He’s a “Lesbian” Now. The TransGenderfication of Helicopter Pilot Bob Tur

This really takes the cake. Bob Tur, the famed news helicopter pilot who captured the Reginald Denny beating and OJ Simpson’s slow Broncho drive of police avoidance, has announced that he is henceforth no longer male. His misunderstanding of reproductive biology is enabled by a transgender politic which piggybacks on the gay movement’s platform of non-discrimination against same-sex relationships. Except this piggybacking politic has little in common with an equality platform and instead forwards a retrograde right-wing conservative agenda beyond anything even the fundamentalists could invent.
According to the transgender movement, men and women have distinctively oppositional brain functions caused by our reproductive biology. Namely, women have organically submissive and toilet-cleaning and compliant and pink-loving brains, and men do science and business and order women around and kill things and stuff. Per the transgender movement, Femininity (submission, softness, compliance, objectification) is an inherent quality of reproductively Female humans and Masculinity (domination, aggression, objectifying of females) is inherent in sperm-producers. Many patriarchal fundamentalists would agree with this portion of the transgender politic.
Females and males who fail to adhere to this strict cultural performance of reproductive hierarchy (males dominant, females submissive) are defective, per the transgender philosophy. Masculinity in females and femininity in males is a birth defect requiring treatment designed to bring one’s behavior and feelings into compliance with the male dominant, female submissive program. Children who are noncompliant should be slotted into corrective medicalized treatment programs as early as the age of 18 months old, per the transgender movement.
Such corrective treatment as outlined by the transgender movement is the application of cosmetic medical and surgical procedures designed to disguise the actual sex of the sex-role underperformer. This, in order to preserve the “congruity” between expectation of reproduction and concordant social role. Not only should the medical field devote themselves to disguising the actual sex of those who fail to uphold male dominant, female subordinant social behavior (via medicines and surgeries designed to create the appearance of the opposite sex) but the government (presumably having a vested interest in male domination) should also facilitate the practice of disguising and EVEN ERASING the actual sex of citizens who are non-compliant with government standards of social roles enforced based on reproductive function (such roles upholding the public order of male domination of females).
It is clear why males, including gay males, support such a program: Social roles which ritualize male domination and female subordination benefit men. No male is oppressed by compliance with gender, because the male gender role is that of domination over those performing the subordinate role: females. Even swell, sweet and loving men who consciously eschew (or try to, bless their hearts) the role of dominator still occupy the role of default human ie. Not female.
In other words, “butch” or femininity non-performing females are attacked (sometimes even by “political” lesbians and confused “feminists”!) as being “mannish” or “masculine”. But the absence of femininity (subordination) in females is not domination. The absence of subordination is basic humanity- unless that human is reproductively female. Non-performance is not performance . Absence of “gender” performance is not a “gender”. Both males and females can and do attempt to eschew ritualized sex role performance but only those reproductively male (even if wearing laydee-suit) ever obtain the status of default human. Butch and femininity non-performing women are forever framed as volatile female sex-role objectivists, or worse (even by some “radical feminists”) as pretenders to domination.
Oh hell. I forgot about idiot Bob, the dude that the Indigo Girls are so insistent should be soaping his balls in the shower next to you at Michfest.
From his TMZ interview:
“This is something that’s genetic it’s been around for my entire life. I have these incredible dysmorphic feelings. I was born with a feminized brain. And I kinda dealt with it and – I think initially you really don’t know what to make of it, and its very very confusing. You don’t recognize your image in a mirror. You know that you’re female but physically you’re not. So you kind of deal with it. I got married when I was very young and had my daughter Katie when I was 23.”
TMZ: The weird thing is that you say that you always identified as a woman and yet you became an aggressive helicopter pilot, I think that’s probably a fair way of putting it. And that’s not the typical role of a confused male.
“Well actually true transgenders do hypermasculine things. Kristin Beck the Navy Seal is not atypical of what’s going on. There are a lot of airline pilots, a lot of military pilots. I’ve known all kinds of pilots, I’ve known spies, I’ve done quasi-military flights overseas. So, um, its not, its not atypical. It’s a fairly standard thing. The typical transgender tends to be 30 IQ points above average, they tend to be left handed, they tend to be fairly conservative, they’ve been married, have children. And they, you know, in some cases have hypermasculine traits that are associated with being androgen resistant. So, which is my case.”
TMZ: Bob, this is Evan [unintelligable] here, how’s it going. I have a question for you. When you say that the urges and the feelings were getting bad over the last five years what do you mean by that?
“Well I started getting very depressed and I really started withdrawing. I shed my friends. I stopped really doing a lot of work. I started doing other things than being in the media because it just got very very depressing being in the wrong body. And you have these- you worry about, I was worried about Katie, shes on the NBC Nightly News and I you know was worried about doing that, and I was worried about you know- I didn’t want to hurt anybody. And now that I’ve come out about this you know, my kids have had to go through a mourning process. I’m mourning the loss of Bob Tur. You know? He’s gotta die for me to be me, so.. Yanno there’s this transitional process that I knew I would have tyo deal with. And its not easy. But once I’ve done it its great. And being on the hormone replacement therapy its changed everything. It’s like you have this feminized brain without the right hormones and once you get them the OCD,the  OCD dysmorphic feelings are gone. And for the first time I didn’t know life felt like this. Its very incredible.”
TMZ: Where are you in the process right now?
“Well I’m at really the fairly early stages. Big changes happen around the fifth month. If you go on YouTube and look up male to female transition videos you’ll be shocked at the differences. Over the next three months- my body is starting to change now, my, I think, my hands are getting- I’m starting to lose a lot of muscle mass. Your body changes to a feminine shape. Your skin changes to female skin over the course of about 120 days. The big changes are with your brain. You start thinking like a woman about four weeks, three- anywhere from three to four weeks into it. So the, you start thinking with white matter as opposed to men thinking with grey matter. So where I was able to make split decisions flying and being in really rough conditions, weather conditions- I don’t know if I’d be as good a pilot because now I’m using white matter and I’m becoming- that really bridges the left and right brains, and you become a consensus builder. You start being more analytical. Not as impulsive as you were when you’re a guy.”
TMZ: You’re raising a whole other issue now about women flying, Bob. I think I can’t let that go unspoken now. What you’re saying..
“There is, there is… differences. I mean its not just strength. The irony is not be-lost on me. Because I thought I was a pretty good pilot and ten thousand hours flying and over war zones and over riots and news and .. It’s different. There is a difference. A major difference in the way men and women think. It’s exquisite. So. I’m dealing with that. And I’m learning a lot.”
TMZ: And you’re gonna go by “Zoey”?
“Yeah. Zoey means life.”
TMZ: Really interesting. Ya know what- we’re out of time but I wanna continue this along the process and bring you back.
And Bob, Bob, people that want to follow your journey can follow you on your facebook, right?
“Yeah I’m posting things on facebook and I’m thinking about doing a reality series that kinda tracks it because I think transgeder people really are misunderstood and it’s not the effeminate- it’s not what you think it is. “

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  1. http://www.fark.com/comments/7798597/Famed-LA-newschopper-pilot-reveals-hes-letting-go-of-stick?cpp=1
    A Buddy of mine was a chopper pilot for another news station back during the same time period as when Tur became the “famed” newschopper pilot. He told me that the only thing Bob Tur should be famous for is being the most reckless helicopter pilot in newschopper history.
    Tur nearly collided with my Buddy’s chopper twice because he was trying to get a “better shot” at the expense of safety.
    From the LA. Times, November 8, 1991.:
    “Tur’s license was revoked on an “emergency” basis six weeks ago after the FAA alleged five counts of “careless and reckless behavior.” At a two-day hearing last week, William R. Mullins, an administrative law judge from the Federal Transportation Safety Board, upheld two of these counts, both stemming from incidents that occurred in 1988.”
    Not sure what the quote function is in WP anymore.

