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    1. Hahaha don’t ask don’t tell. Well there is no question mark hanging over his head now is there.

      1. Ha!! Gee, what gave it away? I’m thinkin’ the good ‘ol boy voice. For starters.

    1. Dear heterosexual drag performers: Lip synching means moving your mouth in tandem to the sung words of the recording you are performing. Thanx.

      1. I think it’s because hetero guys like Janice and Norman have zero regard for the women they are femulating. They are all about the fact that they are stumbling about in public wearing laydee clothes. They are all like “Don’t shart, don’t shart!”.
        Gay guys either love or hate the women they femulate but they at least REGARD them. That gesture, that note. Etc.

    1. I noticed that too!! 😀 (How could you not, really.) And right away I knew I was in for a treat.
      Yeeeah, dude, you’re….supposed…to remove….that.*
      (*That’s what she said!!)

  1. Well, I’m not confused. Mr. Covington is just one more obvious female impersonator. How could that interviewer not laugh?

  2. I love the capitalization. Like, your identity is totally more real if it uses B-I-G letters. I mean, trans woman is bullshit but Transgender Woman is serious business that just commands respect.
    This is everywhere today. Now, even some government forms capitalize the word “veteran” every-fucking-where, following the example of veteran’s groups that have adopted the practice.
    Though there, I think it has less to do with grandstanding and more with sexism: I’m betting a lot of VFW dudes spent their entire lives with female slaves “doing the typing” so they never had to learn basic English. But because now even forms created by the US government make the mistake, people are [con]fused:

  3. Transwomen are men and that’s simply all there is to say about it.
    It doesn’t matter how many surgeries, how much makeup, how “passable” they are, etc…
    a male is a male in the end physically.

  4. “Janice Covington” (he named himself after the character on the Xena: Warrior Princess show, right?) reminds me of Norman Ballhorn, who filed a human rights complaint over his right to splatter-piss, standing up, with the door open, in women’s restrooms in bars all over Washington state.

        1. Thank you, thank you. Meanwhile we’re stuck with hotgluing devices made out of plastic tubes and funnels and bleach bottles. I mean, it’s doable, and could be handy in weird repressive circumstances, such as not feeling comfortable to hoist our butts over the side of small boats, or to stop the car or insist the driver do so, so we can go pee with the car between us and the road, lest any child be scarred for life by potentially seeing a woman urinating. (“Ma! What was that???” “You don’t want to know, dear.”)

    1. Jeez, Norman didn’t even try to lip sync – talk about phoning it in. I guess we’re supposed to be dazzled by his simple presence. I want to say that that video is just sad, but I can’t, because of what he represents.

      1. Of course. I stand corrected. And ew, it’s been a long time since I saw that Calpernia video – like I needed that on an otherwise lovely Sunday morn. Ew ew getitawayfromme ew. (The dicks in the video, I mean. No, not the people, the actual dicks!)

      2. Never have, never will! lol
        Re: “Silicone” – hey, ten points for honesty there!

  5. Here’s the Facebook page of the Democratic Women of Mecklenburg County, the organization which has so grossly offended Mr. Covington by noticing that, yanno, he’s a dude. Note that the esteemed fraud Alan Brain is already mouthing off, and once again appropriating the experiences of African-Americans in order to “prove” his “point” – which is doubly offensive, in my opinion, coming from someone who’s not even American. Next up: LGBTQ Nation expresses “appropriate” outrage. *yawn* Meantime, I’m going to email this org to tell ’em that not every lesbian and gay person has, yanno, lost their freakin’ mind.

    1. jfc…that list of posters who have no connection to the County read like the Who’s Who of delusional la-la land.
      Mr. Covington (nor any of the other delusional tee-gee types) wouldn’t know the first thing about women’s issues if someone handed him a cheat sheet to read from, and I don’t blame the group from not wanting him in a women’s group. The sad thing is that the larger entity asked to put rules into place will probably kow-tow to the demands of the entitled male.

  6. Do you ever have these days in which every bit of news about another ‘gender identity’ crisis makes you want to say, over and over, “Go fuck yourself”?
    Yeah, me neither.

  7. One other thing: I wish I could simply laugh this kind of thing off. But the problem happens when I go to the website for my local LGBT center, and see that the word “lesbian” rarely appears. Instead, it’s “woman-identified” this, “woman-identified” that. Including in support groups, even support groups for women who need to deal with their history of sexual abuse. Women are now expected to talk about their sexual abuse alongside men like Covington here, or Ballhorn, or Alan Brain. Because God forbid we hurt their feelings by saying, hey, I’d rather talk about this with other women. Not in front of someone who’s 6’8″ and sounds like Harvey Fierstein. Once again, women are required to set aside our own needs for privacy, for dignity, for female companionship. And they wonder why we’re mad. Oy.

