emotional pathology. If your MtT friends weren’t pawns playing into a much bigger picture of misogyny, they would never have even the first civil right granted from the prevailing patriarchs. But because the MtT lobby fits like a glove on the hand of GLOBAL PATRIARCHAL OPPRESSION, then MtTs mistakenly believe they have a just cause in their eradication of real women’s rights. It is PATHETIC and WRONG.
        And YES I intend to be SHOUTING in this comment because I’m FED UP with your B.S. and internalized woman-hating. Get over yourself and stop making inane comments that everybody with a real brain knows are lies.

      4. Wow, drop the mic! BUSTED!! I mean, HUGO SCHWYZER?!! Keep sucking that patriarchal cock, Naomi! Atta girl!
        Yeah, if you’re hangin’ with Hugo, I’m ashamed of you, as you’re obviously no friend to women, and your idea of “feminism” is…skewed. Yeah, let’s just go with skewed. But also sad. Don’t forget sad.

      5. Annoyed Bi Chick: ” I’m gonna have ability-reassignment surgery and become able-bodied; that’ll cure *my* body dysphoria.”
        If you are disabled and surgery to make you able-bodied is possible but you are denied it, DOWN WITH THIS SORT OF THING. And I would put it in much harsher words, but as an opponent of the blogger I don’t want to play with boundaries.
        I support access to treatment for trans people but they are certainly not the only people with a disability out there. Access to treatment when at all possible is essential – and, moreover, research into what is currently impossible. If it is incompatible with the American system, to heck with the States. (I’m in Europe).
        Medical technology is a blessing for all of us and its general idea is to make the body more comfortable for the mind, as opposed to kicking the mind into accepting deficiencies of the body. I subscribe to this ideology firmly and both prioritizing treatment for disability (with adaptation only a second option if treatment is not possible) and trans treatment fit right in.

      6. Lol dude if they actually were female we wouldn’t have to have this discussion over and over a fucking gain.
        It’s got nothing to do with us even though we are women? U serious dude?

      7. “Transgender people don’t “feel” like they’re the opposite sex. They are the opposite sex. It’s been charted in their brain scans.”
        LOL! And it doesn’t matter at all what’s charted in their genitals or chromosomes, does it? Hee hee. Thanks for the giggles!

      8. Supposedly trans people spend thousands of hours contemplating their reasons for transitioning, yet they never put a second’s thought into gender *stereotypes*.
        Why is that? Why ignore how men are prevented from expressing themselves unless they call themselves a woman? Why can’t they define what it is that they mean by the term “woman”? How can you claim to be something and yet you can’t even define it?
        Come to find out, what they really mean is “I want to do X AND ONLY FEMALES DO X, and since I want to do X then I must be a woman”. They are merely referencing a stereotype, and oblivious to their own thought process which is the very heart of sexism.
        Anyway. Gallus. You’ve done a tremendous amount of good with this blog and I wanted to say thank you. Your work is very much needed and very much appreciated. Several times I have made your entire blog the evidence for an argument! (“X is true, cos gendertrender”, lol) Think I’m just gonna print this post out and start handing it to people, along with the comments and highlight in particular the comment by Womenofthepatriarchy.

      9. Thank you from a lesbian feminist humanist. I am disturbed by this reactionary view against transgender women. It took me years of dealing with my own fears and prejudice. But as a feminist, I am not for only women, I am for justice and self determination. We are not talking about transvestite who want to shower with us, we are talking about transgender women, who I still don’t fully understand, but are due respect
        This list is extreme and not true. And men are still making rules again us women and against transgender women.

    4. Back in the 90s, it was possible to find child abuse statistics based on whether the family was two parent, single mother-headed, or single-father headed. Though the stats were hidden in the back of paper reports that were not online, the numbers were clear: fathers getting custody committed child abuse/neglect in numbers far exceeding the numbers. So what do the fathers rights groups do? They get the reporting categories changed. As a result, it’s now reported as single parent, married couple, and co-habituating couple, etc. They just “defined” the problem out of existence.

  2. “Completely based”? So the rights of transgender people to non-discrimination in employment and housing and for decent standards in health care also break “the rights of women”?
    Well perhaps. Depending on how you describe “rights of women”. Perhaps the “right” of women to belittle and insult people should also be protected (just like you did with Mina Caputo whose actions and words are completely unobjectionable except from an outright homophobic perspective – the video you deplore actually says outright “I am not a woman” so none of your “spaces” are appropriated, and any reference to violence was in a self-defense context).
    Perhaps it was a woman in ER staff who “proceeded to ridicule the patient and loudly refer to her as “it””. In that case I guess it was her right for you – after all “women have the right to police the boundaries of their own class” and “the observer has the right to name what they see” (all real statements I saw from anti-trans radfem commenters).
    But with such a wide definition of “rights” there is nothing unique in transgender rights being “based on eliminating the human rights of women”. Some white women were not very happy at desegregation, too.

    1. Your post is boring. Your post is obfuscating hyperbole. We’ve seen your kind of post before, and we see right through it.
      All of your “points” are merely things taken way out of context. No one here believes that someone deserves to be called “it,” except maybe a rapist or murderer. This has been addressed elsewhere on this blog, which you’d know, had you bothered to read and see what we’re on about. But you didn’t, and I’m not surprised.