    1. Now that’s interesting. Once again, little by little, the true colors reveal themselves, and not in the way Robert Tur thought they would.

  2. “Mental changes have already happened. The brain is plastic, so it’s gotten smaller and feminized. I’m thinking the same way a woman would think. About the five-month mark, you won’t recognize me. My body is changing, my skin is changing, and I’ll have a female shape. Breasts start growing and I’ll lose body hair.”
    -His brain shrunk? Alzheimer’s disease does that.

    1. Salutations to our NSA overlords.
      Wait a sec. He’s getting a laydee brain now? I thought he already had one. I’m so confused.

    2. This guy completely doesn’t understand that brain size is associated with body size, not sex (or I guess in this case, “gender”). I wonder, if menopausal women’s brains grow because they have less estrogen?? Or if older men’s brains shrink because they have less testosterone??? Wtfbbq???
      Also if your brain shrank but your skull stayed the same, wouldn’t you be getting concussions like all the time? With all that more room for your brain to slap around in there with any movement at all?

    3. The brain shrinks with age. So if Bob’s brain is shrinking, perhaps the treatments are aging him?
      BTW, the adult female brain is larger and weighs more than the adult male brain, Bob, (which I saw demonstrated by the former Chief Medical Examiner of NY) so if your brain is shrinking, not only are you aging, but you’re becoming more male, not less male. The male preoccupation with size will give it away every time. **chuckle**

      1. CBS claims a study shows that male brains are bigger, but female brains are more efficient.
        “In women, however, it appeared that the smaller the hippocampus was, the smarter the woman in question would residually be, leading researchers to believe that the brain matter of women operates in a more efficient manner.”

        Study: Female Brains Are Smaller Than Male Brains, But Used More Efficiently

        Perhaps it’s like computer processors – smaller is generally better.

    4. As far as I know, Anorexia can cause sme shrinkage in the brain department also.

  3. Wow Bob, way to be a raging dickhole.
    Women can’t make split second decisions? Bob is a cock mongering, fuck-faced arsehole. Holy shit! I can not believe someone actually has the audacity to say something so shitty and then get fawned over by the left wing. WHAT.THE.FUCKING.FUCK?
    Fuck Bob so hard on behalf of all women everywhere. I make split decisions every God damn day.
    Which way home is safer? Think quick because it’s getting darker!
    Laugh or say something before this fuckwit starts getting aggressive because you blew him off.
    Trying to placate raging arseholes quickly because their physical build makes them a much bigger threat then a female.
    There are female pilots, female surgeons, female police officers and female soldiers. They all have to make split second decisions.
    How can anyone think this shit is progressive? It’s fucking sexist tripe.
    Also, Bob shops at Sephora? SEPHORA? I’m 23 and shop at Sephora. He’s too fucking old. Try Nordstrom and get some Lancome or Jane Iredale, What an ugly evil dick goblin.
    These arseholes are making my blood boil. AAAAARGH!

  4. I love this quote by the TMZ editor:
    “Tur — whose daughter Katy is a star reporter on “NBC Nightly News” — did say something troubling. He says he doesn’t believe women can make the same quick, decisive decisions like men when piloting an aircraft.
    Now that’s a scary proposition.”
    Even they get how sexist Tur’s claims are – even if they use it to make a misogynist joke out of it.
    I often have the feeling guys like him use sex roles as a convenient way to get away from their former lifestyle, especially considering he had his license revoked – AND tried to sue Google to get YouTube shut down(!) because somehone had uploaded video footage he hold copyright to. So, congrats, you’re in the news again, Bob!
    I don’t think there’s anything left to say about the sexism seeing as this is the usual opinions many trans people have – except that he takes the cake for sounding like he will literally morph into a woman. His body shape will change, his skin will become female(??), his brain, too (although he claims that he was already born with a “feminized” one), his hands are getting, what, smaller? (He actually stopped himself there because it would have made him seem even more delusional than he really is.)

    1. One of the things that bothers me most about this foolishness is that some people will actually believe him when he says women are worse at ___ because, in their estimation, he’s been both male and female, and is therefore qualified to compare and judge women relative to men.
      And it’ll never cross their minds that he’s never experienced being a *real* woman with a real woman’s brain or even a real woman’s lifetime of hormones and adjustment thereto.
      Nor will they realize that since the whole basis for this foolishness is the pretense that he was always a woman all along, trapped in a man’s body, that by that logic he can’t compare being a woman to being a man ’cause he’s never been a man according to them. At best he was a defective man with a psychological disorder and a lot of overcompensation.
      Nonetheless, the fools will say that he’s qualified to compare men and women ’cause he’s been both. So if he says women are inferior, by God it’s Gospel.

      1. Yep – it all goes back to the same fundamental question I always have when the modern trans* theory comes up. Namely, they all say they recognized that they had “women’s brains” or “think like women” or whatever it is. They “realize” that they “think like” people who were born with female genitalia.
        But the fact is they were NOT born with female genitalia (that’s right, I’m not buying your lady penis, guys) so how on earth can they KNOW that? What do they supposedly “recognize”?
        I mean, it’s a theory of the mind thing, really. How can anyone presume they “know” what someone else’s experience is? It makes no sense at all to me. All I can “know” is how I think.
        Clearly the real world answer is that they’re “recognizing” some stereotypes in themselves, and that’s a problem.
        Meanwhile elsewhere lately I’ve seen various trans* commenters upset at people “denying the validity” of trans*, saying that what, supposedly we are denying that gender dysphoria is a thing.
        Really? I don’t see anyone denying that gender dysphoria is a thing. I’m willing to believe it’s real, I’m sure it’s a struggle to have. People hating their own genitalia and secondary sex characteristics, sure, why not? It’s in the DSM, as a mental disorder. Are there people who feel so badly about their sex characteristics that they have plastic surgery for it? Sure. They exist.
        Thing is though, there’s no reason to believe that this dysphoria actually has anything to do with “truly feeling like the other ‘gender’ trapped in the wrong body.” Maybe you just hate your body and that’s a unique feeling, y’know? It’s it’s own thing.
        What people (including myself) are “denying the validity of” are the tenuous claims that this is all a physiological problem, that there exists the “lady brain” (because HORMONES!) and that therefore trans* is just one form of intersex.

        1. Well said, Adrian!
          I agree completely. Sure, there exist people who hate their bodies, even to the point of willing mutilation and sterilization (which I find very sad, although it’s their right to do so if they wish). But I deny that such surgery or hormone therapy or attire or whatever can turn someone into the opposite sex.
          That’s not what sex is. Sex is biology. It’s not what you wear or how you act or even how you think. Or even whether you have something that resembles a vulva but was sculpted by a surgeon’s blade and not by Mother Nature in the womb.
          There is no medical technology at present that can alter chromosomes or enable one to procreate as a member of the opposite sex. So if you’re born male, you’re male and always will be. Simple as that. Hate your penis all you want. Be envious of women all you want. You’re still going to be a man. And I’m not trying to be mean; it’s just the truth. Sorry if you don’t like it!
          (Why is it considered mean to tell the truth, anyway?)

    2. Seriously, TMZ deals only in extreme nonsense. If the trash that fell out of your mouth made a TMZ reporter do a WTF?, then you’ve earned your crown as the Kween of Morons. Uggh, this fucking dude makes me stabby!

  5. Hold on.
    “The big changes are with your brain. You start thinking like a woman about four weeks, three- anywhere from three to four weeks into it.”
    Wait, wait. I thought the whole point of this transgenderness was that he was ALREADY “thinking like a woman”?

