The First Female Navy Seal?

navy seal kristin beck
Um, no.
This headline (with atrocious sexualized image) seen on the SOFNews website which caters to the Special Operations crowd should read:

“First Navy Seal lifestyle crossdressing sexual fetishist to maximize his retirement by embracing his hobby fulltime – not with pride, but by promoting the genderist philosophy that females are any persons, regardless of sex, who willingly conform to the sexualized, sexist, outdated stereotypes traditionally inflicted coercively and violently on humans who gestate offspring.”

But it was too long.
Chris, now “Kristin” Beck is a 46 year old twice divorced father of two now grown sons.
Christopher Todd Beck is also a lethal killing machine who retired in 2011 upon completing 13 deployments, including 7 combat deployments, in a 20 year career in the Navy SEALS, receiving a purple heart and a bronze star for valor. He now works as a consultant for U.S. Special Warfare Operations conducting “Irregular Warfare” seminars. Here is a powerpoint from one of his industry presentations (PDF.WARNING contains graphic visuals of decapitation and murder).
The US Navy announced in January its intention to integrate the all-male SEALS. Its guidelines for implementation were due to be submitted to the Secretary of the Defense May 15. Women are already attached to and deployed with SEAL teams but are ranked as “support”, and not official SEAL team members. No public release of information on whether these guidelines were submitted as scheduled has yet occurred.
Instead, on June 1 Beck in partnership with counterterrorism expert and Georgetown University Psychiatry professor Anne Speckhard have mounted a publicity campaign around a “sex-change memoir” published on the tiny Advances Press, a technical imprint devoted to, apparently, publishing Speckhard’s books on anti-abortion and counterterrorism.
According to a widely cited 2011 NGLTF survey: transgender Americans despite accessing higher education (PHD) at levels which double those of the general public, have high levels of criminality and suicidality. A whopping 20% of transgender Americans enter the US Military, versus 10% of the general public.  For unknown reasons transgender Americans mainly serve in the Army and Navy.
Nearly every heterosexual male transgender activist who has headed or served on the board of an LGBT organization is a military veteran.
From ABC News:

“Brandon Webb, a former SEAL who served on a different SEAL team than Beck, said that Beck’s reputation in the SEALs was a good one and said she was, by all appearances, the “consummate guy’s guy.”

But the book says that Chris “had considered living as the woman he felt himself to be for a very long time, but while he was serving as a SEAL he couldn’t do it.”

“For years Chris had turned off his sexuality like a light switch and lived as a warrior, consumed with the battle — living basically asexual. For Chris the other SEALs were brothers and in the man’s man warrior lifestyle, even if he had wanted to entertain sexual thoughts, there really was never any time to be thinking too much about sexuality,” the book says.

 After her retirement in 2011, however, “Now seemed the right time to go for it — to make his body match his identity — or at least start by dressing like a woman in his regular life.”


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  1. If they make a movie it can star Zach Galifianakis…
    (it’s the beard, it’s the beard)

  2. I was struck by the open characterization of transition as “sexuality” –it does seem to be a clear admission of autogynephilia.

    1. Anon: me too. Trans philosophy is all about how you have to get your “true” gender straightened out before you know your “true” sexual orientation. So theoretically this would be an identity thing, not a sexual orientation thing, which would be resolved later.
      But if transitioning itself is perceived as a sexual experience, either you’re dealing with a fetish or a sexual releasor involved with giving in to pressures to gender role conform.
      Gay men in the military could surely experience such pressures in a big way, but the crossdressing does seem like a fetish. I dunno. It’s hard to understand what a repressive culture is doing to people, from the inside, especially if one is not one of those people (men). I’ve got my hands full just trying to process what it’s done to me.

    2. That’s actually pretty interesting. I wonder if it was a slip, or if they put it that way deliberately. In either case, watch for massive backpedaling on the part of m2t and allies who hoped to make a big deal of this. He’s probably not a “real” trans, donchaknow.

      1. Em: of course he’s not a real trans. Real trans want many tens of thousands of dollars donated to them via health insurance plans so they can have lots of body modification without having to pay for it.
        If they’d knock that shit off we could just see them as crazy and violent. But some of them actually want everybody else to help pay for them to perpetuate their madness.

  3. All the time, men do women better than actual …sorry “cis” women.
    Just like how Lana Wachowski is praised as being the highest grossing “female” director when he made The Matrix still as a man.
    So LGBT groups are wasting time and money again on some middle age white het? man who wants to play out his fantasy of barbie “Warrior Princess” in a mid life crisis after years of committing violence in the military and a life of privilege.

    1. Ks: I think “Barbie Warrior Princess” could get some play. She could be “Transgender Barbie’s” pal. And then, yeah, “Transgender Lesbian Barbie.” And they could use the same old doll molds. There’s money to be made here.

  4. If I weren’t already convinced that the entire concept of “transgender” is insulting to women, this would do it for me.
    Yeah, the “first female Navy SEAL.” Sure. Let’s give all of women’s “firsts” to men who manage to be first by virtue of being men, and then claim to be women in order to be record-setters.
    I suppose if Neil Armstrong announced he intended to become a woman, that would somehow mean that women have been to the moon.

    1. Versa: excellent point. What I’m seeing here is instead of a first for women, the culture is assigning the first to men who aren’t masculine enough to be categorized as men. So the default position is “women.”
      Even if you are a hard-core military guy with intact bits, if you want to wear dresses and make-up, you get downgraded. But you’re still of a higher class than we are.