      1. It is the original post that is obfuscating hyperbola. Most trans rights are about REAL people needing REAL protection from REAL mistreatment – by both males and females, because while violence is overwhelmingly male other forms of oppression (like the one I cited – it had a link to context but apparently links to such sources are not allowed here are dealt out by females quite well. And when it is dealt out, it fits EXACTLy in the radfem “trans-critical” mould.
        I do say most, not all. Some trans campaigners don’t make any sense. (Pushing into Michfest, instead of promoting Ohio LF? Cotton ceiling? Protesting Radfem Riseup – the most shoot-in-the-foot idea I ever heard about, as if making them meet in secrecy is in any way better?). And the bathroom/locker issue is complicated; I wish America was like Ireland that has a gender-neutral disabled bathroom nearly everywhere.
        However this post claimed that the *totality* of trans rights, as opposed to certain campaigns, is based on denial of women’s rights. Unless rights to oppress are included, the claim could not be firther from the truth.

      2. So, Ramendik, what are these “other forms of oppression” that women are supposedly inflicting upon trans people? Things like not wanting a pre-op MtT in a locker room with them? That’s not oppression, Ramendik, that’s looking out for our own. If you can’t understand why that’s necessary then I’m definitely done speaking with you.
        And I highly, HIGHLY doubt that the men who harm trans people are busy reading feminist websites, radical or otherwise, for “inspiration.” Instead of demonizing women who have some very valid concerns with how the actions of trans people overlap with our lives, how about going after the men who are doing the violence? What, too scary for ya? Easier and safer to just go after the bitchez instead, huh? Yeah, like I said, you’re boring, we’ve heard you before, and we see right through you.

    2. “Perhaps the “right” of women to belittle and insult people should also be protected .”
      LMAO wtf. Are you suggesting women should be legally required to be polite?

      1. Delphyne49, Yes I saw the Salon piece. It was really disturbing to see women attacked so openly and with no support out side of some idiot grad student just throwing out accusations. It had some amusing moments watching those guys defend the fort.
        This was my personal fav exchange.
        M2T Says–“There are plenty of neurological studies that prove that gender is determined by the physical structure of the brain before birth. Have some respect for your sister and stop intentionally misgendering her.”
        Human Female says:”Does lying ever get old for you? In Transland anything is possible. They took 1000’s of fetus and checked their brains. The tore them from their mothers wombs to the cheer trans crowds waiting below and pried their little pink or blue brains out just to make you guys legitimate.”
        You are so full of crap. There is not a single study on the human brain prior to birth. Even the Nazis didn’t do that. You people just make crap up.
        The nut case “Marti” says
        “They took 1000’s of fetus and checked their brains. They tore them from their mothers wombs to the cheer trans crowds waiting below and pried their little pink or blue brains out just to make you guys legitimate”.
        I’m sorry………WHAT? I don’t… you even……WHAT????? WTF!!?!?!
        Your claiming trans people CHEERED while babies brains were pried out of their skulls??? Thanks for proving to EVERYONE hear what a full blown PSYCHO you are.
        You NEED to get to a doctor. NOW. Before your paranoid delusions cause you to harm yourself or others.”
        Hahaha the guy was really off the rails. The human women was being sarcastic. And pointing out the absurdity of claiming some great body of research evidence about brains. These guys are truly stupid.

    3. Ramdick,
      You little unimaginative misogynist prick. Really how trite what are doing calling women “bitches” just a bunch of mean bitches–heavens to betsy. You think we give a shit? Heard it before. In one ear at out the other. Caputo is an asshole an untalented violent dude that gets off in a dress. You think I should take that seriously? Fuck No.
      And yes I can laugh at it. I don’t need your pompous permission.
      Yes, there is something very unique about Transgender “rights.” Lets not leave aside the fact that there is no such thing as Transgender and play along. It is men demanding women honor (which in practice means put themselves in danger and lose their own rights and protections) so a guy can pretend that his sexual fetish and his mental illness is actually a new class of oppressed people. Women are not bat shit crazy so that would be a no.
      Men are not oppressed. And sane healthy women are not joining another persons delusion. And a man’s, or 20 mens’ or 2000 men’s sexual fetish is not new civil rights cause. Sorry.
      It is not something women have to honor, respect or give a shit about. You sir are free to get on your knees if you wish and suck them off–don’t tell me to do it.

      1. Motherhood – I always enjoy your comments.

        Yes, there is something very unique about Transgender “rights.” Lets not leave aside the fact that there is no such thing as Transgender and play along. It is men demanding women honor (which in practice means put themselves in danger and lose their own rights and protections) so a guy can pretend that his sexual fetish and his mental illness is actually a new class of oppressed people. Women are not bat shit crazy so that would be a no.

        Didn’t you know that they’re “endangered species?”

        1. Oh good lord. A “reactionary definition of sex”? Because we understand biology? Don’t jizz in my coffee and then call me crazy for denying that it’s cream.

      2. RE: SALON
        The comments consists largely of 4 trannies yapping about how feminists are mean to trannies, bisexuals, “sex workers”. lol.
        When women see a penis they correctly ID you as a man. Cuz you are one. And really most of those women have never ID’d as a feminist in their lives. Also, most women do not aspire to be “sex workers” and don’t want their daughters to be one either and again these women have never ID’d as a feminist. It’s just common sense but porn soaked weirdos can’t grasp that. And trannies are, if anything, porn soaked weirdos.
        This dude “marti” is really down delusional lane: “I look GREAT. I’ve had several people tell me I look a lot like Piper Perabo,”
        Poor Piper.