    1. THANK YOU!!! Came in here to ask that same exact question myself!
      Mind, lest anyone misunderstand me, I think the entire idea of the “thinking like a woman” is 100% unadulterated horseshit, but hey, if the guy is buying into that line as justification for making the change, you’d think he’d go all the way, y’know?
      “So the, you start thinking with white matter as opposed to men thinking with grey matter.”
      The hell? Biology, learn some…

    2. ‘Wait, wait. I thought the whole point of this transgenderness was that he was ALREADY “thinking like a woman”?’
      It’s bad logic.
      If anyone cares what the trainwreck-of-thought is, it’s fairly common in the trans community:
      1) Estrogen affects moods, emotions, thought processes (true and not exactly a surprise to females)
      2) Switching from an estrogen-dominant hormonal state from a testosterone-dominant hormonal state generally takes around 3 weeks in order to bring about said changes (also true)
      3) Trans person assumes changes, mood swings, are subjectively equivalent to some of those of the opposite sex experience (unknown, no real way to prove one way or the other, much the same as figuring out whether “red” is the same color to all of us)
      3) Trans person assumes that those changes mean that their brain now works exactly like those of the opposite sex (inconsistent with logic, sanity, or observed evidence).
      Furthermore, they fail to realize that there is no fucking “binary” in the first place, no “A/B”, no “male mold” “female mold” that they can fit in with enough surgery. Fertility is binary (and something they generally lose), the rest is generalities and probabilities.
      Trying to go from “oppressive stereotype” to “oppressed stereotype” (i.e. “male role” to “female role”) just ends up reinforcing oppression, and the irony is that many who make that choice do it in the name of being “free” to be themselves. Instead, they seek to be “free” to switch from one patriarchal definition to another, rarely stopping to ask why.
      Transferring from one prison to another might change the set of rules one lives under a little bit, but it doesn’t make one free.

  6. “The big changes are with your brain. You start thinking like a woman about four weeks, three- anywhere from three to four weeks into it. So the, you start thinking with white matter as opposed to men thinking with grey matter. So where I was able to make split decisions flying and being in really rough conditions, weather conditions- I don’t know if I’d be as good a pilot because now I’m using white matter and I’m becoming- that really bridges the left and right brains, and you become a consensus builder. You start being more analytical. Not as impulsive as you were when you’re a guy.””
    So basically he just said the whole ‘laydee brain’ thing is bullshit. After all, if he wants to claim he won’t start thinking like a woman until some number of weeks into HRT, then there is no such thing as the ‘laydee brain’
    I am still seething, though, over the implied comment that women don’t make for some damned fine pilots…I may not fly helicopters, but I would put my skills in a single-engine up against anyone that had the same number of hours. Impulsivity is NOT the mark of a good pilot in most flying situations…the incidents that result from that sort of ‘flying by the seat of your pants’ is what the FAA crash reports will ultimately label as “pilot error.” But I digress…

  7. It’s appalling how the testimony of the subject is just accepted without question. It’s not like he’s in the middle of the problem or anything, right? It’s not like he’s going to believe he’s getting the brain of a woman and consequently act and describe himself the way he thinks women are, ie, a bunch of stereotypes. A consensus builder, a slightly shittier pilot. Because you know how women are when it comes to driving. Right.
    Blind experiments, controls, scientific method altogether, step aside! Make room for the transgender what-i-feel-is-what-is-true neoreality.

    1. You see this a lot with the “transabled” too – occasionally they will get called out when they go onto some more medically-oriented boards and start making their cause. They then complain that how come no one will listen to them, because surely they know best, they are the ones who have the problem and no one knows the patient better than the patient, right?
      A few places have been blunt enough to just shut that down with a pretty much blanket “nowhere reputable is going to take the sufferers’ word as gospel on anything, clearly they have an agenda.” Indeed, indeed.

  8. oh wow, so trans are 30 iq points smarter, and yet are conservative? Since when are conservatives intelligent? eug.

    1. IQ does not actually measure the entire concept of what we understand or mean when we talk about “intelligence”. It’s a test to measure how well you’re able to solve timed tasks most often involving “spot the difference” exercises, deduction (“complete these number sequences”) and sometimes even general knowledge (in mine, I had to find words which seemed known to me in a croswords puzzle). Basically, it’s a performance test. It does not tell you about creative problem-solving and innovative thinking. Moreover, it’s nowadays combined with an EQ (emotional quotient?) test which measures your social intelligence – since many people with high IQs lack social skills their score might be depressed by the EQ results.

    2. Okay, I google-scholared and it seems that the distribution of IQ among trans males might mirror the general male population, i.e. some very high, some very low and some normal ones (compared to women who don’t have that many individuals at the extreme ends of the distribution).
      Ironically, the highest IQ in an accessible article belonged to a trans female (133).

      1. I know that IQ is very complicated; my views on IQ tests and the concept of them is that our concept(s) of intelligence seem to be limited by our own intelligence – for example, I’m great at math, science, etc., most problem solving, and anything written, on the other hand, if you gave me a musical IQ test I would probably get a zero.
        On the conservative thing though, it does make sense, since it is generally the conservatives that have such stereotyped views of women.

      2. Also, on the female thing, we can’t really say what women’s IQs are at, considering a lot of IQ tests can be learned ahead of time, and require knowledge of the subject matter, and that you think as the examiner’s do, and we a) don’t educate all women and b) we do still discourage women from learning/being smart plus c) there are studies whereby if women are told prior to say, a math test, that they will do badly, they (on average) do badly, and then, if later another group of women (with the same education/etc.) are given the same test, but are not told they suck before hand, they will do the same as men do.
        For an IQ test example:
        Figure out how to sort the numbers, 0-9.
        Most systems: 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9
        Prime numbers: 1, 2, 3, 5, 7,
        Composite: 4, 6, 8, 9,
        Neither: 0
        Numbers divisible (no-remainder) by 2: 2, 4, 6, 8
        Non-divisible by 2: 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 0
        Encapsulated area: 8, 6, 9, 4, 0,
        Lines: 1, 2, 3, 5, 7,
        Straight Vertical Lines: 1, 4, 7 (?), 5
        Straight Horizontal Lines: 2, 4, 5, 7,
        Mixed Straight and Horizontal: 7, 5, 2,
        No Straight Lines: 0, 3, 6, 8, 9,
        And so on and so forth, you could even sort numbers by their shapes, the number(s) of straight lines in them (and THAT would depend on how it was written), and so on and so forth. Not to mention a lot more math.
        However, generally, on an IQ test, the first one would probably be the ‘correct’ one.. but if someone took the test who didn’t know English numbers… then they’d probably sort them based quite differently. Not to mention the math designations, which can go on and on.
        Sex Designation!
        Female: 1, 2, 3, 5, 7,
        Guy Missing a Ball: 6, 9, 0
        Guy with a weird ball: 4
        Male: 8
        Odd that women get all the prime numbers…

    3. There’s likely a lot of selection bias going on. Depending on how one finds subjects, the results vary incredibly.
      Looking at clinics, etc., one study in S.F. showed extremely high levels of homelessness, and a very very low median income. Look online for study participants, and there’s a selection bias towards a certain degree of education, wealth, etc.
      There’s a subgroup within the “community” that fits a very common pattern. Individuals in this group have issues with societal roles, and decided to throw themselves into them by “being all that they can be”. Generally, they go for very “masculine”, aggressive jobs, hoping to fix their own issues. They get tied up in this identification with their “male” job – it becomes very important that this is the type of job “only a man can do”, since if anyone could do it, it would defeat their whole reason for being there. During this process, they form the idea that their issue is /really/ with gender, rather than the system, and so they want to transition. It becomes a dirty little obsessive secret, and after 50+ years, it gets ingrained really, really deeply. A stray thought becomes a focus, becomes a thought experiment, becomes a focus, becomes a fetish, becomes obsession.
      Later in life, when their Testosterone levels drop, they decide that their unresolved issues can’t be suppressed anymore, and since their issues involve gender, they transition. This is typically accompanied by broken families, changes similar to a bad bipolar shift, since nobody saw it coming.
      People of this background will do better on certain kinds of IQ tests, as they optimize for certain backgrounds. They are also more likely to be conservative, as it works well with their own hypocrisy and internalized self-loathing, and helps them to hide. There is also a decent correlation with autistic spectrum traits, which include a lack of empathy, and an attitude of “I got mine, the rest of you don’t matter” tends to jive better with the republican party.
      When logical inconsistencies are pointed out, tend to respond with narcissistic rage.