    2. Well yeah, because don’t you realize, “I’ve been a woman all the time, even when I was 100% passing as a male and using male pronouns and when I was on the moon – I was a woman inside, where it counts.” (Add some glurge about feeling one with the moon because mystical wimmin stuff…) *eyeroll*
      And if you complain, well of course “yes I did TOO have a girlhood, because all those misogynistic messages girls get, I heard them and KNEW they applied to me (even when they weren’t being told directly to me, and even while I was encouraged to study science and be an elite test pilot and told I could be an astronaut, of course) and that WOUNDED me! Not only that, either! I had the EXTRA OPPRESSION of not only being wounded by the misogyny but also made to feel DYSPHORIA over it!”
      What, no female genitalia you say? Oh, but “I’ve always been a woman! And I own my body! That makes my genitalia be genitalia on a woman’s body! That makes them female genitalia! Ha! And as the owner of female genitalia that means I’m not just a woman, I’m female! Because feels!”
      …I don’t mean to insult the actual Neil Armstrong, surely he would not be so ridiculous! But yeah that’s how the argument works.
      As it is they count late transitioning academics on the women’s side of the ledger. I agree, I don’t think it’s fair at all because the whole point of tracking women vs. men in those sorts of things is about opportunities and chances, and if you had the “boy” version of all that stuff, it’s an advantage that doesn’t actually reflect the now “woman” overcoming anything.
      This guy could not be a SEAL as a woman, period, so it’s crazy to call him “the first female navy seal.” And, even for people who are fine with changing pronouns to refer to him, it’s not fair to do it retroactively when talking about the seal times.

      1. Right on… if he was a “he” while he was a SEAL, then he was a male SEAL. Even if we pretend that he’s now magically a woman despite his chromosomes, the past isn’t changed by that.
        And because of this ridiculous pretense, the first *real* female Navy SEAL will not receive the recognition and honor of being the first. Her accomplishment will be downgraded to the first “cisfemale” if she even gets recognized for it at all.
        If we go further down this rabbit hole, perhaps there never will be a real female Navy SEAL, because all we have to do is look at the fact that a retired SEAL can claim to be female, therefore there have already been female SEALs, therefore there’s no need to concern ourselves over creating sex equality in this elite group, ’cause it’s already there, so, yeah.
        Or with the moon landing — if one of the Apollo astronauts came out as transgender, then there would be no reason to think about sending women to the moon someday, because it’s already been done.
        A lot of well-meaning but misguided liberals are all over transgender equality and blah blah but they fail to see how much this runs counter to sex equality. What makes it so remarkable when a real woman breaks a glass ceiling is what she overcame to get there — all of the discrimination, discouragement, perhaps physical disadvantages where applicable, and so on — and how she proved that being female did not preclude her accomplishment.
        Transgender “women” claiming these positions negates such a breakthrough, and even reinforces the idea that *real* women can’t do such-and-such.

      2. ” I was a woman inside, where it counts.” (Add some glurge about feeling one with the moon because mystical wimmin stuff…) ”
        hahaha! so true!
        I really hate when people talk about the whole “divine masculine/divine feminine” bullshit

      3. @Vera: Yes, very well said. I believe that is the super-secret shady agenda of trannies; to completely bar females from any type of meaningful accomplishments. They are fixing it so that if a real woman feels she is, say, being denied a job opportunity based on her sex, some man will point to a tranny and say “We don’t discriminate against women. See her over there?”.
        Men play a very dirty game, and that is why they always win.

  5. How long before he starts “identifying” as lesbian?
    His body must match his identity? What fucking identity? Women aren’t an identity you fucking cockgoblins! Aaaaaargh!
    How is it that women are too weak willed for combat duty but the “laydee” brains are not? I thought we all had the same brain? Aren’t females too soft? Don’t we cry too much? How is it that they’re able to suppress all those delicate feelings woman supposedly have to kill people en masse? Also, how do they manage to suppress the urge to go without makeup and heels? Being a woman is all about the makeup and heels. And using the bathroom with females.
    Off topic: In regards to that MtT pole dancing champion, I think more MtT’s should get out of IT and into things like pole-dancing. The male reaction would be hilarious. If it’s good enough for us CISsies then surely the trans can do it. After all, their legs are sooo much better then ours. Trans-activists are all about sex-positivity. I think they should lead the charge, show all us bitter radfems how it’s done XD

    1. Well, Bethany, that’s a thought. The trans could take over women’s roles in war and porn and we could all work on getting ourselves organized to do something more pleasant.

      1. The problem is, straight men dont want to watch porn with guys if they are straight. Also, straight guys dont want to visit them as women prostitutes and dont desire other men as sexual partners, this angers them and they have chosen to blame women[mommy help me] for this rejection, and put it on us to solve their problem, They get jealous and see sexual attraction as a ‘privilege’

    2. “Women aren’t an identity” – Exactly. That’s the main message at the root of everything, I’m coming to think. It really does sum up the entire problem.
      Also it’s an excellent argument you raise for this specific situation – indeed, if this guy is going to claim the usual “but I’ve been a woman all along…” thing, then I have to ask my usual question of “just how did you realize it?” (which has never once been answered). As you point out, if it’s about the soft and weak stereotypes then how the hell did this guy serve in the seals?

    3. yes! yes a thousand times to this yes.
      “How is it that women are too weak willed for combat duty but the “laydee” brains are not? I thought we all had the same brain? Aren’t females too soft? Don’t we cry too much? How is it that they’re able to suppress all those delicate feelings woman supposedly have to kill people en masse? Also, how do they manage to suppress the urge to go without makeup and heels? Being a woman is all about the makeup and heels. And using the bathroom with females. ”
      thank you! they don’t even let FEMALES be navy seals, we are only enough to “support” the male seals. i wonder if this douchenozzle would actually be allowed to go back to active duty or if he would just be made “support” now he is a “woman”?
      i doubt it. his male privilege would be shining through his every fucking pore.

  6. “For Chris the other SEALs were brothers and in the man’s man warrior lifestyle, even if he had wanted to entertain sexual thoughts, there really was never enough time to be thinking too much about sexuality.
    Considering the massive problem the military has with rape, the last part of that sentence is a hunka-hunka bullshit. I’m not saying that Chris ever committed sexual assault, but when even the people in charge of helping to prevent assault are themselves assaulting enlisted women, yeah. Bullshit. They’ve obviously found the time to rape women. In their busy day.

