Keith Caputo: What could be more puke?

Honestly, I never really thought of myself as transphobic. But if there is such a thing, sign me up circa now. Just fucking puke. Sorry, not-insane trans people (if there are any) but just no. No. No to disgusting pigs who hate women.
there is no such thing as autogynephilia..there is no such thing as autogynephilia, there is no…

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    1. “Asked whether she planned on having bottom surgery any time soon, Caputo said, “The whole penis… I’m OK with that down there, you know. Most people don’t realize that there’s more to being a woman than just, I guess, putting on dresses and wearing makeup and your genitals. [People think] you have a male body and a penis so that makes you the man. But they can’t dig deep enough unless they really want to understand what’s going on in the subconscious mind and what I like to call subconscious sex.”
      On the topic of how she’s already faced discrimination Stateside, Caputo said, “I’ve had run-ins on the train, ignorant people, you know, calling me ‘he-she’ or ‘he-man.’ If anyone tries to screw with me, I will not hesitate to cut somebody up like a piece of meat. I will do anything and everything to protect myself. I mean I don’t want to hurt anybody but if someone lays their hands on me, I’m going to shank somebody. My father’s been in prison his whole life, so just because I’m wearing a skirt doesn’t mean I don’t got big balls, OK? Because I will not hesitate to do anything and everything to protect myself.”
      Just another violent porn-sick man.

      1. “My father’s been in prison his whole life … I wear a skirt … ”
        Folks, we have here a perfectly normal young man … er, young lady. No problems here! No indeed!

      2. “[People think] you have a male body and a penis so that makes you the man.” So he’s saying … uh … what exactly does make someone a man, if not his body?
        These people are trying to erase biological sex and pretend it doesn’t exist? Is that it? And replace it with some allegedly “real” sex/gender based on brain feelings?
        Why haven’t they all been committed already?

  1. Ugh… I white-knuckled it for about a minute, but couldn’t bear to watch anymore. Why am I not surprised that “Look at me,” are the first three words in the video?

  2. These hateful men could not be more clear. WHEN will “feminists” stop supporting them? WHY do they support them against women?

  3. Eww.
    I’d wonder if people like that ever take a look in the mirror, but from the looks of things, there’s no shortage of time spent on that particular activity.
    There seems to be a lack of empathy, the ability to model – a genuine lack of ability to understand how they look to others (or perhaps simply not caring).

    1. I think they really don’t know how they look. In that way they’re similar to anorexics. They have mental filters that distort their view of themselves.

  4. Hahahaha!
    That was tragic and hilarious. You’re nearly 40 Keith!
    Jeez, don’t this dudes have better shit to do? If I’m acting like that at 40, I’ve made some huge mistakes in my life.
    Trans is just another type of mid-life crisis. Dumping your wife and family for a new younger model is so passé. Now entitled men get to stamp their feet and insist they get a do-over. Didn’t live up to your expectations as a man? All good, you can just wear different clothing and experience things again as a “woman”.

  5. Another mentally ill asshole with, I’m sure, a brigade of groupies willing to scream “TRANSPHOPE” when sane people point out that he is a mentally ill asshole. The groupies/enablers belong in the same psych ward as HIM. I’m sure they’ll be at each others throats in no time.

  6. I mean of course there are reasonable transgendered people, right? But the internet is not necessarily great at promoting the moderate voices within any community.

  7. On that note:
    I particularly like the person posting “citation needed” pics after anything he doesn’t like without ever having to back up anything he says with similar proof. SCIENCE!
    “These kinds of pictures always strike me as sad whether it’s a woman by birth or otherwise (please correct my phrasing if that’s off, I’m not intending to be unpleasant). No matter what path you take to womanhood, it seems cruel to boil it down to appearances alone. Are they less womanly if you don’t ogle them?”
    Well, duh. It’s funny how a correct sentiment becomes wildly inappropriate (and somehow even more patriarchy denying than the assholes whoopin’ it up for OR against trans) given that all that exists in this paradigm is sentiment.

    1. Ah yes, that thread. Where the only answer to “so what is feeling like a woman” was given as “well it’s complicated but all psychologists agree internal gender is totally real (implied: and physically based) so you’re just hating.” Sadly it was a lot of people who tend to be reasonable good posters on other issues.
      Lots of brain sex citations in there. I will say it inspired me to finally buy the book “Delusions of Gender” by Cordelia Fine. So far, a good read.
      I’m interested to find some good concise sites with rebuttals to those usual brain sex studies though. I know someone in here took quite a few of them apart a while ago, specifically the extremely small sample size problem (this appears to be common, according to Fine too) and the completely lack of standard controls.
      I need to go searching through it again…

      1. @Druidwinter
        Actually, it was written by a graduate student– someone studying to become a neuroscientist– not someone who has a PhD and years of experience in the field. And a lot of what is written in that article is crapola (speaking as someone who actually earned a PhD in the sciences). The stuff about the differences between the way men and women use their brains may be attributed to differences in environment, expectations, etc., not true differences resulting from hormones or an XX/XY genotype. The studies referred to didn’t compare female to male engineers, for instance, or female executives to male, or even female engineers to male poets, but rather simply “men” and “women.” There are differences in the types of jobs held by males and females and the skill sets required for each, so that needs to be controlled for. Sadly, the people doing a lot of this “blogology” don’t set up their experiments very well. Until they learn this fundamental part of the scientific method their results won’t mean much.