  3. This is a complete load of transphobic horse hockey!! In combing through the assertions on this page, I have yet to find *one* valid point. When are you all going to get it through your heads that transgender women are NOT “men parading as women”?? The anti-trans movement’s refusal to acknowledge current science and psychology in regard to this issue is no different than the Religious Right’s desperate clinging to outdated beliefs that homosexuality is a “lifestyle choice”. It’s ignorant and bigoted garbage like this that gives the feminist movement a bad name. And before anybody goes there… NO, I’m not transgender. I was born with my vagina.

    1. There is no science when it comes to transsexuality, Maeryn. Nothing has been proven. (And don’t waste your time posting links to pseudo-scientific “studies” – we’ve seen them already, and none of them have ever stood up to any sort of professional scrutiny. The day one of them does, I’m sure the world will hear about it.)
      So this list is “horse hockey” because you can’t find one valid point. Well, that’s your point of view. Having read this website for a little while now, and having read about the trans movement for several years now, I’ve seen situations that illustrate every damn item on this list, unfortunately. I wish that wasn’t true, but there it is.
      You know what I think gives feminism a bad name? Trying to explain to a woman with her 11-year-old daughter at the gym why they should be expected to change next to someone with a dick, because “feminists” like you thought it was a good idea to pass laws allowing this. Here’s something else that I think gives feminism a bad name: forcing women to allow MtT people into their support groups, even if the purpose of the support group is to heal from sexual abuse at the hands of males. Oh, and hey, what about having a MtT show up at the emergency room as a rep from a rape counseling center, to “help” a woman who’s just been raped? Sure, that’ll help.
      This site, and others like it, are pointing out these issues. Too bad if they make you uncomfortable, or aren’t properly politically correct for your tender world view, but there’s a war on women out there, and this is part of it.

    2. Dude do you actually read academic journals concerned with physical/mental science or do you just read Internet crap that pretends to be credible?
      Lol science and psychology are separate now? Lololol.
      Nice false dichotomy btw!

    3. Did you memorize that? Is that the generic comment you leave for everything? You said nothing. If you don’t have a dick getting hard in a dress then you are just very dumb and lack all critical acumen. It is a silly trite shaming and silencing tactic. You can call everything Twanzphobic–it works for anything you don’t like or don’t understand and it is a meaningless word. What science would that be–the study done at The Land Oz University? That study has been refuted. Along with all the others. These trans men that claim to be women are 80% heterosexual and have as much to with being gay as I have endangered South American tree frogs. Which is to say nothing. Now the question is weather or not a sexual compulsion and fetish is a choice. I am with you on this and I do not think anyone would choose to aroused obsessively by themselves pretending to be women. Hon you may have a vagina now start using your brain–they come as a matched set.

    4. “When are you all going to get it through your heads that transgender women are NOT ‘men parading as women’??”
      I personally wouldn’t describe m2t that way; my description would encompass compulsive behavior, possibly narcissism, certainly fetishism, and maybe a dash of dissociative disorder.
      But “men parading as women”? Nah.

    5. Anyone else wanna see a game of horse hockey now? I’m picturing it would look a lot like polo on ice.
      Not saying you’re trans, Maeryn, but a trans person would probably say they were born with a vagina too, just that it was in their brain or heart, or that it was inside-out.
      Reversible pillow sham, anyone?

      1. Oh, didn’t you hear, Teal Deer? According to that Salon article that Delphyne referenced above, “Penises are not inherently male just as vaginas are not inherently female.” So, you can totally be born female without a vagina! You just need a female penis.

  4. “He comments that he knew of one FTM who got shit for transitioning.”
    Yes, and some of my best friends are Negroes.
    M2t insist on claiming common cause with f2t–same problems, same etiology (wrong “brain sex”), same everything, except for the desired secondary sex characteristics.
    This is absolutely incorrect. Radical feminists know that f2t is about internalized misogyny. And as Bailey points out, m2t is about sex, even for homosexual m2t. The two are not even close to being equivalent.

  5. We have a word for what men are doing under the guise of transgenderism. It’s called genocide. No surprise there. Men hate women.

  6. Transgender “rights,” btw, violates the 14th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, which grants citizens equal protection under the law and bars the removal of the constitutional rights of some people in order to confer constitutional rights upon others. Which is exactly what trans are doing.
    In short, trans “rights” (other than equal opportunity in things like housing and employment) are unconstitutional. I’m surprised the lawyers haven’t picked up on this yet.

  7. All the lies about how often men claiming to be women are raped and attacked by other men, including the claim they are raped more often than women are, but I want to know how many of those men claiming to be women have raped girls and women.
    No funding for such studies? Not surprising.
    I have never, in over forty years of being around thousands of Lesbians, seen a woman grope a woman, yet I’ve seen a man claiming to be a Lesbian grope a Lesbian he didn’t know. A friend who was in a car with him described how he kept grabbing her, ignoring her telling him to stop, and she only stopped him by threatening to punch him. I’ve heard these men “sing” prurient, sado-masochistic, sexually repulsive “songs” in “women only” space. I’ve certainly read their rape and death threats. You watch one long enough, and inevitably their male aggression against women appears.
    So, again, how many of these men have sexually assaulted girls and women, and how many times? Let’s keep asking that unanswered question whenever the myth of how victimized they are comes up.