    1. 80% of the casualties of any war are women and children. Men obviously aren’t the target. Rape is in fact a military strategy and standard operating procedure. If these men rape their own comrades, just imagine what they do to the enemy’s women and children. So odds are extremely high that these men have already participated in the rape, torture and murder of women and children. Why else would men volunteer for duty? It certainly isn’t for the pay. It’s obviously for the free rape, torture and murder of women and children.
      Now the question becomes, did these men eat the heart, liver, uteruses, and brains of their victims and have it with a little Chianti? Men often eat the heart and drink the blood of their kills. By doing so, their kill becomes part of them. Perhaps this is in part why so many military men claim they’re women?
      Whatever the case, men who have served in the military are extremely dangerous. They are trained to hate, despise, and dehumanize women so they can perform these atrocities on women. Add cops to the list. Most cops are former military.

      1. And these are the ONLY casualties I care about. Put on a uniform, expect to die or be maimed. You had a choice, civilians have none.

  7. Examples like this blow my mind. All day I hear transactivists saying trans women never benefited from male privilege or were socialized as men because internally they felt like women. These kind of examples are so insulting. A man whose career literally only existed because he was a man— if born woman would have been denied the same career– now gets to be called the first woman navy seal. AHHH

  8. So of course this asshole appropriates a lesbian hero, natch.
    I miss Xena. I need to get that show on DVD. To Amazon! (har!)

  9. Here is a quote from the Atlantic Wire::
    At the same time, Warrior Princess is still poised to have an effect on military policy. Even after the long-sought repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, which barred gay servicemembers from discussing their sexuality, transgender individuals remain banned from entering military service. (Co-writer Anne Speckhard writes that Beck “didn’t feel he was gay. But he also didn’t feel he was a man, so he didn’t really know how to negotiate a sexual relationship whilst in a man’s body. He was lost—with no maps, no compass, and no guide.”) So perhaps this memoir, which documents the secret torment of one of the U.S. military’s most effective and loyal agents, will lay the groundwork for even greater inclusion in the armed forces.
    See what Speckhard is doing there??
    THIS has to do Princess Seal “negotiating” sexual intercourse. His “torment” should now be what?? A gay/lesbian issue? A feminist issue? An armed forces issue? A DADT issue??
    It’s bullshit.
    Right now we are finally at a MAJOR VISIBLE PINNACLE of change addressing rape in the Armed Services. It is a NO#1 priority from top brass down and I have this information first hand.
    The outrageous numbers of female sexual assault/rape, unreported/reported atrocities towards rape victims is visible and being critically addressed.
    Most trans and trans advocates want to focus on male “gender identity” and male sexuality w/ZERO REGARD to addressing REAL problems to female active duty service members. Don’t believe me??
    Go to OUTSERVES website or FB page. They are showcasing 30days of Pride and well known misogynist tg “activist” Sadeen, who stalks, harasses and threatens lesbians… was honored on DAY 2. So far everyday has featured specific males and activist groups w/featured male photos.
    Wonder why?? Oh probably has something to do w/OUTSERVES Allyson Robinson, Executive Director who is a male to tg and IDs as a “lesbian”.
    Boys are very important when they want to be “girly”.

  10. It’s all consistent with the revisionist history they are so fond of. Interesting that all of this is associated with an “expert” in PTSD…
    Oh, and complete with the whole fathering kids bullshit. If they want to play dress-up, it makes me no difference, but why do they have to fuck up entire families and force them to go along with the charade?

  11. The male fantasy of being the greatest of all females strikes again!
    There is always trouble when a guy says, I want to show the women how it is done and be their leader! In primate Dominance hierarchy, the lowest male is still above the highest female,
    Evolutionary trends characteristic of the Primate Gender Order!..
    . In some primate groups the dominance hierarchy is fairly clear-cut and resembles a modern human Patriarchal system!
    How much of what we see in human kinship systems is really unique to our species? After exploring kinship and gender among nonhuman primates, we will consider some speculations on the evolution of kinship, and the implications for gender, in our own species.

    1. That makes sense. In primate hierarchy some lower males adopt female postures, to ensure the Alpha male does not confront them. In human society some males not able to compete with other males adopt this (highly socialised) “female” posture. I have thought along these lines re “transgender” for a while. Transgenderism is the cry of the BETA male.

  12. So many of these guys suggests they are adrenaline and power junkies. And the autogynphila is part and parcel of that—they have a higher and higher threshold to stimulation. Troubling and disturbing and does not bode well.
    I have no doubt that in his mind he is not just a woman—he is a 16 year old girl. — daisy dukes, two ponytails and strawberry flavored lip-gloss heavy on the mascara, hope his mom gives him the heads up about mascara.
    Good god who reads these books. A working text of just how far male privilege extends but also poignant tear-jerker of bravery and silent suffering— I’m thinking he will render it more painful than pulling on a nostril hair or twisting the clothes pins clamped on his nipples. Let me guess what it is going to say—he has always felt different (like people ever think or say yeah I felt exactly the same as everyone) and since he was three he knew he had a female brain. He tried to fight it but now he must be is “authentic” self. Read between the lines–a heterosexual male. Promises to be a real page-turner. Revised accurate version—fishnet =hard-on and hard-on=the mirror air kiss dance. His body does not have to match his “identity” his body has to augment his hard-on—and so too he will demand of women.

  13. First female Navy Seal? Yeah, whatevs. He’s not the first Navy Seal ever to put on a dress.

    1. “a feminine woman” because that’s the only real kind. ” Mannish” women, dykes, lesbians, women who don’t gender role conform are all wrong bad failed deserving whatever sorts of abuse men choose to inflict upon us. Because reasons. Also feelings. And not submitting. Always because not submitting.

    2. In part 2, he talks about how one of his fears was being killed by one of his SEAL “brothers” if they found out about this little fetish of his. Now, shouldn’t that be an excellent example of why gender roles are so problematic???
      It just completely goes over his head.

      1. Yeah, why does nobody realize that donning frilly underwear does not enable the wearer to gestate or cease the production of sperm? Have people gone completely mad that they think one’s sex is determined by one’s attire (or vice versa)?
        I am ALL FOR the right of men to wear lingerie if they so choose and not be bullied for it or discriminated against because of it. And I am completely opposed to the transgender agenda. And those two positions are not at odds; quite the contrary

      2. Eh, that and if it’s ok for him to kill for Bush or Obama’s career advancement in a racist war, why would it be bad for someone else to kill for whatever reason?
        I mean, talk about single-issue politics.