    1. Point of note – his email address is “janicetv”, which I presume alludes to the word “transvestite.” Sure you’re a woman, dude. Of course you are, dear. Of course. Off you go now…

  8. Gallus, I like Willam, too. He has a YouTube series called “Willam’s Beat-Down” that’s pretty funny. He totally makes fun of himself, as well as other drag queens. And he never claims (seriously) to be female!

  9. how is that an appropriate way to dress if he is in government? Look at Hillary Clinton, an actual female politician – does she dress up in glitter, with messy hair, cover her face in make-up, etc., or does she dress like a respectable and serious politician?
    Not to mention the obvious stereotyping women as dressing like that, and appropriating our space. Plus, why isn’t he whining at the men’s side too… they said no, and so did the women’s side, and why isn’t he fighting both of them?

      1. Stu: “I just happen to be transgendered”. Hence appearing on my political site in nothing but a bra. Yanno, like female politicians do…

    1. Brunhilda, you bring up a good point. I know conventions are loud and somewhat crass events, but he’s just dressing that way to draw more, more, MOAR attention to himself.
      And “Mayor Stu.” Oh Lawd. Can you imagine Nancy Pelosi dressed like that in public, much less for a portrait for her website?! You’re pure class, dude. Of course on the home page of Stu’s site is a link to an article with him talking about breast augmentation surgery. Natch. I mean, that’s important to his constituents, amirite?

  10. I can see where he’s maybe confused. He thinks that somehow his being accepted to be a party delegate to the convention meant they accepted him as a woman – when there’s no divisions by sex or recognition of your sex to be a convention delegate, it’s just people. As long as he uses his legal name to get on the ballots and whatever else, it’s all good. They don’t put “M” or “F” anywhere. There was no “accepting as a woman” involved.
    So then he tries to join an explicitly women’s organization, they call the obvious shenanigans, and he thinks, “how can this be, when they accepted me to be a delegate to the convention?”
    Completely different rules, that’s why.
    If he thinks them not asking about his name was some sort of “acceptance” then all I can say is he should listen to more Johnny Cash.

  11. The group’s Mission Statement reads as follows:
    Mission Statement:
    To promote the goals of the Democratic Party
    by engaging women in the political process
    and advocating for issues important to women.
    I am curious how a male believes he will be able to advocate for issues important to women given that he is not nor will he EVER be a woman.
    The group needs to refund his money and tell him to move on. His desire to push a trans* agenda and force them to accept the delusional definitions of ‘woman’ because of ‘feelings’ conflicts with the Mission Statement.

  12. If he ever does get in that group, you can bet that then he’ll push to get issues that pertain to trans*women on their meeting agenda. Because it’s all about the trans*.

    1. This is how men will finally silence real women once and for all.
      1) Claim to be a woman, and insist that society acknowledge and accept you as such. Many who are well-intentioned will play along in deference to your feelings. Those who resist must be forced through harassment, intimidation, threats, lawsuits, whatever means necessary.
      2) Once you have forced everyone to acknowledge and accept you as a woman, infiltrate women’s organizations that advocate for women’s issues.
      3) As a member of women’s groups, set the focus of the agenda to trans* issues.
      4) Mission accomplished! No more pesky women making noises about women’s issues!

      1. You are hereby on notice that a new class of woman is being created: Woman-plus.
        Woman-plus is not the equal of Man, due to pollution by woman-cooties caught from contact with lingerie, makeup and such; a male so polluted never can be a Man. However, Woman-plus ranks above plain ol’ women.
        And don’t you fish forget it.

    1. Man’s ego/self concept/pride offended= NEWS.
      “Ahh felt it was a slap in the face” (from them stupid female bitches).

      1. Everyone should drop a note to those Democratic Women and say that “Guys Will Be Gals” pretty much sums it up, admits that they are male and moving through the world on male entitlement and are unable to represent women’s issues because of their male vanity. Claiming that you have suffered discrimination because you are a man is the not any human women’s experience.

  13. I loved when he said that “all eyes on on me.” Which is exactly where he wants them to be – forget everyone else. It’s all about him.
    Also, one would think that the SRS surgeons could do something about MtT voices. If this had been a radio interview, I would not have known that he was a “she.” The visual doesn’t help that, either.

    1. There is. But chances are you sound like a dead parrot afterwards.
      Most people who aim for passing in their target-role do it via voice training. After a few months of practice they usually have an acceptable range and timbre.