    1. Agreed.
      Not too mention how these sick fucks love to distribute media of sexual (pr0n) and stand up for it under “freedom of speech”. Pretty much every trans I have ever met or seen online is obsessed with really fucked up and or violent pr0n.

  8. I’ve never been ashamed to call myself a feminist, but I suppose there’s a first time for everything. I’m a white, straight, cis male, so I suppose I’ll be shouted down for this, but here goes.
    There is no denying that men commit the vast majority of violent crime – some of it against women and girls, some against other men and boys, and, yes, some against trans folks. The language used in these comments, however, seems to suggest that all men are (equally) guilty and that support for the trans community is anti-woman.
    This is the same sort of simplistic thinking that leads to men saying that all women can’t drive, or Asian people are all nerds, or whatever stereotype you choose. Even worse than this simplistic thinking, however, is the willful ignorance of real problems, like the alarming rate of sexual assault and other violent acts directed at trans people.
    I won’t attempt to speak down to the women on this thread. Your anger towards (seemingly) all men is something you have a right to hold and express (though obviously you don’t need me to tell you that). Perhaps you have been victimized by a man in the past, or, perhaps not. But if you don’t have the empathy and compassion to identify with one of the most (if not THE most) marginalized and isolated minorities, then you are, in fact, no better than the absurd “Men’s Rights” or “White Rights” activists, who attempt to equate the protection of marginalized groups as an attack on their own liberties.
    I know that I’m unlikely to convince any of you of anything, and that’s fine. You may attack me on whatever grounds you like, including having a penis. That’s fine, too. But know that I also know what it is to experience violence at the hands of a man: I was raped by my scout leader when I was only five years old. It doesn’t make me hate men. On the contrary, it only increases my compassion and empathy for other victims, not just of male offenders, but of females, as well. Yes, that’s right, all kinds of people rape. And yes, many more men do than women. That doesn’t make rape by a woman any less despicable, nor does it make the vitriol directed at trans people any less off-putting and morally repugnant.
    You are, sadly, no better than your radical counterparts on the right, and you’re no more feminists than they are. What you are is hateful and spiteful, and, in the end, I just feel sorry for you.

    1. Lesbians and feminists are hateful “willfully” ignorant spiteful man-haters. Is that all you’ve got sir?
      Do you watch porn?

    2. “all kinds of people rape.”
      Sir, women do not violently assault and penetrate others with their penis while injecting sperm into them. You are incorrect sir.

      1. Anyone can commit sexual assault, but only men can impregnate a victim against her will, and only women (“cis” women) know what it’s like to fear a coercive pregnancy.
        When you understand what it’s like to fear that, Logan, then come back and we can talk.

      1. I won’t be drawn into an argument, particularly in response to things you claim I said, but didn’t. I’m not accusing you of hating men or being spiteful, though if you do, it’s your prerogative. I’m accusing you of persecuting trans people. I’m obviously also disagreeing with your definition of rape, (and your definition of trans people) which fails to take into account actual power dynamics. A person who is coerced into sexual activity by another person has been raped. Enjoy being angry and feel free to be as condescending to me as you please. I will continue to love all people: gay, straight, male, female, or somewhere in between.

      2. Oh bullshit. You should be ashamed to call yourself a feminist because you HATE women. Oh sure sure you may love watching us getting raped during your speshul porn-time (don’t think it escaped me that you ducked that question). You haven’t responded to a SINGLE erasure of women’s rights listed in this post. NOT A ONE. Why? You simply don’t give a FLYING FUCK about basic human rights of women and the demonstrable objective ways the transgender rights movement is systematically removing those rights. The humanity of women means LESS THAN A FUCK to you, sir.
        Not only that, but although NEARLY ALL sexual assaults are committed by men, and 100% of rapes are, you come to a feminist blog as a RAPE DENIER, trying to ERASE the vast systemic epidemic of sexual and reproductive violence against women across history and all cultures with a pathetic attempt to DENY the perpetrators.
        The ONLY CONCERNS presented in your shitty comment is to hand-wave away WOMEN’S RIGHTS as meaningless, IGNORE all issues raised in this post, DENY RAPE, and DISTAIN and SHAME women for prioritizing our basic human rights above CARETAKING the feelings of PORN SICK MEN (like you).
        “I’m not accusing you of hating men or being spiteful” Everyone can read your comment. You know that right?
        “I’m obviously also disagreeing with your definition of rape, (and your definition of trans people) which fails to take into account actual power dynamics.” My definition of trans people? What definition is THAT? According to the trans movement, trans is defined as any person who says they are trans for the length of time they proclaim that identification. Actually that is not true. Proclaiming trans status is not required. It could be totally internal. So trans has no objective definition whatsoever. Trans is a personal feeling or identification with no discernable qualities whatsoever.
        What is YOUR DEFINITION of “trans people”? Educate me.

    3. “I’ve never been ashamed to call myself a feminist, but I suppose there’s a first time for everything. I’m a white, straight, cis male, so I suppose I’ll be shouted down for this, but here goes.”
      I stopped reading after here because everything after this point is women are bitches, the poster is a magnificent and special individual, men don’t rape and lesbians just need the d. Am I missing anything? Probably not.

