I See What You Did There. Or, "Witchcraze" Pt. 4?

Very interesting conversation indeed.
That’s right folks! Cathy Brennan has purchased the Gallus Mag dot com domain in order to divert readers searching for “Gallus Mag’s gender blog” into being redirected to HER blog. Cathy Brennan= impersonating radfems, undermining our work, harassing us and shutting us down. Keep it Klassy Brennan!
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29 thoughts on “I See What You Did There. Or, "Witchcraze" Pt. 4?

    1. Yes, she is and she, like all of the other psychos, eventually gets found out.
      I am very sorry that she has caused this kind problem for you and your blog. Intelligent women will realize that she “does” have a suck blog and that she is a psychopath.

    1. are you sure it was really her? After all, never forget that someone else got caught impersonating her elsewhere and later admitted it…that someone else being Banks.

  1. Oh Gallus, that is so disgusting. I was just explaining to a friend how destructive Cathy Brennan is to our movement, but this is even worse.
    I have been saying from early on — from when she suddenly appeared from the GBTQWTF land and clearing not knowing basic feminism, and then kept presenting herself as a longtime “radical feminist” (though she posted she wasn’t) in order to be accepted as our leader — that she is not a feminist and is dangerous to our movement.
    She plays both sides against the middle, from when she had her man friend hidden in the Lesbian Caucus while pretending to support women only space, but her goal is always the same: to be center stage. And if anyone says no to her, even a little no, she tries to coopt and then destroy us.
    So when will she be held accountable? When will Radical Feminists stop supporting such a dangerous, abusive, stalker/liar/enemy of Radical Feminism?
    Thank you, as always, for telling us.

  2. As someone once said, would the Radical Feminists who support her and others who have betrayed our movment to the trans cult be held accountable if they killed one of us? But isn’t identity theft a kind of assassination?

    1. WTF–GM my hero. I just read some of it, dumb as mud. Something about their whiny sniveling stupidity that is irksome. They argue at the level of dull witted 6th grader–Johnny was a slow boy. Every cliche, every attempt to dismiss, every misogynistic ad “hominem” Then for sheer boredom they project, women are delusional for knowing they are not women. The projection is laughable.
      One threatened me last night on another blog–said see you at Mich Fest. Anyway, in my experience men do not level empty threats against women. In general I take them at their word–If he says he is gonna kill–he very well may. I would honestly say Police should be advised of threats and women need to have cameras and recording devices. Personally I would have some means of protection. As an aside I am trying to put together a document–a sheet that lists all their arguments. Pretty much a list of faulty analogies with why and how they work. My intention is to get them out to the general public who are in some positions of influence. I do not have any intention of sharing squat with these guys

    2. How do you solve a “problem” like GenderTrender? Same as you solve the “problem” of RadFemHub. Put Cathy Brennan on the case.

  3. Yes, let’s not take the focus off what Cathy Brennan just did, which is in a long line of woman-hating maneuvers. Again, when is she held accountable? When she pretends to be a radical feminist and is for women only space, but supports her man friend to prevent a LESBIAN space from being women only? When she publicizes personal information about radical feminists online that endangers them? When, in a misguided narcissistic frenzy, she publicly attacks a brilliant book by a Radical Feminist because she thinks it will somehow increase her popularity? (That was a book she clearly hadn’t even read.) Oh, and then the other attack on another book by other Radical Feminists that she also clearly hadn’t read or she would have seen her charges were false and answered in the book? When she takes over a Radical Feminist blog? Or when she lets it expire and disappear? When she deliberately tries to destroy one of our most important Radical Feminist blogs in any way she can, the latest being by trying to divert women searching for it to her pretend feminist space?
    Doesn’t matter though, does it, because she can just lie and con and play yet more games, and lure women in. No accountability at all.
    The question is whether women care about the truth or belonging to a clique and feeling popular while betraying other women.
    But those who really do know the truth can learn Cathy Brennan’s (very brief) feminist history, watch her in action, see how she plays games to manipulate or treats other women like dirt, how she stalks and goes after those who say no to her.
    Yes, she does steal and appropriate like trannies and MRAs. She might as well be their agent….
    But she still can’t be Gallus Mag or the creator of this brilliant blog. She can try to destroy and steal, but she can’t do what is being done here. And she knows it.