      3. When I was a teenager, I went through this phase where I really liked wearing men’s boxer shorts. Was there some pervy motivation behind this behavior? Maybe. Did I prance around, despairing myself to be a man because of said boxer shorts? OF COURSE NOT. No halfway sane person equates cross-dressing with gender identity. I mean, gender is bullshit anyhow, but what I’m trying to say is that wearing clothing designed for the opposite sex doesn’t make you a member of that group. That is just pure fucktard logic.

        1. And when children dress up like Superman for Halloween, that means they ARE Superman! Because identity is all about the clothes you wear, dontchaknow.

      4. Opps.. That should read: “Did I prance around, declaring myself to be a man because of said boxer shorts? OF COURSE NOT.”

      5. @Versa – Hear, hear. I have no problem with someone cross-dressing (I don’t have a problem with people laughing at them if they eff it up or offend, either) but that doesn’t mean I have to be okay with them claiming to be the a member of my group “women” or being the same as I am.

  14. When a fetish gets out of control–and “transition” is nothing if not an out-of-control fetish–there is always, ALWAYS, a stressor (a proximate cause, really) that sets it loose. Not to say that m2fs aren’t horrendously misogynistic, but they also are crazy. Misogyny is crazy.
    This guy is a walking, talking denial of everything that he was. A former macho man, killer for his country, mincing around (wanna bet?) and wearing peace symbol earrings–a nice touch! Conflicted much, Chris?

    1. I think “crazy” is the operative word here, Em. No, we are not encouraging violence against the trans, or suggesting otherwise that their civil rights be infringed upon.
      I have two dogs, nice boys. You note that and say “Nice boys!”
      I start screaming at you about how they are really girls, because I say so.
      You note that I’m delusional.
      But if a male human insists that he’s really a female human, it’s Discussion Over.

  15. The choice of the “Peace Symbol” earrings for his debutante coming out as a laydee appearance. Oy. Well for 30 years he got his groove on and “de-stressed” from his career of domination and murder by embodying a sexayyyy alternate persona. A mincing magical silly twirling giggly mirror s-curve air kiss dancing persona.
    Anne Lawrence says that autogynephilia is not merely a sexual or shallow orientation. He proposes that heterosexual men like him fall in love with their alternate “female” persona in the same way men “fall in love” with actual females. They gaze at “her”, dress “her”in pretty things, admire “her”, buy things for “her”, let “her” go on “girls night out”, think about “her” when they are at work, write sonnets to “her”, male love to “her”, romance “her”, take “her” out on the town, date “her” and ultimately seek to “marry” her by merging with her completely.

    1. Gallus: this all does work me into “I don’t want to live on this planet anymore” mode.
      Insanity runs
      Long with men, we are supposed
      To understand this.
      They keep showing up
      Violent, without warning
      I’d really prefer
      Them to all go off somewhere
      Do their man actions
      Somewhere we are not.
      I could endlessly
      Go on about men and how they
      Are needed for life.
      But I’m not really
      In the mood, and I should sleep
      Sometime before dawn.

      1. Men cannot create
        but chase
        Making a mark
        Kilroy was here
        Sad Drones
        Angry soldiers
        maim, reduce, reduct
        Infertile rebellion
        Monumental impotence
        Colossal parasites
        Mayhem versus wildness
        Against the tide
        Rest sister when you can
        Women all across town have boarded their windows and doors against zombie attack.

      2. Haha I can’t do poetry but if dealing with this makes women upset and distressed then please just let it go for a while and know that other women will fight while you rest and recharge. Please don’t feel like you don’t want to live on this planet anymore. It is lovely planet, especially at certain times and in certain places. Find those. xox.

        1. Gallus, yes you can
          Do poetry. And also be
          Strong and brave and bold.
          I wander around
          Looking for kindness, hoping
          That I won’t blow it.
          Reality is
          Sometimes difficult. But still
          Sometimes splendid.

        1. Love to you too, Gallus. I’m working on writing more poems. I was just dead about writing poems for years. Now, all of a sudden, radfems and poetical inspiration! It’s like stopping being dead.

    2. Lawrence claims some AG men are willing to risk a dampening of a portion of their testosterone-fueled sexuality (which can occur as a side-effect of the cosmetic medical and surgical “treatments” used by male transgenders) in order to embody or “marry” or merge with their love object/wife/persona: because they have reached a state of limerence with their love object.
      Lawrence likens the late-transitioner who undergoes testosterone reduction or surgical castration to an old married couple that de-prioritizes getting their freak on for a long term stable merge. (paraphrasing)

      1. Anne Lawrence is admirably courageous, particularly in the way he calls bullshit on whack job (hah) Lynn Conway and his cabal.
        Lawrence talks a lot of rot, though, not least by letting his fellows off the hook with the claim that m2ts do what they do because they’re “in love” or limerent or some such. Maybe he intends self-love as a metaphor for something, but in the best case it’s a pretty name for narcissism.
        Call me cynical, but I don’t think being “in love” explains behavior very well at all, for anyone, in any circumstances. Lawrence’s use of the word to explain (and justify?) fetishistic behavior is quite odd, and completely unsatisfying.

  16. Loves and snuggles to you too, Gallus. And no way am I going to go away from this blog. You fellow women are helping to cure the heartbreak men inflicted upon me.
    You are literally changing my mind, my dreams. My outlook. Everything.
    I was scared about sex because men got me afraid about sex.
    But now I see that I can choose to love and support women, without it being primarily about sex, or even about sex at all.
    I can choose to befriend and support women. That’s a revolutionary decision.

  17. Shouldn’t he be arrested if they believe their own trans philosophy?
    As it stands, if an actual women were to pretend to be a man, and sneak into the SEALS (which is what women did for the army in general prior to being allowed to serve), it would be a crime. Yet, he’s a man who thinks he’s a woman, and so logically if they think he’s a real women, he should be arrested for fraud, and lying, and whatever it is when you provide false info to the army.
    I mean, obviously women should be allowed in SEALs if they so choose, but currently they aren’t, and if transwomen are women, then what he did is probably a crime.