  14. This thread (and the pilot thread) has me laughing my ass off the last couple days. Dudes delusional=lying powers are apparently limitless.
    Quick off topic question if you don’t mind. Does anyone know where to find Joy of Lesbonaut nowadays? Blog doesn’t seem to be tended just now.

    1. She is not actively blogging at this time.
      if you need to get some sort of message to her leave it in a comment titled “NOT FOR PUBLICATION”.

  15. These men sure prove how very male male-identified “femininity” is. Nothing real about it. Mr. Grotesque Caricature Transvestite.

  16. http://kotaku.com/a-game-that-wants-to-teach-women-how-to-masturbate-511971045
    It’s nice that the author is handing final authority on the subject over to a dude. And it’s nice that other dudes who have a problem with this are being held as ignorant bigots who should lose their jobs.
    http://makemeasammich. org/2013/06/07/penny-arcades-gabe-is-willfully-ignorant-again/
    oh hai druidwinter, true colors!
    Luv it. Willfully ignorant, needs to read books, get educated!
    “y’all need to read books! Here, read this one about how Riki Wilchin’s scoped out his neighbor’s boobs! Can’t you just FEEL what he’s going through?”
    Imagine if sane people actually read all of trans literature? I mean, Cleis Press could totally cut back on their bondage porn sales then.

    1. And hah, it’s not the fact that this game might be offensive to 99.9999% of women, it’s that .0000001% of male women who we should be concerned with.
      Also, the cartoonist who is being singled out for being an asshole (and he is), employs two columnists to write content for his site: one is a man, one is a woman, but zero are female. So they’re accusing this guy of transphobia when he’s a gatekeeper who came down on the side of having the “women in media” discussion being framed by people born with penises, as clearly no one with an actual vagina was considered for a paycheck. But, THATS NOT ENOUGH.

      1. It’s never, ever enough, anon male. If you don’t say something exactly right, if you don’t overtly include men-with-penises-who-think-they’re-women even when discussing female genitalia, if you don’t think the exact right thoughts, well, then you deserve to…say it with me now…DIAF. According to them. W’ev.

    2. “”Not all women have vaginas”
      Ummm…what the fuck planet are you living on? ”

    3. I was going to post this link– I think it deserves its own discussion- it is so very, very rich! An app designed for female masturbation is exclusionary towards men with lady dicks and THAT IS A PROBLEM, FOLKS! There is a trans in the discussion who mentions that she* has only a 90% of getting out of the lady’s restroom without being assaulted. Yep, sounds legit! I think the name is Alixsandra or something, classic trannification of a name with the classic trannified personality- it’s not my responsibility to educate everyone but I’m just so benevolent about it and humble so I will talk on and on and on! Blergh.
      I am a female gamer but I do not know much about Penny Arcade or the guys behind it, but the backlash and abuse that he got for saying that ALL WOMEN, IN FACT, DO HAVE VAGINAS is insane! how dare he not play into the mass-trans-delusion of penis-having women! I am sure this foolish company will really punish him by not participating in PAX– http://kotaku.com/indie-developer-pulls-out-of-pax-citing-penny-arcade-c-532336421

      1. Dammit, Noobert, because I followed that link, I now know there is such a thing as a “fursona.” A “FURSONA.”

  17. I just looked at Gallus’ link and am impressed with the pro-Lesbian responses in the midst of the usual denial of reality. The trans supporters operate just like republicans in asking for the most obvious oppression to be proven and in the mind-fuck of calling those who want Lesbians to actually be represented by Lesbians and not predatory het men “right wing.”
    Of course these men who say they are Lesbians try to appropriate and get access to everything of women they can, from sports to women’s restrooms to our last women-only space.
    When looking at the tv coverage of the SF “Pride Parade,” with all the drag queens ridiculing the role patriarchy demands women play, I do not understand how anyone who cares about women does not see them as identical as pretend “transwomen.” The only difference is that the trannies want to fuck women, which the drag queens just make fun of us.

  18. wasn’t real sure where to put this latest bit of nonsense…but since it involved actual political party stuff, this seemed a good place to start 🙂 It may actually need its own topic though since there is just so much fail to the story…
    another middle-aged man decides that he’s a laydee…not surprisingly, he is also divorced after having fathered three kids. Article does not say, but I am guessing that his decision to don lady-face was followed soon after by the wife bouncing him from the wife’s life.
    The whole notion of running for the office in question with no prior political experience is also somewhat of a head-scratcher. I can get the concept that Washington is broken, but trying to fracture a ticket with no prior experience just is not the way to fix things, especially if the political thought is as original as his decision to just add a letter to his given first name…
    And of course, the ‘pushback’ from the party couldn’t possibly have ANYTHING to do with the lack of experience. Oh hell no…it is far easier for him to adopt the victim mode and all but say the objections are because of his “shifting gender identity.”
    Shall we take bets on how long before he officially assumes the victim role, not only for losing the race but also for getting canned from the current job when the employer decides the publicity is more than they bargained for?