  8. No, Lex, there are no “reasonable transgendered people” any more than there are reasonable tooth fairies. They do not exist.
    Transgender is a myth and cult. Men claiming to be women do exist, but men who are women do not. When they insist they are, they are not reasonable.

    1. @ Bev Jo, and pretty much all the bloggers in this community… just wanted to say thanks. Was dealing with overwhelming dysphoria, then started reading the feminist blogs and things started to make much more sense to me in my head. Writings on trans by all in the radfem community here probably saved my life. Wanted to let you know you are making a difference for at least one male. Grateful forever.

      1. Wow. Thank you for posting this. I’m so glad you’ve found all this helpful.
        Your post was a reminder to me that opposing the trans* agenda isn’t just about standing up for “cis” women… it’s also about standing up for those who are told by society that they are trans* because they don’t fit gender stereotypes. That their body has to be a certain way to match their feelings, or that they’re not truly male/female if they have certain likes, habits, whatever. Which is absurd.
        All people, whether male or female, should embrace their physical sex as it is, and don’t let anyone convince you that there’s something wrong with normal, healthy reproductive organs.
        Thanks again, and I wish you all the best. Maybe your sharing your story will go on to help another person like you, too. 🙂

    2. Ah so. I wouldn’t know much about having a male body, and I wouldn’t know much about claiming to be a woman–but I’d go so far out on this particular limb as to suggest that there are probably people on the other side of the yin-yang that aren’t completely crackers.
      I don’t mean to excuse poor behavior by members of the trans community, or excuse the community as a whole from self-reflection, but I’d question the dismissal of this entire group based on the (admittedly, sometimes quite unfortunate) actions of a few.

  9. Grateful, thank you so much! I will never forget how finding the Lesbian Feminist community in 1970 saved me, and I never want a woman to feel alone and isolated and besieged ever because of being oppressed as a Lesbian or woman.
    It makes complete sense that in patriarchy, where female bodies are objectified and ridiculed are caricaturized throughout the media, that women do not feel comfortable in our own skin. Strong Radical Lesbian Feminist analysis turns it from being personal trauma to political support and strength.

    1. -in disclosure, I’m male and just went through a very powerful bout of gender dysphoria at an apparently very typical age of 34. The experience is very overpowering. What I was lacking was an understanding of the AGP psychological framework, the idea of erotic target location error, and the intersection of my powerful dislike of stereotyped male behaviors with my upbringing as male and picking up a lot of these attitudes that I dislike and yet still have. It’s much like taking typical sexist tropes and turning them inwards. And while you know at some level it’s preposterous to expect that you can somehow become a different sex, you still feel compelled to do as much work as possible to try to fit the mold society would generally force women to fill. And then you get into an authenticity loop where you engage in things that put you in a more artificial place so that you appear more genuine… and I just didn’t have any other way to think about my situation… The first explanation I had was the idea that I was born into the wrong body, I could build a narrative for my feelings that fit that mold, but it’s a poor fit that just kept fueling the dysphoria, taking things another step further and another step further.
      After reading about AGP, about stereotyping, about the sort of appearance I felt I needed to adopt and what that said about how I felt women ought to look, even when I don’t expect that sort of appearance-conformance from any women I know yet all of a sudden I had to put on makeup, dresses etc… it said a lot more about how I was socialized than anything else. I really needed a better framework to figure myself out through. Now when I’m getting that sensation of dysphoria I can stop and ask myself what makes me feel that I need to look a certain way, why I feel that looking a certain way somehow would make me more female, why I feel like these opinions mean I must affirm gender roles at the expense of my own well-being… I dunno, it’s not like everything has magically gone away, but it certainly doesn’t fuel the dysphoria loop as much as when I felt that if I just tried harder I’d transform.
      Still in a pretty strange place, but I feel like it’s something I can deal with now. And I can work on these harmful attitudes towards women I’ve held without even realizing it, which also seems to be helping some. I can only speak for myself when I say it’s been really helpful to read everything here as well as to find info about AGP and how that works. I can’t speak to anyone else’s experience or decisions, and I’m sure a lot of people in my situation are making the best decision they can with the info they have available and the life they have lived so far, and for some people, transitioning is going to feel like the best option. I initially saw it as the only option.
      I’m really not trying to say I’m magically better, just that I can start working on things now and that feeling is very helpful. It’s very hard to buck gender roles, because everything in society is constantly reinforcing them. I still feel very weird but it’s a different kind of weird. I wish I could say what I’m trying to say here better than this but I don’t really know how to talk about it, so I’m going to stop now.
      Again thanks.