    4. Shorter Logan: you bitchez just aren’t GIVING enough!! You bitchez are actually putting yourselves first, AHEAD of MtT, and not honoring their oppression enough!! WHAT’S THE MATTER WITH YOU BITCHEZ??!! You’re supposed to GIVE, and UNDERSTAND, and TAKE CARE OF!!! Not look out for your own needs!! You bitchez musta been raped ’cause you hate all men so much!!! Oh, and women rape toooooOOOooooo!!! Oh, and trans people are hurt waaaaaaaay more than born women!!! Never mind those stories in every newspaper of EVERY DAMN DAY!!!
      Here, little white boy, I’ll put it in language your oh-so-“progressive” mind can understand, straight from your little blogs that are gonna change the world! and show them how it’s done!: check your privilege. You’re a male coming here and mansplaining your idiot head off about a subject you don’t know nearly enough about. You’re so busy being high on yourself, what with being the best librul EVAH!!, that you don’t even see why we’re angry.
      P.S. I don’t hate men. However, we here at GT are not shy about naming the main perpetrators of violence in this world. Sorry (not really) if that hurts your tender feelings. Doesn’t mean I hate all men, though. I know that muddies up your easy dismissal, but there it is.
      P.P.S. I do have to wonder if you ever, ever give any thought to the “alarming rate of sexual assault and other violent acts” directed toward born women. My guess is it’s not even on your radar; it’s just background noise to you.
      It’s okay.
      We’re used to it.

    5. Well-written and thoughtful, Logan. What I’m hearing here is a lot of what Trump supporters do — fight with insult and vitriol, without logic or compassion. I’m hearing bigotry. To me, saying trans people do not exist is just like saying being a lesbian is a choice, and can be changed or altered. You can argue some MtF trans folk spent most of their lives as privileged men, so have some attitudes you don’t like. But to say they’re not women? To deny the suffering and prejudice they experience? Heartless.

      1. No one ever said trans people don’t exist, and they might suffer.
        But transwomen are not women. That is why they are “trans”.
        If they are suffering from prejudice, it is not because they are women. It is because they are trans, and the oppression of women has nothing to do with the needs of transwomen.
        You think women need to move over and accommodate the fantasy to alleviate his “suffering”. That is Trump in a nut shell.
        Grab them by the pussy or pretend you have one. Pussy must morph into something the man demands. Woman is created for man to define. Man has spoken. You actually are much closer to a Trump supporter than most people on this site.

  9. More proof that a man calling himself a feminist is not.
    “Transfolk” don’t exist. Autogynephilic men and self-hating women cannot change sex. Mythology.
    Much mythology of the past was believed because it was repeated so often, but if you follow common sense and refuse to participate in ANY aspect of the myths and lies, then it all becomes quite simple and clear. Men cannot be women.
    The only reason anyone believes what is obviously impossible is because women and Lesbians are so little valued.
    So then what kind of man insists he’s a woman, and, even worse, a Lesbian? An extremely female-hating man, with no compassion or concern for Lesbians and women at all. We are just something to use and wank off thinking about.
    Men who do care about women will be fighting all this crap, including the rights of little girls to not have males preying on them in restrooms. The other men who come here, like those who come into the rest of our spaces, are just trying to mark territory.
    Gallus said it perfectly.

  10. This is a delim
    There seems to be some serious misunderstanding about gender here, and sexuality. It wasn’t long ago that lesbians were treated as “non women” “men” and “sexual predators”. One needs to understand the difference between a transgender person, a cross-dresser and a person into drag. And how aboput intersexxed people? How about transmen being in a lesbian space? I agree that cross-dressers and drag folks are not the gender they persent. I know a lot of genderqueer folks. When is it appropiate for a transsexual women to join women’s grups? When they have corrective surgury? And when should transmen who hang in the lesbian crowd be excluded from a women’s group? And what if you have a vagina plus some boy parts? (perhaps you think this person should have been killed at birth by the doctor like they used to)
    I say if the person can meet the local community standard for changing their gender marker on their ID.
    Do you actually know genderqueer folks? Do you remember women’s sufferage? Transgender women are fighting for their rights, women’s rights to equality.

    1. You are a man. You are a man fighting for men’s rights. This post is about women. Feminism is for women. I have less than no interest in your thoughts about women sir.

    2. I knew there was some idiocy afoot when I saw your distinctly male mug appear in the “Recent Comments” line up, “Jayne”. Is there a purpose to your pointless barrage of questions or are you just throwing out a bunch of shit in the hope that something–anything!– sticks?
      BTW, MtTs aren’t fighting for anything but their own rights, everyone else be damned. As Gallus points out they are men’s rights– NOT women’s rights.