  4. Every time I can tell there’s some weird hush-hush thing going on in radical feminist FB land that no one will talk about, I come here and it all becomes clear. Thanks for your unflinching coverage.

  5. Yes, it is. And no amount of denial explains it. But it’s consistent with what Brennan has done from when first coming into feminism. Divide, lie, manipulate, and attempt to conquer. Just keep saying no and exposing the truth.
    Thank you letting us know…

  6. I have been noticing a pattern. Every time Brennan pulls crap like this, she locks down bugbrennan.com and her Twitter feed. It’s almost like she wants everyone to know it’s her. “Look at me! Look at me!”
    What I don’t get is why she does this. Doesn’t she understand that a house divided cannot stand? Is she so against radical feminism that she hopes for the movement to fall apart? Or is she just a narcissistic drama queen who craves being the center of attention, no matter what?

    1. I think it’s the last one, NS. (Love your comments!) She never cared about Radical Feminism. She just wanted to be on stage and promoted herself as our leader, without a clue about what Radical Feminism is. It’s all a game to her, which is why some say psychopath. No remorse or concern for who she hurts.
      The real mystery is why all don’t see it as we do and why do they still enable her in her sense of entitlement. But then psychopaths are known for conning with charm. It’s quite a bit like the Talented Mr. Riply phenomenon. Since she doesn’t have the guts to kill anyone, she just appropriates to make their work seem her own. Very trannie-esque. But then that’s who her community was (is?).

  7. Thanks Gallus for bringing this to our attention – what a horrible attack and betrayal. And thanks Bev for exposing other things she’s done. The penny dropped when reading about the phone conversation where Brennan lies “like a lawyer”. OMG! Being caught with a lie like that would embarass any normal person, but she seems to enjoy this game of deception, sabotage and attention at any cost. Sociopath or agent?
    I have met a few like her in organizations and they are hard to fight since they are skilled at acquiring power, threaten those who oppose them and manipulate and divide women within a group. They usually have many supporters because 1) cowards ally with power within a group or organization 2) a lot of women are afraid to confront and oppose them because they do punish and slander those who see through their game and expose their true agenda. And no, they do not change. They can only be exposed and fought.

      1. aw poo, my image didn’t work 🙁 it was a really good one from the simpsons of lionel hutz’s nightmare of a world without lawyers where everyone just actually gets along. 🙁

  8. Thank you so much, CS. I just see the same sad responses over and over from sincere women who keep hoping there must be some mistake, searching through the increasing pile of lies and betrayals for some reason why Brennan would be doing these things which hurt so many individual feminists as well as our entire movement. But for those of us who early on got the brunt of her irrational rage for daring to contradict her about how men cannot be women, and those of us who saw how cruel she was to the women who refused to be snared by her (or paid off with her substantial “donations”), then she always was very clear.
    You do not lie to harm feminists and you do not secretly support trannies and you do not try to shut down or steal important Radical Feminist blogs and writings if you are anything but an enemy to women.
    The heartlessness and glee and coldness with how she operates can be very confusing until you realize that yes it is just a game with her and yes she enjoys the pain she inflicts. Who else would happily make money off hunting down poor women who have been conned into taking out pay day loans with can be over 80% interest just so they can pay rent and feed their kids?
    It’s all right here and all over the internet for those who care to know. For those in desperate denial who say “but, she is a great feminist leader,” your turn will likely come sooner or later. She operates just like the worst of the trans cult. Saying no to her gets the same kind of response.
    And oh my fucking god….. those who still defend Cathy Brennan, see what Gallus found:

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