      1. grateful, I think it’s really cool that you’re getting to the root of your issues, being critical and thorough in your self-examination. There is zero social support for men like you to do that, and everything you access probably tells you to transition.
        I encourage you to find some support, because I think it will be very difficult for you to maintain the good boundaries you want to maintain otherwise. In your position, in this culture, it’s always considered your prerogative to just start backsliding into the stereotyping loop you described.
        It might be hard to find other men in precisely your situation who are doing the difficult work you’re doing, but maybe you can reach out to some of the male gender abolitionist bloggers? Rancom and Gender Agnostic come to mind. It seems like what you’re dealing with is a less common response to a very common problem–male socialization.
        Also, you could try talking to detransitioned mtfs; they might have really good insights for you, and be more able to relate to your specifics! I really wish you the best and hope you’ll stay strong in your conviction that acting out autogynephilia via co-opting/redefining womanhood is not the way to go.

  10. @cerulean blue, he is studying neuroscience and already in that direction and has access to the latest studies. His observations are not ‘a biased blogger’ or jezebel article. Biological, imaging and neurochemical differences can be measured as ‘actual differences’. As someone who studies science, this should be the first thing you notice, ‘what can you measure?’
    The problem with measuring ‘social differences’ is when you tell females they cant do as well as males, they dont do as well- XY and XX are the same species.
    Lets look at the differences of other XY and XX animals,
    Are male cats better than female cats at catching mice?
    Are female cats more attracted to pink things? Do male cats play more manly?
    What about red tail hawks? The female is larger than the male and more aggressive, They dive just as deeply in aerial acrobatics as daringly as the male. The only girly thing they do is produce eggs, and sit on them and guard them until the chicks can fly-in this time, they depend on the male to hunt and bring back food. It is like they are both equal, but it is a martrich system.

    1. Regardless of whether or not he is studying neuroscience, he is not a PhD. And importantly, the article he wrote doesn’t cite research, unlike a real scientific paper. So while he is not necessary a biased blogger he quite possibly could be. Why do I say this? Because regardless of whether or not he has access to or has read the latest neuroscience research, he didn’t cite any sources for his article. Even kid friendly science articles do this (see “how stuff works” for instance), so the fact that he didn’t sets alarm bells ringing from the start.
      To counter the points you’ve made, yes, what can you measure or observe is one of the first things a scientist must notice, but equally important in science is to cite your sources. The article author says that the brains of men and women behave differently and he seeks to link this to anatomical differences in brains. He says that on average men are 8% bigger than women, but their brains are 15% bigger. No source given, of course. So I looked it up. The Centers for Disease Control (US) gives the average weight of US men over age 20 as 195.5 lbs. For women it is 166.2. So using reputable data, men are (wait for it) 15% bigger than women, on average. Wow. That matches the difference brain size. So he’s wrong on a basic fact in this article. That alone leads me to question everything else he’s written. But of course that’s not the only mistake made here.
      Next, he seeks to lure the audience into confusing correlation and causality. (Or maybe he doesn’t understand the difference himself.) Just because two observations are linked doesn’t mean that one produced the other. Do men and women use their brains differently? According to MRI data (the blobology I referred to earlier– sorry for the typo), the answer is yes. Does this mean men and women are inherently different? No. A very big no. Is it possible? Yes. But it’s equally possible that men and women use their brains differently because of the expectations placed on them as children teens and adults or because of the way they are taught to think. That’s why I said a fair test would compare people as similar as possible apart from their sex– stay at home dads to stay at home moms, male engineers to female engineers, etc.
      Are there actual physical differences between male and female brains? Yes. Researchers have shown this time and time again. Are these genetic differences? Possibly. In fetuses there is a difference in the size of the corpus callosum, for instance. But very little research has been done regarding the cause of these differences. Is it hard wired into the genes? Is it hormonal? Or is it environmental?. We do know that the brain is plastic and can change. As infants we all went through “pruning” of certain neurons. 50% of the neurons we have at birth are gone at adulthood. So the way we use our brain is subject to environmental influence. It could also be due to genetics or hormones, but until well controlled studies are done, it is foolish to jump to either of those conclusions, the way the mass media and popular science articles have done.
      Also important in science is the idea of peer review, where you put your research before a panel of people in your field, so that they can critique your methods. As this is not a scientific paper, this wasn’t done. Yet some people are taking what he’s written as truth simply because he’s a “neuroscientist”. This is a logical fallacy of the “argument from authority” type. He will not be an authority in neuroscience until he completes his PhD program and a post doc and puts in a heck of a lot of research. Note that a large number of a lot of students never get this far and therefore don’t qualify as “experts”. He doesn’t deserve credit for credentials he doesn’t have. And the sloppiness of this article is testimony to that.

  11. I am permanently and irreversibly squicked. Jesus Christ himself would be revolted by this guy. Our culture is dying and now existing on life support. Until the “T” gets big enough to drop off of the end of the “LGB” (which is something I await eagerly) gay culture is in a basic hostage situation.

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