    1. “There is a significant level of prejudice that exists against transgendered people,” Overby said. “Some people will see this as a mark of enormous courage. There are other people who won’t vote for me because of it.”
      No. There is a significant amount of fraud when all that white male entitlement arrives on the scene, dolled up to demand yet more privilege on the backs of the same the folks he spent a life screwing over. Courage–he wishes.

      1. Put another way: There is a significant level of prejudice that exists against sexist people. Some see it as a mark of courage, while others will refuse to vote for someone who enforces gender stereotypes.
        I’m pretty okay with being “prejudiced” against those who would oppress me.

    2. Did you read the comments below the Article? Someone from his past employment is pointing out-Although there were gender neutral bathrooms provided, that were set aside for him to use- this person continued to use the ladies room despite still having a penis. He insisted on making the women upset[and they complained] or insisted on using the womens’ room at the gas station and wants to sue them. It sounds like a mid-life crisis with a twist, ‘revenge on all women’ by occupying them and militating what little rights they have. Men are doing things like this in different ways using different means and the goal is the same.

      1. It’s sadly common.
        Another large part of all this is the desire to have other people “recognize” the M2T as a woman. He walks into the women’s room and is thinking “see, look, I’m a woman, I go into the woman’s room” or whatever, reveling in this “validation.” All these identity issue problems are very much about being perceived by other people. Other people are necessary. An audience is necessary.
        The unisex bathrooms, family bathrooms, one-holer bathrooms, whatever you call ’em – don’t provide that. Similar reasons, just dating other M2T won’t provide those wonderful, wonderful lesbian validation feels either…
        Additionally if an M2T is feeling insecure, there’s no better way to “test” things than by trying to use the women’s room. Never mind the women in it, no, it’s all about making sure he’s still “allowed” in there, and if not, well, that’s a problem that needs immediate remediation!!
        And of course underlying the whole thing, I think, is a fundamental belief that there should be no places on earth unavailable to the M2T – major, major case of male privilege going on.

    3. You don’t understand.
      To a narcissist–and these guys are nothing if not narcissists–simply wanting something makes it so. You don’t have to spend thousands and thousands of hours training your voice in order to be a singer. You don’t have to work your ass off in public service for years and years to hold office. You don’t have to actually be a woman to, you know, be a woman. If you are a narcissist, simply wishing for something makes it so.
      See how that works?

      1. “Mid-life crisis” is so much men’s rights apologist: Beatings, murders, rapes, break-ins wearing women’s underwear, enjoyment at making women suffer and fear without any recourse, all the panoply of men doing w-ever-tf they want to do to women, is excused under the mantle of mid life crisis? Please don’t use that term. It’s puts the focus on these sexual fetishists and how we should feel sorry for them, let them in the washrooms and tenured women’s studies positions, the daycares and women’s health centrer management, because what is wrong with us, cold hearted bitches? Poor diddums.
        At least WE radical feminists can see this and name if for what it is. WE are not confused.

  19. Trans ‘Warrior Princess’ Kristin Beck plans congressional bid in Fla.
    Kristin Beck, who retired from the Navy SEALS in 2011 and made national headlines by coming out as transgender, was in Atlanta Aug. 3-4 visiting First Metropolitan Community Church where she shared her story at the Sunday service.
    In an interview with GA Voice, Beck said she plans to run for a Congressional seat in her home state of Florida as a Democrat, with an announcement likely in 2015. Her hometown is Tampa and the seat she would be running for is the 14th Congressional District, currently held by Democrat Kathy Castor.
    Beck also plans to write a new memoir with her best friend, Wendy Kelly. Beck’s current book, “Warrior Princess,” represents only a short part of her life, she said. The new book will include a more holistic approach to her life and beliefs.
    Beck said she is currently beginning to speak at engagements on behalf of the U.S. State Department. She is also enjoying meeting other LGBT activists and speaking out at various equality events in Florida. She comes back to Atlanta in September for the annual Southern Comfort Conference.
    “It’s like I’m on a new mission,” she said. “A lot people are listening about this because I was a Navy SEAL then maybe weren’t before.”

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