    1. And if a real woman wants to serve in the SEALs, and do so legitimately, she can just get a sex change, and live as a man (which she doesn’t feel herself to be) — like this so-called woman, Mr. Beck, did: he lived as the man that he didn’t feel himself to be, in order to serve.
      Well heck if women can just get sex changes in order to do what men do, there’s no reason to allow females into the SEALs at all, or any men’s groups for that matter. It’s completely non-discriminatory that way — ANYONE can grow up to be a SEAL, even those unfortunate enough to be born female, as long as they have the right body parts at the time of their service.
      Tell me again why any so-called feminists would ever support the trans agenda?

      1. Not so true! When women get a sex change, they are not accepted as male equals in any male social structures! – females are not allowed ‘male privilege’. When women want to put on men’s clothes and call themselves men, it is called a hate-crime. Besides, the fact that she got a sex change would be grounds for Denial on psychiatric reasons.

        1. So, transgender advocacy applies to the rights of men to be women, but not the other way around?
          Yes, I guess I knew that, but I was going for the hypothetical ideal. But you’re right, of course. It’s similar with gay advocacy, in my view; it seems like most run-of-the-mill straight allies and supporters imagine gay people as men when they think about gay rights. Lesbians are a footnote.
          When a major news magazine publishes an article on gay marriage, their cover photo is predictably two men, not two women. When people are polled on their opinion regarding gay marriage, the illustration that accompanies the poll is two men, not two women. If, hypothetically, gay men did not exist and all homosexuals were lesbians, I wonder how far we would have gotten with same-sex rights? Nowhere, I bet.

    1. I share your sentiment. I just found Gender Trender within the last couple months, and I was very happy and relieved to find that there are others out there who share my thoughts about how harmful transsexuality/transgenderism is to women’s rights and true gender/sex equality.
      I had thought I was alone in realizing the problems and offensiveness in the trans philosophy. Goodness knows most liberals, who are supposed to support sex equality, seemed to be all over trans advocacy.
      Thank you all. I’m glad I’m not alone. Together we can raise our voices and shine the light of truth on these important issues.

      1. It’s refreshing, isn’t it? Just to know that others out there see through this craziness of the “laydee brain” and the “female penis.”

  18. This may not add much to the conversation, but has anyone read The Things They Carried by Tim O’Brien. It’s about soldiers in the Vietnam War? These military autogynephilic men remind me of a character in that book, Lieutenant Jimmy Cross. This character claims to love a woman so much that he wanted to “sleep inside her lungs and breathe her blood and be smothered” (11). I never forgot that line because it was so disturbing.
    It seems to me that this much more common amongst military men (and really men in general) than is currently thought, whether they call themselves trans or not. O’Brien’s stories are known to be based on actual events. These men are so disturbed that to them killing women, trying to “become” women, “living inside” women, “merging” with them is a form of love. Truly disturbing. In O’Brien’s book, that always seemed like what Lt. Cross was implying. He claimed to love Martha (the woman mentioned above inside whose lungs he wanted to reside) so much that one night after a date, he wished he’d “picked her up and carried her to his room and tied her to the bed and put his hand on her knee and just held it there all night long” (28). He explains how he loves her thus, “She signed the letters Love, but it wasn’t love, and all those fine lines and technicalities did not matter. Virginity was no longer an issue. He hated her. Yes, he did. He hated her. Love, too, but it was a hard, hating kind of love” (23).
    Sorry for all those quotes, but this book really disturbed me back in the day… And, it’s becoming more and more obvious to me how absurd and sick all of this trans stuff is. It’s so upsetting how women (and women who call themselves feminists ffs) are not seeing this (or how can they choose not to see it?).

    1. Wow, Nadege, yeah, talk about correlations. I’ve read several statements by MtT talking about their anger and hatred toward women for having what they wanted. We’re not supposed to notice, apparently.

      1. Yes, Ashland. Thanks to this blog (and some others), I’m making a lot of connections. Things I never understood, I’m starting to understand. For example, I have a cousin who is ULTRA masculine. He once told me that since I didn’t dress or behave in a feminine way that I wasn’t a woman. He’s also hit his wife and his sister in the past, but he wears makeup almost daily. He wears foundation, mascara, eyeliner. He shapes his eyebrows and manicures his nails (he doesn’t wear women’s clothes, just a lot of makeup); he refuses to leave the house without putting on his face. When my brother asked him why, he said that women are too perfect and they force him to have to look perfect too. I always thought it made no sense. How could this man who in my opinion, hates women (he once told his wife that she shouldn’t look at other men, especially not in the eyes), try to look how women are expected to look? Now I think I’m starting to get it. It’s disturbing.

        1. Same here. I have an estranged brother who is one of the most horrible people I’ve ever known. Since as far back as I can remember, he’s proudly proclaimed his hatred of females simply because they are female. He hated me for no reason other than my existence. He spewed barely-concealed contempt at our mother.
          After reaching adulthood, he described himself as “two-thirds gay.” (Even though he married a woman, who incidentally claimed to be 75% lesbian.) One day I jokingly asked him “how old are you?” (knowing, of course, that his age is my age plus three years) and he responded with mock indignation and said “you don’t ask a lady her age.”
          I’ve never known him to wear “women’s” clothes, but as a teenager he did use makeup (concealer, to cover his acne, or so I assumed) and cologne. He was very concerned over his appearance, and couldn’t resist the urge to examine himself in every mirror he passed. I now recognize this as a trans quality, given that it’s supposed to be womanly to have such a preoccupation with one’s looks. Incidentally, I, the actual female (and heterosexual for what it’s worth), had much less focus on my appearance.
          He was very abusive toward me, on occasion doing such things as physical battery and armed threats. That was just the physical abuse and intimidation. There were too many instances of verbal and emotional abuse to ever count, and there were unmistakably sexist comments to boot.
          I’m starting to wonder if he might actually be … well, not trans necessarily, but similar. Perhaps the reason he hated females so much was partly due to jealousy. I gave him no other reason to dislike me when we were children; I was always agreeable toward him.