  9. What a schmuck. It’s hard to keep up with all the misogyny and sexism that comes spewing forth from this idiot; it comes so fast and furious. It’ll be interesting watching all the transjacktivists frantically backpedalling, trying to cover up this guy’s blatant sexism in order to retain their clueless funfem supporters. Obviously Bob here didn’t get the memo that you’re supposed to consult with Trans Inc. first, before going public, to get the proper talking points!
    I couldn’t let this go: “The typical transgender tends to be 30 IQ points above average…” Really? Not based upon any of the writing I’ve seen from them. I’ve yet to be impressed. Not to mention the vast lack of empathy and perspective that’s rampant among MtT – those are part of intelligence, too. It’s not simply fact-knowing.
    This dude is just a swaggering, egomaniacal creep. And he looks…horrific. I’d sure as hell cross the street.

  10. ” I was born with a feminized brain.”
    “The typical transgender tends to be 30 IQ points above average, they tend to be left handed, they tend to be fairly conservative, they’ve been married, have children.”
    ” It’s like you have this feminized brain without the right hormones and once you get them the OCD,the OCD dysmorphic feelings are gone. ”
    ” If you go on YouTube and look up male to female transition videos you’ll be shocked at the differences. Over the next three months- my body is starting to change now, my, I think, my hands are getting- I’m starting to lose a lot of muscle mass. Your body changes to a feminine shape. Your skin changes to female skin over the course of about 120 days.”
    “So the, you start thinking with white matter as opposed to men thinking with grey matter. So where I was able to make split decisions flying and being in really rough conditions, weather conditions- I don’t know if I’d be as good a pilot because now I’m using white matter and I’m becoming- that really bridges the left and right brains, and you become a consensus builder. You start being more analytical. Not as impulsive as you were when you’re a guy.”
    OH HOLY FUCK! Not only does he have a laydee brain, but his skin is changing to FEMALE SKIN. This is so fucking scary. I actually have chills reading this creeps rantings. Sexist, misogynistic fucking freak.

    1. Also, if the brain is changing, does this mean his IQ will drop 30 points, or gain them? I’m confused; how does his brain change if his IQ doesn’t? Eug the sexism .

      1. “Also, if the brain is changing, does this mean his IQ will drop 30 points, or gain them? I’m confused; how does his brain change if his IQ doesn’t? Eug the sexism .”

    2. Another weird analogy I see from time to time is that the brain is like an engine, they’re born with female brains and manage to live life to adulthood, but then they switch to female “fuel” (female hormones) and things just run so much BETTER that way!
      Seconding the skin comment being creepy. “It puts the lotion on its skin…” indeed. Nice to know I’m not the only one whose mind went there…!

  11. “You start thinking like a woman about four weeks, three- anywhere from three to four weeks into it. So the, you start thinking with white matter as opposed to men thinking with grey matter. So where I was able to make split decisions flying and being in really rough conditions, weather conditions- I don’t know if I’d be as good a pilot because now I’m using white matter and I’m becoming- that really bridges the left and right brains, and you become a consensus builder. You start being more analytical. Not as impulsive as you were when you’re a guy.””
    Wait, I thought their brains were already lady brains? I thought that was the whole thing – their brains were already “feminized” or whatever. Hahaha this is so much BS, grey matter/white matter, if he’d bother to read criticism of brain “science” he’d realize there’s so little difference at all (if any truly exists – see Cordelia Fine or Rebecca Jordan-Young). And then again, I thought men were the analytical ones?? I am so confused about the correct stereotypes right now.
    They’ve even studied whether mood swings are caused by “female” hormones and it’s BS too – the mood swings/mental PMS that people claim exists doesn’t. Everybody has estrogen, everybody has testosterone. Everybody has fluctuations of these hormones – men too, daily and monthly. I feel like all this “female hormones make your brain mushy and unable to fly planes” is based off of menstruation hate and fear, and the false idea that women have emotional symptoms as part of PMS.
    Like if women are uppity and crazy and irrational (stereotypes that male supremacy creates), it must be due to their periods (which men fear), because men are so rational and stable (stereotypes again) and they don’t have periods. (ie. periods = crazy/irrational, cause = effect) So therefore it must be all those crazy hormones causing havoc, which men obviously don’t have (except men do have hormonal fluctuations). So maybe that’s what makes women the way they are (inaccurately stereotyped): the “female” hormones (that men have too)!
    All this makes me feel so gross. Like, seriously, can we not acknowledge the complete idiocy of the whole idea of “male” and “female” brains. When d00ds like this get so much airtime to spout their hate speech about women’s cognitive abilities, why shouldn’t women be offended, frustrated, angered, and speak out about it? It’s not as if all of history and time has been trying to tell us we’re subhuman and stupid and irrational and can’t do the manly-man jobs, but now feminists are even supposed to embrace this idea??

    1. “Like if women are uppity and crazy and irrational (stereotypes that male supremacy creates)”
      Every woman i’ve ever known in real life made it clear when they were on their periods, they proclaimed it to everyone and also stated all the stereotypical stuff about it. So how is that male supremacy with it exactly?
      “They’ve even studied whether mood swings are caused by “female” hormones and it’s BS too – the mood swings/mental PMS that people claim exists doesn’t.”
      I’d like to see a link to a study about that. That seems true to me, but whenever I’ve stated that view women said that it’s not true and that periods do in fact make them crazy etc…

      1. something DRIVING you crazy is not the same thing as something MAKING you crazy.

  12. I think I’m gonna, yanno, puke! There have been scientific studies proving that Men’s (NOT WOMEN”S) brains shrink as they age, so maybe his brain is, yanno, shrinking due to his XY chromosomes.
    I guess I should stop playing the tuba, fixing things around the house and working on computers and go do “girly things” I need to buy a whole new wardrobe!
    P.S. On another note, my local Public Radio Station was doing a report on black bears, and the reporter said something about scientists learning things about them including their “gender.” I sent a polite but firm note, and surprise, surprise, I have not heard a response. When will the madness end?????

  13. So the, you start thinking with white matter as opposed to men thinking with grey matter. So where I was able to make split decisions flying and being in really rough conditions, weather conditions- I don’t know if I’d be as good a pilot because now I’m using white matter and I’m becoming- that really bridges the left and right brains, and you become a consensus builder. You start being more analytical. Not as impulsive as you were when you’re a guy.”

    Oy – I’m afraid to get onto google and look up white matter, which I never heard of until right now. Maybe he means “white rabbit” as in who he followed down the rabbit hole.
    I’m with druidwinter – this is like early onset Alzheimer’s. This stuff gets crazier and crazier, becoming like an endless 2 year old temper tantrum mixed with delirium.

    1. Reminder to readers that due to GenderTrender’s open commenting policy ALL comments go through moderation. Kinda sucks, huh? Sorry.
      BTW you all are CRACKING ME UP with your comments today- hahahahahaha! I love it.

      1. Thanks, Gallus – I just changed my name to Delphyne49 in order to prevent any confusion with delphyne.

  14. No news. Some gay men hyper-masculinize before, or instead of coming out. Transgender theory gives them a cover now. Look! I’m not gay! It was a birth defect all along!
    What would the Village People look like if they happened now?