    3. There seems to be some serious misunderstanding about gender here, and sexuality. — Sure, this is a whole, years-long, meticulously researched and brilliant blog with a big community of commenters, but we are too dumb to understand the basics of your rambling…
      It wasn’t long ago that lesbians were treated as “non women” “men” and “sexual predators”. — Don’t tell Lesbians about our history. You know nothing.
      One needs to understand the difference between a transgender person, a cross-dresser and a person into drag. — One is not amused… no, seriously, there is nothing difficult about that. But understanding doesn’t mean that women, you know, actual female humans are required to follow your definitions and are forbidden to think about it themselves.
      And how aboput intersexxed people? — Hands off of the Intersex-community. You have NOTHING to do with them. Stop using them.
      How about transmen being in a lesbian space? —- They are female. Next question.
      I agree that cross-dressers and drag folks are not the gender they persent.— Both are meaningless for this discussion. In a world without the oppressive hierarchy of gender there would be no cross-dressing, and drag is a performance. You trannies don’t get to define what clothing means.
      I know a lot of genderqueer folks. — Good for you.
      When is it appropiate for a transsexual women to join women’s grups? — Never. Simple as. You are male.
      When they have corrective surgury? — Sliced up dick or no, you still are male. No amount of surgery can change that.
      And when should transmen who hang in the lesbian crowd be excluded from a women’s group? — Again, they are female. You are not in the same group with them, you are male.
      And what if you have a vagina plus some boy parts? (perhaps you think this person should have been killed at birth by the doctor like they used to) — You know very well we support the intersex community and Radical Feminists NEVER call for the killing of children. Stop putting that into our mouths. It is your party who is always out to threaten others with fire and death.
      (re: killing intersexed babies – sources, please?)
      I say if the person can meet the local community standard for changing their gender marker on their ID. — You are not the centre of the universe, and straight men like you don’t get a say in the Lesbian and gay community.
      Do you actually know genderqueer folks? — Without restrictive gender roles, there’d be no genderqueer people.
      Do you remember women’s sufferage? — We are living it. Of course a straight man like yourself does not know anything about it.
      Transgender women are fighting for their rights, women’s rights to equality. — You are not a woman. You are male. And in the typical manner of a man you came here to lecture us uppity women without bothering to read really anything here in depth. You came here to bring up the same old questions which have been answered here a million times, by Gallus, who does that a thousand times better than I ever could.
      But who am I fooling, you are not going to listen. Not to her, not to me. Not to any woman who is not bowing before you and your fetish.

    4. There is no “delim” (guessing you meant dilemma).
      You also seem to have a serious misunderstanding of how YOUR community defined that transgender umbrella bullshit and has posited that everyone under that umbrella will be protected by the codification of gender stereotypes into law, err I mean the inclusion of ‘gender identity’ into the law…all of a sudden, your bullshit argument or implication that you are different from a crossdresser or a drag queen fails, and fails miserably. Changing a letter on ID does not make you female, no matter how low or how high the threshold was set.
      We don’t need you mansplainin’ or transplainin’ around GM’s space (or anywhere else for that matter).
      Beyond that, I would suggest that icemountainfire nailed it with her analysis…

    5. Sir,
      Yes, I know genderqueer. The one I know inserted himself as a trans into a women-only family-centered multi-generational SACRED WOMENS annual camping retreat sanctioned by a local nonprofit.
      These women had been gathering peaceably for over 30 years. The tranny went to the camp out after insinuating himself into the sanctioning nonprofit leadership, and, while on the camp trip EXPOSED his penis to very young girls in audiences who had convened to honor young girls transition into adolescence. There were six “sightings” of this man’s appendange – all “accidental”. The tranny then demanded to be on the camp-out planning team for the subsequent year – DENIED. The tranny then threatened to SUE each board director if they denied him access to the women-only camp out.
      The women hastily cancelled their camp-out, at great cost, and after enjoying the same site for 30+ years together. They re-grouped at a private venue, and have since removed this camp-out from the aegis of the nonprofit to prevent it’s legal exposure to tranny legal antics.
      Next, tranny cries and takes up excessive, self-referenced discussion at nonprofit eetings about the unfairness. Tranny apologizes – too little, too late – for his “tuck” slipping. BS. Tranny is a woman-hating sexual predator.
      Other queers? Yup. Rap poet tranny spewed misogyny on stage after my hosting of him and providing him transportation in a strange town (to him).
      The utter, absolute male bullcrap that a feeling can establish an XY male as a female is GALLING.
      Many “civilian” women with whom I relate have now caught on to this transgender BS.
      You, sir, should go after the males who threaten you, and stop putting yourselves in harms way as prostitutes then crying foul in the most dangerous activity in the world for people – renting their organs to males for private sexual consumption.
      Gender is NOT biological sex. Period. End of discussion.
      You can be Transgender – but, you are not a female, will never be a biological woman and need to be relegated to your own movement and resources. Stop sucking off our teat. Grow up or STFU.
      This tranny BS – we want driver licenses with “F” and all manner of public accomodation, but, don’t point out we are XY with penis….or else.
      Tranny. Tranny. Tranny. tsk tsk tsk.
      Regards the genderqueer tranny in our local women’s group? Cell cameras are at the ready for any future “tuck slip” sexual predations and 911 will be called. And, no, he can’t be either in the planning committee OR the private camp out for women. Wish he’d start his own trans camp out and his own nonprofit and not suck off women.

    6. I agree that cross-dressers and drag folks are not the gender they persent.


    7. Are you intersex? No. Are you a woman? No. Are you a man? Yes. Do you live on porn? Yes. You like that woman on woman stuff? Oh yes you do. You get all dressed up to watch it? Yep. Have trouble holding a job because it cuts into your festish? Yes. Okay so dude take my advice Go Fuck yourself. That’s as good as is gets for you.
      That’s your best hope.
      How the fuck old are you? It don’t age well. Remember when you were just a lad and you started out rubbing yourself in women’s panties—good times those heady days. Then woohoo the boner from the lipstick. That is male as it gets and you are a man.
      You mistakenly thought you mattered to women. That your fetish mattered, because shit it was all you could thing about. Guess what—you’re a tedious dullard with jizz all over yourself. Ask one of the dude Bros to take part in your long drawn out sexual fantasy. Women don’t want to role play with you.
      Personally, I don’t care about your problems. You could fall off the face of the earth and I’ll go out on a limb here and say women would not miss you.
      Pro tip, there is not such thing as “gender” unless you are a language–just a theory that can be torn to shreds. So stick your ahistorical bull shit up your ass along with whatever the hell else you have up there. You can’t force women to believe in any theory and you sure as hell can’t force us to role play in your compulsive arousal fantasies. You come into my space and you get mace and kicked in the balls. You threaten suicide—Realize that I don’t care if you live or not. You are not women’s problem or our responsibility. You are delusional enough to think you can explain anything to women. Sad sack of shit. Now crawl back in your man cave and carry on jerking off.
      Women sufferage hahahahha. You see that on Mary Poppins–your are a dick and an idiot.