      2. Nadege, don’t other people notice that your cousin is wearing make-up, and then question his sexuality? Of course most gay men don’t wear make-up, but definitely most straight men don’t. I wonder how your cousin, who’s certainly a class-A abuser, feels about that. He sounds very screwed up in the head, and I hope his wife gets away from him. Please take care of yourself when you’re around him, too.
        Versa, you mentioned your brother in another thread, and I meant to respond then but forgot. This is such a sad situation with him, and I’m sorry you had to be raised with that. Those scars are deep and long-lasting. My brother was a jerk in many ways, but not nearly as what you describe, and is much better as an adult. I’m glad you’ve cut your brother out of your life, and I hope your mother does too.

        1. Thanks, Ashland. Yeah, the scars are there, and they hurt sometimes. I can’t help feeling a little envious of people who have normal, loving siblings.
          My mother is dead. But she always put up with all of my brother’s behavior. I think that may be part of why he was as bad as he was — she enabled it by not standing up to him, disciplining him, making it clear that his behavior wasn’t acceptable. When my brother abused me, she would either look the other way and expect me to do the same, or actually blame me for it. She was very messed up.
          I love her, but the truth is she was very messed up. And that hurt me a lot too.

      3. Versa, I’m so sorry about your experience with your brother and your mom. Most women I know need so much healing from their past experiences with blatant misogynists.
        I avoid my cousin like the plague he is too.

      4. Everyone knows the man wears makeup, Ashland. But, no one talks about it. His sister brought it up to his mom once, who replied that he couldn’t possibly be gay on account of how many women he sleeps with. She never mentioned homosexuality, she just asked if she knew he wore makeup. I’m really grateful to this blog and GM for posting Dr. Blanchard and others’ work on autogynephilia, otherwise, I would have never been able to explain my cousin’s behavior towards women and himself.

      5. I knew a hetro dude who wore make-up back in the day. I still remember my shoulder being tousled while asleep and awakening to witness his proud erection being shoved in my face (I was twelve, he was 28) so I can assure you he was fully heterosexual. (I was like, “Bitch, I don’t want that and you are about to lose your friend there.”)
        At any rate, he wore full foundation, eye liner and ‘scara. He considered himself a “ladies man” and was heavy on the cologne, gold chains, and bootleg upscale menswear.
        I later thought of him as a precursor of metrosexuality. I often wondered how many young girls he successfully raped.

      6. Love to you women. <3
        Gallus, I'm so sorry that happened to you, and I'm glad that you, as a child, had the strength and know-how to handle it as you did. I shudder to think how many little girls and women have had the experience of being awakened while being molested or about to be molested. I did – it was a teenage male babysitter. I woke up to find his hand in my pajama bottoms. I was six. Yay, womanhood.

      7. Holy crap, Gallus. What a fuckwit for doing that to you! Good god. I really hope he got cancer of the dick…or testicle rot. Yuk!
        I had an experience similar with my “gay best friend”. Woke up when an interesting phallic thing pressed into my side repeatedly. He was awake. Yeach!
        He also raged at me once for putting on weight (at 183cm I had the audacity to get to 80kg) and ruining my figure. I used to take him clothes shopping with me and when I needed to size up for the weight gain he went ballistic about all these clothes that he wanted me to buy. And didn’t I realise how much he wished he could wear them?
        I was like a freaking doll he got to dress up. He was a big lover of make-up, jewellery and cologne. Not too much makeup. Just concealer and bronzer. And fucking Pandora charm bracelets. I hated those fucking things!
        He’s not trans as far as I know. But he had this weird thing about having to be seen with glamorous women. Like we were accessories or something.
        He wasn’t the only one. A lot of gay men have treated me as a cute little accessory. And I’m the rare lesbian edition. So fucking kewl. No other boy has one like me!

  19. this is fucking despicable.
    this man did all of this shit without ANY of the fear of rape or sexual violence that women in the military (or civilian) face. they’re more likely to be raped by their own comrades than killed in enemy fire. (source:
    and he has the fucking audacity to claim he is the first female? no. just no. fucking jesus christ. these men make me sick.
    he has never dealt with ANY of the shit that women either in the military or outside of the military. females aren’t even fucking allowed to be seals (source:
    this fucking man is not a woman. he will never be. it is fucking insulting on the militaries behalf to even consider him a woman when their men are so busy raping their own comrades.
    sorry if this makes no sense, but fuck, this shit makes me so fucking angry. my ptsd has been really bad lately so i am super sensitive.
    gallus, thank you again for exposing this HACK and this FRAUD for what he is.

  20. Okay, I apologise in advance to everyone. I am severely intoxicated (pills and alcohol). Thank goodness for Google spell-check. The saddest thing for me right now is that I tried to tell people, (non trans/sympathetic) men and women at a party, ( undderv the influence of marijuana). They agreed with me about racial stereotypes (I like rap, therefore I am black) being harmful but could not get the distinction between ovaries and thinking.
    Have we got so low that we’re nothing more than a thought in the head? Why? Why are rational women even okay with being the bullshit stereotype? We birth, we gestate (only humans that can) and therefore think and feel like an identify, a cloner of chromosomes, and… thus we are relegated to sub-human status. We are a mere vessel?
    I can’t finish this. I am so sad. I can’t believe that all we are and all we fight for means so little. I am pretty bummed right now.
    …Time to soothe. No wonder Lesbians self medicate. I’m pretty upset.

    1. Bethany: I’m sorry to hear you had a depressing night. These are really difficult conversations to have with people who have bought into the disassociation because it suits their agendas. Beyond a certainpoint they just get too invested in it. But it’s worth bringing it up with every one else so that they realize there is another side to this story, and that a different interpretation of transgender behavior is not equatable to bigotry.