  15. There is no end to this stupid fuck’s idiocy. Did someone leave the last letter from off his name? Like a “D”?
    I don’t know where he got the bullshit about white & grey brain matter. It’s explained pretty easily here and it’s got nothing to do with the sexual makeup of the person. Desperation driven fantasies & inferior thinking of a less than adequate intellect.
    Ditto the possession of ‘hypermasculine traits of androgen resistant individuals.’ Androgen resistant doesn’t exist as a term but androgen insensitivity does and as we know those babies don’t turn out male but are most often identified as female because in the absence of androgens the human body defaults to it original female form but not function.
    Blowing smoke out of his ass will soon be mistaken (by him) as menstruation.

  16. On the bright side, this dude’s nonsense should make for some interesting and humorous watching as trans eats their own since, after all, Tur has singlehandedly provided the quotes of the day that illustrate why trans won’t be allowed in the military if they come out. Sandeen must be beside himself right about now…

  17. Holy crap, the crazy and junk science just continue to spew from ol’ Bob at this HuffPo interview. Some choice nuggets:
    “The story (his tranniness) has gone international. I was really well known around the world for the O.J. Simpson chase and the LA Riots….I was well known.”
    “This is a genetic thing, and the only way to treat it is with estradiol (a sex hormone). If you’re male to female, it’s a brain genetic issue. And with females to males, it’s a polycystic ovarian problem. I was born with a female corpus callosum, which is a white matter structure in the brain. It’s the white matter that connects the left and right cerebral hemispheres.”
    Okaaaaaaaay…then his vaingloriousness once again rears its ugly head:
    “I have started throwing out Emmys and awards….I did a lot of those aggressive rescues. I remember the Coast Guard refused a rescue, and the sheriff’s department and fire department refused as well. I wound up doing it and pulled 54 people out.”
    Aaaand back to the junk science:
    “Being male was killing me in another way. I had three heart attacks and triple-bypass surgery. I was a genetically predisposed to heart disease. I never smoked or drank heavily. I was producing so much testosterone that it was killing me.”
    And of course the backpedaling regarding his statements about female pilots has already begun as well. I won’t bother to copy that here; go read if you’re interested.
    But let’s finish up with this little gem:
    “And one last thing: I love the fact that I am interested in makeup and shopping [laughs].”
    But noooooo, it’s not a fetish! No sirree…Bob.

  18. They may be able to fly helicopters, but they are not scientists, and certainly we should send this guy back to biology 101. Sheesh…

  19. This reminds me of the futurama episode where Bender “becomes a woman robot” to compete in the women’s robot olympics and wins first place. Bender claims that men are better at being women than actual women. It’s portrayed as must a joke but in reality we have these straight autogynephiles claiming this as reality.
    It’s really upsetting that as a gay male I must accept this shit to be PC, I don’t think anybody should be discriminated for who they are. But this doesn’t mean het married white men can claim oppression over us because of some fetish of being a woman.
    (sorry, best vid on youtube I can find of it).
    And most het autogynephiles are conservative? Hardly surprising, these people are not our allies.

  20. (snip) Garbage in the article about his flying skills going down the drain with HRT because of his brain “lady-fying”. (/snip)
    Women have been flying in dangerous situations since the 1930s. Obviously, this dude has never heard of the WASPs. And since 1993, women have been allowed to fly in combat.
    Anyone told these women that their lady-fied brains can’t handle the G forces and split second decisions required to handle fighter jets? Or combat ops?
    Maj. Jackie Parker
    Maj. Nicole “Fifi” Malachowski
    Maj Shawna Rochelle Kimbrell
    Amos Meets America’s 1st Black Female Fighter Pilot – Maj. Rochelle Kimbrell
    In the Malachowski video, there’s a pic of Obama signing the Congressional Gold Medal for the WASPs. Fifi was there in the pic. So is Maj. Bobbi Doorenbos (now retired due to Multiple Sclerosis).
    All women want is to finally get the numbers in place so that people stop seeing us as an oddity in these fields. This guy in the article above simply wants to be seen as an oddity. The more public and the more spotlight on him the better.
    Gender is cultural poison.

  21. im so fucking tired of these men trying to erase women’s presence. it seems like the closer we get to equality, the more of these mother fuckers come out of the woodwork. how much fucking attention do these testosterone filled neanderthals in makeup need? hey DUDE, you arent a lesbian. you’re a MAN whose injecting HIMSELF with estrogen and hoping some pansexual genderqueer will tell you youre a pretty girl and qualify as lesbian. neither i nor any of my friends would touch him or any of his compatriots with a 10 foot pole. YOU WILL NEVER LOOK, SMELL, SOUND, FEEL, or BE LIKE a woman! lesbians know whats up. its all the gender queer people filling these weirdos heads up with false hope. aint a damned true lesbian on this blue planet who’d let him buy her a beer, let alone fuck.

  22. Gallus Mag, your comments here are even more brilliant than usual. I understand the focus on Mr. Tur as being a particularly repulsive, female-hating female impersonator, but it looks like your other analysis if being ignored — which is your explaining how females who are Butch and who refuse to obey the rules of male-identified “femininity” are oppressed not just by all men, including men who pretend to be women, but also by women claiming to be “radical feminists,”
    Too many “feminists” are so freaked out by Lesbians who just want to be our natural female selves (without any of the posing or appearance that men demand we adhere to), that it could really help all feminists personally as well as politically to finally get what Butch oppression is all about — especially when you explain it so clearly.
    I also really appreciate your reminder of how the Indigo Girls betrayed our last bastions of female-only space — the Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival.

  23. are you fing kidding me? you say you are a woman yet you systematically throw all womyn under the bus. What the h@ll is this stuff about womyns brains being different…. total utter bs and nonsense you know. dude just so you know i’d say over 90 percent of ftm do not pass. tinny fake voices bad wigs and total fake boobs do not make a womyn a woman maybe but not a womyn so please keep your mysogenic beliefs to yourself.

  24. How is it that they all seem to look like The Joker—the unhinged grin, and eyes spinning? Hideous. I wonder if the journalist was not mocking him just a bit. I mean I read it and he comes off sounding like a class A idiot. But who knows.
    And the thrill is on again—“Brain Change” the attention, lotions, more KY, false eye lashes, tits. So much to look forward to, the male bonding at Sephora. Really if they can afford it Laura Mercier has a nice line for women of a certain age (and he’s more than there) but it is very subtle. They tend to gravitate more toward the “smash box” teen line. But one of the lipsticks by Mercier is called “pouty baby” and it even smells like Mom’s did—that should be worth the $24 just for the memories.
    Here is what is so disturbing, as if it can be narrowed down, not. The fact that anyone buys this line of crap and the way the Cross dressing has been elevated to some kind of new PC cause. How? Because it is male and everything male must be protected? What can be done? Could someone please explain to me how this has happened? Please. There is zero research that supports one word of this and most of the “professionals” are MSW or LSWs with a few docs that never even meet the person—the supposed battery of tests—are utter bullshit. Is there any possibility that LBG will kick these guys to the curb already? How long until the fad passes. Or is the hard on a very special, and rare orchid. Please god I promise, and you all know it too, that the cheap negligee is stiff with dried jizz. Do the laundry you pig.
    They have done everything they can as men and know there is no more power or attention or thrill for them. They can’t live without it so they next thing to conquer is being a woman. They get to be “reborn” and begin the whole conquest over again. It doesn’t hurt that they have a long history and are adept at lying and manipulation. Srsly, what’s going to stop this?
    I think the kids—on the gender bend trend will have regret in huge numbers. That maybe 10 years down the road. I don’t know how these cross dressers with go. Many will be aging out of the work force soon. And no job means they get to devote themselves to erasing women. Some suicide because of the rage, the misogyny and the fact that they will never be honest. What really is vile are these mostly women MSW and LSW that foster this crap—so “caring and supportive.” I honestly hope that in the future these “health professionals” are tried like Nazi war criminals. As for the early onset Alzheimer’s will the care center provide 3xs dilations –I pity the nurse’s aids.

