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“So many of these guys suggests they are adrenaline and power junkies. And the autogynphila is part and parcel of that—they have a higher and higher threshold to stimulation. Troubling and disturbing and does not bode well.I have no doubt that in his mind he is not just a woman—he is a 16 year old girl. — daisy dukes, two ponytails and strawberry flavored lip-gloss heavy on the mascara, hope his mom gives him the heads up about mascara.
Good god who reads these books. A working text of just how far male privilege extends but also poignant tear-jerker of bravery and silent suffering— I’m thinking he will render it more painful than pulling on a nostril hair or twisting the clothes pins clamped on his nipples. Let me guess what it is going to say—he has always felt different (like people ever think or say yeah I felt exactly the same as everyone) and since he was three he knew he had a female brain. He tried to fight it but now he must be is “authentic” self. Read between the lines–a heterosexual male. Promises to be a real page-turner. Revised accurate version—fishnet =hard-on and hard-on=the mirror air kiss dance. His body does not have to match his “identity” his body has to augment his hard-on—and so too he will demand of women.”


5 thoughts on “RADFEM UP YOUR ASS

  1. Ah thanks. Is that a penis she is holding? It is standing–no fish-nets. Putting it up on my mantel.

  2. I’m experiencing the desire to attempt blogging again, but I always crash & burn. My last encounter with WordPress was pretty weak because I always felt overwhelmed (ie. there is so much vile misogyny going on, how do I choose a topic?), and then there was my short-lived Tumblr account, where one post caused a shitstorm of reblogging, resulting in a massive MRA & fun-fem carpet-bombing situation. *shrug* I wasn’t comfortable with all of the attention (especially since it was based on a comment that was taken out of context). I want to blog really bad, I have so much to say, but I’m not good at dealing with the mushroom trolls & their handmaidens.

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