    2. Again, Bethany..I am so sorry that you got whacked by this in person. I don’t blame you for self-medicating. I keep thinking about your comment and feeling so bad for you.
      I hope you can find a way to survive this evil culture that doesn’t endlessly drag you down. It’s easy to fall into.
      I fell for the trans philosophy originally myself. I just hadn’t thought it through. It was hearing about the rape threats that woke me up. Previously I was acting out being socialized to be supportive. To everyone. No matter how crazy. But crazy is one thing, dangerous quite another.

      1. Thank you both for your kind words. I really appreciate it. It’s comforting knowing you’re not the only sighted person in the village of the blind. (OMG ABLEIST) Women like the ones found here give me hope and energy to fight on.
        Yes, alcohol not so much a comfort these days. Alcohol being a depressant and me having depression as it is.
        I wonder if I can get surgery to remove bad memories and dopamine/serotonin injections for the rest of my life.
        See, sometimes I get really low in mood and the only thing that would cheer me up is if I didn’t have depression.
        If I had a lifetime supply of feel good chemicals and the ability to walk into banks and take money I would be much better.
        My depression is often exacerbated by life stresses like housing affordability and job security.
        See, when I was born, I was placed into the middle class.
        As I got older I realised that my brain had actually developed as a wealthy class brain. The constant struggle I face trying to buy designer label clothes on a middle class income is very difficult.
        This created so much anxiety for me! I knew I was a wealthy person but wealthy people didn’t worry about trivial things such as housing affordability and job security! How could this be? It was then I realised that I’d been coercively assigned middle class at birth (CAMCAB)
        I’ve lost many friends and family who accuse me of being high maintenance and snobby. The worst shame was when my mum found the receipt for my Prada ankle boots. She was disgusted! And the looks I get wearing those shoes out at the local pub!
        It’s just so overwhelming you guys!!!!
        In all seriousness though, I honestly don’t know how the likes of FiestyAmazon, Gallus and BevJo have put up with this shit for decades. You are all fucking amazing.
        I’ve been aware of this anti-female bile for like 8 months and I am a giant ball of rage.

    3. I’d stay away from doing pills and alcohol, Bethany, as it’s pretty dangerous. We want you around. Earth needs strong women like you.
      You’re not crazy. And we are here. One thing to keep in mind: were there to be a poll of everyone on Earth, it’s a safe bet that most would agree that putting on a dress or chopping off one’s penis does not automatically confer womanhood, or the experience of having been raised female, which is huge. Huge. Trans people like to discount that, but yeah, it’s huge. You are not alone.

  21. The cigar photo is of a female model, taken by Helmut Newton. Kris is never going to look like her, nevernevernever.

    1. ok, wtf, I did squint at that picture and think, hmm, wtf, I don’t see the resemblance but wtf do I know? But I didn’t ever assume that the seal buddy who penned that story would just grab any old photo off the internet as if giving credit makes it legit or relevant.
      I guess in order to be a friend/loved one of trans, you have to be a lying liar, too.

    1. I am filled with heartbreak and pain in every cell of my being for the suffering that the angry male brain inflicts on women. I have been molested by men who gained my trust …uncle, family friends, colleagues of my father, my own brother in both subtle covert ways and with full body assault. Therapy has not helped me…pills don’t help me ….puking it out doesn’t help….. seeing this narcissist farce of men playing dress up makes me spin with the taste of vomit… fucking dare they………what helps????? every time a woman heals, even a bit, from the evil a man has inflicted onto her, the collective womanhood smiles and feels relief. We must heal together, love each other with pure intent to make life better for every one of our sisters. every time you heal, I heal too. we can also raise our sons differently….eradicate misogyny …evolve our sons into better human beings….this is the answer……

  22. I’m personally quite anti-war, but I recognize that a military is necessary, and I believe in the rare event that military action, and, by extension, war, is actually required that women should be right up there with the men in serving the needs of whatever country they’re fighting for.
    On that note, I decided to do a bit of research and see if this Kristin Beck is advocating for more positions to open up to women in the military, namely the Navy SEALS. Guess what? Nothing. He was the privileged one, and heck with all the other females who might want to try and become SEALS.
    Moreover, this is definitely a strictly male privilege thing, and I typically don’t even use that term. The fact is, if I went in right now and said that I wanted to become a SEAL, I’d be thrown out. If I responded with, “But I feel like a man. I have dood brain!” I still wouldn’t be allowed to join.
    Let’s face it, women aren’t allowed to be SEALS. Men are allowed to be SEALS (FTMs don’t count as men in the eyes of men, even though it’s a travesty if we don’t consider MTFs women), even if they decided to “become a woman” later.

  23. I’m so glad I found your post on Kristin Beck, the ‘female’ Seal warrior princess lady. CNN ran a film about Beck last night called Lady Valor. The audience was assured we would find ‘her’ story “courageous” and “inspiring”. Given the subject, I was amazed by how incredibly dull it was – I could barely stay awake the second hour.
    There’s nothing trans about this guy. He’s literally a dude in a dress, stomping around in high heels like the macho man he masqueraded as for twenty years. He’s still enamored with guns – they had a scene of him shooting with his father and brother, while his sister tagged along. (She was dressed sensibly. He had on a shiny sleeveless top and a mini-skirt.) Despite his bizarre appearance, he seems to enjoy a high level of acceptance in his little home town. It’s a shame the producers weren’t brave enough to tell the real story that the film only hints at.
    Beck and his brother described their father, the local football coach, as being tough on them as boys, even abusive. Beck himself was very jealous of his sister, who is many years younger. He used to hide his girly outfits in the same closet where his sisters stored clothes they didn’t wear anymore, and feign illness so he could stay home from school, paint his nails and prance around in them. I thought his mother was deceased, but discovered that she and another sister refused to appear in the film.
    Beck mentioned one failed marriage – seems the missus wasn’t down with having a cross-dressing husband, the bitch! – but he was mum about the second one. He also gave the impression that his sons are confused little boys who struggle with the notion of having a trans father. In reality, they’re grown young men, and they’re angry. He dodges the question when a woman asks him if he likes women or men, declaring that he “likes people”. But he’s been living with a woman for some time. Amazingly, nobody brings it up on camera, and on another website, he’s oh so shocked and offended at the question, but I’d be willing to bet he’s still packing complete male genitalia. I don’t even think he takes hormones.
    The film opens with a meeting of former military men who have decided they’re really women. With their bad wigs and hulking bodies in ill-fitting frocks, they make a sad, poignant spectacle, but all of them are more femme than Beck. So what’s Beck’s game? I suspect he’s milking the “lady warrior” shtick for all it’s worth. I don’t know about rich, but it’s made him famous. He’s found an acceptable way to express his rage against his father, and his jealousy of his sisters, plus he gets a fetishistic thrill out of presenting himself publicly in skirts and heels. I can’t imagine what the girlfriend’s deal is, but it must be something special. As my mother used to say, there’s a lid for every pot!