      1. What a surprise that they expect over worked and under paid women to care for their phallicentric delusions. This is so fucked up 🙁

      2. Some of the lowest paid health workers of course. Can’t have the actual nurses do it. That’s below their pay grade.

    1. “The Alliance also wants staff in residential care facilities to be trained in the needs of transgendered people, such as trans-specific health needs. “For example, trans women living with dementia and BPSD will require daily vaginal dilation, if they have had vaginoplasty,” the submission says.”

      Sex After Dementia

      1. Wha…? Where…where am I? I….oh, I’m O.K., I JUST PASSED OUT FROM THE REVOLTINGNESS, THAT’S ALL.

      2. If they have dementia, and their medical made intercourse sheath needs daily dilation, how often are they expecting to have insertional sex? If they won’t be having sex, they don’t need daily dilation. I refuse to call it vaginal dilation because they don’t have vaginas. And if someone with dementia cannot consent to anything and they are institutionalized, why are we talking about sex in the first place? Wouldn’t that be rape, that they can’t legally consent?

      3. Makes perfect sense. Now if a woman need “dilation” for some reason–it would not be a topic and it would not happen.

      4. “Vaginal” dilation staff times and costs can come out of the real-women diaper costs. Currently, if FAB women don’t have private health care/benefits from a tech/pilot/sealing job, they get two diapers a day. In order to accommodate the vag dilation and aide swooning time in the centre budget, FAB women will be restricted to one diaper per day.

      5. “If they have dementia, and their medical made intercourse sheath needs daily dilation, how often are they expecting to have insertional sex? If they won’t be having sex, they don’t need daily dilation. I refuse to call it vaginal dilation because they don’t have vaginas. And if someone with dementia cannot consent to anything and they are institutionalized, why are we talking about sex in the first place? Wouldn’t that be rape, that they can’t legally consent?”
        A very important issue to raise. I think as well that the nurses may not want (nor should they have to,) be forced into penetrating these men.

      6. Wut. And it will be the minimum-wage earning nurses aid who is forced to do these. Horrifying how these craggy old perverts will keep traumatizing and victimizing women well into their twilight years.

    2. I read something interesting about care guidelines and theory being worked out specifically for late transitioners with dementia.
      What happens when they forget they are pretending to be the opposite sex? From the article:
      “As Mary’s dementia progresses, as her cognitive capacity declines and as her recent memories regress, she is most likely to retain the memories of her life in her 20s or 30s. At that time Mary identified and lived as a man. She was a husband and a father. As Mary’s memory fades and she is left with just the memories of her earlier, male life, who will she become, who will she be?”

      1. This should to some extent raise a few questions. If “identity” is so deep and so true and everything else was “play acting for society” then the memories should include the real identity forced to “play act” If they all knew since they were 3 it should be the last thing the forget. I think this says it is a choice and there is not a whole lota truth to any of the narratives they throw out.

    3. What, you mean you don’t think this:

      is the perfect passing image of woman??? How transphobic of you! 🙂

    4. I definitely feel worse for the “trender” kids. This guy and others like him had a full life already, grew to adulthood and did whatever they did, had a chance for kids if they wanted ’em, all that. Now they’re having some “adventures” and causing hassles for OTHER PEOPLE (which definitely should be called out) but harm to themselves is on them.
      But the young kids who are brainwashed into thinking they must be the other sex because of their behavior, into thinking they have birth defects, all due to their extremely gender-worshipping parents planting that idea so early, kids thinking they know themselves at age 14, like they’re never going to change or think differently, so they have irreversible surgeries and give up potential fertility and just… never have a normal healthy childhood. Instead of learning to stand up for themselves and be who they are (a valid brain in a valid body) they’re told they’re broken and then sign up for a lifetime dependency on medical procedures, only to (far too often) never quite pass anyway and never be truly accepted anywhere. They might wish they were born girls, for a variety of reasons, but the truth is you can’t change sex, as they will realize possibly too late after they try.
      I cringe enough thinking of some of the terrible tattoo decisions some of these kids make, and yet this is far, far worse. I too imagine there is going to be a lot of regret.

      1. @Bruce_Lilly2 – Yep, it’s all about the “race against time” to supposedly give these kids a better chance at “passing.” They know that if they go through male puberty they can’t undo the effects of testosterone and will likely always have that “man in a dress” thing going on (or in the case of F2T, always have the wider hips and remain short), but in order to avoid that they need to have kids making decisions before they can possibly know long term just what they really want – and that’s even before getting into the issues of how these treatments don’t actually change your sex, anyway.
        I cringe at a lot of the things I thought at 16, things I thought would never change. I thought I knew everything, like most 16 year old kids do. It seemed high school was an eternity.
        Meanwhile today someone linked me to a post over at the Huffington Post (http://www.huffingtonpost.com/sunny-bjerk/when-will-transgender-new-yorkers-gain-acceptance-in-hospitals_b_3415304.html) and digging into the comments, there’s a story of an M2T person who is among those supposedly denied care, but it turns out that the main issues seem to be (1) not wanting to be outed as trans, so not mentioning he’s trans, and then wow, not getting appropriate treatment at first (being post-op, outward appearances were at first deceiving), (2) other more general questions about “what ward should trans patients be on?” – they’d be outed, again, if M2T people are in the men’s ward, etc, and (3) people as always wanting required charity care to fund ongoing hormone treatment because it’s essential for life.
        They treated the guy. His UTI was fixed. They just weren’t experts in the special issues of post-op people. I’m not sure just what people were expecting? If you have any other very specialized health issues as a poor person relying on charity care in the US, odds are you’re not going to be fully satisfied either. Which is a problem, but IMHO not some specifically hating on the trans* population problem. And honestly, if you have PHYSICAL medical needs, you probably should be prepared to be honest about your physical bodily status with the doctor. A lot of the problems seem to stem from people who think they’re going to somehow “pass” at the hospital.
        Anyway, the comments in this thread on dilation in nursing homes sort of brought it to mind, that plus this subthread here on the kids, just because really what they’re doing is signing up for a LIFETIME of specialist odd medical needs. Always needing hormones, always needing dilation, supposedly needing doctors who are specialized in the care of post-op trans anatomy (who are necessarily rare just given the numbers). And yeah, you’re signing up for a lifetime of being “that weird person who had a bunch of surgery and how has non-standard anatomy and has to explain all this to the doctor and possibly get stared at.”
        …at 14 or 16. It boggles the mind.

      2. Adrian,
        You brought up several interesting points. First, the problem of very young people making life-lasting decisions: a blog that I mentioned in another post here, called Transforming Family, is written by the mother of a 15-year-old girl who believes herself to be male. The parents now have her on testosterone, with a mastectomy scheduled for this summer. The mother wrote a post about how angry she was at the evil radfems for expressing doubt – the usual blahblah. One of the points she used was that it was “adultism” for us to be doubting; meaning that it was an inherent self-righteousness and arrogance as adults to think we know better than a teenager, especially around something as important as self-identity.
        Well…yeah. I mean, I get what she’s saying, and of course I do think that by the time someone is a teenager their thoughts and feelings should definitely, absolutely be taken into account, but then where does the role of parenting come into play? Where does the fact that one of the major parts of parenting is plain old protection? Or the idea that yes, I DO think that with several decades more life experience, and thus having learned how much things change (including myself), I DO think I generally know better than a teenager? That’s adultism? Having the maturity to know to take a more thoughtful, measured course of action, before making irreversible bodily changes? I mean, for Pete’s sake, the mother in that blog tells of how they went from very conservative, home-schooling Christians to way more liberal in a matter of months – and they did that as adults. (She’d been raised conservative Christian as well.) But yet she’s full-steam-ahead with not only pharmaceutically altering her daughter’s puberty, but having rather major and medically unnecessary surgery performed on her too. Alrighty then. God forbid she should be, yanno, adultist, and say, let’s take this just a little slower. (Her answer to this is that her kid will kill herself if made to wait.)
        As to that HuffPo article – as you said, the guy WAS treated. Then the doc had the “nerve” to tell him, hey, you need to stop
        being a prostitute ’cause it’s going to give your neovag untold numbers of urinary tract infections. I guess that’s considered hateful now. And why trans people seem to think that they should be exempt from the awkwardness of having to explain your body to a doctor (all of us have to do this, to some degree or another, especially the longer we live), or to have a doctor be puzzled by something about your body (been there too), well, it’s just more of the special snowflake syndrome.
        Also in the comments at that HuffPo article is a comment from a man who complains that “I did go to a psychiatric hospital in NY once for some depression issues caused by being transgender and the hospital refused to treat and house me as a girl and put me in an unsafe environment with criminal boys. Needless to say it didn’t help with my treatment.” I guess the women in the women’s wing of the hospital, many of whom
        were very probably sexually abused (oh, call it a hunch), were supposed to just deal with it. ‘Cause he has needs, doncha know?