      1. Hello GM,
        You are incorrect.You can read what I wrote if you are interested but you have misrepresented my words. The gist— all women have the right to raise their own children. No person has the right to give any “step parents” any legal rights over other peoples children—no special snow flake rules to own other peoples children.
        As you may know I was doxxed by a “feminist” and raving anti-semite and now have dead animals left in my drive, threats out the ying yang— that is the least of it. It gets much worse. And I am not asking you to give a shit about my safety of my daughter’s or my job or all the other family members that have been harassed and threatened. Please do not give a shit.
        I have a lot of respect for you–I do. I do not expect you to agree with me on issues and I have probably have no intention of agreeing with you on some. Please do not misquote or represent my position. If you are interested and I do not assume you are, ask me. My position is in print–you can read it. BTW if that is position is what you read could you provide me with the link. I am sure that what I wrote for SCOTUS 2015 does not say that nor do anything else I have published.
        You may think that you only got my position a little wrong—I think it is you speaking for me—all wrong and a violation. And I am the one with the “lived experience” as they say (and there are 1000s of us). I can speak for myself and don’t give a fuck anymore if the identity howlers tear themselves to shreds. Now see how much more respect I have given you than you have given me. I half expect that you will feel free to tear me a new one. Oh well I have survived worse. The chances of me really shutting up are about 1000 to 1. Not even the dead animals in my drive work. I do not embarrass or shame, dismissive don’t work well either—but you could ask me if truth matters. I do not assume it does but I am cock eyed optimist and give you some credit—more than you did for me. You do not want to prove my point do you?

        1. Oh shut up. I read your ridiculous testimony you massive lesbophobe. Now fuck off.
          “No person has the right to give any “step parents” any legal rights over other peoples children—no special snow flake rules to own other peoples children.” Yes they do. It’s called adoption. Google it.
          Also, you were “doxxed” by your asshole ex-husband. Who is not a feminist. Now fuck off for good.

  11. You people are vile filth. All about equality unless you feel uncomfortable, fucking pathetic. Disgusting pigs with no decency. Pissed that you’re too fuckin revolting so no one loves you, so you try to take away happiness from other people. Stop tarnishing an actual movement with your pathetic demands. Poor excuses of human beings, no one will take you serious other then you’re other mentally challenged fat disgusting unbearable friends. Please do the world a favor and protest your way into a fucking grave. Take a long look at yourself, and realize how worthless you people are

    1. *yawn* And I think you’re a pornsick, narcissistic, supremely selfish shitstain who hates women. So ’round and ’round we go.

    2. Tell us more about your decency Brandon, the sense of it kind of got lost among all the pathetic juvenile insults.

  12. Miriam Ben Shalom re-posted this today on facebook and it’s astounding, Gallus Mag, how this has all come to pass and more.
    If only more women bothered to notice or care…..
    More are, but we are running out of time….

  13. Curious why the misogynistic abuse isn’t being deleted by the moderators. Women should be able to come here to read and discuss feminist ideas without being assaulted.

    1. I don’t have time to review and defend moderation decisions I made years ago. Possibly you are thinking of another blog- one where you are the moderator.
      As for your implication that individual women who create web content have some sort of duty to serve as isolated individual absorbers of male abuse behind the scenes so you don’t have to be a witness: I disagree. Nor will I fill that position for you.
      I do absorb quite a bit of it alone in isolation for your reading pleasure, though. So, Enjoy!
      P.S. That your complaint about my comment moderation is your sole response to my work offered here has been duly noted. Thanks for less than nothing! How would I ever survive without “supporters” like you?????

      1. My perspective : publishing some of these comments is very positive. It exposes the hatefulness and misogyny of the pro-trans men who make them and it offers a chance for women to give their lies and hate the mockery it deserves.
        I am sorry for what garbage you have to read and delete on your own, Gallus, and thanks for continuing to do this work.

      2. I’ve always thought you do a great job at moderation. I’ve never felt “assaulted” by the comments that are allowed, they’re usually so absurd they end up proving the necessity of your work.

      3. I think publishing some of this stuff is very positive as well. We should know what kind of garbage GM receives. Plus sometimes it’s lots of fun to mock these idiots!

      4. Just ignore Lori S.
        I know I will.
        I remember the first time WordPress locked the blog- a woman wrote in on the incendiary post I made on another site about the lockout to complain that I oughtn’t use the word “fuck” in my response. That was her sole reply. LOL.

    2. @Lori S.
      I suspect that you dont like either to read about crime stats on rape or the treatments of women in country like India or Saudi Arabia. Lets just sanitize everything, wipe clean the historical record and internet blogs so the priviledge few remain ignorant on male violence on women….no, just no. If the young women had a clue about how life was for their mothers and grandmothers, we would not be in the mess we are today with the trans agenda. Exposure develop awareness and while I am thankful for Gallus moderation which keeps this blog civil, I appreciate she let the occasional asshats show us what they really feel and think about women. That is quite the balancing act.