    1. Thanks for this review, VC. When I watched the trailer that Gallus posted, it was notable how “into” guns he seemed. However, I differ from you on one point – you said “There’s nothing trans about this guy. He’s literally a dude in a dress, stomping around in high heels…” I think they’re all dudes in a dress, stomping around in high heels. YMMV, but I think the whole thing is nothing but fetish.

    2. He was on Reddit the other day doing an AMA. Typical crap. I thought about participating but couldn’t think of a single thing I wanted to know.

    3. “I can’t imagine what the gf’s deal is”
      She’s typical loser handmaiden manifesto: she gets a man’s approval & his attention and for some reason they crave that. She gets to pretend she is open minded & is saving him.
      Handmaidens are the losers loser; pathetic enablers all. Patriarchy’s little helpers. It’s probably the only thing that truly makes them wet.

      1. “I like people”. People who play along with my fantasy of being a pretty lady. It doesn’t matter who they are specifically. Because my sexuality is based on autogynephilia, and is totally centered on myself, not my partner(s).
        There. Fixed that for him.

      2. The gross sexualized way you talk about women here makes me sick, btw. You might want to look into that. Sometimes you really seem to despise women.

      3. Your comment and GM’s response are certainly thought-provoking. I, too, don’t like the reference to women’s sexuality, but I think I do despise handmaidens when they have the resources and opportunity to know better. See, for the perfect example, the first letter in the August 25 issue of the New Yorker referring to the What is a woman? article. All the letters were trans-positive — the letter writer who declared he was a gay man made absolutely no sense whatsoever — and reeked of liberal self-righteousness and ignorance.

    4. I love this part:
      “He used to hide his girly outfits in the same closet where his sisters stored clothes they didn’t wear anymore..”
      Ah…. so the teenaged AGP went out and bought his own girly clothes at the mall or something, and hid them in a closet full of the disused clothes of his sisters. Righhhhttt.
      Such classic AGP confabulation.
      It isn’t that he actually WORE his sister’s clothes. Because that might turn the audience’s stomach. He didn’t jizz all over his sister’s clothes. No sir. He saved all his pennies and obtained his own “girly” clothes and left that whole closet-full of girl-gear unblemished. Because propriety! Righhhhttttt.
      He simply spent an awful lot of time in front of that closet full of girly clothes because that is where he hid his own scant treasures that he bought with his allowance. Umm Hmm.

      1. Alot of his fetish seems focused on his sister, perhaps the one that refused to appear on camera. I wonder if he crossed some line there-or if he has done something she can’t forgive. I can’t think of any other reason why his own mother& sister are not going on camera with him. It is a small town, the neighbors know he ‘is the only gay in the village'[but in this case, it is a straight man demanding plastic surgery] but I don’t put it past these guys to go out of the way to inflict a session of ‘that poor misshapen boy is dysphoric and women were in his way’, a kind of a ‘poor-me, assault doesn’t count because Im special’ party to throw in the face of any female they previously assault as a special FU.

    5. O.K., this was on again last night, so I watched what I could stomach. This guy’s name should be Lurch, if it wasn’t already taken by Joe “Ruby” Ryan. When Beck goes to some gay gathering with a pool, he makes damn sure to wear a bikini, even though he has as much of a waistline as R2-D2. He looked ridiculous. And pssst, Beck: you’re way too old to be wearing micro-mini skirts. The linebacker physique just adds further cognitive dissonance for innocent bystanders.
      ANYway, the whole thing was shot and scored to come across as very melancholy – oh, the poor lonely man; he doesn’t have anybody; he’s the wandering lone wolf criss-crossin’ ‘Murica in his RV, etc. We’re supposed to feel sorry for him. Oh, and Anderson Cooper went on and on about how brave this dude is. So brave, such penis!, right, Anderson?

    6. I can totally believe the high level of acceptance in his hometown. Every day we are inundated with stories about the military on local television channels, how brave they are, how they are fighting for our “freedoms,” etc, etc, etc. So our hero comes home and wears a dress and says he’s a woman? So be it.

  24. Very interesting review of the Lady Valor documentary posted by Joel at Retransition.Org. Includes this gem:
    “One last little moment that somehow got my attention was the credit for “Excecutive Producer”, Anne Speckhard, Ph.D. Who was this? It turns out it she is an adjunct associate professor at Georgetown University who co-authored the Beck’s recent semi-autobiography. Surprisingly, a person who appears to be Beck herself has taken to social media to request people not buy her own book. A person who identifies herself as Beck has this to say on Amazon.
    ‘The worst day of my life is when I signed a contract, with no legal counsel…
    I was just divorced, came out transgender, thrown out of my house, punched in face by my sister… THEN a psychologist who was an author/publisher and claimed “many great books” patted me on the back and told me that she was my friend and would save me.
    She then shook hands on a contract that would be for a book and only a book…now it turns out that contract gives her my entire life with no say over the quality of the “stuff” she puts out…hence the poorly edited book with various fallacies and incorrect data…She owns me like a slave from my birth until I die….
    she is NOW trying to make a movie in hollywood about my life without me, totally cutting me out of my life story.
    The worst day in my life was the day I met Advances Press and was swindled into a very very very bad contract. Evil, deceit and greed at its worst.
    That is the truth.
    Kristin Beck’
    The same user also gave the book a one star review, writing, “All I can say is sorry about this book. 3rd person narrative of me laying on a psychologists couch….. ”
    Read more:

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