    5. Gallus, “thanks” for the link about dilation assistance for bedridden autogynephiles. It was the last thing I saw before i went to sleep last night, and it’s been making me feel sick all day.
      In order to keep living my life, I have to believe there are ways to be trans/transsexual that are not offensive or oppressive to females, and that are not dependent on involving other people in your sex life. But whoever wrote these guidelines is a sick fuck.
      If a person is too old to masturbate on their own, it’s nobody else’s job to do it for them. And that’s exactly what this is – masturbation. AIS women have the same requirement to dilate, but I’ll eat my hat if any AIS woman EVER in the history of the world demanded to be dilated in an assisted care facility.
      “They need to maintain the vagina in order to feel feminine and complete.” Ugh. Is the same nurse going to have to clean up their laydee juice after they jizz? Do they get to take viagra before the session? Fuck!

    6. What really is vile are these mostly women MSW and LSW that foster this crap—so “caring and supportive.” I honestly hope that in the future these “health professionals” are tried like Nazi war criminals.
      Thank you, Motherhood for saying this. I’m coming to this conversation late and just catching up so please bear with me in my effort to heal myself from “dying of being unable to say anything” to others in my community.
      About MSW and LSW asshatedness: I went to an Outyouth volunteer orientation. The entire meeting was devoted to introducing ourselves. The facilitator asked us to introduce ourselves and then state what gender pronoun we preferred. WHAT GENGER PRONOUN WE PREFER??? WTF? Are we not supposed to teach a young, confused person what biologic sex it is?? Forty people participated in this. Mostly grad students and phd candidates. It was sick. I was watching medicine justify itself and prey upon young gays and lesbians under the premise of caring and supporting. Outyouth is a trannie mill.

  25. That site is very revealing. Old Lesbians have nothing like that, but these are men of course. The poor nurses and nurses’ aids will be being sexually abused to have to deal with what those men demand. It is beyond revolting….
    And the men who are still present will sure be getting off on it, won’t they?

  26. I’m pretty sure Amelia Earheart would be sitting in pretty big contradiction to his whole “women can’t be pilots” bullshit.
    Jesus Christ. These men are fucked.

  27. Thank you Lesbionic and Motherhood Sez…wonderful posts you two. And I remember watching the slow ride of OJ Simpson down that freeway chased by a dozen cop cars. Sure these guys get to be in male trades, have male careers, be husbands and fathers, and way more success at least financially than most women can ever dream of, and respect in their careers AS MEN, whereas women who try to be in these same careers are dismissed, not promoted, not given the same opportunities and certainly not the same privileges.
    I LOVED the video of the female fighter pilot and her sheros during WW2. So interesting both as a tradeswoman myself and our tradeswomen organization honoring the Rosie the Riveters in all the trades they did on the homefront, our tradeswoman foremothers, and now her filling us in to WW2 female fighter pilots, how these FEMALE accomplishments have been so buried and ignored, Some asshole comes along yet AGAIN, saying he’s a “Lesbian” and as Lesbionic says, no REAL Lesbian is gonna want a former male, because no matter how good his surgeries and hormones, he still won’t be Female, won’t understand Female experiences from birth, nor what our bodies go through in puberty, our bleeding, our ability or fear of impregnation, or going through menopause, and the immense amount of daily discrimination in so many ways we face. He HAD his privileges, now he wants to be a ‘woman’. Genderqueer=gender fucked up. Not pansexual, not alphabet soup, nor do I want to be. DYKE through and through, and it’s US DYKES who see through just this kind of asshole and assholism!
    IF he SO wanted to be a woman, why didn’t he do it when he just emerged from puberty then? It’s all bullshit, I don’t buy it, especially from the socially conservative white male autogynophilic types who have had all the social privileges and experiences white hetero males get. They basically hate gay men, and they so want to be in the pants of Lesbians while being so fucking self absorbed they’re willing to jettison their wives and entire families for their delusions, stealing her clothes and simpering around while she continues to raise the kids, do the chores and the dishes and cooks for him. It just proves what a conservative movement the trans movement is.
    Then this nonsense about ‘grey matter’ and ‘white matter’? He’s justifying that women won’t or don’t make good helicopter or fighter pilots, or commercial jetcraft airplane pilots or any other nontraditional trade we’ve been beating the doors down for YEARS to get into and taking training to get there? What a sexist mother fucker!
    Stupid, stupid, stupid, and it’s women like you who help me feel more sane in this insanity!!!! Black is white, war is peace, slavery is freedom and ignorance is strength and on and on and on……let’s end this insanity now!
    P.S. maybe they need to do studies on why middle aged males feel they gotta make the switch. Why do they want to steal female skins and coopt womonhood. What kind of b.s. is going on inside them that they want to deny all the privileges they’ve floated on their entire lives as flesh penis holders? Almost like a disease overtakes ’em. OR maybe they think being a ‘woman’ will ease them from responsibility in their personal and high pressured work lives…..but it has NOTHING to do with REAL bio female womonhood in the least!

    1. “no REAL Lesbian is gonna want a former male, because no matter how good his surgeries and hormones, he still won’t be Female”
      …maybe he’ll end up with another man in drag who also claims to be a lesbian. 😛

      1. Trans”women” should date each other. After all, they both claim loudly to be women and lesbian. Then we’ll all stand back and watch them kill one another. I can just imagine the drama, delusion and bitchiness. MEOW. Two grown ass men trying to out woman each other and arguing about who is going to take it in the ass that night.. Oh, gawd, it should be a reality show.

        1. I just laughed out loud reading your comments.
          My boyfriend wanted to know what was so funny, but I demurred. He’s supportive of trans, and I don’t really want to have another argument about all that… *sigh*
          Anyway, thanks for the chuckles!

      2. “He’s supportive of trans, and I don’t really want to have another argument”
        Tell him to go suck a “lady stick”.

        1. He’s a good guy and he means well, but like so many well-meaning types, he’s accepted the PC propaganda. We did have a discussion about it and I think he respects my point of view, although he doesn’t really “get” it.
          He argued in favor of the whole “brain sex” theory by bringing up that story of the boy who experienced a botched circumcision in infancy and was raised as a girl, not knowing that he was actually biologically male. I felt like I dropped the ball because I didn’t have a good counter-argument at my fingertips and the best I could come up with was something like, “uh, well, he actually WAS male.”
          What would you say?