  14. I’m surprised that there’s no reference to the right to be acknowledged as mothers. 🙂
    That’s slightly different to the reproductive rights access imo, in that it’s a clear acknowledgement that we are the people with the unique ability to bring new human life into this world.
    Men can’t do that, and thats what all this mysogyny is founded on.
    That, and the fact that theyre hopelessly vulnerable to their desire for us.
    Otherwise, brilliant. As we’ve all come to expect… 🙂

  15. Some schizophrenia suffers believe they are Napoleon or Jesus. Does this belief make them so in reality? No, it is a delusion.

  16. The mythology of male to trans paved the way for the kind of koo koo thinking that makes a Trump possible. Men construct all kinds of crazy making lies, or they insist they are women, or they insist they are lesbians. Making people believe stuff that is NOT TRUE is the very heart of how fascism works. And the hatred and contempt these men show for women and lesbians is spectacular, violent, pornographic. It is all one big creepy male porn show, with loads of women cheering them on, just as women betray lesbians, just as they betray girls…. all in favor of deluded men.

  17. Refusing to obey men or indulge their delusions is somehow seen as hate, but who reveals the hatred, the mobs of so called male to trans who attack a women’s library in Vancouver and try to get women to actually remove classic feminist books? Or perhaps it is the same mob that glitter bombs Germaine Greer or no plateforms any woman who dares to say, biological women exist, and that women have a right to privacy. Male to trans seem to trade on the sympathy women always give oppressors, without regard to the safety of all women. And why should women believe men? Well the same people who believe Trump, it is very much related. Tell the lie often enough— trans are womentransare women repeat and repeat. Do I wish violence on these deluded men, well no, But I have a clear right as a lesbian to say NO to them and not be called a gaslighting term like trans-phobic—- I don’t go along with male sexual demands, male threats or go along with all the women out there who hate lesbians and refuse to support or honor us.

  18. I would assert that the reason they are being so successful is that they’ve convinced masses of women–many of whom consider themselves to be feminists–to collude in their own erasure. Trans rights have been framed as a social justice issue, and we’ve been told that good feminists know “transwomen are women.” Women are trying to do the right thing *for others* and don’t realize it’s to the detriment of themselves and their sisters.

  19. Yeah liberal women who champion every cause but our own. Het women who have no idea the destruction these men have wrought on the lesbian community, willful ignorance. A lot of these women actually are fag hags, they are so flattered by male attention, and these men are so full of it. Also, women are afraid of these violent creepy guys, it’s how women deal. See a creepy man in the women’s room, just ignore him. I notice this all the time, women shutting down, tuning out, saying boys will be boys, siding with men, it is called patriarchy, and this horrifying state of affairs is destroying the planet, but it can’t succeed without millions of handmaidens helping the men along.

  20. There was this trans male in a high school in the U.S. who began using the women’s restrooms and several hundred students had a peaceful protest against it, wanting them to use the men’s bathroom as per their sex. The trans male got in front of the news cameras and claimed that not a single one of those people were “really” uncomfortable, they were just bigoted. Several hundred students had a peaceful protest, showing how uncomfortable they were and this person just ignored that completely. These people were sitting right in front of them, peacefully protesting, and that reality was just completely ignored. I didn’t see or hear a single person on the videos of that protest using slurs or hateful language. There was no visible display of bigotry whatsoever.
    These people so clearly have their minds outside of reality. Not only do they claim to be a sex/gender that they’re not despite all evidence to the contrary, but they call us bigots and transphobes if we dare introduce them to reality. That’s not just some delusion of dysphoria, it’s Munchausen by proxy. These people are deluding other people along with them and that’s a serious problem. People don’t even know what sex or gender is anymore. They barely know what sexuality is anymore. I mean, have you seen the Planned Parenthood website? It defines sexuality in terms of gender, not sex. So, according to them, a heterosexual would be someone who is attracted to people of the opposite gender, regardless of whether they are the opposite sex. It’s insane. I don’t know of one single heterosexual person who agrees to that.
    These people thrive on misinformation, which is why we really need to put the truth out there more. These trans people have so many blogs and organizations pandering to them. We need to respond with at least the same enthusiasm with the truth, because the truth is getting completely discarded here. I mean, case in point: bathrooms are not about gender, they are about sex. On a basic level, what do you urinate with? Your identity or your physical body? You can see this right in the bathroom fixtures themselves! Urinals can only be used, without aid, by someone with a penis. Urinals are only found in the men’s room. Ergo, the men’s room is there for male people, which means that the women’s room is there for female people. You cannot identify your way into being able to urinate standing up without aid, so you cannot identify your way into another bathroom.

    1. To clarify, those girls weren’t protesting “Lila” Perry’s access to their bathroom; they were protesting his presence in the girls’ locker room.

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    Are we going to just stand by and accept this? Tolerate this? Agree to this, falling all over ourselves for the rights of men who are working doggedly to eliminate OUR rights?

  22. “Unlike any other “social justice” venture in history, Transgender Rights are unique in that they are completely based on eliminating the human rights of women.” Not exactly. The Men’s Rights movement perfected this move, by cloaking a right-wing supremacy movement in the liberal lingo of “rights.” But then, that’s kind of the point, isn’t it? Much of the trans movement is in fact an extension of the MRA, but in drag and makeup.

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