      3. @Versa – I’d start with the Wikipedia article on David Reimer (the boy in question). There have also been some other posts on his case lately (here? I can’t recall right now) taking on the brain-sex crowd in particular, pointing out what you can learn from the Wiki article too – namely that his childhood was ANYTHING but normal, he did not have “normal” outward girl anatomy, and the treatment by the psychologist was pretty much sexual abuse. He was raised with the knowledge that something was wrong with him the whole time, even if he didn’t have details, and the treatments were all about pushing gender roles on both him and his twin. His parents knew exactly what the story was, of course, and you can’t say that didn’t influence how they treated him, as it seems to have affected them a great deal.
        The brain-sex believers like to paint his case as if he had some uneventful surgery to cosmetically make a normal looking vulva in place of his penis and all was perfectly fine being raised as “just a normal girl” after that until he realized in adulthood why he was having these strange feelings about sex and gender, but… it just isn’t that simple.

        1. Thanks, Adrian. I’ll read up on it and hopefully be better prepared to address the topic next time. 🙂
          If I’d had gender roles forced on me, I’d have wanted to be a boy, too. In fact, I almost did want to be a boy when I was a young girl, not because I felt like I had a boy brain (whatever that is), but because it seemed like boys had, you know, privileges and stuff, and they were… I guess “supposed to be” the way I was.
          I was a tomboy. I liked playing outdoors and wasn’t interested in Barbies. I preferred tank tops and shorts over dresses, and was once told by another girl at my elementary school that I was in the wrong restroom. (Heh… maybe I should have told her I was a girl trapped in a boy’s body. That would have made it okay [had I actually had a boy’s body], right?)
          But when the thought crossed my mind that it might be preferable to be a boy, I took that thought and showed it the door. I decided then and there that there was nothing wrong with being a girl, and I could still be whatever I wanted in life.
          And I have been, and I have no objections to being female, and I don’t sit around hating my body or my chromosomes or telling the world “I’m really a male inside, ’cause I like to do weight training and mathematics.” Screw that.
          Maybe that’s the problem with trans*. What they really hate is being boxed into a certain gender role that feels wrong to them. I don’t blame them. But instead of rejecting gender roles like I did, they’ve accepted as gospel what society wanted them to believe about sex and gender roles. They need my rebellious streak. 😛
          Or maybe they’re just fetishists. 😛

      4. Reimer also had a terribly difficult childhood unrelated to “gender”, full of poverty and alcoholism and homelessness. His twin brother committed suicide the year before David did.

      5. Reimer was publicly “outed” in Rolling Stone magazine by Milt Diamond, a graduate student who was trying to make a name for himself by discrediting John Money.

      6. @Versa – something else about Reimer, too: He was a kid, born with a brain, and with a body. He had his personality, likes and dislikes, and all that. He was who he was.
        But then there was the accident, and oops, no penis.
        As an attempt to make some sort of normal-looking genitalia (which didn’t work, but…) they formed what was left into a facsimile of girl genitalia. That’s bad enough, but perhaps well-meaning.
        But the problem starts after that. Now, BECAUSE he has “girl genitalia” his parents and the doctor decide that he has to “act like a girl” and so try to force “feminine” gender roles on him, make him wear dresses, “play like a girl,” and during what read like sexual abuse sessions, force him to act out the “female” “taking it” sexual role. (Yes, as a CHILD. I’m horrified.)
        So basically he was put through “reparative therapy” to force him to be some “self” that he never was. The doctor wanted to somehow show that people’s “gendered” likes and dislikes are all manipulable from society.
        Now, I agree with the trans* movement (and anyone else) in thinking that reparative therapy is terrible and to be avoided. That’s the one part about this entire case that they and I agree on. It’s terrible when used to force gay people to pretend to be straight and it’s terrible when it’s used to force people to conform to some “gender roles” based on the shape of their bits.
        But where I part ways with the trans* movement big time is, the trans* movement thinks that some ways of brain, some personalities, some likes/dislikes, however inborn, must “match” a certain set of genitalia. They feel that way just as strongly as Reimer’s parents and doctor did, only they realize that you can’t change the brain so they think the answer is to change the body. They think their perfectly healthy bodies are a birth defect.
        The answer, to me, is to let the kid be who he is in whatever body he’s born with and let that be OKAY. Even if they made the first mistake and made his genitalia outwardly look like girls’ genitalia and called him a girl, if they’d let him be himself (“herself” then) as a tomboy girl if that’s how he would have turned out, there probably would be far less issues – of course we’ll never know though since his very non-standard physical issues and over everything else the sexual abuse outweighs it all and overshadows everything. From the get-go his case is NOT any kind of good case to make rules from.
        But don’t put your kid in reparative therapy. Don’t put your kid on hormones and surgery either. Just let your kid BE already!
        You can unfortunately find doctors out there who are the opposite of the trans*-happy hormone prescribers, who take the opposite tack and tell parents that they should force their kids (particularly “feminine” boys) to abandon all the play they like, to not ever play with girls, to force them into stereotypical “boy”-marked clothing and appearance, to try and make them “kick the habit” so they won’t get teased in school. So everything gets weirdly sexualized, yeah that will mess a kid up.
        Leave those kids alone, as they say…

        1. “The answer, to me, is to let the kid be who he is in whatever body he’s born with and let that be OKAY.”
          YES. Thank you. That’s exactly how I see it, too.

      7. “the best I could come up with was something like, “uh, well, he actually WAS male.”
        You could bring up women who have androgen insensitivity syndrome. In the most extreme cases, these people are biologically male, have XY chromosomes, but appear, externally, completely female. Since no one realizes they’re not female until later in life, these women are raised as girls/women since birth. I’m not aware that they identify as men at higher rates than any woman born woman.

    2. Well this guy was no doubt giving OJ three cheers or more all the way down the highway.

    1. Is Tur claiming that women with PCOS are actually men? I’m having a hard time wrapping my head around this.
      Also, Macy v. Holder is in regards to a federal agency. Have Title VII complaints been litigated yet for private business? In any event, it’s exceedingly easy to discriminate against classes of people you don’t want working for you, you just don’t return their calls.

      1. Is this not the same guy that said his brain was shrinking into a woman’s brain, so he can no longer pilot a plane?? [As someone that flew a Cessna,-That was so offensive].
        I had a spark for hope there with the recognition of the fetishist looking to take advantage of the trans allowances for sexual enjoyment, but he has little to do with actual females if he feels that a male should be in-charge of mitchfest, he is another, ‘but, my dick is different, women should follow me’ guy.

      2. Don’t some of their transition narratives begin with a supposedly spontaneous hormone shift which starts turning them into women and leaves them no choice but to complete the process? Counting every woman with PCOS as a transman seems like one more attempt to normalize their behavior by stuffing as many people as possible (children playing dress-up, the dead, women with hormonal imbalances) into the clown car.

    2. Oh isn’t this lovely. I have PCOS. I’ve given birth to two children and been pregnant five times. I’d bet my OB would be surprised to hear that I am now a man.

  28. A WBW that is unattractive conventionally, or overweight, suffer from provable job discrimination as well as social harassment. I know that obese WBW get much more harassment and are psychologically abised, even physically harmed, more than trans are. This is because unlike trans shaming, fat shaming, is socially acceptable. Berbal abuse of the overweight is even considered positive and motivating (!!!) when under the rubric of “health”.
    So what about the medical costs of obesity? Bariatric weight loss surgery is covered and that can’t be cheap. Or related eating disorders? This is the hardest and most costly to treat appropriatley. How about girls and women harassed for large noses, scars, fat bellies, etc? Wouldn’t plastic surgery correct these things cut long term costs, and give women a better, healthier, life?*
    * No, I do not think anorexia or bulimia can be cured with weight loss surgery. I also don’t think transition is the right treatment for all but the most stubborn body dysphorias. Will cutting off limbs be next?
    While I also don’t think plastic surgery for other aesthetic discomforts is a good plan, I will not fault women that go this route to survive patriarchy.

  29. “In 120 days, your skin changes to female skin” – WTF??? There’s no such thing as “female skin”, Buffalo Bill … !!

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